The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 06, 1931, Page 19, Image 19

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Tnc OREGOn STATESMAN. SalenL Oregon, Sunday Morning, December 6, 1931
Depression Igno
I Christmas Buyer s heady
H v
Syncro-Mesh and Free-Wheeling Announced by Chevrolet for 1932
Holly Sprigs, Tinsel and Red
and Green Help
Lure Shoppers
Inconoclasta from time im
memorial hare cried that Christ
mas should be stripped of its
commercial aspect s--and who
doesn't wish that when the most
used book in the world grows use
less? But -
Merchants insist on throwing
out : that ' persuasire Christmas
"-omtaiiner 10 me pudiic, ana uie
; public, forgetting that only the
"flay before It wished for a white
Yulettde, comes back with a rush
a grand rush with the net result
that Mr. and Mrs. Public buy
things galore, ranging from sox
to Rolls Royces.
And now Christmas is less than
three weeks away!
Lack of money notwithstand
ing. Salem people are doing
plenty of buying for December 25
already, the merchants say.
Let's just suppose that you, like
farmers, transients and reporters,
think you hare not the where
withal to buy Yule tokens. Then,
not being able entirely to resist
the lure of holly and fir trees,
we'll take a little tour of the
windows. Window shopping.
Only, here's a warning.
This has an adrantage, you
know. You don't hare to be Im
mune to blondes or bright spark
ly eyea and pleasant smiles. Or,
maybe you do have to be Immune
to window shop.
Here's a window that a week
ago looked quite commonplace;
now, a sprig of holly, a few bright
fltters and Christmas' lures.
That baby fork and spoon all done
up on a rare Mickey Mouse crea
ture Gee, what fun it would be
to get that for Molly's cherub.
Aha, the same window has pewter,
silverware, candlesticks. Let's go
oo, lest someone weakens.
For this is window shopping
There's a thing that Dad would
like. A paper money clip. Maybe
they are as old as the hills, but
we're not seen them before. Jt 's
attractlye. That 3moking equip
ment, too. What an array; hard
to ehoose. Thank goodness we
don't have to . . . . Brother Bill
would fall for that cute elephant
i offal AM AW IIiaI 1.
too. Mother always said smoking
j? was monkey business. . . .
Thinking about men and smok
ing. . . , they aren't' supposed to
like pretty things ... but they
do. Why not for the casual friend
some of these monogramed
matches ... or those colored ones
.odd shaped boxes?
Electrie irons with pretty
handles .... a window with manv
dishes - . all of thpm attrfMv
.... varieties shades .... what a
? present that would make for mar
ried sister .... that beautiful
. . , 1
" teL.SwW mlim m m n
Embodying silent syncro
mesh transmission in combi
nation with selective free
wheeling, Chevrolet's new
car for 1932 goes on display
today in dealer showrooms
throughout the nation. Other
new features include down
draft carburetion, radically ,
changed front end appear
ance and "finger touch front
seat adjustment.
Upper left, Chevrolet d
luxe sedan; upper center,
roadster showing new "sta
bilized" front end construc
tion; upper right, coupe,
showing the new hood doors
instead of louvres. Lower
left, syncro-mesh transmis
sion; lower right, view of
instrument board with f ree-
wheelinpr kuttnn at- rtrm
mm -
12 left. .S
Others Being Kept Open in
Spite of Drifts, Says
Auto Association
glassware . . . what temptation
. . . . gracious, even mixing bowls
of pleasing hues cry that they'd
like to be wrapped in Christmas
boxes. . . .
There's another novelty . . .
those little Dresden China bridge
bells .... Sally would like one
. . . . probably not expensive, . . .
but . . .
Purses .... pretty handker
chiefs by the hundreds . . . um
brellas .... undies .... hose and
more hose, meshed or plain . . . .
All acceptable .... all useful . .
all alluring if merchants
just wouldn't make their windows 8
so terrihlv temntlnr at thia time farther
of the year .... spring and fall
opening . . . they just can't begin
to compare. . . .
Knitted scarfs . . . bright . . .
new . . . Sister would like one . .
one of those wide bracelets . . . .
beads .... watches ..... ob, oh
. . . . let's move on fast. . .
Toys .... funny things . . . .
we used to play with 'em . . . .
Ned's yoangster'd like that
monkey on the stick .... oh,
bother! might as well go in and
get that! (And of course we came
out with an armload, and no
blonde behind the
Florists' windows .
wreaths .... mistletoe
plants .... Christmas out right
. . . . jardinieres the old
brown pot for plants gives way to
enameled ones .... decorated . . .
attractive. . . Mother wouldn't
have to keep wrapping green
paper about hers . . .
Those- handkerchiefs with the
big splashy initials take the eye
.... for women too .... any
woman would like to carry one of
them ....
Stationaries . . . smart too . . .
those cabinets look better than
ever .... white seems to be in
most evidence .... good taste
. . . that elephant with the bridge
score and pencil that sticks up
from his back .... ought to in
trigue any player . . . auction or
contract ...
Books too .... what better for
Christmas than books .... they,
like other things, are available
at reasonable cost .... reasonable
yes, lots of things seem to be
more reasonable .....
Why, what's the use of worry-
, that dollar does go
. . sure .... let's go In
and buy a bit ... .
RIVERVIEW. Dec. 5 Word
was received here by relatives
from Raleigh i-eitag and family
now residing T Glendale, Aril.
The Freltag family left here sev
eral months ago to travel for Mrs.
Freitag's health. Raleigh stated
in his letter that Mrs. Freitan has
Improved considerably since lo
cating there.
. holly
Nine Imperial airways' pilots
together have traTeled nearly miles, each aTeraging .-
65 5 hours flying time.
1932 Chevrolet Offers
Syncro-Mesh, Free Wheeling
Many new Features Mark This General Motors
Product now on Display
Chevrolet's new car for 1932 is on display in dealers
Embodying silent syncro-mesh transmission in combin
ation with selective free-wheeling, a twenty per cent increase
in power, top "speed of 65 to 70 miles an hour, the new car
remains in the price range of the current series, the lowest at
which a Chevrolet has ever sold.
Jleralded as "the great Amerl-O
can value for 1932," the car
boasts more extensive changes
than any annual Chevrolet mode
since the change-over to a six in
1928. Yet changes are mostly re
finements over the basic design
of the 1931 car, which, from the
standpoint of public acceptance,
was the most successful in the
history of the company and
brought Chevrolet first place in
the industry during the highly
competitive market of the past 12
Practically every proven auto
mobile feature of recent years is
incorporated in the new car, as
well as a new "stabilized" front
end construction embodied for
the first time .on any car in the
new 1932 Chevrolet. Outstanding
improvements in the '32 line over
last year's models are down-draft
carburetion, counter-ba lanced
crankshaft, smaller wheels and
larger tires, radically changed
front end appearance, "finger
touch" front seat adjustment,
cowl ventilator on all models,
hood doors instead of louvres,
improved clutch and an additional
cross member in the frame.
Free wheeling Is provided by an
over-running clutch, engaged at
the discretion of the driver by a
control button on the dash. The
wheelbase remains at 109 In
ches. In the new Chevrolet, the fen
ders, radiators and headlamps are
Here's a Suggestion!
send The
J! 'A' GIFT NiOT"'
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.The Oregon Statesman
Salem, Oregon.
Please send The Oregon Statesman for Months
to. ,
Ordered by ...
V Kmp
Address I ---
Subscription rates:
By carrier 1 Yr. $5.00, 1 Mo. 45 cents.
I By Mail 1 Yr. $4.00, 1, Mo. 50 cents.
Outside Oregon 50 cents per Mo.
carried on a single fender support
unit, which is anchored at the
center of the front cross member
of the frame, thus eliminating the
annoying weave as well as the
possibility of squeaks at points of
stress. ..
Goetz Will Address
Delbert Reeves Post
SILVERTON, Dec. 6. Robert
Goets, superintendent of Silver
ton schools, will be the speaker at
the Monday night meeting of the
Delbert Reeves post of the Ameri
can Legion. Mr. Goetz' topic will
be "To Foster and Perpetuate
One Hundred Per Cent American
ism," taken from the preamble to
the American Legion constitution.
Mrs. Anne R. Jones, president
of district No. 1, will be present
at the auxiliary meeting which
will also be held Monday night.
Regardless of additional snow
in many parts of the state last
week, only two state highways
remain closed, the Mt. Hood Loop
and the McKeniie Pass, the Sa
lem branch of the American Au
tomobile association reports. The
Wapinitia cut-off road has felt
heavy snows all week but snow
plows are keeping the highway
open to Maupin. Motorists are
warned, however, to put on chains
at Twin Bridges, which is west
of Laurel Hill; before traversing
the final stretch.
Snow and rains have made Co
lumbia river highway traveling
far from easy. A report from The
Dalles says that there is snow in
that vicinity. Between Arlington
and Pendleton there Is about
five inches of snow, with about
15 inches of new snow in the
Blue mountains. Snow is found In
spots from Hood River on east
ward, the A.A.A. report says.
Those traveling east of Arlington
are advised to carry chains and
drive carefully.
About five inches of snow Is
reported on the Pendleton-Walla
Walla highway, with snow and
ice on the highway from Walla
Walla to Lewlston. Some snow
has failed during the week on the
road from Goldendale to Yakima.
The Pacific highway through
the Siskiyou mountains is travers
able, with little change In the con
dition during the week.
A telegram from the Auto club
of Washington says that four
inches of new snow has fallen on
the Snosualmle Pass during the
week. Thirty-six inches of snow
is reported on the level places.
Snow plows are operating, keep
ing the road open but chains At
necessary on both passes, the
message warned.
Shelburn, surprised him oil his
fifty-seventh birthday by bringing
in well filled baskets td spent
the afternoon (visiting. The fol
lowing were present. Mr. and
Mrs. Lafe Osborne, Mr, and Mrs.
Paul Smith of Lyons. Mr. and Mrs.
G. W. Pratt. Mr. and Mrs. Lotus
Osborne and two children of Tur
ner, D. A. Osborne. Mr. and Mrs
Com Osborne, Mr. and Mrs. E. R
Osborne and daughter, , Dorothy.
Mr. and Mrs. Dagell Osborne, and -
Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Miller and
daughter, Vernelle.
E. A. Maine was called to Idaho
on account of the death of his
sister, Mrs. C. L. Davis of Nampa,
W. H. McLain lost a valuable
horse Thursday. Dr. Kornck was
called but arrived to late to be of
any assistance.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Yoeman
spent Thanksgiving with her par
ents in Eastern Oregon.
Mrs. N. Croiser is spending this
week in Portland and Vancouver
visiting friends and relatives.
Mr. Vaughn of Marlon is now
employed at the Mania home, east
of Shelburn. Mr. and Mrs. George
Lentz who have been employed
for several months by Mrs. Etta
Manis are spending a few days
with Mrs. Lentz parents, Mr. and
Mrs. McCoy of Marion.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Follis and
children spent Thursday with her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Marion
SHELBURN, Dee. 5 Friends
of M. B. Miller, farmer of near
Mi's. Cole's Talk
On South America
Gets Club Interest
ROSEDALE, Dec. 4. About 16
women gathered at the home of
Mrs. r. Tucker Thursday after
noon for the regular Missionary
society meeting. One quilt was
tied for the Associated Charities
and also some quilting done.
Mrs. C. A. Cole gave an in
teresting talk on South America
preparatory to taking up the
study of the missionary work in
La Pat, Bolivia. An all-day meet
ing will be held next Thursday at
the home of Mrs. D. S. Pearson,
a pot-luck dinner to be served at
noon. All women of the commun
ity are Invited.
KEIZER. Dec. 5. Mr. and Mrs.
David Saucy left early Friday
morning, motoring to Los Angeles
for a fortnight visit with a broth
er of Mrs. Saucy.
Prices Much
Lower Than
Last Year ....
Larger Selection
Is now open and its spacious quarters enables one to lei
surely inspect the hundreds Of new garments assembled
here for Christmas giving One will find the new quilted
robes, replicas of grandmother's log cabin quilt for 2.95
and 3.95 and the quilted robes of satin, crepe and rayon
are most lovely. They are variously priced from 4.95 to
14.50. Indian Blanket robes are featured at 2.95 and the
flannels at 4.95.
Now let us take a peek at the Pajamas first we see some
one piece rayon garments for ladies and children at 95c
and here's some beautiful 3 piece two tone garments just
like the picture 2.45 to 5.95. And oh! The crepe de chine
sleeping pajamas for 2.95 to 9.75. We
just can't mention them all but we
do want to extend to you an invitation
to come in and visit thia new depart
ment Sh! Sh! "We cater to men who
buy for women.
,Ul21 iL F-
J " J?
Yardley Sets, hr Both Men
and Women
DeVilbiss Perfnmizers
Whitman Candies
Greeting Cards
Leather Goods
Conhlin, Shaeffer, Parker
Pens and'Pencils
Prices are much lower
than last year and we
have a much wider selection.
Fancy Powder Puff....
Cigarette Case
Cigarette Case .
Kippy Kit
Whisk Broom
Armand Set
Wooden Toys.
Whisk Broom 75c
Jewel Box 98c
William Set (having) . 89c
Au-To-Clean 'Up Kit 89c
Old Snifter $1.00
Football 35c
Tip-A-Lite 79c
Bath Salts $1.00
Baby Bath Thermometers $1.00
Cigars $1.00
Gift Soap 50c
Brush Broom 75c
Compacts $1.00
Congress Cards 85c
Poker Chips 89c
Pcrfumizers $1.00
Yardley's Guest Soap $1.00
Kinky Dolls 39c
Master Sharpeners 35c
Wooden Toys 39c
Wooden Toys 2 for 15c
Key Kaddys 50c
Cameras 98c
Flash Lights 98c
Co-ed Kit $1.00
Razors $1.00
Incense Burners $1.00
Stationery 39c
Hearth Broom 75c
Ash Trays $1.00
Shaving . Brushes 98c
Fountain Pen Sets...!! 98c
Perfume $1.00
Golf Balls 3 for $1.00
Shaving Set 89c
Flaming Fanny Table Lighters....$1.00
Bath Salts Fancy. 39c
Cigars 50c
Snap Shots 98c
Kiddie Toys 49c
Baby Set . 50c
Cutex Set. $1.00
Barbara Gould Ensemble...
Read-Em and Weep
Pottery Asst
Hair Brushes ,
. $1.00
. f.