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    The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem, Oregon, Tuesday Morning, December 15, 1 931
Scores of School Children
Take Part in Event at
j Salem Heights
Th Christmas school program
which was presented at the Salem
Heights community hall Friday
night was a very spectacular and
. well rehearsed affair. Many who I
witnessed It declare that it is the
best prosram yet produced by the
school. The performance was giv
en to a capacity house.
The program was as follows:
Mrs. Wlegand's room, seventh and
eighth grades "Tinsel and Gold"
a dramatic Christmas cantata
Principals1: Betty Biles as Eda.
Cleave Bartlett as Edwin. Shirley
Stevenson as mother. Lorraine
, U'Renn as Marlon, George Wright
as father. Francis Jones as Mrs.
Gray and Isabella Rothweller as
Ruth. Others taking part were:
Lillian Berg, president of girls
club; Muriel Robinson, Francis
Ball. Florence Ball, Mable Wal
ters, Hazel Bedient, Esther Bur
gess, Orville Beardsley, George
Skelton, Edgar Fortner. Merrill
VanCIeave, Marvin Sharpe, Jack
OstUnd, Joe Wright, Ralph Mad
dey, Paul Jones, Paul Riffe and
Ramona Nixon. Ray Maddy and
Richard Oraw were stage man
agers. An Indian play entitled, "Pair
of Christmas Stockings" was pre
sented by Agnes Booth's pupils of
the fifth and sixth erades. The
principals in this playlet were:
father: George Cogswell, mother.
Alida Mae Sautter, Paul: Jack
Craig, Prudence: Irene Fischer,
Indian messengers: Robert Zin
ser, Francis Rothweiler. Indian
chief: Latimer Chambers: Indian
dancers: Annabel Hicks, Palmer
Lee, Lela Woods, Vivian Jones,
Helen Kasberg, Lois Wilson, Al
len Bartlett. William Trudgen.
Marjorie Worley, Gertrude
Brooks. Indian chorus: Dorothy
Burger, Alice- Douglas, Arthur
Miller, Ada Hayes. Catherine Zin
ser, Zelma Williams, Eunice
Wright, Evelyn Polanski, Virgin-
la Burger, Mary Skelton, Doro-
they Sharpes, Jim Polk. Dean
Davenport, Bertha Nixon and
Lois Douglas.
Irma Deetz pupils of the third
and fourth grades presented
"Queen Christmas" with Schuy
ler Giles as King Christmas. Doris
Polanski as Queen Christmas and
, Betty Jean McLaughlin as Spirit
of Love. The others taking part
were: Mildred Rothweiler. Betty
Mae Miller, James Wood, Muriel
Zinser, Dorothy Jones, Earl Mor
gan, Scott Wilson, Harold Biles,
Helen Raney, Bobbie Bohannon,
Errol Eide, Margaret Kasberg,
Rholin LaDuke, Betty Van San
ten, Robert Kennon, George
Douglas and Eugene Bressler.
The primary room, first and
second grades under Barbara Eg-
euton presented, "The Road to
Toytown ' George Wood taking
the part of Raggedy Andy, Na
diene Gosnell as Raggedy Ann.
Peggy Van Santen as Mr. Santa
Claus and Jean Gaston as Mrs
Santa Claus. The others partici
pating were: Donnadell Wash
burn, Walter Bowman, Merle
Harnsberger, Jimmy Rogers, Clif
ford Sharpe. Ansel Ramey. Arline
Hicks, Mabel Ramey, Herbert
Booth, Ronald Burgess, Fred
Chambers, Ben Fortner, Terrence
Hagel, Bert Jones, Richard Sen
ter, Wendell Trudgen, Otis Wil
son, Pauline Shoen and Fred
Cogswell. The costuming through
out was mostly accomplished
through the pupils own efforts
directed by the teachers.
,"V If
J & )
" A r " ' y -s 1-,.: lnJpwHG
mm-nf I yA. ' x"" ' i " 'n ""sewwawf CUPtOS
L a 'sf" . J Bov.
r ft iC
Instruction in the Art cf Make-up
Th wolf may b scratching at the door; th icebox may bo as bar
a Mothar Habbard's cupboard, but upon milady's dressing tablo will bo
found tbo array oL pot and jars that contain th magic balm which
fives that peaches and cream complexion, and the appealing cupid's bow.
Despite the world depression America's beauty bill for last year was
$750,000,000, and it continues to grow. Now, some of our law-makers
have suddenly awakened to the possibilities of tbo cosmetic business
as a fertile source of revenue and a bill has been introduced to provide
for a 10 per cent luxury tax on lip-stick, rouge and other aids to
beauty. But tbo women are up in arms to oppose the passage of wbal
they call an unjust imposition. They deny that cosmetics ar a luxury,
asserting that they are as much of a necessity as m man's neckties or
razor. Furthermore, tbey say they owe it to the stronger (?) sex te make
themselves as pleasant to look upon as possible. When on considers
the amount of pounding, plucking and paring that a woman will under
go for her looks, one can form a good estimate of the ferocity with
which they will fixht the bill that might deprive thorn of their make-ut.
West Salem News
The three one act plays which are
to be given by students of the In
dependence high school Thursday
night In the Training school audi
torium give promise of an enter
tainment of unusual merit.
The plays and their cast are as
"The Romancers', by Edmund
dress rehearsal of the Community
club vaudeville performance
scheduled for Thursday and Fri
day nights here will be given to
night at the school for the feeble
minded and another tomorrow
night at the Girls' Industrial
The new house belonging to
Mrs. Lida Andrews at 1328 Third
street is practically completed. L.
L. Sloper was the carpenter and
It is reported that the West Sa
lem Water company, for the first
time in its history is paying run
ning expenses and satisfactorily
taking care of bond issues.
Trees to California
S. L. Coffee is marketing
Chirstmas trees bought from
farmers in the surrounding coun
tryside by trucking them into
California. He returns each time
with a load of oranges some of
which he peddles while some are
offered for sale at a roadside
stand by his family. He finds
the new business a paying pro
position. -
Jim Moore who has been mak
ing his home with Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Moore at Alrlie Is at the
home of his brother, F. M. Moore
where he will make an indefinite
Lyle Johnson, six, son of Mr.
and Mrs. C. A. Johnson, is recov
ering from a severe cut on the
chin caused by a fall irom a
"Sweeten" Study
A clever plan of interesting
eighth grade pupils in civil gov
ernment is being introduced by
Principal Lyle Thomas. At re-
Cast of Characters Given
For Play Which Will be
Main -Feature
OAK POINT, Dec 14 Miss
Pearl Eyre announce Oak Point
school will have It Christmas
program Friday night. Dee. 18,
beginning promptly at S o'clock.
A Christmas cantata called.
"Santa Clau In Story Land,"
will Include all the children In
the school. Santa Clans and Pe
ter Pan, Cinderella and all the
story book folks are to be there
dressed In costume.
A two act comedy, "Christmas
at the StebbinBes" by Marie Irish,
will be played by the young Teo-
ple of the Christian Endeavor
class of the Sunday school.
The cast of characters is: Mr.
Raymond acted by Wilson Noble;
Mrs. Raymond, Livinlan Rand ell;
Mr. Stebbins, Kenneth Black;
Mrs. Stebbins, Faye Black; Mary,
the hired girl, Emma Wolfe;
Jake, the hired man, Rodney Pe
terson; Hetty, Hetty Jane Ottin
ger; Tom, Frank Sorrenson; Joe,
Kozmo Komoto. Miss Jesse Brown
president of the young people's
class is coaching the play.
Rodney and Glen Hardman
were appointed from the Sunday
school to get the Christmas tree
and Mrs. Allen Hall appointed to
help decorate.
Mrs. Lilly Hall returned to her
home In Eugene after spending a
month at the home of her son and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hall.
Miss Roberta Peterson who is
teaching in West Salem will spend
the Christmas holidays with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Peterson.
' o
--' s . ' p1'?,;,'." " ' j . -
- - $f ltr 'lfi
I r- " I yZZ, ' y r--.. -
Hero of many a miraculous escape en the screen, Tom Mix, movie
Idol, lived true to his reputation for getting out of tight corners by
fighting off the serious illness that recently threatened his life. He is
shown above smiling a cheerful greeting to the camera from his bed
fai the Hollywood, CaL, hospital, where he fought bis battle with death
after an operation for ruptured appendix. Nurse De Elda Hathwayi
Is giving the star hu first nourishment.
The health program and lecture
presented Thursday night at the
school house by R. J. Ambos of
Salem was very poorly, attended,
but an excellent program was giv
en. Mr. Ambos appeared under
auspices of the community club,
into whose treasury the proceeds
Thirty of the principal scenes in
the life of Christ as pictured by
the well-known artist Hoffman
and presented through slides,
served as the basis of a Bible lec
ture given by Rev. W. A. Guef-
froy of Oregon City on Sunday
evening at the school house. Mr.
Gueffroy appeared under auspi
ces of the Christian Endeavor so
ciety. A good sized crowd was
Miss Erma Duvall spent the
weekend with friends at Mon
mouth, Her three month's period
of practice teaching at the local
school will end on December 23,
when she will resume her studies
at Oregon Normal following the
Unusually Large
Crowd Present at
Grange's Meeting
RICKREALL, Dec. 14. An un
usually large crowd attended an
open meeting of the Rickreall
grange Friday. R. R. Hewitt, dean
of law at Willamette university,
was the speaker. His topic was
"Economics In General." The
speech was enjoyed by all.
There were two piano solos by
Miss Margaret Hogg; Mrs. B. A.
Stenson gave a reading, "The
First Settler's Story."
Two new members were taken
In and four cards brought up
from other granges. Since the
next regular meeting would fall
on Christmas night, It will be post
poned until a later date, not yet
McCOY, Dee. 14 Miss Winona
Finn who Is teaching the Oakdale
school spent the weekend with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo
Mr. and Mrs. Ceciel Johnson
spent Sunday in McMlnnville.
Miss Louis Scroggins and
Dorothy Finn spent Saturday In
The Odd Fellow and Rebekah
lodges of McCoy had their com
munity Christmas tree Saturday
night. The beautifully decorated
tree was the delight of all, as
were the gifts that Santa had left
under it. A program was given
and mightily enjoyed by everyone
present. Home made candy and
pop corn balls were passed among
the happy Christmas crowd.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Dueltgen. Mr.
Maurice Dodson of Alrlie and Mr.
Lewis Tiffany of Amity were Sun
day dinner guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Finn.
l!J Ft
Senator Joe Dunn
Slated as Speaker
Word reached here of the death
in Portland, of William W. White,
who was born at Union Hill and
ii .J i . . . i . , .
mi , if y lueu tut) eariy pari ui ms me jn
rOr WOOdburn ClUD this vicinity. The funeral was held
in Portland Friday afternoon with
interment in Rose City cemetery.
Mr. White was the son of Jane
Temperance King and William
Austin White, both deceased,
who were pioneer residents of the
eastern part of the Waldo Hills
section of Marion county, known
now as Union Hill. Mrs. Phillip
WOODBURN, Dec. 14 Sena
tor Joe Dunn of Portland, will be
the main speaker at the meeting
of the Woodburn chamber of com
merce to be held In the St. Luke's
community hall Wednesday night,
Dec. 16. The meeting will start
at 7 p.m. Ticket Bales for the
meetlnr are already very active,
and a large crowd is expected. As
usual, the women of St Luke';
parish will prepare the banquet
Dunn la the senator who advo
cated the three dollar automobile
license at the last meeting of the
state legislature.
; I s v
: N,
X x 4
v . v , N
J s -f :
"sZ '
- r fix, : - A"
Rostand. Characters: Percinet. a
lover, by Glenn Hardman; Stra
forel, a brave. Joe Komoto; Beng-
amin, father of Percinet, Henry
Quiring; Pa6quinot, father of Syl-
vette, Everet Miller; Sylvette,
daughter of Pasquinot, Joan Dick
son. to be presented by the
freshman and sophomore classes.
"Family Reunion", by Peaty
Characters: Mrs. Wardham, a
lady, Elizabeth Baker; Otis, her
son. Karrol Chrlstenson; Richard,
her son, Joe McElsowney; Rich
ard's wife, Maxlne Carey; Lucy,
Mrs. Ward ham's daughter, vera
Ramer: Don. Lucy's boy friend.
Henry Walker; maid, Olga Syver
son to be given by the junior
"The Loveliest Thing," by Pert
Wee. Characters: the man, Paul
Burch; Mam 'telle, Marjorle
Plant: the wife, Laurel Busby;
the husband, Clifford, Ramey;
grandfather, Rodney Hardman;
the mother, Frances Gorsline and
the child, Dolly Howe to be pre
sented by the seniors.
The producing stair is: stage
v . a
manager. Ferry urown; ugni-
nings, Kenneth Black; property
manager, Margaret Foster; cur
tain manager, Clarence Moyer;
costume manager, Frances Gors
line; advertising manager. Beryl
Mrs. Homer Dixon ana Mrs. na
sel Stalsberg, faculty members.
are the directors of the plays.
gular intervals a senate is held
with a speaker of the house, poll
tical parties, etc.-and bills are
introduced and debated.
The school basketball team was
defeated Wednesday by the Li
berty team by a score of eight to
six. This was the first game of
the season.
Preparations for individual
Christmas programs are going for
ward in the different rooms of
the two schools.
C. A. Johnson, Janitor of the
Elsinore theatre is quite 111 at his
home here. Pending his recovery,
his brother-in-law, Ben Cagle of
Mill City is taking care of his Job.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Boening
were hosts Sunday for dinner and
cards to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nie
man of Liberty.
Mrs. C. L. Dark will be hostess
Wednesday afternoon at the par
sonage to members of the Metho
dist Foreign Missionary society at
their regular monthly meeting.
Mrs. Emma Moore, and Mrs.
Irene Owlsley, both of Turner,
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Moore and
children June, Harold, Esther
May and Georgia, Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Kanupp, all of Salem were
Sunday visitors at the Marion
Moore home on Edgewater street.
Mrs. C L. Dark, Mrs. Al Hen-
ning, and Guy Newgent constitute
a committee for distribution of
relief to needy families of West
Salem. Contributions of food.
clothing, and fuel are solicited
and a good attendance is urged at
the vaudeville entertainment to
be given in the comnurnity hall
the evenings of Dec 17 and 18,
the proceeds of which also go to
the poor of the town.
W. F. Sturgess Is a business vis
itor in Newport this week. Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Scott of Dallas
were Sunday visitors at the Stur-
ress home.
Chester Frederickson is west
Salem's representative for solicit
ins: used toys which will be re
paired by boys of the manuei
training department of Salem high
school and distributed as an item
of Christmas cheer to the city's
Juvenile poor.
W. F. Weisner paid a recem
visit to Lebanon where he was
called by the serious illness of his
father. John Weisner. ine eia
erlv gentleman Is much . better
and hopes to be able to spend
Christmas with the Weisner lam
lly here.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. HUI spent
Sunday with relatives at Glad
stone and report quite a snowfall
in that locality.
II 1 1 7lJf I JJ
-1 y JMliliy and the price
phV HIWOT is only
Fischer, Mr. M. M. Gilmonr, Mr,
O. a Jones. Mrs. O. Hwnpnw.
revs. Mrs. J. C. Krens and H. Bl
King of Victor Point are cousins.
Mrs. Phillip Fischer was called
to Albany Friday to be with he,
daughter, Mrs. Dell Alexander,'
who is quit III with a sever at
tack of rheumatism which zom
lowed a siege of tonsllitls.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace W. Neal
and children Kenneth and Shir
ley, of Westflr were recent visit
ors at the J. C. Krens home.
Miss Bernlta Jones came horn
Friday morning from a Salem
hospital where she underwent a
tonsil operation.
BROOKS, Dec 14 The Labis
Royal Neighbor club held its an
nual bazaar at the home of Mrs.
George Campbell. The sale net
ted the club a neat sum. A short
program was given, Incladlng mu
sical numbers by Mrs. Frank MaU
thes, vocal solos by Mrs. Clyde
Harris,' readings by Mrs. Campbell
and Mrs. Charles Beckner.
Mot hrs! to
reduce yoar family
CoMs-Tax" use the
Vlck Plan for Defter
"Control-of - Colds'
In your llome
w v .esa.
To Japan, China and
Manila tail from Van
couver or Victoria tither
via Honolulu by the
paradise route - Empre
of Japan, largest and
fattest on the Pacific,
and Eropretf of Canada;
or direct by the Speed
way Express Ships Etn
presce of Asia and
1931 tea-going luxury...
Canadian Pacific
service. ..congen
ial companion.
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Gentemen Sentenced
To Term in "Prison
Conrad N. Lauer. president of the
Philadelphia Gas Works Company,
who was chosen president of the
American Society of Mechanical
Engineers at the opening session
mt th aorietVa B2d annual meet
ing in New York. H succeeds
Roy V. Wright of New York. More
than 5.000 engineers, economists,
scientists and others attended the
. annnai couvenuon.
DALLAS. Dec. 14 Harry
Oenteman was sentenced to serve
18 months in the state peniten
tiary hv Judge Walker here, Fri
day. Genteman ana aiaynara
Grooms pleaded guilty to a charge
of burglary earlier In the week.
Two other boys, wmie out ana
Delmar Scrapper, were bound over
to the erand lury and are now out
on ball. . Grooms was not oi age
and was sent to the state reform
school for an Indefinite pario.
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