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    Th$) OXUSGON STATT5ZIAII, Safeo. Oin, Friday llorniasr, April 15, 1SC2
Work in Field of PoIIi County Farmers end
nrnim nir'nnninnr
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-. r'-V. J- ' 1 V.'- -.1 -. -
Mrs, Cameron, : General'
- Chairman for Silverton.
' Tells, of . Plans. ; .
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; : - y
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s- 7 -
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- SILVERTON, April 14 Plans
for observance of National Music i
week at Sllverton- are progressing
rapidly with Mrs., Gertrude Cam
eron as local ' general .chairman.
- The local -observance -Is ' being
sponsored by tbe Silrerton Wom
en's club and " th atanding mu
sic committee of the club will as-
slst Mrs. Cameron. Mrs. Lowell
Hoblitt and Miss JLlllle Madsen j
compose, the committee. The j
chamber of commerce, the Amer
ican Legion and the Sllverton
schools will als assist in- fatting
. on the programs during the week.
Mrs. Cameron has outlined; the
, week's observance this year dif
ferently than it has been done the
cast few years. In former years a
committee, selected by Mrs. Cam-
. WW . V AM
arranged all l tbYprograms gi7- haW borne in the west Purchase of the residence $100,000. Inset is a recent photo of Rudy and FayJ
en during the week. This year
Mrs. Cameron is arranging fori
three chairmen each to choose his j
own committee and then to ar
range the program for bis night.
There will be a school or young
people's night, a community night j
and on Sunday night tne nsuai
Mother's day and sacred program
will be given. Mrs. Cameron says
she Irones to have the other two
programs on luenuay ana nuy auhuha, ajiu s.n
night. School night will likely be hundred and eighty-five people,
held at the EugeneFleld building mostly members of the Women's
Tuesday night while the commun- Missionary Federation, but In-
lty night will be Friday night if eluding a- sprinkling of pastors
nothing conflicts. ana laymen, met at ennst cnurcn
Patriotism, in keeping with the of Aurora Tuesday. They came
Washington bicentennial will be from as far north as Longvlew
stressed at the various programs, and Winlock, Wash., and from the
One special feature arranged for south as far away as Corvallls, for
Sunday night Is the selections ly the annual convention of the Port-
the Monitor Men's Grieg chorus land district of the Women's Mis-
which has become so popular sionary Federation of the Amerl-
' throughout the Willamette val-lean Lutheran church.
This is the modest little shack in Beverly Hills, -f and attached grounds was recently consummated on
CaL, that Rudy Vallee, famous radio crooner, and I behalf of the singer. The house is said to be one'
his wile, the former Fay Webb, will call their tittle 1 I the snow places of Beverly Hills and cost Rudy,
The president of the Mack&burg
society , gave the address of wel-j
come and the Newberg .women
presented an effective pageant.'
There, were 14 registered vtrosj
the Macksburg, 18 from the-Newberg
and 20 from the Aurora
church societies. The selection of
next year's meeting place was ieft
to the officers.
HUBBARD, April 14 Nation
al Music week May 1-7, of which
Dr. P. O. Riley is county chair
man and Tir. Am LmbIium Is lo-
All of the retiring officers were ei -ha irman with Cheater Ward
Besides the three large pro- reelected for a two-year term with .itinr. will be celebrated at
crams beinsr arranged, several or- the exception of those resigning th cit hall In Hubbard br two
ganlsations plan to give some- J from office. Mrs. Oscar Bolland major- programs, rather than five
thing In observance or tne weea. iresignea irom me ouice ox -1 mjnor programs, as has been the
Musical evenings will also be giv-1 tension chairman. Mrs. A. F. J custom formerly.
en in private borne. a music ,tt Th flrst P wUI be in
nroerams will be given in the I Mrs. F. J. Kraxberger of Macks- .. - .... i.
halls of outlying communities, burg Is a member of the executive hlph th- .ftolr- ft the three tem defeated the grade team by
The Willard Women's club from board. Mrs. L. Ludwlg of Port- j Hubbard have been cor ' 11 to 10 in a slx-innlng
first neighboring club to report in
arrangements lor music wi. 7 7 17 tlon of Dr. de Lespinasse, assist
TniS C1UD. Will givr m louaivsio I wu,,uu u.
the waiao HUis communiiy nauii. uwu uU uroumcui b'u .mmm
SCIO, April 14. One of the
most interesting assemblies of the
year was held Wednesday morn
ing at the high school. I. M. Wal
ker, president of the Behnke-
Walker business college of Port
land, and Miss English gave a typ
ing demonstration. .
Miss English typed at the va
rious rates of 40, CO, 100, 120 and
140 words per minute. She also
typed while carrying on a conver
sation and while spelling words
dictated to her.
Miss English emphasised the
fact that in order to secure ac
curacy in typing attention to tech
nicalities and form are essential.
Constant work to eliminate errors
must be done, in order to increase
The senior-junior girls' baseball
WALDO HILLS. April 14 W.
O. Whlddsn of inglewoodLlCallf.,
a suburb of Les Angeles, la visit
ing at the home of his cousin, Mrs.
Eds on Comstock. He is looking for
a small acreage to rent, r.v -
Sunday guests" at the K. O. Rae
homo ' were Mr.' and Urs." Ferd
Rue, Homer and Jerome Rue, Mr.
and Mrs. George Almqulst, Elvin
and Paul Almqulst, Una Lee,
Ruth, Thelma, Oscar and Ambrose
Lofthus, all of Sllvertori. , r :".
What might have proved a, very
serious accident befell Junior,
young son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Rood recently. The. youngster
was on his way home from the
home of his cousin, Teddy Flnlay
and was rolling an iron wagon
tire. Not hearing a car because
of the. noisy .tire on pavement. he
stepped onto the -pavement di
rectly la front of a car driven by
Mrs. Herman Holm. Fortunately
Mrs. Holm was driving slowly and
while Junior , was knocked down
nnlv icratcliM and nalnfnl hrn1Aa
resulted. The accident occurred j
house, v
Saturday marked . the Slst wed
ding anniversary r Mr. and Mrs.
Jacob Zurcher, who live in the Ev
ergreen district. Jacob and Miss
Anna Schenke were married April
9. 1881 at Flnley, Ohio. In 190S
they came to Oregon moving to
the farm on which they now re
side. A dinner was given Sunday
in observance of the anniversary.
Covers were laid for Mr. and Mrs.
R. A. Pulley, Mr. and Mrs. C, R.
Zurcher of Portland; John
Schenke aftd Mr. and: Mrs. Chris
Zurcher of Gresham; Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Guthridge and chil
dren of Estacada; Mrs. Fred Zur
cher and children, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Schwelzer, Miss Nellie Zur
cher and the honor guests, Mr. and
Mrs. Zurcher.
JEENAr April 14 Th" mild
weather and occasional gentle
rains f are "proving beoefldal . to
crops of an Unds In Polk county.
The exceedingly wet weather
earlier .in the year .almost
drowned out tome of the ' fall
sown grain crops seeded fat low
lands -but did not injure hill
eropa. -.-
'. Strawberry growers here are
greatly , encouraged by the appearance-of
their fields 'as In
most eases the bushes are pre
senting a fine growth of dark
green foliage, some of the early
varieties such as Etterburg begin
ning to show , blooms now. The
berry fields are being cultivated
and used this month. Most of the
cherry , and prune' orchards have
been sprayed at least one and
were pruned. .
Sheep and stock pastures are
much, better as the grass is grow-
ing fast. -This is a great help. to
the farmers as hay has to be fed
in. large Quantities when pastures
are short. Hay has been at a
premium In this and neighboring
vicinities this water , and spring
as the heavy rainfall of last June
spoiled so many clover and alfal
fa' hay crops. v
- Hortea Suffers Stroke" -T.
O. Horten suffered -a para
lytic stroke at his home at Zena
late Monday afternoon, his right
side being paralixed. Mr. Horten
had a lighter stroke In February
and had not entirely recovered.
Mrs. Horten and two daughters,
Mrs. J. S. Dickson of Portland,
and Miss Olga Horten of Zena,
and two sons, Iver and Ted Hor
ten of Zena, are with their fath
er. Another daughter. Mrs.
Charles Gideon of Portland, ex
pects to come today. At last re
ports Mr. Horten was conscious
but unable to speak. .
the Waldo Hills community
Wednesday night of music week.
The arrangements are In charge
of Mrs. C C. Geer.
He. 149
gravptia of tk inul BUUaast t
the Federal UU Carnally Cat, aa
taa Uirtfinl Say ot XHeember, 1931,
Mda to the Iniuraaee CoamUtioaer ef
the Bute ef Oreraa. parsaaat to law:
Aaionat at capital etoek paid vp, $450.-
Net premium reeetred doxiaf the year.
Iatereet, diTideada a; cents received
dvrias the year. $85,619.08. - -
Iaeeme froe ether eeareA reeetTed
darior the year, $41,880.83'
Total income, Includes A. A H. Dept
Net loaaea paid durint the year inelod-
iaf adjustment expeoaea,
the close of the afternoon session.
No. 148
Syaopeia at the Annual Statement ef
the Ohio Caaaalty Intaranee Company of
Hamilton, in the State of Ohio, an the
thirty-lint day of December, 1931, made
to the Inanranea Commiaaioaer of the
i Bute ot Oregon, pennant to law:
Amoant of capital atoek paid vp. $600.-
Net premioms reeeired darinr the year.
1Z0 1,783.35,
Will be
Thursday May S in charge of the
i school. There will be special mu
sic by the Rural Dell chorus and
was the first of a series ot inter
group games. Next Wednesday the
freshmen girls will meet the sophomores.
Those who played are: High
school Hoppe p. Miller e, Bron
son 1, McClain J. Kirk S. Jackson
Friday the band will give a
concert at the boys' training
school assisted by local talent.
The Hubbard band has been
invited to participate in the Jant-
Intereat, diridenda aad rents received I sen beach opening the first week
Faultis rs. Kruml Is, Hall rf, Mc
Donald If. Umpires, Krosman and
L. Miller.
dnrinr the year. $79,587.01.
income from otner aonrcea recetreo
daring the year, $11,153.72.
Total income, 82,992,475.38.
Net loaaea paid dorinc the year, includ
ing adjuatment ezpenset, $1,587,129.09.
DiTidenda paid on capital atock during
the year, $48,000.00.
Commission and aalariea paid during
In May, weather permitting.
DiTidenda paid en capital atock during"! the year. 81.075.716.88
the year, $33,500.00. I Taxes, licensee aad fee paid during
Comnutaiona ana salaries paia aanng the year, 858,588.79
fhm Tear. 8443.668.66.
Taxes, liceasea and feea paid during
the yearr $34,700.63. ' '
Amoant ot all other expenditures,
Total ezpenditurea, $1,100,159.50.
Talae ef real eatate owned (market
value), $200,000.0.
Talao of stacks and bonds owned (mar
ket ralne), $558,320.00. - '
Loans on mortgagea and collateral, etft,
$11,500.00. . r-
Cash la banks and on band. $44,54398.
Premiuma In vourse of collection writ
ten ainea September 80, 1931, $4,732.89.
Iatereet and rente due and aecroed,
aa mi on
Total admitted asseta, $828,709.35.
Oroaa claims for loaaea unpaid inelud
tag agents' Exp, $89,521.83.
Amoant oi uaearaev
atatandlar riaka. $83,723.70.
Due for commission and brokerage, $5,
100.00. ' ...
All other liabilities. $53,824.73.
Total HabilitUs, exelnalva of capital
Stock of $450,000.00, $284,168.75.
. - Ket premiums reeeWed during the year,
Lasses paid during the year, $8,313.80.
Loaaes Uenrred daring tto year, $
97.98. - i - '
Mama ot Company Tederal life
Tasaalty Co. . ' . "
Kama ef IldanaV. D. Cliff. -
Varna ef Beeretary T. V. Cliff. '
Statutory resident aturaey for serrlee
Hon. Inauranea Commlsaioaer. : . '
No. 147
all other expenditures.
Amount of
Total expenditures, $3,095,008.40.
Sixteen New Books
Added for Library
SILVERTON, April 14 Sixteen
new books were added to the
rental shelves at the Sllverton
public library this past week.
These were Jeanne. Stratton
Porter. Freckles Comes Home;
Mary Roberts Rinehart, Miss
Pinkerton and "K"; Hill, Big
Blue Soldier Halliburton, New
World's to Conquer; Glbbs, The
MACLEAT. April 14 Grang
ers from Salem, North Howell,
Value of real ettate owned (market M-cleay Stavton Turner, Uberty " - v m ' t,
T.h..). $183.795.83. . . aci M7. suyto n. JL"r House of Mohun; Turgenev, Fa-
Value of atocka and bands owned msr- J"4V'" - i tners and Sons: DeeDlnr. Dooms-
ket Taiue). $2,402,191.93. day for the Joint meeting or vne ,.. Vn rv'. c.
agricultural and Home Economics I rv.; v-. . (..,.
committees held here. Mrs. Willis Est7t Tne Houg6. Jone8
uanen, uow 17 iyv,mu Thomag jj Edison; Curwood
presiaea. x-ians or - The Danger Trail; Smith, Hopl
grange mwuas were ucuwi. n-i . snnBA p.... c--v,
iniereat ana rents uun ana aocmeu, 1 Luimta ,ja. wsgeo was uaiuvu 1 yUle-West, Edwardians.
Loans on mortgagea and collateral, etc-
Cash is banks snd on band, $218,
385.46. Premiums in- coarse of collection writ
ten since September 30, 1931, $345,-
. Other aaaeta, $48,404.33.
Total admitted a&seta, $3,204,645.43.
cretary of the county group.
Speakers included S. H. Van
Trump of Salem; Hannah Martin
The biography of Edison was
the gift of Mrs. C. W. Keene.
service charge will be made on all
water meters inside the city lim
its, this new ruling to become ef
fective May 1.
In addition all water used will
be charged for on the basis of 8
cents a hundred cubic feet for the
first 10,000; 4 cents a hundred
thereafter with a minimum charge
of 10 cents for water. Outside the
city limits the service charge will
be 25 cents additional and water
consumed will be city basis.
This action has been taken to
simplify bookkeeping and remove
some discrepancies in the applica
tion of -rates and usage that hero
been the outcome of a dual Tat
rate and meter rate system used
heretofore. In general the public
will not suffer any rise in rates.
the water commission explains,
the. total Income being estimated
to produce about as formerly. The
change Is to equitably distribute
costs so tht each person pays for
exactly what he uses.
The service .charge on meters
Inside the city limits will be as tol
lows; H inch by 6-8 $1.00; 94
81.25; 1 inch, 82.00; 1, 82.56
ltt 83.00; 2. 85 00.
Union Hill grange Home Econom
ics club held Its regular April
meeting at the trail Tuesday, with
Mrs.. Mae Mulkey. Mrs. W. F.
Krens as hoBtess committee. Mrs-.
Eldon Fox of Sllverton was a visi
tor and members present were
Mrs. Floyd Fox. Mrs. J. O. Darby.
Mrs. Arthur Mulkey, Mrs. Philip
Fisher, Mrs. M. M. Gllmour, Mrs.
J. A. Robl, Mrs. Winnie Tate, Mrs.
C. C. Carter and Mrs. W. R. Heater.
Mrs. Carter as chairman of the
program presented the Union Hill
kitchen band in Its Initial appearance.
A large crowd gathered for the
first baseball game of the season
at the ball grounds on the W. A.
Heater farm at Union Hill Sun
dy. The local grange team defeat
ed Stayton.
The grange will hold its month.
ly business meeting Friday night.
Strawberry growers of this sec
tion are busy getting their fields
In order for the coming season.
Plants are well along and looking
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Johnston, who
have made their home with their
son Louis on the Roy Jones place.
have moved to a farm near Silver-
- Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lorence ot
Valley View are new residents of
this district, having moved to their
farm known as the William Brink-
mejer -place.
Los Angeles People
Buy SilvertonJFarm
SILVERTON. April 14 A deal
was completed this week through
the Homeseekera' Agency by
which Mr. and Mrs. JamesTMalloy
of Los Angeles became the owners
ot the O. G. Ericsson 80-acre farm
Mrs. Malloy will take possession
May 10. They expect to make
their home on the place.
Other families who have reg
istered with the agency, in the past
few days Include C. Johnson, Gene
C. Graham of Los Angeles; C. H.
Sinrum, San Diego; C. P. Cannoy,
Croeker, Missouri, and Mr. and
Mrs. Leo Springs ot North Dako
niun hes
nip vvnofi a u' vrr.w
la nronTesalnr Taoldlw ah tlia nw
bridge being constructed near the
iuu evy Busses, , waica . went oui v
during the recent high water, and
it is won CM it wui be finished
la a.S auU' t
US SUVVI WW WW&9 1 1 .kL SB) W
insr routed tnrousrn tne MeLanrn-
Un hop ranch until the bridge, is :
complete. - The old . bridge was
bunt In If II and Is always cov- -ered
with water during the flood
stage. -x .
Officers elected for the Oak
Byron Ruddell, superintendent; -
O. A." Peterson. Jr.. assistant us-
perintendent, and La Vaughn Big- "
. . . .
A rery pleasant, afternoon. was
spent at the home of Mrs. Hugh
Hanna Tuesday, when the Inde-
veoaence nnrsi womui ciao
held Its regular meeting. Mrs.-
Edward Harnsberger read an ar
ticle on the origin of Mormon
ism. A spelling match, with,
words being spelled backwards
caused much merriment,
Mrs. Edward Harnsberger gave
ures piano selections. Mrs. uuy
Hewitt was a guest. Mrs. Hanna
assisted by Mrs. Eiey Fluke
served delicious refreshments.
Roy Houck. got the contract
for surfacing 18 miles of road
near. Port Orford. He win more,
his family there in a few days to'
remain until the Job is completed
which win be In about five
months. - , .
Mrs. C. O. Allen will entertain
the .Economics club of the Mon
mouth grange Friday at her
home. This is an all day meeting
with a dinner at noon.
WOODBURN, April 14 Dele
gates of the Woodbnrn Rural club
who will attend the Marion county
convention of Federated clubs, to
be held in Salem Thursday, April
21. were chosen Wednesday after
noon at- the regular meeting ot
the organization. Mrs. Charles
Crooks, Mrs. H. B. Rogers, Mrs.
Elmer Mattson, Mrs. Essls Hugill
and Mrs. May Brouhard. Mrs. Jsy
Pelmulder will also attend, as she
Is one of the directors in this
The meeting of the Rural club
was held at the home ot Mrs. H.
B. Rogers. Assisting hostesses
were Mrs. Iola Lutx, Mrs. Sim
mons and Mrs. Marie Rerick.
About 20 women attended tLe
Plans for a June picnic ot the
club were also outlined at - the
meeting, and a committee compos
ed ot Mrs. Elmer Mattson, Mrs.
Marie Rerick and Mrs. May Brou
hard was appointed to have
charge of the affair.
Mrs. Freeman A grain
Teacher for Talbot
Vaccination Call is -Made
at Dallas High
DALLAS, April 14 Dallas
high school students have been
given the option of being vaccin
ated against smallpox or remain
ing away from school tor a per
iod of about three weeks as a '
result of the discovery that a girl
had been attending school while
suffering from smallpox. The girl
had come to school with what ap
peared to be a skin infection and
upon examination by a physician
this was pronounced to be small
pox. Dr. A. B. Starbuek, assisted
by Miss Eva Wald, la in charge ot
the vaccinating.
near Drakes' Crossing. Mr. and man.
TALBOT, April 14 Mrs. E.
J. Freeman has been reelected to
teach the Talbot school the com'
Ing year. E. J. Freeman went to
Portland Tuesday to attend the
funeral ot his uncle, John Free-
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Or Money Back
One swallow of, Bronehullne
Emulsion, and you get relief IN
STANTLY. Unmistakable relief.
Another dose an hour later
may stop your cough . entirely.
Certainly you won't need more
than half a bottle of this grand
old cough-killer to knock that
cough for good. If you do, you
can have your money back. Perry
Drug Store and all other first
class druggists guarantee It.
stomach. . So why cough cough,
cough yourself to -pieces T Get
Bronehullne Emulsion and RE
LIEF. Adv.
DALLAS, April 14 The choir
of the Mennonite Brethren church
of Dallas will present a program
of music at the Dallas Christian.
ehurch Sunday sight at 7:80
o'clock. There will also be a male
quartet and a solo. Mr. Burke,
pastor of the Christian ehurch
will deliver a short sermon.
AH other liabilities, $31,510.48,
Reserve for Taxes, $49,84833.
Total liabilities, esdnsiTa ef capital
Stock, $2,090,129.49.
Synopsis of the Aaaaal Statement eijxtiaal Convention ot Insurance Cone-
taa Ldaarty WII laaaraac i ussieBero.
Topeka, im the But ef Kansas, en the
--r- ? - - -- . - .. m.
i. tairty-ursf aajr es veeesuwr,
to. the . Insaraace . Ooeamiasieaer at . the
. Btato Oregon, pnrsnant to lawt
.-'.: CAPITAL- -
: Amoant of ; capital atock psi mm,
$300,000.00. - '' ; '
.. - -.IHOOMg. - , .v . ; ,
"-Total premium iaeome for , tan , fear.
$718,888.85. v , ,
. . Intereat, dirideada aad reatU reeeWed
: duHn aha rear. $190,048.60.. -Incoaao
froan other eoareesf woeired
' inrinff th year, $180.3152. , v .
Total income. $1.088,T48.3T.
;- . . ' DigBURsxMJUiTa ; t
- Paia for loaaea. endowments. annnlUes
and snrraaaer Tslaea, $308,053.03.
DiTidande paid to policy holders darinf
the year, $140,116.98. , ; J , J
DiTidenda paid aa capital stock darinf
tto Tear. $9,000.00.
Oroaa claima for loaaea nnpaid, $870,- 0 galem: Claribel Nye, State lead
er of economic extension work.
Miss Nye nrged those present to
una for eommuaion ana sroserase, i continue education In a broad
sense, declaring that adults are as
apt pupils as young people.
Vocal numbers were given oy
Mrs. W. Krens with Mrs. Floyd
Fox at the piano: and readings by
Net preminma reeeired darinf the year, I Trtn TTartieT Tekenbnrr and Stella
Ul paid darinf the year. $4,541 is. Sherman J3ulver.
incurred daring the year, y I
HAYESVILLE, April 14 The
regular meeting ot the Modern
Teachers dub was held at Fruit
land April 12 with book reviews
en geography given by Mrs. Hed
wick, Mrs. Miller, and Mr. Al
bertson. The next meeting will
be a potluck dinner at Hayesville
No. 147-A
of Hartford. In the state of Conaectfeot.
aa ist utnr-nm any ee ueceiaoer.
to the Insi
snrauant to law
Mama of Company iae Uaie vssaaity
Inaarance Ua.
Mama at President B. D. IeeKllder.
Kama of Secretary Howard Slonekec.
Btatotory resident attorney for aerrioe
Yalaatiens ef aeenritiee approred ay
Stat nremlnBS rscarreS esri&af
tne year ....... .......... Z3XTS2,17aV 11
Xaterest, dhridande and rants . . i
reeeiTea aurmc tne year . . . aeoa.nswno
Ko. 150 ".
Snaosla of the Annaal Statement at
the Order of Railway Employees of Baa
rraadsca, U the Bute of California, an
the thirty-first day of December, 1$$1.
stale to the Ian ranee Commissioner ef
the State at p'jJJJ" ,w - ' f
Amoant of sspiul atock paid p KeaeJ
. -Ke pramiims received darinf the year.
$443,208.20. . ----- ---
Interest, dividends and rents reoelTed
darinf Us year. $1708.29.
Income from other aoarees reeeWed
darinf Ue year, $498.98.
Total in come, $501,211.48.
.. rusnnRSKMiNTS
Sat loaaes said darinf the year tnelaeV
lm aJiastmmt umbul $889,808.6$.
DiTidenda paid aa capital stock darinf
ln iwlu the a Sa.SlS.BS
Total Inootne ..........H8.eOJS7.S
XeOeMpaMaaMhe year
Pme$l eeoeooeeeeeeooaoe (lel.)04tyT3. 99
raSssu; usem j mnvi' lit
CommismTkmt azptl ssUirls fsiist
Remove the Cause:
Taxce. licenses ana'fees'peJd
sarins taa year ...........
A meant of an other axeadl
- '4
VUaisaTVeff eeeew Lee
Total expenditares ....... 830,52.eM.e
Not Tin Then Will You B
Free Front It's Blighting
,.: , ,. Curse ; '
Yalna of iaal eaTate
i (market value) ...,.......$
Taioe ox. atecna ana .aonas ,
ewaedT(maxket vaJut )..... Sl.T28.13Ud
tVaans atortxafas and cat-
Ca'WnnndV.-: iXSUSMl
rreaninma aa course or eouee-
I creed
wrtltaa ataea aWntasnbor
and smUaMand'a
fctOS. 507.44
...... , . s... I .v.
Tone neenaeo ana sawe f
other r azpemdituas.
the Tear. $10,850.
Amonat at all
talPMdltnres, $811,171.68,
ef reel estate avaeeVt
valae), $191,978.67. . ;
v Tama at stocks and tends
(market-or amortUed Talae), $647,384.-
47Loaas aa aaortfafos and sollaUral, ete
$1,938,667.84. - ,
Premlam antes aad yoliey loans, Sl
"cssatabanks sn an hand. 41,33843.
" Net neallected aad deterred promi
ms, 136.199.87. , -
IaUreet and ranta dna - eat: socorsad,
. $67,009.4$. ' "
Other aaseUf net) aad assets no ad
mltted, (htiaes) $948.73.;- ' MAi;,
ToUl admitted asseta, 4.164,920.04.
Taxes, licenses snd fees yeit durlnf
A year. 14,74.5.
Aaaoant at aU ether expenditares, $14,-
Total axpeadltnrea, $55$.020.$4. " .
Uric Add nolaxm the
; rhenmatle agony- starts to
leave yoer body ts 24
-ratal adanltted assets ....443J58.110.T$
Oroat culms for
Thlok Of . lt--h0W thlS . Old
world does make progress now
comes a prescription which is
Yahw of rant osuu owned (market known to pharmacists as Allenru
T1n. and Wsowsot Oarl jiTllitl
kat ilnine). $478.m7. , , start to take this swift acting
Loans an saortfnfes ana eoiiaiexmo, asew i ormuia 111. pain asony ana in
flammation has departed.
Amount of nnearaed
am aU aotMaiMllBa
Doe for commission
Another dabnfue
as in ti
. . , a cease
fjssa la aanaa ass wa mm. .
Premioms in coarse of collection writ-k-m.
C.i4.iilr SO; 1981. 883.358.33.
Interest and rente tna and neeraed.
M, 871.99.
L . . a tii . 1 A . e ST J S) STS Bfl
Trail ftaiaUlvtTtk sVsts, aaBvedwwv -
Cross claims for lessee nnpaid. S66V-
Amoant of nnearnea wrenuamai am au
ntstnndlaf risk a, $3,340,19. v v
Dae tor commission nna mnnn e.
V. ........ S8STATT6 97. -
- : ."T. , ..ii as - I aas hi
:ro Claims lor aame I --"v- Krnit. 851258J8.
JM ather II.Dlllties. StMt0.Tt.; t2, ? lAWlW ? PlUl
r.ui H.WHtieA aselnaiTO of capital I atock. 138,261.74.
TA rmliiimtft yesr.1
year, 0, - - - I tto as , .. . - - '
rremmme ininrl VI sT.. t Sarin the Tear. 818.
t. h. Mr. S271.94.
- Leases fid dnrtof
' Ksma of Campany Tha Liberty I4fe
Jasnranes Co.
Kama of President Charles A. Moore.
Nam of Secretary Claad U Clark.
? Btatotory reaideat attorney for serrlee
' o Inanranea . ComntiMionas. , v. -... -
r kibs at voajpiBj -vw " .
iBmpoeyeos. r ' . mulm
num ar pvaaiaens 'm. o. dwuvtb. .,
Kama of Beeretary K. B. Barron.
mMnt attorney for aerriee .
1 Inanranea C mimionar of Orafom,
Tralv a day for the whole fam
ily to celebrate for instead of be
ing a helpless, expensive ana an
aoylng cripple the happy person
ts at wjrk'sai.:f
- Allenru does Just what this no
tice says it. will do It is posi
tively 'guaranteed by Perry's Drug
Store and leading druggists to do
It -you can get a generous bottle
for S5 cents' and - if it doesn't
bring the Joyous results you ex
nect Tour money whole heart
edly returned, i K?."-:" '
Take Iseartuvcly acttvity wiu
come gala after the wonderful
benefit Allenru brings has made
yon cheerful and happy;
- Aad rejaember tills, Allenra ts
Iriac - mm rtsrtdlw ' armaruteed for
mearitls, sciatica ana innsDago.
wnpald 318.273.0T3.0S
rCg? 1X882.903 JS
' - n St A 41 SBS
1 etnee- MaWtfUee aajanaas
and taxaa umul . . SSX.S8T.n
Total Haoimies. e-tdoarre of . .
- aasttal stack ef S.OOS.mrie.TSt.Sa
9eT smmBB4aal ae5(er$m hmartesaj"-"- tl 334).ll
bukttokv ACOPTwra Drnxic.
Jtirx vumrmni.
No. 148-A
of Hartford, tn (be stats of Coane-tleat. est
, ISSl.
taearanee eonunlastener oi the state of Ore-
pursuant to jaw:
lM-i a eaaltal Mmtm aaU
lit T77. T:$ll0S,0S.e9
Wat iMhnM stalead amitea'
L tie year ....77.fH,lM.t).U
Interest. 4M4ali iand rants - ,M
f rstlrea da-ma? tne year. . . . MeS.88a4S
Total tneosao 8t0.e41.317.34
Xheome from other :
: reeeired durlnf the y
Hot losses paid darinf tha
year tseraainf aojuatmeni
SBmsmnjanj eaeeoaeeo
ende paM an
311,083,487.87 J
a I
mnHmgSS. urius mv yiar, , , . j
ellaUrnBC toM yMaTe e a a e a J t 111104.41
itt-iftnex?as...T7?T t,S4JAlsiS
Anafal ah ethos aanaadl
j , tares ........ 8.788.7141
. THsl titandltuiaa ..M.S4AS99,99JT
New -8.
'Vahaar-kaal eataia aernad '
YaW? ESI 'in-
' owned (market aiue)..... T4.T88.3ai3
lana on BMitaasea aad eal.
r jatereTetc 1.T51.3M.S4
eaah 1a hanks aid aa hand ... C4fa.0M.08
yieiBiema m course or eouee
tm vrittM nrt,Mlnr '
Wm:, ON
SO 19 St s e e a e a o m a a ,
merest and rants doe ana
Total admitted assets... A. $91417.479.67
far lasses mv-
$ 4. 812. 917.84
S8.44aV87S.TS I
JUBoaot of nneamed aeemli
on au eaietenmnf nans.....
TW. fa - - ' ' mmA sent
k! Total KabfBtles. aseroerra ef , .
I v' Sw.Oa 337,888,478-88 I
I . m
Ti.7t4.96 I
I Ui$l wwsaT 0 a a
k W9Vm ttifM
ItUtntoiy reatdent attorney tor sasrfKfs
RVaitar S. 'tVay. fortlaad. or.-" - T.
aTABrroan rrtnBntimivcBi
; . ' '' it W. BISSTXIOtras.
- - " r-T.Ynai p auTTf. nee
SUtatarr reetdeat nttorMy fee eentsS,
w en
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