The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 03, 1931, Page 10, Image 10

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Occurs Only Where Regard
r. For Cleanliness is
-i Lacking, Shown
The prevalence or absence of
typhoid fever Is an. Index to con
dltions of sanitation and cleanli
ness, a bulletin issued ' by the
state board of health declares. As
a reason for this assertion, the
bulletin states- that , typhoid oc
cars only when doe regard la hot
given to sanitation. The discus
sion of typhoid, its causes and
cures, is as follows: j i
"At the present time it tan1 be
said that typhoid ' occurs1 only
when due retard is not given to
sanitation. The typhoid death
rates, therefore are regarded as
one of the most reliable indices of
sanitation and cleanliness. Tr
phoid fever is primarily an intes
tinal infection. The germ thrives
mainly-In the Intestinal tract of
humans and Is acquired by mai
section of Infected excreta Imm
either cases or carriers.
"It Is one disease tbat can be
prevented if everyone will coop
erate in righting- It. , , it occurs in
places where people are careless
about sewage disposal and about
keeping the water and milk sup
plies free from Infection, it aoes
not thrive in a community that Is
willing to spend money to protect
its citizens and that has an ac
tive and efficient .health admln-r
"Typhoid fever Is spread both
directly and indirectly from pa
tients and carriers. Water, milk,
butter, cheese, acd other milk
products, oysters and otber shell
fish, vegetables which are eaten
raw, other foods, fingers and fo
mltes may serve as vehicles of in
direct transmission. -The real
source ot Infection isJnan, and in
fections always arise through the
entrance of the discharges of a
ease of typhoid fever or of a car
rier into the body of another In
dividual. Every case of typhoid
comes from someone's Ignorance
or neglect. . 4 . '
fWater-borne epidemics Pre
sent, certain definite i character
istics. The epidemics occurring
during the cold months rise to a
peak and decline rapidly. Due to
a rather direct transfer of fresh
virulent material, the cases are
severe. The cases are found dis
tributd among the users of a Sir
en water supply and there is lit
tle regard for age or sex. Epi
demiological proof of water as
the source of typhoid epidemics
restg in circumstantial evidence.
It is difficult to isolate typhoid
bacilli from either water or milk.
"Since water supplies have
been largely improved, milk has
probably .been the most common
cause in the .tran&mislson of the
disease. It offers numerous Op
portunities, for contamination.- j
Milk la an excellent culture me-!
dium and even slight contamina
tion becomes massive In a very
short time. Milk-borne epidemics
usually follow certain milk routes
and are found mostly among wo
men and children or at least
among those who usually drink
milk In the raw. condition. " The
cases are inclined to be mild due
to the fact .that tbe germs have
grown several generations in an 4
artificial culture medium. Mils
borne epidemics can usually be
traced to carriers, convalescents
or ambulatory cases of typhoid
who have had some part In the
handling of milk. A great number
of foods may become contamin
ated by the fingers of persons
who carry the infection, foods
may also be contaminated by
flies, as the typhoid germ can re
main aive in tbe intestinal tract
of the fly. -
"Typhoid is preventable In
two ways, by stopping the spread
of the germ and by inoculation.
The spread of the germ is pre
vented by the early diagnosis' of
typhoid, isolation of the patient,
and by the disinfection of all
discharges and all artless used by
patient Water, milk, and food
supplies must be i properly safe
guarded. All persons planning to
travel In countries or spend va
cations in places where sanitation
Is neglected should be Inoculated
against the disease." .;
Funeral Services
Held in Portland ;
For Mrs. Johnson
MONITOR, Oct. 2 Word was
received in Monitor Tuesday of
the death of Mrs. Thomas John
son, which oc cured In i Portland
: Monday night following a long
illness. - " - -
The funeral was held In Port
land . Thursday afternoon. Verna
Bye Johnson was born-here and
peat her entire life in this com
munity with the exception of a
few, years in California and the
last year or two In Portland.
Besides her husband she Is sur
vived by two daughters. Emma
and Viola Rye, her mother, three
sisters, and three brothers. The
brothers, Omerk Esbon ! and Wil
liam Hastie, all live in this com
munity. . . - 1 N
Mrs. Alderman Now
Treated in Hospital
eaiem aay. at me state rair was
Quite an attraction tnr tha.
ef this neighborhood. The school
was not nosed. . '
Mrs. HN. Alderman, who has
been bedfast for the past seven
weeks sutferinr with a. heart
ment was moved Tuesday by an
ambulance from the h
on Carl to the McMinnville hos-
miss Ethel McKinney spent
Tuesday nffeht and Wednesday as
ue guest of her cousin, Mrs.
oya niixmson of Hollywood.
; Horsrow. ox visit'
; MONITOR, Oct. 2 Taylor Hou
ston ci tan Bernardino. Cal
Ylslunr 1 his aunt. m ; nM.
"White, and looking after business
mi me monitor flouring . mill, in
which he la Interested. Houston
wui visit ma father In Barns b
lore returning', south. .
! - Thm OREGON STATESMAN. Salem. Oretron. Saturday Mornintr. October 3,' 1931 '
Turner Family-Gives Nam: i S
To Town Founded oh OldLakeBed;!
k Cattle and Flax Chief Industries
I"- , Br ORA
- i ? Turner is located eight" miles ; southeast of
Lake Bed Ages Ago Salem on the Southern Pacific railroad, and
f - i - on a paved road, which extends three mile
beyond to the southeast, on the Turner-Marion road. There are
hills immediately north of town and to the west, but all Is level
south and east, in fact at one time it is presumed it was a great
lake bed, wi tlx the gap on the north where the railroad and
'highway pass. ;-? -.v " '
- t v.- j ; An old rock Quarry Is located a mile east
Quarry's Evidence i of Turner on the old Osbom place where
,.' . 1 sandstone was once quarried, specimens can,
be found at the present time, of soft sand rock with Imprints of
clam shells, and other kindred marks. .The large tract of land
lying three miles sooth of town, is referred to as the "prairie.".
' 1. , " Years ago much grain was delivered to a
Features . Dairying flourishing flour and feed millj but for the
I - last 20 years dalryipg has been the greatest
Industry of the district, and the grain' crops are used for home
consumption. But few farms are found larger than 100 acres.
Clover and vetch and oat hay are raised for eow feeL , Practically
all dairymen have silos for corn. - v "5 ? j - 3
l Four years ago a Portland firm put UP" a
Flax is Also Grown J 15,0 00 creamery and later - enlarged its
i capacity. In the past 15 years manyHacres
have been devoted to the growing of flax. A limited amount has
been worked op into tow by a local, firm. i i 1 ;
The town w a named for the-Henry Turner
Has Many Memoriali family, as they owned practically, all the
v land where the young town started, besides
much of the land to the south, still owned by the Turner estate.
But one member of the family remains. Mrs. Cornelia Turner Da
vis, who lives in -her pleasant home, with the beautiful' Christian
church to the west, which was given by Mrs. Davis a a memorial
to her mother, Judith Turner. To the east is a new library and
museum building just completed, memorial for Louis Turner, a
brother; 1 directly east of this Is a home, for boys built on lots
given by Mrs. Daylsf ; ' ' -' - :( -
J The Christian Church tabernacle, with a ca-
Is Convention Point paclty of 2000 is beautifully located oin Mill.
creek and Joining the high way on the east
side of town. This building, was dedicated in 1892 as the gift
of the then three Turner children. Mrs. Davis, and brothers George
and Louis, as a memorial for their parents. The last of June each;
year is state convention time here for the. Christian ohurch.j
Turner averages well in the small town class
Proud of Schools of 3000 population with a state bank,
grocery, general, and hardware storesj drug
and confectionery stores, etc., and has two large garages, and one.
-saw mill.; The large flour mill burned last December but i work
was started this spring on a new building. The school which la
housed in a modern building, with a standard high schoof besides
the grades.. The school was recently j rated super-standard last
spring. , I ' : ! .
The church and social life of the town is active, besides the
churches already mentioned there is a Methodist church, built in
1892. During the last two years the community club has drawn at
tendance from a number of outside
ZENA, Oct. 2 Mr. and Mrs.
W. W. Henry of Zen a returned
home Monday night from Los
Angeles. They went by way of the
eoast road ! following the 101
highway and came back through
Sacramento valley, stopping at
Sacramento to visit Rev. and Mrs.
L. HI Randle and family, who are
well known here. In Los Angeles
Mr. and Mrs. Henry were guests
at the home of , Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde Henry, brother and sister-
in-law- of W. W. Henry. They en
countered some extremely hot
weather while In California, it be
ing 91 degrees several days. They
were glad to get back to Oregon.
Mrs. W.s Kenneth Henry and
small daughter, Corine, returned
home Tuesday from North Spring
valley where they have spent a
week as guests of Mrs. Henry's
mother. Mrs. Belle Simklns.
The Zena school did - not close
for Salem day Wednesday. Vis
itors at the school Wednesday
were Mrs. Robert, Worth of near
Scio, Miss HjldaC rawford and
Miss Marguerite Johnson of zena.
Miss Crawford and Miss Johnson
are graduates of the Zena school
now attending Salem high school.
TURNER, Oct. 2 T n t n e r
school district is holding a special
school meeting Saturday, Oct. 3
at one o'clock al the school audi
torium, to elect a director to fill
the vacancy caused by the remov
al and resignation of Arthur Ed
wards who was chairman of the
board. " '
Students who as a rule always
hall with delight a holiday will
hate two next Monday and Tues
day, during the county teachers
institute held In Salem, but are
warned that they .will have to
work harder to round out the
Week's wort .
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Prather are
receiving the congratulations of
their friends upon the birth, of a
daughter, Margaret Ann, Sunday,
September 27. ' The only other
member of the family is San ford
Junior, who Is a young school
boy. Mr. Prather ts Turner's gen
eral druggist, he having moved
from Cloverdale, Tillamook coun
ty eight years ago.
Boys' Class From
Sunday School Has
i Enjoyable 'Roast'
HUBBARD, Oct. 2 The boys'
class from t tbe Congregational
church enjoyed a wiener roast
picnic Thursday evening in the
park back of the Hubbard miner
al springs. The boys played ball
until It began to get dark, when
they built a bonfire and roasted
weiners and enjoyed a picnic
supper, after which their, teach
er, Mrs. Waldo P. Brown, took
them home. ; v
There will be a school clinic at
the Hubbard health center at the
Pythian hall Wednesday, October
14. Any child whose parent wish
es will be given toxoid or vacin
atlon. ,!
New Electric Pump
Will fee Installed
AMITY, Oct. 3. a special
meeting was called Thursday eve
ning by the eity council in regards
to th city water system.
air. jrrench. renresAntln tv
Yamhill Electric company of New-
ei 8, was miso present.
It was decided at this meeting
mat an eiectno pamp shall be
purchased from the company and
o msiauea : immediately,
' ' ' 1 : . - , . ..... . . . ;-
BEAR : :y. -
districts. I I
While leading a nearly full-grown
calf, Wednesday, Elmer Asche
was thrown. Mr. Asche received a
badly bruised left arm, the calf
stepping on it. ; ;
Miss Joan Bowne is ill with the
flu, and has been unable to at
tend school this week. I
Nearly everyone in this com
munity has had a slight illness of
flu." :. ! 1
Miss Alice Brown has been ab
sent from school this week.
She la
working at the Farmer's market
in Salem.
Reports., from the market
that tomatoes are I In much
mand. :
group of women met at the! home
of Mrs. D. E. Blinston Tuesday af
ternoon to organize a club, to be
called the Home-Makers. ,
These clubs are being organ
ised over the country through the
help of Oregon State college at
Corvallis. ;. Various ) topiesj
broadcast over the college
station. KOAC, every other
day afternoon, for discussion
among these new clubs. s j
Mrs. A. E. Cole, chairman
the home economics committee
of the Ankeny grange, was in
charge of the meeting. Officers
elected were: Chairman, Mrs. Wil
liam Wiederkehr: vice-chairman,
Mrs. A. E.' Cole; secretary-.trea8-
rarer, Mrs. Blinston. -
The club will meet with Mrs.
Wiederkehr Tuesday afternoon.
October .6, between 2 and 4
o'clock, at which time the topics
wil) be broadcast. 1 Everyone, in
terested is welcome to attend.
MONMOUTH, Oct.- 2 H- Miss
Judith ! Severson a 19S1 graduate
of the ! Oregon Normal school, is
in Portland this week where she
Is assisting Mr. and Mrs. Fran
cis Huddleston and Byron Tipton,
evangelists from California with,
a group of presentations at vari
ous - churches, also at Gladstone.
Miss Severson is pianist. 1 j
Internal Medicine for
Pst eighteen years
Win be" at f i"
Marion Hotel . ,
Tuesday, . Oct. 0
Office Honrs: 10 a. m. to 4 p.
No Charge for Consultation
' I . i -rTHiLi-hl
Dr. Meljenthln does sot oper-
ate for ; chronic appendicitis, gall
stones,- ulcers of stomach; tonsils
or adenoids. ' , ; 'r , ?.
He has to his credit, wonderful
results in diseases of the stom
ach, . liver, bowels, blood; skin,
nerves, heart, kidney, bladder,
bed wetting, catarrh, weak lungs,
rheumatism, sciatica, leg ulcers
and rectal ailments. ' !
Remember above date, that
consultation on this trip will be
free and that this treatment is
different.' T . - 'V'v f . .:
Married women ! most be - ac
companied by their husbands. .
Address: 4221 West Third
Street," Los Angeles; California. '
LOoriEY inn
OB 1 0
Alice Carkins Heads Sen
vjors; - Other Classes
Wame Otficers :
JEFFERSON. Oct." 2 Weldon
Looney.ion of Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Looney, who is employed at Vie
tor Point with a highway crew in
roaa construction work, sustained
a fractured right arm Tuesday
morning- while cranking a ' motor
which ' operates a hoist. He was
taken to Silvertou physician,
who reduced the fracture, and he
returned to Jefferson, where he
will remain at home until he is
able to resume his work;
Mr." and Mrs. -Clarence Miller
and family left Tuesday for Ter
rebonne, Ore., where they wil vis
it Mrr Miller's sister, Mrs. F. I
Wester and family. During their
stay there, Messrs. Miller ' and
Wester will try and -get some ven
ison. ' - -.
Mrs. EmmaAVhedbee, janitress
of the Jefferson school, has been
111 with the flue for the past
week, and . the vacancy has been
filled by Garnet Whedbee, daugh
ter of Mrs. Whedbee.
- ; . Classes Elect
Classes hate been organized
for the-coming year. They are:
senior class,; Alice Calkins, presi
dent; Verna Smith, vice presi
dent; Virginia Beknap, secretary;
Lei and Wells, treasurer.
Junior class John Wright,
president: Mack Calavan, vice
president; Mildred Kotthoff. sec
retary; Mlna Wright, treasurer.
- Sophomore class Mervfhe
Thurston, president; . Lucille
Pratt, vice president; Pauline
Looney, secretary; Keithel Smith,
-treasurer, , -
jnre8nman .eiass-r-iee wngnt.
president; Llndsey Willis, vice
president: Sylvia Vasek, secre
tary; Callsta Pratt, treasurer.' .
MONITOR, soct. 2 Mr. and
Mrs.' Joe Dawson of Los Angeles
are visiting at tbe Glen Prather
home. Mr. Dawson works la an
oil refinery at Santa Fe Springs
and is on his annual -vacation.
Mr. Dawson is a brother of Mrs.
Prather. -
1 ' ' 4
( and Stfs open!
oorm -proof Col loph an o. Cloan, protoctod
noat, FRESH I what could bo moro modorn -than
LUCICIES' Improyod Humictor packago
so oasy to open! Ladles tho LUCKY tab
is your (Inner nail
filado of
Cream of many Crops LUCKY STRIKE alono
offers tho throat protection of tho oxcluslvo
"TOASTING" Process which includes tho uso
ofmodernliltraVioIetRays tho process that
expels certain biting,harsh iiritcnts natural ly
present in every tobacco loaf. Thcso expelled
irritants aro not present in your XUCICY
STRIICE! "They're outso they can't be inl" No won
der LUCICIES aro always kind to your throat.
C 1U1. The ASMctcM Taeaece C Mfn.
: -a --, ... . ...jj. - i - - an mm sask n si sssk sr s . .sn ssv ssi ssi ssw -
Denying charges against his. char-,
aeter brought by Miss Carrie A.!
Williams, his former secretary, the'
Rev. Dr. William A. Shelton
(above), ' pastor of the Mount
Vernon Methodist Church . of ,
Washington, D. Cj will facaa
.church board investigating tha
easer i The church trial ' was or-
'dered "in fairness to all parties'
by -Bishop E. D. Mouson.
ROBERTS. Oct. 2 The Rob
erts Community club will soon re
sume its -activities after the sum
mer vacation. The first meeting
of the fall will be held "Saturday
evening, October 10, at 8 o'eock.
There wil be election of officers
at this time and it Is hoped that
everyone will make an effort to
be out. .
Miss Julia Query had. the mis
fortune to badly sprain her foot
last week, hut is now able to be
about with the aid of crutches. v
The mother of the Riffe broth
ers, who have purchased the
Mineh place near Finzer, is very
seriously 111 with heart trouble.
, a, ; .
'A" t
-:.x.:.x-: :-:t: . . : : : : : ''
s. -',- i-i
DSiryiaiiiPia? clullopmaili ;
Soo tho now notchod tab on tho
top of tho packago Hold down
one half with your thumb. Tear
offtho othor half. Simplo Quick.
Zip! That's all. Uniquol Wrappod
in dust-proof, molsturo-proof
tho iinost tobaccos Tho
Your Throat Protection encinst Irritationanoinst counh
Many. From ;West Stayton
Attend Fair; Women Care
For Children 1
School started here Monday, Sep
tember 28. Li B. McClendOn, prin
cipal, reports a larger, enrollment
than last year.- There are 13 en
rolled In the primary room, 44 in
Se intermediate room and 19' In
e upper grades room. There are
a number of students-who have
not . started.-.; Soma difficulty Is
being had about the book line-up.
- - j ? CInb to Meet ' i
Tbe first meeting of the West
Stayton community . club will be
Tuesday evening, October 6 at the
McClellan hall. . . v, , ' I
! A number of. people from her
attended the fair Wednesday in-l
eluding C - B. Wise and family.!
Mr. and Mrs.: J. Frost. Mr. and
Mrs. W. O. Royse and family, and
Mrs. Downer and family. 1
r Out of town visitors at the home
of. E. .Asche and family Wednes
day night were Mr. and Mrs, Roy
Hendry ; of .YamMll, Oregon. ' .
U Cuu Hr School. j -
; -Mrs,? Elmer-Asche spent Wed4
nesday afternoon at the Aumsrille
school helping women of .. that
community can r tomatoes 't fori
school ' lunches, i "1 "c f .
' Marcel Blaco left for California,'
Wednesday. He has been working,
at the C.: C. Com stock plaee fori
the past year. He Is undecided as;
to where .he Intends to stay In
California until ' after work; Js
found.-- :-!!- v i ,.
HUBBARD, Oct. 2. There . will
be no school Monday and Tues
day because of the teachers in
stitute convening in Salem at that
time. '; ...
. Mrs. Faye, a writing expert. Is
to have charge ef writing in grades
five, six, seven 'and eight. There
Tight Evep HSIgSti
- ! I - 4 f . . .. .'j.t;-- h . .
smmmmmmmmm ....
f:w:W?::::::?:::::-:::::::-::x? , . , .;.:::::.:y.W:W:W:;-
::W:::fe::w::ft::X:::y:::rf:A:' .y.firr
Vx:::x:::::::::::::.xWx:::A- . .:x:x:-:::x
, ft f f 5 5M?:S!fe mm&MW$&&fx-. s. . . . '
y.:'.'. . ..-..-.-.v... X' XftXXXOXXftXXXXXvXXX.XXXv:v. . . .... ...'..-..'.......v.'.'.-.'
"XvX-a xwvXx-x:x-X;Xx:::X" '
::ft: l&p
' v::x:::.:::Xv:;X;::::::x::::::::x:x: ;- -ftttft,::
:ft.x:x:.w:: , ... -y-i-yy-'i'-y
And T.lclzturo-Prczt Cdlcphzno
that "Toasted" Flavor Ever
are now 170 -pupils registered In
tho Huhbard achooL k
, The seventh anoreigntn graaes,
under the supervision - of' Mr.
Dart, 1 are improving f the school
grounds. The playing apparatus is
being relocated to mats room tor
the basketball court, the baseball
diamond land - the tennis courts,
which -the high school boys are
preparing for use.; Mrs. Fields Is
in charge of the girls' athletic association.-,
i " -p"
The first student body meeting
was held Friday. The students de
cided to buy curtains for the first
air room. Helen Paulson- was
elected ' na onbgraO anI Mild red
Ott was chosen to work with Em
ma Knight, as yell leader..
Women Wm Hold
; First f t Gatnering fy
f Tliursda Oct8
1 "- - -? fl
MOLALLA," Oct. 24The Mol
alla Ladies' Civic club will hold
their first big meeting pf the year
bn.Thursday.0t. 4at 2:45, In
the home! economics room at the
Molalla Union high school. ' ; $;
- Miss : Robley, , home - economies
teacher at .the high,. school, will
talk on "How Do We Dress", and
will answer questions on remod
eling problems and now to bring
clothes up-to-date. Miss ' Robley
majored ,ln clothing at college.
She has been employed at Charles
Berg's In. Portland, assisting ' in
selecting clothes for college girls.
rvniauu . .
Eugene -- . . . .
San Francisco
Los Angeles
. T . .
-- - a .
' f
City Office, 184 (N. Liberty, TeL 4642
Passenger Depot, 13th and Oak, TeL 410S
r1" ' " pyyy-my.-yy.
T r zszzz?. -r iff :;: '
I If
- , -.v.v.v.v .'.'..
pis ft
Fro ah
" AMITY, Oct. t. Sixteen Re
bekahs from ; the Dayton lodgo
surprised the local Rebekah lodge
Tuesday night when they attend
ed here in 4 body. A good tima
wa3 enjoyed and home made can
dy and popcorn balls were served
Mr. and Mrs." R. B. Ilartman
have moved from Carlton to thia
town this week. They are now
picking walnuts at Eola Crest east
of Amity. - v!5 ) .
George Morrison . this week
bought the Jennie Dammon prop
erty, located at the corner of OaK
and Church streets.
Robert XIannell left Tuesday for
Juneau, Alaska where he expect
to secure employment. " "
C. L. Reed and family moved
Wednesday to -their new hom
southwest-of here, the former A,
E. Simmonson farm.
, MONMOUTH Oct. 2--Mr. ar.4
Mrs. LesUe Jonivmn of 8pray, in
Wheeler county, are guests o
their son-in-law, and d aught er
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn? Whlteake
this week, and of another daugh
ter, Mrs. Lewi Olmstead in Sa
lem. The Donivans arailookintf
for location in this section ot
the valley. C
Again we will ! sell rooodulp
tickets to all places on our Facinc
Lines for approximately lc a
milc'CII for each 100 mile)-
Be back by midnight, Ocfhit 19.
Tickets good on ALL TRAINS,
in coaches or ia Pullmaat.
Strikm Done Ontiestra.
ry Tuesday, Thunday J
sm Aasuraay evening
U. networks.
i 7
1 i