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    rl!AC TWO
The OREGON STATESMAN, Ealgra ; Oregon; Toesdar Horning; Noreaber 10. 1S31
August, 1111. . , i
EUaabeth Sally la th third,
defendant named in tho action. -
iffl mm m
Demand General Mah Turn
City Over, to Rival,
' : ': ' - General Chang
- ' " . r.
(Continued frra peg 1) -Scant
hope for-peace from the
newest Brisnd-Yoshtznwa couver-
' aatlons was felt In official elr
. ties. The foreign ml f Ice announced
a reply to America's latest note
as near if complete. ;y-:- i
;Th war declaration was dated
- Saturday and signed t by Mah
Chan-Shau. commander of the
Hellungkiang srertie army
which -was defeated by the Japan
. ese last week at the Nonni river
- bridgehead on the Taonan-Angan-
cht railway in western Manchuria
The manifesto contained Man's
assertion ef . determination to
'flcht Japan to the , very last
Attempts to Make ,
: Mobilisation General
The- Rengo new acency said-
General Mah -also had wired to
. C ha nit 'lis u e n-Liang. governor 01
Marfcfcuria ousted by the Japan
esei Chans". Tso-Hsiang, comman
dee of all Manchurtan forces north
, ef th; treat wall, and. Wan Tu
Lin." nationalist governor of Hel
- Inng-KJaag province, all of whom
are believed to be at Peiplng. requesting-
that they order the mo
' bilitation at Tsitsihar, Heilung
klanr eanltal. of all troops of Ki
ns province, the middle province
of the three which constitute Man
churia, s
The .newspaper Asahi said Chi
nese bombardmeat of the Japan
ese " poaitions above , the Nonni
I bridgehead at Tahsiag, aetua" y
had begun. There was no confir
mation of this report. The Asahl
- said the Chinese were using field
artillery and machine guns, and
had established their base at An
anehla 17 miles south of Tsitsi
har, provincial capital.
CCoatlnued from peg 1) 1
grange represented the real farm-
ers though admitting " me lop is I
iiot what it ought to be, but the
yottom Is solid." -W. A. Jones
also defended the grange. I
A A. Geer. committeeman, said 1
that assessments were less so cuts
should be made on that account;
also thonrht that the bounty onlto
animals had been made a commer-
elal nronositlon. I
Mr. McClellan of West Stayton
Mnressed onnosltion to the educa- I
tfenal lavie. and nurse levies; j
scored higher education and de-
elared ithat "educational system
has gotten away from usV 1
neeessitv of careful economy in
. in elosinr. Ed Porter raised the
question of the salaries paid de-I
Unties and other employes about I
tho court house, whether they had
been readjusted to meet tne
times. The connty court poimeoioy naiiiee; r-raas: ivayior, recKiess
oat that the salaries of deputies i
were fixed by the Individual offi
cers who appointed them. Porter
also Questioned use of funds on
rohibltlon work, doubung u
proper returns were received.
' BACK Oil 90 TEA8S
'After JO years of this life Mrs
Josenhine Tavlor is having a
rand time. . I assure you", al
thontrh aha said" there had been
times when it had, not been aojup the matter with the seniors at
tine. . -
- 'Mrs. Taylor celebrated her 90th As soon as the principal has fin
birthday Monday at her home, ished with the senior officers, he
"Open hoose was observed and will investigate the affiliations, of
"the house was full and I wish the leaders of the juntor and soph-
you could see the flowers and
ppe&ents!" observed Mrs. Taylor.
And aho continued. "J- am so
thankful and happy to have so
aiany wonderful friends." r
; MrJ .Taylo has mad - her
home in Salem: since 188 Z. ShelMcCarty, Held Hansen and Walter
WW. fcftra in Buffalo. Kew York.
itfr. Tiilflf died ia -reara aro and
slnca thai time Mrs. Taylor has
made her home with her daugh-
teT, Miss Graee Taylor. One other
HaurhtA maka.-aa tha famirr.
She is Urs. Bertha . Harlow and
lives la the east.
' -Mrs. .Taylor has been an act
J vie member of the First Congre
gational church. For the open
.house "Monday Mrs. M. D. McCal
. lister. Mm. Lee Smith. Miss Con
stance Kaatnesv and Mrs. Flack
i Klbby assisted Ij receiving. Other
members of the church assisted
, in serving.
(Continued from pis.
program In operation. Members of I
the committee are, General Rllea, I
mi B. hobs, secretary of state:
3t H. , Devers, attorney for the
state highway commission; C T. j
Early, state Industrial accident j
coonmissloner. and Dr. E. E. Lind-
ey, secretary of the state board of
higher education. ,
-iThe committee, of which Miss
Beatrice -Walton-will act as secre
tary, win rue its report with the
department - heads i at another
meeting to be held next week. The
contributions would cover a peri
od of five months. -l
, TLe proposal to raise the relief
fund was made by Governor Meier, i
and the meeting was called by
Henry Hanzea, state budget direc-!
tor. Officials said the contrtbu-l
tiona probably would exceed
19,00f a BDonth.
o .. .... .... .
H ' V I if-
3 " "
1 A ; I
- f ... ;1F mV
'I y; nMr:r:- . - t i Tri-
ff . I .LIT
ISTtiEM MAtjde
Tktr f Ma AUn to Un footfichta h dMrted 1 J 7n the hht f W tUrr U
s-tlstatiM mi tU cyinu' TW cmm back.' Optuaf at Cvlad, OlO. with ShaVeyare'a Mer
chart ef YniM." ia which she portrayU Um ile f Portia, Mua Adams proved hoyed doabt that kr
loag rtir nt Itaa ot summed. tto bnlbMct tfeat woa aor mayi n m a P pHnnra, """T,
Adam 4a rMcipaHr vesaaaabotvd fer har pUyiav ia ay of th warks ef Sir Jaaiaa M. Barriau Mtably
aa Lady BabbU ia Tha Littl MiaUU aad aa Patar Paa, tltooy wh waaldat grow , im tka aaacie
HmMwm t-MnA Darts Km- ln i1imm ffrata tha lUn. k Irna beam xpariaMatiac with a bow light-
Dartaar '
mmmtmmm wVLrk lmtrAnrA at
- - - ....
Twenty not-true bills were
returned by the Marion eounty
grand jry Saturday while 13 In
dictments wrere made. By error
Sunday, -.The Statesman omitted
the word "not" in listing the 20
not-true bills returned. These
cases are reprinted' herewith. In
none of them were Indictments
Harold C. Lee. writing a check
without sufficient payment; Clyde
nrmw, oviig aa aci wweu leaa-
ed to canse minor to become de-
Hnquent; Harry L. Walp, robbery
by rorce or violence, hut not arm
ed with a dangerous weapon
Frank Day. assault and battery;
Charles Ward ( assault with intent
kill; A. A. Bonney, assault and
battery; Robert . B. Taylor and
Carson Staadifer, nnlawful pos-
session of Intoxicating liquor,
C. F. Hafher, assault and bat
tery; J. D. Wood, burglary; Jack
Q. Hugnee and Frances Neymeyer,
aauitery; a. c. wucg. rape; jonn
Harold Cook, non support; Jonas
lewd and lascivious cotia Dilation
C. H. Martin, check without suf
flcient funds; A. M. Welssenfels,
check without sufficient funds;
Theodore Isaac, non support; U
R. Martin, check without sufflci-
cient lunas; Artnur Little, larceny
With the student council at the
highr school apparently cleared of
secret society members. Principal
Fred Wolf has-begun an Investi
gation Of the status of class offi
cers and announced he believes at
i least halt ef the' senior class heads
; to be members of the taboo socie
ties and therefore Ineligible to
hold offices. He says he will take
I their next class meeting.
I omore classes - with reference to
I the secret societies, he Intimated.
I . The names of three new student
! council mesnbers published Satur-
aay nave too principal s approval,
1 he declared. These names, Dan
1 Cune.who are senior, junior and
sophomore represenUtlves, respec-
tlvely. recently were submitted by
the counell for the approval of the
Th present flareup of the 88-
Professor William H. Pickerinf
(above) Internationallir known,
astronomer at the private obserr-
aiory at Hanacvuie, Jamaica.
at a a a aa a
liant dicta that there b a new and
planet lying far outside the present
limits oz ina soiar system. Prof.
Pickering, one of the two astrono
mers to predict Planet X, discov
ered two years ago, declares this
new heavenly body will be found
to be the third largest ia the goa'j
las Mia Adams (cantar ia tba tasaooa arga"" riu Ttsitiw saytoca
Adams Returued TO
ClavalaaJ with rMlt alfact. PictaM
- ... t tft t
The Call
Board .
Warner Bros. Elsinore
Today Lew Ayres in
"The Spirit of Notre Dame.
Wednesday Bebe Daniels
and Warren William In
"Honor of the Family."
Friday Buster Keaton In
"Sidewalks of New York."
Warner Bros. Capitol
Today - Ernest Torrence
in "Sporting Blood".
Wednesday Evelyn Brent
In "The Mad Parade".
Friday Conrad Nagel in
"Pagan Lady".
Today Joan Benne-tt in
"Hush Money".
Wednesday Olsen and
Johnson in "Fifty Million
Friday Charles Ruggles In
"Charley's Aunt".
Today Ruth Chatterton
in "The Magnificent Lie".
Wednesday Robert Mont-
gomery in "The Man In Pos-
Friday Buck Jones In
"Desert Vengeance".
cret society problem Is a continua
tion of the campaign Principal
Wolf has conducted since he came
to Salem high school three years
ago. He is determined, he'eayg. to
keep the societies out of student
politics, and is legally bound to
enforce the state law prohibiting
such organizations in high schools.
Fifteen high school students
yesterday wer selected to repre
sent their, respective classes . in
the interclass debates which will
be . held between Thanksgiving
and the first week In December.
These debates will be put on dur
ing tho activity period and non
participating students will be
permitted to attend If they so de
sire. . .
Importance is attached to
these debates - because from the
ranks of the class representa
tives will be chosen the students
to comprise - the lnterscholastie
team. Shannon Hogue. Instruct
or In public speaking yesterday
said. Only two members of last
year's school squad remain thia
year, Robert Read and Waldo
Mills. ..
The Interclass debaters and
their coaches are as follows:
seniors,. Miss June Philpott, head
oz tne science department, coach:
Victor Williams, Charles West,
Virginia Person. Esther Black
vtayne Dough ton and Eldon Ol
son. Juniors, Robert Read and
Shannon Hogue, coaches; Lau
rence Morley, Dorothy Beckley,
Alan Baker and Greta Schofleld.
Sophomores Miss Lillian Davis,
instructor In English, and Waldo
rams, coacnes; joe Baser, My
ron Fonke, Wallace Sprague,
William UcReynolds and Eliza
beth Abrams.
(Continued from poga 1) '
terday morning beyond his hand
lay a .8 8-ealibre revolver and
near him lay a partly tilled bottle
of whisker. . .- . ,
; Kantola It Vras revealed yester
day, was of tea. despondent over
Mrs.- Bracken's refusal to return
his affections. Recently ha had
threatened to kill himself and hid
for two days In an attic.
v McKay said Kantola's work had
been satisfactory. He character
ixed him aa a quiet, steady work
er. Kantola's sister 1 Mrs. Lewis
IL McKinney ' and " aha Uvea at
18TI North Church street
Footlights. :
is O Ca rOat tho pUy. OfeOW.
.v 4 I . a I .
v", pwyaa ay viw ua
Sixteen cases are on the circuit
court trial calendar for November
and early December, according to
the county clerk's office.
The cases are as follows: -Monday,
November I, 10 a. m.,
Ranch vs. Steekleln.
Thursday, November IS, t a. m.,
Prate vs. Ohmant
Friday, November 18, a. at..
Kovenz vs. Livesley.
Monday. November If. 10 a. m..
Fliflet vs. Oregon Industrial Loan
Tuesday, November 17, 9 a. m.,
George vs. May.
Thursday, Novembers 30, V a.
, planskl vs. Hummel.
Friday, November 20, I a. m..
Smith vs. Laflar.
Monday, November 23, 10 a. m..
Stapran vs. Maden.
Tuesday. November 2. l p. nt..
Ritacca vs. state industrial acci
dent commission.
Wednesday, November 25, f a.
, Gosser vs. Downs.
Friday, November XT, 10 a. m..
Brooks vs. McClean.
Tuesday, December 1, Steven
son vs. Par.
Wednesday, December X, f a.
m., Continuental Jewelry company
vs. Hall.
Thursday, December 1,1 i. m.,
Lehman vs. Ransom.
Friday. December 4, a, m.,
Mickel vs. Associated Oil com
(Continued from pas 1)
Angel to supply the men there
with work near their homes.
Mr. PhflliDa' report for tno
nast week, aside from the emer
eencr registration, showed 65
men applying and 48 being placed
on jobs, a marked- improvement
over -the previous seven days
Men were , sent to work as 101-
lows: five farm hands, 38 com
mon laborers, one carpenter and
one machine hand.
New School ot
Dance to Open
In Short Time
A new school of the dance will
open November II in Castlillan
hall with Miss Elizabeth Perry In
charge. This school will be the
Ivan Novikoff school ot the dance
and will be the 28th such school
to be established in Oregon,
Washington and Canada.
Miss Perry graduated under
Mr. Novikoff from hla SeatUe
school. She was his dancing part
ner there. Mr. Novikoff will bef
here at various times during the
school months for special consul
tations. A. large recital la to be given
this spring and work on thia will
start with the beginning of the
M t her
Lore .
against m
shade) w-y
past -
rOMORItOW '. -
" with Oleea A Johnson
sneojt MaaMHT .
Heavy Gala Here Along Vith i
Copious Downpour CiYe?,
-Utilities Troutjb
' - ; ' (Contlnuad front' page 11; -,
at midnight Sunday. The highest
yesterday was it degrees. '
The atom., did considerable
damage to two cables of the Pa
elfle Telephone and Telegraph
company, and sent crews scurry
ing to restore service to normaL
i The telephone and telegraph ca
ble, on South ltth street was all
cleared tip . about midaf ternoon,
ad Manager H. W. Collins said
trouble on the South High street
cable, caused by tailing of a pole,
would be cleared up before late
evening.: ' : J
General Wire
Tromble Noted
A number of miscellaneous
wira troubles were re Darted In. tn t
some places wires being: down and
la others broken because of hav-
oo brought by the wind. Theae
things were pretty well taken care
of as fast aa the reports came In,
The repair offices of the Port-
land General Electric company re-
, M .1 1
most an unheard of minimum in
such high wind. This call, came
from the O k Grove district la
Polk county,- and was occasioned
when a wlr ourned out after the
wind blew a tree across It.
The freshmen hoopsters of Wil
lamette university held their first
practice at the university gymna
sium Monday under the direction
of Coach Les. Sparka and assist
ant coach George Scales.
About 25 players turned out
and a large number of tall men
were in evidence.- Prospects are
a little brighter than usual with
halt a dosen men who do not need
a great deal of training In funda
mentals. However as usual the
bulk of the squad is weak in this
Coach Sparka plans to get his
team Into shape for the tnter-class
games which come the week be-
lore inanassiTinK.
Terry Edwards, Bnd Reickey,
Walter Commons and several oth-
er tall boys will make things In-1
veicsiiug nr m uvuw Kinam 1
teams in the playoff. "Squee"
Kitchen from Salem high is the
smallest man on the squad.
Pep Bonfire of
High School to
Be Under Guard
If numbers can accomplish the
task, the pep bonfire for the high
school students rally tonight will
be a huge one. Seventeen more
boys yesterday were signed up to j
work on tne pue ana guara u un-1
til time to light It, Following the I
students downtown rally at 7:80 I
o'clock, the bonfire program will unable to do any street re
be held, probably at 8:30 o'clock, pair work. Little trouble has re
Boys signed np yesterday were: suited from the rain except In
David Williams, Robert smltn,
Lewis Cross, James Beau, Glenn
and Donald Woodry, Kenneth
Coffey, George Mlltonberger, Har- WOODBURN, Nov. 9 Ralph
old Jepson, Elton Embrey, James David, a former student at Wood
Haley, Harry Wesely, Laurence burn high school, has been elect-
Blaisdell, Melvin Engel, Melvenied president ef the national pro-
Hanson and Ed King.
Report is Made
On Miles Estate
D, r
tV 1 rUSt r irm
Pronertv valued at 828.188 Is
on hand In the estate of B. J. tlve In the social lite of the cam
Mi!:. an infirm nerson. according Pus. He Is the son ot Mrs. N. R,
to a report filed yesterday in pro-
bate court. Ladd s Bush Tract
eomnanv made the report. Dis
bursements for the year Included
1 tm. rAv mui at-
tentlon and nursing service. Total
disbursements for the estate's be-
half were 110,042 In the year
ronnrt mid.
Real estate, stocks, a few bonds
and several notes, together with
88777 cash make up the residue
of the estate. A note by Don W.
Miles for 818,243, dated August
24, 1932. is appraised at 83300.
Final Honor to
Gun Explosion's
Victims is Paid
' SAN PEDRO. CaL. Nov. .
I API Prarera wore said audi
of 25c
Home of at Taiaiee
uni a raRAMoiiMi riuvn
Also Comedy and Ncwa
"Tha llxn In Possession
Cunld la krnt boar br thia eham.
plonsbJp bride of the little lumber
and oil towm of Urania, La. She
anarried 11 times aad
J 2F?le7nfll J1"!4
WT: She's tnanda fav
JgSJ? lf'J'iT
- nwia va bus. war
oline McDonald Walters - Bran
son - Chevalier - Burgess - Gard
ner white Lolgl - Hatfield
eulogies were delivered today la
the presence of high navy offi
cials and aa honor guard of blue-
Jackets for the five men killed
last Thursday in the explosion of
aa anti-aircraft gnu on the bat
tleship Colorado.
There was a bodyguard of ISO
lallors from the Colorado and
brief sermon was given by Chap
lain William H. Rafferty of that
The dead were Lieut. Ralph FJ
oiauisru, jr., ixi a ia a. uiara.
Maurice G. Hawkins, J. J. Schnur
and C. E. Swift.
Firm Here Gets
Contract on 10
Large Buildings
Returning from Seattle yester
day, wmiam J. Llljequlst. of Han
sen aV Uljequist, Inc., reported his
Hrm 5eea awarae,i'the mlll.
work coatract for the 10 termin-
al buildings to be erected for the
Great Northern railway at Bleber,
Cel.. on Ita nkwlrMn
nia nne. This contract, along with
others now held, Mr. Llljequlst
8aia, win keen the local mill rnn-
ning at least until the end of tha
present year,
Mr. Llljequlst was accompanied
to Seattle by his son, William, and
Mrs. Ted Mesh.
Church Street
Bridge to Open
The approaches to the South
Church street bridge, on which
construction was completed last
month, will be opened to traffic
nert Sunday, Walter 3. Low, eliy
street commissioner, last night
announced. Because of the rains.
men of his department have been
clearing drains of leaves, he said
Ifeesional honorary Journalistic
fraternity, Sigma Delta Chi, at the
university or Oregon at Eugene.
David will make a trip to the na
tional convention of the fratern
ity, to be held at the University
or Micmgan in Ann Arbor this
month. Ralph, who Is a senior
Journalism and has also been ae
HOBOKEN, N. J., Nov. t
(AP)Colonel Isaac N. Lewis
J. ?f Montclalr iaventoP of- th.
I "' ",u"'
I here late today.
-lv". u Jr
"The Mad Parade"
. X ) t
ye --4
a fcaaa.. fmmtmimmmmmmmmm
" tw aaatawssaasar ' ' - '
Wlth Louisa' FazendaIrenb RIclvLI!yn Tashman, i
. Evelyn Brent r- s:--:'
Definite Points Upon Which
- .-
County may Save Told '
-At Local ileeting
rCentiauad from page 1) -,
Henry Zorn reported that Got
ernor Meier's tax redaction league
had held no meeting and that as
far as he knew nothing was being
done by that group. - ' ; . . f
The resolution commending the
work of Senator Spanldlng on the
highway, commission waa Intro
duced by L. S. Lambert. W. H.
Stevens and A. A. Geer.
T. T. UcClelUn. West 8Uyton,
aad AM. Collins of Fairfield were
accepted aa membera of the execu
tive committee. W. A. Heater is
to r repreaent "the - Cnlon Hill
grange. W. F. Krens and O. W.
Boget of union Hill were accept
ed aa membera ef tha league. The
Farmers' Union local of Jeffer
son was represented i by O. W.
Otts and the Farmers Union lo
cal of Mt, Angel was represented
by Joseph BernL
Hearing on habeas corpus pro
ceedings Instituted by Theodore
Isaak to regain custody of his in
fant daughter, Wanda Leone
Isaak. was postponed fa Circuit
Judge Hill's court Saturday to No
vember IT. The action was tak
en after a return on the writ had
been made by the grandmother of
the child and defendant In the
proceedings saying the state of
health of the child would not per
mlt Jts removal from Woodburn
to the courtroom.
Denying any debt and averring
the action illegal, Isaak Intimated
when he instituted ' the proceed
ings that the child waa being held
away from him as hostage for a
Mary Hocket, who has the child
ia her possession stating that the
mother of the Infant is her daugh
ter, says the child Is but nine
months old and that the father
has refused to support It, In fact,
she declares the father was ar
rected tor non-support and Is not
a tit person to have custody of
the child. . -
No Clues-Found
To Hit and Run
Case ot Sunday
Investigation yesterday of a hit-
and-run accident in which Warren
Pahtaher. 88. resident of the old
people's home, on 8unday night
was knocked down In the street
near that Institution, revealed
that the three youths la the ear
turned off the ltghtr ot their au
tomobile Immediately after strik
ing the elderly man and hurriedly
drove away. Police last night re
ported no clues as to the Identity
of the trio.
Mr. Pahtaher waa hit Just as he
was about to step onto the curbing
in front of the home. He suffered
palnfnl bruises and shock. Attend
ants last night stated he was rest
ing comfortably and "holding his
Answer is Filed
To Foreclosure
Action by Falklm'r
Answer to a foreclosure suit
brourht by John Falkl and Anna
Falkl was filed yesterday In cir
cuit court by Marie Amend, one
of the three defendants named
in the action.
Mrs. Amend contends that she
haa a or lor lien on ' the real
property on which plaintiffs seek
foreclosure. Her Hens. Mrs.
Amend says, consist ot 8292 due
her on a Judgment secured
against Theodore C. Amend in 1
circuit court together with 82t
due her on a settlement ordered
by the court after she secured a
decree ot divorce from Amend In
Clark Gable
Madge Erans
Lew -Codr
Ernest Torrenca
St Li
Doris Gil fen is
Recovering From
.Crash f Injuries
"mIss Doris Giffen Of RoutoaeTv'
en, who Is In the Salem General -hospital
na a result of Injuries re
ceived Friday in an automobile t
collision is recovering: from the
injuries and la expected to be able
to return to home wlthlh the next
few days. ; . , " ; ' :
A report of the accident has
been turned In to Tho Statesman
offlee aa Miss Giffen la insured
with one of the North American
Accident Insurance Policies lasned
to Statesman subscribers. The .
claim has been presented to the
Ins a ranee company and . sue wiu
receive payment tor the period of
disability.;-: ; ; - 3 1 . f .
Fight Starts oh
Edge of Tientsin
TIENTSIN, China, Not.
(AP) Machine guns were put in
to action this evening on me
western edge of Tientsin im what
apparently, was another outoursi
ot rioting resulting from tho
tension between Chinese and Japanese.-
. .
, Two American women attacnea
to the Methodist mission escorted
from the scene of the clash,
boarded aa. outbound steamer.
Heesl Promptly Kidney a
Bladder IrreaLlariuoa
A nagging backache, with
bladder irregularities and a
tired, nervous, depressed feeling:
may warn of certain disordered
kidney or bladder conditions.
Users everywhere rely on
Doom's Pills. This time-tested
diuretic hat been recommend
ed for SO years. Sold by ail
druggists. j
! Jm a- 1
A " plctaro for women
who nderataad mea
and men who think
they naderstaad worn-
famous 'story
by Balzaa a mas
ter who under
stood the weak
nesses of bothj
with BEBE '
the stageV great-
eat gift to the
Ulkinr acreenl
- ' erith -CHIC
K M lrUSiVSk. .aSBBW
I 1
Today r 6 j
t, m m b.
WW i
I Ml lN
? 1',