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    Yfeo. OREGON STATESMAN. Sakm, Oregon. Sunday Morning, November 15, 1931
Fernal Gilstaap, Katherine
Sparks win Temperance
Contest Awards
Silverton Paper Carries
Account of Choi's Visit
To Silverton S-H'Group
TURNER. Not. 14 The Tur
ner W. C. T. XT. sponsored 'a sil
ver medal contest with two c lass
os competing for separate awards.
Friday eveala.
Mrs. F. C Uanning and Mrs. E.
1 J. JOttatrap had arranged for the
contest which -was held in the
high, school aadltoriam before a
representative audience. Mrs.
Gunning presided and first asked
all . to sing America, after which
the invocation was Toiced by E.
J. Gilstrap. The first gromp reclt
.Ing were -from the ttoird, fourth
and fifth school grades. Evelyn
Jensen took fotv her subject,
"Merit;" Eleanor Parks, "A Case
for Charity;' LoraLae Barnett.
"Old Father Hubbard Wanted
His Drink;" Ruth Burgoyne, "A
Temperance Cow;" Fiorina Wat
kins. "A Little Gray Mouse;" El
aiae Morris. "Things That
Haven't B?a Done Before;" Zen
ii Goodwin. "Her Mother's
Face;" Fernal Gilstrap. "A Tem
perance Doll;" duet. "Carry On",
by Misses Helen and Helena Wit
ael accompanied by Miss Ruth Gil
strap. The second group who were
members of the sixth, seventh and
. eighth grades was onirwd of
Alice Fooler who gave "The
White Rose;" Florence Garner.
"A Mathematical Cigarette;" Clar
issa Clark; 'The Man Behind the
Plow;" Kathleen Sparks. "The
Cat's Lesson;" Stella Barnett.
Two Roosters;" Alice Luke. ' So
Woquy." Mrs. Y. S. Burgoyne gave as a
tlo "The Nation's Slogan."
A playlet "You Win," was given
by A croup with Louis Peffly and
Jasper Cleared, giving the con
versation. "John Bariycorn Wants
t Come Back." was cleverly put
e-a by a yonnj lad, Lester Bones
wo represented John Bariycorn.
r song, and was answered by a
group of girls in song who drove
him frum the stage. While wait
teg for the Judges' decision th
chairman gave a short review of
"The Patriotic Weddiag". a play
as put on by the state organiza
Mrs. H. F. Shanks presented
the medals to Fernal Gilstrap of
the yonnger group and to Kather-
iu-Sarkt of the older class.
Comaty president, Mrs. Helen
Prescott, Mrs. Neeia Buck and
Mrs. H. F. Shanks of Salem were
the judges. After the silver of
fering, the program closed with
"America the Beautiful.
SILVERTON, Nov. 13 The
Honolulu Star Bulletin Is running
a series of articles written by Wfl
bert Choi, the Hawaiian Future
Farmer who recently -visited here
in Oregon. One of these articles.
Article No. VI of the series, tells
of his trip to -Sllverton and Sil
verton Future Farmers have been
very interested in reading how
their work looks to a stranger.
The article reads:
Warren Crabtree of Silverton.
Oregon, came to Portland to got
me Thursday. October 29. The day
was snnny for the first time and
the drive to SUverton was most
pleasant. The atmosphere was
very clear and I could see the
snow capped peaks of ML Hood,
St. Helena and aft. Adams stand
ing majestically in the distance.
We arrived at BUverton at noon
and there I was Introduced to the
student body of the high school to
whom I peke abont the Islands.
1 later had a meeting with the
Future Farmers and enjoyed ap
ple eider and pumpkin pie. Mr.
Crabtree then showed us a reel of
motion pictures of his boys work
ing on their projects. It was very
interesting and educational as
well. I "believe -that all vocational
agricultural teachers shoald have
a movie camera for It, simplifies
the work of keeping an accurate
and complete record on the work
of his students in the years gone
"I later visited projects of the
future Farmers. The project of
James JJeei, the only boy with
the American Farmer degree in
Oregon, vu very good. He is a
very hard working fellow. He
built four large poultry houses in
which he raises a flock of Han
son's strain chickens. He is mak
ing a lot of money by running a
hatchery and is becoming a real
farmer. He also has several cows
and runs a milk route in his district.
"The shop of the Silverton high
school is not very large but it is
an ideal one in every respect. The
shop was nothing but an old wood
shed which the beys transform
ed into their present shop and a
shop that ranks about the best la
Oregon. -Tat shop work done was
very good. They bnilt automobile
trailers, repaired farm imple
ments, bsvt poultry houses, etc.
"In the evening I attended the
banquet ot the Silverton champers
of commerce. The dinner was very
good ant eso 1 eajeyed the com
pany of the members of the cham
ber and their guests.
"The following day I visited the
Silver Creek falls. There were
about 11 falls In all but I visited
only two because I didn't have
time. They wero very pretty and
I enjoyed them rery much espe
cially the novelty of being able to
go under the falls.
-In the afternoon f saw the
Silverton high school play the
Chemawn Indian school. This was
the first time I ever saw an In
dian and it was Quite surprising
to mo to see so many Indian boys
and girls. Very much to my sur
prise also I noticed how beaatlfal
some of the girls were. Can yon
Imagine a blond Indian girl with
a fair complexion? Well, It's a
"After the game Mr. Davis,
principal of the Silverton high
school took nt over to Woodburn
where I met Mr. Ronald Bnraett,
adviser of the Woodburn Future
Farmers. I enjoyed my stay la Sil
verton rery much through the
hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Crab
tree at whose home I spent the
"I am sending a picture of a
typical Future Farmer's project
marker that is seen along the
highways of Oregon."
Number of Events Planned
For Silverton Schools
During This Winter
West Salem News
MONMOUTH. Nor. 14 Oreron
Normal school debaters, coached
bv Georre Berreman. faave re
ceived letters from the University
of Pittsburgh; LaVerae cortege.
California; Oregon State college
and Washington State college re
questing debates for this season.
Debato questions have not been
declared as yet. but "capitalism"
will be one of them, and some
phase of the divorce question will
be among the women's sruestlons.
Coach Berreman state that him
debate sound this rear la th
largest he has had hero, furnish
ing first class debating material,
and he anticipates keen competl-
B1L.VEKTON. Nov. 11 Mrs.
Lucille Lukens Manlove, who has
been the guest of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Lukens hero
for sometime, has returned to her
homo at Portland. Mrs. Manlove,
who is a graduate nurse, is taking
a course in X-ray and laboratory
work at Emmanuel hospital.
SILVERTON. Nor. 14 Dra
matics is oeeapytng the spare time
of both senior and Janler.atgh
school students at this time. The
senior arose, known as tho Play
a nnmbor of now members Into
their association. These are Gle
Scott. Harold Irish, Diana Moore,
George Reed, Helen Davis, Frank'
Pettyjohn. Margaret Xeeae. Ar
thnia Cox. Hasel George, Versa
BuegU, Margaret Larson. Cather
ine Tomison, Shirley Evensen,
Elolse Schwab, Bill- Kleeb, Bob
Tweed, Merle Davenport.
At a recent business meeting of
the club 8hlrley Evenson, Clifford
Ekluad and Margaret Larson wore
made a committee) to Investigate
a i pin for the clnb and Eloise
Schwab, Helen Davis, and Diana
Moore were made a social committee.
Tho PLaymakers have selected
"The Unseen Way1, a mystery
play, for their first play. The
tentative presentation date Is
January . IS. The casting commit
tee arranging tryouts Is Alice
Barkhurst, Catherine Tomison,
Wayne Satehwell and Merl Dav
Two plays are under way in tho
janlor high school. Tho one to bo
given first Is "Tho 8eartet Slip-'
perr. a one-act play which win
bo presented at the mother
daughter program November 24.
Tho cast Includes Gleans Elliot,
Dorothy Hnddleston. Janet Bal-
lentyno and Ana Larson.
Tho regular Junior high school
annual play will be given De
cember 11 and "Apple Blossom
Time" is tho one selected. Miss
Elala Clower and Miss Ruth Law
rence are directing the play.
The east contains tho follow
ing: Anna Larson, Roecoe Kings
ford, Lynn Johnson. Evelyn Stew
art, Lucy Downing. Lewis Paul
son, Oscar Bpocht, Monnlo Kirk,
Bessie Meteaif. BUllo Johnson,
Cora Schneider, with UlUan Got
ten berg. Harold Malkey and Bey
er ly Beatsoa as tfnderstadles.
Tho Wost" Salem community,
dab will hold lta Norember 'moot
ing, Monday might la tho commun
ity halL Ray Ferguson, president
announces that a good program is
being prepared by tho committee,
Mrs. J. A. dosser. Mrs. L. M. HU1,
and Miss Lanra AtohL and that re
freshments will bo served by Mrs.
B. L. Miller, Mrs, Eagano Krsbs
and Charles Ferguson.
A new MeCormick-Deerlng road
grader has been purchased by tho
city tor ftwt.vO and has been
a-radlaa the West Salem streets
several darn this week.
Mr. aad Mrs. X. T. Miller and
family, wero visitors at tho home
of Mr. Miller's parents la Portland
Wednesday aad Thursday.
Bin MeAdams accompanied Mr.
and Mrs. Fay Collins and Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Wright of Salem to Eu-
ne Saturday to witness tho foot
11 game. Recent guests at tho
MeAdams homo wero Mr. and Mrs,
IL 3. Foley of Corrallis,
Mr. aad Mrs. L. IX. Hill aad
tour sons are visiting relatives In
Aberdeen, Wash., (his week.
There will be a potluck dinner
Tuesday evening by members of
the Ford Memorial church in the
church basement. Everyone is cor
dially Invited to come and bring n
covered dish. Wednesday the La
dies Aid will hold a silver tea at
the homo of Mrs. Robert A. Pattl
son on Klngwood arenno and
Third street. Mrs. Guy Newgent,
Mrs. Mario Burgoyne and Mrs. J.
A. Gosser are the committee In
charge of the entertainment.
Mrs. J. B. Smith who has been
confined to her homo oa Glen
Creek road for several weeks on
account of illness, is able to bo
out again.
Recent guests at the Ray J.
8tumho homo on Rosemont ave
nue were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Don
aldson of Scio.
County Grange
Committees Will
Meet Wednesday
MACLXAT. Not. 14. What
promises to bo one of tho most
interesting meetings of tho agri
cultural and home economies
committee ot all subordinate
granges ot the county ts scheduled
to be held at tho gran go hall at
Stayton Wednesday, November
II. W..BL Steven will preside at
tho agricultural meeting, and El
len Lambert, a member of the
state homo economics committee,
at tho meeting of tho economics
The meeting will open at 10
o'clock whoa reports will bo heard
aad routine business attended to.
Mrs. Lambert is in charge ot the
afternoon program and has been
fortunate In securing unusual tal
ent. Among those who will appear
on the prgoram are Hon. A. G.
Clark of Portland, representative;
Ray GUI. a member of the state
rranra fueentlra enmmltlM- Ran.
ator C. K. Spauldlag of tho state
highway commission; Mrs. Frank
B. Harlow, state chairman of the
I H. E. E.: Miss Thelma Gaylord.
home demonstration agent; Mrs.
Edith Toiler Weatherby. Mrs. Bo
na Tate. Miss Ella Williams. J. F.
Richards, master of Stayton
grange, and J. O. Darby, master
of Union Hill grange. Musical art
ists who will appear are Mrs. W.
Kreat, Mrs. Mary B. MeKlnney
and Professor R. J. Wright.
Tho meeting is open to all
grange members. There will bo a
pot-lack dinner served at noon.
LINCOLN, Nor. 14 An acety
lene lighting system ts being in
stalled in tho home of Mr. and
Mrs. W. R- Edwards of Lincoln.
Louis Ertelborge is assisting Mr.
Genevieve Walling. Marlon
Walling and EdrudeU Boyd all
of Lincoln went on a hiking trip
to the Zena hills Wednesday.
Mrs. Celia Walling of Lincoln
and Miss Alice Crawford ot ena
wero Thursday visitors at the
home ot Mrs. Alice Simpson of
Lincoln. Miss Alice is a grand
daughter of Mrs. Simpson.
Mrs. Alvin Welling ot Lincoln
went to Woodburn Thursday
where she plans to remain two
weeks to care for her first grand
child. Lester Wayne. Jr., son of
Mr. and Mrs. Lester W. Walling.
Those from Lincoln and Zena
who attended open house at Sa
lem high school Thursday evening
were Mrs. T. J. Merrick and son
Vernon, Mrs. W. R. Edwards sad
daughter Elnora. Mr. and Mrs. W.
Frank Crawford and children Hil
da and Frank, Mrs. R. C. Shepard
and daughters Julia and Ruth.
Harold French,. Ellis aad Jesse
Walling. Jr.
Charles Cranglo of Lincoln is
build inr a brick' chimney In the
new four room cottage which J.
R. Sturgeon Is completing oa his
property, at Lincoln. -
SILVERTON. Nor. 14 A night
class In shop work and dairying
for older boys may be clren un
der the direction of tho local department If there
Is sufficient demand for It, war
ren E. Crabtree, instructor, has
announced. Mr. Crabtree says
that he may also hold a class la
dairying tor adults beginning af
ter tho holidays. Ho has secured
much Interesting new material
on dairying.
Finds a Way to
Step Attachscf fits
Report are received ef an aataxinr
tfeabseat that epileptics state baa proved
aceeasfal in topp&r their attacks. K.
Upa Apt. 3, 12 iTWneh JsjIwmA
wTka ommi iiylfS't wuMmrnu with
this treatment. He new wishes to react
ad those wbe have set been batpea aad lta
a so is makiag me atartlieg affcr of a
ranerooa trufiit free to all awftarera.
Anyoaa afflicted shoal write far Oua free
treatment at ooee, giviag eg. Ada.
OW.... PEf-
is the time to select your gjrX' ynf
Christmas cards. (fa VT-" AAj
Oar selection is complete. A$
463 State tlTa H , t fCL,
When yen think ef
Think ef
Charlie McElhlnnj
First Nat. Bank Bllg.
SA -? SpJ
POLK c m
DALLAS, Nov. 14 County
Jndge G. L. Hawkins and Com;
missions Frank Farmer -and C. C
Gardner hare been In Portland tor
tlo last three days of the week attending-
the annual meeting ot
Judges and commissioners and a
joint session with the state high
way commission. Polk county has
had 48 miles of road designated
as secondary highways by the
sir a way department, "being the
Dallas-Kings valley rood to the
Bnton county line which Is the
short cut to Newport, -the Salt
Creek road to Wallace bridge to
Wit Tillamook highway, from In
f -"iute to Brnnk's Corner and
West Salem on the Wallace road
, H-dhili county line along
tiw WHIanvette river.
It Is expected the work on
Polk county 'highways for the un
employment relief will -start next
at the Telephone Central Office
NOV. 17, 18, 19, 20
You ore cordidJiy Invited to come end see How
your calls ore handled and hdvc the interesting
equipment explained.
tm wows
m bhid
SIDNEY. Nov. 14--Mrs. C. F.
Johnston entertained members of
the Aankeny Women's club at.
nor home Thursday afternoon.
During, tho business meeting an
interesting report was given ot
the federation meeting. Ttlembera
resent were Mrs. J. O. Farr,
11 n. William Wlederkehr, Mrs
Geoc -Malatt. "Mrs. Sidney How
ard. Kra. Swarts. Mrs. Thomp-
ooc. Mts. R. H. Farr. Mrs. Elmer
Hampton, Ms. Ben Watts.' Mrs.
Smith and the hostess. Mrs.
Johnston. Lunch was served by
the hostess at the close of the
A crew of rjen is doing repair
work on the Ankeny grange nan
Acew floor Is being laid in the
kitchen aad dining room and
.theae rooms are also being ceiled
and a well Is being driven.
Two Young Groups
; At Aurora Sponsor
Affairs as Benefit
t . "AURORA, Nov. 14 The Boy
; Scouts held a candy sale Friday
i afternoon at the school house.
Tho Ladies' Aid of the Presbyter-
tan church gave tho boys quite
A Quantity ot candy. They will
, hold a meeting Saturday night at
r tbeoehoel arm, when their, scout
5 master. Rer. H. L. G rations, will
e with them.
- .Rev. Orations spent Tuesday at
r lAbnnea attending tho spiritual
v retreat of all tho Presbyterian
-ministers la tho Willamette nl
ey. - '
Ths Misses Eloise aad Dorothy
Hnrst aro now la Portland.
- lotas Is enrolled as a student
at the Northwestern Commercial
school and Dorothy Is taking a
coutao in beauty culture at the
Parffic school
A wovinr picture was shown
at the school bouse Thursday
. nigUt Tinder tho direction of tho
student body, tho receipts colng
. to tho .school athletle fna.
VM telephone
wherever s fixed
instrument is desired
the coreaeMt
teewtier instrument
MaO telenftoac
striates taew note
Telephone growth
a community asset
Telephones are community builders. They
make neishborliness.They save time and steps.
They increase business.
Every additional home that installs a tele
phone helps the grocer, the druggist, the dry
goods dealer and every other business.
Every additional telephone we install in
creases the scope and value of your telephone
to you.
Every man and woman in our organization
is interested in improving your service.
It's good business for the community for
them to sell this service. And its good for
you, the subscriber with a telephone already
in your borne.
More telephones mean more convenience,
more business and soda! activity for everybody.
H. V. COLLINS, District Manager.
Extension wofl
sctcpfaons 1 litchcsv
araee, laundry, etc
Extension desk
telephone for any
roots the home
Extension turA
telephone besido
your ennchair
7 .
YWwJephono -connected
wCh 20
Rollins Hosiery Mills, Manufacturers
of the Famous Runstop Hosiery
Every Pair Perfect Jo Seconds or Rejects
One lot will b sold at Hal Price. All gizes, most all shades. Rjrul$9
$100 values, both chiffon and service weight at
$ 11 o
2i Paitea Sea OJog
$10.00 VALUES ' "
And 1:17i,l,B - tcirslisCnjsUi forUUc Telephone , Specis. onswerins
"or,il6fl,s TelefWOjrectoiy sssy bo-piusged tn' Mdetaxwt
lends for household , ia vsriouttocstions annfestcnts
Buslnes, Office: 740 SUta Street - Telephone SIM
. ' ' '
oAny telephone employee will take your order
iV il II 1