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The OREGON STATESMAN, Salens Oregon, Saturday Morning, November 28, 1931
ews an
d Club
Oun XL DMX, SeMy EdXi
Fireside Tea
) Delightful
. Affair
Oa ot the nappy things about
Thanksgiving time Is the number
ot guests who ere celled back to
their, eld " homes to pay fleeting
rtslta to the many friends left
tteslnd wheri a chance of resi
dence occurred. , Informal enter
taining to renew these- friend
ships takes the form of any
number of char mine affairs.
Among such delightful affairs
for this Thanksgiving was the
, tlre-slde tea given by Mrs. J. H.
Scott at her Court street home.
In , compliment to her house
guest, Mrs. Alice DoJd of Port
land, Friday afternoon.
Mrs. John H. Albert presided
at the tea table and Mrs. Seymour
"Jones and Mrs. Hal B. Patton as
sisted Mrs. Scott in serving and
At least 55 former friends of
" Mrs. Dodd called during - the
harmlngly informal tea hours
And paid their compliments to
the guest of honor. Mrs. Dodd
"Will spend several days In Salem
.during this holiday visit.
Woman's Club
WO! Meet Today
On of the very social meetings
. of the year will be enjoyed by the
Salem Woman's club this after
noon at the clubhouse. It is guest
-day and at this time members are
Asked to bring a friend or friends
, for the afternoon program.
A special Invitation is being ex
tended to the teachers of the city
.schools for this afternoon. Miss
Beatrice Walton will speak on
"Impressions of Russia" gleaned
by her from her recent tour of
Europe. Many 'Interesting exper
lenees were had by Miss Walton
while in Russia which are not
common to the regular tourist.
. She with her traveling compan
ions were able to take many ad
ditional side trips which added
jnueh'color to the tour.
Musical numbers will suppl
' ttent the talk by Miss Walton. A
violin, cello, and piano trio will
resent a group of numbers and
Miss Flavla Downs will give a
tgroup of piano numbers at the tea
hour at 4 o clock.
Hasel Oreen Mrs. Louis Wam
pler entertained Thanksgiving aft
ernoon with a party honoring her
son, Clinton on his tenth birth
day. Various guessing games were
played, Marvin Van Cleave and
his Geneva winning first and sec
ond prises.
The following were guests: hon
or guest, Clinton Wampler, Dor
othy and Harriet Dunnigan, M ax
le Wolf, Geneva Van Cleave, Beu-
lah Cook, Daisy and Archie
Rutherford, Marion Wampler. Ed
ward Yada, Donald Dunnigan,
Leon Clemens, Marvin Vau.
' ; - 1
o : 1 r " ; ... r. . . ..
1 r
71 K UWJ
. II I M-.IIMI , I
? I Mrs? B. 11 Stccycs
A delightful post-Thanksgiving
afternoon was enjoyed by mem-
ben of the Woman's 'Bible elass
of the . First Methodist : church
Friday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. B. L. Steeves
A short business meeting and
a projrxm wnicn was - leaturea
with Thanksgmng ideas mciud
Ing readings and reports of char
ity work done Thanksgiving day
was enjoyed before the refresh
ment and' social hour. Mrs,
Steeves was assisted by Mrs. A
A. Lee and Mrs. Lsura McAdams
at the tea hour.
Present were Mrs. C. F. Breit
haupt, Mrs. Mettle Schramm,
Mrs. Roy Ohmart, Mrs. O. W.
Emmons, Mrs. R. K. Ohling, Mrs
Geofge Moore, Mrs. Josephine
Shanks, Mrs. John Robins, Mrs.
Emma Bresh-r, Mrs. . N. S. Sav
age, Mrs. B. Blatchford, Mrs.
Charles Fessendon, Mrs. B. L.
Steeves, Mrs. A. A. Lee, Mrs. W.
C. Toung, Mrs. W. G. Bates, Mrs
W. A. Swingle, Mrs. G. F. John
ston, Mrs. Almlra Hale. Mrs. H,
E. Hen-en, Mrs. M. Durkhelmer,
Mrs. C. G. Doney, Mrs. Laura
McAdams. Mrs. L. D. Waterman
and Miss Schrelber.
Guests Received
At Underhill Home
Orore, and Mrs. Mary-Littler, and
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Underbill. -
w.cT.u. WiU . ;
Meet Tuesday;; . '
Hays Bealt, a ' delegate' from
the T. M. c. A. to the recent
world. conference tor T. M. C A;
workers held in Toronto recently.
wui speak on the subject ot -prob
lems or peace today. ,
Additional numbers will be a
vocal solo to be riven br R. Plow
man ot wuiamette university glee
club; Miss Jane Shipp. vocal solo:
a trio of Philiplno young people
wiu give me aoxoiogy played on
native instruments; Francis May
ada will give a five minute talk
Mrs. L. D. Waterman will lead
the devotions and group singing
with Mrs. Charles Fessenden at
the piano will be enjoyed.
Plans will be made for a sliver
tea and Christmas program to be
given December IS.
Speaks to Peace Delegates vas; Secretary , of Interior
At . Paris Over Radio;
Sees Present Need
Under Cleveland, Later
Senator, Governor
rAni.tiM Rnntt nn. of America's loveliest screen stars, with her
new husband, the Marquis Henri de la Falaise de la Coudraye, of
France, after their wedding ceremony in tseveriy, uaiu. a wa
Miss Bennett's third marriage, the license giving her age as 2. The
Marquis, only recently divorced from Gloria Swanson, film luminary.
sia.ea ne wu oo.
Saturday, November 28
Neighbors ot Woodcraft and Woodman of
World, Joint dancing party at Fraternal Temple.
Ladies Aid society of Woman's Relief Corps, all-day
meeting, fairgrounds.
Salem Woman's club, regular meeting at clubhouse.
Cottage street; Miss Beatrice Walton will speak on
"Impressions of Russia"; guest day also and members
urged to Invite guests.
A happy Thanksgiving dinner
party was that for which Mr. and
Mrs. A. A. Underhill were hosts
at their home Thursday afternoon
at 2 o'clock.
The dinner table was centered
with a large basket of fruit and
lighted -yellow tapers added soft
beauty to the effect. On the side
board a large ship in token of the
"Mayflower" had been arranged
and in this were contained the fa
Covers were pla'eed for Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Connet, John Robert
Connet of Albany, Mr. and Mrs.
D. Neal Littler, Neal Littler. Jr.,
Mrs. J. W. Muniles, and Miss Ida
Meniies all of Portland, Mr. and
A busy week is ahead for nurses
and doctors on the Marion county
health department staff. More
than twice as many clinics and ex
amination periods are scheduled
next week as during the week just
ending. The IS clinics will occur
as follows:
Monday: All-day dental exam
inations. Woodburn, and school.
preschool and toxoid clinic. Tur
ner; afternoon m ilk handlers.
health center, 434 North High
Tuesday: All-day Schick clin
ic, health eenter, and school, pre
school and toxoid clinic. Silver-
Wednesday All-day, school
clinic, Woodburn; morning den
tal corrective clinic, health cen
ter; afternoon school clinic, Par-
rish junior high boys. -
Thursday: All-day dental ex
aminations, district five, and
school, preschool and toxoic clin
ics, Bcotts Mills; morning school
Parrish boys, and preschool,
health eenter.
Saturday: 8:30 to ! a. m.
. WASHINGTON, Nov. 27 ; ATLANTA. Oa.. Not. 27 r
(AP)Europe, was told over tnej (AP) Hoka gmith,, fpr many
air tonight by Senator Borah, of I -. . dramatic and ( dynamic
Idaho, that the. pledge of the 1 fjrnr i- ,ute and national pollti-
Versaillea- treaty for disarms-1 Ufe) died here today at the
ment has gone unredeemed. f of It. 1
He called upon the pnblic tol Secretary of the interior under
use the "lash." on their govern president Cleveland, twice uov
ments to force armament rednc-1 ernor of Georsria and twice Unit-
ttons at the conference at Geneva led States senator,, the (venerable
In Triintm. I ititpinun nassed awaVr St his
Borah's hlnnt words were ad- I home after a long Illness,
dressed directly to Paris to a - Mr. smith first attracted auen
gathering ot peace delegates from tion in a political way at the age
Europe. He spoke over an In-of 20, wnen ne was mae ensar
tftrn&tinnil radio hooknn which I man of the Fulton county (Geor-
carried the voice of the chair- gla) democratic executive commu
man of the senate foreign rela-1 tee. f
tions committee to Europe for Born at Newton, n. v-. on w
fhm ttmt Hmm and thronshout I tember 2. 1855. Mr. 5mun pre-
the United States as welL P-"d hlmseu tor me ,iegai pro
Referring to the controversal fesslon. His interests broadened,
security pledge urged by Premier bowever. and in 1887 he purchas
Laral of Krajice he said "In eon- ed the Atlanta Evening Journal,
4.i.-i,.. if na .A. .i. i becomina; nresiaen. ana eai.or,
alone uoon armaments" He con- A year later he projected the
m. paper into a fight which con in
"The first line of defense for buted toward seating him in the
every country Is not the navy nor president's cabinet. He
the army nor both, but the physl- I
cal and moral well being, the tft Ume w" V t,uA'SS
rontntmnt th. h.nni.eM to grace a president s
- .v- I cabinet.
While millions are on the
verge of starvation, growing rest
less and ugly, nearly 85.000,-
000,000 is being expended an
nually for armaments and from
80 per cent to 85 per cent of all
Mrs. Charles Littler of. Forest Toxoid clinic.
of Italy b44V farewell to Americ :
toiay and sailed for bis bsUvo,
land, v-' v l': i-
"At iho pier wherw the liner Au
gustus waited na4.nly to.sar
that since his yislt and conversa
tions with . president Hoover rt'a
believed the ; Ualted BUtes ana
ftalT Joined In a new era or in
ternational understanding.
Into movie microphones he
said: "My only feeling on leaving
America Is a desire to retarm
again.! "
" -Mora than, a tnousana persons
were crowdedvatside the pier to
see him off. some sf them shout
ing "T?1v GrtBdi! Vlra Fascls-
mo!" -
Twelve days after his inaugura
tion for second term as governor,
United States Senator A. S. Clay
died and the legislature electea
Smith to succeed him.
In 1915 he was re-elected to
the senate but found himself op-
taxes extorted from the People-1 nn.nH . fn th tI... nd noliclM
go for war purposes. All this is of president Wilson in the League
.uumer name tor biow pui in- of Katlnm onntrnTAnt-r Ttr his
evltahie sulciae. name wu offered in! the nresi-
i oo not comena inai arma- dential primaries in this state,
menu aione en solve our great but he lost the fight and a year
economic pro Diem, i ao comena later was defeated for the senate.
tnat it win aid tremendously ror
the betterment of conditions. We
can all fight, therefore, for this fT n1i Dianorfc
cause, knowing that we not only LSepQllb
make less probable future wars,
bnt that, we are helping to re
lieve an Immediate situation, an
economic condition in many re
spects more cruel, more re
morseless, more pitiless than war
For Home Aiter
Visit to Hoover
NEW YORK. Nov. 27. (AP)
Foreign Minister Dino Grandl
PARIS. Nor. 27 CAP) Capt.
Bert Hlnkler, noteo' British aviat
or, was safe tonight In French
West Africa after completing tne
first eastward flight across the
south Atlantic-
He dropped, down at Bathurst,
on the African coast, from Natal,
Brasll, yesterday to complete a
flight of more than 1,800 miles in
about. 22 hours, said a message to
the Aeropostale company.
Soon afterward he left for
. . v , . r l V .
saini uouis oa senegsi, uuu
distance north of Bathurst, ar
riving there a little after 2 p. m.
today. He planned to go to Port
Etlenne, Mauritius, tomorrow.
Saint Louis de Senegal Is s
comparatively short distance
north of Dakar, the town on the
tip of Cape Verde for which Cap
tain Hlnkler was headed when he
took off from Natal at 10 a. m.
Wednesday. Few knew when he
left in his small place that he was
headed eastward over the ocean
and his progrss was unreported
until word of his arrival reached
Paris today.
Captain Hinkler once held the
speed record for a flight from
England to Australia and last
month established 4 new speeed
record from New York to King
ston, Jamrt-t, on his way to Natal.
Percy Beard is not the only
track man in his family. His
brother Jeff li captain of the Au
burn track team for 1132.
College Guest
Is Complimented
Miss Edith May Jenks, who Is
among the young people home
from college for the Thanksgiv
ing holidays, entertained in com
pliment to her house guests. Miss
Ruth Jones. Friday night.
Miss Jones accompanied Miss
Jenks home from the University
of Washington -where they both
are students this year.
An informal evening of music
and games was enjoyed. Guests In
compliment to Miss Jones were
Miss Ruth CHrk, Miss Edith Star
rett. Miss Carol Stoddard, Miss
Irene deLisle; Eric Anderson. Vic
tor Jones, Hays Beall, Willis
Jones, Mrs. deLisle, Mr. and Mrs.
W. T. Jenks, Eldon Olson and
Wynn Jenks. A late supper con
cluded this Jolly party.
Liberty Mr. and Mrs. Fred L.
Scott entertained with a family
Thanksgiving dinner. Guests for
the dav were: Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Adrain, Miss Wilma Post and
Ormal Trick of Springfield, Mr.
and Mrs. Adrian ot Eugene, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Scott and chil
dren, Mr. i3d Mrs. J. E. Scott and
Mrs. Lloyd Adair of Salem, Mr.
and Mrs. T. D- Trick and children,
Carl, Elwin, Virgil and Velleda,
Pearl and Lelaud Scott and Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Scott.
The F. L. club held its regular
California Visitor
Dinner Guest
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Callison
entertained at their home on
Winter street Thursday in com
pliment to Donleigh Warren, Jr.,
of San Francisco.
An elaborate dinner party pre
ceded an informal social evening.
The table was arranged with fouT
tall golden tapers in amber hold
ers sort light rrom which was
thrown over table appointments
In amber and black. Favors were
flower nut cups from which
streamers in deep amber ribbon
extended to the fruit center piece.
Covers were placed for Mr.
Warren, and Mr. and Mrs.
Adolph Walker, Mr. and Mrs.
Stanley Lee all of Portland, Mr.
ana Mrs. Esthel Benner, Miss
Lora Callison, and Mr. and' Mrs.
Rufess Callison.
Liberty Mrs. Kate Holder was
hostess Thursday for a family
dinner. Those enjoying the day
were Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
Trask and three children and Mrs.
Helen Gibbs all of Lyons, Miss
May Shaver of Salem, Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Holder, Mr. and
Mrs. Hubert Holder and children
and Mrs. Kate Holder.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Darby
and small daughter, Shirley, of
Portland, were Salem guests
Thanksgiving day at the home
of Mrs. Anna Junk and Bertha
meeting Wednesday night. The Junk Darby. The Thanksgiving
early part ot the evening was celebration also celebrated the
snent in preparing a Thanksgiv- rsi oirtnaay ol Miss snirley.
ing basket. Later in the evening The Portland guests returned to
the club held a line party, re
turning to the home of the host
ess, Mildred Martin, where dainty
refreshments were served. Mem
bers attending were Lula McClay,
Myrtle McClay, Hazel McElroy,
Evelyn Naderman. Adaline Sey
mour and the hostess, Mildred
An unmistakable French fla
vour distinguishes this froek with
all Its simplicity of detail. The
diagonal bodice and skirt lines
- are decidedly slenderizing, and
are emphasised by top machine
. stitching. Note, also, the back
' neck and waistline tucks, insuring
-a perfect fitting . garment. Black
Roshanara or canton crepe out
lined with blue faille, or any color
sheer wool piped with white pique
will be smart.
Pattern 2235 is obtainable only
, In sizes 14. 16. 1$, 20, 32. 34, 36.
38, 40, 42. Size 16 requires 4
1 - yards ot 39 inch material. No
dressmaking experience is neces
' sary to make this model with our
Step-by-step instruction dia-
7 grams given with this pattern.
Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. W. K,
Frank entertained a group of
friends recently at their home
east of Hubbard with a lovely
dinner party. Covers were placed
for Mrs. Augusta Riemer and
daughters, Esther Dlrkson and
Eileen Reimer; Mr. and Mrs.
Adam White and grandson. Dar-
rel Salter; Mr. and Mrs. William
Dreher and children Walter and
Irish Dreher; and Jimmie Klukis
of Salem.
Seat fiftcca teat ia ciaa
tamps (coins preferred), tor aaca
attars. Writ plainly roar-Sana,
ad-rasa and itjla naaiber. B
r to ttata tixa wapted.
Tko . new fail catalog !i saw
ready. It (aataret tba sweat is
afternoon, port and hooao
dreasea, lingerie, pijamal sad kid
die' -clothes. Also deli.fatfol fifl
RUoa Is aceeaaorr and traae
fer sattoras. Price of catalog.
fifteen cants. Catalog eitk pat
ters, twenty rw casta. Address
all asail and erdrrs to Tie States-'
, asae Patten Department. tS
; Wet tTta street. Kew York City.
Portland Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Iyan Martin en
tertained as luncheon guests Fri
day, Col. and Mrs. E. Hofer ot
Portland and their house guests.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jerome of
Chicago. The Hofers and Jer
omes were motoring through to
Agate beach where they will
spend a few days at the Hofer
beach home.
Mr. ad Mrs. O. W. Emmons
entertained with a family dinner
at their home Thursday in com
pliment to Mr. and Mrs. William
Shearer, Monroe Cheek, Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Emmons, Miss Gen
evieve Emmons and Floyd Em-1
e e
Dean Ellis entertained for a
group of his high school friends
A liked Chesterfield
right from the start
NO, I don't know a blessed thing about
how cigarettes are made. But, of
course, I would want the tobacco to be
PURE. And then I've heard that the blend
ing is very important. I'd want that to be
done just right.
"THen the paper. I don't like paper that
you can taste or smell when it's burning.
I'd want that pure too.
"Another thing. I want to smoke when
ever I feel like it without worrying about
smoking too many. So I want my ciga
rettes MILD.
"But the main thing, of course, is
TASTE. I don't care for over-sweetened
cigarettes. I much prefer those that are just
sweet enough.
'Chesterfield seems to satisfy in every
one of these ways. That is why I'd rather
have a Chesterfield."
Gervais Mr. and Mrs. Fred at tne home of his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W.
P. Ellis, Wednesday
Mrs. J. B. Hewitt and daughter
Jean are guests of Mrs. Hewitt's
parents in Cresswell. Mr. Hewitt
Manning were hosts to a group
of relatives Sunday on the oc
casion of their twentieth wedding
anniversary. Their guests were
Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Mannintr and
Cecil and Kenneth: Mr. and Mrs.
Felix Seguln and Raymond; Mr. wil1 J5n his family Sunday
and Mrs. H. D. Manning and Se
rena a-d Adrian: Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Seguln and Rachel and
Clarence; Mr. and Mrs. Edward
0 0
Independence. Guy G. Walker
was honored at a surprise birthday
Thanksgiving day guests at the
J. D. Sears home were Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Foster, Mrs. Gleeda
Spoor, Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Sears,
and daughters, Patsy and Peggy.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank O'Brien
nartv at hi linm. t,,.,. I are spending the Thanksgiving
The evening was spent at bridge hollday n Seattle. They expect
with three tables in play. Those to return 1 Salem Sunday.
enjoying the surprise with Mr. , ,.,'
Walker r un -v.iv-., a Miss Marian Morange. member
Mrs. Claud Skinner, Dr. 'and Mrs. ?f tbe Willamette university staff.
Maurice Butler. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Peniing the Thanksgiving hoi-i
walker, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Mat. ,a i
tison and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wil- ... . . -
Hams. Mr. and Mrs. I. Townsend of
. Gervais were among the many
Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Hunt en- WP to motor to Salm to spend
tertained at their home on Frlck- t8'1!; -
nn7h.?r.STi sJN t Mr. and Mrs. Deuglas-McKay
iler se,rTed. ocUM Und family spent Thanksgiving
r,-. i .T! -f,Vr:!r "--?.0 V Portland a. the guest, of
a. aitiu nauuig, vuuvru W BUI- I r let tape.
mg. dir. ana Mrs. carroii Hunt,
r. ana airs. John Petron. Phil-1 Vr n tit R-M-a fa anendlnc
las and Norma Petron, and Mr. the holidays In a visit at Caldwell, j
aaa-Mrs. it. f. Hunt. I Idaho.
h" , ' I, ' : - V?
iV, V'l
- J ' ? V" - - - - VV
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IV- v V X v s v . v
.. I f. v
I t ' I v , V ' --' ;
v vl s , y ' - i s
. I f4 '
I v t " v " '
f" ' ""J " ' A 5t
:-: . f -.-: -;:-:-::-:-w-: M Jj-x-V:
w' I v i-y'tt,
- - I " rj I ft
i v - I - l
i'-v 1 s ' f 1 "I
i Iv - i i
fc:::-:::::v.. -v -v v- - v 4.'
t- v - f X v, nffk
f : ,u j z&?:r-1 : '-J
' -i ; ; , -1 ;
- " '- 4 v . . ' ' X O - - ' I
- I - ' - , s - , '-I
?V vi ' ? -
Smokers tire of too much sweetness in
a cigarette,' and they don't like rawness. For
a steady cjict, they want a agarette like
CIIESTHtrTELD a mild and mcQow
srnoke, fre from any cTr-sweetncss or any
harshness ?r bitterness. That's why mora
nd men 'smokers every day are changing
. they've got to be good.
49 1531, Isssui Mtsu Tosaooo Co.