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The OREGON STATESMAN, SaJcm. Oregon, Saturday Morning, November 28, 1931
In Holiday Program Given
Jointly by Rooms of
School at Roberts
ROBERTS. Not. 27 A pro
gram observing Thanksgiving day
was held Wednesday afternoon at
the school jointly by both rooms.
The children had decorated the
rooms with Oregon grape, autumn
leaves, fenu and chrysanthe
mums. The sand table In Mrs. Carpen
ter's room bad been arranged by
the 6ixth grade to represent a pi
oneer scene. The log cabin was
built by Gerald Shorey and Louts
Salchenburr. A very realistic
-wooden pioneer wagon was the
contribution of Henry Klhs and
Benny Salchenburg. A number of
Indian teepees, Indian figures and '
canoes had been made and arran
ged by Clara . Hansen, Rose Ann
Goodrich, Francis Blankensbip.
Jessie Evans and Josephine Wil
son. Masaye Nakamura printed a
very neat large sign and Mlchikp
Usui and Tsunko Usui contributed
a large blackboard drawing. John
Davis depicted Puritan days in a
large crayola picture.
la Miss Query's room a mini
ature barnyard had been worked
out on the sand table. AH the
children In the room made and
arranged the different objects.
Lawrence Cooper made a small
poultry house for the barnyard
fowls. Thanksgiving art and hand
iwork, were displayed about the
The sixth grade is working on
an Oregon history project, which
Is very interesting. At present they
are- getting the history of their
own community.
Much valuable and interesting
Information has been gathered,
par of which was read at the
close of the program.
The class intends to get the his
tory fully written and published
,lhe program of the afternoon
was very well given and was as
Song by all, "America the Beau
tiful"; Story of the Pilgrims,
third grade; Thanksgiving story,
John Davis; recitation, "Being
Grateful." Bertha Klhs; song,
"The Breaking Wares Dashed
High," girls of upper grade; play,
"Six Little Thankfuls," Virginia
Davis, Frederick Jungwirth, Twil-d-i
Selmer. Irene Selmer, Marjorie
Judson, Jack Osborn and Buddy
Zielke; recitation, "Mr. Turkey,"
Donald Salchenburg; recitation,
"The , Best Day," Mabel Kihs;
. song, "Thanksgiving D r a w e t h
Near." upper grades; recitation,
'Giving Thanks," Dora Hansen;
recitation, "Why We Keep the
Day. Virginia Davis; "The Owl
Song, primary room; "A City
Maid's Poem." Neomia Crouser;
"Thank .You on the Farm," pri
mary pupils.
Song "Thanksgiving," upper
grades; recitation, "T o m m y s
Thanksgiving Dinner," J. T. Lev
ans; recitation. "The Festival
Day," Francis Lott;' play, "Ungrateful-
Children," Rose Anne
- Goodrich, Clara Hanson, Jessie
Levans, Leroy Edwards and. Ger
ald Shorey; song by all, "Thanks
giving Day"; recitation, "Good
bye," Dwane Bettencourt.
ZEN A. Nov. 27 Zena folk
who were entertained elsewhere
r gave dinners on Thanksgiving
day were Mr. and Mrs. W. Ken
neth Henry and daughter, Cor
Inne, who were guests at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ray
f Dallas; Mr. and Mrs. Jesse
Walling and two sons, Jesse, Jr.,
and Ellis. motored to Newberg
where they had Thanksgiving din
ner with Mrs. and Mrs. David
Jerman. parents of Mrs. Walling.
Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Crawford and
three children. Robert. Alice and
Wllma were guests at the home
of her mother, Mrs. Alice Simp
son' or Lincoln.
Mrs. Curtis Kennedy and son,
Merle, and her two brothers Al
ian and Howard Wilton were
guests during the Thanksgiving
holidays at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Kennedy of Zena.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Stephens
. oc -Zena entertained as their
guests Thursday Mr. and Mrs
Ralph Sohn and small daughter,
rvadtne of Spring Valley.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Hunt
and family were Thanksgiving
day guests at the home of Mr
and Mrs. Roy Stoutenberg of
union vale. Mrs. Hunt and Mrs.
Stoutenberg are sisters.
C. A. Bears Hosts
At Holiday Event :
Faculty Scattered
TURNER, Nov. 27 Mr. and
Mrs. EL C. Bear entertained with
a Thanksgiving dinner Thursday,
The color scheme of green and
yeuow -was used effectively In
table floral pieces, with tapers
covers were placed foT Mr. and
Mrs. S. A. Gillett of Walla Walla,
wasn., w&o are parents of Mrs.
Bear, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gil
lett and daughter Rosella of
Portland, Miss Selma Crow of
Oaksdale, Wash., Mrs. C. A. Bear
and son Kenneth, Mr. and Mrs,
E. C. -Bear and children Eunice
and Billy.
Prof, and Mrs. J. R. Cox and
Thurlo W. Smith attended the
ig football game at Albany col
lege Thursday morning. Prof.
nd Mrs. Cox were dinner guests
at the parental Charles Cox home
Bear Jefferson. Miss Rath Clark,
Intermediate teacher. Is spending
the holiday weekend at the home
3t ner parents in Portland. Miss
. laota Sloan, primary teacher, Is
spending the weekend at her
aome at Klng'a Valley.
Feared at first to have been lured
away from the home of Professor
H. C MacDougalL of Wellesley,
Mass., where she had been a guest
for four months, Rosemary Palmer
Gilding. 17-year-old daughter of an
English banker, who has been miss
ing since November 14, is now be
lieved to be on her way home te
England. A letter, received by
the MacDougall3 in the girl's hand
writing, stated that the writer was
"going home."
Many Festive Events Held
At and for People of
Clear Lake Area
CLEAR LAKE. Nov. 27 The
Ladies' Improvement club met at
the club room for an all day
meeting Tuesday. Quilting was
in order. A special feature was a
birthday cake for Miss Hazel
Clement. Those present were Mrs.
Clement. Mrs. Stolk, Mrs. Guy
Smith, Mrs. V. Boyd, Mrs. Oecil
Boyd and little son Dale, Mrs.
Baker, Miss Hazel Clement, Mrs.
John Bair and two children, Ruth
and Roland, Mrs. Lois Stolk and
three children. The next meet
ing will be December 2.
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Pugh ar
rived here Wednesday night from
Kenewick, Wash., to spend
Thanksgiving with Percy's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Pugh.
His father has been in poor
health for several months. They
returned Friday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Pugh en
tertained for dinner Wednesday
night Mr. and Mrs. Percy Pugh,
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Pugh from
Woodburn, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Evans and daughter Joan from
Keith Sip ith came home from
Roseburg to spend Thanksgiving.
He is attending high school and
taking an aviation course. He
will soon get his license to fly.
He has been at Roseburg for the
past three months.
Nick Vallick of Clear Lake re
turned home from California
Tuesday night where he has been
visiting with a brother for the
past four weeks. He reports peo
ple in California are in worse
shape and harder up than here. -
About 30 relatives were enter
tained for Thanksgiving at the
Roy E. Smith home Thursday.
Present were Mr. and Mrs. Amos
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Eck Dntoit,
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Boyd, Mr. and
Mrs. David Schlag. Mr. and Mrs.
Guy Smiths, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Dutoit, Harold and Rex Dntoit,
Orril and Betty Jean Smith, Dale"
Boyd, Flora and Howard Schlag,
Don Edward Dntoit. Keith Smith,
Hildred and Verla McLaughlin
from Roseburg, Jack Chaplin al-
bu oi noseourg, ixeva, Aaa Mae,
Loretta and Estllene Smith and
the host and hostess, Mr. and
Mrs. Roy E. Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. Clement and fam
ily ate Thanksgiving dinner withl
Mrs. Clement's sister. Miss Effle
Bair. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dorman
were also there, making 13 in all.
Mr. and Mrs. Chancy Truitt
and family spent . Thanksgiving
wun Mrs. Trams brother and
his- family In Salem.
A few of the unemployed men
of the vicinity are working on
the road down by the Wheatland
ferry this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Orril Garner and
two sons, Delbert and John, and
Mr. and Mrs. George Garner
spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and
Mrs. Everett Wheeler and famijy,
ar. ua Mrs. sioie ana son
Henry and Mr. and Mm. Vta
Stolk and family were Thursday
gueets of Mr. and Mrs. Stolk and
daughter Fredia and family In
Mrs. K. Zimmerman
Is Improving Slowly
AURORA. Nov. 29 The friend.
of Mrs. Katherine Zimmerman are
pleased to know that she is slowly
improving from the effects of " a
slight stroke of paralysis. Her
sops j nuns Zimmerman and fam
ily of Albany, and Elmer Zim
merman and family of Portland,
Tumea meir mother recently,
i -,vg wrt, a daughter,
uo aira. Zimmerman.
8TART RrtV armivra
B. pike, who resides in our eorn
mumiy and who has had. several
years experience as Scant tfutw
at Tillamook and Bay City, has
offered his services as Boy Scout
leader if Sweet Home will hack
nun. Arrangement have been
made to hold the first meeting in
the gym. Walter Powell, J. F.
Mcuiomern, and James More-
neaa nave oiiered- their, s err lees
Lincoln School Children
Give Elaborate Holiday
LINCOLN. Nov. 27 An inter
esting program of plays, headings
and songs was given at the Lin
coln school by the pupils weanea
day.' afternoon. The program fol
lows: . '
-Two songs, by Naomi Merrick,
Merrilyn Boyd, Garland Wallace,
Norman 'Merrick and Richard
Madsen: a reading, "Giving
Thanks." Richard Madsen; a dl
alogne, "Why We are Thankful,"
by Naomi Merrick, Merrilyn Boyd,
Garland Wallace and Norman
Merrick: tambourine s6ng, Mar
ion Walling. Verl McKinney. Ed-
rudell Boyd and Helen Nelger:
reading, "A Boy's November."
Pearl McKinney; reading, "Why
Are You Thankful." Marion Wall
ing; two Thanksgiving songs, by
Marion Walling. Verl and Pearl
McKinney, Edrudell Boyd, Ken
neth Edwards and Helen Nelger;
Instrumental solo, by Helen Nel
ger; playlet "1621" with all of
the characters in Pilgrim or In
dian costumes, Marion Walling
read the prologue.
Included in the cast were Ken
neth Edwards as Elder Brewster,
Pearl McKinney as Governor
Bradford, Verl McKinney, Indian
chief, Helen Nelger, Merrilyn
Boyd, Edrudell Boyd and Naomi
Merrick as Pilgrims and Garland
Wallace. Richard Madsen and
Norman Merrick as Indians.
A play, "The First Thanksgiv
ing," with characters: Edrudell
Boyd as Priscilla, Verla McKin
ney, Remember, Marion Walling
as Prudence, Helen Nelger as
Mrs. Brewster, Kenneth Edwards
as Elder Brewster and Garland
Wallace as Captain Mills Stand-
Refreshments served by the
teacher. Mrs. Irene Castle and
the pupils.
The guest group Included Mr,
and Mrs. Fred McKinney, Mrs. H.
J. Neiger, Mrs. J. Hackett, Mrs.
Ben McKinney, Mrs. Herman
Hammers and daughter Lois,
Mrs. Tracy Walling, Mrs. S. D.
Wilson, Mrs. Bruce Wallace, Mrs.
George Boyd, Mrs. Ivan Merrick
and small daughter Dolores, Al
vin Madsen and son Robert.
Sturgeons Move Goods
George Sturgeon of Lincoln
motored to Valsets Monday and
returned Tuesday bringing some
of their household furnishings
with him. The Sturgeon family
moved here from Valsets last
spring and have built a cottage
on their recently -acquired prop
erty. Mrs. Mosier who has been con
fined to her bed for about two
months, Is able to sit in a chair
Mrs. C. C. Grimm returned to
her home at Lincoln Wednesday
after spending three days in Port
land. While in Portland Mrs.
Grimm had the interesting exper
ience of watching her friends,
Rev. Anna Lee Snider and Mar
garet Carney broadcast from sta
tion KXL.
LIBERTY. Nov. 27 Mrs. R. L.
Browning of Salem was honor
guest this week at a family birth
day luncheon given for her by Mrs.
Fred Browning Her four sons and
daughters-in-law and also her
daughter Mrs. Harley Rupert were
College students from this dis
trict who came home for the hol
idays are: Dorothy Jndd, Florlan
Hrubetz, and Dale Dashch, who
attend Oregon State at Corvallls.
Miss Elizabeth Schmidt has re
turned home for Thanksgiving af
ter spending the summer In Ster
ling City and Long Beach, Calif.
Her sister, Mrs. Rex Williams and
small son Billy, of Sterling City,
accompanied her and will visit at
the home ot her mother Mrs. K.
Schmidt Mrs. Williams will be re
membered here as Louise Schmidt.
She plans to remain for the Christ
mas holidays.
The Keeney family has move
to the Ohmart place for the winter
as the road leading to their place
has become Impassable for trav
el with their car.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Stacey spent
the Thanksgiving holiday at Cath-
lamet with Mrs. Stacey's mother
and sister, Mrs. Winifred Stevens
and Miss Frances Stevens.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wright of
Walla Walla arrived Wednesday
to spend about two weeks visiting
at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Novis, parents of Mrs.
Wright. She will be remembered
here as Ruth Novis whoso mar
riage occured here in October.
Miss Etta Westenhause ' and
Jeanette Dasch, Willamette stu
dents, attended the Willamette-
Whitman football game at Wal
la Walla Thanksgiving day.
AMITY, Not. 27 T, a Rlch
ter, who has been driving a school
bus tor the last six years over
the hill to Hopewell and Wheat
land has told his outfit to R. R.
Massey. Archie Massey la bow
driving -this bus.
Miss Helen Wood is suffering
with a - badly infected thumb
caused by a sliver that ran under
her nail while working at the
walnut dryer. ?
Mrs. Doaa Buttrlck was taken
to the McMinnville hospital Tues
day, i J. , J
Mr. F. L. Campbell assisted oy
day school 2aaf one evening this
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Watt spent
Thanksgiving In Seattle; at the
home ot Ma ion.'
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Hartman
and son, Richard, spent Thanks
giving with ; relatives in Carlton.
Miss Edith Patterson of Mc-
Mlnnvllle waa a ealler In town
Miss Evelyn TJmphleite, who la
attending school at Monmouth,
was home over Thanksgiving.
The Amity Study club met one
day this week at the home ot Mrs.
A. W. New by. -Ten members and
one guest" were present. Mrs.
Soren Sorensen gave the lesson.
Farmer Union
Car Goes Out
Monday, 30th
BETHEL, Nov. 27 The Ore
gon Farmers' Union members
from this section will Monday
load a carload of vegetables tor
Montana relief at. the Southern
Pacific freight depot in Salem
Monday, November 30. The Union
voted recently to aid Farm Union
members In Montana, where
drought for the past three or
four years has made farming a
precarious business. .
All who nave donations for the
car should be sure to load them
Residents of the Bethel dis
trict who will donate may leave
their supplies with J. M. Nichols,
or can call by telephone W. L.
Creech or Irvin Bart ell and the
goods will be collected.
LAKE LABISH, Nov. 27 The
new $2.00 peak has occasioned
much activity in the onion mar
ket. Hayes Lablsh farms Is pur
ported to have sold 40 cars at
this. Many of the smaller grocers
have cut loose with a car or two
at this price.
Miss Constance Weinman, who
Is teaching in the high school at
Sutherlin this year, returned the
26th for a four day visit with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wein
man. Mr. and Mrs. Weinman, Miss
Weinman, Bin Lensch, and W. R.
Gwlnn motored to Portland for
Thanksgiving dinner at the
Lensch home.
A local crack shot who had
plenty of turkey to choose from
for dinner yesterday was Hal
Welton who won five turkeys at
the recent Lablsh shoot. One, won
by Frank leham, weighed 40
pounds, undressed.
The water which for several
days made the road near the
Hayes farm unpassable has aub-
Art Starker, trucking onions to
Portland for H. L Anderson, is
making six trips per 24 hours, al
ternatlng drivers.
ZENA, Nov. 27 A group of
school patrons enjoyed the
Thanksgiving program given by
pupils of the Zena school Wednes
day afternoon. As an opening
number a Thanksgiving hymn
waa sung by the 7 th and 8 th
grade girls, Helen Kane, June
Worthington, Isabell Kennedy,
Alice Crawford and Lillian Kenn
Other numbers were: a pump
kin pie drill by Dale Worthington,
Jessie Worthington, Chester Mer
rick, Sylvia Wiedeman, Jack Mc
Kenzie, Joe Shepard, Paul Wor
thington, Helen Hunt and Myrtle
Kennedy: a reading "We're
Thankful' by Jessie Worthington;
reading "Small Girr-Sylvla
Wiedemtn; "Thanksgiving" Song
by 7th and 8th grade girls; read
ing, "A seven year old boy"
Chester Merrick? a reading "The
Pilmrims", Alice Crawford; a
drill, "What each Is thankful for"
by Dale Worthington; Raymond
Stephens and Jack McKenzle; a
story, "First Thanksgiving," Isa
bell Kennedy: reading. Thanks
giving advice". Joe Shepard. The
teacher, Miss Lillian Reynolds was
accompanist. Helen nunt announc
ed numbers.
LIBERTY. Nov. 27 The
chicken dinner sponsored by the
various organizations of the Lib
erty community Tuesday nignt
proved very successful. Fifty six
dollars were taken in. Tne ain
ner was given to raise funds to
heln nar for materials used in
the alteration recently completed
at the hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krauger
and daughter Ha motored to
Klamath Falls to spend the
Thanksgiving holidays. They will
return home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Dallas and
children, Cathrine and Robert,
spent Thursday as guests of Mr.
Dallas' parents at Corvallls.
Mr. aad Mrs. Bert Lathroy ot
Camas, Wash., Mr. and Mrs, Har
old Lathrop and son ana Mrs.
Kate Dixon of Portland were call
ers at the Oscar Dencer home
Thursday. Mrs. Bert Lathrop
nd Mrs. Dencer are sisters.
Mission Efforts
Parker's Theme
Df. B. Earle Parker of the
First Methodist cnureh will deliv
er thanks day offering sermon
for the Woman' Home Mission
ary society of the. ehurch Sunday
morning; at the regular worship
A special- Thanksgiving night
service at the First Baptist ehurch
observed the. x 5th anniversary' of
conversion and eall to the min
istry of the new pastor. Brltton
Ross. It also marked the culmina
tion of a successful financial
campaign. .
"We are very happy over re
sponse to the drive, and grateful
to say that 'enough funds were
raised to take care ot all out
standing obligations," Mr. Ross
said yesterday.
Special musie at the service.
which was largely attended, was
furnished by the Gideon quartet,
composed ot Milton Dirks, Dan
Schirman, Oley Olsen and John
Frelsan; and a trio, Fred Broer,
and his brother, Charles Broer, of
The Dalles, ana Mrs. Theodore
FALLS CITY, Nov. 27 A re
vival campaign conducted by Rev:
F. K. Bennett, A. M., ot Chicago,
opened at the Free Methodist
church here tonight, and will con
tinue through December 14.
Rev. Bennett is a nationally
known speaker, and is president
of the American Science Founda
tion. He was reared in South Af
rica, is an editor, college profes
sor, chaplain In the U. S. Leper
colony, and a former U. S. marine.
He is a friend ot the local pastor,
who persuaded him to preach
His noted science lectures, "The
Church at the Cross Roads" and
The Bible Under Fire" will be
both spiritual and educational, It
is promised.
Another Local
Church to Give
The dra,na, "Charged With
Manslaughter", will be presented
at a commuity meeting in the
court street Christian church Sun
day at 7:30 o'clock.
The cast is as follows: pros
ecuting attorney. Dr. W. J. John
stone; father, W. M. Heacock;
son, Clyde Randall; sheriff, Ben
H. Hawkins; stenographer, Miss
Opal Kruger.
All are invited to the meeting.
An offering will be taken for the
promotion of the prohibition
cause In Oregon. Children are
welcome but must be accompan
led by and sit with their parents.
Hewitt to Speak
To Luther Group
About Orientals
Special services will be held at
the American Lutheran church
Sunday night at 7: SO o'clock.
when Dean R. R. Hewitt of Wil
lamette university will be the
speaker. His subject will be
"Why Do the Orientals Do What
They Do?", and will deal with the
present war -situation. Dean Hew
itt traveled through those coun
tries recently.
Wendall Robinson will sing a
solo and the Salem high school
girls' glee elub will sing.
Endeavor Play
Scheduled For
Sunday Evening
A two-act play, "A Pilgrim
Wife" will be given at the First
Christion church Sunday night at
6: SO o'clock by a cast composed
of high school Christian Endeav
or members.
The cast includes: Carl Barnett,
Velma Wagner, Howard Cole,
Warner Jackson, Robert Carper,
Delbert Bunn, William Judson and
Esther Wirt.
Joint Fellowship
Event is Sunday
The annual fellowship supper,
of the First Congregational and
the Knight Memorial Congrega
tional churches will be held Wed
nesday. December 2, at 6:45,
with the Knight Memorial church
The sneakers will be Dr. C. H.
Harrison, superintendent of the
Congregational churches of Ore
gon, and Dr. Raymond B. Walk
er, pastor of the First Congrega
tional church of Portland. A bas
ket supper will be served and
large attendance is anticipated.
Rally Services
Will be Sunday
Rally day will be observed
Sunday in the Christian and
Missionary alliance, and for this
occasion the pastor. Rev. W. H.
Caldwell, urges every member
and friend to attend both worship
periods during the day.
The official board ot the Jason
Lee Methodist church will hold a
meeting at the ehurch Tuesday
night, beginning at 7:10 o'clock.
In the Churches
The Bu4tT - aeaoote aaeei at Sanusit
sad at ford Msmerial eanrebea si t:4S
e ja. Tk fMUr win proae at the Tori
Hesnerial nJrarek not anorniaf h4 rr
stag. - Tli naieet tao ssorninf ie
tniM tt 11 Valoek will t Tttk,
itiMVM at 1:30 wiU be "Tb G4-
S:Se fvm. O. U Dark. KiniaUr.
Okakta tad Liberty traata. NaUoa
Han. Saaday sebool 10 a.aa. Preachiag
13 aoa.
LABISH CENTER Church school
10 bjb. Klanp. Supt. Worship
at 11. Sabjaet, "Th Obj.ct ot oar
Wonblp." E. U C K. tt 1 Topic,
" Arc ICitaionarioa Koodod ia Tkia
Coaatryl" leader. Ifr. Floroneo Barr.
Biblo atadj and prmyer, Thunday .Ten
CLEAR LAKE Canrca. aebnol lO
a.m. W. P. CoUard. Supt. W.maa'a Ilia
ioaary society aaaaal Thank Offerinl
Mooting at 11. Iatenaediato JE. L. C. JC.
at 7 p.m. Biblo study class Tuesday
Toaiar at 7:80.
J1IDDLE GROVE Cbureb school
10 a.ra. T. r. Walker. Supt. Annual
Thank Offering nesting by W. M. 8. and
P. M. O. at 11. Br. K. Li. U. E. at
6:80. Topie, "Where Are Missionaries
Needed ia This Country t" Mid-week ser
Tieo Wednesday evening at 7 :80.
H. K. Beh.ueraian. pastor, uci union
street. Salem.
lTtft aad Nsbruka streets. Ber. R,
V. Wilson, pastor. Sunday school 9:43
i. Korninr worship ll o c iocs', even
ing worship. 7:30 o'clock.
17th aad Cbemeketa streets. Thomas
Baird, pastor. Saaday school 10 a.wu
Preaching 11 and 7:43 p.m. Mon
day aight Toong People' prayer aseet
ing 7:45. Tuesday Biblo study. 7 :4S.
Wednesday, all day prayer Derinnmg u
a.m. Friday, Youn People's meeting,
SerTtcea oTory Sunday eTening In the
Nelson ball ea Chemeketa street. A circle
for tbo public from 5:30 to 7:au, ioi-
lowod by a short song serriee aad lee-
tara at T:45. Topic "Tne hhowiihdi
oa the WalL" Mary Schwedel. pastor.
Oorner of Has el and Academy streets.
Sunday achool at 10 a.m. Lesson: Joshua
16 and 17th chapters. Preaching at 11
a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Mid-week prayer and
testimony meeting Thursday evening at
Corner Capitol and Marion streets. W.
&. Llenkaemper, pastor. Sunday school
10 a.ra. W. K. Krnse, traps, uerman ser
ricea 10 a.m. Subject: "Behold Thy
King Comethl" An AdTent sermon. Eng
lish serricea 11 o'clock. Subject "The
Message ot the Book of Jonah. Spe
cial musle. anthem. "Thou Art Near, ' by
J P. Knight. 7:45 p.m. Toung People a
meeting. 8ubjeet: w tier. re
kionariei Needed in This Country!"
HI h land aad Church streets. Edgar
P. Sims, pastor. Bible school 9:45 a.m.
E. M. Beckett. Supt. Momlag worship 11
a.m. Message by pastor. Evening service
7:30 p.m. Evangelistic. Special sinking
may be expected at each service. Junior
0 E. 5:80 p.m. Senior and Intermediate
c! E. 6:80 p.m. Bible class in Exodua
on Monday at 7:80 p.m. Mid-week prayer
meeting Thursday. 7:30 p.m. ,
South Commercial at Washington Sts.
Chas. C. Haworth, pastor. Sunday ser
vices 10 a.m. Sunday school, Nathan
Cook. Sunt. 11:00 morning worship. Ser-
mon: rna boui a vmi":. k--Tespera.
Special program. Thursday, :30
p.m. Church nigns supper, wuw
monthly meeting.
Thirteenth and Ferry streets, a C.
Weston, pastor. Sunday school at l:5
a.m. B. 0. Porguiom, Supt. Evangehstil
serrieef at S aad 7:45 p.m. Evangelist
BetU and party of New York City in
charge. Evangellstlo serricea continue
every night at 7:45 except Monday.
Special musle will bo ' regular
Special diviao healing nighU will be
announced from the pulpit. Prayer meet
ing Wednesday at 3:30 in the Taberna
North Cottage and D streets. Q. . W.
Rutsch. minister. Sunday achool 9.43
a.m. Sam Schlrman. 8npt. Serviee 11
a.m Sermon topie. "What Is Man That
Thou Art Mindful of Hlrol" Berular
mid-week prayer service Ja P-.- w":
nesday. Topie, "What Doortho Name of
Jesus Mean to Pal"
19th and Perry atreeta. H. O. Stow
minister. Morning worship at 11. Ser-
v. t- Srehln MaeDonald. Dnet.
V..v.i Thank Thee." Evening
servlT. at 7:30. Dr ''Who KiUed
Earl Wright." prMented by th 1 lju
Saloon Loamo of Oreron 8o',T
school at 10 aj.. O. O. Harrla. SupU
Christian Endeavor meetings at 6.4a
State and Chnrcb traots.. B Eart
Parker, pastor. Church school 9:43. 11
am. Junior chnrcb. 11:00 morning worj
ship. Sermoa: "Tha New
6:30 mr Epworth Leagues. 7:30 Even-
i txriil.aistl. nnivenitT Oos-
peT Team a'nder Professor Mathewa. Tha
.tad.ata will partleipste: Paul
Ackarman. Eugene Smith. Anna Jo Fleni'
ing, and Walter Erlckaon.
itv Vlnla. atreeta. A. B. Hen
Kdersoa. pastor, 1155 Mission
Phono 70?u. uorvicea 11 -. -
t Tzr.i... n.vnid. will preach
o ...1., at 11. Sunday achool
10 ant. Mrs. AHea M. Henderson SnpUl
Toung People'o meeting
Snbjaet: "Where Ar Missionaries
Needed In This Country" by Henry Xoh
feld. a man who ha spent 11 year as
missionary with comacae muians.
ti in t.n arrvnaTiT.
Winter and Jefferaon atreeta. Hugh B.
Fouke Jr, minister. 11 a.m. "qrh'P
service: sermon theme, "Abnadant Chrls
tisn Living." 7:80 p.m. Evening aerrlea.
a -a a. m. Seasion of tbo Church
..t.l TT n Prnnter. Sunt. 6:30 p.m.
Tin.' lTnwn'rth Leans croupa. High
achool ioln with the Toung People'
group to bT Martin Ferry speak on
"Tha Cause of Crime." All ara wel
come. 8:80 p.m. Fellowship boar.
655 Ferry street. W. H. Caldwell, pea
tor. Phono 8693. Illustrated chart ser
mon tonight 8nnday school 9:45 aJ.
Moratag worship 11 o'clock. EvangelisUe
servie T:80. Toung People' meeting
6:80 o'clock. Prayer mooting Tnoaday,
7:80 p.m. Tuag People'a eottag prayer
sarrioo Thursday. Bible study class Fri
dsy night.
Conor 18th and Center streets. Rot.
Fletcher Galloway, pastor. Residence
2025 Market street. Phono 9630. Tha
pastor win speak Sunday froni the
following subjects: 11 a.m. ."Our Croat
High Priest.' ' Communion aerrloa. T:30
p.m. "A TMagnoaia of Our Troablo.'
Chorus selection by the choir. "Ho Died
aad Paid it AIL Sunday school 9:45
aja. F. M. IdtwiQer, rhrpt. N. T. P. &
and Janlor Society. 6:80 p.m. John Fris
son, junior supervisor.
North Cottage aad Chemeketa street.
Rot. Fred Alban Wail, minister. Church
school at 10 a.m. Miles H. MeKoy. Supt.
Chareh sarviea at 11 a.m. Sarmon,
"Measuring Rod." Orgs nut. Mrs. Wal
ter A. Denton.
American Wherab Chmdi
Church St, Be. CbnieketA Jk Center
11 A. M. Shall ATI Israel Be Saved.
Anthem: The Lord la my Shepherd
Ashtord. Solo:
7:30 Why Do Orientals Do What
They Do?
By Dean Roy Hewitt, Willamette Law
school. Anthem: I Heard the Voice of
Jesus Ashford. Solo: Wendell Robinson.
Girls Glee Clnb, Salem High School.
Rer P. V Erlkscn, Pastor
High aad Ceate aireets. - D. J. Howe,
pastor. Kesideaoe. 1036 JL Winter. :45
ajsu Bible aekooX O. 4. Ball, Supt.
Tka school- i worklag for a record a
eadaaea 11 ovas, worahip. Tka Lard's
Supper followed by preaching. Seramam
by the paster. "A Vision of Spiritual
Progress'' Solo: "Behold What Maa
r af LoTe," (MaeDormtd). Viator
Wolfe. 6: SO Ohristiaa Kadoarov
hoar. 7:0 OTeaiag serrieo. a two
act playlet, f'X Pilgrim Wife" will
preseated by the high school C X. A
self denial offering will bo take for the
Western Christian Homes. Mid week
service Wedaesday, 7:0 p.m.
- it. vnrcMrr papx
(Catholic) ;
Highland aad Myrtle arenae. Bar.
Tboa. V. Koeaaa. pastor. Phono 6511.
Saaday aaasse" at S aad 10 :80 o'clock.
Week-day serrieea afl 8:15 o'clock.
South Commercial aad Mr.ra. Steeta.
B. Darlow Johnson, pastor. 348 JS. My
erg St. Phoao 87. Morning worship at
1L Sermon. "iViends of Jesus." Hap
py' Eveninc Hoar at 7:30. Opening song
test led by C. H. Orwig. Sermoa, ' The
Careasa and. the Vapltores." - Church
school. Stearn cCushinr. Sort- at t:45
Kpwerth 1m rues at t:MJ Leslie lee rue
topic, "reeidlng For Jean a," loader,
Stearns Cashing. Asbury Lea roe con
tinues discussion of "Tattling." led by
Jay Bertelaon. Mid-week Braver and
study hoar Thursday. 7 z30, continuing
Discussion oi paramo or tae tea Tirgins.
Market and W. Winter atreete. J. R.
Btewart.. pastor. Snndsr school S:45
nv. Morning worship 11 o'clock; sub
ject: "Making Our Calling aad Elec
tion Sura." Eroninr worship. 7:S0
o clock; subject: "The Passing of the
wieseo. xoung Pooplo's meeting 6:80
o cteci.
nxsT chtjxch or cebist,
Chemeketa and Liberty troeta. "Sun
day services at 11 a.m. aad 8 p.m. Sub
ject, "Ancient and Modern Necromancy,
anas Mesmerism and Hypnotism. De
nounced." Sundsr school at 9:45 and
11. -.testimonial meetina- everv Wn.i
day evening at 9. Reading Boom at 406
w io tempie open iron 11 to 5:S0 ax.
eept Sundays and holidaya.
AMXaiCAir rTxrfrcsAv
Church atreet h.twM. ni.n.k.
Center. Ken P. W. Eriksen. naat op. 1 1
a. "As it. Is WrittM All T.n.l R1..11
oe Bareu. - tMiadsy school at :45 a
Arnold A. Kruerer, Supt. 6:30. Luther
League. Mark Gehlhar, leader. At 7:30
Deaa Roy K. Hewitt Of W. TJ. Law
school will deliver lecture on topie'Why
" ' vnentais 00 wnat They del "
(The Present War Rltn.twn r.u .
China). The Salem high achool Girls'
triee ciud will sing.
549 N. Liberty street. Brittoa Boss,
sstor. Bible school 9:45, Fred Broer
lupt. Morning worship at 11:00. Spo- mauo or Ul ehalr. 4jm.fl.
"Growth, the J T J. .n
B. T. P. U. Miss Oln ijj
Evening service at 7:30. Special music.
Sermon, "The Passing Days of Oppor
tunity." Pastor Britton Rosa will preach
at aota morning and evening service.
Court and lTth atre.ta. V? r ttkm.
maaer, pastor. Sunday school 9:45 a
Mwira weiier, upt. Morning wor
ship 11 o'clock; subject: "How I May
Help the Church to Advance." Eveaing
wornnip 1 ;ju octoeK; (UDect: Prohi
bition play and lecture announced elso-
waere. Xonng People' meeting 9:30
o cioca: subject. "Where Are Mission
aries Needed In This Country I" Aid
oociery meeting Wednesday aad Friday
meeting, v eaneadsy, 7:30,
Center and Liberty street. J. R. Si
monds, pastor. Mornina serviee. 11
o'clock: subject: "The fjove or Christ
unps ui." Evening serviM 7:80 o'clock
suftjeet: Review of Lloyd Douglas
Marnifieent Obaeaiinn' V V a:
ends. Sundsy school, 9:45 a.m. T. E. Neer
19th and Breyman. Ret. Ray E. Tork
u. u., Hupply. Minister. ' Sundsy: 9:45
Bible school; 11:00 Morning worship
with sermon by Dr. Tork on "The Re
vival Which the World Needs Today."
6:30. Toung People' Meeting: 7:80,
Evening worship with sermon by Dr.
lorx on "Homo Forgotten Fundamen
tela." Thla Sermon ia repeated by spe
Epworth League
Will Give Play
Sunday Evening
JEFFERSON. Vot. 17Pv a
F. Lienlng Jr. will speak on "The
uuy or Keruge." at the Evangel
ical church at 7:30 o'clock Sun
day night.
At the Methodist rlinrA tw
T. H. Downs will gire the setoiui
sermon in a series of fire on Neb-
lt,ll,jln...A.. r-i . . ' a
m ui cam 11 11 L m.
From :30 to 7:30 the Fnwnrt).
League will present a play, "Mys
terious Happenings on Rush
eireer, .
Kohfeld to Talk
Missionary Work
Two special service will he
held Sunday at the First United
Brethren church. In the momlnr
at 11 o'clock. Rer. Walter Rey
nolds, the district superintendent,
will preach. At :S0 o'clock that
night Henry Kohfeld, who has
pent ll years as missionary with
the Comache Indians, will deliver
an address on "Where. Aro Mis
sionaries weeded La This Conn
t ,
Tempie Baptist Church
""io ovo. vvfbo diock Bowm or (Jester)
Rev. Ray E. York, D. D, Supply Minister.
SUNDAY. 11:00 A. M. - n . . " , -
The Kind of Revival the World Needs Today
SUNDAY. T:l P. M. '.
"Some Forgotten Fundamentals - v
by Dr. York. This sermon Is repeated by special reonestl
Monday, 70j cHow Do I Know I have-a Soul?" -Tuesday,
7:30. What Does My SouL Contain?"
Wednesday, 7:30. mat Does Conscience Havt to
i Do with My Soul?- - -.S iZ-
Thursday, 7:$0. What Is the Moral Nature of-My
- . - Soul?" : : .TA
Friday, 7:80.; What Is the Moral Condition of My
- - ' " Soul?? " -r." , .... if,:
a ennrt room scene depleting I
the salient features of the trial ot
n mnrderer and a bootlegger will '
be reproduced at the Knight Mem- j
orlal CongTegauona) cnurcn eiu-
day at 7:30 p. m. . . 5
The following local peopio win ;
take part: prosectitor. Boy nar-, -
land; defendant, rrancia ;is.
Clark; judge, James E. JUlisont .
bootlegger, I4oyd Fepper; aire, .
French. Mrs. B. F. Adams; George, ;
W. Cook - (coroner), B. e.
wards, bailiff. C R .William. .
sheriff, William Drakely; mother.
Mrs. Avis Martin; rwporter. Missj
Laura Yantls; widow, : Mr. Eu
nice Martin? children, ; Quintoa
Smith and Alice Fay Dangherty
lurr. E. C. BnshneU, foreman:.
Frank Martin, Mrs. Harvey Em
erick. Mrs. E. Q. CUrk, Mrs. Kii
al Cory, Mrs. Ethel Ritchie. O,
n. Gaylord. Mrs. Pauune Karri
on, J. O. MeGnne, Mrs. Etta Eyrea
Elbert L. Powell, J. J. Thorn jm
son. Rer. R. E. Close of Portland
will act as defense attorney. -'
An offering will be taken tc$
the promotion of the prohibition :
cause in Oregon.
Thank Offering
Breakfast Held
Hazel Green, Nov. 27 The Ot
terbeln Guild girls'. , missionary
society had their Thank-offering
breakfast at home of patrones
Mrs. Looney, Thanksgiving morn
ing. Miss Haiel Cook, president
was toastmistrees. Each girl gave)
areason for being thankful.
A story and poem was read bx
Iola Lnekey, Alice Cook made the)
place cards of autumn leaves.. The)
thank-offering boxes were opened! '
The table was decorated with Tur
pie crepe paper, and white Cbrys
anthemnms, the society' colors.
Members present were: Alice.
Hazel and Stella Cook. Iola Luck
ey. Imegene and Lucille Wood, N
Nora and Edna Rutherford, Helen;
Monitor Church
To See Popular
Drama Offering
MONITOR, Nor. S7 The dra
ma, "Charged . with Manaiaagn- .
ter," which has been proving of
interest to large audiences In all
parts of the state and nation; will
be presented Sunday morning at
11 o'clock In the Congregational
church of Monitor. "Charged
With Manslaughter" is the story
of a boy who followed in hit
dad's footsteps" and of a fathei
who awakened almost too late.
The east Is as follows: prose
cuting attorney, Rer.-R. B. Close;
Father, W. M. Heacock; stenogra
pher, Miss Donni Conyne; sheriff,
J. A. Van Cleave: son, Kenneth
An offering will be taken fol
the promotion of the prohibition
cause in Oregon. Children are wel
come but must be accompanied by
and sit with their parents.
York to Conduct
Revival Meeting
Throughout Week
Reviral services will be held
at the Temple Baptist church ev
ery night next week, conducted
by the pastor. Dr. Ray B. Tork.
No services will be held Saturday
night. The messages will be la'
the form of Bible studies, rather,
than formal preaching. A black-,
board will be nsed each night.
For the first three nights the
general theme will be "What Ia
the Soul?" Monday night, he
will answer the question? "How
do I know that I Have a Soul?":
Tuesday, "What Does My Soul
Contain?"; Wednesday, "What
Does Conscience Have to Do with
My SoulT"
Closing Revival
Service Sunday
Sunday will be the closing day;
of a successful revival campaign
at the Free Methodist church. J.
R- Stewart, the pastor, has acted
as evangelist, and has been assist
ed by L. H. Shepherd, song lead
er and soloist of Bloomlngton,
111. Rev. Stewart will preach at'
both services Sunday. Special mu
sic will he featured.
High and Ferry Sts. Near The Elsisore
Graded Sunday School, t:40 p. m.
Preaching Service 10:50 a. m. 4k 7:J0 p. m.
! B. Y. P. TJ.'b t:10 p. m.
i A. M "Friendships Earthly and Hea
venly5' Pastor.
The Knights of Pythias will attend this
service in a body.
Solo, "I Shan Not Pass Agalm This Way."
Hiss Grace Fawk.
P. M. The SonFa Open Windows,
. . Pastor
Ll Baptism 8peclal Muslo
at xroop Doara.
I Miss -Watson entrts1es4 her San,
(hoar, 11 o'clock.