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    The Or.r:GON STATESMAN. Satesi, Ore-rat, Senear mtiar, Norcrabcr 8. If 31-
State' :! Regent
Is Luncheon
meeting for the Daughters of
the Amerlcao Rerolatioo was
held Saturday at th Elks temple
lit compliment to Mrs. W. W. Me
Credie of Portland; stato regent.
Bronze chrysanthemums and'
soft lights, together with other
lovely flowers made the luncheon
table beautiful one. Corers
-were placed for Mrs. McCredie,
Mrs. M. P. Adams. Mrs. John R.
Allgood of Dallas, Mrs. A. E. Aua
tlm of Woodburn, Mrs. R. O. Bal
deree, Mrs. C C. Best. Mrs. V. O.
Boyer. Mrs. Russelt Catlln, Mrs.
C. C. Clark, Mrs. W. C. Conners.
Mrs. land T. Ellison, Mrs. Wil
liam Fordyce Fargo, Mrs. C. C.
Geer of Newherg chapter, Mrs.
Lewis D. Griffith. Mrs. Oscar
Hayter. Mrs. J. G. HeltzeU Mrs. E.
M. HoftneU, Mrs. Vf. B. Johnston,
Mrs. Seymour Jones, Mrs. C.
Lisle, -Mrs. Dajld H. Looney of
Jefferson, Mrs. H. T. Lore, Mrs.
C. B. McCallongh, Mrs. Roy H.
MlUs. Mrs. S. L. Minard, Mrs.
V. E. Newcomb. Mrs. H. J. Ost-
llnd. Mrs. L. w. Potter, Mrs.
Katherlne W. Powell of "Wood
burn, Mrs. J. G. Reigelmsn. Mrs.
F. E. Sherwln, Mrs. Sites of Flor
ida. Mrs. J. Lyman Steed, Mrs. C.
B.i Sundberg of Dallas, and Mrs.
A-A; Underbill. : i ' . - ,
rknrlnr thm lnncheon hour. Miss.
Kathleen Skinner gaye two read
ings and Mrs. Stephen. L. Minard
gave a poem "Salute to the Flag.
Following the luncheon the re
gular business meeting of the D.
A. D. waa held with. Mrs. William
Fordyce Fargo, Chemeketa chapr
ter resent, presiding. ". Mrs. W. W.
McCredie ga?e an excellent report
of the continental ball meeting
held recentlT in Washington,.
C, and attended by Mrs. McCre
die. Reports were given by Mrs. C
C. Clark. Mrs. W. H. Byra, Airs.
h t. Loto and Mrs. Rnssell Cat
lln concerning the October state
executive board meeting held in
Mrs. Herbert J. Ostlind report
d that a "patriotic luncheon" Is
being planned by the executive
board of the Salem patriotic or
fflLs?! AiTSnK
R"eu ,". !.. ' 1l:.V.;
organizations wilt be represented
In this luncheon which is given
for the. purpose of promoting ac
quaintance among the organiza
tions. ; '
It was voted at the Saturday
meeting to hold an "Odds and
Ends" sale the second week la
December..' This sale will take on
the nature of a Christmas -affair.
- Pattern 8102
. Thm aimnlaat of modes assumes
genuine chle when lines sre be
.Amlnr and dtaila Sre Perfect; A
' charming example la shown today
in thi nsnlam frock Of ' brown
canton Crepe with yoke, bow trlm
Is mlng and sleeve facing of rust
. satin. The original model hnt
m. unlnm attached-te the belt
giving opportunity to wear the
frock wun or, wuaoui n. v-
might combine brown wun green,
ki99r ( wtth ran: white or red.
or detelop the dress in one color
with ft lsce yoke. -
Pattern, Jltl may be ordered
; a.w i. rim 11.11. K.34 . .
it it -it mil 41; Site -
- ZZ?iZL t.t-r.rrt. of Xl4nch
v.hrlo K rard, contrasting;
dressmaking experience is neces-1
v; sary to make this model without
pattern.. ' ...
v -i , 3 .::
fttm liftHl ntr
itun oiM prrtrr). tor Mck
j iir "Vl
AArMt a4 atyta
or t aut site , - -j .
Th (all aUtoc ' U aw
$ rt4. It th
. tfMiMi, ipwu aai 5
4mm, liarerl. aJM aai !
MC(ttie la eorf aa traaa
1 Ut pattarat. Priea
i CftMS etata.; Cstaleg '
- tUMtl a4 ar4r Tfca 8um
mmm. , Ptni DepartMat. SS
Wart 1S atat. Kaw Cir
Plans were also made -' at - the
meeting Saturday for the plant
ing of two trees in observance of
the- Washington bicentenlal cele
bration. . The program tor the
planting wilt come this ' spring
Mrs. i W. W. McCredie offered -a
small elm tree which she said la ft
"grandchild" of the famous
Washington elm. This will be
planted with, one other tree at a
place to be designated by a com
mittee to be appointed by Mrs.
Fargo.- - -. - - .
Mrs. W. H. Byrd reported on
the Veteran's hospital la Port
land It waa said that the hospi
tal! patients were more In need
of programs to while away -their
time, than anything else and the
suggestion was made that perhaps
patriotic organizations might
work together to give a program
there this winter.
Report was also given by Mrs.
tJ. G. Boyer on the budget which
is being- worked out this year and
which it is hoped may be made a
sample budget for the years
Aurora The attractive home
of Mrs. P. O. Ottoway on the Pa
cific highway was the place of
meeting of the Aurora Woman's
club Wednesday afternoon. Mrs.
Andrew Miller was assistant hoe-
teas. Greetings from the presi
dent was read by Mrs. Strickland.
acting president.
1 At the business meeting, a pro
gram, of constructive activity was
launched. A. report of the Mar
lon county federation was given
by Mrs. Lester Reed. Other dele
gates made additional reports.
Excellent papers were read. Mrs.
A. Knoor giving "Miscellaneous
Fruits and Canning" . and Mrs.
Melvln Evans. "Richard Albert
WeUen". The picture of "Feed-
lnf of the Birds" by Jean Francis
Millet, was shown and Its history
reviewed by Mrs. Ogle. Miss Rea
Davis and Miss Harrador, teach
ers in the- Aurora school, were
special guests. Hostesses for the
next meeting will be Mrs. A.
Knoor and Mrs. Frank Miller at
the Knoor resdence on November
Ninety years of life Is being
celebrated by Mrs. Josephine Tay
lor Monday. Friends and family
are remembering this and making
the day and days leading np to It
happy with celebrations in com
pliment to her. Among the enter
talning for her was a delightful
party given by members of the
tist church Saturday night at the
Plerean class of the First Bap
hwa of Mrs. Almira Hale.
The Lion's club will entertain
its ladles with a special evening
entertainment . in the Masonic
temple November IS.
' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meek of
I Caldwell were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. H. R. White over Friday and
Mrs. L. Mlckelson has as her
house guests for a few days, Mr.
and Mrs. E. F. Ghormley of Se
attle, formerly of Salem.
Alasonie Bldg.
HayesvCle The a ft r We
Woman's clan met at the home of
Mrs..MInnie Rlckmasu Mrs. J, J
Morrison was assisting hostess.
Roll call was answered by nam
ing some - home product - that
could be. recommended. Mrs. van
Trump of Salem gave a delight
ful and Interesting talk on "Birds
That Corns to the Gardens and
Orchards." "
The curtains for thetage at
the school f house were est and
given to the ladies . to be , taken
home and sewed. It was voted to
disperse with the chrysanthe
mum show this year, as very few
members have flowers suitable
for showing. .
The next meeting will be held
at Mrs.. Burr Teale's. Members
are te answer roU call with "My
Favorite Recipe." ; ,
Members present were, Mrs. B.
M. Bailey, Mrs. H. Robertson,
Mrs. Elizabeth SiddalL Mrs. Bed
weU. Mrs. Moore Mrs. dark, Rit-
cbey, Mrs. Charles. Reed, Mrs. C
Talmadge, Mrs. J. Ondeans. Mrc
Beers, Miss Ida Denny, Mrs. Brills'
Halburt. Mrs. F. Williams, Mrs.
Mrs. Rovllla MeAfee, Mrs. Robin
Day. Mrs. D. Janzen, Mrs. A. B
Stettler and daughter Elsie, and
the hostesses Mrs.- Minnie Rick
man and Mrsv J. L, Morrison.
Guests were Mrs H S. Van
Trump, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Daw
le Hammel, Mrs. Kobo and Mrs
Warjorle Kell.
Lyons A surprise party was
given In honor" lot Miss Hilda
Johjnstoa on zieii birthday Mon
day evening. Those present were
Mrs. Golden, Clyde Golden, Vir
ginia Jepsea, Dorotheen DnnnJ-
van, Elberta Rhoda, Velma Ar
thur, Audrey LaDuke, all of Mill
City; Glen Bowman. Harold Pen
dleton . Clair Humphreys of
Stayton, Miss Janice Dunnivaa
of Howell district, Mildred Berry,
and Dick and Bill Berry, Pnyllis
Jean Thomas, U C. Trask. Hngh
and Hilda Johnston, J. H. and
Mrs. Johnston. At tne close of
the evening refreshments were
served by the hostess, assisted by
MTs. Ada Golden.
Jefferson The Ladles' Aid
society of the Methodist church
met Wednesday afternoon at the
home pf Mrs. R. C. Thomas, near
the south city limits of Jefferson.
During the business meeting,
plans were discussed tor the an
nual bazaar and chicken pie sup
per which will be an event of Fri
day, December 4.
At the tea hour, the hostess
served refreshments te the fol
lowing: Mrs. George C. Mason,
Mrs. Earl Lynes, Mrs. V. D.
Looney. Miss A ddie Libby, Mrs.
Charles McKee, Mrs. Earl Phelps,
and Mrs. Mabel Davis.
Members of the Woman's Home
Missionary society of the Jason
Lee church will be guests of Mrs.
P. J. Voth, 1555 North Capitol
street, Tuesday afternoon at 2:20
o'clock. Mrs. Belle Roberts will
lead the devotions and Mrs. Bnck
will give the lessons.
adies Ready-to-Wear
Gives Ibua Break
Our stocks especially of new fall dresses were'
never larger than they are at this time.
The Prkes Range From $13.75 to $24.75 and op-
We invite youta
Regular IViectinft of By
UbertCWb Held t-v
: Lfbertv The UbertrTr( men's
elV net Thtrtdar afternoon at
the tome Mrs; yr, IL-P&Ilas.
The delerateewhA-Attendei the
eon! fedetaliOB steeting .ef
wemens elttDS ias trees: gave re
Reports , it. we j saift , ox xne
club's L - prnne teelpsf J booklets
Showed them selling anite
wnlL The elnb . alea- dlseussed
ways end means of . helping de-
fraor the costs ot the new autcnen
and other lmproTements to the
hall. - Mrs. ' R. Forstsr, Mrs. W.
Westennonse and Mrs. K Holder
were appointed toeonfer wltn the
conununlry elab committee nad s
committee.' of grange' ttemuers
from' this district, and make
plans tor sapper end tntertaln-
ment to raise; fondf.
4 "Two Vaners on Oregon history
were read., "Early Discoveries of
Oregon front the Sea, . by Mrs.
C. W. Stacey. nd "Ouy iOverUnd
Exniorers. trr Mrs. F. B. Judd.
The next meeung will be held
November IP at the home of
Mrs.: F. 'Erlxson, at which time
the nostesses will be Mrs." Erlx-
son. Mrs. W. Fair and Mrs, Chat.
Present were! Mrs. R; Forster.
Mrs. Al Brown, Mrs. Cnas. Kraa-
ger, Mrs. F. .Erixson. Mrs. W.
Fair. Mrs. Chas. Buggies. Mrs.
W. ZoseJ, Mrs. , P. O. Judd, Mrs.
aonnell. Mrs. B. Keeney, Mrs. J.
Dssch. Mrs. C W. Stacey, Mrs.
F. Jndd. Mrs. F. L. gcdtt, Mrs.
W. Westenhonsev Mrs. Harold
Lane, Mrs. Ed Dancer. Mra. Kate
Holder and Mrs. N. Dallas..
Hubbard L. V. Jenkins, chief
of the Portland police, and Mrs.
Jenkins were the guests at honor
a a dinner at the Hubbard Min
eral Springs given by Dr. and
Mrs. P.. o. Riley. Chief Jenkins
has recently ' i returned ' f rem
abroad ana ths dinner Was In Jthe
nature of a " home- welcoming.
The Clark management had
the tables beautifully arranged
and the favors were of an ex
quisite French design.
Covers were placed for Mr.
and Mrs. Hat Boss, Mrs. R. E.
Phillips and daughter. Alene, Dr,
and Mrs. R. Lee Stelner, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Sprague, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Collins. Jadge and
Mrs. Miller Hayden of Salem
Dr. and Mrs. P. O. Riley of Wood
barn, and the honor guests, Mr.
and Mrs. L. V. Jenkins of Port
Wednesday evening the ladies
auxiliary No. 2011, Fraternal Or
der ot Eagles enjoyed a social
hour following the business ses
sion. Mrs. Margaret Filsinger and
Mrs. Malinda Parsons had charge
of the evening's games. The next
regular meeting will be on No
vember 25. Mrs. Frances Hoyt
and Mrs. C. Sibyl Roberts have
charge of the social hour for that
meeting. Refreshments were serv
ed Wednesday after the meeting
and Eagles were invited.
Mr. and Mrs. John Robins were
hosts to the Salem Dakota club
which met this week at their
home. Following ft short bus
iness meeting the evening
was spent in visiting and a
progTam was presented. A pot
luck supper was enjoyed at 6: SO
o'clock preceding the business
meeting. Those taking part In the
115 No. High
program - were O. W. , Emmons,
Mrs." w. U. Bade Mr r n.
Laird, Mrs. O. A. Noyes, Mrs. J.
W. U afoot,. Mrs. T. S. McKe&xie,
Mrsv Maymo oehran,' Mlcvand
Mrs. Follerv 8. E. Borkmaav T. f,
ifcKenxls J. W.. Llnfoot, O, F.
RelUey, JX TX A Dyksrftnd T.
Prescott Thee were- It present
tor this mooting;
Monmouth Mra. W. TVHAk.
ems. was jete Monday . evening
wheft av dose relatives appeared
at her home to, honor Iter natal
day.' Hoc1 maiden name was Miss
Harriet Harmon, and - she - was
born 7ft, years ago. Not,.. , U
Manitoba, Canada. - she has lived
years tn Oregon, coming first
to Salein. Those , enloyina- the
oocastoa) were: Mrs. and Mrs.: P.
O. Burbank and daughter, Lur
one; .Mr. and Mrs Orval- White
and son. Vert; Mr. and Mrs. Ro
eerx pnuups, ail ot Monmoatb;
mr. anc iirs. a Jenkins and sen
of, Lebanon; and- Mr. . and Mrs.
Hockemfti . - -
- ; , ' - - .. :
Monmouth - The. Social Hour
club was delightfully entertained
Wednesday afternoon, by -Mrs..J
B. V. Butler and Mrs. H. IFv Mor-
lan. st the .latter's home:
Mrs. Charles Calbreath pleased
with twoplano- accordion selec
tions, and Miss Margaret ' Lacey
gave humerons readings.. A. talk
entitled ."Twelve Tears ot our Na
tional Health Program,- was giv
en by Miss Miillcent Horwege,
health nurse ot the Oregon Nor
mal school.
Mrs. David RlddeU and Mrs, 1.
B. Lorence were in charge of the
program, and will entertain at
the next meeting at Mrs. Rlddell's
Monmouth The most elabor
ate event on the social calendar
of the local Rebekah lodge was
enjoyed Thursday evening, wnea
men members of the order were
hosts tor the women at banquet
and nrogram of entertainment.
The regnlar lodge session held
precedence, after which the
semblage of IS I members and
guests, Inclqdlnr some from out
of town, was escorted to the Rose
theater. The picture was ft care
fully guarded surprise, and was
enthusiastically received by the
At conclusion of the film ahow
tnr. the irons was taken back to
the banquet room of the lodge hall
where beautifully appointed ta
bles were In readiness. The final
part of the evening was a social
affair featured by cards and dan
cing, with music furnished by
Petri's Rhythm boys,
Laura Johnson, Anna Book
man, Florence Shlpp, Lettle Han
sen, Pearl Klnxer, and Hester Ho
gs n have been appointed as a com
mittee in charge of arranging a
series of benefit card parties to
be given this winter by the Pyth
ian Sisters. The Slaters are also
planning for the biggest event In
their year, the annual "home com
ing and roll call, November 24.
Committee Named for
Club Homecortiing
'TTALDO H2LL3L Nor. t An
latereetnt meeting of the WH
lard Women's eluh. was held
Thursday , ..afternoon with - Mrs.
Tbd.Flnley aa hostess. 'Roll tall
response- was ,-u "Thanksgiving
Thoughts. Eleven members slg
ftlfled their" Intention to" secept former, -Thursday afternoon.-Fol-tksr
Invitation tO'isit ' tho Union lowing the regnlar business rou
HiU.elufe next Tborsday. . Plans tine, the time was spent in ft so
ware thea discussed tor the club del way.
homecoming which is to be held
Thursday NoTfmber J.I, at; the
Waldo Hills Community club
The president. r Urn. Fred
Knight, appointed , the-following
committees: - refreshments. -Mrs.
D. F. HUlm' ..Mrs. Robert Jans.
Mrs.' Fred Knight; . decorations,
Vera, Ottoway, Mrs. Ted .Flnley,
Mrsv P. J. Neuswanger; reception.
Mrs. Chas. p Riches, Mrs. Karl Ha
berly, Mrs. C C." Geer; fnrita
Oon, Mrs, Robert Bye, OUve Ot-towayr-6he-lso
asked Mrs. C. C.
Gees and Mrs. Edson Comstoek
to prepare, musical numbers.
The club expects about 5t
guests .that day and will serve a.
luncheon at noon. Past presi
dents' of the club will be asked
to ten the .'achievements of the
dub during their terms ot office.
At the program- hoar Mrs. P. - J.
Neuswanger told Interesting tacts
from the life of Henry Lonrfel-
lost and closed, ir readins his
poem, "The Day ts Done." Mrs.
AIts Haberly read facts about
"Ports and Harbors ot South
America, using naps and pie-
cures. Tne nostess served re
Those present were: Mrs. P. J.
Neuswanger, Mrs. Harold Roop.
Mrs. Robert Bye. Mrs. Fred
Knight. Mrs. D. F. Hlllmsn. Mrs
A. A. Oeer. Mrs. Edson Comstoek.
Mrs, C. R. Riches, Mrs. R. H.
Klnchetoe, Mrs. C. C. Geer, Mrs.
Frank Bowers, Mrs. Robert Jans.
Mrs. Karl Haberly, Vera and
Olive Ottoway. Mrs. B. A. Finley.
Hazel Green. Mrs. Charles
ZlellnskL Jr.. was hostess to the
sunshine Sewing club Wednesday
aiterneon. The next meeting will
be Wednesday, November IS, at
the home, of Mrs. Perzin of Mid
dle Grove. The day has been
changed from Thursday to Wed
nesday because of conflict in dates
with the Missionary society meet
ing. Members present were Mrs. Ru
dolph Wacken, president; Mrs. Al
vln VanCIeave, Mrs. Ralph Gilbert,
Mrs. Joseph Ztollnski, Mrs. Herm
an Wacken, Jr.. Mrs. Bliss, Mrs-
Ralph Word en and Mrs. B. C.
A group of women of the Cal
vary Baptist Missionary society
entertained with an excellent
program at the chureh Friday
night Mnsle was given by Mrs
W. F. Foster. Mrs. Earl Pearcy,
a group of numbers by the wo
man's chorus, and a duet by Mrs.
J. D. Taylor and Mrs. Charles
Davis. A play added much Inter
est to the program. This was gir
en by Mrs. Charles McElhlnny,
Mrs. Addle Curtlss. Mrs. Walter
For Hard Wear Yet Soft on the Pocketbook
Nothing has been sacrificed in making these grain leather
oxfords for men the most serviceable and stylish every
day oxfords money can iuy.
You Seen the
The New .Cromley Models
Brown and black calf leather oxfords,
ideal for dress or business wear, now
on display.
Exceptional Values for Mei
Nelson Mrs. Ed - Blngefthetmert
Mrs, Carl H nber, Mrsv Ben Rsm
seyer, Mrs. W. D, - Henry, Mrs.
Elma McAllister. Contributions
was Kirea for the Kodiak or
phsnage in Alaska. - y; '.t
' m e ' ' . ."
Jefferses. Mrs. H. D. Mars and
Mrs. Guy Aupperto were hostesses
to the Past Matrons' club, Euclid
eharttup Nn. TO. a.t th ham ttf the
Mrs. Ninn WesUnghouse, worthy
matron of Euclid ehspter, and
Mrs. Bertha Lytle ot Scio were
guests tor the afternoon. Members
present . were Mrs. Karl rneipe.
Mrsv Evelyn Wall. Mrs. George C
Mason, Mrs. D. H. Looney. Mrs.
George Marlatt. Mrs. It- C. Thom
as. Mrs. Earl Lynes. Mrs. 8. A
Pease, Mrs. W. H. Sherman. Mrs.
Charles McKee end the hostesses.
Mrs. Mars and Mrs. Aspperle.
Members of the- Rebekah lodge
will he presented aa Armistice
day program at the Monday night
meeting to be held in the L O.
O. F. halL Mrs. Louis King. Mrs.
Elsie Townsend, and Miss Wilda
Selgmnnd Is the committee which
Luxuriously Furied
v i-1 i
We just can't see how coats of
this quality can be made to
sell for so little. They are the
new, full length, form fitting,
side closing coats of soft, nub
by woolens.
Someone has lost some money
it wasnt us and it certainly
isn't going to be you.
Oxfords torMl
Now on Display
New Price
New Brogues
Many Other Styles for
Lighter Wear
will present ; the November pre-
...... 4 V
' Mrs. J. T,' Delaney will -entertain
'members of the Chi J DelU
chapter? of the Delphian society
st her home 7X0; North Summer
street. Tuesday morning at t : 30
e'clockT" The topic being, stsdied
"Italiauf Art".- Topics will be'
taken - by Mrs. F.' 8. Aannsea. t:
Mrs." R. M. Waltx. Mrs. W; J. :
Nelson, Mrs. George Lewis, and :
Mrs. R. D. Barton. ' " . ;
- ; e .,
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred H. Tam
er, whoso wedding was a recent .
affair, were complimented with n
dinner jtarty Sunday with Mrs. L.'
Mlckelson as host. Mrs. Turner '
was Miss Helen Dunning.
Mrs. Thame Nash, late of San- t
ta Monica, California, was ft' vle
tter In Salem during the state
American War Mother's conven
tion Thursday and Friday.
Mrs. Marie Flint McCaU left for
Chicago Saturday evening. She
plana to he gone tor several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Donaldson left
early Saturday- morning to spend
the weekend In Portland.
ii fi7
Other Coat
13.95 to 27.50
for Men?