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    Th OIICGON STATCSIIANrSalgae Oregon Satcrday T.rsrala?. ArrilJ:?. 1S53
19 u
1 -
-anew , ' aW a- rn--w-
''No Favor, Sways Us; No fear ShaU Aw9M
, ' From First Statesman, March IS, 1851
, Chaxles A.' Snucut; Sheldon F. Sackett, Publiihr$ - --x
Chaslcs AT SrtAGOT - - EdiU-Mana?tr -Sheldon
F. Sackett - . Managtwg Editor
Member of the Associated Press,
J The AseocUtai Prea Is exclusively entitled to th um tor
tWeof aHnawsdlspatcnes credited to It or not otherwise credited to
.- this paper. x.- v-w .?-. i - 1
p.Mfle rout Advertising Ilcpresentatives:
Arthur W. Btrpea, Inc Portia td. Security Bid. '
Sclaco;Shiro7 Bld.;,l-oe ajSlee. w; Pac, Bid -
.Eastern Advertising Representatives:
Tord-Parsoos-8tfcbr, Inc. New Tork, TI Madison At.; ...
- - ChkasoVtSO N. Michigan Are. :
Euttrei at th Poitoffu at Salem, Ortgon. at Seeond-Claea
Hatter. Published every morning except Monday. Bunnen
office-, tlS S. Commercial Street.
SnhAr.rtminn Rta In Advance. WltWa Oreron: Dally
, - tf
T7. Tm H nli: I Uo. 11.11 Mo. !.; 1 year
KlMwhere SO cents pr or 5.0 lor 1 year In advance.
By City Carrier: 45 cents a month: tSJ9 a year to advance.
Copy S cents. On trains and News Stands S cent.
r. . IRY VR RF -
llfeill ' . r a s ' . m mmm
mm am
DALLAS, April 21. Prepara- j
tions for the second trial of -thai
Empire Holding corporation -ease
were Started when a, special ren-i
ire ot Jorors was drawn from tha
HIS Jury list to report for duty
Monday morning. May, 2. several
larora drawn on tha, regular and
special Tenlres before the open
lag of the April term of court
who were not used daring the
trial of Frank Keller. Jr- will
also be called for duty Monday:
The list of those drawn on tha
new venire is as follows: Jesse
Walling, route 1 Salem; J. O.
Rand, route 1 Sheridan; Belle
Wonder, Independence; L. H. Me
Bee, route S Dallas; Ross Cham
berlain. , Surer r Milton Lehman,
Surer ; - Paul Taeheron,- - Mon-1
mouth r Clyde Robbina. route S
Dallas; H. A. Dempsey, Rlckreall.
J. M. Grant,' Dallas; R. H. But
ler, route S Dallas; J. F. Wel
gant, Dallas; C. F. Wells, route
S Independence; W. V vlllwocar.
route 1 Dallas; D. Bartel, route
1 Dallas; Q. F. Heck, Monmouth;
O. L. Carey, route S Dallas; J.
A. Siddall, Alrlie; O. W. Chap-
An ImDortant Convention
. fflHE west coast wiU be host this year to several great gath- u lSlc.
X-erings,-the Olympic games, tne American uepvn . wm- Grares, route s RickreaiL
vpnfiftTi: Rntarv International. One which has received com- Jennie R. Letteken. Rlckreall:
paratively little notice because it doesn't mean long excursion Mattie l. carr. route s Salem;
- rraim nnd liberal whoonee is the annual meeting of the H. E.eetag. eridan; Lyd,a
Chamber of Commerce of the United Stateswhich meets in SkdB'route s iudeSndence;
San Francisco on May 17 to 20th. This national chamber pi w. h. Cockle, independence; wii-
commerce is one of the great ; constructive bodies 01 tneiUam Ridden, Monmouth; cash
t it. i i i A-on;9t;on xuWh U I Roberts, route 1 Salem; F. E.
c?r- r:Ml"a ZZ-ZL f " "fTZZZr t7. Fuller. Fall. City; W. L. Klnion.
elusive oi inausiry txaue, wauaiwiwuwu "a x"" " route S Dallas; Sarah Rhodes,
record the past 20 years has been one of broad public ser-lrotte i sheridan;A. P. Ronco,
vice. While it reflects the mind of business It has by no means 1 route 1 Alrlie; o. w. Cooper,
been narrow. Instead it has sought to bring the best thought Monmouth.
from the several fields of economic enterprise to focus upon
common problems to gain if possible the soundest solution.
- A study of the program announced for the San Fran
cisco meeting shows that the sessions will tackle the most
serious questions now confronting business. The purpose is
to "take soundings' in charting the course ahead. Men who
. are in the center of the business conflict, who are bearing
heavy responsibilities, who are seeking to organize industrial
life so it can function more effectively will take part in the
discussions. '
. Here are some of the subjects for consideration : .
Merchandising under changing conditions.
Clearing the foreign trade channels.
- Local passenger transportation.
Oil and lumber industries.
Employer-employe relations.
The United States and the orient.
Interrelation of agriculture and other fields of enterprise.
Wa liana Mail an mnoli fmm 4-Via nnniilnr mavarino "wm.
omists- about the.breakdown of , industry and the necessity fV
I'nlaniilnn'' PViTc Vim ITanAiun tnoarinff Tinll nfow OC 1 mm m
vi yittininns AAivvi... v... . worse Tory suaaeniy, ana was
able and practical men as there are in the country to see rushed to Portland, where she
what may be attempted in the way of coordinated effort for operated upon for stomach
JbXta?8- Th find-ngS thSe WWCh We M- Fortes ia
justified by the fires of experience. nith. nn.Hft rfl si..
A meeting of such importance held at such short dis- ured in Medford for a number of
tance should attract many from this state. We hope Salem years, and mored to Salem in
will be well represented at this meeting. Ordinarily we do 1S2- yheI? "T tni she
not go much on cenventions ; but the serious character of tids wafwrk intSafem:
organization and its program encourage as to believe that Her surrirors are b. f. Forbes
.. this meeting will be one worth spending time and money in ot Salem, her husband; Ben F.
attendincr. Salem is Interested in these biff Questions affect- Forbes. Jr., of Vale. Oregon; Mrs.
fn KrtJ-U an1 .mMmilfiti-A a-nA fnrslmi tnita TYta I Adolph GUtt Of WOOdbum, and
u.; JT . 't ill three grandchildren. Jay, Mary
vuauuucf ux wjuimci ucic uuub wi cuwuiagc uisu am i ajiee and Janice Glatt. The
. 1 A C' By H AZEL
': Lily Lev Laaaiagv pretty, yemag
tsirfhesM aperater. Urea with he
married sUtef ta mederata draaaa-
, Cha in tarn between daalre
r,VA him nM Mnmr. sneh a niah I rlaht ta sin oflea If they let me bare
of tenderness as aha had nerer feitithe steamship ena a mean amps
before washed orer Lay Lou, and papers, elearinr ships and au inau
aha didnt care that he van weak, I If s Decaoaa Uad Derar lets ma mr
thal ha had eried, that ha. hadirm no good. . . . Xeptme ptugitnr
- . t I uuaujmk wcAwiw vmi. ... 1
ier aa eperana career ana tera I u v. .v. ta vtM i n te vm u th nfSi
wealthy K Sargeat. FaDriag al JTZT w ;."l.arketa
lla!L!S weighted with and stowage, I'm all right. . . . Ill
tees they are amraitea aeatauy -,-- aa tv. tv,rktl iw Da4 t. . . . ToaH see. Lflr
a ; X was
7mhsrmiZnmnlkmmcm erem whan Mrs. Loui ru get tha Job.
rnlem ae aaiecuoas aaa saw acccpu i o,- v-j v. vi- ,.rraM ain.1 V4n a H- m, j
it!r,r.if .VT rT A fW Sargent had had their marriage an- taUdn U Hoyt one day a e
iSL iL TfaVrill 7t aha would stOl U tied to of week ace whan be waa in
teKf Jt7 ivTiJi: Uen . . . tied to him forerer, by the ofiea. I told him my ideas o
Weeaiara, Taey areas W wmilk afWlan. uwf tkaahi f iMvlSaatk AmrrUaa trad. 2a.thTra
" tl VT- ritnTrtZi snemoriea. . . . - 1 handUn It all wrong. Tha Xure-
L Uthamlasy as U tha Bar- "Will yon stick. Lily Loaf P "ta gjet U all, baeauaa tha
Hair recentiaa af tha news, nexxi -nu a . . . iun . way --t i f "'T . , w . -
day, they retara haste, airs, sargeas i m. u !cs
tareateaa to hare the marriage an-
Ar 3o lotofcsr. vat u&pSTtora?si&ppAgp
Tuesday t "Watching a Bullet Travel
to ret American roods, da yew seat
-I meant it waa all orer, trying-1 They thJrk U's no good unless tt ,
ta make up with tha folks. But I cones ixom curope, oonra uwy
LDy Loo win you stick with mo,4 tret a certain amount af canned
even if mother haa It annulled, . . . teir from here, but nothing; Kka
maybe aha wont anyway, but Lily "T aT earn oa-
Lao. arm ran stick with mat Willi murrage and all that down there
you be married to a failure? U terrible.... Now tf they followed.
She eaaldnt sneak. Th rlief of I my ideas about shipping-. . . putting;
Kentfield,"'she said briskly, "I tell! hearing- him say it. .. . She smfled,ia .
rou your father haa aireaay taxeni tremulously. -jLen i ought to leti a-
vM mirrlin la na mar-1 ma ro eyes sparkled, ha looked happy and
riage at aur I , me . . . you jxm trj. . . . us j iVzT j
"I wont leare LOy Loui" I only that I thought ot you. sup-l v - ,wp
1 tell yon tha marriage win be I pose mother does hare it annulled picaew er unx ana
ti! . I lt' lnt Tfk- Kr iKissea uem, dui k was reauy aa
-An riaht, In September ml WeU, aupposa she does" Lily though he were talkinr to him- '
marry her arain. In the meanwhile I Lou tried to think,
if yoa want to start a swell scandal I Then wa wouldn't be married
about your own son, go to m uoi noney tt wouldn't be legal
ahead! Sea if I caret" I Lily Lou gulped. She thought of
" Ken's mother followed them to
tha door. TThu is sheer nonsense.
Lily Lou watched him, wondering.
. Some of her faith came back.
'And with you to believe in me.
-Kentneld, I'm ashamed of yon. her mother ... her mother playing!0 MP m In show tbem.
woKj. ... x uu see, noooay vrer
neral serrices for Mrs. Mary
Forbes. 67, who died in a Port
land hospital Thursday morning
at T o'clock, will ba held at the
St. Luke's Catholic church here
Saturday morning, at f o'clock.
.'Burial will be at the St Luka'a
cemetery north of town. She has
been liring west of Woodburn
with Mrs. Adolph Glatt, her
members to attend.
School Consolidation
Woodburn Funeral
charge of tha body.
home haa
that the greatest ultimate economy in school operation
without loss of school efficiency lies in the reorganization of
the small school units into larger districts. It is true that the
New Views
The question asked yesterday
by Statesman reoortera was "How
per capita cost of the smaller one-room schools is very high. do you think auto accidents can
It sperrut looieal to throw district tetmr and run a con-1 be cut downT
solidated school. But the experience so far as it has come
, to our attention is that, costs are not reduced. We should like
to have Supt Howard give us figures of operating costs for
consolidated districts compared with aggregate cost of the
component districts prior to consolidation. The cost of trans
portation together with the other extras the consolidated
school puts on usually more than offsets the savings in em-
V ployinsr fewer teachers.
Esther Tibbits,
"Quit driTing."
Prof. R. W. Hans Setts, i
aklan: "Train some of tha fool
motorists. Arrest the careless
ones and make it hard for them.
Robert McClay, janitor at Krt-
CnnanTMatf on oncM to mm. Small school district ser school: The drirers COMd
ll TiirttM n Vam. mrA Ktinm, Axrm artI miiMw T I Uke fewer ChSnCCS. HO COUld
w "v a wa&c vi wise auu uujlu uaj o auu uiuuuj ivauai ui t.L. kH .i.ii
many of them the pupils are starved educationHy. They would when attempting to pass other of CorraiUs. door . keeper 'of tha
The burned capital!
(Continuing from, yesterday t)
Whan tha territorial legislature
met at CorraUla December S.
1S55, news had already been rV
ceired from Washiagton to the
effect that tha law ot tha pre
ceding aession remorlng tha cap
ital to that city was InmUd.
V "a S
Bo tha two houses organised.
at Corrallls, and tha first bill in
troduced waa one to take tha cap
ital back to Salem. It was passed
and signed tha date of the sign
ing being tha 15th. instead of tha
15 th, as erroneously stated, on
tha authority ot Bancroft yester
day. That body was back in the
old capitol building on December
18, ready to go on with Its bus
iness. So were the state offices
and the state library, tha building
oy tnen hanng come thus near to
final completion.
There were busy days at the
old capitol from Tuesday, tha
18th, until Saturday, the 21th.
getting tha offices and legisla
ture rooms arranged and the
books of tha state library on their
shelres. In fact, when thaJlre
came, tha books were not all la
their places. .
F. S, Hoyt, territorial librar
ian, was one of tha tnen who gare
sworn arridarlta concerning tha
fire. So was Harrey Gordon, who
assisted him, and who was after
wards one of tha editors of The
Statesman, and waa elected in
18(0 for state printer the first
year tha republican party got in
to power in Oregon. (Gordon died
of consumption at Toncalla a few
months after his election.) Mr.
Hoyt testified in part: "On Sat
urday, tha 2th day ot Decem
ber, I waa employed most ot tha
day in COMPLETING the ar
rangements of the library, plac
ing ejooks in due order for the
contenient. use of the legislative
assembly, la accordance with a
resolution passed - by that body
(at CorraUla) December IT." His
testimony, showed that it would
hare been impossible for the fire
to start from other than incen
diary causes, as did that of Har
rey Gordon, and James F. Earle
a mm '" ' a ml aa.-
, oe mucn Detter on in a graaea scnooi witn more pupils ana cars. He could be sure that the
v ..specially trained teachers. But. the consolidated school will road is clear.
. have to be run more economically, bgcause this is a day which
- calls for reduced costs in education rather' than increased
We wish Supt. Howard would go farther with his rec-
Reo Xoongv Willamette fresh:
Put tha car in the garage.
Olrea Bowe. law atsKtaat; My
ommendation. that he would brine in the evidence, whatever 1 idea would be for elimination ot
it i . em comnarati-ra cnf and that ha wotiM fnrmnt.t. an I women drirers who put out their
aggressive ucaUorar campaign for. consolidation on the SrVat StiS .5?t v&
uaaia ui. icuuteu upersuu costs vs weu as eniargea eaucn-1 algnsls mean."
tionai opportunity xor ooys and girls.
council (senate), Philo Callen
der of Clatsop county, a member
of the house. Dr. W. H. Willson,
Salem townslte proprietor, whose
homo was near the old capitol.
and Louis - Weatacott who llred
then "about 8 rods northwest'
of the burned building.
It was dear that the fire was
ot incendiary origin, and Corral
lis -was so tarred with guilt in the
Slurring a Fellow-Publisher
mHE Woodburn Independent takes a dirty dig at Dr. P. C.
J. Riley by insinuating that Doc Riley's opposition to Ru
fus Holman for state treasurer is based on Holman's refus
al to take an advertisement in Doc's paper the Hubbard En
terprise. 'The Independent quotes Holman to that effect, "
That is taking a very low opinion of a fellow publisher ;
and one who has been noted for. his generosity and his loy
alty to his friends. We don't think Roc Riley could be bought
lor any $Z5 ; and don't think Doc is opposing Holman because
Jy "The Officud System"
aa Adoptee! by lswtlag Antberitiea
- .... By & V. SnEPARD
End Fleiy Problem'.
End play problems show the,
cards held about the table after a
number of earlier tricks hare been
Holman wouldn't take an ad in his paper. There are plenty I taken. The reader is giren fas dee
of other reason for objecting to Hon. Holman tbit that s fcr?!?il!5.5l5' Siti
livery newspaper publisher is busy soliciting advertis- mttg be woby a spelled aide
ing. The Statesman is, so Is the Woodburn Independent. But against any possible apposing play,
mighty few papers are seffing'out their influence and support eo"eet
2JeW?ff rtisement or for any other fi- gSwTA"
nanclal consideration. x -v that each pUyer knewa nrecisely
The Independent puts the .newspaper profession on a is held by each of toe three
low plane when it makes such insinuations against One of the L 7
most loveable fellows in the journalistic profession in Ore- IS to carneVstidS;
pn, a man sincerely devoted to the public welfare, intensely but also the mastery of the differ-
i?.?Li lrlen who in spitef physical handicaps tTuP?JJW.!
has made a name for himself in Oreeon. - -t erTJ. fT"' -
m,. on rT7 vr v ' ' nrore the nlar ef the solver.
.vaamnii resents tne slur on Doc Riley's good Durmr the many years that
some species ox bridge nas seen
played practically erery possible
end situation has been nresented.
with the rule for reeogniiing it
when encountered. t A few of the
older players won fame through
their nresentations of such hclDfol
problem hands."- Later players of
urtti ji.-t..lf i '' j . i equal aouicy w. soive suca p row
Will Shakespaafe drew tha honors it Mv . t,. I uT. v.M i fA
ial theatre honoring him waa dedicated at St rat ford-on-Aron: and! satisfied with presentinc duplicate Foler Shakespeare library was dedicated la Washington, j situations which they have actually
.JSLi: wt the lot The
March cVm;; V tor
. - . MM-wiiiB vi oyer a muiion a year
S'p faJ0 T ben Qo allghUy better resulto and the
- . .UUw yivtiii wa ww a any ireignt Degins to more.'
D. C. The world stm wonders though how Will erer did it
. . Columbia eounty has another eruption of recalUtis. The county
judge and a commissioner are now under fire. Columbia vies with
-.n.wu wuniy ana Muunoman as a seat for political terrorism.
encountered in dealt hands, or by
disguising tha work of the earlier
masters of this art by means- ef
altered suits and tha specific cards
shown in tha nroblems. .
The late L J. Brack, nubUsher
of "Bridge," twenty-nre years ago,
Mrs.. A. B. Fall is opening a cafe to El Paso. No renort has roma I rare ma before bis demise a larre
tJat Harry Sinclair is wanting a third interest In the business. t collection of these problem hands,
derised ' by himself and a lew
others, with permission -to make)
such use ef them as X chose.
Each Saturday aaa or mere ef
these problem hands wiB appear in
these arucies, ss ions; as reaoars
eajey Cham. The solutions wffl ap
pear the weak following-. Tha first
two problems are girea below.
... rRUSLXH 1. v
Z is the declarer. Hearts are
tramps. T is to lead. Y Z ra
raire four tricks for rsme and
rubber. Can they rnake game
against the best defense open ae
A-BT -
minds ot tha people that her
chances of erer regaining the cap-
tal weat glimmering.
The legislature quickly re
sumed its sessions In tha Rector
building, a wooden structure lust
north of tha present Statesman
building where the Marlon gar
age now stands. Delegate Joe
Lena tried to get money from the
government for another capitol
but congress was too busy and
wrought up orer the slavery ques
tion to giro tha matter much at
tention. So, for about SO years,
the territorial and state offices
were in rented quarters, in the
Holman building, on the corner
north of and opposite tha present
Statesman buildings until tha
present capitol was so far finish
ed as to accommodate them.
When Oregon (then all the Pa
cific . northwest from the Pacific
ocean to tha crest of tha Rockies)
was made a territory. 85000 waa
appropriated to ba "applied by
tha governor to tha erection of
auitabla buildings at tha aeat ot
gorerament" Tha territorial leg
islature at its first regular ses
sion in Oregon City made Salem
the seat of government the cap
. .
But Governor John. P. Gaines,
whig;, came as tha second gover
nor and. being out ot political
favor with tha then dominant
democratic party of Oregon, he
had a row on. his. hands from the
first. He himself waa evidently ot
no conciliatory nature and nothing-
mueh was done towards get
ting a capitol started. But a start
was finally made, more money
hating been appropriated by con
gress. R. C. Geer. John Force and
H. M. Waller had been made a
board of commissioners to super
intend the erection ot territorial
buildings. But they could do lit
tle, against the opposition of a
hostile governor.
In 1858 tha legislature ereated
a new building commission, E. M.
Barnum, A. W. Ferguson and Al
ris Kim iey. A . hew governor,
John W. Davis, came and took his
office Dee. 8 of that year. He
brought with him $49,000 to start
tha territorial buildings. , Work
weat forward on tha territorial
capitol. .Chas, Bennett, who had
discovered gold in California,
builder of tha old Bennett House
in Salem, was tha contractor, tar
tha foundation. Ha got 8SI1S.8T
tor preparing tha foundation.
Other preliminary expenses
brought tha. total to $8808.87.
The Statesman had a nawa item
in that period, reading:
a .
"The plan of tha building al
ready commenced is tor a plain
cut stoae edifice-of tha Ionic or
der' E by T5 feet, with a portico
ot 10 feet and four Ionic columns
on .the front or weat end, aad
with two stories of II and 15 feet
In height respectively, and aa en
tablature of t feet In height; the
whole upon a foundation of rou
ble and ashler worked eteae, ris
ing; to tha top' of water table. 4
feety above tha surface of the
ground. The first story compris
ing: a', main . ball or entrance 15
feet widev extending across, the
building: with a stairway to aec-
IX w ita ttnwlitjtn tA na " I thai liat-. nrwn tit tha hnmh ait I
Th. aram itnwn tha ataira. TJlvlhnmai amt t.lVtna.1 belieVd itt DM before. ... I'm just
Lou red and humiliated, Ken, white about taking- a shot at somebody f man S boy at our place. . . .
and shaking- with passion, ... he never would, of course, but f Hoyt nd Wkkley'a
Ken started tha motor, drove off. he did have a run ... and over at xce P' ?oyt is interested
lily Lou looked at his white, set tha store, tha men gossiping and 7 1 to i?Lout
r.M tt. waa drivfna fast ... Pnf vi.fh.r Vn m thai trade. He said to me. Why doesnt
but where? Where, in all the world, j slicing- himself off a thin slice ofSour ferJtlT-Tra &ee band,
waa there a place for them to gel cheese with tha big knife, and nib- P!?1 T! thaWDo yoa
Lily Lou tried to think, but herl Winr ou it aa lie talked. . . . On. anel0?" Lily Lou? But gee.
brain wouldn't work. She waa just laid so want to be married, really I J; lra. Tan a root ,
ehed, married! Oh. why wasn't Ken lust " "now aun.wougn. . . .
aaa Klvle. a TTaw raSlawl aVaatfl. I mallJarlf f WTIW Wsrvft 7m fnerf
h. aiwM. hr rv bona. She wish-1 a littla aUr. aa h'l K. 91 lyon believa ma, lily Lou?"
ad ... no, no, aha wouldn't wish it "But wa could be married again ,,h believed him. She smiled at
... but oh, to be back again Just in September w she told him. She Ura tenderly. Let him talk on. . . .
herself, Just LOy Lou Lansing. . . . wanted to hear him say it, to re- 0n in the bay the sua set, a
Ken waa driving-. Just driving, assure herself great red-gold lantern slipping?
Nowhere in particular. They were "Oh, yea. Only it's sort of taking slowly into the pale, silvery waters
en a dusty, unused road, now, in tha a chance for you. Yoa know if ef tha bay. ... She hardly heard
low hills, back of Piedmont. He people start talkinr, and well . . . be eaid. Her thoughts were
tonnMl in tha ahada of an over- neonla da have kida. von knew" I af other things. . . . Where thevd
hanging oak, drew out his cigaretl Lily Lou felt the hot blood mount-1 UTe wh May would say, her
ease, reached for bis lighter. But ling to her forehead. "It iant like-musi would that ga
ha didn't light tha dgaret Ha satlly- she said lightly. Tha same I Z. wouUi become of it?.
there, looking- at it "Well, tnat was thought had occurred to her. She! , "r "t 7 oeueve m ma,
. MMnflm I j;-. 4 X T I dOB TOO I
Shaeoiildntfindanvthinaftoaav.lwanliint da. . . . RmUm fnst aal He had cupped her face ia his
so ha cleared his throat, began many didnt as did . . . May and hands, was looking searchingly into
again: "Mother'a on her high horse, Raymond.... her eyes, trying to read what he
I can see that" "Well, what shall wa do? Oh, " her delicately oval, mag.
"Will your father will he" Ken, if a been so funny. Bight from nolia-white face, her deep brown
"Hell do whatever my mother tha first we've been so sort of eye ly fringed, her sensitive
wants," Ken said bitterly. "He al- homeless. Wa had to keep away I ff11 mouta, partoo, showing eve.
ways haa. Only way to keep peace, I from my house, and yours, and here I wai( teem. . . .
I ruess. ... So it's all up with us. I we are . . . and you haven't anvl Ie avcn.
Lily Lou." Job, and I haven't any money . . ."
He flung out his arms stiffly, She began to laugh, a littla hys
Jerked down his head. . . . She felt terieally, "and any -minute we're
tha convulsive heaving of his body likely to ba arrested far aot being
. . . ae waa crying, .his head la her I properly married"
lap. I Ha whipped out a cheek book.
Lily Loo didnt cry, but she fait "No money? Look here"
sick and desolate. All alone, no one She looked at tha balance al
to turn to. . She stroked his hair most a thousand dollars. That isnt
with soft fingers. "Dear, dont mind so hot, but listen.' ... Ill gat aa
toe much. , . ." with Hoyt and Wlekley, ia ' tha
And her heart was crying. ... steamship and. ... They are agents
This is the man I married . . . who for a lot of lines, and X happen to
waa going to take care of me. . . . know they need a man. When I
My Kan, who could sweep tha world I heard of it I thought, Gee, if I
before him . . . here, crying aa my could only ret into that awtr from
tha darned office aad figures. . . .'
Ten know ships I That's my line,
ships. listen, LOy Lou IH get that
Job, and make good, and then IH
get on as foreign agent somewhere
there are big concerns all aver
tha world. Listen, LOy Low, fm all
Ska stroked bis hair, in aflenea.
Presently the bearing ceased. He
lay still, breathing brokenly, bis
bead heavy on her knees.
Whea at last ha lifted hie face
met her gase, his cheeks
Impulsively she kissed him, laid
her cheek next to his.
The sua bad gone into the water.
The first chill breeze af night bad
coma. She wanted her dinner, she
wanted to be settled, to know where
they'd be that night ... In bar
mind, tha worried thoughts want
scrambling . . . May . . . her mother
. . . Bess ... the boys . . . May
would ba getting dinner now . . ;
Did the telegram arrive, all right?
But she said nothing. She would
wait, let Ken settle these things.
. . . She would make herself depend
an him. It would help bins. ... .
And he talked on about shipping
ia South America, and it got colder
and darker. . . .
Lily Lou shivered in her tni
sQk dress, bat she woaldat give ia,
. . . She'd wait . . Prove bar love.
. . (TBC fisats)
CaarncatsraaagFcKaTMSraateakIaM. '
grounds, also for plastering and
painting and glazing." There, is
no record ot the competition ot
the "columns of the portico. or
tha "plastering , and painting and
glazing," and it is not certain that
tha "fencing ot the public
grounds" was dona. It is certain,
however, that there was a fence
around "the public gTeuads,
constituting Willson avenue or
park, and it was a waste ot squir
rel tail grass and other weeds tor
a quarter of a century or mora
From the above the reader will
have gathered that the Oregon
territorial legislature ot 1855-8
was held in three different places
at Corvallis, in tha old capitol,
and in tha Rector bulldlag next to
Y I 4. 312
K 5
:;v - PROBLEM 2. '
! Z is the declarer. Hearts asa
trumps. Y' Is to lead. How many
tricks can Y Z make against the
best defense open to A B?
- e7
. -7 " -eios
v " .asm A aa. - '
J1" i g v
nj r
e3 j I - I
Owrtsta, !Ul hr 3ai Swtsm aaflatta,
Va. 17
Sraopili ot ta AsbmI 8tatmeat (
tk Xw Jensy FlAelity Fist Olaas
Xaaiaae CaaiMay at Ktwark, la ta
But at New Jimr, aa ta Ulrtj-fint
day af DowlMr. 1SS1, aUt U U U
araae CaaaaiiMiaaar at tka Stat (
Orafaa. (wmil t law:
Aataat a capital stack paie sy, 1800,
. Kt TrMiaaM saetivee anriaf ta tm,
as ia,2S4.o. ... ...
later, aiTimi nd rants rcire
Amvm ta, max. SlSS.OiaiA.
. lamia ra tfcer wcas receive!
Sariaff th yr, 1S,12.4. r
Ttal tacoat.-SS.S03.41S.S0.
ear iaciaa
the present Statesman building,
a "a
Tha territorial penitentiary was
located and being built at Port
land. It is interesting to note that
there were three prisoners at the
beginning of 1854, and that six
mora were added during that year
making nine, if nona had es
caped or served out their terms.
WOODBURN, April SI Fire,
which occurred very. early Thurs
day morning, totally destroyed
the Charles A. Crooks homo oa
the Pacific highway. Virtually
everything was burned except a
few articles of clothing. The
house was insured.
Whea Mrs. Creaks noticed that
tha house was oa fire it was
about 1:45 a. ra. By tha time aha
had aroused her aaa and grand
son and spread the alarm to her
neighbors the fire was uncontrol
lable. The Woodburn fire depart
ment answered tha alarm bat tt
arrived too lata to do any good.
Mr. Crooks is an engineer in
the commerce building in Port
land. - The origin ot tha fire la
Mary Starbuck Leads
May Queen Contexts
. - DALLAS, AprH St. After tha
second count of- tha ballots la
tha May queen contest Mary Star
buck waa Int first place with 8T8
votes and Evelyn Lindahl second
with 805. Standings of the other
contestants were: Lydia Mahl.
S8S; Catherine Hawkins, 170:
Helen Viers, 140; Irene Guy.
181, Helen Shreeve. IS 5, Pearl
Jones, 121. and . Catherine West
tall. 111.. Tha next count ot the
ballots wiU ,.ba taken Monday.
May S. whoa he two lowest coa
testanta will be dropped. ..The
final count will be made Satur
day. May 14.
- Set lMa saia tartar ta ye
Ur aoJaMeMBt ax . SJ.U4.42S.S.
XMrlaUaaa a! aa caaital stack eastae
ond storyr a house of represente-1 ya.-aa,eae.o. - . -
?V5ZZZ JlTeZl Jit, thin OaamUeiea. W aaUrlas 3al arla
" " ."i-V7. "TT m a.yar.
enmocw;.B icucru tvun twa
30 by 27 feet; and an office for
the executive or secretary 18 by
SO feet The second story com
prising the .main hall and atalr
way; -a council chamber SO by 88
feet;, a library room SO by 81
feet; a room tor clerks, and three
committee rooms."
' ' V "a e
But It waa found that the strue
tara originally, planned, ta be
built of stone, - etc- would .cost
145,000. And, after paying the
prelimiaary eostsr $9408.87, there
would be left, available; for the
capitol oalr $189ill8r So a eon
tract was awarded to . Wm. - H.
Rector to complete the capitol, tor
the sum ot $14,040 all above the
foundation to be of wood.
- -sr-'"
: Thua the MASSIVE atructuTa
waa finished., or nearly finished,
within the $25,000 appropriated
by congress. When tha change
was made from atone to wood,' the)
style was changed from Ionic to
(Grecian) Doric. It is of record
that contracts were le and com
pleted "for the entire wood work
, excepting the columns ot the por
tico and the fencing ot the publie
Ueeatea 'aaa: fees 'aaid daxiaa
(aa yea. arr,sx.TT.
aieeai af U etaer . rtfeaiitate.
Tt1 zaeaaitore. S4.S1S.SSS.SS.
iVala ( real eatot ewa4 (urka
Taia ( stack aaa Veaa awaaa (aar
ket VSMM), 9tS7S.tlO.eo.
Laa aa aartcrs aaa cIUieral. etc,
It.sss.iso.oo. -
Cmta ia kaak aai aa kaae, IIT4,-01S.0S.
' Freaaimaif ta ara at cooeetiva writ
tea aiece fttttiabtr SO. IS SI. 05 IV
ml A Li.
Interest - aad reats iu aaa aecroaa.
Other aaaets. 0SSS.995.9O.
Tetol aSaiitte4 aiet, 9S.9S2.t65.TU
nn tlilai (t teeae eapaie, 0-
s2i.sss.oe. -
- AeinaiPt ef vaearaea areaiiaais am aS
autaadiBC rUkC 91.5ITJSJ.T0.
Da for caauauaiaa aaa arekenre.
in etaer natiutle. astx.soe.mi.
t; Tetel liakintie, exalaaiv a capital
tk, s.s .rsaia.; -
; . ron thx'txa
Vet areadaau rcive4 darlag Ik year.
S1S.SS4.T a. -,-.,-- . , .
Lenee aala Surfaf tk year, fM,-
tier. - .'-".- . v -:-
Laaea-laerra -4aiiaaT tka vear i
KaaM at CeeasaarNew . Jner rw
eelitr Plata OU laeareae Caaiaaay.
Ifaat el rreeioeat e. V. ueagisaa.
Naa af aecretarr W. D. Ware.
" Stetatary resident atteraey fer aervie
Dafly Health
It ages May Day baa been , axpactea tt la aabrnaa4 end cany
jvuim wwiuaa n grrea u mm par
ati set aside fet youth;- The
" . May-pole, tha Queen.' af . the
Maj and this festival of childhood
bava came down to as from aagaa
Ozaes. -Mederna
seised upon the
day as an ap
propriate data
to reach the
children fer bet
teraseat of their
health, and this
movement has
made its appeal
even te those in
high places.. -
H sever issued a
tiraclasB a 1 1 a a
desirnatingMsy" Dr. Cepelaad
1st as Child Health Day. and urg
ing all organizations interested Is
child welfare "to unite apon that
day ia tha observance af sack ex
ercises as will awaken tha people
ax am nauow te ine ranoatneatai ne
eesslty of unremitting effort for the
protection and development ef - the
health ef tha nattea's children. .
What a aataaa ts depends mm. the
physical ana eaentsJaaaltn ef Its
dtlsenav There ts bo hope, ot adoH.
nealta cnlesa IU foandaOons are bald
in earty Ufa la tha absence eC acd
aeat -or epidemics, long life may be
slcal weftara.
It la teased trae that s the tr ia
ls beat tha tree 1a tadlnad.' While -
tt la soasXsie to overcome the ill
beairh ac -ytmth aad te outlive tta
earaataOne; effects, this ts net tha
nda. Taa chat Is rather to the wan.
and unless the ehQd's aavHopaacat Sa
carefully watched there la ahneet
certain ta ba weakaesa of eedy .ee
salnd la adult Ufa. .
The child Is the cornerstone of the
repaalie. Let ua see ta It that tha
ebikt te gwtraed acalnat those 4a
teeta Chat undermine health. By aa
aotng we are buHdinc tar tha future
and . wul lnsare - the eentinulnc
atrength of oar country. We tack la
patriotism if we neglect the child. .
Oa Child Heattn Day let us stve
thoocht to tae uttle ones. On this
day let every parent give the child a .
careful survey. If any doubt artsea -
aa to condition of skin, teeth, eyes.
tareac or., general development, let
the family doctor be consulted.
it as call en tnose in leaisiattve
bsdlae to snake aaapU appraprlatleaa
for bealth acUvtUaa. Make sure that ,
water aad milk supplies, control ot
feed products and all ether publie
agencies for health are under proper
supervision) and Baaereualy support
ed. - - Plam ua ads. decant school
bandings aaS clean streets are esseava
Ual ta tha public welfare '
. Ia ahort. let na make real ase at
Chad Health Day.. -Let It ha the
becmninc at new things la each
community. A . , .