The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, January 05, 1932, Page 3, Image 3

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    ; sale starts
9 'GflosEi
:oo - -unore) genuine savings
in contrast to the dramatic but meaningless sale
practices of many stores, we are conducting this
annual sale of ours with the least sensational bal
lyhoo and with the most real money saving oppor
tunities to our customers in other words a
we needn't say so much about it for the quality
of the merchandise will speak for ifs self, our stock
is composed of careful selections from well known
and highly respected makers
enough to say--at the beginning of the season
prices on our quality clothes reached extremely,
low levels, on top of these original reductions our
sale discounts give every buyer an opportunity to
replenish his wardrobe at the lowest prices in years
past and probably years to come.
this is our entire stock of coats in
cluding Kuppenheimers famous Duf
fel Toppers also numbers in cam
el's hair, llamas wool, alpaca and
other fine fleeces; tweeds, covert
cloths, polo cloths, and gaberdines
the models vary from loose fitting
raglans- to smart double breasted af
fairs nearly all of these numbers
are "shower-proofed".
this group comprises units that havs
been here too long; however the
models are identical with current
conservative styles: two button
coats, conventional width trousers
18 to 20 inches at bottoms, very
few of these numbers have been in
stock over eighteen and many less
than six months at time of pur
chase they represented valuer from
$25.00 to $45.00.. many nationally
known makes are included.
Mickey - Freeman
this limited group consists of our
entire stock of Hickey-Freeman
clothing, representing without ex
ception 65.00 values, one year ago.
you probably never again will have
the opportunity of buying such un
questionably fine merchandise at
such a low figure.
balanccof clothing
not a suit in the shop is exempt
from this price cut Kuppenheim
ers trojan weaves, their famous
"Tlfty group, the Crusader group,
also Keller-Heumanne Thompson's
finest creations and in as much as
all of the above named qualities
showed substantial reductions at the
beginning of the season the dis
counts given on this sale make these
numbers the foremost values of the
I cMfftfcc - Dd
! consisting, of units slightly soiled or wrinkled, also close
out numbers nearly all of these shirts are of Manhat
tan's' making of oxford cloth, woven madras, broadcloth
and other fine shirtings most of the shirts in this group
are full pre-shrunk, all are full cut and fast color
prices on entire balance of .pattern shirt stock
reduced 20
gH5 feonaIkei?G
all plus sixes and new this season this stock while
small is of exceptional quality and includes many genuine
Harris tweeds and other fabrics famous in sports circles.
golf hose reduced 10
values from 2.00 to 3.50
these ties are a bit bright held over from a bright year
is the reason but they'll bolster your courage and who
is the man of these times whose courage does not need
bolstering needless to say these ties are all hand made
of the very finest imported silk cravatings.
prices on balance of stock reduced 10
teim'o EaaI12 Enose - SS
values from 50c to 1.50
1 limited lot half hose, mostly small sizes, representing se
lections from Phoenix, lisles and silks, an4 McGregor's im
ported woolen the patterns are bold but the quality is
good. '
PEnoeiHuln EaaUO Enoce- 55b
- - - -. - "
values from 1.00 to 1.50
all sizes and excellent patterns, lisles, silks, and silk and
lisles, neat stripes or clocked effects
PEaeimiiri Cn3 flficlle -OS
values to 1.00 '
this group is composed entirely of jiew, merchandise ar
riving just previous to the holiday trade even though
6x3 ribbed, lisle socks are very fashionable, they failed to
"take" with our trade, hence sizes are complete and pat
terns unbroken.
balance of hosiery stock reduced 10 :
pullover and coat styles inasmuch as we practically sold
out our entire sweater stock during our june clearance
the present stock consists only of fall and holiday mer
conservative styles, brims a bit wider than on newest mod
els, some are slightly soiled, sizes from 6 to 7$i many
Dobbs hats of former 10.00 values included.
balance of hat stock reduced 10
mostly one piece styles, larger shapes than the current
mode, but of good quality many dobbs caps of former
-3.50 quality included.
prices on balance of cap stock reduced 15
GflpooffG cuHEs csai?0s- 9S
this group, in ' the main, represents numbers that have
been in stock one year many beautiful patterns in val
ues that ranged at time of purchase from 3.00 to 5.00.
the season's newest, various plain colors and; patterns in
cluding a large display of blacks and whites. ,
1 Sflaffiumefl i?13j)ec
x?ehmedl 3S
including the famous botany flannels in plain colors and
suAEi eitoessiiimg gowimc
plain colors, moires and brocaded effects, many new this
season, some not so new, and some older values at time
of (purchase ranged from 5.00 to 20.00.
Bniamlui?e amid tteircy
sflotfclla srofoes 2.95
just a few in this group of various patterns and qualities, '
all are holdovers from one year ago prices at that time
ranged from 5.00 to 11.50.
guMi Enounce coatts - 395
only a few sizes left original prices ranged to 10.00
Enounce cnftgDgpei?;
soft leather soled felt house slippers,
small sizes, per pair
"manhattan silk
shorts, per pair-.
manhattan broadcloth
shorts, -r
ner pair ... : Jl
balance of shorts reduced 20
manhattan pajamas reduced 20
ngcEsOim gflovec 2.Q5
4.00 values : ' -
this group consists of genuine natural shade pigskin with
the snap style fastener
balance of glove-stock, including: all lined
numbers, reduced 15
note: the regular prices as quoted above, except where specifically ftated, positively represent market values of today, not of last year or when columhus was a boy
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