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Tfcs OREGON STATESMAN Calcn, Orcron, Frliiy rismb A?rll 15,
Highway may be Passable
To Central Oregon Before,
. Autumn, Predicted . i
' : -"'(Continud from" page Jl ,
an entirely new rrade construct
ed, the federal government would
match Marlon coantye expendi
tures on ' the " Mill City-Detroit
, The North Santlam highway. It
open to travel this year, would
provide central . Oregon citizens
with an. extremely direct road to
the Talley. From Bend to Salem
over the- North Santlam Is IS 8
miles compared: with 188 hy way
of the HeKenale route. The pass
is also much lower and much less
' exposed to snow and consequent
,ly Is much, easier to traverse fa
winter. - ' .
The distances from ' Bend to
Salem over the - North Santlam
i rout are: Bend to Sisters.- Z2.1
miles: Sisters to Hogg pass sum-
' , mi t. 20.0: Hogg pass to junction
. 5.2: , Junction -.-to ' Whitewater
. creek. 19.7; Whitewater creek, to
Detroit, 10.6; Detroit to Mill City
If. 2; Mill City to. Salem, 31. 4.
(Continued from pas 1
group of men were accused of try
ing to place a senator In the Ohio
legislature. Ho then accepted an
invitation to solve a St. Louis "ar
son mystery.
At the age of 28 he accepted a
position with the secret service,
operating from St. Louis. He gain
ed national attention in 1S0C with
the solution of the "Costa Rican"
case in which a group of Central
American revolutionists were at
tempting to discredit their conn
try and gain funds by counterfeit
ing, in the United States.
In 1903 he resigned from the
secret service and was appointed
to take charge of far western land
fraud cases for the interior de
partment, These swindles, involving mil
lions of acres, had baffled investi
' gators until the Burns inquiry im
plicated a ring Of officials in Ore
gon and Washington.
The most sensation of his en
terprises was the apprehension of
the McNamara gang for the blast
ing of the office of the Los An
geles Times October 1, 1910.
Discussion of ways and means
' to continue Improvements of the
Oceanslde T. M. C. A. camp form
ed the business for the camp com
mittee's meeting held Thursday
noon at the T. M. here. Last year
a cook house was built on the 20
1 1 acre ocean-front acreage given the
, "Y" by Rosenberg Bros, of TUls
mook. This year It is hoped a
, dining hall can be added and
pipe line installed to bring water
' from a creek to a reservoir which
may bo built on the campgrounds.
The material for the cookhouse
was contributed In 1931 by the
Salem Rotary club. Work was do
nated br the boys at the camp. C.
' A. Kells, T. M. secretary, said
yesterday that ho could get voian
'. teer labor to handle Improvements
Vfthj year. Materials for the dining
- room building will cost $150.
Kells estimated.
Members of the committee at
. tending: the meeting yesterday
were C A. Sprague, William Ham
' llton, Charles Wiper, " Frank B.
Brown. R. C Davis, '-. Phil Brow-
nelt. Sr.'- ! " "
be nm s
... 'v, . (Cocllnucd from ps 1 "
The question of alignment will
probably delay construction on
market road 41 at Gervals and
the-. question of right-of-way la
expected to hold up completion
of , the market road . oat .from
Four-Corners for two and one-
half miles, t Except tor these
stretches the present program
will probably be completed. The
five-year program adopted before
the present one waa completed
In three years.
;The American Legion will have
a luncheon meeting today at the
.Spa at 12 o'clock.
At the residence, 250 Belmont
street, early Thursday, James C.
Grecorv. ared S4 vatn Hnihind
ef .Mlllssa Gregory and father of
Mayor P. M. - Gregory, Harvey
Gregory ot California, Mrs. C L.
Drmry ot San Francisco and Mrs.
Theo Fleminr of Taeoma. Vuh.
Grandfather of Ernest Drury and
Paul and Dorothea. Hernlar. Tun.
era! services will bo held Friday,
April 18 at 1:30 p. m. from the
Chanel Of Rlcdon and Rnn Wn-
: tombment In Mt, Crest Abbey
mausoleum. . - -
V . Salem, Oregon
. Established 1868
Commercial. and Savings Department
The Call
Board .
' -Today Walter Huston in
"The Beast of the City';
Warner Bros. Elsinore
Today Buster Keaton
and Polly Moran in "The Pas-
sionate Plumber."
The Hollywood
Today Hoot Gibson in
"The Gay Buckaroo."
The Grand
Friday Buck Jones in
The --- world's smallest : canine
"actor plays an Important role
In "The Passionate. Plumber
riotous Parisian farce opening
Friday at the Elsinore theatre
with Buster Keaton, Jimmy
"Schnoxxle"' Durante and Polly
Moran . heading an ' ace comedy
cast. J -
The dog's name Is' Fill and he
weighs exactly six ounces! " This
most extraordinary canine la of a
variety known as Maltese terrier.
a rare species. The tiny body, a
scant five inches long, is covered
with a fluffy white fur that gives
it the appearance of a tiny
poodle. The dog's bark la about
equal to the squeak of & medium
sised mouse.
In" "The Passionate Plumber"
Fifl plays the part of a small
member of Irene Purcell's house
hold In. which Durante is a sort
of butler and Polly Moran holds
the position of maid. Keaton, as
the plumber, comes to the house
to make some bathroom repairs
and through various complica
tions Is finally assigned to take
Fit! out for an airing. The re
sults of what starts out as an In
nocent stroll are said to keep
audiences in a continuous uproar,
One of Hollywood's best loved
characters, Lafe McKee. Is given,
a prominent part in Hoot -Gib
son's latest Western special, "The
Gay Buckaroo." now on the
screen at the Grand for the first
time in Salem.
After twenty-two years on the
stage and nineteen years in pic
tures, this youthful veteran rides
like a cowboy and has all the op
timism of a barnstorming actor
about to conquer Broadway.
Lafe conquered Broadway ao
long ago that he played in sup
port of such stars as Maurice
Barrymore, Rose Coghlan and
Anna Held!
Lafe's connection with motion
pictures goes back to 1912 B. H.
Before Hollywood. In Chicago,
he played in Seng's "Adventures
of Katblyn the first serial
ever made.
Homecoming For
Jason Lee Choir
Scheduled May 1
A homecoming for all former
members, directors and pianists
of the Jason Lee church choir
was planned Wednesday night at
a meeting of the choir. The event
waa set for Sunday. May 1, sub
ject to approval ot the musle
committee ot the church. The
event will be.additlonally appro
priate at that date, as It marks
the beginning of national music
week. .--. .
The plan is to invite all for
mer choir members to attend the
morning service, attend a basket
lunch at noon and enjoy an aft
ernoon together; when songs wil
be rehearsed. Then at night the
former and present members wil
sing a special feature of the serv
Herman Clark is director of
the choir; Ralph Kletzlng, presi
dent, and Mrs. Mark Wilbur, sec
retary of the organization.
Highway Map of
State is Ready
New 'highway maps for 1932
hare been Issued by the state high
way department and are ' now
ready for distribution. The maps
show, all of the highway Improved
daring the past .year, eogether
with roads completed prior to that
time. . .: -
A table showing the distances
between the. Important. cities and
towns in Oregon also Is included
Hamilton's Sale
Well Patronized
Steady selling - marked the
progress ot the C 8. Hamilton
fire sale ot furniture, with scores
of people calling all week. While
the first day was marked br an
initial rush, the crowds havo con
tinued in good number through
the week, reported M. White who
has been in charge of the sales
promotion. .
STATTON. Anril 11 nr.
A. Beauehamp had the misfortune
to almost completely sever th
first flnrer on bit left hand
nesdar nlrht while cutting unt
wooa in tne basement at his homo.
It waa necessary far him tn m
saiem to have the member dress-
Too Late to Classify
m .-
Old ftr it iR9c tH. !
- wia . uvwtw ui
Parade of Stock Purchasers
To Witness Stand at
Dallas Goes on -
" ( Continued from page I) " ;
SO shares of the stock after con
versations with George Gordon
alesman; George Robinson and
Frank Keller, Jr. He gave a not
for the entire amount of fBOOO
and under , cross-examination by
Oscar Hayter admitted that bo had
paid no actaal money and that. his.
only desire waa to get out ot the
corporation.'' ' -
The last witness was Mrs. Tem
perance Campbell ' of Roseburg
who stated that she had resided
there for over TS years. She gar
I McKay, salesman for the
corporation. $3 CO 9 in mortgages
and $400 in bonds, to pay lor her
shares. The only discrepancy
found by the cr ees-examlnatlon by
Lonergan waa- that Mrs. Campbell
understood that 20 per cent of the
money collected could bo ised
while the other witnesses under
stood that only IS per cent could
be used. The remainder was to bo
entrusted to the state for safe
keeping. ' v-k:' ..y- y -' -r ?Z
So farMn the case the state has
questioned IS of the witnesses
called leaving about 45 more to
be questioned before the case can
go to the Jury.
"What we need in this country
more than anything else is em
ployment, ao that the people can
buy the products of our factor
ies," Douglas McKay, president
ot the local automobile concern
bearing' his name-, averred at the
Fraternis club meeting at the Spa
last-night. He spoke on "What
the automobile Industry will do
towards bringing the . United
States out 'Of depression".
The present aggressive spirit ot
the automobile manufacturers
and dealers, McKay saw aa an ef
fort solely to bring about finan
cial recovery-of the nation.
"I don't think there's a chance
any of them will make any money
this year. In the face of stock
quotations, these- people have
ot of courage to go out on thesw
The reason for this aggressive
spirit being evident particularly
In the automobile industry is, ac
cording to McKay, the tact that
its executives are young men.
From recent talks with executives
of the industry, he found a gen
eral opinion prevailing that bus
iness will be good in 1133.
Release Steele
Upon Order oi
: Circuit Judge
An order of 'dismissal was en
tered Thursday by Circuit Judge
McMahan, in the case of the state
against C. M. Steele, charged with
carrying a concealed weapon The
court had, handed down a mem
orandum opinion in which he
scored police officers for search
ing Steele without a warrant.
Steele, a transient, was search
ed by police- and the revolver
found, after a report had been
received that ha had brandished a
revolver near the Southern Pa
cific station.
Ia the Judgment of dismissal
McMahan ordered Steele'a revol
ver returned to him saying that
the "same was unlawfully taken
from aefenaant tnrougn an un
lawful search ot his person.
Bombay Mission .
Worker to Talk
At First Church
Dr., R. D. Bisbea, superintend
ent of the Baroda district of. the
Methodist Episcopal church in
Baroda, India, will be the speaker
at the night service of the First
Methodist church Sunday. - Dr.
Blsbee is a graduate of ..Willam
ette university and has been min
istering to vast congregations In
India over a period ot years. -
' . He writes that he and Mrs. Bis
bea visited 733 Indian villages
daring the month of February
tnxa year, ministering to more
than 80,000 Indian people.
number of First Church members
are supporting atudenta in Dr.
Blsbee's area. Sunday morning
Dr. Blsbee will speak at the Sun
nyside Methodist church la Port
land. - - ; .
Bone of She Talkies t
A. Dome-Owned Theatre
ij. Tonight ; w present on the st&gt 'y'jij-
First Prize: $5X0 Gold, 2nd. Prize ZZ0 Gold, 3rd
Prize SLGO SUrer. . Be at the ' Hollywood Today at
4 P. IL for Tryout - .
First Showing
f t '
I Ia
Also llickey Blouse ia
rjwon uoraedy a ued
-j; . - . . ; ? i i i
Are you all drawing pictures ot
lflfkT Mnnia In tBA drawfn m&.
testr. The second pkurt to tu
. contest wia bo gtr-I
en away at the t he-
atre or youll Cad
it la -The Orerrm
Statesman. Some of
the prises la this
contest ara:
TOrtst I
watches, akates, boxes of candy.
bats, balls, marbles, dolls, and all
aorta of other thmgs.
- . M.M.C
Vh't9 tolas to bar a surprise
picture this Saturday.
And isn't the bow serial, about
. ;. - I
il seems u aunng vne moiu i
of showers there-arent as many I
birthdays as in other months--
only 2 S birthdays last week. They
wero as follows: Calvin Redf era, j
norman ttnmpnry, viayurn vm-I
ijorwort, Krma Moorea, vera i
Beechler. Fern Flarg. Eleanor I
Hall, Lorah Griffith, Marjorte I
Jean Thomas,. Jean Keaa. Mary i
Ruth Rlttey, David Tragllo, Les
ter . Weaver. Maxine Drorboaga,
G retch en Spencer, Robert Parrent.
Helen Brown, Vivian Jonas, Days
Baker, Bernice ' Wilcox, Marjorle
Prnltt, Marlyle Frye, Jim McNeil,
Charles Domogalla , and Millard
Elfberg. ; -
"Boots" has a swell new num
ber for Saturday.
"Ted's" goln to play a solo on
his basaphone for us.
"Andy's" going to sing "Fred
die the Freshman."-
Those on the program last Sat
urday were Evangeline Millard,
Nona Faschlng. Berely Benner,
Pauline Drager (from Barbara
Barnes School of Dance), Rnth
Fargo, Barbara Hathaway, Dean
Ellis, Virginia Bean, and the two
little girls who stole the show.
Mildred Heckinger and Eleanor
Brazean. .
Plenty of surprises for yon to
morrow, so let's see yon ail out.
So long, ZULIUB.
AURORA. April 14 "The
Freshman." s play of three acts,
is to be given by the upper grades
of the Aurora school next Friday
night. The cast is supported by
all children in the fifth to the
eighth grades but the principal
characters are as follows:
Worden, "the freshman" is
played by Merle Glesy; sopho
mores are, Jerome, Eldea Har
rison; Stephens. Freddie Ehlen: I
Griggs, John Kraus; McGrath,
John Drager; Professor Locke,
Art Tomlln; Horace, negro Jan
itor, Glenn CrlseH: Mary Locke.
Ernestine Flannery; Judith Blair,
Jewell GUbertson; Miss Porter, a
teacher, Louise Long; and Violet,
Lois Manock
The children are giving this
play to raise money to pay for
athletic supplies and help
the I
eighth grade for graduation,
Much interest has been shown in
preparation and the children hope
parents and friends will enjoy it.
Judge Gale Hill
Better, is Word
Juage Gaie s. am, nnaer od-
serration in the Portland medical
hospital for a month now and as
Lyet confined to his bed, is show-
lng improvement but . the date of
his return to the bench here Is
uncertain. Dr. Blair Holcomb,
Portland physician who is attend
ing Hill, said Thursday that he
considered his patient's condition
quite satisfactory. Judge Hill in
dicated in a letter received by the
county clerk's office ten days ago
that he would not be back at
work this month and said his re
covery had been slower than an
Today & Saturday -Mickey
Matinee Saturday
1:30 P. M.
Itornyard Brcadcasif News,'
Urania to rusopln Ghost"
Mickey Mmfcj
Ul. - t- - . a
foted Chiefs J. V.Steven3
- ijji: ti. ' : t..t.
Addresses Lions Club;
Cooperation Need
Ia flrr department : vorg X
br come te- the conclusion-that
it la not necessary 'to have any
flrea at all." declared ChiefT. W.
Stevens,-, state fire marshal of
California and- ehlef of the Cre
prevention dirlaioa ot the nation
al board ot underwriters. He was
addressing members- of Salem
Lions dab at the Gray Belle yes-
"In Portland on time, wa
nniuuf thm lwv tnr Av
thero wero aa Urea . . . Ja
U23-24 when Cleveland firemen
wt nn atriv ffcr vn M
f ir M tQT threo days, where ordi-
narUy thera ara dozens a day.
People were very careful that ao
flrea ahonld set started. - Firaa
began again as soon as the ftre-
men returned to work. .
After detailing types of fire
problems faced la many cities ia
the country. Chief . Stevens r
marked; "Looking over your city.
yon nave some troubles, too ' .
The year before last, Salem was
one of the worst firs cities la the
nation, it was better last year
I can walk into any building
here not inspected la the last
days, and I can And at least five
conditions which can cause a fire
and burn your building to the
ground. Tonight lives will be lost
to the fire demon ia homes of the
nation, through causes that could
be remedied. '
Protection of life
First Consideration
Fire prevention pays in dol
lars and cents," the chief went
on, "but the first thing of impor
tance is protection to hnmaa life.
Today as the result of activity ot
the International Fire Chiefs' i
soctatlon. we are striving to re
duce tire losses. . . It we could
get unified cooperation ot service
clubs of the nation, wo could ent
losses in hair. .- . Portland has
one ot the outstanding tiro de
partments ot the world because
of the cooperation of the people.
"As for firemen themselves, X
firmly believe yon can't pay
good fireman too much. If ho
Isn't a good one, he isn't worth
a aamn: a good fireman is one
who signs a contract with your
city with yon to walk into
danger ot fire and risk his life
to save your beloved ones and
Chief Stevens Is a product ot
the Portland tiro department Ho
entered that department ia 1104
as a driver for Lee Holden, pres
ent retired chief. The Utter, J.
M. 8ehon of the Oregon state
fire marshala' department. Chief
Harry Button and Engineer R.
Lewis ef the Salem department
were guests at the luncheon.
g T -..a Tir
?OU LiOOX 1 3Ken
In Burglary at
Service Station
State officers are investigating
on the scene of a major burglary
which was committed at the B. L.
Moore service station about three
miles north of Salem, probably
about 2 o'clock Thursday morn-
lng. A written report had not
been filed at a late hour Thursday
About 250 worth ot loot was
carried away from the station in
cluding lubricating oil and a var
iety of candy.
Two padlocks were broken ia
the entry.
luany UeClinitl&
I rVl . n
; EiieCtlOn 1 3SKS
Contrary to expectations, more
declinations hare been received
from prospective clerks and
Judges of , elections at -the pri
mary here next month thaa uaaaL
The Mos t
and Revealing
Motion Picture!
of the Year!
. ...
The caTerna of ev
ery city echo with
the cry of girls
to the power r
of... i
U. O. Soytr, eoaatj cleric, re
ported yastercay. Eoysr had tao
ulatad more thaa It mea-and
women' names yesterday, sent ia
as. persons who could not serve
ea the election boards. Xa almost
every instance. Bayer had a sub
stitute to: whom to offer the po
sition; The work, pays It, te the
individual for the : day,'. The
board's personnel is. almost equal
ly : divided' between republicans
and democrats. T.r i ,
STATTON.' Upifl r 14-Calvia
John Steward was born on a farm
east : ot - Staytoa . September S,
HIT. and died at the Staytoa
hospital Wednesday night after a
week's illness with albumin poi
soning, .-.v
He graduated from the 8taytea
high school ia 1121 and la 1I2T
was married to Miss Eleanor
Doxler. For a time they -lived in
Eugene, but fox the , most part
here. The past two summers he
had been employed at Crater
Lake national park, ia the serv
ice ot park beaauner.
He -la survTvea tor nia wiaoi
two sons, John Calvin, age 3, sad
Donlvan Roy. aged six months:
hu mother Mrs. Era Steward, ot
Eageae; four sisters, Mrs. Ade
laide BuhL Seaside; Mrs. Eva
Humphrey, Staytoa, Mrs. Bessie
Updegraf, Portland. Mrs. Esther
Mackinson. "Eugene, and Mrs.
Olive Stutx. Cunhman. His father
and brother LeRoy both died la
1121. , -
Funeral services will be held
at the Catholic church here oa
Saturday morning at f o'clock,
conducted - by Rev. Jos. Scher-
- His untimely death is a great
shock to the family- and many
friends, who have the sympathy
ot the community where he grew
to mannooa.
Hartford Firm
Points to Good
Finance Report
Coincident with the publication
of its annual statement as requir
ed hy law. in The Statesman, the
Hartford Fire Insurance company
haa invited attention to its report
showing its reserves and resources
at a time when market shrinkages
have been severe in some cases.
The Hrtford is represented with
TS agents in this state and takes
pride in its history of 121 years
in which it has paid .out millions
in losses, passing successfully
through sueh disasters as the New
York tire ot 183 S. the Chicago fire
ot 1371 and the San Francisco
tire of 1I0S.
The combined, assets of the two
Hartford companies are reported
at 1134.000,000.
Plead Guilty to
Illegal Hunting
Unlawful possession of parts of
a deer cost Lawrence Reed and
Ira Darkina ot the Howell Prairie
district 20 days each in the coun
ty JalL
The youths, arrested yesterday
by state police, pleaded guilty
when haled into Justice court,
They killed two deer out of sea
son. Mickey Mouse Club
Meets at
Warner Bros. Elsinore
1 Saturday
1:00 p. M.
Specialty Number from
Barber Barmen School of
. .Dance '
. V
4' "ttb?
. ; .With
Welter Huston
v Jean Herloir -
jeaic uxsnocr
First- Informattoa that the
Buttsrille-BToadacTes road would
be selected for work this, year
was given out by. Roadmaster
Johnson and Commissioner Smith
this week ea their, return from
a trip near Wheatland and Butte
Tilla.srhsre they . inspected, altes
for gravel plants. .They revealed
that- the court' is contemplating
improvement ' on this particular
piece ot road,, which, part to be
Improved la " about nre .soues
long, running from Breadacres to
the top or the rise near Butte-
According to statement s by
Johnson this Job. eaa be handled
quite easily, as there Is already
: toot rlrht-of-way and ' ao
dlffkmltiea about this are antic
ipated. The only changes expect
ed wlu be minor ones oa the
tarns.- ;.-i-r-;.V' -
The proposed gravel plant at
Butterille will take cars ot the
ravel for this road, and the
slant at Wheatland wfU furnish
the crarei for the Mission Bot
tom market read and ether roads
In that district.' Bids will be aa
vertlsed for both gravel and haul
ing ' contracts as soon as loca
tions are secured. '
Virtually all ot the estate ot the
late Robert T. Boals, Salem phy
sician, consisted ot first mort
gages oa real estate la Tillamook
county the appraisal tiled ia pro
bate court here yesterday shows.
Ot the total estate of f 18.00. an
items were first mortgages dae
the doctor except $1212, inven
toried value of medical equipment.
$7S office fixtures and $1057 ae-
couats reeivabie.
One of the mortgages Is now in
default and the 10 acres of land
securing it have been taken at an
estimated value ot $11,100. Two
other mortgages, as appraised
with interest Included are: Tilla
mook Building company, $10,124:
Myrtle Gist. $0021; R. W. Henry.
$1400; r, D. Nelson, $4542; Carl
Hunt. $4108; Cora Helnes,
$2578; R. C. Zwieky. $11.70$.
Clara B- Boals is executrix of
the doctor's will. Appraisers of
the estate were Jamea 8. Toward.
E. B. Hamilton U. J. Melchlor.
Plans of Child;
Health Meeting:
Make Progress
Plans for the state-wide tou
ferenee on child health and pro
tectloa to be held Hay 1 and J
at the statehouse, here are rap-
The Lone Eagle . . AMERICA'S GOOD
.v.: rttrWl
idly erysftlfxlag tinder direction,
ot the state- axeeuttr committee
of which Governor Ceier is chair
man . . ' ! 1 . i .
Many eountles have their own
committees organised and ; at
work and these will assemble the
first day of the conference to pre- -sent
their findings ' and - recom
mendations to their section chair
mam The general public Is being,
counted on to materially swell the
conference attendance the second
day to hear and discuss the re
ports which axe expected to in
fluence pnbile and private efforts,
la . behalf of . child . welfare - tor
years to come.' ; : r .
8. B. Laughlln. profeisor ef so
cloiogy and ecoaomica at Willam
ette university win be the prin
cipal speaker at the open forum
meeting ot the International La
bor Defense, Salem chapter, to be
held at 7:20 o'clock tonight ia
Union Hall,. 457 Court street.
Danrer Soots in World Popu
lation. will be Professor Laugh-
tin's topic He win Interpret his -subject
la its relation to the pres
ent economic depression.. - '
, The open forum rules adopted -at
a meeting of the chapter held
Monday night allow the principal
speaker, approximately SO mln-
ntes to present his. subject. Other
speakers ia the open forum dls- '
cuss Ion will be allowed tire min
utes each, and the principal
speaker will be allowed 10 min
utes at the close tor rebuttal.
The chapter -believes the opea
fqrum fills a real need la Salem.
The meetings hare all been well
attended, and it seems probable a
larger meeting place will be neo
essary in the near future. .
Mrs. Woodworth
Is Reported 111
Many old time friends ot Mr.
and Mrs. C. B. Woodworth ot
Portland, former residents of Sa
lem, will be pains to learn that
Mrs. Woodworth is seriously m
at 6L Vincents hospital la the
metropolis. Mrs. jWoodworth was
before her marriage Miss Kate
Applegate, sister of Lillian and
Pearl Applegate of Salem, and
grand nieces of Jesse Applegate.
one ot the principal men ot the
first bi . covered j wagon train
coming to Oregon, in, 1848.
We Cot a lled-yen of 'En
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