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Bearcats Given Strenuous:
Work; Face Fast Rosebuds
In Next Clash Wednesday '
Newcomer Claims Victories
, Over Wildcat Pete and
jj Yaqui Joe ia Past
- Tonljht Ernie Arthur, middle
weight champion of Canada, will
me$t "Devil Dog" Jackson of Call
i fornla In a scheduled two boor
wrestling match at the armory on
Matchmaker Harry Plant's card.
Arthur has never seen Jackson
r perform and Is planning to take
no chances on stalling around .In
the match. His intention Is to go
Tight but after Jackson. Arthur is
expecting a tough match as Jack
' son has defeated Wildcat Pete and
Yaqui Joe.
; Whether Jackson ever tangled
, with 'a kangaroo or not. he is re
' ported to be one of the best or the
Australian mlddlewelghts. He has
: wrestled considerably on the isl
i and continent and also in Califor
nia and Texas.
,l Ernie Arthur has changed his
style of wrestling considerably
; since first appearing in Salem. He
has now taken up with numerojis
flying holds and a more spectacu
' Ur attack.
' ' He has always been active in
the ring, but has now" come to
rely more on speed than previous
ly. Arthur vied with Reed tor
prodmlnence In the huge wrestl
ing tournament recently staged In
, the middle-west. Robin Reed, the
winner was the only one grappler
who defeated him.
Gives Customers
Plenty of Actios
. i At that time he was forced to
. make 145 pounds at the ringside
' and his best weight is around 149
pounds, at which figure he now
wrestles. He has more reserve
strength at his present weight
than he did when he was forced to
take qff several pounds. --
Though Arthur is not a concert
- of "dirty" wrestling, he employs
punishing holds and gives the
crowd plenty of thrills. He is him
self a tough customer and strong,
being able to absorb a lot of pun
ishment I
Just as speedy and spectacular
a match, though not such a long
one, will be seen In the opening
45 minute bill with Jack Brentano
and Art O'Reilly meeting. O'Reilly
Is well pleased with the victory he
won from "Speed" Weiura here
and the draw with Prof Newton,
In his last two matches staged
However he is meeting a more
experienced grappler in Jack
Brentano and one more capable of
guarding against his foxy stuff.
About the biggest crowd ever
' ' assembled here for a wrestling
match saw the Reed-Arthur boat
and a large crowd is expected to
night as the middleweight shows
prove more popular than the
, heavyweight bills here.' y
Full program of sport events
tonight, marking the end of the
Christmas holidays lull which
wasn't ewch a lull at that. To
night we .have Ernie Arthur
aDd "Devil Dog" Jackson at the
armory, a couple of Salem high
teams playing the boy a from
Woodburn, and' Parrish taking
on Turner high between the 18
lnch hoops.
Ernie explains his change of
style as one that was forced upon
him. He wasn't having much trou
ble stopping the other Canadians
up ' around Trail, B. C, -Toronto
and way points, before his first
trip down here a year or so ago,
but when he got into the big show
back east, he found that the world
had wagged onward and left him
behind. Now he has caught up
again, and his new "stuff" is not
only effective but it pleases the
fans better.
Astoria beat Wood burn 54 to
15 the other day, and tonight's
game here will furnish a basis
of ' comparison between the
Cherrians and the Fishermen.
However, there's little doubt
bat that Astoria could trinT13a
lem high pretty badly now; the
only hope for local fans la that
Huntington will speed his boys
up until they're in state tourna
ment class again.
Had a visit yesterday from L,
F. Thompson, manager of Kim Al
bertson, -recently of Detroit. Al
bertson is a lightweight fighter
and Thompson modestly claims
for the boy that he is the next
champion of the world in that di
Albertson has scored victor
ies over .Babe Herman, Billy
West, Ritchie Mach and Blickey
Dolan, t mention only a few
whose names may mean some
thing to Salem fans
The best news of all is that Al
bertson is going to settle down
right here and work out in Phil
Bayes' gymnasium, and hopes to
line up some fights in the near fu
ture. Salem has been shy a real
i top notch scrapper for lo, these
many lean years, and if Albertson
and the town take to each other,
it will be a great thing.
At the start of a new year, Wll-
amette - university's basketball
outlook is hardly championship
high and Coach "Spec" Keene Is
trying to remedy the situation by
giving protracted practices to- his
squad. Three non -conference
games are scheduled for this week.
The Bearcats have dropped
three games out of four starts
this season and do not look a
great deal more like a basketball
team than they did in the opening
contest, which was incidentally
the one game they took.
The players appeared none too
lively in the long practice held
fefonday afternoon, but did show a
few flashes of life .when a real
Lscrimmage was started.
Even the "Pollyanna observ
ers who are, always picking ine
Bearcats as Northwest conference
favorites, are viewing ' the situa
tion dubiously now' with' Willam
ette's stock resting near second or
third place at best.
Coach "Nig" Borleska has al
most all of his last year's squad
back at Whitman and the Flor
sheim players report' that he has
two teams of about equal ability.
It seems that the renowned Buddy
Applegate, who showed flashes of
good basketball last year, has
blossomed Into a real threat now.
In the games here last March ha
was strong - in every department
except shooting.
The Bearcats do not play any
conference games until the latter
part of this month. Three tough
games are slated for this' week
with, the Ro ebuds of Portland
coming here Wednesday night
Friday and Saturday nights the
Florshelm five will be met to de
termine the city championship.
The Rose' ud team is one of the
best in Portland, finishing higher
In the city standing last year than
the Multnomah clpb outfit. The
Rosebuds have always ranked as
one of the best teams In the state
and Keene' s big boys will have a
tough assignment
Coach Keene is still experi
menting with his tall men to get
a speedy combination. Kloostra
has shown up well this season and
will probably get the call at cen
ter. His shooting Is Improved over
last year, but he still lacks ag
gressiveness In floor play.
Kaiser and Carpenter are show
ing up well at guard positions
and Griffith i3 doing well at for
ward. "Squee" Kitchen is becom
ing accustomed to the Willamette
8 trie of play and should be a valu
able man when he becomes more
used to close guarding.
Come i Tonight for First of I
County League Games
For Holly's men
Tonight the Salem high bas
ketball team will meet the Wood
burn high five on the local floor
in the first game of the season
against av county opponent.
The game, tonight and- Fri
day's game against Bllverton high
here, wlU demonstrate what cal
ibre team Salem will put Into
the field this season.
Woodburn Is in the habit of
giving Salem' close games In bas
ketball and Is particularly strong
on Its own floor. It Is expected
that the Woodburn team will be
playing up to Its best form to
night as it. has been practicing
hard in anticipation of this game.
Have won Three
Snecesslve Games
Coach "Holly" Huntington's
men dropped their first game of
the season which was played with
the speedy Benson Tech team .of
Portland.- Since that time four
games have been played and. won
by the Cherrians. However two
of. these were from the alumni
and the ethers from University
high of Eugene and Jefferson
high of Portland, two unproven
No great changes have been
made In the Salem high lineup.
Saehtler Is almost fully recov
ered from his hip Injury and will
be back with Sanford at guard.
Saehtler is doing good work this
Burrell will start at center
while Kelly will probably be the
running mate of Bone at for
ward. This combination Is fairly
speedy and may be able to de
velop further speed.
Coach Vernon GUmore's B
team will meet the Woodburn
high B team in a preliminary
contest which will start at 7
o'clock. The B team will also
play the Silverton B team Friday
Babe Facing,
Tussle Over
NEW YORK, Jan. 4 (AP)
Babe Ruth, the big business man,
is in mid-season condition for. any
debate, whether it involves his
golf game, his It 11 pay-check or
the major, league home run crown.
"Never felt better In my lit e,"
Ruth bellowed today when the an
nual cross-examination on '. the
subject of his health and waist
line was conducted.
' Artie McGovern. who for near
ly 10 years has helped keep' the
big fellow In good physical shape,
says Ruth Is In better trim now,
with hi 18th birthday barely a
month off, than he has been at
any time In the past four or five
He has a-new contract to sign.
Colonel Ruppert, the Yankees'
owner, has said he will never
write another $80,000 - paycheck.
The babe, as he did a year ago be
fore "compromising" on the salary
Question, is marshalling the fig
ures to show why he should not be
paid much If anything less In Ills
for doing better In 1931 than most
everybody expected.
Champion Returns to Wars;
Will Sign Contract to
Battle in Miami
pened here In his absence since
last summer, as people were in
him. -.--. . ;".
"Are there any good movies?'?
he demanded. Are there any new
And between a new Dachsund
named "Pete" and a. mechanical
gadget of whirring springs. that
hid in his palm and went off when
he shook hands, he had the news
paper men leaping all ' over his
hotel apartment all afternoon.'
James W. Mott, state corpora
tion commissioner, will address a
joint meeting of ! the Keizer,
Hayeevllle, Middle Grove and Ha
sel Green community clubs Friday
night according to announcement
made yesterday. The gathering
will be held by the Chemawa
Woodman hall beginning at' 8 p.m.
The program for the evening,
aside from Mott's address, Is:
Community singing; orchestra
number. Middle Grove boys; Swiss
yodeling, John Reynolds, Hayes
vine club; reading, Mary McCol
lough, Keizer club; Number, Hazel
Green club members; vocal solo,
Glenn Savage, Keizer club; shoe
makers' dance. Middle Grove
small school children; reading, W.
R. Gould, Middle Grove club; skit,
Hayesvllle young, folks; . reading,
Dora Cummings, Keizer club;
'cello solo, Middle Grove club;
solo dance, member from Keizer
club; male quartet. Saucy Broth
ers', Hayesvllle club.
House concurrent resolution No.
3, approved by the 1931 legisla
ture, merely expresses the opin
ion that there should be a survey
of all state institutions under the
direction of the state board of
control, and authorizes the expen
diture of $500, Attorney General
VanWinile held in an opinion
handed down Monday.
The money required for the
survey shall be paid out of the
regular biennial appropriation for
the state board of control.
The survey would deal prlnci
pally with the needs of the vari
ous state institutions, with partle
uiar reierence to lands, new
buildings,, equipment, furnishings,
Improvements and personnel. It
would corer a period of 10 years
in the future.
- The resolution suggested that
Charles Vasaly, superintendent of
the Minnesota state reformatory,
be asked to assist in conducting
the survey. The appropriation of
3500 Included in the resolution
was to. cover Mr. Vasaly's expen
ses In coming to Oregon.
Other persons required In con
ducting the survey would be
drafted from the present official
and operating personnel of the
The opinion was requested by
Hal E. Hoss, secretary of state.
Parrish Will
Play Turner
Five Tonight
Parrish junior high will bite off
another mouthful of the Marion
county B league basketball sched
ule when it meets Turner high
here tonight.
Parrish has been winner of the
league for two years, but Coach
Brown has stated that he does not
feel so optimistic over this sea
son's prospects. However his team
beat Turner, 20 to 6 in a game
played at Turner in December.
Parrish also defeated the New-
berg junior high by a slim mar
gin in the opening game of the
season, but will probably 'strike
harder going Friday night at
Newberg when the Yamhill jun
iors are met for a return game.
Coons and DeJardin are the
guards on Brown's team and
Wlrtz is playing center.- Salstrom
Stelnke, Carter, Dyer and White
are the forwards of the squad.
None of these have been outstand
ing enough yet to have cinches on
the team. The Parrish Trojans
will meet a suitable opponent in
an opening game tonight at 7
WOODBURN, Jan. 4 Wood
burn high school's basketball
team, under' the tutelage of
James Miller, has been putting In
a number of good practice ses
sions during that 'school's Christ
is a s vacation, building up
strength for Its first game after
the holidays, when the Bulldogs
meet the Cherrians of Salem
high school. The game will be
played In Salem Tuesday even
ing, January 5.
During the vacation period the
Bulldogs took a long trip to As
toria, where the - local team ran
up against a superior team. The
final score was 54 to 15, for the
Fishermen. Although the Wood
burnites were doped to be beaten
before the game, the local team
gained a lot of valuable experi
ence playing with a team of that
Church Hoop
Games Again
Hard Fought
Two close and stubbornly
fought basketball games and one
that was a walkaway featured
Church league play which was re
sumed at the Y. M. C. A. Monday
night after the holidays. Evangeli
cal came from behind to defeat
the Presbyterians 29 to 20 In spite
of the letter's newly acquired
Jason Lee nosed out First Bap
tist, 23 to 21, in another bitterly
contested game. First Congrega
tional proved much too strong tor
Hayesvllle and won 44 to 10.
Evans. (29)
Barqulst 4 . . . .F.
Bewley " F.
Esch 17 C.
Maves 4 ......G.
Remington . ...G.
Garrett 2 .'. . . .8
1st Baptist (21) (23) Jason Lee
D. Morley 0 ...F Gies
Parker F. . ..4 Hesseman
O. Morley 8 ...C 2 Marey
King 1 G 7 Magee
Otjen G 2 C. Miller
Hall S 6 R.Miller
Cross S 2 Duncan
NEW YORK, Jan. 4 (AP)-
Max Schmellng arrived here to
day' from Germany on a business
trip that he hopes will net him
profit of $1,000,000 although his
business Isn't what it used to be
The heavyweight champion box
ugnter or , tne worm, looking as-
fit and ready for conflict as -the
day ' he battered ' down Young
Stribllng in Cleveland last July,
is here for a title match with
Mickey Walker in Miami. Febru
ary 25, and, he hopes, an engage
ment. 'With Jack Dempsey, the
comeback king. In June.
If Dempsey returns to the
heavyweight wars by June, and
success still clings to the Schmel
lng banner. Max hopes to settle
his differences with Jack Shar
key in some prominent ring by
September. Of these plans, despite
the depression that has hit the
fight business, the champion bases
his hopes of the $1,000,000 bank
account by the time he sails again
lor Germany in the fall.
Although the match has not
been definitely made. Schmellnr
said he would sign for the Walk
er engagement with Madison
square Garden officials Wednes
day. At a late hour today the Gar
den sun was discussing terms
with Jaek Kearns, manager for
Weighing only 192 pounds, just
inree a Dove his fighting weight
Schmellng was In fine fettle as he
uiBcussea me future. He was as
much Interested in what had hap-
High School Jo
Enter Stronger
Swimming Team
Now that the Salem high
school swimmers have Improved
their one weak -spot, diving, , they
have a fair chance to win some
victories during the coming - sea
son 'according to R. R. Board-
man, Y. M. C. A. physical di
rector. Under the ' eoachlng of
Fred Paul of Willamette univer
sity, they have been training in'
tenslvely on the various dives.
The first meet probably will
be held with University high of
Eugene here on January : 29
Other meets will be held with
the Oregon frosh and the Oregon
State tooks. Jim Reed has taken
the place of Ceach Bob Needham
who has returned to University
of Oregon.
NEW YORK. Jan. 4 (AP)
Salvatore Ruggirello, Italian hea
vyweight, surprised the experts at
the St. Nicholas arena tonight by
knocking out Walter Cobb, giant
Baltimore fighter, in the first
round of a ten round bout.
DALLAS. Jan. 4 Dallas bas
ketball fans will have their oppor
tunity to see a fast college team
in action Tuesday when the city
team plays the University of Ore
gon here. The local squad has
been trying to secure his game
for some time and It was definite
ly settled last week that the two
teams would meet Tuesday, r
. Ray Boydsten,. coach of the city
team has announced that the pro
babJl lineup tor Dallas will; be
Voth and Vaughn at forwards.
Webb at center, and Griffin and
Uglow at guards. In addition to
these players he will have a lot
of good reserve material on hand.
Attendance at the city team
games has been poor so far this
year despite the good showing the
boys have made. The team has
won four of 1U six games and has
shown real basketball and plenty
of fight In all the games. The bad
weather was one excuse for the
small attendance and It Is hoped
that there will be a big crowd out
Tuesday evening to support the
horns team. .
NEW YORK, Jan. 4 (AP)
Ben Jeby, New York middle
weight, knocked out Al Delomont
also of New York, In 2:04 of the
second round of an eight round
bout at the Jamaica arena tonight.
Church Play ers
Found Eligible
All players In the Church bas
ketball league were found eligi
ble when the captains and man
agers of each team met at ""the
Y. M. C A. yesterday. The Tem
ple Baptists, newcomers, an
nounced they would have to drop
out of the league because they
did not have enough players at
tending Sunday school. League
players are required to attend
Sunday school three out of every
five Sundays. The Baptists with
drawal leaves 11 teams In the
(26) Presb.
3 Hale
. 8 Hageman
. . ..7 Nelson
. . 7 Beechler
. .... 1 Pense
Hayesvllle (10) (44) 1st Cong.
F. Terusaki . . ,F. .4 Whittington
A. Sugal 2 . . . . F 6 Harrison
D. Sugal 4 C 22 Thomas
Ogura 1 G. .. .10 Gingrich 3 .. ,G Nelson
G. Terusaki . . . . S 2 Hanson
Referee, Gribble.
Salem high school girls are
taking to swimming as an inter-
class sport. First turnouts lor
I practice are slated for today.
They will use the Y. M. C. A.
i pool during their gym class
State Entitled
To Fines, Ruled 24 c,ty reclnctg-
A city-wide educational cam
paign for national - disarmament
was decided upon Sunday by mem- ,
bers and persons Interested in the i
Salem chapter of the national
council for prevention of war who
met at the Y. M. C. A. Plans laid
call for observance here of a dls- I
armament week from January 17
to 24.
During this week 50 persons
will be trained to serve as Instruc
tors for classes in disarmament i
roblems. Leaders in the disarma
ment movement will be asked to
come to Salem to speak at all
meetings possible. Ministers will
be requested to have disarmament
speakers In their pulpits on Janu
ary 24.
Following the educational
week, plans are for the Instructors
to organise a class In each of the
. Fine of $50 and costs for un
lawful possession-; of lntoxlcatin
liquor was assessed against Mrs.
Luella L. Stone yesterday when
he appeared before Justice of the
Peace Miller Hayden. Case against
Walter J. Nelson, held on the
same charge, was dismissed for
lack of sufficient evidence. - t
Arrest was made at the Chicken
Roost, operated by Mrs. Stone. At
-the hearing yesterday afternoon,
evidence was brought out that
Kelson had purchased the business
; January l, and that warrant for
arrest of Mrs. Stone was issued
' about six days previously. Nelson
. was at the place at the time offi
cers descended the night of Jan. 2.
Nelson Is in business here.
Mrs, Stone's attorney . paid the
fine against her Immediately.
In case of traffic violation ar
rests by state traffic officers with
in cities having a population in
excess of 2000 persons, the fines
Imposed shall be paid to the state I
treasurer, Attorney General Van
Winkle ruled In an opinion hand
ed down Monday. I
The opinion was asked by Ru-
fus C. Holman, state treasurer. .
SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 4
(AP) George Von Elm, run
ner-up for the national open title i
and Stanley Turner, both of Los
Anreles today won the Santa
Monica $2500 amateur profession
al golf championship shooting a I
best ball score of 6, five under
Two Auto Thef t
Suspects Caught
City police early Sunday morn
ing recovered an automobile stol
en from Albany and at the same
time caught the two i alleged
thieves. Andrew Kalokoff of Bue
na Vista- and Alex Kazakotf were
arrested and their two .. ' women
companions released after being
questioned. . - - , -'
The two men yesterday -were
taken into custody by Sheriff Her
bert Shelton of Linn county.
.J - v i -,
, Bids will be opened by the state
highway commission In Portland
January 21, for the construction
of approximately 17 miles of
road, and -several bridges.
The several projects follow:
Lincoln county broken stone
and gravel surfaclng.of 11.5 miles
of the Otis-Sllets river section of
the Oregon coast highway.
Malheur county grading of
3' miles of the Juntura-Peach sec
tion of the central Oregon high
way. .
Douglas county reconstruction
of the south approach of the over
crossing of the Southern Pacific
railroad on the Pacific highway
at Comstock, nine miles south of
Cottage Grove.
. Malheur county bridge over
the north fork of the - Malheur
river on the central Oregon high
way, one mile east of Juntura. -
Two bridges over the Malheur
river on the central Oregon high
way 2 miles and 5 miles respect
ively east of Juntura.
- Multnomah , county construc
tion of it walkaway on the lift
span, stairways on the towers and
painting the towers of the Inter
state bridge over , the Columbia
river at Vancouver.
Fastest and most fascinating Sport '
Ernie Arthur vs. Devil Dog Jackson
Jack Brentano vi. Art O'Reilly
Soup or Salad Meat or Fish - Potatoes
Vegetables ' Bread and Butter or BoSs
pie ox Pudding and Drink
daily until-Jan. 15
Every day no til January 15,
rouadtrips to all Oregon sta
v tkxu of tbe Southern Pacific
tUsbtd to approximately lYx
cents a mile. Return limit 30
ONLY. No stopovers.
For the same period we
win sell one way tkkets fox
60 of the coual 'one way
fares. 50 pounds of baggage'
checked free on all tkkets.
Sample roundirips:
I Portland $ 1.60
I Eugene 2.15
IMedford 7.75
Klamath Falls .10.10
Marshfield ...I. 7.05
Liberty Phone 4642
12th A Oak St Phone 4403
'think of it - - - health and
happiness for just $1"
the formula for this miraculous medicine, this
blessed balm for human ills, was given to me per
sonally, by the high chief of a tribe of aborigines
in darkest africa."
one dollar, ladies and gents, and every ache and
pan is gone forever . . , thank you . . . don't push!
shake well before using.'
certain stores seem to be resorting to these pic
turesque methods of the old-time medicine show ;
wild promises lots of expensivee ''glamor and
noise, and the guileless buyer takes his chances . . .
two suits for the price of one . . . exaggerations,
misrepresentations. .
warning! don't be taken in ... but how can you"
be sure of getting your money's worth, full value,
at today's prices? '
watch for our announcement
in today's paper ' .
fashions for men
416 state street
salem, Oregon,