The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 06, 1931, Page 15, Image 15

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    "Scenetv" for Mem Always Semomabh 'ai Christmas';
handled. Also they are aislttlng
the committees hi preparation for
the "Oregon ProducU" dinner.
store windows at this- time et
icfes for Cleve Wood, who was lut
ed in an automobne, wreck, were
held at the Hopewell church; Fri
np. The dub win meet the first
and third Tuesday of each month.
The many friends ot Panl Lee
will be glad to. know he is im
proTlng from an appendicitis op
eration. Mrs. George Baumgartner en
tertained in honor of her daugh
ter Mabel's tenth birthday. Games
were enjoyed by the small guesU,
after which refreshments . were
served. Those present were Lu
eile Frey, Dorothy Krehbiel, Ina
Witt. Florence Stewart, Elinore
Olson, Nola Lee, Eileen Tarpley.
WUletU -Griffith, Eloise Hawkins
and the - honor gnest,
.Mabel T
year make the smoker's mouth
water. A shiny new pape, wheth
er briar or meerschaum, Is wel
comed. Soared pipes -make-for
soured dispositions. ' ' '
Or a lighter that has a high
batting average Is a gift Joyfully
received. Clgaret cases, tobacco
pouches. eleTerly-deslgned ash
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Fart 4
were Tisltlng in Forest Grere xe 1
day afUrnoon by the Ladd funeral
parlor ot McMlnnrllle.' Interment
was made In the Hopewell ceme
Members ot the association arei
O.. XL Baker, Jordan Farm Ser
rlce, Mt Statee Power Co W. T
Klecker, J. A. Hendershott. Bon
T6n, Pooler Klecker, McMarr
Stores, SUyton Bakery. Gehlen'i
store, Albus Drug store. Stanton
Hardware. C. A. Beauchamp, V.
P. Lancetleld, SUyton Meat Mar
ket and Murphy-ar.dner Lum-
cently. v
AUBURN, Dec. 6 The 4-H
sewing club met at the home of
the leader, MrsBen H. Hawkini
Tuesday after school. The name
of "Mother's Helpers' was adopt
ed. Programs tor the Tear were
made out. Sewing then was Uken
Whew yoa think of -
Think of
Charlie McEIhinny
Tel. 7941
First Nat. Bank Blig.
STAYTON, Not. f Stayton
retail merchants lure organized
If your man, be he husband,
father or brother, smoker, gift
problems already are solred. In
novations are few ahd unwanted
a retail easiness men' associa
trays the accessory list ii en4
Shop Tour Reveals Myriad
tion, onicers ; being, president,
Chris NeltUng; secretary-treasurer,
Pat ; Brantley. During Oregon
Products . week they are maklnr
less. r
'Articles for Husband,
by the smoker,; but new! gadgets
always flnd-cood use.
, Son and Father
a special display ot Oregon goods
The lusclout-looklnr pines In
AMITY, Dec. e.--Fneral seTT
ner company,
C- Redecorate your man this
Christmas. V:'
; Sounds more like houses and
offices.: But when one looks in
shoo windows, eyes counter wares,
he sees that Christmas might too
be a time, for brightening up
hubby," dad or son. About the
only Items of men's clothing left
dull and dark these days are
shoes, suits, overcoats and hats.
And those are but half his appar
el. Bright, warm, colors take the
chill out of winds -and fogs and
rales. A word might be offered
the wise, however. That Is, ob
senre the colors .your man ; likes
and buy accordingly. Although he
might not tell you; he would, be
sorely xexed at receiving a shirt,
suspenders' or tie of the color he
always has detested.
With the price of textiles bo
very low, selection of those nice
'garments is assured.
At getting-up time, the man
might like having a gay pair of
ani hirt to don. neat
clocked Bllk-and-wool hose, of
either garter or no-gart type, the
new smaller-pattern shirt with
collar-attached or collar-to-match,
and a new necktie. "- -i
On the way to the office, the
soft folds of a muffler come to the
rescue In keeping out the. chill of
winter days. Silk mufflers are
both warm and .smart-looking.
fiinn this rear are not expen
sive Pigskin continues to lead the
list ot materials .In popularity,
with new shades such as the cork
. eolor being offered. Grey suede
and mochas also have their de
mand. A neat silk handkerchief
jaxzes up the austerity of a dark
winter overcoat.
Now your man my like to take
his coat off-la the office and, if
so. he needs, a "light Jacket -to
keep him warm and protect his
shirt from soiling. Coat sweat
ers are admirably adspted to this
purpose and- this year are unbe
liOTably low in cost for the best of
quality. Soft materials such as
the alpaca, camel's hair and the
fleeces, are the mode. Better tail
oring stands out in these gar:
ments. ...
Handylittle desk knick-knacks
.v- nioasinsr Christmas gifU
and give variety over the year-ln-year-out
If your man delights in taking
it easy around home in the even
ts he would be tickled pink at
receiving a lounging robe ra flan
nel or silk one.. Brigm piams u
miin colors, some stripes, are be-
in Rhown this year. And slip
pers of course, in blacks, reds
blues, with soft or hard soles, are
a necessary adjunct to lounging.
Twelve o'clock and time for
bed. It you want your man to
leen in utmost comfort, give him
" a few pairs of the new pajamas.
Reltless nalamas now featured in
the shops are a decided Improve-
ment in comfort. Bright colors
won no aealn in this garment and
new styles are being offered. In
stead of the collarloss coat wmcn
; leU a man's neck shiver, the new
Mtta have Chinese. Russian or
- ahiwl collars. Both slip-on and
coat style pajamas are "in".
1 The -task of selecting a Christ
mas gjft tor your man is made
easy' by the array of newish ar-
tides being shown in me snops
The Tarletr is available: a ais
tlnetlve gift will be found during
' a brief shopping tour about the
: city.
I ElSMFS for" Greater Selections " ti - Better Vakes-
PC , Kvn4r-:'T?NT-- t$i rAr;s u
' - tcith remote control :
- . . . - -
- - -
BwaW eatnnsiafU' eyerj wfcere
May we afidl srouo 2ua
ttl&e seBett5Mia 2
gSCtts for mmeim?
Your thoughtfulness in giving will in itself, of course,
be gratifying to him for the moment but how much
more genuinely pleasing it will be if your selection evi
dences real style discrimination.. Painstaking in choos
ing things here will give him real enjoyment through
out the year. Things that he would choose himself
that's what you'll find here in our extensive showing
and at values that will mean a great saving to you. .
VAry Elaborately Designed and Trimmed,
; and Very Exceptional Values
A ...
of Soft Wool and Fine Silks, Smart Contrast
Trims Very Keen, and Real Values
05 op
The New Nobelt Styles in Richest Materials
for Lounging Bright, Smart Patterns
Russian and Chinese Styles, and
Moderately Priced
E.9S to 75
Every style, every shade Pigskin,
Mocas, Slipons & Button all at new
low prices
2.00 to 5.00
. v V; V-. Wacljisatag he svewest tedie "
IM MHiu mmwmww
nAim 8imerBcteodTBM
r. vWies- witk rcsoeteesdret It
ay tasted ,raue Bre
. -
. ya, 8KffWti.- iaww,
V';. ywwaat Ik taa la taJay.fsc
; ' ' u iemUmmitm.. tern will ' to
V thrClMli
;'; 'ft. r't ' - - - "
it h lUll
Fine flannels & -beautiful Silks . in
every smart pattern- shape - -
iOO to 5i0
jr.. s.. :&y x-yyy yyw . . f I . . fir li-y- ..v.y.v-.-. '. ..-.-:v.-: - v - j: 'V v '
u -w-? 4t 4V6 vl - Cvjr-:
r C
' --vv-VM 1 V.; ;
(SSnoose Ms g&SCs at
owdh stti?e Coi?
Throughout this man's store you will find a very smart
collection of the fine things that contribute to a man's
dressiness & comfort, clothes that give that feeling of
confidence & satisfaction. It's the better part of gift
shopping judgment to choose wearables for a man and
to select them here, at a store with a trustworthy name
and with a reputation of satisfaction first, last and al
ways. Hundreds to choose from; the finest and
most beautiful shirts ever. New designs in
fine broadcloth; silks and madras in every
shade and supreme values in every one.
Choose yours from our large showing.
to 65
The season's smartest ties, secured from the
finest neckwear makers direct from Hol
lywood. In every new design and color. See
them in our windows. .
11.00 to 300
In every style & color, coat, pullovers
& sleeveless. The largest assortment
& the best values
2.45 to O.
V J l
Mm ." . Ma m w w . a i 1
bujc & jtaiK wool :iinesv maxes j
hade T pattern- -3 Bv
Clothinff and IWoolcn ; Malt Stored. Inc., 136 North Commercial
- - I
rt:( '5 .vjggfe j i" !
'ii'sa'i'iiii ii--iJsiMMMMSMwasawssMfcwBSMaaaaaaa JfJ '
&&:VW!Ctt St.
. r
1 K-,-- s J I ii il I I I m