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Crowds Attend First Events
. -end More Expected for "
Those set Today
. (Continutd from pas t) ,
hall game , between Willamette
tmiversity and linfleld college of
McMlanville on Sweetland field at
J, o'clock will be the afternoon at
traction ot the celebration. Legion
tickets will be accepted for admla-
The . evening's entertainment
will tnelade . dancing ? on both,
floors of Crystal Garden and the
moving pictures at the . theatres.
Clell Thomas, who operates- the
Mellow Moon dance hall Is eo
' operating with the Legion br clos
ing down the ban for the evening.
His two orchestras will play for
'the Crystal Garden dances. , -
All of the Salem theatre man-
' agers hare agreed to accept the
Legion tickets for their shows.
Theron Hoover, owner of a war
. time moving picture of old Com
pany If, - Third; Oregon, has ar-
nnrutfnr til ttfotar ta he lliova
at th Grand theatre. .
. Many celebrants are expected to
come to Salem for be night f estlvi
..ties, because the American Legion
' posts at Woodburn, Dallas, Silver
ton. Stayton and Monmouth-Independence,
will for the most part
conclude their programs In the af
ternoon. The Woodburn post is
staging a benefit carnival to raise
funds for relief work during the
winter, -
DALLAS, Nor. 10
A county-
M mHnr will Iia IiaM In Tlal
las Thursday evening when A. I
Chafer, director of the American
Red Cross will talk, to the various
representatives on the annual roll
Icall which takes place November
11 to 2S.
Dallas which is nnder jurisdic
tion ot the Willamette chapter
Bundled Its own funds last year
for relief work.. The annual re
port Just made shows that some
17, families were provided with
food during the year, this repre
sented 10 persons, with some
$200 spent. Clothing was secur
ed from the Needlework guild and
other sources. It-was found that
In only few instances was It ne
cessary to provide supplies more
ithan one time.
ne,. . v
of the good b0Jn
In flew
from last fcfiar. Dr. A. B. Star-
buck, local chairman, hopes to in-
crease greauy me nm wis
and la calling in a committee ok
business men Thursday morning !
to make clans tor the roll call, j
Those, being called are C. L. C ri
der. J. R. AUgood, B. J. Page, N.
L. Gut. Tracy Savery, W. C. Ret-
er, W. L. 8oehren, Conrad 8taf
tln. Jack Eakln. Earle Richard
son. C B. Sundberg, Walter wu
llams, C -W. Henklo, Walter 3.
Mulr and R. R. Turner.
; Six members of Capital post
' No. I, American Legion, have
been, appointed team captains and
six as lieutenants for the post
membership drive which will run
until March 1. Each captain will
elect 18 members for bis team
and the six groups will eompete
for the first place award, free
tickets to a boxing ot wrestling
match- at the armory, offered by
Ones ' Olson. The individual ob
taining the- most aew member
ship will be awarded a prlxe. The
teams placing fifth and sixth will
be required to furnish entertain
ment for the post and the one
placing fourth -v will put on a
"feed". .".-r ;"''-
Team captains are: Onas Olson,
Dr. Ira O.." Pllcher, Joseph W.
Mareroft,-, Virgil R. Klekethier,
Russell Beckett and Paul Block.
; Lieutenants are: C. V. Richard
son. Reed Rowland, O: E. Palm -
ateer. O. P. Wegener. Dr. B. F.
Pound and Joseph F: Rlngwald. v
' v The captains and - lieutenants
(will meet next Monday wvenlng to!
devetop tnriler plans for the cam -
Montana Youths
Start in Canoe
rn i
I nr jasr.lOaSL
nATPu.u is
-i k d nmm , tritknm
;fT".Vi.:: r TS
WlUlam TMitehko 21 " ! both of WM "
V;!,1!1 -JSlSi A'!J!5lln that the Uquor did not belong
townspeople greeted them as they
reatedS theLr osrfloatlM
n imL .nt .n
through the uttie cement manu-
tacturlng Tillage. after t- their
aurt at the confluence of the
Gallatin, Madison . and Jefferson
m city in January. ;
Jury Completed
In Beckleh Case
ROSEBURO. Ore- Nov. 10
(AP) With the exception of
two alternates who are yet to
eaosen. the Jury to try Cecil
Beckley.f farmer, accused ot mur
dering his wife and step-dan rh
ter. was completed today. The
Jury includes no women. -v
The court adjourned over Wed
nesday and examination of wit
nesses will begin Thursday.
- i
mf 9:
Pretty Sonja Henie (above),
world's champion fancy skater,
whose graceful pirouettes en the
ice hare delighted thousands all
over the 'world, is the latest artist
to hear the call of hex art and re
turn to the field from which she
had formally retired. Sonja mad
her reappearance at Berlin and is
shown adjusting her skates just
, before "going on."
10 (AP) The first step in . the
state's effort to convict Harry F.
Powers ot slaying fire persons
came today with his Indictment
on charges of murder by a Harri
son county grand Jury. His trial
probably will be held this month
or early in December
This development in the sensa-
tlonal Quiet Dell garage killings
tLLi Jul S at th
taneously with the finding of the
body of Stamatos Sfikas, 40, shoe
shining parlor proprietor ana
friend of Powers, who disappear
ed last June. The body with a
bullet in the head and the skull
fractured, was discovered on a
hillside near Clarksburg and Cor
oner L. C. Goff said he believed it
s ease of murder.
Powers said by police to have
been frequently ?n the company
of Sfikas previous to his disap-
pearmnc0 wm be questioned later
regaling his knowledge of the
t09 shiner
NEW YORK. Nov. 11 (Wed
nesday ) ( AP ) F Its persons.
wciuaing a motner ana ner oaoy,
lost their, llvesearly today when
ure oi unaecerminea origin swepi
mrouga lour-eiory irame iene-
ment on Throop avenue, Brook-1
The fire started la two baby
c-rriages parked ln the first floor 1
nauway, ana swept upwara so i
rapidly that the building was en-
tirely to flame, when fire appar-
atus arrived.
The dead:
Mrs. Esther Chudow, 21.
Lawrence Chudow, 13, her son.
itataue cnuaow, tnree years
old, her daughter.
Mrs. Lena Webb, 2 S.
Ethel Webb, her four months
old daughter.
SANTA MONICA. Cal.. Nov. 10
AP)i Charged with possession
lot 10 pints of liquor, C, Van Ness
Leavttt,? brother-in-law of Presl-
J dent Hoover, was at liberty today
I nnder bail of $250,
Leavltt,, who Is S7 years old.
j was arrested late yenterday as he
attempted to leave a grocery store
owned by a friend, C R. Dailey.
42. who also was accused and re
leased nnder similar bond.
The arrests were made by two.
federal nrohlbitlon aeenta. Unh
.i auwu ana m em waiuman, ua s
local police officer. Thomas Carr.
Hwho has gained faffie locally for
I nI campaiga against violators of
I tne liquor xaw.
I signed sUtement obtained
" a Intt a hande and saying:
"Here, tlx this real quick; here
comes Carr." Leavltt said he did
v ,. ,....
7,ih!J '.foatalned
"" "
a. n i .
I rry'ff t n . f
win oe opeeuea
Up, Leaders Say
nirrn rtrr
tZ !J?-?..?7 tttm-
be imately $120,000'o0 worth't
dub udbiut tui Tirsnnm innnM.
new cars In the next SA .t
Ruction will
vruvoca a eren zaswer pace.
: w VmVwt mju, wu oe ai
!l?J."!lnA ?Art;: I
t w wn kiius v cji ina nasi
two monlS. . , .
nmpirpr inn rn
Other Clashes Occur Today
At Tientsin; Shell
Hits U. S. School
(Con tinned from page 1)
started ? at about I o'clock last
night when gangs of between SO
and St Chinese gunmen began
shooting within the too meter
limit around the Japanese conces
. Larger rroans appeared near
Naakai university at 1:45 tbU j
morning and began attacking the
French troops were called out
of the French concession.
Firing, in which it was believed
that artillery was being used, eon-
tinned at three o'clock and the ar
mored car roUed out of the Japan
ese concession 20 minutes later to
exchange shots . with the Chinese
The American Methodist mis
sion maintains at Tientsin a "mid
dle grade" school, known in Chi
nese as Cheng-mel Hsueh-kuan, to
which is attached a primary
course and a girl's schooL
UaMiAfle-nf Tparinfi Hrime
Discussed by Murray
At Chamber Meet
Nature never repeats herself In
her inescapable trade-mark on the
tips of the fingers of each Indi
vidual. Of the many million finger
prints taken, no two sets of fingers
are alike, J. 8. Murray of the state
nenitentlarv told an attentive au
dience at the Salem chamber of
commerce Monday noon.
Murray discussed and Illustrat
ed the taking of fingerprints,
showed how they were classlfiea
and explained the great value of
fin lnU ,n detectlon of crime
... nn tttm ln wash
!nton - D- C" 2.500'40? ner:
lnt recordi and ln not to exceed
two minutes, the bureau can ascer
tain if a certain fingerprint, indi
cated by the Inquirer by code num
ber, is available.
Murray also illustrated tne uer-
tillion system of erlminai meas- j
urement, saying it had been ante- j
dated by the more rapid and exact
system of fingerprinting, a device j
which amateurs can employ. Mur
ra Mid fingerprinting of docu
ments had been used in anclenl
Murray delighted his listeners
by telling anecdotes of penlten-
lary experieucea um i
over a 16-year penoo oi vo
here. Most prisoners have nicr- Hoover the invitation of the cham
namea. he said, and the bardanea I her to visit hi nii hnm. i. c.
criminal prides himself upon bis next year when en route to Cali
neenlisr branch or "trade." A I f orni- t
' - m. I
released. .
Tne speuer uuPiu
I "a. AA .1
state irnen m mo - u a u.v vi
mY..n - Bri.oner tmUhea his term.
rjaless he is paroled or pardoned.
v - tn.kMnr lie have a lob
t -uhur fnatance. the nrlsoner U
BlmplT turned loose on society
with a snlt of clothes and tiro aol-
iftr- - Bi- oockeL Readjustment
10 society by the former convict
becomes very difficult. Murray
8aid. wlththe result that the ex-
prisoner frequently resorts again
to crime. . i
The annual Father and Son
rally was held last night at the
Jason Lee church. Seventy-five
men and boys were present at
the gathering.
Two musical numbers made up
the first part, of the program. The
first of these was an accordion
solo played by Robert Brown and
the second a vocal duet by Keith !
Clark and Harold Stout.- Both
numbers were Very well received.
The big feature ot the program
came aa a surprise when a -po
liceman entered the room and im
mediately seised and arrested
one oi tne men present -on a
charge ot neglecting his son. A
mock . trial was put into effect
with the whole group acting as
Judge Emmons nresided aa
Judge, Dwlght Lear, Willamette
--"" isuoui, iuuk me
oi tne attorner for proseeu
Jon,jand Rev. H. B. Fouke of
I Jeon.Lee church aeted as at-
iorney tor the defense.' After
arguments were heard from both
sides, the group, as Jurors re
turned a verdict of "not nfitv
and the meeting broke up at this I
Cimarron Tops
rear's , Talkies
Academy Votes
AP) The motion picture "Cim
arron," a western story ot tho
Oklahoma" land rush da vs. vaa
awarded three of the coveted hon
ors ot the Academy ot Motloa Ple
tnro Arts and Sciences for tho
I i T '"aienis ia ine
' Wi mm a - l
emy banquet tonlkhL -
n . .r. . - :
K"." V A". WM. M'uu8ro
5oa' d WarT 77t oalt
I waa wAmntmA fnm mm vv
i Lionel nimmnr. nJ w.h
RwMr received awards tor the
I nent . mtn -a -.-.-
, ances, respeeUvely, , .
safe-robber or burglar or lorger games.
many times goes back to that McNary's wire says the presl
phase of criminal work when ho Is dent "was greatly pleased at this
Board ;
... e e
: Warner Bros, Ehdaore
' .Today -Bebe Daniels and
Warren William la "Honor ot
the Family." --
Friday Buster Keafon la,
"Sidewalks ot Wow Tort"
; Warmer Bros. Capitol ' v
' Today Evelyn. Brent la
"The Mad Parade".
Friday Conrad Kegel la
Pagaa Lady". .
; -Grand.'
'. Today Olsea and Johnson
la "Fifty Million Frenchmen."
Friday Charles Rugglesin
"Charley'a Aunt".
Hollywood . .
Today Robert Montgom-
ery ia "The Man In Posses-
sioa". : - J
' Friday Back Jbnea ia
"Desert Vengeance".
e . ; e ' e
Louise Faxenda has pro red the
truth of David War field's remark
that "it's only a hair that dirldes
comedy from tragedy."
In Paramouat's "The Mad Par
ade," the transition from light
comedy to stark tragedy is por
trayed by Miss Faxenda, proting
that artists who hare the quality
of farce possess also the ability to
depict tragic characterisations.
Miss Faxenda is cast as an over
fed Tolunteer from the mid-west
She rises to dramatics heights
when a hand grenade accidentally
kills one of-the girls in her unit.
Others la this photoplay direct
ed by William Beaudlne are Eve-
Mr Brent, Irene Rich, Lllyan
Rldgeway, Juno Clyde and the
Keating twins.
Warner Bros. Capitol theatre
will headline this amasing ac
count of feminine experiences on
the western fighting front today
"The Honor of the Family "
one of Balxac's drollest storlee
comes in ultra-modern garb to the
screen of Warner Bros. Elslnore
theatre today. The picture, featur
ing uene Daniels, Warren William
and Alan Mowbray is a First Na
tional release and was filmed on
amDitious scale. "The Honor of
tne Family" was Otis Skinner's
most successful stsge vehicle. The
piot involves the efforts of a dash-
ing, romantic-young soldier to
8aTa his wealthy uncle from th.
Intrigues of a charming young ae-
iresa, wnn wnom later he him
aelf falls in love.
Hoover Invited
To Visit Salem
Upon Trip West
Answ&rlnr m. m a. trm. ...ji
br the sn .k- V.
merce. Senator Charles L. McNary
nss inrormed the secretary here
that ho has sent on ta PrMn
attention and will rlv th wi
snojecc or bis itinerary study if he
w wV
William Wesfs
Estate is Filed
Totals $12fi00
Property . ti aaa
left by William West deceased
according to letters of nrobat. 1.1
sued yesterday In nnnt
here. The Bank of Woodburn will
act as executor of the estate. C.
J. Espy. W. H. Allenan and John
Flkan are appraisers of the estate.
Heirs left by Mr. West arc Lucy
A. West. Woodburn; Harry West.
Hubbard; George West, Frank
West, Mary Ann Kahler, Morrison.
uL; Minnie Belle West, Marion
American Legion Tickets Good Today!,
Close to the lines!
Closer to danger!!
Closest to LIFE!!!
. . asta
oi tfcJ
uet A.rlng
Will Uake no Concessions
Jo League of Nations "
: ; Envoys arr Told
i CContlniMd from paget) ;' ;
eso difficulties which are author
ttatirely viewed as altherto in
sufficiently- ; explained, hr said,
and expects to emphasise China's
alleged Infringements ot so-called
unequal treaties.: i , l ?
"We made the mistake ot as
suming that the world war aware
of China's polity todlsregard the
treaties, but we are finding this
was incorrect." he said. "Japan
wiU direct the council's attention
to numerous treaty violations,
which Toshlxawa is itemizing."
The spokesman suggested that
If aU the facts were explained,
the league might conceive of the
establishment of permanent Inter
national control ia China, as it
appears that "only foreigners
would be able to give China hon
est government."
(Continued from pas 1
ing the provinces of western Can
ada." ,
Attorney General U. 3. Webb
ot California commended the
daring" of the railroad heads
who pushed the S14.5OO.O00 line.
linking the two systems, to com
pletion ln a period of business de
pression. The program also included ad
dresses by Dr. Norman F. Cole
man, president of - Reed College,
Portland, Ore.; Dr. Henry A.
Burd, dean of 4he school of busi
ness administration. University ot
Washington, Seattle; Judge R. C.
Oroesbeck ot Klamath Falls, Ore.;
J. W. Williams ot Sa Francisco,
chief engineer for the Western
Pacific; Arthur Curtis Uames,
New York, chairman ot the board
of the Western Pacific; and Ralph
Budd, St. Paul, president of the
Great Northern.
CContlniMd from oas t)
out shutters at the Washington
school with shades at a cost ot
$72.85, giving the building com
mittee power to act In the mat
ter ot the tlletex stair covering at
the high school which has proved
unsatisfactory, and referring to
supplies committee the request
purchase ot 224K.24 worth of
books for the high school library.
Superintendent George Hug an
nounced that the 1020 senior high
school class had given $110 to the
library for new books. A number
of the gift books already have
been received, orders for the re
mainder have been seat la.
Forty-three men were regist
ered for emergency road and
highway work and as many men
were sent out on Jobs from the
U. S. employment bureau at
Court and Chemeketa streets.
No change In shifts for the men
now working is contemplated
for this week, film Phillips, bur
eau agent. Intimated, but such a
change may be made next week
to rive other men Jobs.
The employment bureau of-
EyeljH Brent, Irent RIcb,
Fazenda, LOyan Tashmin
flee will be kept open today
Of the 42 men registered yes
terday. 21 were married. II
were from Salem, 24 were from
other parts of the county and
four were from West Salem. The
stream of applicants continued
steady and men still were seek
ing to get registered at closing
time. - - .-'V - '
Receipt at the office of eight
rata or overcoats' yesterday
promised relief to the mea
working oa the roads who do
aot possess this aeeded article of
clothing. The coats will -remala
the property of the bureau and
win be loaned to the mea -as
they, are needed. ;'' ;f ; . - -
A house and lot worth $200,
125 la cash and $30 worth of fur
niture, subject to a mortgage,
constitute the worldly goods Har
old Hunt, g, will inherit from his
father. Howard M. Hunt, 21, who
October 18 shot the lad's mother
and killed her and then ended bis
The estate of Hunt was filed for
probate yesterday In the county
court, the lad's grandfather. Al
bert Hunt being named adminis
trator. The estimated rental value ot
the real property is $00 a year.
Howard Hunt had been sued
for divorce by bis wife a tew
weeks before the murder and su
icide occurred. In his answer he
claimed the wife had misused th
little boy, teaching him Immoral
habits. Hunt became extremely
angry with the counsel tor Mrs.
Hunt and expressed his wrath on
several occasions before October
18 when the tragedy occurred.
Dr. c. A. Bdrld(
e e
Heckolite Plates
The non-breakable plate
that is flesh colored and
looks like natural gam
The kind plate specialists
To meet the preseat day competltioa I ana making reflec
tions that are worth investigating. My' deatal work Is
guaranteed aad the most careful consideration Is glvea my
patients at all time.
"tilt A.
Telephone 3858
American Legion Tickets
Accepted Today
Special Program
V" -?
PORTLAND. Ore.. Nor. 10J
t tt r mm wa, iniured fa
tally and two others were hurt less
seriously when a truck ia which
they were riding -overturned here
tonight. ' :rs-?yF?.zr
. if " tv rwir died frosa- internal
Injuries sooa after he was receiv
ed at a hospital. Jsliaana irom
mick, 4$, was Injured internally
and George Younger, at. suffered
a brokea arm; All were city em
ploys. ;; : l-H ,
Traffic Investigators said . E.
Gallagher, driver of the truck,
was toned off the road by anoth
er -track. Gallasher and H. C Fos-
ker,.also riding ta the track, were
uninjured. ?
The driver ot the second truck
did not stop, i v -pi" "
Governor Meier:
To Return Here
. Governor Meier has notified
Miss Beatrice Walton, bis private
secretary, that he will return to
Salem early next Monday, to sit
with the state educational board
in hearing the appeal of David Lee
Byers. principal of tbo Sutherlin
schools, whoso certificate to teach
la Oregon recently was revoked by
C. A. Howard, state superintend
ent of public instruction.
Byers was aeeused ot being too
friendly with a number of bis
women Instructors. The charges
against Byers were filed by Mrs
Edith Ackert, Douglas county
school superintendent.
Four teachers gave testimony
- ONLY -
As a special advertising feature I
am offering anyone who comes
into my office during the week of
Nov. 9 to 14, Inc., 1931
Special redaction la all branches of
dentistry including plates, fillings, par
tial plates, fixed and removable bridg
es, plate repairs aad extractions.
A roofless plate pennies yoa
to taste year food; swallow
easily aad feel seaeatlons of
heat aad cold. 10 la exactly
as I represent lba plate
without a roar. j
llOyi No. Commercial St.
1 -l
$jf v kit
- -
Women fall at the flash
of hla eye as men at
the flash of hla atealt
. wltk
against aim at the original hear-
lng. . . "
Governor Meier Is now at Gear .
hart. f. ;- . ' I
Horticulturists were nnable to
dentlfy a tree ia Salem, Ore., that
yields a fruit with characteristics
of a grape and prune. '
Remove th3 Cause
of Rheumatism
Not Tin Then Wffl Yon Be
Free to it's v ungating
-. - -t Curse . r i.; . .
Uric Add poisoa the cease ef
rneamatic agony suns so
leave year body ia 4
:' . ;v ' hears . : ; ? f "
This Prescription Guaranteed
Think of It how this old
world does make progress now
comes a prescription which is
known to pharmacists as Allenru
and within 4$ hours after .you
start to take this swift acting
formula all pain, agony and in
flammation has departed.
Truly a day for the whole fam
ily to celebrate for Instead of being-
a helpless, expensive aad an
noying cripple the happy person
is at work agaia.
Allenru does Just what this no
tice says U will do It Is posi
tively guaranteed by Perry's Drug
Store and leading druggists to do
It yoa can get a generous bottle
for $5 cents and if it doesn't
bring tho Joyous results you ex
pect your money whole heart
edly returned.
Take heart lively activity will
come agaia after the wonderful
benefit Allenru brines has made
yoa cheerful and happy.
Ana remember this, Allenru la
ast as rigidly aaaranteed for
neuritis, sciatica and lumbago.
Home of a-JC' Talkies
Oontinnoas Performance Today
9 to 11 P. M.
Xe Radio er Davenport
A Comedy. Drama all will
Also Comedy, News and
See and . Hear Howard C
Jones, coach of the So. Cal
ifornia "Trojans", on the
forward pass . "
Oae ;
Bowed "
ef Uncoa
trolable .
- a M W-mtm.'
with 5aN
Charlotte pOt
Greenwood fi C
Irene ParceU 1 1
OL Aubrey Smith ; Mil
'? . . I TfJA -
r.r.r W M