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The OREGON STATES3IAN, Salcm '-Or'Wednesday' Moraing; Janoary 8, 1932
Teams : to
on w. u.
i -
By "Spec Keene and "Bob Boardman
Start at 7:30 p. m.
No team can ever win consist
ently unless the fundamentals of
the game are first mastered. The
Florsheims and Linfield tolrnportant 6hotg a beginning bas-
MiY" Firt fiamp Will jketball player should practice. It
and Is also used In shooting tree
TT.tJl 11 1 a. Mt
tmnnlTttf TIVFTPS nia me. uau uy me linger
Willamette Rosebuds "d .p,mf' ndlin0 n,B'
AY-. v i Hewitt tne heels" of the hand. With
f m2 ? McChesney th DlaTer "onching forward, the
K""!ra" c - ; X52 ball starts from the lower chest;
Kloostra......C jJJ the bands are pushed forward
Relke. ...... .U. , .... xeraovica ., j a - n .
Allen. ....... G Anderson "d upward (b a full extension
Z , v. .Va of the arms, before letting the
Tonight at 7:30 the Wltam- ball go. The eyes should be
ette university Bearcats will tan- flxed on the froBt rim and top
gle with the speedy high scoring of tne bMktt and kept tnere Qn.
Rosebuds of Portland on the la- tll the oall hlt, the basket. Push
cal floor In a double header bas- ih6 ball easily without trying to
ketball game with . Florsheims "English" it, but rotate the
and Linfield college meeting in hands in slightly at the finish of
the second frame of the program. tne shot BO tnat the tnumba curj
The Rosebuds haTe had one of jn and aim08t touching the palms
the hottest Portland quintets for face toward the basket, the in
several seasons and are appar- dex tlnger sbjould be the last to
ently going just as strong now. leave the ball. Keep elbows at
Last Saturday night the Rose- side and in front of the body and
buds played Kenton,-and won 72 do not spread them as 'the ball
to 24, on Kenton's own floor. All is thrown. The arms and shoul-
fiye of the Rosebud regulars
contributed to the scoring and
three substitutes added 23 of the
MeChesney is a classy forward
and loops the net from any an
gle. Anderson is a guard, but
just as speedy as a forward and
Is usually a high scorer.
Coach "Spec" Keene has not
definitely decided on his starting
lineup,' but Indicated yesterday j
that George Scales will not play
because of an infected knee, rer-
r V. X
. HOLD &A1.1. BY
(f TUSM CALL viTMojr
' t it ut rre umi
ders should be relaxed complete
ly aa the ball leaves the hands,
Parrish Wins
Over Turner
By 23 to 12
a iiem goai.
Turner had a large center who
was outstanding while Don Coons
was the best Parrish man on the
In a preliminary game the Par
rish Trojans defeated the Capitol
Journal carriers by a safe lead.
Parrish junior high defeated
Turner high school basketball
reamy Z3 to 12. here Tuesday
ey Carpenter Is the only other night in a return game of the Mar-
veteran man. - . Ion county B league.
Carpenter has been shifted to This is the third consecutive
forward recently and Ray Grif- victory for Parrish. Friday night
fith Is being used at the other Coach Brown will take his squad
sharpshooter's post. Griffith is to Newberg to play the Junior
a fast man with, a lot of stamina high team there,
and makes a large percentage of The Parrish players were off
attempted shots. Though he on their shooting, but were able
looks small beside the men he to work the ball In close for many
has been playing with for the scoring opportunities. They were
past two nights, he Is all of six aiBO woefully weak on foul shoot
feet tall. . inr. but Coach Brown attributes
' i Reike Is the tallest man on the j part of their inaccuracy to the
team, measuring six-ieei-iive recently holidays,
with his shoes on. He and Allen steinke was high scorer of the
have been placed at guard and game wjth ejght points, all gained
.with Kloostra at center, a tall, tn the first half. Phil Salstiom.
fairly smooth combination has the other forward, accounted for
been found. - Max Alien has Deen SjX 0f the Parrish chalk marks.
Improving steadily this season wirti at center scored two Doints.
and is -now breaking into the DeJardin and Coons, guards, two
scoring column -more frequently. ana three noints resnectivelv. and
Ail the men in that five are White, a substitute forward, made later,
iair scorers wun ivioosira per
haps out in the lead when It
comes to gaining points.
Additional Groups
slay See Action
Another combination which
Keene' has been using, lncludse
Moore and Faber forwards, Con
nors center and Kaiser and Lem
on guards. Benjamin, Kitchen,
- Hartley and Burdette are others
on the squad who may see action
, tonight. .
Florsheims will play Linfield
Immediately following the WI1
'lamette game. Linfield has fin
ished third in the northwest con-.
ference basketbal race for two
seasons and now has a veteran
team back. . ! ,
r Wayne Darby, the tall lad who
' scored 14' points in one half
against Willamette university
. last year, is back and will prob
ably get the call for center. Oth
er veterans among the Wildcats
are Russ Hollingshead, Wayne
Eckman, Chet Cook, George Ser-
. geant, Chet Gillam and Virgil
Klngsley. Also several freshman
players have strengthened the
.;. squad. .'"
. This game will doubtless be
, good from the spectator's stand-
point, and will give the Bearcats
! good comparison wirhrl Linfield
as i Willamette and Frsheims
will play Friday and Saturday.
Florsheims will be tat full
strength . for tonight's contest
with Adams and Marr starting at
forward positions, Flake at cen
' ter and Ashby and Drager at
guards. .
Frosh in Run
For Class Cup
At Dallas High
DALLAS, Jan. 4 After trail
ing the entire game the Dallas
freshmen came to life and beat the
juniors 24 to 21 In the third game
of the interclass series. This vic
tory put the freshmen back In the
race for the interclass champion
ship and practically eliminated the
Present standing in the series
are: W. L. Pet
Seniors ........... .1 0 1.Q.00
Sophomores .-.1 0 1.000
Freshmen ...... .-...1 1 .500
Juniors 0 2 .000
Only three games are left in
the series. The sophomores play
the seniors this week and the
freshmen vs. seniors and sopho
mores vs. juniors games will come
Practice throwing -slowly and
continuously until you get the
form, then later speed up as you
would In game. Practice to nse
both hands equally aa one hand
will often tend to get ahead and
cause the ball to veer; to one
Hearing o n
Game Issues
Set Tonight
At least four of the five mem
bers of the Oregon state game
commission and a large attend
ance or members from the Game
Protective associations In Polk.
Yamhill and Marlon counties are
expected here tonight at a general
public meeting to be held at the
chamber of commerce rooms. The
starting time b 7:10 p. m., Chris
J. Kowitx, secretary of the Mar
lon county association announced
Marshall Dana, of Portland.
chairman of the commission and
Irving T. Vlnlng, Ashland member
and former president of the state
chamber of commerce, are both
slated to speak. The topic to be
aiscussea will be plans of the
commission for 1932 and the
rwlshes of the three county asso
ciations as indicated at the meet
ing tonight.
Not only members of the asso
ciations but' any citlxens or
sportsmen are invited to attend
me gathering.
Cougars Defeat
Montana Quint
By Large Score
MISSOULA, Mont., Jan. 5. .
(AP) Washington State's cage
aces rolled up a S2-to-20 count
on Montana tonight in the first
contest of a two-game series here.
The cougars passed through the
Grizzlies defense for many easv
baskets. They led 30 to 9 at half
The crowd applauded the invad
ers for their skillful ball handling.
Montana took many long shots,
but few of them connected.
'Hitch Your Wagon to a Star"
Woodburn is Beaten 52-17
With Revamped Lineup;
Salem "B" Winner -
Showing Improved offensive
teamwork despite the absence of
Johnny Bone, the only veteran
forward on the squad, the Salem
high school basketball team-roiled
up a 62 to 17 victory against the
Woodburn high Bulldogs in the
Salem high gymnasium . Tuesday
Because Bone was in no condi
tion to play following the extrac
tion of some teeth, . Coach Hollls
Huntington shifted Sanford to
forward from the guard position
he has held down steadily for two
years. Sanford filled his new as
signment in great shape and
teamed well with Kelly and Bur
rell. The three of them divided
scoring honors almost evenly, Kel
ly getting 15 points, Sanford and
tearrell 14 each. Johnson shot a
Mot of baskets after going in for
the final period.
The Cherrlans started at a terrt
fie pace rolling up a 22 to 3 mar
gin In the first period. They fail
ed to keep it up but allowed
Woodburn only one field goal
again in the third quarter while
they, strangely enough, scored
just ten points in each of the last
three periods.
The Salem high "B" team also
outclassed its rival crew or re
serves from Woodburn, winning
52 to .
Salem Woodburn
Sanford. . . ...... .F. . . . 1 Thomas
Kelly 15 ...... . F 4 Nelson
Burrell 14. .. . . .C. . . . . 4 Pardy
Sachtler 2 ..... .G 2 M. Ramsdell
Brownell O.... 1. Jackson
Johnson 8 S. 4 D. Damsdell
Referee, Howard Maple.
Salem B Woodbora B
Pickens 22 F . . . . 4 Krause
Wintermute 10. .F Chapelle
Dejardln 14 ... . C . . . .
Kantockl O....
Witzel 3 S
Referee, Loren Grannis.
. Koch
Arthur Tosses Jackson to
Win Armory Mat Struggle;
Brentano Beats O'Reilly
Tf "TtnlMAr" IicVmn tAnV
wrestling matches from -Wildcat
Pete and Taki Joe, he certainly
must have done so with more than
he showed at the armory Tuesday
night whep he lost two oat of
three falls to Ernie Arthur of
Trail, B. C
The only thing that Jackson
used which could consistently
budge the sturdy Canuck was a
kick to .the midriff. Jackson took
the middle fall of the bout with
a head scissors and arm bar, for
which he jumped high in the air.
He gained his fall in 10 minutes.
Arthur took the first fall with
a series of shoulder butts and a
body press In 12 minutes and took
the final one with exactly the
same tactics In eight and a half
Jackson used his doubled fist
freely In the bout, always looking
to see where Referee Matheney
was and hitting on the opposite
side. Twice outside of the ring he
tried to wage the battle, but both
times Arthur piled him on the
floor and then with common sense
which averted riots, scampered
back Into the ring.
In the preliminary event Jack
Brentano handled Art O'Reilly of
Eugene much to the liking of the
crowd when he tossed the "En-
gene terrier' to the floor with a
body slam out over the ropes.
This came after 21 minutes of
wrestling. O'Reilly was able to
stick with Brentano the remain
der of the 45.
Brentano was clean on .the
ropes, passing up maffy opportun
ities to befoul O'Reilly In his fre
quent holidays from the ring. The
match was wild and rast with
lSenty of good wrestling. Both
participants did some biting dur
ing the bout.
mm ai Demon. Salem's new
boxer who will appear on a fight
card here next week, was introdu
ced at. the ringside and Is a nice
appearing lad.
istration oi
Voters Picks up
As Primary Eyed
Registration for the primary
election which will be held Friday,
May 20, this year, is -showing
' some Increase from week to week.
County Clerk Boyer reported yes-
. ter J ay. While, the voting date is
more than. lour ,. months away
many citizens are making sure
they will not forfeit their ballot
through failure: to register as re
quired by law. - -
The statute makes it mandatory
. for voters to register by April 19,
1932. Swearing In at the polls is
not allowed. If a voter changes his
, residence after he has registered
.and before he votes, he may re
ceive a certificate of changed resi
dence which will permit him to
cast a ballot.
Annual Report
Of Boy Scouts
t SSfj -A;'
2 STUAienT wins
Scotts Mills high school and town
basketball teams won both games
here Saturday night played with
Mt. Angel's first and second
teams. The high school won from
Mt. Angers second team 26 to 18.
Pos. Scotts Mills
F Johnson
F Ma gee
C 5, Thomas
G . Oleson
O....R. McKIllop
G M. Hasklns
The Scotts Mills town team and
Mt. Angel's first team's score was
33 to 29.
Mt. Angel Pos
Lietx F
Rolling F...
Muckens C
Schweninger, 4 G
Mt. Angel
Gros Jacques
Scotts Mills
6, Dlxotf
z Marquam
G J. McKillop
Coach Spec Keene is bow
having his Willamette basket
ball men shoot 20 free throws
night and record the number
made and missed. The first two
day's results were not complete,
. bat Indicate that over lutlf of
the tosses are missed. In game
played this season the percent
ace has been even higher for
bogle shots.
The importance bf the free
throws was demonstrated In the
games with DeNeffe's. Shooting 20
a day and marking down the re
sults on a chart hung up In the
dressing room, will be more valu
able than shooting twice that
number and not keeping count.
Twenty a day is a small amount.
Fog" Allen, basketball coach at
the University of Kansas, requires
that all his players shoot 50 every
Medford, Ashland and Grants
Pass are the three principal
schools left In the southern
Oregon basketball dlKtrfct No.
15, Including only Jackson and
Josephine counties. Douglas and
Klamath counties used to be
long, but Douglas, or rather
Roseburg itself, pulled out sev
eral years ago. Now Klamath
Falls has been placed in the cir
cuit with central Oregon teams.
Medford reports practically ev
erything back that It had last
year. Last year the southern Ore
gon race was close and Ashland
barely nosed the Pearplckers out.
Medford has three men who are
six feet tall and the same number
who are taller and also a wealth
of reserve material.
Ashland will again pin its
hopes on Wardlow Howell, the
giant center who burned up the
Willamette floor last year with
his playing. There are two other
lettennea at Ashland, but neith
er of them were outstanding
and one was not a regular last
year. Prospects are that five
men can be picked from the
lean squad to make a f afar team,
but reserve material wfll be
noticeably smaller and weaker.
Neither Ashland nor Medford
is taking Grants Pass too serious
ly, perhaps due to the fact that
the Cavemen never have given too
much trouble. Either Ashland or
Medford will probably be here
and unless a one-man team can
win out, it will probably be Med
Christmas Mail
Being Handled
Although the Christmas mail
lng rush is nearly two weeks past
postal clerks still are working
away at the large quantity of. par
cels and letters which could not
be delivered on account of Im
proper addresses. The "nixies",
as these pieces of mail are called,
are being checked with director
ies and sent to their destination
or to the sender. If these address
es can be learned, or otherwise
are sent to the dead letter office
City Hoopers Check Closely
and win 26 to 23 Over
: Pioneer Cagemen
DALLAS. Dec. 5 (Special)
Dallas basketball fans got a real
thrill tonight when the Dallas
city quintet defeated the Univer
sity "of Oregon Tsrsity hoopers
21 to 23 In a hard fought game
featured principally by the" close
checking of Dallas' guards.
Calkins, veteran Oregon for
ward, was held I. scoreless and
none of his mates managed to do
any shooting worth writing home
about with the exception of Rob
erts, center, who caged the ball
for 12 points.
Dallas took a 9 to 7 lead at
the end of the first quarter and
the collegians came back to lead
Iff to 12 at half time. With but
a minute left of the game, it was
tied up at 23-all and then the
home boys scored three points to
come out ahead.
Dallas 26 tj. of O. 23
Voth 7 F...3 Robertson
Vaughns F Calkins
Webb 2 C 12 Roberts
Uglam 2 G Stahl
Griffin 2. G 4 fLevoff
McBee S..4 Rubenstein
Dorsey 2 S
Referee, Shreeve.
DALLAS, Jan. 5 Dallas high
finished her barnstorming tour
with a 19 to 18 win over;TIgard
In the roughest game of the sea-'
son. Despite the fact that the
game was rough there were only
five personal fouls called and all
of these were on TIgard.
Tigard was ahead at half time
12 to 7 and led up until the last
few minutes of the game. Lewis
scored for Dallas to bring the
score to 16 to 15 for Tigard and
then Bill Cadle scored two bas
kets in short order to cinch the
The next game for Dallas will
be against Molalla there Friday.
Other games coming up in the
next two weeks are Forest Grove,
here, January 9; Corvallis there,
Jan. 12; and the first county lea
gue game against Monmouth here
on January 15.
Dallas 19 Tigard 10
LeForst, 3 F...2, J, Smith'
MInnlch, 3 F 10, Ariss
Elliott. 1 C Joneg
Lewis, 4 G ; Nokes
Fournier G 2. I Smith
Cadle, 4 S..2, Hunnlacmp
Robinson, 4 S
Referee, Anderson.
A bowling match between Sa
lem and Albany teams Sunday was
won by the Salem quintet after the
first game had been lost by only
one pin. George Allen and his Mc
Kay Chevrolet pin topplers who
,were representing Salem, then set
tled down and won the last two
by a wide margin.
H. Barr . 224 221 163 608
B. Hmncowmy ., 189 104 179 ' 653
E4 Pratt ; 185 158 109 452
Geo. Allca 207 190 199 196
H. Ps 175 190 159 524
ToUlf .
.960 963 809 2733
I Jaektoa
200 170 170 540
151 14 133 430
904 157 156 17
w20 164- 168 688
200 287 154 591
.961 874 781 116
e "XL Kin Fralarra Syndicate, tae. towrt arBala tUhte mcnei,
Made by West TOTSS
As the new year began, Cascade
area. Boy Scouts of America, had
,562 active scouts in 29 troops,
according to the annual' report
of Executive Oj P. West. .These
figures do not include the six
'troops and approximately 100
scouts In Linn j county, which Is
being absorbed Into the Cascade,
at Madison Square Garden has
started the beys along Cauliflower
Sow jabbering anew abeuV this
youngster's chances to win that
million doUar bauble the heavy
weight chamjuousnip.
v At th cisM of the last 1o4oai
season reda, who is managed by
or Marion-Polk counties area. :'SftJi(S?9' 3atclT,5er
Volunteer scout - leaders in he i'sJZ
area number 1275. - - - ; : kw v 7tTl:5ri &
- w lrv avui WUCXv AO
. .The executtve's financial report
shows that the area ended the
year with a balance of $22.13 In
the bank, after expending $4027.
33. Audit of, ithe -books was com
pleted on Monday by F. E. Need
might demand a title shot. But th
long Summer mused without frill 411
news about Stanley. It seems that
Manager Flourney, whs knows the
boxing racket as well, verhus. &a
muj uiou cuuuccveu wua n, was
ham and C. W. Paulus who were I jot too anxious to rush the young
appointed for the Job by the coun-1 iter. Poreda new Is 22 years eld.
He has had about forty fights,
seme of them against opposition
of merit and some against round
heels. But In all his battles he
showed something of that neces
sary spark which causes the boxing
Doys io cnaiier ana mage predic
tions. ... r..
Probably the rreatest asset in
Poreda's short boxing career is his
connection with Joe Jeanette, one
time colored heavyweight ' - star.
Jeanette. whose battles with Lang
ford and Johnson and ether hv.
lea of that day make boxing his
tory, has been tutoring : Poreda
since the young man took serious
ly to the game. In action' Poreda
closely resembles Jeanette as he
appeared in his heyday. Stanlrt
is cool under fire, careful not to
waste energy in careless luring of
punches and quick to see and take
advantage of openings for a right-
hand shot te the chin. He can
punch hard with that right hand
as will be attested by his knockout .
victories over Walter Cobb, Pat,
i cranny, ueorge uoxxman and
unmett Koeco, to name a few of
the better knows victims.
In his last two appearances at
the Garden Poreda has scored
knockout victories. He atamted
Ralph Fkucello, Brooklyn heavy,
and Hans Schonrath, a German !m
Krtation. Stanley looked good in
th affairs, and dearly showed
the benefits of being tutored by a
roaster of rinr techniaue. v
It is a hat)DV combination, thf a
of the budding star and the
whose fistic glamor the years will
iicycr uxm. , Ana woo is ta say
that it may net ultimately "result in
Stanley Poreda beinr
heavyweight champion of the
wonar xean, wnor
CTrtm. im, tor Kb rttlwn Syadkata. be
'our Has
Good Year so
Levy is Low
- i
BETHEL, Jan. 5 The annual
meeting of the "Big Four" Tele
phone company was held at the
Bethel school Saturday night.
A. L. Schuls, presided, and W.
L. Creech is secretary-treasurer.'
Line 19. of which A. E. La
; Branches is director, is in rood
condition and will not need to
make an assessment for the year.
Lineman W. R. Baker's report was
accepted. . .
- In view -of the good financial
condftion of the company It was
only, necessary to levy an assess
ment of $2.00 per phone for the
ensuing year. There Is S1SQ on
nana... . ;
The wage scale for line work is '
75 cents .per hour, and the same
amount plus five cent mileage for;
shooting trouble and 35 cents, per
hour for the laborers. ' , "
-.The company was notified 'that
it will be exempt from making an
Income tax report In the future.
, . election of directors resulted
I as follows: Line 19 A. E. La
Bran che; Line Cc A. L. Schulz;
Lane 67 o. L. Bru baker; Line
I 8 Roy Marshand: Line 109
W. L.' Creech The directors will
elect onicers Saturday, January 9.
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