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The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem, ; Oregon, Wednesday Morning. November 18, 1931
Society News and Glub
OUVE M. DOAK, Society Editor,
"At Home" Will
- Be Surprise
The many Salem friends ot Mr.
and Mr. E. Hofer of Dnnthorpe
irW be delighted to know that a
surprise "at home" is being plan
ned In compliment to the golden
wedding of Mr. and Mr.-Hofer
Saturday afternoon between the
hours of three and six o'clock- at
their Dunthorpe residence, 715
Riverdale avenue.
The plans are being worked out
by the children of Mr. and iMrs.
Hofer, Mr. and Mrs. Allan IByn
on. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hofer.
and Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKin
nle Hofer all of Portland. Mr. and
Mrs . Frank Jerome, also well
known In Salem, are here from
'Chicago and will assist in the cel
ebration. The latter returned
' from the east with the Hofers
' During the first hour Mrs. C. D.
Gahrielson and Mrs. R. J. Hen-
' dricks will preside at the tea ta
ble: durinr the second hour Mrs.
John Carson and Mrs. Mary Ho
fer will preside at the tea table. A
group of Salem maids will assist
In Serving.
The Salem friends of Mr. and
Mrs. Hofer are being asked to call
during the "at home" houra.
Hi Lo Club is
J4r. S. B. Matthis was hostess
at her home Monday evening in
compliment to members of the Hi
Lo club and its husbands. Cards
were in play for several hours
.with winning scores held by Mrs.
A. E. Vfickert and W. J. Lee and
second to Mrs. W. J. Lee and A.
E. WickerL
Guests for the evening were Mr.
and Mrs. William Craig, Mr. and
, Mrs. W. J. Lee, Mr. and Mrs.
' J. G. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Bert
Pitcher, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Ring
wald, Mr. and Mrs. J. Sande, Mr.
and Mrs. A. E. Wickert, and Mr.
and Mrs. S. B. Matthis.
The next meeting of the club
will be with Mrs. Bert Pitcher,
December 1, and this will be a
one o'clock luncheon followed by
an. afternoon of bridge.
The annual luncheon of the La
dles Aid society of the First Pres
byterian church which is to be an
event of one o'clock today will be
followed by a regular business
meeting and program. Miss Mar
tha Floer veill be the soloist for
the program A social hour will
' follow the program. All women
: of the church' are being asked to
attend the luncheon meeting
which through custom has be
come a memorable occasion in the
church social life each year.
Wednesday, November 18
Salem Symphony orchestra, S:15 o'clock, In ar
mory; Miss Barbara Thorne, assisting soloist. ,
Reception for new members and old members or
tho North Salem W. C T. U., fireplace room of Jason
Lee church; program, social hour, refreshments; 7:39
O'clock. .
The South Circle of the First Methodist church,
with Mrs. B. Earl Parker." 2:30 o'clock. Special guests
will be entertained.
Naomi circle of First M. E. church, with Mrs. J. W.
Beckley, 166 North 21st street. ,
Woman's Foreign Missionary society, Leslie M. n.
church. 2 o'clock; Mrs. Anna M. Shank, 1550 South
Li jerty street. - w
Sweet Briar club, with Mrs. Karl Kugel; meeting
dare advanced one week on account of Thanksgiving.
South circle of First Christian church, with Mrs.
F. A. Philpot. 1160 S. Liberty street; all-day meeting,
wit h covered dish luncheon at noon.
Mrs. Wayne Barham. hostess to Woman's Union
of First Congregational church; 2:30 o'clock.
West Way circle of First tf. E. church with Mrs.
Ronald Glover, 635 North Winter street; 2; 30 o'clock.
Tew Park circle, guests of Mrs. B. E. Parker, at her
home on State street, at 2:30 o'clock.
South East circle of First Methodist church, with
Mrs. G. W. Eyre. 2093 Mill street, 2:30 o'clock.
Lincoln Parent-Teachers association.- at school
building, 7:30 o'clock; program and exhibit of "Nimble
Needles 4H dub". , ,
Thimble Bee club of Maccabees. 2 o clock, with Mrs.
Georgiana Breedlove. and Mrs. Florence Borson, 780
North 17 th strett; work on basaar goods.
"Thursday, November 19
Members and wives of El Kazar Grotto, card and
social evening at Masonic temple.
Rural Woman's club, at Rickreall; election of dffl
cers and business meeting in morning session; C. A.
Howard, state superintendent of public Instruction,
speaker in afternoon.
Federated Patriotic Orders banquet, 6 o'clock, in
Y. M. C. A. Election of officers; program.
Chapter G of P. E. O. Sisterhood, one o'clock lunch
eon with Mrs. A. A. Schramm.
Faculty Women's club cf Willamette university,
with Mrs. W. C. Jones.
Hayesville Woman's club, Mrs. Burr Teal.
Mrs. Russell Catlln, hostess to members of the O. T.
Brush College Helpers with Mrs. Oliver Whiting.
Women's society ot Calvary Baptist church, in
church parlors, 2:30 o'clock. Meeting changed from
Past Presidents club with Mrs. Bertha Loveland.
405'South 25th street; large attendance Is urged. Gnest
day. Roll call with Armistice day or Thanksgiving Quo
tation. Fidelis Sunday school class, entertained at home
for Mrs. T. W. Da vies. 941 Cottage street. 7:30 o'clock.
All members urged to be present.
Mother's club of Leslie Junior high school Parent
Teacher association. 2:45 o'clock; tea at 4 o'clock.
Calvary Baptist Woman's society, in social rooms
of church; 2:30 o'clock.
Woman's Benefit association, at Woman's club
house. 8 o'clock.
Zonta club of Salem will meet for a business din
ner meeting at 6:30 o'clock in the Marion hotel.
Friday, November 20
Mrs. A. C. F. Perry, hostess to Woman's Auxiliary
to St, Paul's Episcopal church; Misa Elizabeth Baker,
national council member, will be Bpeaker.
Mr3. George Smith, luncheon hostess and social aft
ernoon for members of Grand Army of Republic, U. S.
Grant circle, at her home on North Fifth street; date
changed from Thursday.
Alliance Luncheon of Unitarian church in church
parlors; one o'clock; program to follow.
The Auxiliary to the United Spanish War Veterans
will meet with Mrs. Charles McKinley, 1810 Trade
West Side circle of Jason Lee church, work meet
ing, with Mrs. J. L. Busick, 1520 North Fifth street; 2
o'clock; work for Associated Charities.
Thursday Club to
Be Luncheon
Mrs. Harry Hawkins will enter
tain with a smart luncheon and
bridge afternoon Thursday In
compliment to her Thursday
bridge club and one additional ta
ble. The aff air will be siren In the
Marion noiei.
Special guests will be Mrs. Ed
Baker, Mrs. Frank Jordan of Se
attle, Mrs. James Linn, Mrs. T. A.
Llvesley, Mrs. Otto Johnson, and
Mrs. W. H. Ly tel. Club members
are Mrs. David W. Eyre, Mrs. O.
C. Locke, Mrs. George Rodgers,
Mrs. Frits Slade. Mrs. Dan J. Fry,
Jr.. Mrs. John McNary, Mrs. Wii
liam Walton, Mrs. Frank Snede-
cor, Mrs. Henry Meyers, and Mrs.
Fidac Program is
This model is the creation' of a
designer who knew just what
. lines to . emphasize and what
carves to hide on the not-too-slim
' figure. The becoming surplice,
the graceful rever and collar, the
stunning sleeves and the careful
skirt seaming combine to make a
beautiful frock for every day
time, occasion. The original was
fashioned of black canton crepe.
the rever and collar were green
satin, me vestee was of cream
lace. ; The belt tab Is lined In
: green.- Buckle and buttons are
Pattern 2248 is obtainable only
in sizes 34. 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46
and 48. Size 38 requires 3 7-8
yaras . inch f ahrie, 1 yard. 32
inch ' contrasting. No , dressmakv
iag experience is necessary to
. make this model with out pattern:
; . aten-oy-step instruction dia
grams-given -with this pattern.
County P. T. A
Institute December 1
The Marion county Parent
Teacher association meets twice
a year, a tail ana spring meeting.
The fall meeting for this year will
be December 1, in the evening
beginning at 7:30 o'clock in the
chamber of commerce rooms. The
last such meeting was held in
Silverton this past spring.
Mrs. Virginia 'Kletzer of Port
land, former state P. T. A. presi
dent, will address the group on
the subject of the "Children's
Charter," which was one of the
accomplishments of the Washing
ton, D. C child welfare conference.
An election of a new president
will be part of the business meet
ing for this evening session. The
election was made necessary be
cause of the resignation of the
present president, Robert Getz of
Silverton. There will also be re
ports of the presidents of the vari
ous associations of the county.
Silverton Mr. and Mrs. E
Young senior entertained at din
ner Sunday noon for Mr.- and
Mrs. E. Young Junior. A color
scheme of pink and white was car
ried out with pink, chrysantheh-
mams, pink tapers and in the
dessert. Two lovely cakes had
been baked for the occasion by
Mrs. Frank Rahn. Covers were
placed for the two couples and
Seas fifttH nU la taiaa ar
Upi ( co in i preferred), for aaA
patten. Writa plaaly yoar aaaia. ;
adarasa aad atria . aaaibee. Ba
J T?., waate.-
Tha.; aw fall catalog It aaw
..vaady. It fiatorat taa ia
rtaraooa, aparte , ao4 aooaa
, ft "batttla. Pajaaaa Sad kid-
Iaa' alathaa. AUa daligatfal if T
Mtzaatioaa la aeeeaaary aad traaa
Jar aattaraa, Prtea af ettalac ; 1
ft ecata. Catalog with pat
twenty ftva eaata. . Add rata
! ta Taa Statea
V Department, - 14
,waa 17ta alraaV Naw Tori City. .
Parent-Teacher Study i
Club to Meet
The American Legion auxiliary
presented an Interesting Fidac
program Monday night In McCor-
naek hall. Fidac represents "good
will" and the program, which
was broadcast over a miniature
broadcast system with "Rufe"
White doing the honors of an
nouncer, represented the various
countries which were involved in
the World war.
Following the program refresh
ments were served and a social
hour was enjoyed. Mrs. O. E. Pal
mateer. Mrs. Glen Porter, Mrs. R.
F. Budrow and Mrs. King aBrtlett
made up the refreshment commit
tee. Mrs. Rodney Alden and Mrs.
Dodge, president of the Woodburn
auxiliary, were special guests.
Taking part in the program
Mrs. Yvonne Richardson, rep
resenting France; Mrs. Elbert
Bradford, for Czechoslovakia and
Jugoslavia; Mrs. Glen Porter for
Roumania; Mrs. Fred Waters
and Mrs. A. N. Johnson, for Bel
gium; Miss Helen White, for Eng
land; Mrs. Johnson for Italy; and
Mrs. Charles Duval and Mrs. Den
nie Stevenson . for the United
States. Static was given in repre
sentation of Portugal and Poland,
The program was directed by Mrs.
Dennis Stevenson.
Refreshments were served by a
committee composed of Mrs. O. E
Palmateer, Mrs. Glen Porter, Mrs.
R. F. Budrow and Mrs. King Bart
An Interesting study class la
the Leslie Mother's club which
will meet Thursday afternoon in
the- school at 2 : 4 5 o'clock. The
"Children's Charter", outline re
sult ot the findings of the recent
Child congress held In Washing
ton D. C. Is forming the basis for
the study periods with additional
study material. The Thursday
meeting will be a discussion ot
The Challenge, to Elucation",
section 19, 11 and 12 ot the char
Additional program material!
will be music and roll, tall, the
later to be answered to be the
name ot a book, or request for a
book that would be excellent to
read. This will be in compliment
to national book week.
Mrs. Dan McCleilan will talk on
"What is Parent Education All
About?" Other talks will be
"Reading for Leisure" by Mrs. R.
G. Brady, and "Our Children's
Reading" by Mrs. H. N. Hunsaker
An open discussion will be held
on the subject of "The Newspaper
In the house, what Is Its value for
Mrs. Edward F. Underbill will
present the poem "A Gift to
Child" and a splendid display of
books for a mother's reading will
be presented by Mrs. V. R. Griggs.
A tea hour will follow the pro
gram. Mrs. David Bennett Hill
and Mrs. LeMolne Clark will be
hostesses for this hour. The tea
hour is set for 4 o'clock.
All mother's of the school are.
Invited to come and Join the
.v-w. .- V
- v-"'- -
a : i
1 "
sic and- fouowin'tv the "program 1 Informal JTea i V ' i.
therrwin be a tea Hour. Mrs. E.I - v. - ' ;:.",
T. Barkus, Mrs. Ray Farmer, i ornpiimcnw i v
Mrs. Glen Gregg, and Mrs. Charles charmingly Informal tea was
rtaria are the hostesses xor u ai- i .v.. muji which Mrs. u.
All women of tbe congregation
are invited to attend this meeting.
War Mothers Have -
Tea Meeting
. The social rooms of the Amer-
can Lutheran chnrch were
Mrs. Henry McCoUum, nee
Karlene Rice, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C. O. Rice, who be
came the bride of Mr. McCol-
lum in a quiet ceremony Mon
day at 11 o'clock at the Rice
home. Mr. and Mrs. McCoU
lum are now away on a wed
ding trip but will be at home
after December 1 at their
home in West Salem. Photo
by KenneU-EUis.
for Miss Blanche Young, a stu-Reed.
dent at Oregon State college.
The young people were recently
married and returned Wednes
day night from a wedding Jour
ney. Following the Sunday am-
ner the Youngs took Miss Blanche
back to Corvallis.
Mr. Young is with the Red and
White store at Silverton.
Mrs. W.REliis Plans
CarH Series
Mrs. W. P. Ellis will entertain
with a series of three card parties
this weekend Friday afternoon a
delightful bridge tea is being
planned with cards in play at nine
Friday night the husbands and
wives will be included in a bridge
evening party at the Ellis . home
with cards in play at eight tables.
Again Saturday night cards will
be in play at seven tables at the
Ellis home.
Brooks Miss Thelma Reed
entertained a group of her school
mates with a party in her home
Saturday night. The guests were:
Miss Beulah Otto, Miss Mary
Clark, Miss Dorothy Nelson, Miss
Hattie Aspinwall, Miss Arleta
Wood,'- Miss. Lois Lavett, Miss
Vera Sears, Miss Lela .Wood, Joe
Hermy, : Charles Hess, . Doll Orr,
Bob Ramp, Arthur Sqsee, Eddie
Arata, Oren Stnrgls, Charles Hut
te,.Mitchel. Lowery, Osborn Alli
Bon', John Hutte, Theodore Low
ery, and the hostess. Miss Thelma
Looking Nice in House Dress
Not All Question of Expense
Attractive Ones not Costly Ready Made; may
Harmonize With Surroundings :
After Miss High School's and
the Campns Co-ed's wardrobes
hare been planned and purchased,
causing Father to close his check
book with a final sort of snap,
Mother begins to wonder what
she is- going to wear this winter.
At first, she feels terribly blue
about it. Then being a stout
hearted lady,- she begins to try
to figure out a wlner wardrobe on
practically nothing. ;:; ,-!' 7
The girls haye frowned on aer
house dresses for so long ; that
she feels as it she really meat do
something about them. ; All of
them are so faded that she de
cides to get a piece of material
and make up one or two.. :.
I'm sure, though, .that when
she looks around a bit la the
stores she will find that she can
buy them just ' as-' inexpensively
ready-made, and such - nice gay
looking ones. Some have the motl
perkiest flares and rnffles.
Yon know, there . is nothing
that' win make housework seem
less like a dull routine than
nice dress' to work In. And now
that ' houses have . blossomed out
In colors it's v marvelous idea to
hate Jaouse : dresses .to harmonise
with woodwork. .How - could . you
belp but' feel friendly towardT a
little bouse that Is dressed up In
the very same color thai yon ae.
We hare so many laws anyway
that one more wouldn't hurt, so
X think there should be one mak
ing housekeepers get at least two
new house dresses a year. ..
When the Fond Husband comes
home and sees a lady dressed In
a brand new; gown, .that corrsa
ponds entirely -with-, his. Idea ; of
what a charm Ins wife r should
wear and all. for the magnificent
sum of around I2or S3, it will
probably , bs much easier to per
sude him of the other and pres
sing needs that mother has in the
Y. I. D. Dancing Club
Opens Season
Independence The Y. I. D.
dancing club opened the season
with a charming party followed
by a business session and election
of officers at the armory Friday
night. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hart
and Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Mattison
were the hostesses.
New officers are Prof. Paul E.
Robinson, president, Mrs. Harri
son Brant, vice-president, Mrs.
Ellen Davis, secretary and W. H.
Cockle, treasurer.
The membership includes: Mr.
and Mrs. J. N. Robbie, Mr. and
Mrs. C. O. Sloper, Mr. and Mrs.
George Carbray, Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Cockle, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison
Brant, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hart,
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Moore, Mr.
and Mrs. George Knott, Mr. and
Mrs. C. Kimball, Mr. and Mrs. H.
Mattison, Mr3. Ellen Davis. Paul
E. Robinson, and Mr. "and Mrs.
Harry Keeney.
Hostesses for the next party
will be Mr. and Mrs. Carbray,
Professor Robinson and Mrs. Davis.
Liberty The Liberty Wom
an's club will meet for their social
afternpon Thursday, November
19th at the home of Mrs. R. A.
Erixon. The program will be in
charge of the civics committee
ot which Mrs. Al Brown is chair
man. The topic will be "Interna
tional Relations." All ladies of
the community are Invited to at
tend. The hostesses for the af
ternoon are Mrs. R. A. Erxton,
Mrs.,W. J. Fair, and Mrs. Charles
Mrs. J. Burton Crary was host-.
ess Monday anernoon to me
Woman's social ' club of the Da
kota club. A business meeting
was held and it was decided to
hold the next evening meeting- of
the Dakota dub , December 2 ai
the home of. Mr. and Mrs. A. A.
Siewert. Each number attending
is asked to have a program num
ber to contribute. A potluck din
ner will be served at 6:30 o'clock.
The disabled American Veter
ans will sponsor a social meeting
Wednesday night in the armory
at which time the wives of the
Veterans will be .complimented.
The hour has been: set for 8:00
o'clock. A short business meeting
will precede ' the social hours.
Crds and a program -will he en-
Joyed and refreshments will be
served late In the evening. .
a , - a
State President of
W. R. C. Visitor
Independence Mrs. Josephine
Endlcott of The Dalles, state de
partment president of the Wom
en's Relief corps, was the guest of
honor at the meeting of the W.
R. C. at Campbell hall Saturday
Other guests included: Mrs.
Dollie M. Brown, president, Mrs.
Eva Young, conductor, Mrs. Ollle
Minor, guard, all of Ellsworth No.
7 Woman's Relief corps, Corval
lis, and Mrs. Charlotte Sparks, a
new member of the Corvallis W.
R. C. and a sister-in-law of Mrs.
The department president ex
plained the work of the local
corps and also gave many inter
esting Incidents of her trip to the
national convention in September
of this year.
The meeting was followed by a
luncheon at which covers were
placed for the guest of honor, the
visitors from Corvallis, Mrs. Maud
Bidgood and the following mem
bers: Mrs. Ella M. Hart, presi
dent, Mrs. Ester Morgan, Mrs.
Bessie L. Grover, Mrs. Minnie M.
Fetzer, Mrs. Mina Scrafford, Mrs.
Livinia Nicholson, Mrs. Lura Ar
rell, Mrs. Olivia Fluke, and Mrs.
Luccata Quarsdorf.
a a
y .nmniinintd Mrsr E. Hoier
r : : - . m r..
of Portland and Mrs.-oyro
ton. of Santa Rosa, v;aui.
day afternoon at the Bishop home
on Court street.- 4
Mrs. Houston has neon zwv
of Mrs. D. C. Minto while Tlsit-
ing 'In Salem " during ine pi
few weeks, and last week she
spent In Portland as the. guest of
beautifully arranged with, a pro- -r-" Hafe, several delightful
fusion of flowers Tuesday arier-1 nM htb la Salem for
.UfBB -- -- . ,
noon In compliment to the tea
meetinr of the American war
Mothers.' '
. . - . . . - . . . .
The tea tawe ai wnicn rs. r-- .-ft i borne in
Valleda Ohmart and Mrs. Clars A " ?jifiJ??J
Farmer presided was centered 1""' ".7
Mrs. Houston before she left for
Portland. Thw tea Monday was
the last thinrM compliment her
with a basket of fruit, suggestive
of Thanksgiving time, and on
either side were lighted tapers.
Miss Rnth Bedford gave a
group of lovely piano numbers in
comnliment to the Motners.
In a short business meeting it
was decided to sena two targe
baskets to two needy families
and also to send the customary
$20 aent each year to the Veter
ans' hosoltal in Portland.
Tha three state officers Who
belong to this chapter were In
troduced Tuesday afternoon, Mrs.
Mabel Lockwood, president, Mrs.
A. A. Lee. vice president, and
Mrs. F. A. Erlxson. secretary.
Mrs. Amanda Mollencop, Just
returned from a pilgrimage to
France, spoke. most interestingly
of her trip. Three gold star
mothers, Mrs. Mollencop, Mrs,
Jennie Martin and Mrs. came
O'Neil were seated at the guest
table at the tea hour.
a a
Mwt Hofer and Mrs. Houston
presided at the tea tables Monday
afternoon. .Mrs. J. A. Bishop and
Miss Elizabeth Bishop asBisteu
Mrs. C. P. .Bishop.
Guests for the afternoon were:
Mrs. Blaine McCord, Mrs. i a.
Shorey and Mrs. Fran setue
mier, all of - Woodburn. Mrs.
Douglas Minto", Mrs. W. P. Bab
cock. Mrs. .EL C. Cross, Mrs.
George Brown. Mrs. Carey Mar
tin. Mrs. .George Downing, Mrs
Edgar Hartley. Mrs. ti. xj.
I , . w-ae.t bT
rielson, MS. wiiuam aiciau. xir.
J. A. Bishop, Mrs. ueorge i-earce,
Mrs. William McGIIchrlst. Jr.,
Mrs. Gordon McGIIchrlst. Mrs.
Bollinger, Mrs. Sherman Thomp
son. MS. JOHn A.
Thomas LarKin wiuitmi,
R. G. Brady. Mrs. Roy Burton.
Mrs. Max Buren and Mrs. K. H.
Scotch Program
The feature program given be
fore the Rebekah lodge Monday
night was presented by the local
Scotch dan of which Mrs. Wil
liam Calder is manager. The I.
O. O. F. hall was decorated to
harmonize with the occasion.
Scotch broom was used in profu
sion and both the Scotch and
American flags were draped in
decorative effect about the rooms.
The program included numbers
by the Kiltie band, the person
nel of which is Joha Charge, An
drew Henderson, Arthur Hutch
esoo Wallace Imus, James Mc
GIIchrlst; vocal solo, Robert
Hutcheson; Highland Fling and
sword dance, danced by John
Charge and accompanied by An
drew Henderson on the bagpipe.
William McGilchrist. Jr., and
William McGilchrist, Sr., each
sang vocal solo, presenting well
known Scotch songs. H. Isher-
wood, A. H. Hilton and Wallace
Imus made up a tiio which pre
sented several musical numbers
T. S. Mackenzie sang a Scotch
solo and later he and Mrs. W. J
Linfoot sang a duet accompanied
by Mrs. Kenneth Dalton.
Piano solos were played oy
Henry Isherwood and Robert
Hutcheons and as interesting
bagpipe duet was given by John
Charge and Andrew Henderson.
The committee in charge of
the program was Mrs. Lois King,
Mrs. Elsie Townsend, and Miss
Wilda Siegmund. This group has
charge of the November program
for the Rebekah contest which is
now going on. The November 23
program will be a "harvest
home" dinner and this followed
by a selected group of numbers.
Lincoln Parent
Teacher to Meet
The Lincoln Parent-Teacher
association will meet tonight in
the school building at 7:30
o'clock. A special program has
been arranged and there will be
an interesting exhibit of hand
work done by the "Nimble Need
les" club of the 4-H workers.
Mrs. C. T. Harrington is 4-H
club leader.
All parents are urged to attend
the meetings. A contest is being
conducted in which the pecent-
age of parents and friends pres
ent representing the children in
each room will be counted at
each meeting. At ttie end of the
year the room being most largely
represented in attendance by
parents and friends during the
year's P. T. A. meetings will be
presented as a permanent posses
sion a flower basket. This bas
ket will be in possession during
the year for a month at a time of
the room having tho most attend
ing parents during the month's
Program Planned for
Baptist Women
Eight women of the Calvary
Baptist Women's society will im
personate the eight missionaries
of the church supported! by the
Columbia River district, at the re
gular meeting of the Women's so
ciety meeting Thursday at 2:30
o'clock In the church parlors.
There will also be special mu-
hold of Modern Music" was the
lesson topic of the Delphlans, who
enjoyed the following program at
the Asa E. Robinson home Mon
day afternoon:
"The Anglican Litany," Mrs. C,
O. Sloper; "Some Famous Musi-
clans." Mrs. D. A. Hoag; "Virginal
and Other Music," Mrs. L. I. Bur-
sell; "Predecessors of the Opera;
Mrs. E. y. Ebbert: "VIctrola Mu
sic," Mrs. A. E. Robinson; "Fa
vorite Hymns." Mrs. E. M. Won
der. Miss Mabel Riddell. Mrs. H.
Mattison: book review. Mrs. H.
W. Harmeler: "Simmery ." Mrs
M. J. Butler; European travel
ogue, "Sis tine Chapel in the Vat!
can and Churches of Rome," Mr.
Delia Butler: instrumental music.
Russian Melody," and "To a
Wild Rose." Mrs. H. McHale.
a ' a
Wallace Road The Sweet Briar
club will be entertained Wednes
day, November 18, at the home of
Mrs. Karl Kugel on the Wallace
Road. The meeting is being held
a week ahead of the regular
schedule in order to not conflict
with Thanksgiving holiday plans,
a a
Brush College. Mrs. Oliver
Whitney, president, will be hostess
to the Brush College Helpers on
Thursday, November 19. The main
feature of the afternoon will be
completing work on the school
bags, 300 of which are being
made for the children ot the local
Mrs. A. A. Lee to
on the Thresh- Entertain
Mrs. A. A. Lee will entertain
members of the Lucy Ann circle
of the First Methodist church at
her home tonight. Members will
bring their husbands and they
will be entertained wun a social
evening. Mrs. W. E. Kirk will
speak of her trip on the Mediter
ranlan ocean and of her Impres-
Blon of the Passion Play.
Mrs. Lee will be assisted br
Mrs. Fannie Campbell. Mrs. F.
DeLong and Mrs. Brashor. Guests
will be received at 7:30 o'clock.
Cloverdale. Mrs. J. Fliflef of
Chemawa entertained pleasantly
Sunday with a 1 o'elock dinner.
Covers were placed for Mr. anu
Mrs. Ivan Hadley and sons, Hom
er, Norvai and .Lowell, and Mr.
and Mr. Arthur Kunke, Joyce and
Gordon Kunke,. Palma and Osci-
1Ve Welcarmyou
ta Portland. ZOO eomfortabla
each wicn back. KcaaoaaMa raaaa
Coorenieac dowa4owa Infrimu
omr n. Bom. Ri idaa Uamatm-
at the
v Modes bf the day
Masonic Building
IIS No. High
Scic A dinner followed by
bridge was given at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Myers with Mrs
J. 8. Stlchsv and Mrs. Edwhl Holl
and as Joint hostesses Saturday
night. High score for. the evenings
went to Mrs. -A. G. Prill and Mrs.
P. H. MacDonald. second to Mrs.
Bulear Niche And; J. 8, Stieha.
Baskets . of . yellow chrysanthe
mums were nsed about the rooms:
Members of Salem Lodge Nd.
1 are betnr urged to attend the
regular busines meeting of the
order Friday night at S o'clock la
tho Woman's clubhouse at which
time Mrs. Lc is Jl. Gelser will be
present to address tho group; Mrs.
Gelser Is national regional organ
iser and will have some important
thing to say to her hearers. "
. Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Meyers
hare as - their house guest, Mrs,
New Customer Campaign
We want new customers and we want to give our
regular customers the benefits that we are able to
obtain through market conditions.
These prices will bring many new people into our
store and if our old customers are wise they too
will be here.
TODAY, 9 A. M.
Dress Coats
Two groups of Dresses, Coats, all fur trimmed.
Blacks and browns with furs of caracul, mink,
poney, etc.
SPORT COATS.... $9.95
j. .... , s ' t
New styles, all cleverly fur trimmed.
Silk Dresses
Flat crepes, satins and travel crepes in black;
brown, nary and. red, All hew styles and patterns.
. JL -
AH Wool Knit Suits
all. colors and sizes:-
V Ci-epes, Satins and Taffetas
in all pastel t V-CQ QK
shades ,.: t ' wUmVO
155-161 N. tlbexty St.
New Fall and Winter Felt
Eats in tUV ::YVA
; crown, naty reen -ioli U.
terns, " and an of ihem- with the
way of clothes,-.:
Frank. Jordan of Seattle: ...