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Unsettled, probably rains
today and Monday, cool;
Max. Temp. Saturday 02,
Mln. 89, river 1 toot, rain
.43 inch.
We guarmtec our car
rier service. If your paper
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EmUTY-flRST YEAR Salem, Oregon, Sunday Morning, November 15, 1931 "
: I I : ZZi Z ZJZ m I r-iirir-uir- mm r- ll llSTI-f I r nil
Health Item to Remain, is
Present Indication as
Opposition Talked
Raising Police Allowance
Back to First Figure
Is Being Urged
Empire Company Stock Permit
Obtained by False Statement
Of Organization, Records Show
: O
PflVPP El fPTfil Til Prominent Names Used to Induce Investment
DUI Lll LLLU I LU I U Rv Hundreds of Orecon Peoole: Promoter
Possessor of Past Criminal Record .
m state m
Final consideration and approv
al of the J.932 cty of Salem bud
get Is to be the largest Item of
business before the city council
tomorrow night. Aside from two
Items $6000 for the county
health unit and $31,620 for sal
aries of the police department, the
budget of $376,833 is expected to
be adopted without protest.
Proponents and enemies of the
health unit appropriation are both
expected to attend Monday night's
session, although an Informal can
vass of aldermen Indicates the
health unit item is going to pass
as now constituted. Especial im
portance attaches to the action
since the city's move will prob
ably determine how much Marion
county will appropriate In 1932.
The county and the city each ap
propriated $8000 in 1931.
Want Police Slash
Restored Again
A number of petitions have
been circulated and signed calling
for Increasing the police depart
ment outlay $3000, or back to the
amount appropriated for 1931.
Advocates of this increase declare
that it Is a poor time to make any
reductions in police department
efficiency. Dave O'Hara, chairman
of the budget committee, said Sat
urday that he thought the police
. u Id fit
Jim Smith Again Officer of
Commissioners; Annual
Meeting is Closed
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 14.
(AP) Judge Alex Sparrow, Jack
son county, was elected president
of the State Association of County
Judges and Commissioners in an
nual session here today.
M. R. Biggs was reelected vice
president, and J. E. Smith, Salem,
was reelected secretary-treasurer.
County clerks, who also have
been in convention here, elected
U. 6. Boyer, Salem, president; JJ.
B. Reavis, Wallowa, vice-president;
L. P. Curry. Albany, secre
tary, and Carl, . Pendleton,
Lakeview, treasurer.
The county Judges and commis
sioners urged that congress be
asked to appropriate $125,000,000
rriHE Statesman presents this Mid subsequent articles on
JL the Empire Holding company with the purpose of reveal
ing to the people of the state tne snarp meinoas ana un
scrupulous practices employed during the current year to pro
mote a $2,500,000 concern in Oregon. If "eternal vigilance is
the price of liberty" this newspaper feels it has a duty to
show to its readers ana to otnerv
Htirem an odious situation tor
State Football Title Isn't
Decided; Staters get
Game With Utah
which people In high position are
Revocation of the permit of the
Empire Holding company to sell
its stock in Oregon was made by
order of Corporation Commission
er James W. Mott, November 6,
1931. By this action the first step
to curbing and perhaps to punish
ing the activities of this mushroom-like
financial organization
was taken. What other action will
be taken to protect the 850 or
more shareholders In the concern
remains a matter of surmise.
The story of the Empire Hold-
for federal aid and $12,500,000 . company which was organized
for forest roads for the fiscal years . n.tnKpr 1030. incorporated the
1934 and 1935. They also."m following month and began doing
menaea mat nut less uu ,vvv,-
000 be appropriated by congress
annually for the construction of
roads across unreserved public
lands and non-taxable Indian
lands for the fiscal years 1933,
1934, 1935.
The convention went on record
as favoring the return of regular
state highway commission meet
ings from Salem to Portland
Support of Appropriation effort to score
With no Reductions Is
Voted at Institute
University Holds tdqe on
Yardage, Gets Nearer
Enemy Goal Line
EUGENE. Ore.. Not. 14
(AP)--With the state football
championship at stake, Oregon
State college and the University
of Oregon fought each other to a
scoreeless tie in the annual home
coming game here today.
Throughout the first half both
teams resorted to punts to aa-
vance the ball and in the second
half they took to the air in an
Eyes ot America Focused Upon
U. S. Troops in Trouble Zone
Support of the Marion county
health unit program was recom
mended by the local Salem Wom
en's club meeting Saturday after-
noon In the regular business ses
sion which was a part of the coun-
husiness bv December 11, 1930, is
an amazing narrative of human ty inBtltute of the third district of
gullibility, high-pressure ana un- tbe, Btate federation.
scrupulous promotion ana iauny The Bupport wag Toted for the
administration. program as It now la with no re-
Large Amount of ductlons In any line. Further ac-
Stock Marketed tlon is expected from the club
It is a story of more man o wom6n on this matter.
Oregon men and women wno paiu children's matinees also came
with notes, casn or urst-mui 1.- . fnr niaM1aSinn n. was vot
rl::7,vtrT& they had saved, tor more .d that Mnj Mk McCamster.
"J ,"Lr,r- t. ;na than $800,000 wortn or koci in s ehaIrBM of the movlng plctare
icict ivjviuvi . 1 v in ,roT. whnsa nuDSiu- . . . 1 iv iv. .11... "
extra day away irom nome I ,,'a r nver or- "v ----- yaraage, gaining live nrsi aowns
More than once the ball was
driven to within dangerously
short distance of the goal line
but each time the defensive team
gathered its full strength and
smothered the assault.
The game also was to have
been the means of choosing an
opponent for the University of
Utah In a post-season charity
game at Portland December 5. It
had previously been decided that
in case of a tie sports writers
were to select Utah's opponent
and Oregon State college was
chosen at a meeting of the writ
era after the game. The vote
was unanimous.
Oregon Takes Edge
Oa Yardage, Downs
Oregon, statistics revealed, had
a slight edge on first downs and
.U ! j
- r T- z ' " ' U - - t
Attention of American citizens is focused on the U. 3. troops and
ki ri.-. .HnnMi t Tientsin. China, as clashes between Cnin-
ese and Japanese soldiers grow more frequent and severe over the
Manchnrian crisis. The 15th V. 8. Infantry Is shown P? ?
Tientsin before the American Consulate, it is commnui y"
i t t. t.,u. rnn rlirht). Colonel James C. Beckinrldge
(upper left) is commanding officer of the U. S. Marines in troubled
General Mah and Japanese
Agree Upon Cessation of
Hostilities Until Work
On Bridge Finished
Russia Reminds Japan That
Interests to be Protected)
First Intimation That
Agreement Made
TOKYO, Nov. 15. (Sunday)
(AP) A Mukden dispatch to the
newspaper Nichi Nichi today 6?.:d
a 10-day truce had been arranged
between Japanese authorities and
General Mah Chan-Shan pending
completion of repairs to the NoeeI
river bridge in Manchuria.
The repairs to the bridge had
been practically completed, tbe
dispatch said.
The truce followed negotiations
between the two Japanese repre
sentatives at Tsitsihar, Consil
Shimizu am Major Hayashi. and
the Manchurian general. It was
agreed upon after the Japanese
had presented five conditions,
ripnartment should stand its cu
along with other city departments.
O'Hara also Indicated there was
no feasible way to increase the
budget enough to Include a $3000
police department raise.
There has been talk that the
$4500 item for Incinerator main
tenance will be stricken from the
1932 budget. O'Hara said Satur
day he would not favor such a
move until some other deal had
to run the incinerator.
"While several proposals were be
fore the council this year where
in thA incinerator would be mide
sel '-supporting, none were accept
ed by the council. O'Hara said he
tinned that some proposal for
making the Incinerator self-supporting
could soon be adopted by
ronnril and that a consider
able portion of the $4500 appro
priated for 1932 could be turned
back to the general fund of the
city, which has been overspent
Utilities Tax Will
B Viewed Again
The ordinance committee will
meet again tomorrow to consider
again the pending 2 per cent flat
tax on the gross earnings of all
utilities operating In Salem. The
committee is rather favorable to
the informal proposal of the Tort
r.anpral Electric company
that a license fee be charged utili
ties the amount being one-half or
one per cent of the gross annual
.. nt th concern. If sucn
- nnnc9i mAAt.4 with the formal
d ui vyuu
nf tn committee, a sud-
nHinanre may be intro
aa Monday night at the council
nd the pending 2 per cent tax
.,4imna withdrawn
t Tttin Teleeraph & Tele-
nn enmnanv is now working
i!,. . nmnnsed franchise to be ex
ecuted with the city to provide as
nmnt for the franchise a
payment of 2 per cent of gross
- .nniially to the city. The
existing 60-year franchise of the
telephone company with tbe city
expires In 1934.
A report on the proposed char
ter amendment which would per
mit the formation of lighting dis
tricts is expected from the com
mittee to which It was referred
but any action taken by the coun
cil will be too late to get the
measure on the ballot December
15 1931. Less than 30 days, the
period required by law for the
filing f a ballot measure, is left
before the city special election la
held. .
gp to Salem Mary organizations were never or moving picture chairmen of the an(, ug Q9 from 8Crlmmage
y ganized, and never functioned. Tarious women's clubs of the city to Oregon State's three first
It is a 6tory of what saies-pro- an(i wnu Manage
motion of a dream can do even in Bros, theatres
na firm A financial days such as nresent situation
1931. , Not sufficient children f"nd Mostly the game was just hard.
The story of tne umpire nom- me maunees ai mo prem nu battering football In the mud
.. . um, B,t Vi 1 naa presentea iito conanione,
Calls for Courageous Acts; Elevation or rienry ru-iii which General sMgem Honjo,
. . ... a- A Dunnal ic Japanese commander in Manchur-
Letter is Aaaressea w j japan ruHi
TaYnavers' Leaaue Forecast in China
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 14
PEIPINO. Nov. 14 (AP)
(AP) Governor Julius L. Meier, mnrnw ,n v... llTlne ln
returning today from the seashore p6lplng Bnder the name of Henry
where he has heen convalescing i pu-YI, will be proclaimed emper-
la, said the Chinese would have
to fulfill before Japanese troops
would be withdrawn from tte
Nonni river area.
ing company iuvolves O. P. Cosh- to make it possible to taO- Xhe ne play on both Bldes 8tood u f f Ma churla at Mukden to
-,iof instlA of the su- I virtual n lot ii res for the matinees r 1 for tne past wees, iivi a.
A- rat rhief lustice of the su- vidual pictures for the matinees
preme court, and the use of his alone, it is said by theatre men
nnadA other cititens to and the parents are to be request
liOliO l - - I . - , . .11
shareholders in nis cob- ed to cooperaie in uraer 10 owc
cern It concerns Sam A. Kozer, the number of attendants so that
for eieht years secretary of state special productions may be shown
1 - i -. - V, .. nt . v. .Vl4.'. matin Ac s
aiiu J . . , -i v
iHrwtor later to be nameo. a ui- i in me moimuj bwmuuo m
' . T-r 1 J ! I 1 1 111. .In irM BQilfl flT
ilia Kmrnre noiuius couqu iusuiuw, i . -""" -
Dunbar discussed the "correc
.V - .v,. rmnra HnlH- tlnni" 1enrlmnt of the State
At the end of yesterday's work J ""7 r6veal9 the work of federation of Women's clubs. Mrs.
the U. S. employment office, ing cVTwsTr nromoter Tvan Martin reporting on the
one rru. --. -;--,- , - ,
It was so good neither team
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t .41.HUtA. Ai
couraKeous action ny ine touu
?U0ionhnrdeS0CoTnsS that at the same
Evaluation and cJ"Y7t; " the ministry selected to help
league In making a final stana annoanced.
for economies. For several years the former
The chief executive cited econo- emperoii now 25 has nved ln
mies achieved in various state in- Mukden under Japanese protec
stltutlons and departments ana Reports yesterday that he
expressed the hope they uia wag boand or Dairen. Man
prove a "source of encouragement churIa on a steamship and that
. -.-i. tn local crrouns .. . . , . . .
ana iuaim"i t - tot Japanese mienaea 10 pui mnd hv Foroien Commi&Kar
Varying report, on the condl- in order that the people of Ore- I onPtne tnrone were d6scribed Jnf S lm'
bassador Kokl Hirota revealed
publicly for the first time the fact
that such assurances had been
MOSCOW, Nov. 14. TAP!
The soviet government notified
the Japanese government tonigfct
of reports that the Japanese mili
tary command was prepared to cut
the Chinese Eastern railway near
Tsitsihar and reminded Japan of
its assurances that the interests
of soviet Russia would be protect
ed in the Manchurian conflict with
Thus Russia took the Initiates
for the first time in setting forth
its position regarding develop
ments ln Manchuria.
The text of the verbal declara-
UA man , a A hiuiTi roiriatfrfMl TOT
u.,u " J;j "y .tatm extraordinary, salesman superman conmuon oi iub iu. tlon of Charles Archerd, president gon "may oe reneic 1 " . ,7C I as "premature
loo cuieificuw tuumj i t i i ,u.nrii of mm- I mmmfinnen ii aa oia bljio uui i" i . v. i -.i. t ..., n tar nuraen wuivu i .. , i a
road jobs. Registration began on l T n,i.. fhr tatea fln rondition. However this does I . x v v oonfiscatlon and ruin. . .. .r . .. ,,
oa Tk. n1,mno nt men UST COUD3 iiukj . vv- -i .. .. ti.i. .v. "-m vuuiyauj, o uu i o- i mi .. j.NIUlui jmutuuudu vu. tiic
cr . v.. . i.ji.tnu.t nnn con- not relieve tne situation waica iuo 1a.i f. . K I rnvirnot s can was . ,, , ,v
" . . . . t;71f UU AVMakkY 1Mb LRU LjajO UJ I Aliw O ' . . . I 1 lJ 1 U1Q ClOf ftt-lUU UL iUV 1 VI 1 111 , 1
club women are anernvwuB , hIs frlends. SOme assert Archerd, in a letter aaaressea is" Hsuan Tung and that he would
loweb , "f"1" ;ftaefraud a nart of his history. remedy. Tne aim " WV now at a mine ten miles out of Scott, president or tne iaip' effeet be the puppet 0f the
m' "A, ' Nor is the story of the Empire wun an " Vl 7 Cants Pass, Is seriously 111 and league, in tne www Tokyo government.
v-j. ..... . I nna niireiV Ol mem ana au viia if. ha n nnnoi alAl MoV (A n nf rrom 1 U LO ov iroi v.v,uv -
Th. vflA rt-ni ha holrl nnpn TO r I huiuiiik tuuiauj " - - I , i ' "-"ft " " "-. -& - t i . .
the emergency
ah any n
Sim Phillips last night saia, ana
added, "We want no man to say
he was given no ciiance to regis
Including the 25 men put to
. n,,-. of ment and make the system one "
"iJr. orroo'r .VeJ; lW UMtt will ptae. pri.o.r. 1 ; in varfous state de-l . "
llTlf frnears: Agent mentT of bursting bubbles, There, age classes and in simiiar group, on Arch6rd p&rtment9 aad that he expects a,r ArTeSXea
given the soviet foreign minister
by the Japanese ambassador.
"The soviet government consid
ers that these assurances remain
in force now and shall not be bro
ken," the foreign minister addd.
iippit. ana uibcuuuu 1 -s. .v.
:.r V hA organization of the John Meyers, cnapiam t
which onerated for boys' training school, gave a tw
months before the status ot its af- .iSSS''S "the
vn to the comora- outlined an excellent view oi w
ng tne meu " .7., .art to be accomplished wun
work on tne nignways ouring "r Member, boys of this age
Dast wees, 42 men were prouueu unuea uui -j .
jobs by the employment omce, ac
cording to Agent Phillips' weekly
report. Of the 3 5 men applying
for the regular lines or wora,
common laborers and one farm
hand were placed.
Five of the 17 women applying
were sent to work, two as stenog
raphers, two as matrons and one
as a waitress.
Hollywood Man
Much Hurt When
fiarl Fisher, member of the) ,
state tax commission, anonnnced
Saturday tho state tax levy for
1932. based on im property val
uations, probably will not exceed
three mills, including the elemen
tary school tax of one mill.
The state tax levy for bas
ed on 130 valuations, was ap
proximately six mill.
T The commission will take Into
consideration certain definite tar
ings entering into th tax atrue
Tmnortant among these tt
.ui.iiinn at tha one-mill mar
ket road tax by th 1111 lafial
ture. Repeal of this act has result
ed in a aaring ot approximately
4ka AAA a vear.
A.vt'v.. Knbstantial aaring baa
...nita from, the action Of the
world Taterani ataU aid commia
,t An in wahrinc for period af
10 91 in nnnr its stock on purch
asers' wherever they could be lo
cated. .
Without question the motivat
ing Individual in the organization
r.mnlrA Holding company
was Keller. He has a long record
as a promoter or various viii
prises including companies to
write various lorms oi
votier in 1921 In Denver was In- nar thHiib L. Meier.
mntnA for usinz the mails to de-1 - inAt ftor an enforced
fraud and later was found guilty &bsenc6 ot nearly two and one-
ln federal court, sentenceu to ywo- . lf month9 from nis ornciai 01-
on and fined $3000. Subsequent- lcen here ia scheduled to arrive
w tho nriaon sentence waa ieu".- ,j. ntv at the eaoitoi to-
T Z Ulr inrn fed. Keller's tine was paid with mornlns: at 10 o'clock.
1 I dill li "utw Liberty bonds he had used for bail . m b. drlTen here from Port
v, . . and he was released. His promo- land by hlg Chaaffeur, will sign
W. L. Rockhill, 50, a; shoemak-I . ctivitles continued. -ome official papers and Is ex-
er of the Hollywood district, sui- stocklMn First pected to leave early In the af t-
fered serious injuries .yesterday. . to vluk wnoon for Portland.
when an automobile ln wnicn ne Iq the gummer i 1930 Keller Members of the Meier official
was riding was struck by . I visited Portland and while there famIiy and otber friends are pre
sonthbound Southern Pacizicf 1.. oinpkmm. Portland I n. narnni with
freight train. The automobile was attorny and formerly assistant in number of floral gifts. His prl
demollsbed. nttirm of the district attorney Yata ntn? has been nut ln sDick-
PorYhill had lust left his dusi- . t0uq- nninid his I ; l tn vi.
- . . tft 1 m l-orviaut. 7. . I span uruer iiiryoiwi; vr
uesa iiw iu ni-na 0f neat company: its bub- turn
his home when the acclde nt oc- P ofj gr p turn. motQred back tQ
curred. He was rushed by Baiern mS lnaurance, to handle portland from Gearhart Saturday
Taxi ambulance to a bcapltai. rtagft treatments, to do a after 8pendlng ten days at the
WbM S7lC?o m5S?w the full casualty insurance business and to eoagt reort, He told newspaper
would be 48 hours before tne iu and tlUes. The Portland reaterdaT that
extent of hi. injuries " othlnwmentwtMWr in excellent shape and
termmea. 1 . v.inu,. vai v,un aulte un-1 n M,,m vnrv
B "y'l UUOIUVO0 - a v vnsMv
lformly profitable ana mat ure-i whether Governor Meier wm
a state was being mulcted I retnrn to the canltol arain this
out ot great sums of money byWeek after his visit tomorrow is
sending virtually an 01 us insur-1 not known.
ance net premiums .outsiae mo
iVLm"nrYnt:r that iiovenz Case -
n nthr renorta arm that the saVlnKS WUl npyiuiiu..-
Archard is up and about and for $3,750,000 during the current bl
the last few days has been work- ennlum. Tax "mlnaUo' a,n
ing in the mine. Mrs. Archerd said, total ii.asi.isv,
who resides In Portland has as yet of the soldiers' bonus tax
1 11. . 1.1. w.. Inn .n vAtoed appropriations.
r u uubuio 1 kj 1 uiii hit uuouauu. i oov, i . .ill
v.n. .1 1 n im o9c The remainder win
audit of the Archerd company is come through savings by msiuu
going on here although it will be tions and department
at least a week before any state-
1 - . V - (.n ,.
A considerable portion of tbe PrOflt IS M&(1
ment. Many of the notes payable DT. J .giCXinn POSt
n Liquor Raid
Fined $50 Each
Ray McKay and Rudolph Mcln
turff who on Friday night were
arrested by city and state police
at 923 South Commercial street.
yesterday were fined $50 each
for possession of liquor, when
they appeared In municipal court.
Daddy's presence of mind xcty
have saved his little girl from
Mclnturff waa released from Jail 8 ? w yi
to the company are collateralled
for bank and other loans. Receiv
ables and payables of the firm
are likewise hard to ascertain ac
curately. H. O. White, receiver,
is in full charge and is conducting
the business pending the comple-!
tlon of theaudit and the determin
ation of a policy for the company
to pursue.
on payment of the fine but Mc
Kay was held pending the ar-
While C. W. Harpst. route 4,
was driving his touring car alorg
S:.7, ZS. of tl North High street, the back door
Capital Post No. t. Amancan 0f Klamath county, who holds a ' beb,nd
Legion. JAt out. Mr. Harpst grabbed h.r
50 xrom -- fl. by the hair and at thesame tinie
nance chairman, yesterday re- cnar.e of being drunk, Mark IZTZZt
Dorted. This sum, be said, was i p0ulsen, municipal Judge, fined
sgoodly amount, considering the hjm 10-
..r , the nost this year did
not ask business men to purchase DRIVER ARRESTED
i- hwk. of tickets. Lloyd Hayes, a salesman, was
o v
inai check on the number ot picked up late last night by State
TiAirion tickets SOld WlU no w umwr auaure. xie was iuy-
completed until Tuesaay or r Y . IL '
Ssday. according to W. P. Wat-1 ted on a charge of dHv-
kins, of the ticket commmwi T,A"-"
Stefe Tax Lei;i is iVof
To Exceed Three Mills
tome "eminent dUxon" would be
mAaA tn head IM concern;
. . - I...,,. n Knt not
lumseil was a -- --
hnalnees man ana - wwwo
Non-Suited Due
To Legal Flaw
department Tbe saving resulting
from tha waiver or tnia tax wui
exceed $I00.00.
rthr financial savings wucu
BtanA out nromlnently during tba-l . . Alk iit tha money,
past year include $500,000 loppad I gjms-n as an attorney bad After appearing in circuit eourt
OX! irom uw vown Justice O. r uosnow w I a uay ana m umu, puuuuu vi u
propriation for tba bigber adnca-1 " f of Bany jwn ud after I case of Frank Kerens for Andrew
tlonal InstntiUona. and reductions I frT.,M- of Koramber 4. 1110, 1 Kovens. minor, against T. A.
of approximately 800 a montb jnsUco Cosbow was defeat-1 Liresley Jb company, made a toI-
ln operauon of tna state imuwiw i - oaenrrad to Stockman to ap-1 untary mouon for non-auit, Tna
aeddant commission. . .. I broach tba Jurist to ascertain lf J motion was granted.
unrv TTanien. state bttdgat d I 4 f-. . .nm. I rh Wlalntlfr motion followed
r ' , . .. i m wnuia ne uiwib. - . - - - - - .
raetor, also ass Vll i Dany. Accordingly early. In Novem- discovery that tna eonsen oi
of approximately ITIMOi J I gt0V j ustlca Coshow waa ap- xolno to Frank Kovens being
eondnet at stats oepairmenw - . te 4 to have named as guardian was not xueo
i..Hmii 4nHns the Current b I Pro?B"uf. 7. .... I iv v. Wnn tha eonrt.
1 WVWU - .... V.I will. ivl. flaw NmMIM
lUiiiiuu. ... . . ... I WnTumfttr 15. Ill V. WJUie I Him " 1
Amona tba receipts tnai win go I " " Vt- .hm f tha an- action mar take Place.
radndns- tba State tax I waa jw " " " . I t tuTnWea 11K.1S0
UvrforTlii ara tho.a from tba prama won g- - d ' J ailered to have resulted
intangibles and personal lncom:; .1 J,hlnave letter praisinr tbe from injury of tbe minor while
and excise taxes. Fisher "mated JtSSm- pkklng bo?s at tba Livesley yard
H. R. Kreltser. vice president of
tbe Oregon Building congress.
will speak tomorrow before tne
chamber of commerce, according
to the weekly chamber bulletin.
ir. vAt.A. will Aljnaa hnllfl.
i. - "whih i. aid to be a matter Starting tomorrow, tha Com-
" . I ... fa
of importance to Salem and tna munity Service campaign coauan.
entlre northwest. He will repra- t m eondnet Its drive for
sent the Salem chapter of the ore- f f rt to obtalll
gon Building congress. I Tl.!. oration of
Mr. Kreltser Is also president chj-wiuo , ..V., r.
of the Northwest Brick and Tile employed persons. letters pre-
Manufacturers association as weuiparea 7cl"V ";rt".TArv
as rice president of one ot tbe mails early tbls week tq every
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his car broadside to the
street to prevent the little one be
ing run over by other autom
biles. As he swerved his car, ho
ever, it collided with a machlm
driven by E. J. Howell, 790 North
17th street.
But the little girl, although sbe
did not fall out when daddy's
grasp failed to hold, escaped more
serious Injury than a bruistJ
Damage to both machines
amounted only to bent fenders ai.l
a flat tire on the Harpst tourirg
Relief Funds Campaign
To be Started Monday paper company
Reply to Offer
Not Yet Known
supplies to "needy families without
consuming contributed funds in
overhead. The purchasing com
mittee, consisting of S. Ellis Pur-
vine, William J. Buslck ana H. u. Karj Heinlein. manager of the
White, already has stored a large i oresOB pulp and Paper company.
supply or looastuiis ior tne winter i waa nable to state wnar tne proc
at tba Terminal lee and Storage I pects were for bis company's bo
company plant, where space has I rinninc construction ot its add-
been aonatea ior ta vuid, v- mon m Tiew oi tne proposition gi
tatoes bare been obtained cneapiy jjan J. Fry, Jr., that his mother
by allowing needy men to dig would not contest the suit to quiet
them on shares and a large num- title to tba Trade street vacation
ber of cattle and sheep have been lf the company will begin build
slaughtered and stored. inr within to days.
"Needs are developing in many rb, proposition will be trans-
directions." tha statement da-1 mltted to tbe Portland officials by
dares, "making necessary me tb attorneys" said Heiniem.
earliest possible receipts of funds Qur next board meeting is sched
both for direct relief and to give Ble4j for November 21, but since
tba purchasing committee ine ne- that ia Thanksgiving oay it am.
cessary wherewithal to make fnr- probably be set tba day before or
ther savings In fortunate par- after. Then tbe board can net on
chases." ".tha Fry proposaL We need the
The Community service innasi.naea badly which the addition
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tha executive committee, which is
Maui charities. These Xnnos may
MONMOUTH, Nov. 14-A light I ba turned orerweacnn
..i.v van. i.iit ua i nruHuuia u mw
on tba billa about 15 miles west sent to the ehamber of "mmerca.
Mrnnrnos. of dlstrlbnting ' Jr. as co-workers.
composed ot Douglas McKay,
chairman; E. Ellis Purvine, W.
W. Moore, T. M. Hicks, Harry M.
Lery, Waldo Mills and T. A.
windtihir. also is chairman of
COQUILLE, Ore., Not. 14.
(AP) Nola Rae Christy, 4,
swallowed a needle recently but
i""1"! rmitfui vitiTi. i ha. shown no 111 effects. She is
ilanay and WUllam Meoncbrlstlnnder obserratlon In a boepita?
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