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.wwv'.!.-A.irlHtt! OREGON STATESMAN. SaJeo. Oregon Sunday Homing; novttavcr y isai
jte -Rodiie Monument in PiMfeiii
jjint of Notre
' MMMeaWMaWBeaBBMaaaalMaMaBBeMaweMMa r T : - . ' - -..t 0 I
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Clue' Grass Region, Racing
m Background Featured;
V Clark Gable Star
- Famous racehorse, blue (rasa
fereedins farm to Kentucky, tbe
TTtnrton racetrack. and other
vivid and authentic detail la seen
in "SDortlna Blood. Metro-Gold-
wyn-Mayer's drama of ; the turf ;
which will come today to Warner
Bros. Capitol theatre. An entire
comnanY- eren to the " principal
Ttcehone - In the play, traveled
from the-atodioa to Kentucky for
--the- romance- of life among dero-
4 teer-of-tfceCoddest of chance.
1' The new lecture, eased on the
Saturday Evening Post romance
'Horaeflett.r by Frederick Hax-1
litt Brennan, Is a story of turf en
thusiasts with -the, panorama of
the sport of racing as a huge ani
mated background.
Besides scenes filmed at the stu-
vdio. i others were made at horse
.'farms and at famous race tracks.
. The thrills of the actual Kentucky
i Derby and other noted races are
alt in the new picture.
Clark Gable, . Ernest Torrence
and Made Erans play the central
' roles, and a notable cast Includes
Lew Cody. Marie PreYOst, Harry
Holman, Hallam Cooley, J. Far
rell McDonald, John Larkin and.
4Sugene Jackson.
yma Loy Being Hailed as
Successor to Theda
Bar a and Glaum
Upon what present-day actress
has the sireniq mantle of Theda
Bara and Louise Glaum laiienr
Though there are many candi
dates In that mak believe land of
Hollywood, consensus of opinion
gives the honor to red-headed, exotic-looking
Myrna Loy, whose
latest appearance is in the Fox
eroduction. "Hush Money," com-
Ing to the Grand theatre today.
Myrna Loy came to the screen
by way of the dance stage, hav
ing studied under the best teaca-
ers available. Including Ruth St.
Denis. Her first public terpischor
eaa appearances were in the pro
logues of Graumann's Chinese
theatre in Hollywood.
Shortly thereafter Mrs. Ru
dolph Valentino became interest-
'ed in her and gave her a small
, part in a picture she was making,
and her screen career was started.
She appeared In one of tbe first
feature length sound pictures
made, "Don Juan," with John
Barrymore, and one of the first
talking pictures, "The Black
Watch," with Victor McLaglen.
Joan Bennett and Hardie Al
bright are co-featured in "Hush
Money," which Sidney Lanfield
.Professional Japanese wrestlers
found that an American comedy
tar knew all their tricks, when
the experts were engaged to
eoach Buster Keaton for his
wrestling sequence in "Sidewalks
of New York." which will come
to Warner Bros. Elsinore Friday.
The experts were brought to
the Metro-Geldwyn-Mayer studios
to help working out wrestling!
holds, which Keaton was then
to burlesque for the sake of
comedy.- Buster proceeded to I never go anywhere either," Wil
how than some wrestling holds, liam said. "The trains never have
and finally they agreed that the
comedian knew as many trkks as
they did.
t "Part of it I learned en the
tar as an arrohat nart fmm
wrestling when I was la the
arm Mr.iainH u'tnn ....
Jules White and Zlon Myers, Is a
Mn.i..t - l-t u -
K4r Ym-t
Keaton Is cast as a millionaire's
son who falls In love with a ten
ement girl and trie to control
her tough younger brother for
her sake.
ker recently lost a peacock which
was about 1$ years old.; The bird
had been quite an attraction to
tourists who came' through the
Walker place:- j
; LeRoy Keller. 150-pound cen
ter for the university of Arkan
sas grid team, beat out, two-can
didates, weighing 240 and. 215
pounds,, . . , ,s; , , . v.v
Sun. Mor. ,
. Taes. i ' ,
i '.. ! i
Sporting Blood" is the title of
tndav ma me aoove oiciure
Clark Gable in a shot from
Evelyn Brent looks particularly
. ft
Ml '
f V'V-X '---lb
V- 1 111 -irv- - x
she searches the face of Charles Bickford wondering who
knows what? The scene comes from "Pagan Lady which
will be seen at Warner Bros. Capitol Friday.
Movie Streets All Crooked
And Stairs, Railways Take
One Nowhere, Star Learns
Warree William, the popular
Broadway leading man who left
the cast of "The vinegar Tree,
with Mary Boland. to fly to Hoi-
lywood tor a motion picture car-
eer. Is compiling a modern "Alice
in Wonderland" volume which he
has titled "Alice in Hollywood."
William, who plays opposite
Bebe Daniels in her latest First
National picture "The Honor of
the Family," coming to Warner
Bros. Elsinore theatre, declares
that he makes daily discoveries.
"One of the first," he relates,
"was that all motion picture
streets are crooked. No one ever
saw a street built for motion pic
tures that was over a block or so
in length. They all turn, In order
to hide the fact that they are
movie streets, and naturally do
not extend for miles."
A second chapter In the book
is on movie stairways. "If you
travel by movie stairways, you'll
never get anywhere," William ob
serves. "We hare. several in "The
Honor of the Family." They are
very ornate and with carpets. But
I have quit trying to use them!"
Another Item U movie ships
that never sail. Their decks sway
with the waves, and their sails
bulge with gusts from wind ma
chines, but they stay right in the
same place, 20 miles from the
nearest salt water
Then there are movie trains.
t elevated railways and subways.
I "Like the movie stairways, they
I an engine. They may be propelled
I y electric power, but they never
I so more man a city siock. lux
urious Fallmans, English and
French compartment ears are all
I to scale but they are no good
or gelling pieces.
I As for the perambulating Burn
'""Llf .""f "f" th.'r.!
lr Holywood forests that out It
to shame. They appear on three
difereat sets la a single week. In
formal gardens, in Kansas land
scapes and in English parks
Moved from set to set in their
huge boxes, they are the modern
traveling trees:
Motion picture stores may be
stocked with the finest goods In
the market, but they hare no cus
tomers. Veteran mqtion picture
jurors have served months on
Jury panels, but have never been
msiae a real courtroom. Motion
picture Judges have never been
fleeted Motlotr picture rouge and
lipstick are. brown, not red. be
cause red snotograoha. black
They have submarines that re
ally drve, but do not travel under
- Vlnrt Shnriag la Idw
the feature at the Capitol
niw , uiaugc aia
this picture.
i !
attractive in this picture as
water. The house never have
roofs and the rooms never have
ceilings. This is tt enable the
electricians to direct their lights
down onto the players from
above. Motion picture fog Is made
of mineral oil. shot through huge
atomisers. A director must have a
clear day for rain scenes, and he
can make night scenes under a
bright mid-day sun. Motion pic
ture battles, the firing is all done
with mines and aerial bombs by
electrical control.
Not so long ago. the story goes.
there operated between Cuba and
the Florida coast, a daring young
rum-runner known as "Dago
Mike." He was quick with his rat.
when occasion demanded, but was
never kown to shoot unless as a
last resort. Customs officers and
prohibition agents were always
on the lookout (or htm, but never
succeeded in capturing the elusive
Then it was whispered through
tne mysterious "grapevine tele
phone" of the underworld that
"Dago Mike" bad gone screwy
had fallen tor his moll and mar
ried her! He disappeared from bis
old haunts and ts said to be
peacefully raising children en
New England farm.
He comes to life again on the
screen, however, as "Dingo Mike'
In "Pagan Lady." the Columbia
picture adapted from William
. Home of 25c Talkies
' Q.
Abo Comedy, News and Screen Soag-
' ' ' '
MIL-. J. LW ' ' '
"ti 'tti 'iiy V nT" f rirn niMMi tiHi It i min i i
Joan Bennett and Hardie Albright in a scene from
Money". This is now showing at the Grand.
Buster Keaton as someone
saw him in a shot from
at Warner Bros. Elsinore
The Call
Warner Bros. Elsinore
Today Lew Ayres in
"The" Spirit of Notre Dame."
Wednesday Bebe Daniels
and Warren William In
"Honor of the Family."
Friday Buster Keaton In
"Sidewalks of New York."
Warner Bros. Capitol
Today Ernest Torrence
In "Sporting Blood".
Wednesday Evelyn Brent
In "The Mad Parade".
Friday Conrad Nagel In
"Pagan Lady".
Today Joan Bennett in
"Hush Money".
Wednesday Olsen and
Johnson in "Fifty Million
Friday Charles Ruggles In
"Charley's Aunt".
Today Ruth Chatterton
Wednesday Robert Mont
gomery In "The Man In Pos
session". Friday Buck Jones la
"Desert .Vengeance".
DuBols' famous stag play, show
ing Friday at Warner Bros. Capi
tol theatre. Charles Bickford
plays this delightfully whimsioal
character and those who knew the
original are sure Bickford must
have known "Dago Mike," for his
characterisation Is perfect.
Evelyn Brent has tbe title role
In "Pagan Lady," and, besides
Bickford. the cast Includes Con
rad Nagel, Roland Young, Wil
liam Farnum, Lucille Gleason.
Leslie Fenton, Gwen Lee and Wal
lace McDonald. It's a John Fran
els Dillon' production.
Today, Monday
and Tuesday
CoaUnnoa Performance
Today 8 t 11 P. It,
Qttmmotmt Qicturs
rf' Ernest Torrence I txvU'-ft5 fTZj U- h
" - I Madge Erans pg V t"' ASV I &
V- iL;-': : Marie Prerost . r! J- -V Cy ; Hf 'T MJ VV
. - ' rrommy Boy" j 2yJ. vjft "
Academy of Motion Picture
Arts and Sciences to
Reward Achievement
Visitors to Los Angelea on the
night of November 10 next will
have unique opportunity of see
ing In one place and at one time
actually 100 per cent of the
greatest celebrities of the film
This Is due to the fact that all
the stars, directors and writers
will be present to learn which of
Awards banquet of the Academy
them will be named at the annual
of Motion Picture Arts and Set
ences as having contributed the
most outstanding achievement' of
tne year In their respective divi
With due regard for that sense
of drama for which picture-mak
era are noted, the 700 artists of
the Academy are depositing seal
ed ballots with their organiza
tions. These ballets are being
placed in a bank vault, and will
not be opened until the night of
tne banquet.
Last year the Academy awards.
in the shape of gold statuettes of
Merit, were given out as follows
for best performance by actress,
Norma snearer in "The Divor
cee": by actor. Georre Arlisa.In
Disraeli": for production. Carl
Laemmle. Sr., for "All Quiet on
tne western Front"; for cinema
tography, Joseph T. Rucker and
Willard Vander Veer for "With
Byrd at the South Pole": Frances
Marion, for the original story,
The. Big House": Douglas Shear
er, of M-G-M for sound recording;
Herman Rosse, for the art direc
tlon of "The King of Jazz": Lew
is Milestone, for the direction of
"All Quiet on the Western Front."
Among the nominees for the
1931 awards are: best perform
ance, actress, Marlene Dietrich In
Morocco". (Paramount); Marie
Dressier In "Min and Bill." (M-G
-M); Irene Dunne In "Cimarron,"
(RKO-Radio): Ann Harding in
"Holiday," (RKO-Pathe); Norma
Shearer in "A Free Soul," (M-G-
Best performance, actor, Lionel
Barrymore In "A Free Soul," (M-G-M);
Jackie Cooper In "Sklppy."
(Paramount); Richard Dix in
"Cimarron" (RKO-Radio); Fred
ric March in "The Royal Family
of Broadway" (Paramount) ;
Adolphe Menjou in "The Front
Page" (Caddo-United Artists).
Hi - 1 I"- rew Ho-,ea . . . Q M --33 3 fif X ty!
I Make no mistake thia - LAYBOt - VKxS-
I is one of the great ones v jAt. II MtUO &JS ZZ&
k. mm" KAti a-a www- - arm m wa - .ew. m n l - - - -m . v a c a . m. mm
II III m I v-s I II I II r I TilV X V 11 . V . at I II
w . r
..- e jefs. v i i nt ts
Take a look at this and then draw your own conclusions
. as to'what Ruth Chatterton is like in "The Magnificent
lie" showing today at "the Hollywood.
'Spirit of Notre
Football Classic; Opening
At Warner Elsinore Today
The story of "The Spirit of No
tre Dame" Is ninety per cent fact.
ten per cent fiction. That is one of
the reasons why this football pic
ture is not only true to life In its
football, but more Important still.
It la the kind of picture that any
college graduate will enjoy as the
real thing.
The reason that "The Spirit of
Notre Dame," which is now play
ing at Warner Bros. Elsinore the
atre got that way, is three-fold. In
A contrast between Evelyn
Brent's two pet hobbies is almost
as strange as the hobbies them
In the first place, she is an
ardent collector of perfumes. Ex
otic and heavy odors appeal to
her more than the lighter flower
types. Not only does she like
the perfumes themselves, but she
collects weird foreign flagons In
which to keep them.
As a contrast she is something
of a bibliophile, going in, not
only for antique volumes, but
also tor first editions and unusual
bindings. Modern fiction finds
no place in her library. She has
learned to love the smell of a
musty old tome as much as her
most valuable perfume,
Miss Brent plays a principal
part In Paramount's "The Mad
Parade." with Irene Rich, Louise
Fazenda, Lilyan Tashman, Mar
celine Day, Frltzl Rldgeway, June
Clyde and the Keating Twins.
This dramatic account of nine
girls who found their love and
experiences flavored with the bit
ter draught of war, will headline
the new show at Warner Bros
Capitol theatre Wednesday.
It is a long lane that has no
turning and it begins to look as
though the Fox drama. "Trans
atlanticMs a detour In Myrna
Loy's screen career.
Miss Loy has long been noted
for her exotic siren roles, wherein
she has always brought disaster to
tbe men who come under her
wiles. In "Transatlantic," which
features Edmund Lowe and Lois
Moran in the leading roles, she
enacts the sympathetic role of a
wife fighting to save her husband
from the alluring arms of another
screen vampire, Greta Nlssen.
William K. Howard directed.
Dame is
the first place. It had to satisfy
the college authorities both m
story and in Us finished form be
fore it could be released.
"Second, It contained real foot
ball players and real characters
who were working whole-hearted
ly and with devotion In their
hearts to create a fitting memor
ial to Knute Rockne.
Third, one of the authors of the
story worked for six weeks at No
tre Dame, lived In its dormitories.
ate in its mess halls, sat in it
class rooms, paced the beautiful
paths of its campus, drank in its
traditions from teachers, students
and coaches.
When Dale Van Every returned
to Universal City after this unique
experience, he and S. Richard
Schayer whipped the story Into
form, retaining all of the inci
dents and elements that made It a
real doeument of a college Institu
Not only do many famous foot
ball figures appear throughout
"The Spirit of Notre Dame." but
Ayres' supporting cast Includes
William Blakewell, J. Farrell
MacDonald. Nat Pendleton, Harry
Barris. Florence Lake, Sally Blane
ana violet Barlow la important
th roar of rtie crowds . . . the
urge of the heart... the joy of
, youth ... in love and at play ...
' careless . . . carefree . . . laughing
1 youth ....
the spirit that rocks the world
V ...carrying all before it on a
wave of laughter mixed with
the great ALL AMERICAN
ROMANCE written by youth . . .
played by youth . . . personifying
youth and
Dedicated to the incomporobU KNUTE ROCKNE who
oppeors in fhe prologue . . . directed by RUSSELL MACK
Ruth Chatterton's Picture
- Up to Standard of her
Other Productions
"The Magnificent Ue," a story
of a great love growing out of a
strange deception, la Ruth Cbat
terton's latest starring picture. It
was adapted from Leonard Mer
rfek'a Annular noVeL "Laurels
Vlertel directed It for Paramount:
"The Magnificent Lie." which
will ahow at the Hollywood thea
tre atartinr today, ha three
chief points of Interest, In addi
tion to the unusual piou .
comes as a new addition to the
list ot outstanding Chatterton,
dramas, which already memoes
"Sarah and Son," Anybody
Woman," "The Right to Love,"
and "Unfaithful." It Introduces
Stuart Erwln In a role in waicn
his laugh-making talents are
turned to dramatie Importance.
It brings forward a new leading
man. Ralph Bellamy, long a fa
vorite on stock stages, recently a
Broadway star.
As a girl of doubtful character,
hungry for honest love, Ruth
Chatterton has a great opportun
ity to portray an Interesting
woman character. Vhe Rlrl,: a
cheap cabaret entertainer. Imper
sonates the romantic ideal of a
visionary boy. Her masquerade,
starting with a gay wager, be
comes tragically realistic.
The dramatic emotion is Inten
sified by occasional flashes of
comedy, and Stuart Erwin's in
teresting character joins these
two elements of. the story.
'Charley's Aunf H
To be Shown at 1
Grand on Fridayt
"Charley's Aunt." a farce ot
student life at Oxford university,
mistaken Identity and female Im
personation, is a recent release
of Columbia Pictures, .producers
ot "Rain or Shine," and "Tol'able
"Charley Aunt," which was
produced by Christie is scheduled
to come to the Grand Friday.