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Repair Man
Work Hobby
Resume oUvJen)pernce
: Work and Highlights of j ;
Trip are Given -: '
Harvest festival . 01 Grange frrv , 1 DtoM
IS Hela at UaCieay: I tht Is attracting the administra
! tXniDltS : Varied bnrn Deoole. Mr. LeFebTra hat
K-v K-i, fl V '-,.' :,.; I built a modern and well-equipped ' . 2ENA, Nor. T '- One of the
. MA.CLEAY Not.'T - . The Jo- 'woodworking, shop In the rear special feature of - the Tegular
aeph Benner 'family-and Delbert nd of his shoe; repair store. In meeting of " the-Spring Valley
Jepson of .Salem -tarnished tb tBls al ere theri are a missionary aoclety at the homo of
nromm fnr tfii Umott vcti.) number- of the most . modern Mrs Frank Windsor Wednesday,
at , the grange meeting Friday wookworklng tools, he has turned wu the Interesting talk giren by
nighty Delbert Jepson assisted Jut .! - beautiful pieces of Mrs. C.'W. Cobb, visitor from T-
eerrea niga eeore-ene Mrs.- Mar
lon Sunt eonsojatloa firlje, . ; v.
Those present were Mr. George
Bell, Mres.' Edward; Bell, Mrs;
KorlnssV - Mrs. Glen " Fox, Mrs
Brewer. 4 Mrs. Beaucamp, ; Mrs.
Clarenee ' Beaueampi Mri. ' Dare
John, Mrs. Marion Hunt, Mrs. E.
D. Crattree. Mrs. J. W. Mayo, Mrs.
Hattle 81eklinr: Mrs Will Brown,
Mrs. O.' E. Gardner,Mra, -.0. P.
Nelbert and 'the hosteer, Mrs. Mar
garet Miller An additional guest
was Mrs. Paul Fehien, mother ot
Mrs. MtDM.2-,i--slZz- -f'
Not only was there' a larre dis
play of agricultural products but
many antique articles of the ear
ly Oregon days.: 'SC
A.ericket was displayed by Ur.
and Mrs. Frank; Bowers which
was a present to. Mrs. R. C. GeU
by Mrs. Parmer on the, plains In
1847 Mrs. Parmer. was the wife
of Captain. Farmer ' who led the
company across the plains. A fan
about the same age was also, dir
played by the Bowers. j - ?
Mrs. W. A. 'Jones and Mrs. AN
lee Patton her mother,' displayed
a shawl of 1847.' a quUt of 1848
and other- eld, old' articles.: Mrs.
A. -Madee displayed a pewter
syrup pitcher of 1848 and a can
dle mold of about the same age
that had belonged to her father's
family, when they crossed the
plains..' r '. -..
v. A part of a . blanket made by
Caroline Walker Cox, an annt.
who spun the thread and spun
the blanket in" Missouri about
1880 was displayed by M. M. Ma
gee. ".' : ' -: -..-, j j,-. .
'A number of hand embroidered
towels, the work on which would
bare been a credit to an adult was
shown by Viola Tooker. The work
was done before she was seven
She was awarded first
furniture snd wooden novelties.
i Bis latest project, a floor
tamn made of Woedburn black 1
walnut: is exciting a deal :of
comment.- Mr. LeFebrre turned
the lamp stand on his own lathe.
Although the lamp Is not entirely
finished, it promises to be an ar
ticle of rare "beauty. - i r- :,.-.
- According to LeFebvre. the
wood for the lamn stand came
i from the toots of a big black wal
nut that .formerly stood. on Settle-
lare. Calif., who IS associates
with W. C. T. U. temperas ee
work. '" Mrs. Cobb, who is the
mother of Mrs. R. - H.' Scott now
of Salem. visited here It years
ago and saw much improvement
In the society since that time.
She gave a resume of the tem
perance, work done ep to date by
the W. C. T. TJ. Mrs. Cobb-also
told of her recent trip to Chicago
where she Tislted the home of
Francis Wlllard which, with
! especlaV Vttt f l9?
Ul ACyi All iati ouv vy w
the few privileged to look Into
the bible of Francis Wlllard.
Preceding Mrs. Cobb's talk.
Mrs. S. D. Crawford, president,
conducted the business session.
Mrs. W. D. Henry, president of
the Federation of rural women's
clubs of Polk county, announced
that the Federation will hold
big meeting at Rickreall Norem-
ROSEDALE. Not. 7 The" La- ber 18 and a fine program Is bo
dies -Missionary society met with lng planned.. , The next .meeting
Mul M. Cammack Thursday aft-1 of the Spring Valley Community
ernoon, and spent . the time hem- I elub was announced also as No
mine tea towels for the Associated yember 13
Charities. Officers for the year I Mrs. R.. H. Scott of Salem
Were elected as follows: Presl-lwho accompanied her. mother,
dent, Mrs. A. J. Haldy, Tioe-pres- Mrs. O. W. Cobb and a group of
ident, Mrs. Ii Cammack; secre- W. C. T. U. women when they
tary, Mrs. T. Brown; chairman of Tislted the Children's Home near
study committee, Mrs. C. A. Cole; CfervaBJs recently, gaye allde-
v ears old.
nrlxa. Basel Magee recelred first I chairman of work committee,
on handiwork and quilt piecing. Mrs. Floyd Bates.-
Paul Sllke was awarded first on The next meeting will be with
oil painting, Margaret Magee re- Mrs. J. D. Alexander next Thurs-
ceiVed first on water eolors and day afternoon,
poster. " . " The- following women were
In the agricultural display present: Mrs. A. J. Haldy. Mrs.
swirdi were cabbage, first, Mrs. Albert Bates, Mrs. H. H. Smith.
Mrs. Albert Brownlee, Mrs. J. D.
Alexander. Mrs. R. Ladd. Mrs.
Floyd Bates, Mrs. D. S. Pearson.
Mrs. C A. Cole, Mrs. Clifford
p. Sllke; grapes, first, Mrs. J. F.
C. Tekenbnrg; prunes, first, H.
Phillips, second, W. A. Jones:
etrat -if r. Sllke: second.
a Bower: potatoes, first A. Bow- J Smith, Mrs. F. Brown and the 1 17.
en. second W. A. Jones; canned
peaches, first, Mrs. Sllke ; toma
toes, first, Mrs.; P. Sllke; second.
W. M. Magee, f .
w.iniit-i. first. Mrs. Sllke;
Tjnmnkln. first, A. Bowen, turnips, ner 8fster at Mill City,
fimt-A. Bowen: honey, A. Bow- ur. and Mrs. O. D.
. m .m - aa
tailed '.account of the home to
which the Spring Valley Mission
ary society has made donations.
Mrs. scou ioia or the seven
homelike houses which shelter
the children, the scheme of Iocs
tlon being in the shape of
horseshoe. There are now 157
occupants of these homes, four
Buildings being alloted to boys
and inree to girls. The axe 11m
It In each home is from three to
hostess, Mrs. Cammack.
- Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Way are
Tlsltlng Charles Palmer at Flor-j
Mrs. George Glenn Is visiting
special guests were Mrs. W. R.
Edwards, Mrs. Arthur Durham
and children Evelyn and Lowell,
jars. Human smith, Mrs. C. W
codd, Mrs. W. Kenneth Henry
ana aaugnter Corinne, Mrs.
wauer Purvine, Mrs. J. Hackett,
JJe-A ham
.. If KavttA. V m .J l.t. 11..' !.... Mn. VrtWl KflllUr UamluM
corn, Iirst. HITS J USl uiutcu iuw m iviui I . . yin-
Slixe: ibwioww"! i tiiinston nropeny. I - una nua ua
.Ml. first. Mrs. M. 1 sons, Robert and Alvin Dent. Jr.
Miii. A I J -I Mm 1 T lfAMi.k ir..
wUr.r: Mrs. Charles Merely and Two Birth Interest culcr' W. W. Henry
. . . . h A ' - I PVf rm I asa. w.lll.. r trr m
Algeo, w I mmw ii r 1 . I " "'""t, miB. rv . l.
TV OOUDUm rVCSlUCUin I 'awlula. rs. vy. jj. Henry
Mrs. Koy K. Barker, Mrs. R. C
nuuvounn, u . i -ui. u i - -
Mrs. Vern Bain are happy in an- w- w- trrawrord, Mrs. C. M.
nouncinr the -arrival of a baby f nrvlne, Mrs. L. T. Matthews.
- - . i ' uu Da a ti m -
tl .ti Mrs. A-SDllibrmx were v.- Thursdav. This makes the eswanaer and son
MM; QTfll It
end, Mrs.
V. Magee;
sr. Mi
Mrs. Edltn
judges. announced
meeting of the county rlcltuJ;
I and economic cuBm
Stay ton, NoTember 18
nnuilmously relnsUted fcd Stel-1 Becond ehnd of the family, the f- - Mrs. E. D. Nleswander,
nnanimoo first .v uAtnir - -P .xfr ni h rMiss Irene Windsor. Mrs. R. H.
and second degree obligation by been superintendent of Wood- Scott, Mrs. W. T. Scott and the
Master H. E. Martin. burn public schools for a number nesses. Mrs. S. D. Crawford,
"T TftT, messed the near- of -ara. Mrs. Frank Windsor and Mrs.
st the weight of a squash dna Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Nehl of CrAlg.
cd br M. M. Mage i . WOoaDurn nave i iceivpa . wora
V (Ph. nnt metinC Will I a.) nlt.nnnnl rianvtllA,
be held the first Friday In Decern- w born to Mrs. Alia Nehl at
er Mrs. J. Amort, Helen Har- tno n0me of her parents. Mr. and
lan' and Mrs. W. Welch will have Mr jacobson In McMlnnvllle.
narce of the refreshments and AUa tne ,on of Mr and Mrs.
Blllie Mcuee ana irneni, is woramg in roniana. Tne
parents nave named ine oaoy
Beverly Alladeane.
Rickreall . parents gave the high
school and grade school teachers
a reception In the high school au
ditorium Friday night. 0. H. Rob-
bison gave the welcome address
and. the grand march was next.
The remainder of the program
was as follows: original poem
Mrs. F. L. Stiensen; piano solo,
Miss Margaret -Hogg of Salem;
character reading. "Hard Luck,"
Miss Florence Snodgrass; C. A.
Stanwood. supervisor of rural
schools - from . Oregon-N o r m a 1
school gave a short talk on school
activities: solo, "Bells of St
Mary's," Claude Larklns ; har
monica solo, Robert Brown and a
character reading, "Rubenstein at
the Piano," by A. V. Oliver.
Teachers honored were Mrs. F.
M. Mitchell, high school principal.
Miss Caroline Forward and Don
ald Taylor,, high school teachers.
Mrs. Marlerie Dew and Miss Ca
therine ' McEwen, critic teachers
and Ethel Burhart, Nellie Berg
man, Lois Trollinger, Arlene
Estes, Isabel GDI and Eleanor
Barr, student teachers.
Freeman Remodeling
Hoffman Residense.
Sold to Ray Stone
CRABTREE. Not. f. Mrs
Mary Watson of Brownsville Is
visiting at the home of her son
Will, this week.
The property In Crabtree known
as the Hoffman place was recent
ly sold to Ray Stone and is being
remodeled by Tom Freeman.
Frank Shelton of Happy Camp.
Cel., Is Tlsltlng his cousins, Mrs.
J.. N. Bilyeu and Haman Shelton
at Crabtree. Mr. Shelton Is a son
of one of the old pioneer families
of the Jordan community.
The Ladies Aid of the Church
of Christ will hold its annual ba
zaar at the hall December 4. The
public Is invited.
CLEAR LAKE. - Nor.' . T The
Ladles'- elubmet Wednesday lor
an, add dara meeting. The mem
ders quilted en two. double wed
ding ring quilts for Mrs. J. Wil
liams of Liberty; r.:. . ' .
Fotluek : luncheon r was served
at noon and a decorated birthday
cake , was served .' in : honor of
those members . having .birthdays
during the . week.'- " . -V : . , t : .-
At the' business session it was
decided to have a looked food
sale Instead of the annual basaar.
Purchase of a . sewing machine
was also 'discussed." , -.' -'
The new officers ' are:- presi
dent, Mrs. Theodore Stolk; vice
president, Mrs. Eck Dutoit; sec-
pretty v French compact tor
writing the best song la the The
ta Sigma elub (home economics)
eontest. It was - written to: the
tune of "When It's Bpringtime, la
the Rockies".? 7 ; h-f.'iyt
t Many participated la the eon-
test and. according to Mrs. Nor
by, home economics Instructor,
had done Tory excellent work.
Honorable mention went to the
following t Jeanne Mayo, Opal
Crook, and Eleanor Stayton.'.
t HAZEL GREEN. Nov. 7 Dri
Author Simmons of SllTerton 'and
his brother ' Clarence of Eugene;
owners of Central Howell church'.
mack; ehalrman of the birthday
and flower committee, Mrs. Roy
Smith. .
Those present were: Mrs. J.
0NieL Mrs. John Balr. Mrs. J. P.
Nolan. Mrs. -Will Clement. Mrs.
V. B. Boyd, Mrs. Cecil Boyd,
Mrs. Eck Dutoit.' Mrs. Ralph Du
toit, Miss Claire Collard. Mrs. Al
bert Petsel, Mrs. Theodore Stolk,
Mrs. Fred 8tolk. ' Mrs. Amos
Smith, Mrs. Guy Smith. Mrs. Roy
Smith, Mrs. C. A. Baker. Mrs.
Fred : Hammack, Mrs. - Hlllman,
Miss Marie Harold. Mrs. Alex
Harold, Mrs. Martin of Salem,
Mrs. Robbins and Mrs. Joe Wil
liams of Liberty.
cm 1ESTE0
at this place. The bell is sweet
toned and can be heard several
miles. The congregation appre
ciates this splendid gift
Thomas Tarem and family
moved to the Hayesvllle district
Friday. They have lived in the
parsonage since April, moving
here from Independence. Robert
Massie. recently frm Valsets. ex
pects to move his family to the
parsonage at once. Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Thomas expect to move to
the house known as the Ralph
Lander house. N. P. Williams'
farm was vacated by Robert
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas were in
G Lather of Woodburn Is to appear
In court at Tillamook Saturday
morning for target shooting with
out a license. Ginther accompan
ied Joe Richards and .Gordon
Charlton on a fishing , trip to;
Three Rivers., near the ocean.'
: r According to. Richards.: Ginther
did' not fish because . he has no
fishing license, but amused him
self by shooting at a target with
i 11 caliber rifle he had bor
rowed.- A game warden ' asked
Rlcharda and Charlton tor their
Uabinsr licenses, . whtch they pro
duced. The warden also . asked
Ginther for his hunting license.
Ginther "could not produce the
license, so was told to appear la
Tillamook. Ginther claims 'that
he was shooting at a match stuck
un in the sand. The warden took
the rifle. ,
uiuceri ur iuo uojli mi, uivouu i wiuii ox . wma ana snow co ni
were elected at a recent meeting 1 lng through Wyoming. The Wll-
of the Christian Endevor society.
They are president, Jack Barnes:
vice president,- Ruth Pendegraf ;
secretary, Betty Rae McGahan;
treasurer, Frances Barnes. In
stallation of officers will be held
Sunday evening at the regular
C. E. meeting.
lamette valley with its flowers
and - green grass looks good to
Mrs. orovllle Luckey will be
n os tees to the Women's Mission
ary society - Thursday afternoon
s oeiocx. The subject is
"Missions in the United States."
Young People Plan
To Conduct Service
day is the annual stewardship day
in the church.' The Yonng Peo
ple's elass will conduct wonhin
oTiT-mw Knr Yhm I na ai ii o clock the castor. Ttr
Hunt-Tate Motor company. Ford E. Long, will preach on "Bless-
agency, has made an assignment Are These Servants." Chris-
ot their business for the benefit n Endeavor meeting at 7:86.
of their creditors, and Geo. R. fnojeci 10 oe, "Our Share in
Duncan, local attorney, has been
named assignee.
The Hunt-Tate company's dif
ficulties are said to have started
when deliveries from the east
were slow and also' because
building changes demanded
Jr., the decorations.
1T f - "Iv.lir I rt
The Cole family, which has been at Snllitrrl ltTln n tn O. W. Hunsaker
T Sell OK iJCQllora farm tnr thm naat v..
" - - " & . J ww. . u0 MAW VU
to Turner, and Robert ttnnuVw.
WOODBtTRN. Not. 7 fWftr 40 Vrr ti , " . '
r i .n m nA rln Oregon MS- I m.fflhiri of the Wood hum Unit-I
nKV m r . . . I vu.v fcUV tJUli
. ... v.... familiar I a i i-j . . I .. . . .....
.. .v. AM nf Cant. ' Gray S I .f.i mASf!n. k.M In th Rrnllard I ... j v , nr ..v..
mriT-n 1.11 a ww 3 - . i rt - - i inyiucu num. iiu ill wkdiitum.
.nroTV kbt: 1 The sixth
Sublimity Younger
People Putting on
Benefit Production
STAYTON. Not. 7 SeTeral of
the young people of the Sublimity
neighborhood are putting on a
benefit play at the Forester hall
there Sunday and Tuesday nights.
Following the Tuesday night per
formance a dance will be given.
The play is the "Red Rossette,"
and the cast of characters is:
Malor Philander Brlggs. Ernest
Relsterer; Miss Ophelia Skider,
Jennie Meier; Lieut. Phillip Man-
ley. Theo. Minden; Clara Brooks,
Georgina GloTer: Robert Ruth-
Ten, Leonard Zuber; Dandy Davis,
Lawrence Boedlghelmer; Tom
Scott, the sheriff, Bernard Mln
den; Pop Bowley, Leo Susbauer
and Kitty Bowley. Adaiine Kies
. Columbia, de- hntlrflnv Thurr1 nlrlit . Tai I v 1 - v ,
w D ' . .V. mi MM Af nil I M a 1 . . . a . . I
elded to reproo-uco uw ow-w -.-T- uu r. n. nuuUu, imiu i weexs. Mr. Jbuse was engaged in
eeond rislt to the Columbia v-iof Portland and members of the apple picking while there.
In miniature, .un i ewpreme assempjy, were present i KODert uunsaxer had a num-
Tovage he reached the ciayoquoi i and led in the entertainment for ber of his turkeys stolen a few
TaT where the Indians . planned i the evening. nights ago.
vl v.mniic linrnrlse Stucx on Mr. led the assemblvl Mr. and Mrs. J. c. Morris. Mr.
white men.' : , in group singing of . humorous snd Mrs- William Morris, Mrs-
-Tha nnnlls put a imwi jon8-t to popular music. He I stockman and Joe Morris were
f firs near the miniature oay, i ajao toja BOine Tery clever; stor-J dinner guests recently at the home
near which "was- built the -mlnlar 14. X. -Hudson, who Is a well-1 of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hunsa
. lor building, which the In- j known singer in Portland musl-lker in Salem. Mrs. Hunsaker Is a
.Alans hate: surrouaucu. icat circles, sang several seiec-
14 Children Enter
TURNER. Nov. 7. A silver
medal contest will be held Fri
day; November. 13. at 8 p. m. In
th,lng ! there but tbo war-cry.
Comings and Goings
' :At Perrydale Told
Ruth Birch i or Salem. who ; has
. spent. several-, "ft" Z"Z the high school auditorium. Fourr
Attest of- Booerim t teen grade school girls will speak
"i teturned home. - - .... and will form two classes. One
j rn...r And- Roberta--Mitcneu 1 . . . . ,..,.
attended the Elks charity circus jd the other
i in Salem on Wednesday. ... seventh and eighth grades.
Hal Desart.of Salem was i otoer Bumbers will be given,
- Broadmead Thursday (including special music. The
grandmother home.: She as v:fja(irea for the contest will come
Ited with Mrs. W. u. "oms from Salem. A silver offering will
pastwoek. - - - ibe taken to meet the expense of 1
the medals. The public is invited.
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.
Mrs. Margaret Miller entertain
ed Tuesday at her home for the
bridr clnb of . alavton. A fried
Contest for Medal kh,cke" ,nnchTOn w"8eI7ed Jb
uuor prise wu wan uj jxltb. ixav
display of the new ear. Between j cniidren of Silrerton visited re-
$2000 and 3000 was expended in cenuy at ine Robert Massie home
construction of a new snow room, iney were neighbors In Valsets.
office and other features.
Following this came the depres
sion,' consequently the local com
pany was unable to-weather the
adverse conditions, and an assign
ment was made.
It has not been announced usi
what percentage can be paid on
the claims.
Hosmer Building is
Undergoing Repairs
Hosmer building on South Water
street Is undergoing some repairs.
The room which the Women's Ex
change has been using as a -store
room is being divided and a lunch
room will be Installed, in the
room between what will now be
the. Exchange and J. E. Hosmer's
law offices.
Mr. and Mrs. James Mesner of
Klamath Falls are having the up
stairs rooms of the Hosmer build
ing redone so that they can be
used as hotel rooms. Mrs. Hos
mer is redecorating the room to
be used as the Women s exchange.
Mrs. Hosmer and Mrs. Mesner are
aiaxing world Peace." Glen
Looney will be leader.
The time for .prayer meeting
ns oeen cnaaged from S o'clock
to 7:30. The book stndiMi 1.
or ew Testament Evanrallsm "
in air. and Mrs. Lester Green and
Stayton Post Plant
Armistice Program
bers of the Waldo Hills commun
ity club are looking forward to
the next meeting which wll be
Friday night, November 13. A
contest Is en for the best words
for-a -booster song for the club.
While the music "Tlpperary" was
suggested, any music may be used.
Word is being passed around
that any one who has finished
his . song Is to send It to some
member of the committee for
Judging so that It may hasten the
work and. the winner .be annonn-r
eed at this meeting." The commit-'
tee is Mrs; Gtr. utsv. -Helen
Paget, Jobs smalLr Ayj tone linh
terested in the elf b may 'cubmii
Mrs. C. C. Geer attended the
D. A. R. meeting held st the Elksf
temple in Salenr Saturday when
the chapter' entertained the state
regent. .
Mrs. Frank Bowers and Mrs. A.
Geer attended , the P.. T.,A.
meeting In Sllverton Thursday". v
Ruth, Geer. daughter of Mr. and.
MrsCJ C. Geer Is taxing post
graduate . work at the SllTerton
high school. She is staying at her
home and going In on the school ,
bUS. ' . ; v
G. G Loonev Raise
Giant Chrysanthemum
G. Looney. who has in bloom1
more than a hundred large Tur
ner Chrysanthemums, would like
to share their beauty with the
public, and extends an invitation
to all interested to Tlsit kis place -
here Wednesday afternoon, Nov
Mr. Looney brought one et
these flowers to this office yes
terday, and although it was not
his largest chrysanthemum, it,
brought quick admiration from
all who entered. It measured be
tween 31 and 22 inches around.
SILVERTON Nov. 7 Warren
Crabtree and a group of his Fu
ture Farmer boys motored eat to
Pacific City Friday to Join other
groups of Future Farmers in a
recreational weekend. Those go
ing were Mr.- Crabtree, David
Crabtree, Clyde Parsons, William
Lentsch. Charles Schmedieke, Beb
Helpful Hints
Healthful Living
Relief Donations
Being Collected by
STAYTON, Nov. 7 Stayton
Post American Legion Is making
extensive plana tor Armistice day.
Harry Humphrey is chairman of
the entertainment, while Dr. W.
V. Adams Is chairman of the
banquet, which will take place
in the Forester hall T n m
WQraV of Marion Daring the banquet, which 1 for
1" au,a aaa a-asv UW4aj 1VU
district snd their wives, an en
tertalntnr nmmm ham wn
r Sf reF? Z TwZ te Allowing the banquet
the drouth stricken are ss In Men t wWcn
Una and the Dakota s, who nare u lnT,ted
had crop iaiiures wr iui
an nntifr Warren Gray. Marln,
president of the Marion ioci
union, and all donations wilr be
taken care of.
D. W. Cummins, aged eitisen
of Jefferson, who has been bedfast
at his home on Third street for
a week, is slightly improved.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Barnes
have moved to the L. A. Davis
place east of the depot.
Word has been received 01 ine
birth Wednesday, November 4,
in LongYlew, Wash., of a S
pound son, to Mr. and- Mrs;
George H. Carroll. Jr. This Is
their, first child. Mrs. Carroll
was formerly Verna McKee. Mrs.
J. R. McKee motored to Long
view Wednesday to see her
daughter and new grandson who
has been named Joseph Garry. '
Alice Boyington is
Winner in Contest
WACONDA, Not. 7 Mr. and
Mrs. James A. Goble and daugh
ters. Donna and Delores have
gone to Burbank, Calif.
Plenty of water inside Is good for
one -but you get your feet wet
and the first thing you know you
have a beautiful cold. Take every
precaution but if you do develop
a bad cold see your physician at
once. Bring his prescription to us.
Oar Prescription Serrice fts tb
Service We Render
405 State
J. H. WiUett
Phone 3118
STAYTON. Not. 7 Alice
Boyington, president of the home
economies club, who attended Sa
lem high last year, was awarded
Pox Plavs
, Havoc at Rickreall
ntnvnvlTI ' KftTj 7 An
epidemic of ebickenpox Is demor
alizing attendance: In the primary
, room of the RlckreaU : school.
Eleven -of the , children J
: from . the :tim. gTade, either did
not come or were taken bt"
after a y vult" from ' ine. nwiu
: nurse Thursday. - Most :of the
V children are. having .the, malady
. very lignny. . , . .
Rev. C. P. Gates, of Pornand.
presiding elder vof - Evangelical
churches in this district and Rer.
" LlnniBg of Jefferson were busi
ness callers nere Thursday.
Golf Instructor is
: 'I Visitor at Macleay
MACLEAT Not.; 7. Howard
Fiink of Portland . was a reconi.
guest of his parents Mr. and Mrs.
W. Frlnk. -Mr. Frink is asslsuut
instructor In Portland - golf
school. - - -' - : -
Mr, and Mrs. A..F. Lewis jvho
hare .been working in . Yakima
during the apple harrest haTe Te
tBjnel home, -
Riches Has Second
Stroke of Paralysis
TDRNER. Not. 7 Friends of
C H. Riches are sorry to learn
of his second paraiyue siroai sbi
fered a few days ago. He is at the
home of his daughter, -Mrs. J. S.
MKinnT. . in - town, and Is In
serious condition thoufh rallytar
to some extent.
: Mr. Riches suffered his first at
tack over four years ago and re
covered so be could .get about
with the nae of a cane, but was
not able to work. His home Is a
mile and a half north of Turner.
vicrra IXVCOLlf
LINCOLN, Nov. --Miss Doris j
Giffen of Salem has been visiting
- Rnht and Smith homes at
Lincoln since Wednesday. Thurs
day she called at the .home of
Mrs. Alice Simpson. Miss Doris U
vKntiirPRt danchter of Mr. and
Mrs. E. Giffen, formerly. of Lin
coln but now residing east otf
lem. . : . ; i.;..-' ; .'"''-.. '.
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w..nvm KTav f .Uh. Tom
.tu.i. -Ii. a: 111 fill" thS
i past few montns raiirre
Thttrsday morning.
at tho
in Gorham's
the traditional
gift of good iaste
Never before heve we been sble to offer Gorhtm
Sterling ef such smaxlncy low prWes. Yea can now Kavw
your cKotce of any of the oxquIeHo GorKam pefferns
Itelteware and fUtwere t prices yo wouU never have
dreamed poltW lest CWrmei or tf CSrfstmes before,
Even on Km'rfed cjifr budejet yow can afford to grvo
SierHng this ywerl And yon CANNOT afford to let this
opportunity 90 by wrrbout getting yourself these i odd
pieces you've been wanting, or the fS-frts for your Gorhenl
service. - - "" ' ' , '
Come In and see our exceptional offedncjl
Pomeroy & Keene, Jewelers
79 State Street ' V. "
Phone 7463
6 o o d sr o o v P o tscA no
CKadi Uhkt
9.1m-n M.SS
MilBeJI ill 70.
3SsC7S-lt ft . f.i7
MsSje-i f.ff 'f.ts
sea S.7S SM
' Each
. - Price la
Slse ot ea. prs.
214.40-2 7.03 1S.40
29x4.50-20 7.43 14.15
30x40-21 I14JO
28x4.75-19 - SJ 1625
'mm fiwmi firniTlAT M(lllfU
- ... si - - s i AIADAIUMf SnlU 01A1IW1
Kortn Cesanserclal and Center Sta, ' ' - n . -Z.m
Pbeae 4523
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