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ffca OREGON GTATE3I.1AIJ, C&kn, Oregon; FrUay Hoixbg. April 23, 1S32
- - - ?! .4"-. " '- a - - "-. - - - 1
.. :T : -i c -?-. , ; . iii . . .. . - ' T- '
.' T Si-:.. ; -: i I ..... , - - . v, .- - - -' . . . 1 I - . , ' " ' . . . - 1 ' --- - - -
Salem Outbids Portland on
"Natural", Bout;. Huge
. Crowd Expected
' - ..... . i i a eajeaameaaameaaaaa aaaaaaa
Next Tuesday night's wrestling
. bill promises to be the best show
of the year .us Matchmaker Ser-)
. geant Harry Plant fa bringing
Gna Kalllo, undisputed- world's t
middleweight wrestling rham
" plon,. Ill a match against Henry
Jones of Proyo, Utah. ,
Kallio Is here for, a brief inva
sion of the west and will return
"i immediately to the eastern sec
tion of the United States. He will
weigh tn at 156 and Jones will be
up to 152.
A week ago last Tuesday Ral
. Ho won from Wildcat McCann at
Astoria. Kallio is hailed as a phy
sical wonder and Is said t be the
most perfect man tn the ring: to
day. His world's championship is
not Just talk:, but is reality and Is
Matchmaker Harry Plant be
lieves that Gus Kallio fa the man
who anwhip Henry Jones and
many of the- Salem fans who have
seen Jones despoil their favorite
grapplers would be pleased to see
Jones get taken.
The bout between Jones and
Kallio will nrobably be one of the
best that Kallio has in this sec
tion, Plant outbid Portland for
this match and he experts to get
a sellout. Many outsiders will
- probably come to Salem to see
Kallio In action and two hundred
extra ringside seats will be placed
In the armory for that occasidn.
While the champ will hare a
Blight weight advantage on Jones,
the old Strawberry King will
doubtless give him a real battle.
Higgins Repeats,; Johnson
Gets two; Ducks run
Up 13 to 4 Score
W. Ifc Pet. "W.
8m V. -18 .750
Pertl'ad 14 10 .588
Holly. ld 19 .588
Lm A. -11 11 -532
L. Pel.
Sae'to 13 .500
Oakland 10 18 .418
Seattle .S 13 J75
ktlnloa S 18 .850
PORTLAND, Ore., April 28
(AP) Heavy hitting oft John
Miljua In the third and fourth
Inning today gave Portland 11
runs and a long start toward the
final 13 to 4 score over Holly
wood. . ,
Johnson hit home runs In the
third and again In the fourth.
Higgins also connected for a
home run. -Hollywood
........ 4 IS 0
Portland ....I 1C 0
MHJus, Tde and Bassler,
O'Malley; Shores and Fittpatrick.
Junior Ball Territory is
(Purity Play
Will Start May 21, Plan
Territory Issues between Mar-
Ion county American Legion post
In connection with signing pity
era for Junior baseball were ad
justed satisfactorily to all parties
at a meeting here Thursday
In riew of the state commit
tee's ruling on a definition of
residence which would not per
mit the Salem post to nse some
players who attend Salem schools
under the previous territory allot
ment. It was agreed to extend Sa
lem's territory from Quinaby,
previously the north boundary,
to Brooks. The county road run
ning through Brooks will be the
Tor the same reason It was
agreed that although the east
boundary wll remain at the road
running through Four corners,
boys living east of that line in
Sllverton's territory but attending:
school In Salem, will have the op
tion of signing up with either
post's team. This Is in accordance
Salem High Team to Leave
Next Wednesday, Tour
Lower Columbia
Bearcats Hitting at .331
Clip With Seven Players
Over That Mark in Series
Several of the Willamette I now and will probably get into
university Bearcats came out of his old stride soon.
the three game baseball series! McCann. Paul and Houck are
Oaks Note Ont Win .
(AP) Singles by Leroy Anton
and Fussy Hufft and a triple,
down the left field line by- George
Blackerby after two were out in
the eighth, gave Oakland a 2 to
1 victory tonight to even the ser
ies with Los Angeles.
The game was a pitching duel
between Pete Daglia and Win
Ballon, each hurling shutout ball
until the eighth Inning.
Oakland ...2 7 0
Los. Angeles 7 0
Daglia and Gaston; Ballon and
Seals WIm Tight One
(AP) The San Francisco Seals
nosed ont Sacramento's Senators
here tonight 3 to 2 in a closely
"Golf Is the only came I
know about In which yon eaat
'bear down' and do better.
Efcel Kay told as the other
day. He may be right. The
harder m fellow tries In golf,
the poorer lie Is likely to dot
a 'don't care attitude wheth
er Induced , by a headache or
business worries, seems to be
great boon to a golfer. Think
of the marreloas scores busi
es men must be making these
days. .
Rounding Into shape for the
state high school golf tourna
ment which will be held here
May 18. 11 and 20. the Salem
high four-man team defeated Al
bany, high 10 ',4 to 1 on the
Bridgeway Country club course at
Albany Thursday afternoon.
Next Wednesday morning the
Salem high team will depart, en
a tour of lower Columbia cities,
meeting Astoria hitch that after
noon, Longvlew, wash., Thurs
day and Vancouver, Wash., Fri
day, returning here that night In
time to , meet the Eugene high
team here Saturday in the Wil
lamette valley finals.
Eugene and Parkrose are ex
pected to be Salem's chief rivals
in the state tournament which
changes which have come in edu
cation. Kindergartens, she held
should be set t ap ' in , Oregon.
There Is only one outside of Port
land, she reported, a '
The thread through all edu
cation since the time of Aristotle
has been that . the child has a
right to freedom to" think.? .The
aim now .Is not to consider the
child's head a pitcher which mnt
be filled wjth information, she
sad; it Is to make education fit
the needs of the child in adult
All that aa far aa w an tit.
with the state rale which permits ure out, falls to explain why ill be played on the Salem Golf
a post to sign up any ooys uvmg Ralph KleUing, Statesman adver- ciuo course. .
in me lemiory wnere n . oh i tislnc manager, accomniisned tne i omunnrj ui diwu-'
members.- . I halrht nf Mmthlnr ftr nthrl match
A tentative achedule was drawn whfiA Blavtnr arnnnd with vilBalem Albaay
un nrovidinr that each of the wdnaiav. nta maabl bot I Gross Pts . Gross Fts
four teams in the county, Salem, I across the lake on No. 4 at the! Groves .74 - rauerson ,7b
WnAdbnrn. fillvertnn and Stavton. I Sil.m .ih mi. aia' lanit ml Vincent .72 S McCrary ..80 0
the men It lust nlonned uwer .. . ii www ....
will play each of the other, three
a home-and-home series, with
percentage deciding the cham
These games according to pres
ent plans will be played on three
weekends: Kay 21 and 22. 'Kay
28 and 21 and Jane 4 and 5.
,0.W world's Junior middle- wltn Oregon State college with at the toot of the list with no hits e0jJJ bebu Jfame-
Both teams scored a run in the
second inning, and from then to
the seventh the tie was nnbrok-
. weight champion for four rears.
The Junior middleweight figure is
Jones never lies down for any
body and he is .known in wres-
tledom as one of the craftiest. I . Wallace McHea hows the au-1 "V,',:,. 'J"V: I players across the plate.
easiest and most cunnlna- rr-n-I "notion of batting i,ooo, mongn I . TV. IZf S.ZIlT I The Senators rallied In
piers In the game. There fa no he was only up to the plate once. . . , . .71 . ' "7,. v""'"
AnV Ta . v- v . .., RAVMOf It 1. nnniin&l for a. re- I bwibiub uu um.
able match in this section' for player to hit the first time
up for tne season.
"Hoot" Gibson four year
man on the squad. Is showing
the opposing pitchers what a vet
eran thinks of their offerings and
high batting averages. The team I as yet. Large as he is, McCann
averasre for the three nines Is I has been walked twice.
v. I , ... v . , ..4 n... l.en. The Seals leaped ahead as two
Wallace McRea holds the dta- Moore the only one who ha. hit :rL,it:;
eighth and cracked out three sin
j .1 i.if if I iumjicii uuv iuuiii uuncTci
J J rt Un i. OVSU W X
using McRea on first base now
and if he could continue his pres-
has slammed 9 hitsout of If trips w iw ZZTZ ".I AT"
a a S mam I VA V S1UO WVUU U1IU
ewf3 av vctuuiuww iUi saw
itlal sack.
Saturday the Bearcats may play
a practice game with the Oregon
state penitentiary. Willamette
Vlncl and Woodall; Zlnn and
geles, Apr. 28 (AP) Two of
the nation's leadinr Olvmnie
hopes. Miss Helene Madison, of I Whitman series, have each gath
Seattle, and Miss Eleanor Holm. I ered in seven hits for 14 times at
of New York, successfully defend- I bat, making .500 for each. Grib-
cent, Gibson was frequently a
fence buster in Independent ball
last summer, but Is now Just gun
ning for singles, mostly line
Lowell Gribble on- ef last sea- W03 'f?m thd Con8 la8t Tear'
son's best hitters and Gas Moore
who starred at bat in the 1931
day races.
Miss Holm, representing the
New York women's swimming as
sociation, won the 300 yard med-!
Batting averages:
McRea, lb 1
' Gibson, ss H
Moore. If 14
i"l4 V. w M
ed their national A. A. U. indoor ble hit one double and Moore one -rflL I
.viun.iKiiiiiuiiii iiiifu iouay in I iriie, tueir uiuer oiagies wins m iTHVnTi
tne opening events of the four- for one base only.
George Eriekson comes next
with .400 per cent, though his
hits number only two. However
one of these eame when he vu
ley test with ease, finishing ten sent in to pinch hit and it drove
jams aneaa or ner closest rival in a run.
m rour minutes, twenty seven and 1 Walter Eriekson is the team's
I WO TATlfFt Wnllflf I . i . . i t .
The Seattle mermaid annuitant I . - v v I xaui, p
for sixteen orit'a rnnMi hniT . i tv. .1 . , i.j I Mccann, e
I tllUt l-O VUb U1L UI tilO L1CCI lulflCU
a close call in the 100 yard free Orange outfielders. He got one
style race, defeating Miss Jose- over the left fielder's head Wed
phine MeKim of the Los Angeles nesday for the first Bearcat home
micuc ciuo, ay less man a loot nm f the season. Walt haa five
hits and has been doing things to
the ball every time he haa been
up to bat. He has not fanned
once, wbile he has been walked
Andy Peterson, who hit .(98
per cent for last season, is near
the foot of the list now. He has
been lofting some of his hits too
high and the outfielders have tak
en them in. Then too, Peterson
W. Eriekson, cf 13
Nutter, 2b 3
Woodyard, 2b 7
Swanson, lb 7
Egleston, lb 6
Commons, o C
Gill, rf 7
Peterson, p 14
Houck, c 1
Bells Win Slagfest
SEATTLE, April 28 (AP)
A three run rally on five hits in
the ninth Inning gave the San
Francisco Missions a t to 8 vic
tory over the Seattle Indians in
a coast league baseball game here
The Indians gained a five run
lead In the first two innings. The
Missions -chopped away at the
lead, going into the ninth two
runs behind. Jimmy Welsh homed
in the seventh for the Missions.
Missions 9 14 2
Seattle 8 14 2
Lieber, Pillette and Ricci; Kal
lio, Bonelly and Bottarlni.
straight down into the cup and
stayed there for a birdie three.
We heard a rattling sound and
looked for the ball to bounce
ont, but it didn't
Undoubtedly that's happened
before, bat we never heard of
It. Most of the holes-ia-one
take a little roU before drop
ping In, and the name applies
to long approach shots which
are ' canned.
Cllne .. .72 3 Williamson 80 0
iM-nicur xjEAatni
W. U Pet. W. I Fet.
K. T. 8 .7871 St I t .400
Wid. 4 .63 Ckhra -6 t .8ST
Detroit -S S - .83 PUUd. -4 S .888
ClevU 6 .SOOIBoatos ..8 10 .881
NEW YORK, April 28-r-(AP)
Lefty Vernon Gomes held the
Boston Red Sox to three hits to
day and the Yankees won 5 to 1.
Boston 1 S 1
New York 5 10 0
. MacFayden and Berry; Gomes
and Dickey.
Solons Stop A'm
Washington batted Rube Wal-
berg from the box today to defeat
Philadelphia 10 to 4.
Philadelphia 4 10 2
Washington 10 15 1
Walberg, Deshong and Hevlng;
Fischer, Marberry and Spencer.
PORTLAND. Ore., Apr. 28
(AP) Portland's governmental
phUosophy of golf, we understand 2fJ 2i lf"T
lUMPQivuv m a j a
sat In the defendants' row in cir
cuit court, on trial of malfeas
ance and negligence in office.
With them was C. Lee Wilson, a
The city council postponed un
til tonight its regular meeting so
Mayor George L. Baker and the
commissioners, John M. Mann
and Earl Riley, could attend. O.
Laurgaard, city engineer. Is the
fifth defendant.
The group is accused of having
paid 8200,000 to much for a pub
lic market site on Front street.
Wilson was president of the pub
lic market company which owned
the site.
Selection of a jury progressed
When court adjourned seven
there are 47 things which a golf
er must remember while address
ing the ball, but while we luck
ily know only seven of them, we
have become convinced that for
getting all 47 is the only way to
success. We don't mean they can
be Ignored they must be "groov
ed by practice and then for
That being the ease, preoc
capatlOB with some ether wor
ry wfll help keep the mind off
the aforesaid 47 details, and
also prevent that type of anxi
ety which causes violation of
the cardinal law: -Don't press.
However, we are aot tally con
inced this principal of the non
ehalant attitude applies only to
The program the "rhythmie or
chestra from Mrs. Frank Lil
burn's musical kindergarten will
present at the Y. M. C A. lobby
entertainment at 8 o'clock tonight
was announced yesterday. The
second part of the program will
consist of violin solo and ensemble
numbers by pupils of Miss Mary
Numbers by the orchestra will
be: "Good Evening Song,. "Love
ly 8pringtlme" and "Christopher
Robin" by the chorus; piano solo,
A Rose in My Garden," Geraldine
Schmoker; "The Bluebird." Mar
garet Mortts and Herbert Steed;
The Bluebird's Song," chorus;
'Robin -Redbreast." Nancy and
Jerry ' Montgomery; "Sir Robin,"
Betty Zoe Allen; "The Monkeys,"
Herbert Steed and chorus; "The
Bird's Nest," chorus; "The First
Flying Lesson," Joanne Long;
"Little Birdie, chorus; "Six Lit
tle Puppies," Joan Beakey. Laura
May Hoss, Evangeline MeKlnley,
Ctrl Pope, Jr., Ronnie Hammett
and Craig Kubns ; "Maytlme,"
Geraldine Schmoker.
"Bedblrd March. "Holiday Pa
rade," and "The Jolly Miller." by
kindergarten orchestra, Geraldine
Schmoker, Ronnie Hammett, Don
ald Waters, Graig Kuhns, Patsy
Zosel, Delores Brennan, Betty Zoe
Allen, Nancy Montgomery, Tom
my Boardman, Donate Zosel, Jer
ry Montgomery, Joan Beakey,
Marguerite Johnson, Carl Pope,
Jr., Joanne Long, Evangeline Me
Klnley, Laura May Hoss, Mar
garet Moiits and Herbert 8teed,
in one minute, two and four
tenths seconds.
Clarence (Buster) Crabbe had
a walkaway In the 1500 meter
free style event for men In the
Southern Pacific A. A. U. cham
pionships winning by 40 yards
from Manuella Kalill. his team
'mate of the Los Angeles A. C.
Herb Barthels of the Los Angeles
A. C. finished third.
Totals .121 40 .331
Salem Beats
Eugene High,
Wide Margin
Track Meet
Slated Here
On Saturday
Indians Best Sox
Cleveland defeated Chicago to
day 11 to 2. Averlll hit his fourth
home run of the season.
Chicago - 2 7 3
Cleveland . 11 10 1
Caraway, McKain, Gregory and
Grube; Harder and Pytlak.
n in
EUGENE. April 28. (AP)
The' Salem high school baseball
haa been thinking ,V..fMf.i. team .defeated Eugene high. 12
about nitehln and Httl aKnnt I to here today.
DENTISTS BEAT C P. S. about pitching and little about
PORTLAND, April 28. (AP)
The North Pacifie Dental col
lege baseball team defeated Col
lege of Paget Sound, 4 to 1, here
today. -
hitting. He Is taking a heavier bat
Wed , May 11
at blinger Athletic Field
Salem pounded three Eugene
puc&ers for a total of 14 hits.
The visitors brought in elxht
runs In the first inning.
Eugene 1 6 i
Salem ...13 14 2
McKitrick, Cady. Boghland and
Bishop; perrlne and McCaffrey,
I Chicago . io
Botton .
PMIaa. 7
W. L. Pet. W. L. Pet.
8 .769
8 .737
7 .500
8 .429
BrookL 4
St. U
6 .455
1 .844
.C-eyi I ; Berts
CHICAGO. April 28. (API
unicago staged a six-run rally in
the seventh today to defeat the
world champion St. Louis Car
dinals, 12 to 7. It was Chicago's
sixtn straight victory.
St. Louis 7 12 3
Chicago 12 13 3
Salem high's decisive victory
over Eugene high Thursday was
something of a surprise to local
fans, as Coach Hollis, Hunting
ton's team had practiced . only
three ".mes and some of the play
ers were not out for practice un
til Wednesday - because of the
secret society ban.
Today the red and black win
remain In Eugene and play Uni
versity high, It was announced
before the team left, and on Sat
nrday will go to Corvallis to play
the Rooks.
Dean, Frey, Haines, Carleton Elks Ousllfvillg
4 Wilson:. Smith Root and WJ V waJ"Jr"J5
and Wilson;.
Round to Close
Late on Sunday
' ,410 State St. -
Dodgers Rally Early
fAP) Tha Rrnntln
scored six runs In the third today I with ioriy "Bins - aireaay
and defeated the Phillies. 11 toU the list, the Elks golf
5. Frederic ant PnunftM hit (ournameni qnaiuyins; ronna is
homers. I scheduled to terminate Sunday
R H El night, it was announced Thursday
Brooklyn ........ ..ii 14 1 1 by William Stacey and Frank
Philadelnhia . . K 10 . i Lynch who are in eaarge.
Phelns and Loses: Hoiiev. TTan.l On Monday tne committees wm
sen. Grabowaki. Elliott and xt . I arrange flights and " elimination
Curdy. . I play will probably start'the fol
lowing weexena. ; -raree ziignts
Pirates Ran Late $ ; - are assured and there may be
PITTSBURGH. Anril 28 (AP) more.
a. niisourgn rauy late in the
clnnati defeated Pittsburgh. 1 to Salem Gold Club
Cincinnati ,,.,.,....1 II ; il
ttsDurgh e 52
Kolp. Wysonr. Ogden and Man
ioril French, Spencer, Swift, Har
ris ana erace.
The Willamette Bearcats will
have their first home track meet
of the season on Sweetland field
Saturday, a triangular affair with
Willamette, the Salem Y. M. C. A.
team and some other suitable op
ponent participating.
Coach "Les" Sparks Is trying
to get either Albany college or
Pacifie college for the third party
In the meet.
The Salem Y. M. C. A. track
team has a number of stellar per
formers and if all can be there.
the club men will probably romp
ort with several first places. Phy
sical Director Board man's men
had a strong team last season
and will be much better this year.
The Bearcats are weak at pres
ent in jumping, both the broad
lump and the high Jump. The
poie vault is another sticker, but
uean, Faher and Frants, who are
w6rking on it now, may develop
rapidly as the season progresses.
Willamette has a xood weiehts
department la the making, hut
many of tne men wfll not come to
fruition until next , year. Jim
Frantx, who narrowly - missed
making vhls letter in track' last
year, won first place in the dis
cus at Monmouth last Friday.
Frants has been ; bothered some
this year with a sore side, but
when he gets into proper condl
tion he should be able to put the
wooaen platter 130 feet, states
coach sparks.
The meet here Saturday will
be dependent on getting the track
into condition,- but "most of the
work Is now done and only a
small amount of levelling will be
required. As yet no decision has
been reached as to whether the
remainder of the track money
will be put iato cinders or go for
labor In excavating for jumping
pits in the northeast corner of
tne enclosure. -
New York
poned. cold. -
at Boston, post-
The Salem golf dab held
"stag" get-together for men mem
bers Thursday night, golf and a
picnic dinner In the "woods being
the features. . Attendance was
good and more ot these events
are certain to follow. . .
Browns Finally Wis
ST. LOUIS, April 28 (AP)
The St. Louis Browns broke a los
ing streak and defeated Detroit
today B to 4 although they were
Detroit 4 11 0
8t. Louis 5 9 4
Wyatt, Herring, Goldstein and
Ruel, Hay worth; Blaeholder and
if t.oM r!ht now a tent, prospective Jurors had been ex
tire belief, subject to argument. " "
that It applies almost equally to r
the- hitter un at the plate, the
outfielder waiting for a fly ball
to drop into his glove, the ln
tielder watching a hot grounder
approach, the tennis player squar
ing away for a siztling drive, the
basketball player In the act of
shooting and especially In case
of a tree. throw and perhaps
some other Instances we can't
call to mind right now.
On the other hand, Ercel is
riicbt In that, in all those
sports mentioned, there are
some moments at which a play
er can "bear down and do
Yanks Ahead
In Davis Cup
First Round
America's 20-year old tennis
champion Ellsworth Vines .ral
lied from the verge of defeat to
day to beat the ace of the Cana
dian team and 'give' the. United
States Davis cup forces a clean
sweep of their first two matches.
Pressed to the limit in a sur
prisingly close five-set encounter,
the heavily favored California
youth beat off the challenge of
the Canadian champion. Dr. Jack
Wright, by scores of 8-8, 3-4. 4
4, 3-4, 4-2, after Wllmer Allison,
the Texan, had trimmed Marcel
Rainville ot Canada. 4-2, 4-4, 4-4.
With two victories stowed away.
the United States needs to win
only one of the three remaining
matches to be played tomorrow
and Saturday to clinch this open
ing battle In the American tone
Western Paper
Defeats ; Linen
Mills jossers
' :
Western Paper Converting com
pany's kltball team- last night
blanked the Salem Linen mills'
squad, 8 to 0, on :. Sweetland
field. The battery for the win
ners was "Squee" Kitchen and
Sanford; for the losers, Serdots
and Coffey.
'- Representatives of the 12 league
teams have been called ' to meet
with Supervisor -Bill','- Ross at
the Y. M. C. A. at 7:20 o'clock
tonight, ' "
Tennis Team of
Willamette to
Meet Wildcats
The Willamette university tennis-team
will meet Lin field col
lege at McMlnnvTOe this after
noon at 2 o'clock. v
t,The Bearcat netmen defeated
the Wildcats on the court last
year and chances are good for an
other win now.. The Willamette
team ' Is stronger on tho whole
than it was last year, hut will
probably meet tougher competi
tion now than before. ( .
-" Those ' going will be - Kelvin
Goode, Fred Hageman, Don Saun
ders, Wesley Boeder. Cecil Har
mon and Tommy -Goyne, Hage
man and Goode will play doubles
together as . will Goyne and Roe-
der. : v :,. - . '
WOODBURN. April 27 Doped
to win. Woodburn high school's
baseball team will play the Leb
anon team here Friday afternoon
on the local diamond, at 3 o'clock.
Coach Gil Oddie has made tenta
tive announcements of changes In
his lineup for Friday's fray. Od
die Intends to start as pitcher,
Lyle Landsem, a freshman who
has been doing excellent work in
practice. A possible change In the
receiving end of the battery Is
also contemplated, as "Moke"
Gearin. who . has been unable to
catch so far this season because
of a bad knee, has almost entirely
reennerated. He has been playing
in the field. L. Koch will pron-
ably replace Henry Wolfe in left
field. Wolfe's name is inciuaea on
the "flunk list" at the school.
If Woodburn wins Friday's
game, the Bulldogs will have a
firmer rt!d o nthe first place In
the Willamette Interscholastlc
league standings. At present' .the
Bulldogs are leading the race,
with three wins and one defeat.
Although Sllverton and West
Linn, who are tied for second po
sition, have only lost one game
each, neither team has won as
Comparative scores indicate
that Woodburn should win Fri
day. The .Bulldogs beat Lebanon
before by a score of 13 to 0. Mol-
alla, whom Woodburn beat twice.
trounced Lebanon 24 to 4.
R. Davis Hits
Trio Homers in
. Girls Contest
AIRLIE, April 28. The Alrlle
baseball girls met defeat here
Tuesday afternoon. 34 to 30 from
Pedee. Ruth Davis scored three
home runs In the game.
Lineup: ;. -
Airllo Pedee
L. Norton'. .... e. ..... . . . Kerns
Whitaker. . . . .p. . . . . . Edwards
D. Norton. . . . .1 . . . ..... Johns
Evert ..2 ...... . Johnson
Staats........3. Womer
Plonb, Burbank
Davis. ....... .Is.. ...... Preon
NEW HAVEN, Conn.. April 28
(AP) Alfred E. Smith piled
up an overwhelming lead over
Franklin D. Roosevelt tonight for
Instructed delegates to the state
democratic convention, on the
basis of returns from nearly half
the town caucuses and primaries.
Smith received the pledges ot
239 delegates to 12 for Roose
velt, although the latter's sup
porters claimed a large number
of the unlnstructed groups and
asserted their forces would con
trol the convention.
Virtually all the large cities
went on record for the 1928
standard bearer. Roosevelt's back
ers expected to win many of the
smaller communities, however.
The state convention May 14
and 17 will have 948 members.
A candidate will need 485 votes
to receive the support of the 14
Connecticut delegates.
Starting off a campaign to
elect Douglas McKay as Salem
mayor, members of the Douglas
McKay-for-mayor club will hold
a large public rally at the cham
ber of commerce at 8 o'clock to
morrow night. Club leaders were
not ready to announce the speak
ers yesterday. It Is expected a
large crowd will attend the meet
ing. The McKay movement Is being
enthusiastically received In all
parts of the city, report leaders.
Precinct committees are soon to
be appointed in each of the 24
city precincts. These will have
about 10 members each, half of
which will be women.
Nineteen business and civic
leaders of the city so far hare
been appointed to the executive
committee of the McKay-for-may
or club. They are: William Mc
Gilchrist, Jr., A. A. Gnetfroy,
Harley O. White, Dan Fry, W. H.
Steusloff. W. L. Phillips. Irl S.
McSherry, Ellis Purvlne, Braxier
Small, James Nicholson, F. N.
Derby, Walter Mlnler, Carl D. Ga-
brielson. Dr. B. F. Pbund, C. P.
Bishop, Homer H. Smith Harry
Miller, Ercel Kay and Bert
(Continued from pare IV
"Congress Is the manager ef
this society of - oars," he said.
and it is time for our laws to
look, to the human aide Instead
of the dollar side. There must be
increases In our income and in
heritance taxes, and we must re
enact the excess profit tax for
Bryan H. Conley of Salem, de
partment chaplain for the Veter
ans of Foreign Wars, gave an
address favoring the payment of
the adjusted service certificates
on the ground that men in the
service had earned It, based on
the average wage paid during the
war . to the cheapest labor.
Elementary education. Is being
slighted tn Oregon In favor of
higher education, averred Miss
Ida Mae Smith of the training
school at Oregon Normal school,
Monmouth, In an adddress at the
Lions club luncheon yesterday.
The survey of educational insti
tutions of Oregon shows more
money than in other states 'spent
on higher education less on ele
mentary education. r
"Elementary education Is the
most Important department of the
whole education, because it eomes
first,' maintained the - speaker.
The , plant at Oregon. Normal
school Is Inadequate, she claimed.
- Kiss Smith went to outline the
Ka. 18S
Sraoptit of Aaaaal Statamaat af th
Uaitad 8UU Caaaalty Compaar i Kt
York City, ia tk SUM af Kw Tare,
taa Uirty-fint ay ( DaecBaar, It 31,
aaa to taa Insaraaea Coamitaiaaar af
tha Stata af Oreraa, aaraaat ta lav :
Amoaat af eaaital atoek said as. 8750.- '
Net praataaa racairvd dariar tka vaar.
IatorMt. diyidaada aad raata raeeiTed
dariag tka yr, f4S7.15a.t7. i
laeaaa . Irom , atacr aaareaa raeaiTed
dariar tka year, 8581.S8S.80.
Total Una,, f 8.426.886.03.
5t lMaa said dariar tka yaar laahid.
leg adjattauat cxpaaaaa, $6,764,676.89.
isinaeaai paia aa capital ateck tanas
tka yaar, $180,000.00.
CoatatiaMoiia aad amlarlaa ald dariaat
tk yaar, $2,386,243.12.
Tasaa, lieansaa aad fee paid dariag
tka yaar. $190,752.52.
Aaaoaat af au otker xpanditaraa,
$500,666.05. ...
Total , cspcadllarra. $10,022,217.58.
Yalua af real catata award faaarket
Taloe), 0.
Valaa el ataeka aad bond awn ad (mar
kt valae). $6,999,630.00.
Lasa aa aaartgagct aad collateral, etc-$1,099,590.00.
Raiaaaraaea reeovcrakla aa said loaua.
Caah ib kamka and oa kaad. 8207..
Tka Workaaea'a Canprasatiaa Baia
aaraaea Baraaa read, $86,622.37. '
Freataaaa ia eeaiae ad collnrtioa vrit
Ua aiaea Sapteaibar 80, 1931, $1,241,
SaWare reeoverahla aa nald laaa.
f 67.876.68.
Iateraat aad raata daa aad
$1 10,004.1 S.
Total aUaitted imti, 39.837.147.28.
Oroaa elalau for leaaes aapald, $4,054,-
aaioaat at aaearaad prrmiama aa all
aauuadiag rlaka, $2,531,618.62.
Iaa far eoaMalsaie aad brokeraga.
$151,312.04. . .-
Special reeetre, $500,000.00. -
All atker. liabUiUet, $669,826.62.
Total liakilitiaa, ezclosiTa af capital
tack. $9,007,147.28. - - -BUSINESS
PreeUaaat receirei dariag tk year, .
95702? 3rlj"t y
..fV" ;d dwxiag the 91
885.02. --KltSJatl
Kaaa of Coatpaay United 8tatea
Caaaalty Compaay. - ,
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c- Kaaae at Beenury D, BU Q. Heor
aead. .
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tToo Late to Classify
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