The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 24, 1932, Page 14, Image 14

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The OREGON STATESMAN, Caltsi. Oregon, Ccngay l!cralg April 24, 1Z22
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Committee Suggests . Mrs.
J. Holecheck for Scib J
f.iPJtfZ Head .
SCIO, April 2 aThe Albany
chamber - ol commerce Program
presented at the P. T. A; Thnrs-
day, wag , an .'Immense - success.
.Every number was enjoyed. and
applauded heartily. The numbers
were introaucea oy Lreonara un
key, secretary of the chamber; of
commerce. ', -i-: ' , : T- s -
The chamber of commerce male
quartet opened the program with
Soldiers Chorus and 'Strong
heart', - an - Indian love song.
Messrs, ; Bennett, Lehman, , Peter
son, and . Taylor made -up the
. quartet.'
Mrs Frances Ploy hart sang
som and the Bee". Mrs. L. Ben
nett gave two readings, "Apples"
and "I Came to See. My Grand
maVMrs. C. E. Williamson fol
lowed with two vocal numbers
for- the children, "Grandma" and
"Coo Coo Clock. Other vocal
numbers Included "Daddy and
- Home" and "Little Old Church in
the Valley", sung by Alfred Ncs
bill, who accompanied himself on
- the guitar, and Swedish songs,
sung by Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Pe-
. terson. dressed in native costume.
The community Sing was led by
Howard Johnson -and by Mrs;
Williamson. Rex Dallas, pastor of
the First Christian church spoke
briefly' on "Paradoc". Mr. Pal
mer played two saxophone solos.
Rex, Dallas sang an Impromptu
olo, by request. Mrs. Williamson
and Mrs. Ployhart sang "Come
toe the Fair".
Mr. Taylor played two violin
solos "Love's Greetings' and
"Turkey in the Straw". During a
break in the srosram. Mr. Gilkey
Introduced the transportation
committee. He also presented Mr.
Balne and Mr. Charles Curry, can
didates far county offices,
' The program was resumed toy
a vocal trio, singing "Glow
Worm". The usual oratory con
test between Rex Dallas and Lou
is Bennett was held. The children
of the audience, were asked to
judge the winner by applauding,
but called the contest a draw.
.The program was closed by the
male quartet singing "Three Lit
tle Kittens" and "Story of a
Tack". t
Preceding the program a short
business meeting was held. Re
. porta of committees were given.
Miss Doris Klindt announced that
the next meeting would be a moth
ers' v meeting.: The nomination
committee reported the following
as. their choice for officers for
next year: ' president, Mrs. Jerry
Holechek; vice-president. Miss Re
becca M orran : - secretarv-treas-
urer ; : E. P. Caldwell. Mrs. S.
Phillips reported that Dr. H..C.
Epley will conduct a community
sing Friday. May 6. This Is' to be
In . observance : of Better Music
Week.;- "
Fire Razes Home
Of Albert Klein
SWEGLE. April 23 The home
of . Albert Klein was completely
destroyed by fire Friday after
noon. The origin of the- fire is
not known as Mr. and Mrs. Klein
- were attending a funeral at the
time of the tire.
The , Swegle baseball team
played a return game at Auburn
.Friday afternoon. The score was
13 to 7 In favor of Auburn.
3;.. y .
BETHANY, April 23 - Henry
Sprlcht was - chosen president of
the Bethany community club at its
annual business- meeting. Otto
Dahl was made vice president and
Mrs. Stuart McClure secretary
treasurer. Plans were made at
this meeting for an all day plc
Bl 1 to be held the last day of
scaeei, u wees: oz May zu.
A motor cycle that "saves man has bem added to the equipment
of Day NUes service station. Formerly tending oof a service
track after a stalled car meant sending two men, one to drive the
sen Ice car' and the other the car to be bromght In. Now the ser
vice man rides ont in this motor cycle, hooka it on to the car to be
brought in. and drives the latter back to the station. " .
Achievement Day Event
. Marks End of 4-H Year
For Eldriedge Pupils
ELDRIEDGE. April 23 An in
teresting achievement day pro
gram and tea .was enjoyed by a
large number v of mothers and
friends of 4-H club cooking school
members at the school house Fri
day afternoon.
The exhibit of sunshine cakes
were particularly attractive and
judging was difficult. 'Judges
were, Mrs. Mary -L. Faulkersoh,
county school superintendent,
Mrs. J. E. Shaft and Mrs. F. R.
Nusom. ' . -,. - --
Prise winners were: First, Lei a
Wood, mayonnaise mixer; second,
Florence -Wargniet. pickle dish
and fork; third; Bonnie Bell Mil
ler, salad spoon and fork.
The program follows: Talk by
Mrs. Faulkerson, the club pledge
by the members in unison, the
club creed by Dorothy Hannegan,
song, "Dreaming" by club girls:
reading "As a Man Thinketh" by
Bonnie Bell Miller; recitation.
Wanted, a Girl" by Florence
Wasgnier; recitation, "What
Counts" by Lela Wood; demon
stration, how to make a nourish
ing sandwich by Nancy Keene and
Dorothy Hannegan.
The tea given following the
program completed the club work
for the season. Table decorations
were In blue and gold. .
The girls and their local lead
er. Miss Jeanette Luper of Wood
burn, - Eldridge teacher, are. de
serving of great credit tor their
outstanding achievement during
the year. ' '
Names of officers and members
follow, president, Florence Wasg
nier;. Lela Wood, vice president;
Dorothy Hannegan, v secretary;
Bonnie Bell Miller, and Nancy
Those enjoying the program
were,. Mesdames C. H. Hannegan,
Al Keene, Caster Keene, Frank
Saalfeld, F. R. Nusom, Tom
Shively, Fern Runcorn, Stenson;
J. E. Sharff, Karl Brown. Hels
lar; A. W Sahll, Amel Cramer,
Kelly; W, P. Palmer, Jones; A.
L. Collins, A. W. Nusom, Sr., B.
J. Miller, Fuller; J W. Wargnier,
Virgil FaUey, A. 'Nusom, Faulk
erson and the Misses Celia Rub
ens and Nuretta Palmer. -
UluL-i fU MJiJLL LJLL-JL--1 ;;;;
Binirac Toblo
and Choir? Dot
k Rey. $89.00 Special V ?
Table Is large afae, beaaUfally fin
ished in Americaa walnut, Orient
al wood and Zebra wood. Genuine
weod carvings. Chairs are Urge
and wen wpholstered. One arm
chair tncbsded, . .
70 in Din
CLEAR LAKE. April 23 The
ladies of the Improvement club
met at their club room Wednes
day and quilted, and In the even
ing served a 7 o'clock dinner tor
their husbands and families.
KAbout 70 .attended the dinner
and enjoyed the program after
ward.. Mrs. Chase of Salem, gave
four readings, Mrs. Cbapin gave
two readings, Miss Joan Evans
sang (wo soios, ana itev. scneu
erman gave a talk.
Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. T. Stolk, Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Fred .Ham
mock, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Gar
ner, Mr. and Mrs. George Gar
ner, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lick, Mr.
and Mrs. Petchel, Mr. and Mrs.
Art Baker, Mr. and Mrs. C. Boyd,
Mrs. A. Smith. Mrs. J. Pugh. Mr.
and Mrs. H, Evans,' Mr. and Mrs.
Watts. Mr. and Mrs. R. Dutolt,
Mrs. J. O'Neal, Miss Powell, Mrs
B. Clement, Mrs. Miller and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. E. Du
tolt, Mrs. L. Chapin, Lunelle
Chapin, Nellie, Hazel, Bertha
and Donald Clement. Martha,
Marion, .Harry and Jack Robert
son, Neva, Ada Mae, Loretta and
Estelene Smith. Lois Lick, Grace
Petchel, Pearl Baker,- Berna
Opal, . Milton Scheuerman, Jim
Hammock, Harold and Rex Da
tolt. Glen Garner, Henry Stolk,
Mrs. Chase, Joan Evans, Rev.
Scheuerman, Jim Irwin. ,
! Evangelist D. R. Schierman of
the Seventh-, Day Adventist
church of Salem is still conduct
ing his series of lectures at the
schoolhouse. Thursday night he
spoke on : "The Mark of the
Beach," and -next Tuesday night
will give .the last on "Depres
The M. W. S. society met at
the church Thursday afternoon.
Next , meeting will be at .Mrs.
McFarlene's at Quinaby.May 19.
Hayesville Women
Give Straw Votes
To F. D. Roosevelt
HAYESVILLE, April 23 The
Hayesville Woman's club spent a
most enjoyable afternoon Thurs
day, at the home of Mrs. Charles
Andresen. In the straw vote for
president. Roosevelt got a big ma
Members present were Mrs. Ro-
villa McAfee, Mrs. A. Stettler.
Mrs. D. Jansen. Mrs. Roy Brl-
dorf, Mrs. J. L, Morrison, Mrs. F.
Williams, Mrs. E. L. Moore, Mrs. I
D. Greig, Mrs. BIdwell, Miss Ida
Denny, Mrs. Burr Teel, Mrs.
Clark RItchey. Mrs. Robin Day.
Mrs. H.' Robertson, and the host
ess, -Mrs. Charles Andresen.. '
Guests were Miss Joy Greig.
Mrs. pete Andresen. Miss wihna
Eyans, Mrs. Leonard Greig and
Mrs. rrans: Marshall.
The next meeting will Je held
at the home of Mrs. D. Greig, May
9, ana win do the last meeting of i
me eontest.
The Examination of
Eyes and Accurate
Fitting of Glasses
a .Specialty
" 1 w i 'SSnWBnnWB . . ,
The Strongest Backbone
V 1
Car Ever Had
At first motor cars had just frames.
Then came the double-drop frame.
Next truss frames. Then X-frames.
Now Nash steps out ahead with the
new X-Dual frame a tutxrdurable,
iupertltld and ftrisZ-jVaotype.
Look it over carefully when you come
in to see the new Nash models.
For this X-Dual frame is ru and
: diftrentiho straniest frame ever
built-The massive inside Jbride4Ur-
ders extend clear from the front cross
member to the rear kick-up Trfir
Joublifram. '-;: '
Everyone interested in motor cart
should surely tee this! net? Nash
X-Dual frame and then drhi this car.
All models are lonjier, lower, with
faster acceleration, and greater power
and speed.
wheelbases ranjie from 116 inches to
142 inches and prices from $777 to
$2055, at the factory. '
' . FivtNew Sarin Announced Ftbrudry 27th '
'. Neyer , have we known such merchandise to be classed aa fire
damaged goods.,. But our aim la to clear bur floors of every sign of
goods which were in our building at the time of the fire; hence, every
thing, damaged or not, la thrown into this sale. No contract goods
reserved, all must go at reduced prices so as to make it possible to
get back to normal conditions with new goods;, free from the odium
of fire damage. Hamilton's Sales have always been money savers
and this Sale is surely "the greatest money saving event we have ever
heM. - - - .
Odds and Ends of several
patterns While they last
- Genuine 100 Mohair
Davenport Sf inches , la length,
snassfve arms and 'weU rosmded
eeck. - Beta pieces are wee eea
straettea and cashione : are re-
versflde. . - "-',. - '--
' - Enamel ' sughur water
W aste Baskets
3 Only
O Piceo
' "
la fall wainai veneer. TaUea are f-f oot extea
sloav maastve tamed kfa large stse chairs p
helstered fat varlesa eelers in tapestry and ve
kw. Boffet is roomy. Ornamented with aa
evertay flgwred bmbIo aad walnnt. Tahjee ts
S12SJ0. While they last
Large Size
CM5i?oimSep "lTT nt"
Unfinished Specials
Chairs while
they last,
Tables while
they last
02.95 I 4Se
Bath Stools
while they last
40 pound, felted
cotton mattress
50 pound, Napper
wool mattress
Special j
Good spring mat
tress for as low
Is neavftr weixhted and has encealed
Tear choice ef several beaottf ad shades
' Tour Choice of Covers Only
Other ehaira at greatly redaeed prieee
.0 Pioeo
HDnmmimo Eooimn
Consists of Table, Buffet and 6 Up
holstered Chairs. Walnut finish. A
real buy at this price Only
Choice of J beautiful Patterns Chairs are large
and Oomf ortable. For Only
A very well eaastneted
.set with a fine tone. -Ret-
153-50 Special
Biauswlch tadle
Bet. rmes QpitM
, Enameled
: Values to $28.00 '
Coosista f drop leaf
$7.95 to $14.95
Simmons bed, Simmons coil spring,
and 50 pound mattress All for only
I , 9X12 Special
Good quaHty felt,
base rags
Pressed wool
rngs, fringed,
good patterns
Azmlnster rugs
for as low . -as
v 3 Only
averaiEDOiPtt and
nw ne snsswnnsTnnnv
Upholstered in Tapestry, full web and
spring constructed, loose spring cush
ions. Lowest price ever offered. ;
1- "
im Models- . Bectrts
r - Onr ,
. taunedla
Reg. 760 4-Pc.
CoosUU of Bed. Vanity. Chif
fonier A Bench. Ilnlahed la
either antique. Ivory or deco
rated green. Special
on All Wood, Gat and Electric Range
, xj
A Strong,. LigKt Wcight Table yith
v. Waterproof Top .
In Walnut veneer, good ska.
vanity and full size bed.' A
real good bargain while they
fAn TP
rp; : ;in
JamcG EI.' rjcclcii net
; ; :865N. Commercial, TeL 85S3