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    The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem. Oregon, Wednesday Morning. November 11, 1931
Local News Briefs
; : -----
uaaa itnuorm uegun nans
for hating uniforms for the Sa
lem high achool band were begun
yesterday when white trousers
purchased with funds loaned from
the student body I und were dis
tributed to the players. At present
this Is th extent of , the organiza
tion's uniform but it is planned
later to purchase" a complete ap-
bers have agreed to put on. a con
cert during the year to repay the
student body..
To Visit Archerd Mrs. Charles
R. Archerd and her brother Roy
Gordon of Portland,' were in Sa
lem. Tuesday, going from here
last night to Grants Pass' w hero
they planned to visit Mr. Archerd
who lies sick at a mining proper
ty near there. Mr. Archerd has
stated he would return to Salem
as soon as he was physically able.
The affairs of his Implement com
pany, are now in the hands of
Harley White, recejrer.
. Specials In all branches of
dentistry this week only. Dr. El
drledge's office, 110 N. Com'i.
Berkeley 'Visitor Norman Ber
keley, for two years teacher and
debate coach at Salem high school
Visited local friends here the fore
part of the week. Last winter he
. took his master of arts degree at
Harvard university. He is in Pen
dleton temporarily. While in Sa
lem, on his way to-visit relatives
at Corvallis, he renewed ac
quaintances at Salem high acbool
where he was a popular in
Estate Piobated The estate
of Ida J. 2 hn merman, deceased,
was admitted to probate yester
day In the county court here.
Marcia Fuestman and Clinton D.
Chorpinlng were named adminis
trators. Appraisers approved by
the court were Mildred Judsou,
Bessie M. Elotson, Walter Fuh
rer. Personal property which has
estimated value of $750 was left
by the deceased.
Real Hieeey and Libbey glass
sherbets at 16c each at Gahls
dorf's, 326 Court st.
Studnicka Going Sontb Leav
ing Stayton the latter part of the
present month, Frank E. Stud
nicka, who won the world's cham
pionship for bucking horse riding
at the Pendleton roundup will go
to Los Angeles to participate in a
rodeo which will begin there on
November 28. He expects to de
part about November 22.
Model Food Market will be
closed all day Wednesday. Armis
tice Day.
No Rotary Luncheon No meet
ing of the. Salem Rotary club will
he held today on account of the
Armistice day program. Morgan
Eastman of Vancouver, B. C, dis
trict governor, will attend the
meeting of December 2, making
an official visit to the club.
Traffic Violation the Cas
cade Investment company entered
plea of guilty when brought up in
Justice court yesterday on charge
f unlawfully employing an un
licensed chauffeur.' Judge Miller
Eayderi Imposed ' tin e of $ 1 2 an d
costs. '
Now Is the time to buy your
Libbey and Hiesey sherbets for lie
each at Gahlgdorrs. 326 Court st
VanVleck ap John VanVleck,.
charged with uttering a forged
Instrument, waived preliminary
hearing In justlc court yesterday
and was bound over to the grand
Jury. His ball was set at $1000,
which he failed to raise. He is
In the county Jail.
Nott Forfeit Ball Bail of $10
posted by Robert E. Nott, 2316
Walker street, who yesterday fail
ed to answer in municipal court a
charge of being drunk, was de
clared forfeited by Judge Mark
Poulsen. Mr. Nott was arrested
early Sunday morning.
'" A beginning course in shorthand
at the .Capital Business College
school : next Monday. Register
WaUpaper Catches Fire Wall
paper and woodwork surrounding
flue in the basement of the
apartment house at 340 Union
street last night caught fire and
brought out three fire trucks.
Damage was slight.
Directors To Be Installed The
T. M. C. A. board will' meet on
Thursday noon to Install the three
directors recently elected. They
n- OT. K. Hansen. C. A. Page
and Karl B. Wenger.. Adoption of
the new budget will be discussed.
Robertson Out Soon Ben Rob
ertson, who has ,been confined to
bin home for the oast several
-weeks with lumbago, will be able
to get out soon, it is reported. .
. im To Mr. and Mrs. Du-
ane Stacey; 337 H North Cottage
street,, a girl, born .on, November
X. ' ' - 1"" Mr ' a n A Mrt VI r-
old Jensen of- Nehalem, a girl.
- Joyce Mary,. born . on November 3
fn this city. .
:to Rent -' ,
J- j-
CoII 0610, Usednrit are.
X 'Piarthiet - ..,
15t North nigh
Removes Administrator Coun
ty Judge Siegmund yesterday or
dered the removal of George L.
Neal as administrator of the estate
of . Millie Ana Neal, deceased. No
vember 18 he Will condnct ". hear.
Ing to see If any valid reason ob
tains wityMaiama J. Wade, prin
cipal creditor of the estate, should
not be thosen administratrix, la
a statement made to the court af
ter Nesi was appointed, Mrs. Wade
said her 3 6. years of guardianship
of the deceased made It lorlcal
she should be named. Neal never
has furnished bond as ordered by
the court.
'Open house, for inspection. To
day. 1456 N. 18th. W: A. Cladek.
: Permit Granted The public
utilities : commissioner yesterday
granted an application of the Cra
ter Lako Lumber company for per
mission ; to install , a temporary
crossing at grade across the Klam
ath Falls-Lakeview highway. The
application was granted contin
gent upon the crossing being con
structed in accordance with the
highway department regulations.
File Memorandum A memor
andum has been filed In circuit
court here In the case of Ronald
E. Jones against Roy K. Fukuda
and K. Mio. the memorandum be
ing written"by counsel for the de
fense. The question of title to cer
tain Lake Lablsh lands, held un
der a lease, is Involved.
. Licensed to Wed A marriage
license was Issued in the county
clerk's office Tuesday. Eldon B.
Griffin, Station A, Salem, secured
permission to wed Henrietta" E.
Brentano, Station A. Salem. He is
a mechanic and the young lady
gave her occupation as attendant.
Both gave their ages as legal.
Buy your Wearever aluminum
at a saving of 10 to 30 per cent at
Gahlsdorf's. 325 Court st. '
Magee Report Made The re
port of L. W. Magee on the estate
of H. Y. Magee. deceased, was
filed In probate court yesterday.
Receipts for the semi-annual per
iod were $370 and disbursements
were $530. Magee advances suf
ficient money to make up the dif
ference between Income and ex
penses. Ott Estate Reported On Final
account in the estate of Isaac Ott.
deceased, was filed yesterday in
probate court by Verna Ott. ad
ministratrix. The estate received
$2536 during its probate, $1981
was spent and a $554 balance is
now on hand.
Bergsvlk Named Lars R
Bergsvik was named yesterday as
administrator of the estate of
John William Porter deceased, by
County Judge Siegmund. Porter
left real estate of an estimated
worth of $2000.
Fred. Blatchford's hand-decorated
novelties are now on display
at Presnall's- Paint Store, 455
Court st. For picture-framing and
furniture finishing, phone 4845.
Spanish Vets' Meet Members
of Hal Hlbbard Camp No. 6,
United Spanish War , Veterans,
will meet at Marion square at
10 a.m., Wednesday, to form for
Armistice day parade. By order
of commander.
New Arrival Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Lynch ' are happy par
ents of a six and three-quarters
pound boy. Norman Clarence,
born early Tuesday morning at
the home, 968 Saginaw street.
To Bey Much Wood Bids for
approximately 4000 cords of wood.
for state use during 1932. will be
opened by the state board of con
trol here November 30.
No auction Wed., night, store
closed all day Wed. Big auction
Sat. F. N. Woodry'si Auction Mar
ket. improper Licenses Two fines
of $12 and costs were levied in
justice court yesterday against
Earl Kopp and R. F. Anderson.
Both plead guilty to using Im
proper IJeense plate.
Al i local hosDital. November 9.
F. B. Wedel, 73. Survived by wid
ow, Lavtna, or saiem; cnuoren, r.
V. Wedel of Salem. Mrs. P. J.
Schrag ot Soap Lake, Wash., and
B. F. Wedel or Lebanon; orotner.
n. R. Wedel of Goessel. Kan., and
!ater. Mrs. 2. P. Schmidt of Goes-
He!: also 12 grandchildren. Funer
al services Thursday, Novemner
12. at 3 p. m., from the' chapel of
W. TrRlgdon & Son. Interment in
Lee Mission cemetery.
Established 189 TcL 8852
.' Conveniently Accessible
Perpetual care provided, for '
. Prices Reasonable.
Pzltttct Memorial
' Moderately
-' Priced .
- A Park -Cemetery ;
With Perpetual jCare
Jnst tea minutes front the
heart of town
CloughBarricIc Co.
A.. M.! Clough
. DtL. E.-Barrick
, ; , . V, -T. Golden
Consideration of Amounts
They Give Other Ways
Is Suggested Here
Whether professors at the Uni
versity; of Oregon, state' college
and state normal schools will re
ceive aa offset for money contrib
uted to local community chests,
provided they are called upon to
give one day's pay each month for
an additional relief fund to be
sponsored by state officials, was
considered Tuesday by a commit
tee selected to work out a plan
for collection and disbursing the
state relief fund.
In event no offset is allowed the
committee was asked whether any
of the state relief fund would oe
returned to the communities In
which the educational institutions
are located. .
Representatives of the univer
sity declared that the'professors at
that Institution contribute annu
ally an average of $150 for relief.
This is in excess of the amount
that would be collected under the
state plan. Proportionate contri
butions were said to be made by
professors at the other education
al Institutions.
Members of the committee
made it plain that distribution of
the state relief fund would be
state wide. The offsets suggested
by the professors will be given
consideration by the committee.
Prominent Eugene business men,
interested in the community chest
there, also appeared before the
Under the proposed state -plan,
all state department heads and
employes would contribute one
day's pay each month, subject to
certain exemptions approved by
the officials.
The state supreme court. In an
opinion handed down yesterday,
denied the application for appeal
of John Berg and F. J. Mc
Aweeney, who are under five
years penitentiary sentence for at
tempted larceny In Lane county.
The opinion was written by Chief
Justice Bean.
Berg and McAweeney were al
leged to have secured the promise
of $19 SO from A. V. Carlson, aged
Jackson county resident. In con
nection with a so-called confi
dence deal in which the defend
ants claimed to have won $60,000.
Carlson was to have received a
share of the alleged winnings in
return for advancing the money
involved in the criminal transac
tion. The men were arrested at
Eugene as Carlson was about to
deliver the money to Berg.
Chief Justice Bean held that no
services of notices of appeal was
made on the clerk of the circuit
court in Lane county, therefore
the supreme court had no juris
diction of the appeals. Counsel for
the defendants alleged that notice
had been filed with the county
clerk . in compliance with the
KINGS VALLEY, Nov. 10 -Mr.
and Mrs. Chester Chambers
are rejoicing over the arrival 01
a 10 pound boy at their home,
November 9. This la the second
child, the other is a girl of about
five years or age. Mrs. Cham-
Minor Operates E. D. Flan-
ery paid a dollar and costs In Jus
tice court when he. pleaded guilty
to allowing a minor operate a mo
tor vehicle.
No Retail Meet The Salem
Retail Credit association will not
meet this noon on account of the
Armistice day holiday.
Night and Day Calls
External Caucea Removed
with medicine.
Office, S5S !f. Capitol St.
Phone 503d - Salem,. Ore.
, 415 State Tel. 0123
, Ask Your Doctor
Dr. Chan
. Chinese Medicine
ISO N. Commercial
St., Salem
Office hoars
Tuesday aad Satar
day 2 to 5 r M.
Schaerer's Throat &
' Lung Balsam
Free from all coal tar" pro
ducts, narcotics and other
harmful ingredients that offer
temporary relief at a great
detriment to your health; auch
as are contained in many other
cough syrups. - ' c
We offer you a cough medi
cine that is soothing, effica
cious and pleasant to take at
a price much' less than a med
icine of this grsde is "Usually
sold. ' ' . ' .
. Tbls saving Is made through
the, fact - that this syrup la
made in . our own laboratory
and Is , In turn passed on to
he consumer In, - .
50c . $1.00
r' bottles
l Peaslar Agency . .
Under the spf l
ottti eaatcr a Ororom'fl
UOme IwmgW Vr .
HISTORY altera much la 13
years. As the allied world
today celebrates - Armistice
day, it la recalled that but four of
the great eight leaden of the con
flict, are alive, and. only two are
la active service today, not . la a
military way, but la statesm an
ship, and only oat a defeated
general is forging oe to greater
.ri m .. .
the "big three " at Versailles
staad oat la -the World war and
half of thee have gone oa amid
their honors. Foch,' Petalnl
Haig, Fershiag aad Von Hla
deaburg were the soldiers,
while Wilaoa, Ctameaee4a and
Lloyd George were the s t tee-
Foe b, the generalissmo, and
Hig, England's soldier of the
hour, are dead. Of the states
men, only Lloyd George still
lives, and is still active in Eng
lish politics even though now
leader of but a handful of vote
in parliament. Wilson and Clem
enceau have been absent several
observances of that memorable
day In 1918.
For Von Hlndenbnrg alone,
the oldest of them all, new and
higher duties of statesmanship
awaited after the signing of the
armistice. Petals aad Pershing
meet again oa this anniversary,
then they separate each to re
sume his place aa honored ad
visor of his eonatrymea, bat
himself an onlooker at the swift
march of events today.
In Germany, despite his more
than 80 years, Hindenburg. the
loser of the battle 13 years ago. Is
in the very center of clashing In
terests, president of the German
republic. He Is knowing cares and
responsibilities out of keeping
with his life-long training to the
sword. As the soldiers sheathed
their swords, the statesman came
bers was formerly Miss Reta
Mark, a graduate of the Oregon
State Normal, and Mr. Chambers
is a graduate of the Oregon
State college.
Are they
ruffles came
'But these are mat the'
homage Is due today. It la for
the boya who heroically per
formed their duties oa field aad
elsewhere, who failed te come
hack; for the boya who will
aever be the same fas civil life,
aad for those who did cone
back aad today are assuming
the responsibilities of citiaew
sale. -
That is why Salem today is ob
serving the date which IS years
ago was the signal for universal
rejoicing. And nartleinatl6B ef elt-
laens should not he urged, it
anouid he spontaneous. A good
program has been outlined.. And
if nothing more, just a few min
utes thought to what Armistice
has meant, would not he inappro
priate. -
The state house will be
closed all day today, aa will
also most of Salem's buateeas
houses. Governor Meter 'called
upon citizens of Oregon to
make Armistice day a day of
reflection aa well as a day of re
joicing.' The program natural,
ly is ia charge of the American
Legion, aad at least this one
day should be theirs.
Armistice day is also the occa
sion Here for Willamette univer
sity to wipe out the pangs of de
feat in football of last week. nd
attempt to win from Llnfleld. In
the event of victory, which should
be their lot. Willamette win m
into tie for second place with
r acme. Whitman alone stands un
defeated in this conference.
Drivers9 Licenses
Are Lost by 21
Twenty-one automobile drivers'
licenses were revoked during the
raontn ot October, it was reported
Tuesday by Hal E. Hoss. secretanr
of state. All but one of these were
for driving while Intoxicated. The
other was for failure to disclose
identity at the scene if an acci
dent Eight of the revocations
were renorted from Portland.
Eleven drivers bad tbeir HcensAS
suspended on charges of reckless
ariTing and speeding.
FOOD?. . . You bet they arc!
the girls are even better. Anyhow, cigarettes
are a whole lot better. No doubt about that.
They used to be made by hand
Now if i machines i as hand but yri
txr touches them.
They used to be packed in expensive,
hjghfalutin cardboard boxes
Now the quality is in the cizartttet.
The U. S. Revenue Tax used to be a
penny a package of twenty
New it4 's six cents a package ej twenty.
Tobacco used to be dried by air
New Ufzttt & A fyers alone has thirty
Jive dryinj machines if the latest type,
with a daily capacity qf ever 2,000,000
ptundi and ever four miles f ware
houses fir tobacct storage.
Better they're miles better ! Everything
used in the manufacture of Chesterfield ciga
rettes is the best that money can buy or that
Science knows about.
Chesterfield tobaccos both Turkish
and Domestic arc mild and ripe, the best
that money can buy.
And the way Chesterfield tobaccos are
blended and cross-blended is like making a
hew and better-tasting kind of tobacco, with
greater smoothness, more mildness and a more
pleasing aroma a fragrance and flavor not
to be found in any other cigarette X I k f
Chesterfield gives you the benefit of ail
the world knows about the production of
better . cigarettes. Nobody smokes a better
cigarette than Chesterfield.
Governor Meier Urges Full
Support; Organization
Here is Active
Governor Meier Mondav nrMf
all' cltixens. of Oregon to support
the annual membership roll call
of the American Red Cross.
! hope that the eeonla of Ore.
gon will respond cheerfully and
generously to the annual plea for
fund necessary to carry on this
worth while service," Governor
Meier's message read.
The American Red erosa. one
of the nation's greatest helping
hands in a time of need, will open
irs memoersmp campaign Thurs
day morning as a nation-wide
drive, and will eonrinna until
Thanksgiving day. This year Sa-
tem nas a Kea uross organization
and behind It are a host of prom
inent people who will contribute
their services toward the securing
of an all-Salem membership to
mis organization which aids In
every kind of need, whether It be
food, clothing, medical attention
or relief work in time of disaster.
Judge George Rossman of the
state supreme court, is chairman
of the local Red Cross. The roll
call, which means placing the
names, of Salem restdents on the
membershln list of the Salem Red
Cross, will be made by a large
group of public spirited women.
This will start Thursday morning
with committee meetings at
o'clock for both the residence
committee headed by Mrs. -Fritz
siaae and or the business district
committee headed by Mrs. Cur
tis Cross.
Scouts Will Carry
Red Croea Banners
Mrs. W. E. Feldman. publicity
director, announces that Rov
Scouts will take part as a unit of
the Armistice day parade and that
Red Cross flairs will be carried bv
them which have been made bv
students in the domestic science
departments of the public schools
under the direction of Mrs. Eula
It is also announced that the
Kiwanls club will devote its meet
ing this week to a Red Cross pro
gram with A. McDonald, assistant
attorney general, as speaker.
as good as when the
down to the ankles?
. v ' i J t 1 "
Tha Lions club will have a rre-
etal Red Cross program Fridav
with AJ L. . Sehaefter, - Pacific
brand! manager of the Red Cross
aa speaker. The Liens plan to be
100 per eent la Red Cross mem
bership. . ,
The Rotary el ah will devote its
meeting of November it to the
Red Cross.:'
A partial list of booths for
membership solicitations Is an
nounced as the First National
hank. Ladd and Bush bank, Mar
ion and Senator hotels. Red Cross
posters, banners and other publi
city : may already ' be aeea about
the city la windows and places of
It is stated for the benefit of
the public that out ot every mem
bership whether it be a SI regular
membership or the largest sus
taining membership of which It Is
expected there will be several in
Salem only titty cents geee to the
national headquarters. AH the re
mainder stays In Salem, , If $2S
is given, 134.50 Is put to work to
fill Salem needs.
The executive committee of - the'
Salem Heights Community club
held its regular meeting at the
hall Tuesday evening with F. H.
ZInser, president. Mrs. C. W.
Sawyer, chairman of the supper
committee, reported that all was
in readiness for the community's
first supper ot the year which will
be held at the hall Friday evening
November IS.
Sbetold -he committee that
rqaet chicken and dressing, cran
berry sauce and baked salmon
wbuld be the main gastronomic
ensemble of the evening together
with al lthe tixln's.
It was further decided by the
executive committee that the
chrysanthemum show would be
held the same night of the sup
per. It was originally scheduled
a week later but fear of not get
ting blossoms at their best was
responsible for the action.
Jay Morris, local florist and
Francis Wilson, manager of Bel
crest will have charge of the
"Mum" show. This being the be
ginning of the community suppers
preparations are being made for a
large crowd.
if ss
- ......
I ; -'... r , , .
S i IF M
I If
r ' iK.
afLrf --fll " til-l & t 5n
Large Force of Workers Is
Lined up in City and .
Through Country
The annual Christmas seal sale
will open in Salem Thanksgiving
day under the direction ot Mrs.,
J. B. Bllnkhorn, county seal sale
chairman. Mrs. Ivan Martin will
be la charge of the city sale and
Mrs. William Schults has charge;
of the mail sale. ; '
Distribution ot seal sale sup
plies has been going oa quietly
for some time and Is expected to
be completed this week. A new
scheme is being planned thia year
which will place seals In the
bands of merchants early enough
this month to allow them to use
these seals attached to the end-bf-the
month correspondence.
Sub-chairman named by Mrs.
Bllnkhorn to care for the seal
sale In suburban districts are:
Mrs. J. W. Sadler, Aurora; Mrs.
C. V. Ashbaugh, Brooks; Mrs. Ju
lia Dalmas, Donald; Mrs. Rntfy
Horner, Gates; Mrs. Clyde Cuts
forth, Gervals; Mrs Janet McKey,
Hubbard city; Miss Orva Barrett,
Hubbard rural; Mrs. Louis C
Wampler. Lablsh Center; Mrs. F.
E. Wilson. Liberty; Miss Arlyn
Moe. Mehama; Mrs. Ray Better, '
Keizer; Mrs. Vannas Newman,
Mill City; Miss Christine V.
Schulte, Sublimity; Mrs. E. O.
Beckley, Sunnyside; Mrs. Earl C
Bear. Turner; Mrs. N. K. Rich
ards, Woodburn. Sub-chairmen
for Aumsville, Jefferson, Mt. An
gel, Scotts Mills, Sllverton aad
Stayton have not been named.
CORVALUS. Nov. 10 Carol
E. Stoddard, general student and
graduate oi Salem high school,
was among the 62 on the honor
list of first year students taking
the freshman English placement
examinations at Oregon State col
lege. The students on the honor
list represent approximately the
upper six per cent ot the 1032 ia
the freshman class.
More than 22.000.000 letters
were sent to the dead letter office
during the last fiscal year.
,j' -v 'ill. ! - .- -t -t
Cnreh M-f-WTySt-
19)1. LiceiTT k. MvEaaToaACCo Co.
H." CW1" Dial MOT.