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    Oregon.. "VWWpday Morning SeMeberlo. 1531
Curtain Rises 1 on' -Coast 'Conference ! CruZ -' Season: '';' Warriors i JSepa.lill
Ol 9 Ch a mp 9s riles u rrecti&n
Northwest Schools Due to
Produce Title
Season, is Indication
4'Mmm y mm' i.lM
m.i : m mmv:-M-.
' ;.v r vr; :.m- :U ii.1l!!'
HEM HllliC
! i
all the
Senators are oyt
W. lu Pet. . W. I. Pet.
99 43 .9TSt. L. -59 84 .413
i85 5 .603 Detroit 57 88 .399
.84 57 .59l Chirr 55 8 ,800
V. T.
C1tU -73 68 .5J4Boi'.o54t 86 .386
CAP) The world champion Ath
letics nailed their third straight
American league pennant, to the
mast today when they; defeated
the Cleveland Indians, 14 to 3.
and the second place Senators lost
to St. Louis, 5 to 4.
The Athletics pounded Harder
and Hildebrand for 18 hits. Wil
liams led the onslaught with fire
hits in five times at bat.:
v Every member of the cham
pions' lineup hit safely and also
drove in a run.: Pitcher Rommel
was the only Mackman not to
Earl Averill hit his 30th home
run of the season; in the second
Inning. . ... " " .
, . - R II E
Cleveland ' 9 3
Philadelphia .... .j . ..14 -1 8 1
. Harder, Hildebrand and Sew
ell; Rommel and Palmisano.
Red Sox Win in lOtti - ,.
BOSTON, Sept. 15. (AP)
The Red Sox scored a 10-inning
victory over the White Sox today,
3 to 2, Tom Oliver driving in
Danny MacFayderf with the win
ning ;run with two out and the
bases f ulL Chicago filled the sacks
in the first half of the final frame
but could not score. . . "
Chicago 2 " 11 1
Boston . .3 0
Lyons and Grube; MacFayden
and Connolly. i i i. .
Gehrig Hits No. 44
NEW YORK, Sept. 15 (AP)
Lou Gehrig "hit his 44th home run
with two on base, putting him
f ou r ahead of -his closest .rival,
Babe Ruth, , as the Yankees slug
ged out a 9-to-2 victory over De
troit today.
:-".! - R
Detroit ........ ......2
New York V 9
.Bridges, Sullivan and
Rhodes and Dickey.
7 3
11 I
! Senators are Oat "
The Philadelphia -Athletics
clinched their: third straight
league pennant today by defeating
Cleveland while the Washington
Senators were losing to St. Louis
5 to 4.; The Athletics cowld .lose
their remaining 12;. games with
Washington winning Its last 13
and still finish. aT full game
ahead. . ; .. y.
; . ; : R H E
SLT Louis '".""..". Vi i . 5 - 9 0
Washington ; . . ..4. 7 ,2
. Cooney, Gray and Bengough;
Brown and Spencer. ;
yEfs pwiiio
Officers of First M.,E. are
. ' Elected; James RusselU
" Is Superintendent
The offfcials and faculty mem
bers of the First Methodist church
Sunday school ! held their first
meeting of the 1931-1932 year
last night in the basement of the
church, following a 6 o'clock din
ner. During the meeting plans
for the coming Sunday school
year were discussed, i
First in the business meeting
came the report of the nominat
ing committee, headed by Colonel
Carle Abrams. . The report nom
inating the following officers was
accepted, and , the officers will
take over their new duties at
once ' 5- ! j": '
The new officers are: James O.
Russell, ; superintendent; Ronald
C. Glover, first assistant; Grace
E. Smith, second assistant; Fran
cis Dellarpport and S. Waldo
Marsters, secretaries; Prof.jC. R.
Monk, treasurer; Bessie Smith,
enrollment secretary; Alma
Pohle, librarian; and D. H. ilosh
er, temperance superintendent.
Department Heads
Arc Annonnrd
, The heads or the departments
are; Carl Abrams. adult depart
ment superintendent; Mrs, A. A.
Schramm, young people's depart
ment superintendent; Grace Gil
liam;, senior department superin
tendent; J. B. Crary, intermediate
department superintendent; ; Mrs.
D. H. Schulzejujxior department;
Mrs. E. C. Miller, primary de
partment; Mrs. Richard Barton,
beginners' department;, and Mrs.
arry scott, craJle roll. . !
About 35 teachers were also
nominated by the committee and
, theiri nominations accepted.
Following the report of the
nonilnatlng committee a talk on
the .new year and "the : points
which will be emphasized" in.Uhe
school was ' given by Superinten
dent Russell, r He alo assigned
work to-the various faculty mem
bers. - Miss Margaret Stevenson,
director of religious- education;
assisted Mr. Russell and followed
his talk with a demonstration fof
some of the methods which will
be or value to faculty members.
A short talk containing some val
u able suggestions was given ; by
Prof D. II. Schultie, followed by
few remarks by the pastor. Rev.
B. Eaxle. Parker, on the.relatioA
Could Lose
Still be
I 5 '
1 OA-D
HAT Jack Dempsey could lick
I. all the current crop of head-
dine heavies (Sharkey,
Schaaf, Loughran, Camera, et alj
in one night is the firmly vocifer
ous ionviction of the average sport
bug.i The most picturesque, of
modern punchers seems to have
even a more popular appeal than
John L. Sullivan and Jim Jeffries
did before their respective Corbett
and 1 Johnson anticlimaxes. Fight
fandom, almost to a man, has been
rooting for the old Manassa Mauler
ever since he began his comeback
efforts with a tout: of the hinter
lands which began early last
month, -t- i 1 i M
" I Dempsey began bumpiin 'em off
at Reno, two and three a night,' and
drew capacity wherever his historic
ntauliea sent hamdonny heavies
i . ,!- : i - : r i V
Vtj, ; - sf , J W IV POSSIBLE TO
mm -. -i . 7-7
T M ! emi. King FeMnrc,Synd.cate,nc.. Great BrUaiWighH reserved. ,
Erickson Blossoms Forth
Veterans Now Turning 0
When Walt Erickson, Willam
ette university's-: outstanding
ground gainer, for the j last two
football seasons, mores back to
the kicker's position In punt for
mation this fall, opponents . will
have cause for puzzlement, be
cause Walt ihas been "improving
each shining hour" this summer
and now -blossoms forth ! as a
kicker of real ability. Since he
was already able to pass accep
tably, he now qualifies as a triple
threater,-;'!;.' j
Aside , from attending summer
school. Juggling huge sacks of
grain at a local warehouse and
playing baseball. Walt hasn't had
a thing to do this summer, so he
utilized his! idleness by learning
to punt, and ;ffe get$ them off 50
yards and better regularly. He
has never practiced kicking be
fore, -..j!"-
between, the ' Sunday school and
the pastorate.
, The meeting was considered
one of the best which the Sunday
school officials hav held and Mr.
Russell, the new superintendent
expressed his opinion by saying,
"Optimism can reign supreme for
the coming j year in the Sunday
school work." 1
The school! invites all who are
interested to attend its classes at
9245 a.m. every Sunday.
Kindergarten to
Open September
I 21, Says Leader
r . i u ; - t;" -
M, Mrs. Frank Lilburn will "open
her : musical kindergarten Sep
tember 21 tin the Nelson build
ing, a location new for the fchool
this year 'Ptevious years- the
school, has been held In the First
Congregational church. This will
make the4th year for the school
under the direction of Mrs. Lil
burn. J j ,;. ; ..
Assistants i this ; year will be
Barbara Barnes, dancing Instruc
tor; Lois Plummer, games and
music; i Mrs. i C. F. i Hageman ta
ble and prenschool work,,r " -
psev. (. .m -
bounding off the resined I canvas.
At Portland, Ore., almost 18,000
crammed the hall to see I historic
"Iron Mike" do its quick O.
stuff. Ml '
The erstwhile "Man Ktller"j looks
to be in remarkably good shape
considering his long layoff and his
35 years. At this writing, his
weight is reported as being 199
pounds and his punch seems to be
stiff indeed. . Of course, Dempsey'a
trial bouts : are limited to j four
round when his opponents manage
to stay up. In brief action his speed
is surprising. Perhaps he can) whip
himself into suf f icinet condition to
go five or six rounds at close to
old-time fimhine form. S If he can.
Jack may astound skeptics who
question the wisdom of his come
back campaign.
Even if this popular idol doesn't
Threater; More-
The Willamette squad was
swelled to f0 members at Tues
day's practice, late arrivals In
cluding eight men from former
Bearcat "Squads. They ; are Louis
Johnson and Dave Drager who
played in most of the gamed last
year, Lloyd Girod, Marion Craw
ford and Edgar Tweed who pere
reserves, Don Faber who; gained
considerable experience two I and
three years ago,' and : Aubrey
Fletcher, who was a. regular Salt
back a number of years ago and
more recently coach at Pai rish
junior high. j ; M ;
New men reporting Jwero Man
fred Olson from Cortei, ColoL J.
W. Hull from Idaho, George CaU
nady from Portland. Puts Arens
from Minneapolis, Alfred ' Pretila
from Battleground, Wash., and
Clay Egleston and Jerry Parjker,
former Oregon Normal, students:
"Women can put up art 'awful
holler" Mrs. W. Carlton Smith.
Marlon caunty legislator. to!d
members of the Salem - Klwanis
club Tuesday noon in supporting
thewOrk of the. Women's Greater
Oregon association. "If we really
try to emphasize Oregon maybe
we can be heard among j tkej 35
people to every square: mile in
California that are boosting that
state or the 22 people' to the mile
in Washington pulling for their
state." M.
As her slogan. Mrs. Smith took
the ' expression "Sell Oregon jand
Oregon 'made goods to her own
people "and then sell ; Oregon ;to
the world." ' She told her experi
ence In a three-mile jznarket iln
New Orleans where she . found
Oregon products were! not as fa
vorably of as well known as those
of her neighboring states.' " She
explained the purpose of the new
ly organized women's
group .
manage to get another champion
shin eo. he probably will make even
more than Primo Camera did when
touring the nation through 1930.
If the green Italian riant could
produce "a wrestling thrill" push
ing 'era over, why can't the modem
Symbol of Sock pack 'em; in on a
bigger Scale? - 1
Why rumor persists that Gene
Tunney will doff 'his millionaire
habiliaments to shie his caster again
into title lists I The Scholar and the
Mauled are natural, inveterate
rivals. Dempsey forgot to duck at
Philadelphia and to go to the right
comer until 14 seconds had elapsed
at Chicago. Those momentous
omissions may be offset when, and
if those ex-champs ever clash in a
third tilt. It's a heart-stirring hope
for the average sport bug, any
way, this Dempsey tour!
camion ihl xt fmiwo sndiou. u.
r George Lavell, employe in the
Oregon Electrio freight station
here, admitted he was guilty of
assault and battery when he was
brought before Justice Of the
Peace Hay den yesterday . and
promptly paid his assessed fine
of 110 and costs. :
.Laxell was accused of striking
W. C Maxwell, conductor! On an
Oregon Electric train. Accord
ing to Lavell, Maxwell had made
insulting remarks about Laveirs
wife., i When Lavell brought his
wife to Maxwell,, the latter would
not apologize as Lavell thought
he should. - 1 1
! Whereupon with his-left hand,
Lavell removed . glasses from
Maxwell's eyes and with his
right hand he gave the conduc
tor, according to his story, a
healthy punch in the face.! Lavell
told Hayden that this was, the
only remedy he knew to redeem
the situation. Maxwell signed
the complaint against Lavell but
did not appear yesterday iln jus
tice court. ; M
PORTLAND. Sept. 15.--(AP)
-General steadiness Is reflected
in butter market sentiment, here
and at least a similar feeling Is
apparent along the Pacific coast,
t There was no change in the
general "price list locally for the
day Insofar as the open market
was concerned for either; cubes
or prints. - Trading on the pro
duce exchange ; during the late
session was at steady values.
With decreasing make of but
ter not only... here but- In the
country generally, there isj natur
ally a keener call for supplies.
Demand for storage butter Is to
day the best of the season with
much of this ; going Intoj ' fresh
butter consuming channels,
i Butterf at values in general are
strong, but , unchanged, j :
which is boosting 1 Oregon con
sumption oT Oreeon-made goods.
Sharkey, Lio'ughran Schaaf
f and Walker Ranked in ;
T That Idrder now
DETROrr, J Setft. 15 (AP-
The championship I committee of
the National Boxing association In
Its annual report today to the as
sociation's : annual convention re
vised the rankings of boxers In
several classes and dropped Pri-
mo Camera. Italian heavyweight
from fifth position In the last
quarterly ranking to No. 13.-
The committee's report, which
was adopted, retained the rating
of Jack Sharkey, of Boston, , as
the most likely contender for the
world's heavyweight title held by
Max Schmeling, of Germany, and
placed Tommy Loughran third on
the list.
The association recommended
the formation of an international
committee to 'approve or reject
contestants for world champion
ship titles, ; favored ' American
tournaments in all classes to
choose contenders, and went on
record as favoring . the repeal of
the federal law prohibiting the
transportation of . fight films.
Baltimore was chosen for the
1932 national convention.
Of fleers will be elected tomor
row. General John "V. Clinnin,
Chicago, is expected to be re
elected president. v
The championship committee
placed Ernie Schaaf, protege of
Sharkey, fourth oa the heavy
weight list, with Mickey Walker,
W. L. Stribling, Xarry Gains,
Charley Retzlaff. Tuffy Griffith
and Heln Mueller, of Germany
following in order.
"W. Ii. Pet. W.
I.J, Pet.
fit. I
95 49 .660
Ptttsb. 71 72 .497
N. T. 4 S .587
Boston -61 81.. 430
PhiUd. 60 85 .414
ChicafO 76 98 .528
Brook!.; 74 70 .514
ICiaein. -53 90 .371
ST. LOUIS. Sept. 15 (AP)
Defeating Philadelphia 5 to 0 to
day the Cardihals made it five
straight over the , Quakers and
need only one more win to clinch
(the national . league pennant.
Philadelphia 0 5 X
St. Louis 5 9 0
Dudley and McCurdy, Lindsey;
and Wilson.
Pirate Capture Two
Two masterful! pitching exhibi
tions by Heine Meine and Larry
French gave the j Pirates a sweep
of today's double header ' wljh
Brooklyn, S to 2 and 2 to . 1;
Meine allowed six hits; French
seven.' - : - r i
M f . R HE
Brooklyn ." : 0
Pittsburgh 5 9 ! 1
Clark, Moore and Lopez; Meine
and Phillips. ' -O - . Is
. i ' - , - R H E
Brooklyn .....1 7 "
Pittsburgh ;...,..:...2 10 ; 0
Vance and Lombard!; French
and, Grace. - ' - :
Boston at Chicago, rain.
New York at Cincinnati, rain.
Meier Revokes
Pardon Granted
To Levey Youth
Governor Meier yesterday .re
voked the conditional pardon Is
sued to Vernon Levey, who was
serving a term of -one year in the
Multnomah county Jail for burg
lary. Levey was pardoned con
ditionally on August 11. Viola
tion of the conditions of his par
ole 'was given as the reason for
the governor's action.
- Levey was a former inmate of
the state training school for
boys, where, it was alleged that
he was seriously burned while an
"Oregon boot", was being remov
ed from his leg. An Investigation
of the school followed, with the
result that W. H. Baillie, super
intendent, was exonerated. -
1 Games Offered
1 Arrangements .have been com
pleted by F. T. Dick of the Kel
logg Sales company to distribute,'
free ft "Story Book of Games" fop
children through local merchants,
five of whom are - cooperating
with Dick in the .project.- The
book will he given .whenever the
customer buys three packages of
breakfast foods sold by the mer-
chant. - A detailed description of
the proposal will appear in The
Statesman, tomorrow. ;
T Lariner Transfer &
" Plicae 311311
'!'.! f - . . . . : . - 'i V 1 f.
We Also Handle Fuel Oil and Coal
SEATTLE Sept. 15-T-(AP)Today was only trie opening
of the major football season in the-acific northwest : but
on the. fields of the: six schools of the! northern division of
the Pacific coast conference lit looked to spectatbrs like ' a
mid-year strenuous workout with scrimmage filling most of
the. program. . ; ?MMMjM": --.-v - M- !-.-1'- :M - .M
" 1 ' Important games as close 'as
Little Aubrey Is vaU ! very
well in his way, but- possibly a
little bit trivial for oar serious,
minded sport fans, so we've de
cided : to let him rest for a
while, except Ion special occa
sions, and instead, to conduct a
little, football j school whereby
the reader may test his) knowl
edge of the game and perchance
learn something - those who
don't know too much' already.
Each day we'll ask a Question.
Answer It ' if you can but don't
write us any letters unless- the.
answer, which comes !l the ' next
day, is in your opinion erroneous.
For an easy starting ques
tion: What are the dimensions
of a football field, how is it
marked, where are the goal
posts and what are their dimen
sions?' j . -
Just so tbechange from the
ridiculous to the serious Isn't dan
gerously abrupt, we append the
following little poetic gem which
has been contributed:
Ma took her man at midnight .
Beside a pearly : lake ;
At morning in an airship
A troth did Aimee make. ! "v,
ConjugaL bliss to both appeared
But ah, 'twas oh, so brief!
The title to these newest men
Was poor. beyond belief, r:
I - i ' .': T
Heart balm- and alimony : ,
Divorce and ban of law
Arose to plague the holy ones
And fill their men with awe.
The moral of this act of fate
Is moist exceeding plain M
Be sure you have a quitclaim deed
Before you wed again! :
'1 PROVIDENCE. R. I., Sept. 15
- (AP) -Four of .the outstanding
members of the Professional Golf
ers association, including Sir Wal
ter Hagen himself, today came to
grleff in ' the .' opening , 36;hole
matches of that body's champion
ship - play . here on the' cramped
and difficult W a n n a m o 1 s ett
course.'. ' -
- Hagen, whose summer cam
paign includes, but "one important
victory, the -Canadian open, ; was
not . In form to' combat the accur
ate putting of old Pete O'Hara,
who migrated to Vernona, Penn.,
many years ago after winning the
Irisv championship. v. -'Leo
Diegel of Detroit. P. G. A.
champion in 1928 and 1929; gave
wild Bill Mehlhorn of "New York,
a. hang-up battle for the ; late
holes. Bill, however,' stopped his
streak by sinking, a pair of long
putts for birdies to clinch his a
and J decision. :
Another star fell when Johnny
Farrell of Mamaronech, N Y.,
successful this morning in what
started out as a five-cornered
play-off for a ; single match play
berth, bowed ' out on the ; 36th
green to Jim Foulis of Chicago,
2 up. 1 :.
; h MM; .,
Many Violators
Of Traffic Law
Assessed Fines
v ' : '
The bevy of traffic, law viola
tors who were arrested in Salem
over the weekend had their in
nings in municipal court Monday
with the result that most of them
received light fines.
C. A. Carlson; Turner, was fin
ed fire dollars for Teckless driv
ing. Speeders fined the same
amount were Herman Weddener.
route 1; Albert It. Oakes. 1430
Fairgrounds road; Floyd E. Sel
by, route 3, and Vern Wirth,: Sa
lem. For falling to stop !i at
through streets, t Earl V. Potter.
and Glen Wilbur .were each fined
12.50. ;!-.:' . :
T Marjorle L. Drorbangh, route
seven, was arrested Sunday : on a
charge of failing to stop, and cit
ed to appear in municipal court
on Wednesday. 4 . . t. ,r. . .
septemoev z i was tne cause oi
the flying start at Washington,
Oregon. Washington ; State, pre
gon State, Idaho; and j Montana.
Approximately,! 840 I. candidates
for the six conference teams drew
moleskins 'this J morning ; frith
Washington leading the group
with nearly 100 . aspirant grid
ders the; greatest number; ever
to ; turn out at a northern i divi
sion schooL Oregon; State !was
next in line. with? 60 while Wash
ington, gtate and Oregon each
boasted bout: 50 and Montana
and .Idaho each 40. '4 i
Interest! . Is J probably keener
than ever before in sthe north
west . with : Waihlngjton State,
1 9 3 0 conference ..champions,
Washington. Oregon State land
Oregon figured to have a fighting
chance to
finish ;n top this sea-
Cougars Hard hit
Through Graduation
1 B '
The: champion! Cougars were
virtually f stripped of -all Hast
year's power through graduations
but the experts ire nbt t counting
Coach 1 7Babe" ! Ilolllngbet-ty's.
newcomers out of the! race , tintll
after they have seen action: once
or twice. ; 1 Ml $ . '
Oregon I State with fa 'big ;line
and experienced! bacfield - men
looms' as one of the strongest
combinations ; of -I the if our while
Washington and OregOn )ave
strengthened : considerably. !
One new coaeh, Bernard F.
Oakes, who succeeded :' Frank ;Mil
burn at Montana wail welcomed
to the conference todays Oakes
said he was not. optimistic about
the Grizzlies, chances :of winding
much this year as he S will b in
stalling ajnewj systent . .. ,
Al though not bein g counted on
for much; and not figuring' on a
lot, Leo Calla-ffd at the - Univer
sity of Idaho was keeping quiet,
hoping to upset ompbody before
the race is over, j , 4
Spears snd" Pbelu ' -r-l'
Will Itesurae Rlvalry.2
Jimmy I Pheian I at Washington
and Dr. Clarence: Spears at ipre
gon were; starting'" thtelr I'seeond
year on the coast ndhothrere
looking toward the pennant with
one eye, and at fach .other fith
the second opticl ' f . -
Coach Howard ?Jones of So to th
em California! greeted; about 125
candidates , while! ' University of
California! turned! outf practically
as strong;- to ? pa fade before? its
hew mentor. JWj A, fBill' In
gram. . Between $0 and. 10 Of as
pirants donned suits t Stanford
but for the first StlmeX in his" ca
reer. Coach Glenn! Scobey Warier,
was' not on hand for.: opening
practice. The veteran leader .was
taken ill thisl morning" with- ah
Intestinal 1 disorder and -was , icon
fined to his bed. j Mi- I
Coach . Bill j Spauldlng .of I the
University, of i California . at ,Los
Angeles tallied 75 foOtball-toters
for his opening, the' largest turn
out' since the Bruins Joined; the
conference. 1 - 1
" . i' M-' M"'-."-
.. ! . ' '. .ft- - f
NEW YORK Sept, U (APjjTj
Charley Retzlaff, young Duluth
heavyweight, j who suffered " : his
first eastern -setback in his fast
tght here, came back tonight; to
Itnock out Gene Stanton of Cleve
land in the fourth; round of their
lO-round bout f at the' Queensbbro
Btadium tonight. The knockout
came after a minute and 17 i sec
onds of fighting in the fouith.
Retzlaff weighed 195 Stanton
197. i ;,:.. - ; ta,; . : .
Retzlaff brought ffls record? up
to 31 knockouts in 39 contests,
j Stanton did; not land a hard
vrallop all through' the fight while
Retzlaff f s p a r re d 'cautiously
through the first three frames tun
tll he found the opening he sought
in the fourth and put over a rght
uppercut to the chin, for; the decid
ing blow.p. ; . 1 MS .1'.
Southern Pacific
OCT. 15
Between alii mainline points,
I . Eugene-Portland . .
(Return Limltl4 days)
Stopovers permitted !
Portland -.$1.05
Eugene I ZJ- 1.60
Corrallis ; L;,.:...,f. ; ,80
if". - i . ' i , -MM-
; pacific;
City Ticket Office,? 1 N. Liberty
U- ,' . ; Tel 442i::;i v- .i-:
.Passenger Depot,' 13th & Oak
Tel. 4Q8 ;
Ducks Score in 1 1th After
Losing Lead in Ninth;
. 6ain on Leaders
W. L. Pet. . i VT.
Lot 1 44 32 .5?i
Oak!. 44 84 .504
MIm 33 42 .440;
Srsttie 83 44' .429
Rio F. .42 34 .553
Fortl'A 41 88 .582
Ste'to 4a 44:.42i; j
Sept. 15. (AP) i
Portland and Seattle went 11 in
nings tonight hefore the Ducks
finally won a 9-to-7 victory in the
opening game" of their Coast
league baseball series., . Portland
scored twice in the 11th to cinch
the: game. . ;N( 'M; I I '
Seattle started off by scoring
one each in the first three in
nings, .but were behind in tfce
sixth only to tie it up 4 again
the ninth. j: i .
f; I - ;! ;;n !
Portland ... .-i .... . . .9
Seattle .7
Orwoll and FItzpatrkk,
ing, Bonnelly and Gaston.
I Davis Hurls Shutout
( AP) Pitching -steady' ball bo
hind airtight support, from his
team mates, Curtis Davis shut atit
Los Angeles here tonight and the
San Francisco Seals woni 2 to A
Garibaldi scored both runs for
the Seai3. He -tallied in the s.
ond on a double by Hunt after ho
had singled.' His home Tun in t!)
fourth, brought; in the only otljtr
Seal run; Petty! and Shealey shar
ed the Angel pitching aisfsIjmmenM
S: ;; - I .;. !S;R H B
Los Angeles .... . . . . . . . j, 0 8 0
San Francisco, ,-.;... Li 2 r 8 1
Petty, Shealey and Hannah;
Davis and Mealey. i. Si
Oaks Win Easily
SACRAMENTO, Sept. , 14.
(AP)- Oakland had little .difficulty-'
subduing the Sacramento
Senators in the opening 'game of
the series here tonight. 9 to A.
Monte Pearsoti held t the Sa.-a
throughout-while! his niates gain
ed a substantial lead off Collar 1
and finished up on Gilliek.
. ; -, . .11 , II R
Oakland 4.. ... .'. 9 10 1
Sacramento ..V..i..M "19- 2
Pearson and Read; Collard,. ;'
licki and ;WirtsKrohn.i;i : . .
.LOS ANGELES. Sept. 15 -(AP)
Night gamej 13 innlnt;:'
' ; ..-:; R .--II - -K
Missions ;M .' M . 1C" 0
Hollywood ... I .6 15 . 1
II. Pillette' nd Breilzel; Gai
land, McEvoy.l Yde, Johns ai d
Severeld. i , . . M a" '
' j. " ! " f '
Dallas Men go
To McMinnville
Game Discussion
DALLAS, Sept. 15. Sportsnn-n
from Dallas attending a' meetina:
with other representatives from
this; district and members ofxtiie
state, game commission' in Mc
MinnvlUe. Monday evening were
J. R. Allwood, Jack Sibley, Ralph.
Morrison,; Elwyn Craven and E. I.
Piaseckl. M: " 'i f,'ti
'. Local' sportsmen have long ron-
tended M that Oregon- 1 streams
should , be, stocked with! native
trout. rather thkn the eastern va
rieties and it was to" discuss thi
and other matters of interest that
the 'meeting .was held, v Marshall;
Dana,, chairman of ' the commi-i-1
sion, and the other members wn e ,
all present., t ' . i. . '
' ' ' I ii::
Is Yoiir
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Don't wait till the last? minute
to have. It repairedBring it
in : now and let us check ir
over Remember in ; having
your wheel repaired here, you
get the advantage of the mar-'
kefs lowest price on
:-(' -:. . Mi
with workmanship that. i
guaranteed Let ns estimate
your job. 1 1 ""'
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