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Mrs. Hannah Martin Will
Head Woman's Club
ONE of the most interesting meetings of the Salem Worn-
an's club was held Saturday afternoon in the club house i
on North Cottage street. Included in the business to come L
before the club was a report from Mrs. Walter Spaulding on
the benefit bridge tea given Saturday, May 7, when .the Sa-
lem Woman's club and the Salem Heights Woman's club were
joint hostesses for the benefit of the Salem Heights club.
By virtue of her office as
Martin and Mrs. J. C. Tibbits
as delegates to attend the National bi-centennial convention
to be held in Seattle, June 9.
It was also announced that ,
the next regular meeting of
the Salem club will be held
June 2, instead of May 23 as
has already been scheduled, due
to the conflicting dates of the
state convention of Woman's ,
clubs to be in session in' Portland,
from-May 25 to 23 inclusive.
Reports were also given con
cerning the arrangements for the
appearance of the Chemawa Girls'
chorus at the Dornbecker hospi
tal in Portland, with the exact
date to be announced later.
. The election of officers was the
issue of the day, all offices being
filled without any opposition or
further nomination from the
floor. The following officers-were
elected, Mrs. Hannah Martin,
president; Mrs. Clifton Mudd,
rice president; Mrs. J. C. Tibbits,
secretary; Mrs. J. A. Brownson,
treasurer; Miss Eula McCulley,
financial secretary; parliamentar
ian, Mrs. H. D. Crosby; auditor,
Mrs. J. M. DeTers; and trustee,
Mrs. D. LaMoine Clark.
Awards were made which were
offered by the Salem Woman's .
club, for the essays on "Oregon
Products", with honors being won
br Dorothy Williams, Veta Smith
atd Warren Bertelson, all stu
dents at Leslie Junior high
school. The papers were., read by
the three participants. They will
again be presented for competi
tion for the state prize. Mrs. Dav
id Wright, chairman of the Ore
gon Products' committee, pre
pared an interesting report on
the work the Salem club has been
doing and their plans for the com
ing year.
A special feature of the after
noon program was the Informal
talk on "Gifted and Defective
Children", given by Mrs. Sarah
Prentiss, head of the .department
of child development of Oregon
State college. Mrs. Prentiss, who
is recognized as reputable author
ity on this subject, gave a most
Interesting and educational talk,
which she i later turned into an
informal round table discussion.
Mrs. Prentiss stressed particular
ly the causes of defective children
and their place and progress in
society, explaining that the gifted
child should be allowed to pro
gress as rapidly as it's mental ca
pacity would allow, rather than
requiring the gifted child to be
retarded in order to allow the de
fective child to "hold its own
A rising vote of thanks was
given Mrs. Walter Spaulding.
who so ably, served as chairman
of the benefit bridge tea given
recently. Mrs. Spaulding will act
as social chairman for the club
activities for the coming year.
All-candidates night will be ob
served at Fairview Community
hall, Tuesday evening beginning
at 8 o'clock, when a number ot
atate and county candidates hare
signified their intentions of at
tending and appearing on the pro
gram. An open discussion of plat
forms of the various : candidates
will occupy the major portion of
the evening's entertainment.. The
meeting is open to all interested
and a good crowd is expected.
Mrs. William A. Geriinger, nee
Kathryn Cook, was the inspira
tion for a three table bridge party
- with Mrs. M. Cook and Mrs. Dei
' bert Schwabbauer as hostess. A
lively shower preceded the re
. freshment hour at which time
Mrs. Ralph Hensley assisted the
hostesses in serving.
West Salem Community . club
will meet Monday evening la the
Community hall. The wives of
men ot the organization will be
special guests tor the banquet fol
lowed by a social evening. ,
The Maccabee Thimble club
will meet Wednesday at 2 o'clock
at the home of Mrs. a L. McNeil,
the first house on the right east
ot th Four Corners On the Peni
tentiary road. "fir
, . . .
' Mrs. Mildred L. Bright and
daughter Virginia of 8 an Fran
cisco, California, are recent arriv
als in Salem. They will spend the
, greater part ot the summer at the
Richard Slater home on Rural av
enue. ' Mrs. w. C. Conner accompanied
by her son Clare Conner spent the
past week in Cottage Grove and
: Eugene visiting relatives. They re
turned to their home in Salem Fri
day. Mrs. Mary Becke of Aurora is
a guest in the city at the hnm
her daughter. Mrs. Edrar wrr
and her son, Karl Becke.
Jefferson Mrs. C V. Clodfel
ter will present her pupils bra
recital at the Christian church,
Tuesday night, May 1?.- --f
'"f - : ;:;-:-"'
Mrs. Ralph Campbell, "will be
hostess to her club Wednesday. .-
: Silverton Funeral services
: lor Mrs. Sophia Detwyler will be
held from Kaufman's church In
the Dutch Flats Sunday after
noon at one o'clock. ,: Mrs. j Dt-
Jtryler died; at her home Friday at
noon, v She was born in Switzer
land. May. I. 1880, she Is sur-
? Tired by her widower, PauL
oeneins anu kjlou w m Attract Daiem iviairons i ms w eeK j
club president, Mrs. Hannah
as club secretary, were named
Mrs. W. S. Levens is
MacDoweii Head
At a meeting ot the Salem Mac
Doweii club which was held Fri
day evening at the home of Mrs.
Charles Sherman on ' D street.
Mrs. William S. Levens was elect
ed president. Mrs. Walter P.
Dentson, vice president, Miss
Mary Cupper, secretary, Mrs. S.
W. Starr, treasurer, and Mrs. O.
D. Adams,' auditor.
Mrs. Levens succeeds Miss
Frances VIrglnie Melton, who has
served the club for the past three
years. Airs, sevens jias neen aim
member of the organization for
several years and prior to making
her home in Salem had sung with
the Grand Rapids Choral society.
Grand Rapids, Michigan, and with
the Baker MacDoweii club. As a
V v pp,rec,a,on ?d neart-
felt thanks for the untiring ef-1
torts of the retiring president, a
handsome snakeskin music case
was presented Miss Melton, as
well as gifts to Miss Lena Belle
Tartar, director of the group and
Mis Ruth Bedford, club pianist
A social hour followed the busi-
ness meeting.
... i r- I
War lVlOtnerS tO JCn lOV
C 1 Alt j I
oociai meeting
The Salem Chapter of the A cl
erical War Mothers will meet
Tuesday afternoon in the Ameri
can Lutheran church for a busi
ness and social meeting. Plans will
be made for the initiation of new
members which will be held in the
near future.
Dr. Vernon Douglas wilt speak
to the Mothers on the general sub
ject of child welfare.
The committee in charge of the
tea hour includes Mrs. Eertha
Smart, Mrs. Jane Evans, Mrs.
Stella Wilson, Mrs. Flora Abbott,
Mrs. R. G. Reigelman, Mrs. Lu-
ella Legg, Mrs. Hulda Bradford,
Mrs. Minnie. Kennedy, Mrs. Jessie
Martin and Mrs. Carry O'Neil Min- JMiss Cuddy. This is the last meet
ear, line to be held this season.
. , - r
auuiSTiue airs. 1. I. OICUIM- I
i6MAi, numiaueu uiBW
bers ot the Aumsville Women's
2??i.tB-?.me In WeiiStaon
"'""I' sueai
JZiu . crwJ ,v, "L c"'ei' Ir nea
fc.7it. . i. Bi,irea
I 6 . enioen
. V-M "fneeieworit aaa con-
roll-call with a memory gem.
reading or short Instructive talk. I
At the closing hour Mrs. Me-1
tieaan served a dainty lnneh.
Mrs. Margaret Martin and Mrs.
irma Speer assisted the hostess
during the luncheon hour.
ni w i .
viuu luemuers nreseni wera:
tne nostess, Mrs. T. Y. McCIellan,
Mrs. T. C. Mountain. Mrs. Bess
Ransom, Mrs. Millie Martin, Mrs.
""'K"" mama, airs, ciara
ttuwa oi snaw, Mrs. ftiary Hljrh-
Derger and small daughter, Vlr- Mrs. Hughes. Mrs. LeRoy Ledge
ginia; Mrs. Charles Hein. Mrs. I wood Mrs. nmnh mra t ri
in... t. . I
jvnue ruwier, airs, irma Speer
uu- wrs. uiaaya ciaxton. mm.
Clara Howd will be hostess to the
ciuo memDers at Der home on
i I
Miss Doris Arbucie was com- t
Ttlimonrn1 Kir V, a m I
7Mr.r.."LTK. Dl'':,
HMM utuiAo ni uutain. innav
night at the family residence on compliment to the Legion follow
SiSr6 r f davC!,nS and card In the business meeting, it is ex-
' .u.tovo ooocu in uvnor
Miss Arbuckle were Misa All..
u.dl6xvMiSS Allc,Unrh' Miss ter Zosel Is in caVge of the Jro
Anita Wagner. Miss Barbara. m -i, -m
agner. Miss Barbara
Miss Barbara Compton.
Miss Eleinor lrm.M
Ssf SZfr r?th(
ifSSt?lfi Tn611, 4f Ptffgy
hui 4 &b au
aif!! o- 8,? erX?tt& ?IUs
Mrs. Arbuckle was assisted at
refreshment hour by Mrs
George Vehrs. and
Mrs. James
Keizer. Mrs n. xtr
was hostess to the Keizer Ladles'
Aid Thursday all day at her home
in Salem. Mrs. H. E. Johnson a..
slsted in servinr a nff.rii
luncheon. The day was nnt inlbUots will be circulated and a
QuUtins. Mrs. K1.V
(Jewell Gardner) and Mildred
Gardner entertained wita several!
Tocal solos and a duet. I
Those present were Mrs Roylana 'fecial laviution Is Issued
Melson. Raa KiniriM mn T.lto anyone interested.
W "- 290 Clett, Mrs.
J. C. Ackman, Mrs. J. A. Rey -
Airs, w v. oa--a.
sugaaiene Bartruff, Mrs I
o. W. DeJardki. Mrs. Nick Brinkll
j M"4red Gardner, Mrs. H. A.1
airs. G. Thomn.nn.
etU aad ttt tess, Mrs!
Aira. ait ir..i
her hmf .2 it7, aftenoon at
hMi7 i-r-riSTtTf ?in ner
temooa Included Mrs. a E. Jor-
a 4.U-S EUHSr IlSir AF flA m.0
T"ava' . ?l"i" -U3C"' Overland.
CtarV RJLt TZ v,ernon
il lJfn- La.tler of
nlSSF'aXE'- t0n DanI' Mrs"
u? t!LrB' Wn tutt Pat
toerg. Mrs. v William v Richter.
Mrt.. If. Dahl. Mrs Rav RrTitnta
nil -c. v." '
,u. .xiariaau. ,
Piano and Voice
Recital Monday Night
Among the series of spring re-
leitals sponsored by the Willam
ette school of musio wilT be an
; especially interesting on Tues
day night at Waller ball, at which
time students In voice under the
coaching ot Prof. Cameron Mar-
I aflft.11 sifit tnffanfsi In nlsn 4 am
Miss Frances Virginie Melton win
06 presented in joint recital.
VI?r,am w tn Dub-
MacDoweii Forest Elves
Frances Laws. Marjorie o'Deii
Handel o sleep, why Dost
M -Tnou .LeJt1
Enftwh nmmt
Ichopin Prelude No. . 10. 19
Bacn Prelude and Fugue No. 7
Frances Laws
The Crying of Water
The Spirit Flower
Woodman Birthdav
Elizabeth Clement ,
Schumann Phantasletucke
(Dream Visions)
Godard Jonrlerie
Leschetizkr Intermezzo in Octaves
Frances Laws
Horn Cherry Pie
Eva Delll Acqua Villanelle
Elizabeth Clement
Debussy Deux Arabesques
MacDoweii Sonata Eroica
First Movement
Frances Laws
i r t
lViaUlaing - r lSner
M.' 1 rl-l
F"a vwcuiaicu
A pretty wedding of Saturday
afternoon at 8 o'clock at the
Trivof PrAahrf Artan KnTtn vtaa
, wa. tnftt whlch nnlt6d ta
T.n,-. Ttrii- o.i-
John H. Fisher of Stay ton.
Dr. Grover C. Birtchet read
the service In the presence of 60
friends. The vows were taken be
fore the fireplace where flowers
and ferns were banked. The use
or man, flowers about the long
parlor made a lovely settlnsr for
the service.
Following a wedding trip
south by motor, Mr. and Mrs.
Fisher will make their home In
Stayton. Mrs. Fisher has lived
In Salem for the past several
years. Mr. Fisher Is a graduate
of Oregon State college, where
he was affiliated with the Beta
Theta PI fraternity.
Sllverton The Tryphena Girls
were hosts to their mothers at dln-
ner at their May meeting. The
affair was held in the dining hall
of the Odd Fellow lodge quarter.
A three-course chicken dinner
was served at 7 o'clock. Between
courses, songs by Miss Cathaleene
Cuddy and readings by Miss Ora
Larson were enjoyed. The dinner
committee consisted ot Miss Em
ma Adamson, Miss Larson and
Present at the dinner were Mrs
i au auiuiovu, oils. lai l uvnif
,nn 1ra T a 6tF Mr. nK.-l..
Riches. Mrs. R V. Larann MrL
r-h.ri0 m - w.V- n.
Riches, Mrs. Frank Mllliken. Nei-
no Cavendar Letha Cavendar,
Rose Specht, Emma Adamson,
Ruth Lorenzon, Winifred and Lois
Riches, Ora Larson. Cathaleene
Cuddy and Helvle Sliver.
Mehama A shower was given
Mrs. Teetera Fridav afternoon at
the home of her father' Mr. w. p
Mulkev. A 4 o'clock lnnrh was
served to the following women:
Mrs. Ed Taylor, Mrs. Clem Taylor.
- '
Mn. roraer. Mrs n. fmi m mm
Floyd Monroe, Mrs. Boyington,
Mrs. R. Wilson, Mrs. Burdick,
Mrs. Wagner, Mrs. Montgomery,
Mrs. Mattle Stout, Miss Annie
Stout. Miss Genevlere Mnlkr
on. Mrs. Ln Dickson. M!s otHn
r&r. Mr t.o Tr ti
Mrs. Teeters and Miss Claredna
The rpp-nlar mutllti. tx,-
AmoriMn t h i
aay nlgIlt wm bft 8upplemented
a ... . " "
v in an. AnrorrtinniAni v s
that fha nrmrmm in
.7 V. ir.TirJir iX"T
I mm wiiioh imj. - i
IhT th nthmi h, n
! " . u"uu wVlu
it ii r ii m i nn arva t av . MiaaAS
thTAunar Vnartet:.
108 h Kenneth Fleming and trio
UW ot the social hour and re-
Members of the W. C. T. U. wil
liar Tuesdav ntMtlnr. wklOt wit
be held in the W. C. T. D. hall on
Commercial street Mrs. J. J. Tall-
m will be ln charge of the af-
alr and sh oas chosen Mrs. Emily
PrewotVMrs. Charles Fessen'den,
Mr. Gertrude Remington, Mrs. E.
I Rowe as her assistants. .Sample
I round table discussion will be
I aeI- M". D. Yarns will Jt
ronP vocal numbers. All
members are urged to be present
- , .v . .
I Sni Branch of the American
Associaiion women win meet Tor
oaiaraay,- jaay
J1 l n one o'clock luncheon at
tns SUTP Orlllst of the Gray
I ue.
The speaker will be Prof. Law
rence J. Zlllman ot Willamette
University; Bernlce Rlckman will
... - ., .
ports from members attending the
wortnwest Regional Conference
I 1 mm -
. .
Officers chosen for the eomlnc
W to represent the- Alumnae as-
oclaUon ot Beta Chi sorority In-
clude. Ml8 Er Roberts, pree!-
dent; m" Marjorie Christensea.
uAMtm- Mie. t,
I aT u. .-j in..
Mcuuici, cuu-wiu 4vat
i uaines. reporter.
- ... -
v Sunday t May IS . v
Benefit tea, at home ot Mrs. Susan Varty. t(ft D
street, I to 7 o'clock. . . . - .
Balem Riding academy cross country ride leaving
stables at 2 o'clock. "
, v Monday, May 19
Parent ' Teacher association meeting, McKlnley
school business meeting and election ot officers; pro
gram. 1 2 - .
American Legion Auxiliary meeting, in Fraternal
temple; enterUin the Legion at 1:41 with special pro
gram and refreshments.
Parent Teacher's meeting ot Leslie school, la Les
lie Junior high school, T:I0 o'clock Installation of of
ficers and program of interest
Sigma Nn chapter of Delphlans, regular study ses
sion, t o'clock in pubUs library.
Willamette Shrine, Order of White Shrine of Jer
usalem, Masonls temple; convention reports; Mother's
day Idea to be observed.
Book Review club ot Salem Women's club, S:S
'clock ln Women's clubhouse.
West 8alem Community club meeting Monday even
ing ln community hall.
Tuesday, May 17
W. C. T. TJ. SUver Tea. regular meeting, Tuesday,
S o'clock ln W. 0. T. TJ. hall on South Commercial
Chadwick chapter of Eastern Star, honor past ma- .
trons and patrons at regular meeting. Masonic hall;
floral degree during business session.
American War Mothers, gpoclal meeting. American
Lutheran church; Dr. Vernon Douglas to talk on child
Wednesday, May 18
Security Benefit club with Mrs. Ackley. IB SO North
Fifth street; t o'clock.
Foreign Missionary meeting of Leslie Methodist
church, in Leslie. halL Wednesday, May II, 1 o'clock.
Anyone interested Invited to attend.
Maccabee Thimble club, Wednesday, at I o'clock,
at home ef Mrs. C. L. McNeil, first house on right, east
of four corners en penitentiary road.
Thursday, May 19
American Legion Auxiliary benefit, Illihee club
house; playing starts at S o'clock.
Friday, May 10
Sewing club of Business and Professional Women's
club, with Miss Lois Ohmsrt, South Commercial street.
Dancing Party and Golf
Keep Illihee Count i y
Club Busy
ILLIHEE country club members have been busy people this
weekend. Friday was ladies day at the club with Urea
interest shown in the spring
A special flag tournament also offered interest and
Mrs. W. E. Chandler, was runner up for this. Those enter
ing the tournament Friday were Mrs. F. G. Baldock. Mn
Roger Mything, Mrs. C. N. Needham, Mrs. Otho White, Mrs.
rrea jsernarai, Mrs. Kay Buslcic, Mrs. Robin Day, Mrs. Ce
phus Starr, Mrs. G. C. Bellinger. Mrs. David Adolnh. Mr.
jaice tfiinrer, Mrs. Koy Uard,
Mrs. Brazier Small, Mrs. Jack
Johnston, Mrs. L. B. Endi-
cott, Mrs. William Stacy,
Miss Mollis Schwabbauer.
Mrs. Alice Blake Butz, Mrs. V. E.
Kuhn, Mrs. A. A. Gueffroy. Mrs.
Frank Myers, Mrs. Kenneth Bell,
Mrs. Max Flannerr. Mrs. J. N.
Bishop, and Mrs. Charles Low.
Special guests were Mrs. Harry
Crain, Mrs. Kate Bell and Mrs.
B. F. Pound. At one o'clock a
luncheon was served in the long
dining room of the clubhouse.
Mrs. C. N. Needham was com
mittee chairman for this lunch
eon. The committee in charge ot the
coming Friday luncheon Includes
Mrs. William Stacy, Miss Molly
Schwabbauer, Mrs. Emmett Skel
ly, and Mrs. Frank Shafer.
Saturday night a gay dancing
party was enjoyed by members
of tho club and their Trffends.
Many out of town guests were
present for this affair and many
dinner and supper parties were
part of the dancing party plans.
Among hosts for pre-dance par
ties were Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Low, who entertained as their
guests at-their Falrmount hill
home, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bron
augh. Dr. and Mrs. Ray Staub.
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Bynon and
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Twiford all of
Portland. -
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Baldock.
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Blshon. Mr.
and Mrs. Roger Mything, Mr. and
urs. Joseph DeSouza, Mr. and
Mrs. Frederick Bynon, Jr., Mrs.
Lenore Park, all ot Salem; W.
Swan of Oregon City: and Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Glenn of Corval-
Salem women to motor to Port
land Monday to take part ln the
national prohibition repeal pa
rade ' will Include Mrs. Louis
Lachmund. Mrs. James Linn. Mrs.
T.'A. Llvesley, Mrs. O. C. Locke,
Mrs. Bud Statesman. Mrs Curtis
urosa. Mrs. Frsnk Halik. Mrs.
Hans Belts. Mrs. Harry Hawkins.
Mrs. Ted Mesch and Mrs. O. H.
- . .
Miss Irma Sawyer entertained
attractively with a dinner party
at the W. D. Clarke home Friday
night complimenting Miss. Lois
Latimer, Miss Gale Curr-jr, Mrt.
juary jonnson, Mrs. WJV. Clarke,
Iff n. ...
Mias uoris Tuiaree. arrans iiamu
ton, and Wilmer Well. ? "
A few words of cheer mean
so much and cost so little.
At least seal card. Or,
we have other gifts at rea
sonable prices.
' - .-
t ; ;.
tournament which is now in
Jefferson The Past Noble
grand dub of Mt. Rebekah lodge
entertained in honor of Mother's
day, Thursday afternoon in the
lodge rooms of the Odd Fellow's
hall. The' room was beautifully
decorated. Baskets of spires and
Iris were placed about the room.
with blue and gold flowers bank
ed at the upper end.
At an impressive ceremony
members ot the club presented
Mrs. Dora Humphrey with the of
ficial past noble grand pin, and
crowned her as mother of the
club. An original poem was read
oy Mrs. B. S. Thurston. Musical
numbers Included violin solo by
Virginia McKee accompanied by
Mary Louise Fontaine; vocal solo
"Circle of Love", by Geraldlne
Regester; duet by Miss Dillon and
Miss Regester, with Miss Durfee
at the piano.
Guests present Included Fran
ces Goin, Mrs. Leo Smith, from
Albany; Mrs. W. D. Barnes, Mrs.
ueorge Mason, Mrs. Mayme Dor-
man, Mrs. T. O. Kester, Mrs. Net
tie Reeves, Mrs. S. Thomas, Mrs.
wiancne Lipoy, Mrs. W. J. Loon
ey, Miss Addle Libby. Mrs. S. A.
Pease, Mrs. Evalyn Wall, Mrs. J.
H. Roland of Salem. Mrs. Mary
Bilyeu. Mrs. J. C. Hartley, Mrs.
William Hart, Mrs. J. A. Davis,
of The Dalles; Miss Frances
Pierce. Miss Bertha Dillon. Miss
Geraldlne Regester. Miss Maude
Mrs. Marie Flint McCall ni
preside over the Monday night
session- of Willamette nhrin
White Shrine of Jerusalem at
Masonic temple, la the absence of
miss uiaays Adams of Woodburn.
The meeting will be given over
to convention repbrts. The social
hour will be centered about Moth
er's day. Mrs. Winifred Herrlck
Is chairman of the committee in
charge and will be assisted bv
Mrs.. Florence Pngh, Mrs. Mynne
Mewart, hiss Ruth Lawrence,
Mrs. Mary Curtis, Mrs. Lanra
Douglas. Mrs. Vera Barrick, Hiss
Hasel Pickens and Mrs. Carrie
always a jrracious ffift
"Cyn" Cronise
Coaut Jfc Commercial Sts.
Phone S414
" - - ; f
P. T. A. Meetings j
Feature Monday Night
. The I Leslie Junior high school:
Parent-Teachers will meet Mon
day night at the school house as
will the McKlnley Parent Teach
ers at the McKlnley school. .
Leslie association will have In
stallation of officers. Those to
take office will be Mrs. Dan Mc
Lellan, president; . Mrs. John H.
Car kin. vice president; Mrs. W.
L. Phillips, secretary; and- Mrs.
R, O. Brady, treasurer.
' The business presided over by
Mrs. Hal Hoss, present president,
will be followed by a program
hoar. Dr. D. B. Hill will show
motion pictures of "The life ot a
Healthy Child" taken ln the Les
lie school building, and also of
Oregon scenic pictures.
Mrs. Dan McLellan will give
a report of the recent convention
held in Aumsville and Miss Joy
Hill will give vocal selections.
At McKlney Mrs. C. A. Downs
will give a report ot child health
work, and Delmer Dewey, director
of Oregon state college training
school will spesk on the "Con
servative versus the Progressive
school." Discussion wUI be enjoy
ed following the talk and special
music has been arranged.
Girl Reserves Plan
Summer Camps
Plans are rapidly taking form
for the summer camps for the lo
cal Girl Reserves and July 9th.
July 21st is the date set for the
various camps, one. week for
grade school girls, one week for
Junior high school girls, and the
last week for senior high school
The board members are plan
ning- to have their June meetings
at camp when further discussion
will be given to camp repairs and
Improvements. Several improve
ments will be made this year; an
additional two room house, a new
flolr in the tent used for the bath
house, new cupboards in the kit
chen, cooler ln the pantry and
otner necessary changes.
A camp rally is being arranged
for the last week ln May. At this
time Dr. Bennett Hill will show
motion pictures which he has
made at Camp Santaly.
Pre-Nuptial Shower is
Pretty -Affair
One of the many pretty pre-nuptial
parties and the last to be giv
en for Mrs. John Fisher, nee Jo
Mauldlng. was that for which Miss
Joyce Anderson was hostess at
her home Thursday evening.
Bridge was in play with winning
scor being held by Miss Frances
Many spring flowers, mostly
peonies, lilles-of-the-valley and
maiden-hair fern were used effec
tively about the rooms. The lun
cheon served at the close of
bridge was developed ln a pink
and white color scheme. Miss Dor
othy Krebs assisted at the lunch
eon hour.
Guests ln comnlimnt to tha
bride-elect were Miss Mamret
Davidson. Miss Dorothr Knn.
Miss Frances Sanda, Miss Bunny
Aiuier, miss veima Simpklns, Miss
uorotna cannon. Miss Sibrl
White. Miss Billie Giese. Miss
Kathryne Elgin, Mrs. Joe Lan,
Miss Ruth Skinner, and Misa
Honora Reidy.
Bethanv Mr. and Mr ni
Schants entertained on their first
wedding anniversary by Inviting a
few friends In for the evening.
Cards were the diversion of the
evening followed by supper.
present were Mr. and Mrs. Har
wlck Dahl and daughter KathUnn
Mr. and Mrs. W. Richter. xrr. and
Mrs. Luther Hatteberg and daugh
ter laou Ann, Mr. and Mrs. Otto
Dahl, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sa
tern and sons. Marshall ani Wal
lace, Mr. and Mr?. Anton Dahl, Or-
ianao ana Marvin. Mr. and Mrs.
uonrad Dahl. Mr. and Mrs TMvin
Overlund, Albert. Edna and Lena
overlund. Mr. and Mrs. Alhort
Mead. Stephen Mead, Mr. and Mrs.
Prank Harman. Mrs. nharlea hnr.
rell, Mrs. Oscar Wlgle, Mrs. F.1 M.
rowen, air. and Mrs. Georae
Hove. Evelyn. Donna Dean TTnvo
Mrs. Marie Jensen, and Mr. and
Mrs. nay schants.
Aurora Miaa Veeer HaUi. ra.
ler appeared in two piano num-
oers ai ine junior senior banquet
and dancinr nartr h
Multnomah hotel ball room Tues-
aay night honoring the June grad
uation ciass oi tne Good Samari
tan hospital. Miss Sadler ham in.
peered in concert on several occa
sions in Portland recently.
Members of Alnha Phi nmi
SOroritr " will be rnesta Mnndi
evening of Mrs. Martin Ferry ln
ner aiuaio in me steusioff build
ing. : - -.-
Superfluous Hair Is a
Handicap in
Method perma-.
nently rids face,
nnderarms and
Umbs ot un
sightly hair
growths . safely
and surely. In
vestigate this
method today!
Xe Pastes
: No Liquids .
. ' . No Powders ;;
Consultation Free
Open Tuesday Eves. Till T P.M.
Marton Laboratories
; D04 1st Natl Bank, Salem '
'."-;- TeL 412T., " --'-j " -:
Clip" and Mall Today "
Without obligation kindly ;
' send me a copy ot literature
Name 'i ...........'."
JLcllgC JJCUClll
Promise of Colorful
ONCE more society turns its attention to benefits. The
week will start with a delightful benefit tea at the horns
of Mrs. Susan Varty, 860 D street, this afternoon between
the hours of 3 and 7 o'clock. The affair is beinsr given by th
Business and Professional Women's club and the funds ob
tained will be used for convention expenses for the delegates
to go to Klamath Falls for the state dub. convention Mar
Receiving will be Miss Merl Dimmick, dub president,
Mrs. Mona Yoder, Mrs. Susan Varty, Miss Clara Urlaub, Mrs.
Past Officers Will be
An evening of especial Interest
to members ot Chadwick chap
ter. Order ot the Eastern Star
will be that for Tuesday night at
which time the past matrons and
patrons ot the order will be the
special guests.
At this time a floral degree ln
honor to the special guests will be
presented during the business
hour over which Mrs. Stella
Henry will preside. A program
ot music by a boy's quarter from
Parrish Junior high school and
reading by Lyman McDonald.
It Is expected that a large num
ber will be ln attendance both
from Salem lodge and from Turn
er, Gervals, snd Woodburn orders
eaeh of which has been Invited to
The committee in charge of the
arrangements include Mr. and
Mrs. H. K. Pickens, Mr. and Mrs.
Dale Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
McEIhinney. Mrs. Addle Curtis.
Mrs. Clara Behrens. Mrs. Julia
Harms. Mrs. Blanche Kelson. Mrs.
Cora Raftety and Wayne Henry.
Young Pianist Will be
Heard in Concert
A young pianist of destinction
ln the city, Emory Stewart Hob
son, pupil of Miss Ruth Bedford,
wUI be presented in a Chopin re
cital Tuesday evening at the resi
dence studio of Prof, and Mrs. T.
S. Roberts.
Because of the limited seating
capacity of the studio it has been
necessary to make this recital in
vitational. It Is possible that the
recital will be repeated and those
wishing to hear it and not able to
hear it Tuesday night are asked
to make reservations with Miss
Bedford at her studio.
The program includes:
Fantasy ln F Minor, Op. 41.
Ballade ln F Minor, Op. IS.
Nocturne ln G Major, Op. 87, No.
Walts in C Sharp Minor, Op. 64,
No. X.
Prelude In F Major, Op. 28, No.
Scherzo ln C Sharp Minor, Op. 89.
Etude in F Major. Op. 85, No. 8.
Polonaise in F Sharp Minor, Op.
Macleay Mrs. J. F. C. Tekea-
burg entertained members of the
4 M" club relatives and a few
Intimate friends at her home
Wednesday night at a dinner par
ty honoring her husband whose
61st birthday occurred May It.
Those present besides the honor
guest and Mrs. Tekenburg were
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Carruthers,
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hartley, Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Jones. Mr. and
Mrs. H. Phillips, Mr. and Mrs.
W. Frlnk. Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Baker, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Taylor,
Mr. and Mrs. A. IL Fu est man.
Mrs. O. Shelberg, Mrs. Edith Karl
son, Mrs. M. Kephart. Mr. and
Mrs. M. M. Magee. Hazel Magee.
Margaret Magee, Mr. and Mrs.
O. Baker, Allan Baker, Rodger
Baker. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Mar
tin, Harry Martin Jr.
Many people from Salem have
been lured to Portland this past
week by the beauty and excel
lence ot the play "Green Pas
tures." Among those to attend
were Dean and Mrs. R. R. Hewitt.
Mrs. O. C. Locke. Mrs. Dan Mc
Lellan. Mrs. V. R. Griggs, Miss
Ruth Clark. Miss Loa Thompson,
Mrs. W. H. Lytle. Mrs. Frank
Snedecor, Mrs. George Rogers,
Miss Beryl Holt. Mr. and Mrs.
Otto Paulus. Miss Elisabeth Put
man. Mrs. Percy Kelley, and Mr.
and Mrs. Irl McSherry.
Styes, Red and
Granulated Lids
Are treated by many
with eye ' waters and
We positively curs such
troubles with glasses by
overcoming the cause.
The eato is eye strain
and nerve strain.
Our glasses will give re
lief ln the most stub
born cases.
878 State Next fte Postal TeL
" ""' ' .
-llcillb VLJIVC
o Winifred Merrick, Mrs. Delia
Hayden and Miss Helen Lou
ise Crosby.
Alternating at the urns"
during the receiving hours
will be Mrs. Nora Baird, Miss
Julia Webster, Mrs. LaMoine
Clark, Miss Crace Gilliam. Miss
Maura Hale, Miss Grace Taylor,
Dr. Mary Purvine. and Miss Ju
ana Holmes.
Those who wUI assist in serving
include: Mrs. Hulda Liedstrom,
Mrs. Effle Arehart, Miss Daisy
Hayden, Mrs. Esther Hagedorn,
Mrs. Emily Howard, Mrs. Lillian
CadwelL Miss May Cleveland.
Mrs. Effle Herbster, Miss Phebe
McAdams, Miss Amanda Schwab
bauer. Miss Josephine Shade, Mrs.
Myrtle Anderson and Miss Ruth
Special music has been arrang
ed for the afternoon hours this
to be given by the club chorus
under the direction of Mrs. Lls
beth Wsters. Mrs. Effle Arehart
will sing and feature dances will
be given by little Marcelle Herb
ster. Thursday one of the colorful
bridge parties of the season will
be the benefit to be given at Il
lihee Country clubhouse with
members of the American Legion
auxiliary as hostesses. The funds
from this affair which is an an
nual one, x goes for the child wel
fare and hospital work of the or
ganization. Mrs. J. T. Delaney is ln general
charge, and assisting her Is Mrs.
Lelf Bergsvik. Mrs. Henry Four
nier, Mrs. Glen Seeley, Mrs. F. N.
Waters, and Mrs. R. H. White.
Special music Is being given by
the Chemawa Girls' octette, snd a
skating novelty by Lan and Ben
nett will be features of tLa tea
hour. ,
Hostesses for the tables are re
quested to bring both table cov
ers and cards. Reservations are
being made with Mrs. Delaney,
740 C: Mrs. Lelf Bergsvik. 878 1;
and Mrs. R. IL White,. 587.
Hayesvtlle Mrs. Claud Tal
madge entertained Thursday af
ternoon at a bridge luncheon. This
is the last ot the series that has
been extending through rfie win
ter months.
Members present were Mrs. K.
L. Moore, Mrs. Fred Williams,
Mrs. Rovilla McAfee, Mrs. Robin
Day and the hostess. Mrs. Claud
Spectal guests were Mrs. g.
SUrr, Mrs. Wslter Bonbell and
Mrs. Louis Stanley. Mrs. Rovilla
McAfee received the prize for the
highest score.
For Representative
Must Be
At a conservative estimate, one
car la every tea has not been li
censed and the loss throvgh un
licensed cars is approximately 8L
009,000 for the year.- The situa
tion threatens to grow worse sad
farmers and laboring men cannot
license their cars.. As former
chairman ot the Automobile Li
cense Revision Committee ef the
Oregon Automotive Conference, X
have given much consideration
and study to automobile license
fees. Through enforced economics
ot 10 and a one cent Increase
in gas tax. license tees can be re
duced at least 50 , and if nomi
nated and elected I shall sponsor
and promote legislation to that
effect.: - - -. t .
A lawyer with business experi
ence.', . , . t-
Slog&n: Reduce automobile li
cense tees, relieve unemployment,
lift real property tax burden.
(P(L Adv.) . :.. .
t V - "-.' v. . - -5
y :,"- ;.-.
t "- , -
t . - r . . ; .
- '; T ' " ' . '.". - -
' ' V ".'"' '