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The OREGON STATESMAN. Sakm. Oregon, Friday Morning, NoTember 13, 1931
Nizam of ; Hyderabad, Said
World's; Richest man,
' Gets Sons Brides
IflCE," Frsaee, Not. 12 The
tnightiest hooaee of Islam were
linked today in contract of mar
s Jrlage signed after prolonged ne
- The contract calls for the mar
riage la December of Prince Azam
; Jan. eldest son of the Nizam of
Hyderabad, ! and Princess Dnral
Shehrar, dasghter of the former
vealipa at Istanbul, and ef Prince
. lloazxsm Jab, younger son of. the
- Kitam, to Nllufar. Hantn Sultana,
s jth; former caliph's niece and
grand-daughter of the late Turk-
- tsh Saltan Monrad V.
- The Nizam of Hyderabad is
torbbably the world's wealthiest
,, nan. The former caliph finan-
dally has been pinched since
Mastapha Kemal exiled him from
f Turkey.
r The signing of the marriage
! Contract was accompanied by
h ceremonies vi u'kwi di.v..
t fill officers of the Nizam's body
guard, carrying jeweled swords.
nd- the young princes, bejeweled
T turf, covered with flowers, enter
' ed the palace of Caracel in a body
; for the final negotiations.
Then for an hour the sons of
the Nizam prayed, kneeling before
tul-length portraits of their
. i jbrldes-to-be. The two princesses
remained upstairs.
1 The prayers over, the entire
; company went down to the gar
i den where 40 cameramen awaited
them, and the master of cere
monies, summoned the princesses
. to be photographed.
r Rings were exchanged by the
?oung people a ceremony conse
nting binding wedlock under
their code. They will remain
apart, however, until the tradi
tional marriage rites have been
carried out In Hyderabad.
The Nizam was credited with
having effected a shrewd bargain.
He gave the Princess Dural $75,
000 with the proviso that she will
deceive an additional $125,000
If she survives hor husband or
If the marriage should be annulled.
The Call
Board .
Warner Bros. Elsliiore
Today Bebe-Daniels and
Warren William in "Honor of
the Family."
Friday Buster Keaton in
"Sidewalks of New York."
Warner Bros. Capitol .
Today Evelyn Brent in
"The Mad Parade".
Friday Conrad Nagel In
"Pagan Lady". -
Today Olsen and Johnson
in "Fifty Million Frenchmen."
Friday Charles Rugf les in
"Charley's Aunt".
Today Robert Montgom-
ery in "The Man in Posses-
Friday Buek Jones In
"Desert Vengeance".
(AP The routine of work was
broken a bit today for Louis
Dembitz Brandels, associate Jus
tico of the supreme court, by a
series of telegrams and letters.
They were the only outward
indications at his home that the
juslce will be 75 tomorrow.
Messages of congratulation
have been steadily accumulating
all week. President and Mrs.
Hoover said: "You reflect a
heart and mind which have made
the nation your debtor."
Birthdays do not differ ma
terially from any other day with
Justice Brandeis, nor do the eves
of birthdays.
He arose early as usual, took
brisk walk and then was back
for an early start on court work.
Thousands of briefs have
passed over the study table at his
home during his 14 years on the
bench. They were only prelim
inary, however, to oral argument.
consultation of authorities cited,
court conferences and the deci
sions themselves. '
Justice Brandels has a reputa
tion for hard work among the
men who work hard as a matter
of course in handling duties
which are exacting and often ex
hausting. Never imposing physi
cally, he has changed little since
he was named by President Wil
son in 1916.
nr m n ncnMniCPic NOTES
Football Players; he
Was Team Manager
(Continued from paae
plea for the maximum allotment
and urging that the commission
be prepared to issue more bonds
f it wnnld nrove necessary.
R(Mid told of many men out of
rnnlovment because Its Jndus-
triu wra not active, one mill
ahat dewn. and the other oncer
tain how lone it would continue.
At The Dalles the distress is
rreater than a year ago because
of failure of farm crops and the
outttnnnf railroad nayroiis. L.a
Grande' reported similar reduc
, tlon In work given by the rail
road nlus unemployment caused
hv th elosinr down of lumber
mill. Umatilla and Lake coun
; ties were also heard from.
Promisee Share to
; All Petitioners
' To all of them the commission
aald It would allocate a proper
hare of the funds from an Issue
of a million dollars In road
. tm-da which would be used to
nrovide men with employment
'. the work being rotated to help
ft as many men as possible. :
The salary reductions urged by
Mr. Spaulding were: reducing
; ealary of chief engineer from
$7200 a year to $(000; of other
employes receiving over $3400 a
i cut of 1 2-3 per cent; employes
'from $2400 to $3400, a cut of
12 per cent; those from $1700
;to $2400, a cut of 10 per cent.
The savings were to be spent in
providing additional funds giving
employment to other people.
; "We have a staff of 78 engi
'neers, 160 persons drawing high
salaries, 3(3 persons altogether
;on the staff with a payroll of
$40,000 a month," said Spauld-
Ing. "My plan would save from
$6000 to $(000 a month and
; would give 163 men a chance to
; work and thus would provide
aupport tor 500 persons
Would Rotate all
(Workmen on Road
Spaulding would also rotate
; the staff of workmen on road
work, such as patrolmen, divid
1 ' Ing the force and giving half the
- crew two weeks work and the
; other half the next two weeks,
then working in half the force
i with new men. This would
spread oat employment to bene
l fit more families. He , said bis
proposals would take care of
I 2500 people. .
Bidding on small jobs up for
: contract drew many bids. Low
' bidders on the jobs were as fol-
- Timber bridge near Redmond,
R. H. Jones, Baker. $2790.
i ' Timber bridge over Cow Creek.
Douglas county, C. A. Catching,
; RoAeburg, $14,30$.
V Bridge near Taft, Lincoln
J county, Carry ft Porter, Newport,
Frame building tor equipment
hed. Drain. P. L. Read, Port
land. $1700. '
. Same at W aid port, same con
tractor. $1707.
NEW YORK, Nov. 12 (AP)
-Those red flannel petticoats
that we used to protest were old
fashioned when grandmother beg
ged us to don them on icy days,
are iasmonable today.
There is nothing so gay or so
chic as a flash of red flannel
showing a tiny bit under a frock
of heavy wool mixture.
A famous football team of the
'90s lined up again tonight with
President Hoover as Its center,
and the White House dining table
the gridiron for its story-swapping
The team was the 1894 varsity
of Leland Stanford university. The
man now chief executive of the
nation, but to them "Bert" Hoov
er, was its financial manager. And
the Invitation for a reunion was
, There were multifold tales to be
retold as the team, many now
white-haired, gathered about a
White House dinner table decor
ated with red and white chrysan
themums, the Stanford colors,
with a band to play the Stanford
football airs of 37 years ago.
Will Irwin, New York author,
who was cheer leader in the claw
of 1898, said he would not be
averse to leading an old-time col
lege yell.
The two first strtng ends will
be absent, Stuart Cotton of San
Francisco, died during the world
war. The other, Dr. Alfred Spaul
ding, medical professor at Stan
ford, was kept away by Illness.
Here is the lineup:
L.T. Paul Downing (captain).
San Francisco executive.
L.G. Charles M. FIckert, Los
Angeles attorney.
C. William C. Hazzard, Buhl,
Idaho, banker.
R.G. Joel L. Field, uauas,
Tex., rancher.
r.T. Dr. Guy Cochran, IjOS
Angeles surgeon.
Q. W. H. Harrelson, Ban ran-
isco banker.
R.H. Dr. J. B. Frankenheimer,
San Francisco physician.
L.H. Jackson K. Reynoias,
New York banker.
F. Martin H. Kennedy, Lon
don, England, lawyer.
Boy members of the cast for
the high school Snikpoh ciun
play, "Cappy Ricks," were select
ed yesterday following tryouts.
Further tryouts will be held aft
er school this afternoon to choose
the girls for the play, Miss Leila
Johnson, faculty advisor for the
club, announced last night.
The Dlay. which is written ny
Edward E. Rose from the novel
by Peter B. Kyne, will be pre
sented on the night of December
The cast of boys Is as follows:
William Dyer, Cappy Ricks;
Charles West, Mat Peasley; Jo
seph Baker, John Skinner; Ed
ward Barrington, Edward Single
ton; Zollle Volchok, Cecil Peri
cles Bernhard; and Archie Mac
Donald, Brookfield.
I jast hare to start right ctt
and tell all you mice about .the
Hoover Host to Nine 1894
iUg IV
urday at Warner
Bros. Elsinore the
atre. X know you'll all
agree with me that
Buster Keaton la
"Sidewalk of New Tor" .which
Is the feature picture, la going to
be your favorite show for this
year. If you don't like to 'laugh,
don't come la. It's so tunny you'll
have to hang on to your seats so
as not to fall off from laughing.
Don't miss Buster Keaton's
greatest, and bring your brother,
sister or mother with you. They'll
like it too.
M. M. C.
"Andy" Anderson and "Boot"
Grant, leaders of our Mickey
Mouse orchestra hare got all
kinds of new orchestra music for
the orchestra to use, and It's mu
sic that you'll all enjoy.
Now all they need Is more mem
bers in the orchestra to play it.
Wouldn't you like to be In our
orchestra and get some valuable
experience? If you're Interested
be at Warner Bros. Elsinore at
1 :00 o'clock Saturday morning
and bring your instrument with
M. M. C.
The poems about Mickey Mouse
are coming In fast. The best one
for this week was written by one
of our popular members, who goes
to Lincoln school and is In the
third grade. Jean Holtzman is the
little poet of this springtime
Mickey Mouse went trotting out
With a bag of sauerkraut
Going -on a picnic 'spose
Dressed up in his Sunday
la aa effort to hare all children
la Salem Immunised against dlnfc-
theria and smallpox, the county
neaua department next week will
start a aeries of clinic In the ele
mentary school. It has been es
timated by Dr. Vernon A. Doug
las, county health officer, that
last year approximately ( per
cent of the grade school children
were protected against diphtheria
and (4 against smallpox. The
standard, h says, should be at
least $0 per cent.
These clinics will operate ea
the same plan a last year. Each
child who has not been immunis
ed will be given a card for his
parent to sign, signifying whe
ther or not they desire the child
to receive the vaccination and
toxoid treatments. Mothers of
preschool age children will be In
vited to take their children to
the nearest school for treatment
on the date and hour set for that
particular district. With an Inter
val of three weeks elapsing be
tween the first and second of the
two toxoid treatments, it is ex
pected the clinics can be com
pleted by Christmas time.
Children who already have been
Immunized against diphtheria ov
er six months ago tomorrow will
be given the opportunity to have
their Immunity tested by the
Schick method. The Schick clin
ic will be held at tbo health cen
ter from 10 to 12 o'clock.
and left the place topsy-turvy, but
got away with only a few postage
stamp. Stat police this afternoon
Investigated the affair aad took
It Is hollered that the thieves
entered the high school building
during the Dallas-Independence
football game yesterday afternoon
and aid, awaiting the locking in
the principal's office of the pro
ceeds of the game. They were foil
ed, however, (or the money, $424,
was placed la a downtown vault
Principal Robinson's roll top
desk was broken opea and ran
sacked and c steel tUlng ease was
smashed to pieces. '
o n
. v . .
Colored cigarettes to match
the costume are now available In
cheaper brands.
Toenail polish is purchaseable
in new tones and colored nails are
giving a bizarre effect with the
new toeless evening sandals.
Eyelashes may be purchased
singly and put on the eye-lids one;
by one. They are not so theatrical
aa the earlier false lashea were
A Parisian designer has intro
duced the waistcoat suit with
little fitted jacked with slanting
pockets and a belt that stops at
the front sides. It is worn with
a skirt with two flat box-pleats
and in inverted pleat in front and
a blouse of gaily striped knitted
MANCHESTER, England, Nov.
12 (AP The conflict between
Japan and China In Manchuria
has eased the plight of Lancashire
textile workers. It has been the
largest factor In providing 40,000
mill workers with jobs and in put
ting 500,000 others on full time
instead of part time.
These benefits have resulted
from the fact the Chinese boycott
has virtually topped Importations
of cotton into China from Japan.
The upswing In the textile dis
trict has led the way for the rest
of Great Britain. Unemployment
has decreased steadily since early
last month, largely because of the
revival of cotton.
But a torn cat found his lair
And chased him here
And chased him there
I don't know what to say
But all they found was his Sun
day pants.
Well, Minnie Mouse Jean, I
congratulate you. It surely is a
nice poem. But what happened to
.M. M. C.
Some real surprises tomorrow
at the Mickey Mouse matinee.
M. M. C.
The prizes last Saturday were
won by the following Mickey
Mice: Richard Barton, airplane
from Millers Dept. Store; Margar
et Brent, Carmen Vehrs and Mary
Louise Ritter, tennis shoes from
Williams Self Service store; Fran
ces Lindsay, fountain pen from
Capital drug store; Billy Clear
water, Mickey Mouse color book
from Woolworths; and the Buster
Brown Shoe Store watch was giv
en to Alice Wirt.
Lots more prizes this week.
M. M. C.
Chapter eight of "Danger Isl
and" which Is going to be real
exciting as they're being attacked
by cannibals, will surely hold your
Interest tomorrow.
M. M. C.
Blair Hurely, from Barbara
Barnes school of dance, is going
to entertain us this Saturday with
a "Hi Kick" dance.
M. M. C.
If anybody can tap Eugene Se
ven snrely can. He's the young
ster that entertained us last week
from Barbara Barnes school of
M. M. C.
The rest of the stage entertain
ment was also very good. Those
composing it were Lyle and Mil
dred Heckinger, Joyce Chambers
Betty Brandt and our own Mickey
Mouse orchestra.
M. M. C.
We want more entertainers so
ir you can help us leave your
name at the box office or give it
to the Miekey Mouse secretary
M. M. C.
Let me see you all at Warner
Bros. Elsinore Miekey Mouse club
matinee Saturday at 1:00 o'clock.
So Long, .
Egg Packing to
Be Industry at
Roseburg, Said
ROSEBURG, Ore.. Nov. 12
AP) Notices received here to
day said bids for the construction
of an egg packing plant to be
erected here by the Pacific coo
perative poultry producers have
been called for-November 17.
The plant will handle eggs from
Douglas and Coos counties.
Construction is to start imme
diately after acceptance of bids.
fContimMd frrxn pg l)
i had net regained full consclous-
t aes.. :
Their parents came from Mill
City the atght of the accident and
have beea with them most of the
t;m. .
Alec E. Francis
Said Recovering
VENTURA, Cal.. Nov. 12.
(AP) Physicians said tonisrht
that a complete recovery has been
accomplished by Alec B. Francis,
widely known motion picture char
acter actor, who has been in a hos
pital here since he was found wan
dering near Ventura after his dis
appearance from Hollywood last
The actor's lapse was attributed
to amnesia.
Capt. Ed Khoury of Louisiana
State's Bengals Is baek In the
game after breaking an arm in
the first encounter this season.
Governor Feels
Fine, Will Come
Here on Monday
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 12
(AP) Governor Meier will re
turn to Portland Saturday from
Gear hart where he has been rest
ing for the past week following
his recent il'ues.
The governor said over long
distance telephone he was feeling
fine and would continue to Salem
to be at his desk again Monday.
PASCO, Wash., Nov. 12. (AP)
-The condition of Alvin Parker
Gray, Pasco's 78-year-old mayor,
was said late tonight to be criti
cal, and tears Were expressed that
he would not live through the
night. He was stricken with
heart attack Sunday.
Too Late to Ct&ssify
" - - - - -i-i- -i -i-i-M-irirmifvvuLiiniv.
vvul intervMw ur wlr crew man
ager between 1S-12 A. U. Friday,
nooin . ar, nerce. Biai mteL
----- - -in.-.uu-jij-u-ji
Noaee: I will sot be epnrfbl
r e9W. I, irtl. ror DID, Mt COB'
irsciea by mysetz. ttaipb iv Iavu.
Explode with
meets at
Warner Bros. Elsinore
Tomorrow (Saturday)
At 1:00 P. M.
Special Number from
Barbara Barnes School of
(Copyright, 1131, by Associated
TOKYO, Not. 12. The war of
fice today received reports that IS
carloads of Russian arms and am
munition and 2060 members of an
International - commanist army"
have arrived in the Nonnl river
district in Manchuria, where
Japan expects fighting to be re
newed momentarily.
Japanese officials declared on
the basis of reports from the field
that simultaneous drives by the
Chinese were looked for at Muk
den, which Is occupied by Japan
ese troops, and on the Nonnl,
where Japanese engineers are
making bridge repairs behind a
curtain of infantry trenches. Tne
two fronts are 409 miles apart.
Information of a new battle ar
rived today. Newspaper dispatches
said 60 Chinese were killed and
300 wounded in a three-hour en
gagement last night near Kung
chullng, to the north of Mnkden.
One of the casualties was a Chi
nese woman in uniform.
Work on the "Wallulah". -Wil
lamette university year book, is
being started in earnest now. ac
cording to. Harold. Jtose, editor
and Rufus Franx, manager.
More copies than previously
will ba printed this year since the
student body is considerably lar
ger. The -Wallnlah" is tha taira
largest college year book in tne
Class pictures, school events
and activities and special features
will be embodies in the work. The
manager reports -that a larger
percentage of the students are
having class pictures taken than
did last year.
Tne printing; win be aone
black letters with silver borders
for the pages. Some form of silver
will be used in the makeup of the
cover. The athletic pictures will
be shown In individual action
views with large team action
H. Johnston, were mad defend
ants la a petition tor receivership
filed is circuit court here today.
The petition was filed by Bar
nett H. Goldstein representing;
James W. Mott, state corporation
commissioner, and J. R. Callahan,
supervisor of Savings and Loan
associations for Oregon, in statu
tory possession of the Prudential
Savings ft Loan association. Union
Savings and Loan association, and
Federal Union Savings Loan as
sociation. The Bancorporatlon is holding
company for the three savings
and loan associations, which were
taken over, last week by Commis
sioner Mott at the petition of di
rectors oX the companies.
The petition asks the appoint
ment of J. V. Whipp, vice-president
of the corporation, as re
ceiver. ,
PORTLAND, Ore., Nor. 12
(AP) The Prudential Bancor
poratlon and its president, Carl
Third Dividend
Paid Depositors
Of Aurora Bank
' Order for a third dividend to
be paid by the state banking de
partment to savings depositors of
the Aurora State bank was Issued
late yesterday by Judge Gale S.
HilL Under this order, A. A.
Schramm, state banking director,
will Issue checks aggregating
19029. The first dividend for sav
ings depositors was 30 per cent
and the second was 10 per cent,
the current dividend bringing to
tal repayments to half. The bank
was closed for the benefit of de
positors February S, 1131.
Some people find 4heir work
drudgery and many are confined
to one small cranny all day long
but J. W. Glvens who left Wil
lamette university in 1927, has
since circled the globe 11 times
and finds his work varied and
interesting, even if the seas are
at times monotonous.
Glvens recently stopped in at
the university to say hello and
stated that he is now purser on
the S. S. President Polk of the
Dollar steamship line.
On each trip around the world
22 stops are made and 110 days
are consumed for the voyage.
The ship leaves the Golden gate
and continues toward the setting
sun, making the return trip
through the Panama Canal.
A two month's vacation was
granted Glvens and during that
time he plans to make up a credit
which lacked for graduation.
It will be made up at University
of Southern California and trans
ferred to Willamette university.
Gadder's Injury
May Prove Fatal
DELAND. Fla.. Nov. 12 (AP)
---Commie Dandevenor Smith, 22-
year-old Mlllsaps college football
trk1 clnnr to life tonight al
though physicians have said he
mnnnt live because a neck ver
tebra was broken in a game be
tween Millsans and Stetson uni
versity here yesterday..
Rauch is Given
Damages Due to
His Son's Death
In the damage suit of Frank
Rauch against John Stecklein. the
jury in circuit court returned a
verdict on Armistice day granting
3500 to the plaintiff for the
death of his son Paul. C. W. Nlst
was foreman of the Jury.
Frank Ranch as plaintiff,
claimed that his son met his
death while riding as a passenger
with Frank Stecklein. The de
fense claimed that the boy was at
fault because when a wheel had
slipped off the road onto a shoul
der, and Stecklein had attempted
to pull back onto the road, Paul
seized the steering wheel causing
the resulting accident.
Office az High
School Entered
But Loot Small
(Special) Returning to his office
at the high school this morning.
Principal P. H. Robinson discov
ered that thieves had broken in
SYDNEY. Australia. Nov. 12
(AP) Several hundred citizens
of Bourke. New Soutn waies.
raided the communist headquar
ters there today and gave the
communists until Monday to get
out of town.
Frees His Wife
of Rheumatism
Uric Acid Poison Started
To Leave Body In 24 Hours
Pais, Agony and Swelling Gone
In 48 Honrs With Svdft
Acting Prescription.
That marvelous prescription
Allenru guarantees you need
never feel a pain or ache from
Rheumatism, Neuritis, Lumbago
or Sciatica again.
Folks who have suffered the
most piercing, wincing agony
literally rendered helpless for
weeks and unable to work have
gained miraculous. Joyful free
dom from pain.
Allenru contains no drugs or
opiates which helps Just tempo
rarily rather, it's a superb for
mula especially compounded
which treats your trouble scien
tifically first Immediately end
ing pain and bringing blessed
comfort then It drives out from
muscles. Joints and tissues these
excess uric acid deposits which
cause your rheumatism.
Perry's Drug Store and all
leading druggists personally
guarantee Allenru an 8 oz. bot
tle for 85c MUST give Joyful re
sults as stated above or money
returned. Adv.
MOV. 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26
(Final Retvm Limit te. 3)
Of course you'H want to eat Thonluofviwg dhtnerwMi
your folks or friends when yoe cow travel at Ifceea
amazing rates. Remember, bargain tickets are on
tale for 6 wftofo cfayr . . . pfut another week before
fRo final retvm Rniit.
Round Trip ta
San Francisco
Round Trip U
Lot- Angeles
Coll agent for similar Bargain Fores to aN points.
New Senator Hotel
Phone 4151
Home of mv Talkies
Special Mickey Mouse Mat
inee Saturday 1:30 P. M.
lKUMOor jbmt
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Comedy Harry Carey in
The Vanishing Legion
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TOMORROW , . I Today and Tomorrow
II o ii r "- ItiT Here's the pic-
II A Soulless Pagan with Count- C0Sr
HI less Men Searching; for Lov CjSjX . i t f ture that has
in the Arms of Passion! H everything
HI Romance of Wild Girl V-J ft Mickey $ Laughs, heart-interest, gun-
who wanted to be tamed! w tJ MaUntt r u kid st"i the finest
III -If -x - ) at entertainment of the King of
1 Yyagmijk s n, .
h;V ntejyf I -with
: Evelyn Brent.- - j&J ( ajota pagw
tfi- .Also , ,..bV.VSj tkm
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f Jpmr iMc; sporu . lAniivvvAvn rvsA'
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