The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 24, 1932, Page 2, Image 2

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The OREGON STATESMAN Salect Oreron, Schdar MorAtngAprfl 24y 1932
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Farmers' Celebration Plan
ned by Silverton Meth
odist Church :
alDay-. wIQ be a new feature of
; tserTsnee at Stlrertoa tats year.
. Methodist church of which
lit W.'S.' Gordon 1 pastor, will
sponsor a farmers day celebratloa
at tae church on May IE. ;A sps
del procram Is being arranged tor
the 11 o'clock serrtces. : At, nooa
a bot lack dinner will bo enjoyed
' add In the afternoon another pro
gram, ander the auspices of the
-'. SHreKon grange, of which Edwin
dterland .U master, will bo gr-
ed. These plans were announced
at the Friday night meeting of
tpw SUrertoa grange. ; ;
J 'It was also announced that a
. . social night was being planned by
the local grange, a definite date
. to; be announced later. Mrs. Lew-
- ifr Hall Is chairman of the commit-
- tea in charge of the arrangements.
"The report, clipped from Taurs
day's Oregon Statesman, of the
" Pomona grange meeting at Red
"T Hills Wednesday, was read. Plans
. for the State Grange conrentlon
were also discussed. For the most
part these are being taken care of
by the country group and by the
SHTerton Chamber of commerce.
- .During the program hour Mrs.
" Karl Haberly. lecturer for the Sil
verton -. grange, reriewed the
Grange Bulletin. In the renew
, , It' was brought out that the Bulle-
' tin enjoys a larger circulation
than any other paper In the state
; outside of the Portland dallies.
. Special Tisitors were Mrs. Iran
Martin. Carl Abrams and OttH
Paulas who all spoke briefly. Mrs.
Martla led a discussion on tax
. questions, i other rlsltors included
, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hurt and Mr.
r ,and Mrs. Thomas Talt all of Stay-
ton. ...,-v; "v ;
' Harry I Riches transfered his
grange membership from the
MaeCleay grange to the snrerton
grange. ..
liam Henrr Stalakamn 71 AtA
at his home oa route one. Aums-
uie. maay afternoon. April II.
Re Is rarrlTed Ma iniii
three children. Henrv and i.
.thoay of AumsTllle. Felix of Ger-
tbis. wu aranacnuuren. Two
thndrex passed away In infancy
and on son - was accidentally
killed fa l$lt.
The deceased was Knr-r. in 1
ta HanoTer, Germany, and . eame
4 ' -
i. J.
Haass ef
- NY
Towerimg twU storiM abT the f amove sidewalks ( Nm TrL the aew Heaea ef Detoada fee
Woa, wktck baa iatt been formally -pamed. reaaaables a saadara aaaitsaaat keaa. Tka wladaw are
coMpicnoaa by the tkMac ef the aastoatary Irea bars.' laataad they " ar divided lata aqvarea I by
re to ba mm ymouiri la tb bastif Ho only a.
lackea aad aireaest pleaale epMaraaxee. Tbara art
Nar are tbara to b eay call jiut raama. The reonu hava anrery aaodara ceavealaaea. Raaaiaa? water
hot aad cold, is always aa tap in each roomy aaartmeat. Taa ela atyle wall btuut aas giraa place to
a odsraiatic bad. A mirror of peliskar ataal reflects the featsraeef the bunate frees the wall, wkara It
ta parmaaaady fixed. Each room also has a disappearing table, which, wbea aet la caa be slid tale)
a prepared graaTe ia taa wall. TJ
was axpLuaed that this pracaatioa :
to daere ia tats la awry jail are paaeled with baUat-praaf glaaa, bat S
is set to praveat a dasparata tamato from skaaUag liar .way eat, bat ta
tka avtawU to fraa aa iaaiate. A aaval faatara ef tka iastUatiaa la la)
Pcrrydala Dscts two new
i ' Jeachcrt Salaries; Rs-
Stfuccd 10 psr JDcnt :t:
' ; PERRTDALH, April Illper
rydale school board has iirsa eoa
traetg for tho comlax year to Roy
W. Porter of ireWnarfne as prin
cipal ana uigs Doris Gsttman at
MawtMra? aa a m1 stint afrk M.likr
KBBta Sinn Af IiJiMiMnM
will teach intermediate grades for
nis second year and Helen MeMll
lan of Portland will hare the pri
mary, graces for Her fifth tern.
A. 1 per east cat was made la
all waaaa. PmfMMv kiiva iu
has taught her the past two Tears
has a contract at Hubbard.
The high school girls vent to
Salem WadnaadsT aft rnnn Tt,m
alrls who made letters fa basket-
oau kad their pictures, taken aad
later tka entire rmin attanif l
show. Helen MeMUIaa chaperoned
the gtrla.V" -:
Tho community dab meeting
wm be Tuesday night. April It
ThrA lav will K . m.
cal talent, coached by Professor'
auae, ana aa erening or real en
joyment ia la atora tnr ttna a.
tending. There will be bo charge
tor aomissioa. Musis wm bo tar
nished by a Salem orchestra.
WEST 8AIXM, April 2 Urs.
Robert . Pattlsos . aad baby soa
hare returned zroza afew days
spent wltk friends la Longrlew,
Wa. ' ;v-" i'M",
Mark-Smith.: wh made a loop
trip oa his motorcycle freia .here
dewa Into CMllforala,;irlU a boy
enam. - reports w great -tfeal of
snow endeold en countered on the
trip. ZXo wfil Tlilti here with the
wuuam Ma&t. ana the. Gerald
LAraus, ior a wuio and then go
Oa to his own home In Tillamook.
Tho two ladles are aanta of bis. -
ThO Royal - TJaarhtara Haedav
school Class aatertaiBad tna Ann
Beo class at a Jolly party Thura-
uay wgnu too ooys were guests
or nonor oua ia tna net tat tk
woa . aa . attendance contest, re
cently staged 4 between - tho two
classes. Mrs. Garrett H. Temple
toa - aad Mrs. - A. C Henalngsea
are tho teachers -of the classes,
aad Mrs. Emmett Dickson was aa
aaaiuonal cnest. The awntn
spent In nlarbisr ramea and at tha
cloao of tha evening, several . of
nris, serrea - dainy refresh-
: Tho Perrydale Good-WIU club
sent av largo box of clothing aad
household, needs to Mr. aad Mrs.
Frank ".Parr of Turner, whose
clothing and "a largo portloa of
household linen was destroyed by
tiro last week. Mr. and Mrs. Parr
llred In Perrrdala tnr imnl
years until last fall when they
oougat a noma la Turner.
meats. '- -..''"'":'"
Tao Foar-H sewing dub, the
Willing Workers, which met at
tho homo of their leader, Mrs.
Lylo Thomas, Friday afternooa
after school, - Is , planning aa
Aehleremant day to be held la
about a fortnight at tho school-
house, v -, c
At tho : April meeting- of tho
Parent-Teachers association held
la : tha community hall . Friday
alght. Dr. I. 22. Forbes of tho Ore
gon Normal school at Monmouth
gave aa address, "What Is Edu
cation?" Tho eereuth grade pre
sented two good plays, and a read'
tag and two musical a umbers eon-
eluded tho program. . ' -
Officers for next year elected
Included, president. Mrs.' Karl P.
Mobley;- Ylce-president, Mr. Lyle
Thomas; secretary-treasurer. Miss
Roberta Peterson: historian. Miss
Catherine Chandler. Mrs- Elmer
D. -ook. outgoing - president la-
stailed tho new officers."
Games, stunts and music, both
Tocal and Instrumental were the
entertainment features of the so
cial time for tho senior worth
League, at the home of Mr. and
airs. Xyle -.Thomas Thursday
aignt. Those present included Mr.
and Mrs. Roy.Flnster, Ervin Sim
mons, Mr. aad Mrs. Gretta, Mrs.
Graeo BUss. Lester Llnpert. La-
ella Bees, Miss Roberta Peterson.
Ruth Bennett, Catherine Chandler
aad Mr. aad Mrs. Lylo Thomas.
Refreshments were served by the
nostess" assisted by her sister.
I Miss Laella Raes.
ni's peoenis
North Howell Grange Uuch
Pleased by Performance;:
- Wen In Disguise
Tho men's program given at tho
North Howell grange hall Friday '
Bight was very much enjoyed oy
a largo crowd. Tho fashion Show ;
was staged by Tom samp " who
was exceptionally .clever aa : a.
French designer, aad who Intro
duced the following yoang men
dressed: fa .the latest women's
styles. :-
Alan wiesner as a maia, Ray
mond Panlsoa, as a bathing
beauty, George Cline In sophisti
cated evening dress, Hartey Oo
die In bride's costume and Del
roy Fltxko In. aa attractive red
traveling - dress, who were all
worthy of special mention.
Tho "Country Store" was put
on by a group of men who typi
fied the old time customs of a
back woods country store with
Ted Stevens as the genial store
Music by Joe Schlndler, and
readings oy John . Paulson and
Harold Dunn were also enjoyed
and then tho floor was cleared
for dancing to the Mlkkleson's
Next Friday night there will
tut a ard nartv la the North
Howell grange hall for the bene
fit of the baseball team.
eircamveat any attempt from
ehapel, which beaata a revolvtag altar, divided lata three eectiee far Preteetams, Catkells aad Jewish
Taa aathortUas sceff at the idea of anyoave trytna to escape from taa Imildiasr aad ther have
graMdat far who, ia these hard times, U going ta not away from regalar meala, bad aad eervlea ta
sack a home-like atmaaahare?
4. 5
a a
to this country In 1883. Soon
thereafter he was united in mar
riage to Julia Era of Washing
ton, Mo. They settled on a farm
near Little Rock, Arkansas. In
1894 he and his family moved
to Oregon, purchasing a portion
of the: Taylor donation land
claim, 1 H miles east of Aums
vUle, where he resided until his
death, j
Funeral services will be. held
Monday, April 15, at 9 a. m. at
the Catholic church In Sublimity.
Silverton. April 23 Miss Mar
guerite Bather will .take part In a
discussion oa "Tomorrow's Luth
eran church" to bo held Saturday
afternoon, April 30 at the. Ninth
District Convention of the North
Pacific Luther League at Belling
ham. Wash. Rev. Carl Fosa of
Silverton wffl also take part In
the program. Rev. Mr. Fobs Is
advisor j for the Junior Luther
League of the district Rev. A.
W. Knock, who conducted a
8CIO. April St 'Thursday
night. May 28, eighteen Scio high
school seniors will receive their
diplomas. In September, 1928, IS
freshmen entered high school. Of
those IS, nine are among the
graduating class: Virginia BB
yea, Vera Arnold, Max Long,
Ralph. Johnston, Cyrus Peery,
Geraldlne Peery, Eleanor Miller,
Genevieve .Sims, and Helen
- Tho other nine either trans
ferred from other schools or
were members of other entering
classes. Evelyn Bronson entered
bible session at Silverton during
tho past week, and Rev. H. I
church, will bo among the speakers..
from Estacada; Rolllo Rain bolt.
from Hennessey, Okla. ; Wuanlta
Stepaaek baa been registered at
both Tlgard and Albany: Jean
Marin eame here from Crow, but
had previously been at Staytoa;
Rbva Jackson spent her first two
high school years at Halsey; Opal
Shilling entered from Albany;
aad Marjorla Hoppo eame from
Portland. Earl Bartnlk and Tar-
omir Walters were 'members of
other freshmen classes.
Commencement will bo held
Thursday evening. May 38. Rex
Dallas, pastor of tho Albany
Christian church, win deliver tho
address. Baccalaureate services
will be held Sunday night. May 32.
The Rev. Mr. Ralston has been
asked to deliver tho sermon.
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Evans Valley. Mr. aad Mrs.
Merle Foots are receiving con-1
gratnlatfona upon tho birth of a I
daughter - Wedaesday morning at
tha homo of Mr. Foots's mother.
Tha baby weighed Sight pounds
and has been named Shirley Ger
trude. .
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