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Funeral Services Held at
. Independence for Ward
Butter .
Mra. Mary s. Berry died at the
Werllne bop. yard near Independ
ence Monday. she was born in
Mlama county, Ohio. April 20,
1850. ; She waa. 81 , years, toar
month and 24 days of age. '-..:.
be was married to jr. N.
v Berry January l; 1888, cam to
- Banks, Oregon, In- 1963: from
Nebraska. She is sunrlred I by
t her husband and three, children.
P. W. Berry, J. I. Berry , of-Independence,
and P. E. Berry of
, Banks. A daughter died 14 years
ago.' Funeral services win be at
the .Keener funeral home -with
announcements to be made later.
C. Ward Butler. 64, who died
at the Salem hospital Saturday,
was born in Monmouth, where, he
spent his boyhood days. 7 When a
young man he went to Wallace.
. Idaho, where he practiced den
tistry ; for- several years. ; He f la
ter engaged in the mining busi
ness in Idaho and later went to
Alaska. . : t
Several years later he return
ed to Independence where he has
followed the insurance business
for the last 20 years. He moved
to Salem about a year ago.
Mr. Butler Jn 1893" married
Miss Edna - Faulkner of Warner,
Idaho. He was a member of the
Masonic lodge. , !
Funeral "services " were held
from s the i Presbyterian church
here Monday afternoon. Rev. H.
Charles Dunsmore officiating.
Mrs. Maurice Butler was soloist.
Pall-bearers were Guy Walker,
Gallord Godfrey, Grover Matti
son, Joe Guiles, Gail Alexander,
and Fred Butts. , . .
WOODBURN, Sept. 15 Fire,
thought to have been started by
a defective- chimney, burned vir
tually the entire second floor of
the home of Mrs. Ollie Bogard.
The fire started about noon Mon
day. The total damage done by
the fire and' water were not es
timated by Mrs. Bogard, but they
are sure to amount to thousands
of dollars. -The- damages were
partially cOTered by Insurance.
Mrs. Bogard was busily engag
ed In washing clothes apd it is
thought she let the stovelet too
hot ' before she" was awaie of it
Several neighbors bad alreaiy
turned in the fire alarm before
Mrs. Bogard knew her place was
aflame. The entire topi of the
large houses wa& a. mass elf flames
when the fire company arrived. '
Mrs. Bogard and her two .chil
dren, Vera and Mauricje, have
moved many of their possessions
from the First street;, house,
which was burned, to i another
house a few blocks west, which
is also owned by Mrs. Bogard.
Byron Denny Better
. And Moved to Home
STAYTON. Sept. 15 Friends
of Byron Denny will be glad to
learn that he has been removed
to his home from the Salem hos
pital and is slowly Improving. -
Mr. and .'.Mrs. Edwin Klecker
are the parents of a . son, born
Saturday at ' a Salem ' hospital.
This Is their third child, the other
two ; being girls. Mr. Klecker is
one 'of the owners of the Purity
store here.' .. " ' .
florsheim Shoes demonstrate, through months
end miles' of wecr, that it's not what you pay
but what you get that satisfies in the end
Floral Show
Fall Affair
STAYTON, Sept 15. The first
meeting of j the Women's Com
munity club for the fall season
will be held ton Thursday, Sept.
17. The meeting will be in the
nature of a fall flower show. The
committee in charge of the affair
Is Mesdameg Glen E. ,Fo. H. A.
Beauehamp, Nell Jones, Joe L.
Pounds and C. E. j Taylor.
The committee will welcome
entries from any one in the com
munity, whether members of the
club or not. Entries should be
in not, later than 11 a, m. on 'the
day of the show.' Those desiring
to enter flowers will please bear
this in mind, 1 ' i ". ;
- Ribbons wilt be awarded 1 as
first and second prizes on sinias,
larkspurs, asters; dahlias, pan
sies, marigolds, geraniums, hel
enlam, : phlox; poppies, . roses,
michllmas daises verbenias, and
for L mixed ; boquets of any kinds
of flowers. There are many love
ly t gardens In ; Stayton and sur
rounding community and there
will undoubtedly be a wonderful
showing of flowers, j 7 i
Judges will be Ernest Infer and
Mrs. Love of Salem., and Mrs. V.
A. Good, of this city. It is also
Planned to hae Mrs. S. H. Van
Trump, of Salem speak on "Fall
Flowers." - j ' r - j .
TURNER, Sept. 15 E. C. and
Kenneth Bear drove to Portland
Monday night jfrom j where they
left early Tuesday morning for
Walla Walla. They plan to return
home Friday and will be accom
panied by Mrs. ! E. C Bear and
two small children who have been
with Mrs. Bear's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. S. A. Gillett for two and one
half weeks. i
. Mr. and Mrs. iH. Nt Barnett are
spending some! time In Cottage
Grove with a niece and her hus
band, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Baker
who have moved from their home
In Stayton to hare charge of a
grocery store. Mr. and Mrs.Bar
nett may continue their trip into
eastern Oregon.!
Mr. and Mrs. W. Si Talbot re
turned Monday evening from,
their vacation spent S at Tacoma
and Seattle., Mrs. Talbot resumed
her duties as cashier at the Tur
ner state bank Tuesday.
; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Edwards
and son Robert moved the first
of the, week to their new home at
148 Union street, Salem.
The women of the Methodist
Episcopal church will sell ice
cream at the usual place in the
Gower building 'Friday afternoon
and. night. -
The congregation of the Chris
tian church voted in a congrega
tional meeting Sunday morning to
retain their present pastor, Rev:
E. J. Gilstrap for another year.
He has been at the Turner church
two years. :
Miss Carol Kiser of Salem who
was once' a resident of Turner
spent the week end with old
friends. Sunday afternoon she Ac
companied her cousins Mr. and
Mrs. C. A. Bear to Crawfordsville
to see Mr. Bear's aged mother
who iis seriously ill at the home
of her son, F. M. Bear.
' HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 15 W.
W. .Kleeman after spending a 15
day furlough with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Kleeman of
Hollywood returned to the navy
barricks In . Bremerton. Mr.
Kleeman reenlisted InTthe navy
about two months ago and short
ly afterwards underwent an op
eration which proved' to be suc
cessful. He was given sick leave
to come' home .' and recuperate.
- Jk
Several Students From Lib
erty District Leaving
For School .
LIBERTY, Septj 15 Henry C.
Gilbert left Tuesday, evening for
Iowa City where Jie will be. as
sistant In the Botany research de
partment of the . I University of
Iowa. Mrs. Gilbert will drive -to
Portland with him. : Upon , her
return the will - be accompanied
by her niece Miss Katherine Den
ney of Beaverton,' who will spend
the winter with j Mrs. Gilbert.
Miss Katherine will be a student
at Leslie junior high school.
Mrs. i K. Schmidt and daughter
Christina are spending; a!' vaca
tion at Newport. : Miss Christina
Is employed at the: state bouse.
' Miss Dorothy - Judd is leaving
Wednesday for Cprvallis where
she will enter O. S.' C. as a
freshman. , Miss Judd will make
her home with Miss A. Grace
Johnson, assistant Idean of Home
Rolland Seeger and Leland
Scott who are working near
Black Rock spent Sunday at their
homes here. - . j
California Guesta
. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Erixon have
as their guests Mrs. Erixon's
father and mother.) Mr. and Mrs.
Headrick, who live near Santa
Rosa. Calif J . ... J
Mr, and Mrs. George Brooks
have takea the Lynch place and
plan to make their! home there.
Robert Judd. son of Mr. and
Mrs. Leslie
will spend
of Corvallis,
nter at the
home of his-grandparents, Mr
and Mrs. William
attend the Liberty
school, i
Men of Methodist
Congregation Plan
Party for Women
SILVEItTON. Sejt. IB Plans
are being made for a big party at
the Methodist ehurdh for Thurs
day night when the men of the
Sunday school will be entertained
by the women. Th)s Is the cul
mination of an attendance contest
which has been conducted
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StS. : ' 'dSyfi -r ,;.
tf . - - -v-v J f -S Y' frk m.r-z '4. j
C- m Vs -of f I ' fL -Ll JTfY - k'
ip. rv"' 4 -- - - J-L t"' ' . -iuiS' : '. ! -.
5-: 'v'.vx -' ". ',''','v. mi -r SwV v "SifV I- mJ:.
Aboard Airliner
astern Air Transport
Silhavy Fashions Radio
Cabinet of Beauty; Uses
2200 Individual Pieces
MT. ANGEL, Sept. 1 5 Sunday
afternoon Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Lu
lay and daughters drove to Stay
ton to visit Mr. Lulay's father.
John A. Lulay. They also visited
with friends there and while at
the Frank Silhavy home had the
opportunity to examine, some very
beautiful --pieces - of - wood .work
made by Mr. Silhavy. during his
spare moments.-One of these' pie
ces Is a work of art, being: a port
able radio cabinet made from Jiff
different kinds ot wood . and over
2200 Individual pieces were used
ta making it . J T - : ' .--
This radio cabinet was designed
and made entirely by Mr. Silhavy.
On the front panel he has worked
out some very intricate and beau
tiful designs by Inlaying with
many different: colors,--sixes and
shapes of the different woods. The
largest pieces, used in the Inlaid
patterns are about one-half inch
long and one-sixteenth of an inch
wide. The .smallest , Individual
pieces are about one-eighth of an
inch long and about half as- wide.
They are highly polished and fin
ished in the Natural color of the
He also made a shelf for the
radio, using the same Inlaid de
signs. It matches the cabinet; per
fectly and the two make a very atr
tractive addition to their home.
The following woods were used:
two kinds of yew heart and sap
wood, gum wood, pear, prune, al
ter, Oregon black walnut, eastern
black walnut, locus in two shades,
heart and sap wood, red . wood,
rose wood. Hock ford cedar, red
cedar, Douglas fir, lignum vita,
cherry and maple.
"I enjoy this kind of work,"
said Mr. Silhavy, "it gives me
something to do and it Is inter
esting work, too. My wife can
hardly get me to my meals when
I get started on some, pattern.
some time and in which the men
were the winners. I
Edson Com stock was captain of
the winning side. MrsT Will
Hubbs, who was captain of the
losers, is in charge of general ar
rangements for the party.
Special invitations are being is
sued to teachers. Plans for the
party are being kept secret.
Naturally I feel sort of proud of
the radio cabinet. I designed and
built: It , aU J myself, and didn't
make -one mistake In the inlaid
patterns." -.'K-' :;'
f Aside . of being proud of the
cabinet, Mr. Silhavy Is; equally
proud of the radio itself, as his
son, and sent It to
hit parents as a Christmas gift
last year. When 14 years of age,
Uriah built the first radio receiv
ing set in Stayton. He has follow-;
ed this line of work since and for
the . past ; several- years - has ; been
employed by the Jackson-Bell Ra
dio .Co. at their Los Angeles, Cal
ifornia, factory. - 1 -r :'
'Mr: Silhavy also made; a radio
cabinet for his son and wife and
sent It as a surprise. Needless to
say they were very much pleased
with it. j ,
A number of Mr. Sllhavy's
friends have persuaded him to
display some, of his work at the
Btate fair this year. He said per
haps it may interest some. His
friends are sure it will. -
The Fall
1 1.
Salem Women Will be In
structors at Hazel Green
This Year, !
HAZEL GREEN, Sept.' 1 15
Three of the local eighth grade
graduates. Jack S Facett. William
Dunnigan and Sanford Davis, are
attending ' Silverton i hlgh.w The
other members of the class,' Stel
la Cook, Charlotte UVan Cleave,
8ymlo Mio. JVictorl WlUiamsea,
Ear) Johnson; and Leonard Faist,
will attend PaTrish. i - -
School, here will begin Sept.
28. ,'- The principal " will ( be Mrs.
Veda MUler, and primary ! Miss
Margaret' Barquest, . both lot ; Sa
lem. The teachers have brought
out library and text books order
ed by the board.' ; They t inspected
school buildings and apparatus.
- Davis to Move ;
Homer Davis expects to 'move
his family next week to a! farm
south of Brooks. Mr. Davis has
been, at hi3 father's, G. w; Davis
- since K. B. Fletcher sold
Slogan The Sheeii Woolen Costume
Has Early Confirmation in the Fall Mode
i Revealing Color Contrasts,
x Yyv:i.l di.l r
w uu licick. or urown . Sleeves, ceics ana
iNecKiines i ransrorm .oiinouette,
- ; Modified by Les
9iMto 194
almost too excited to write,
Anci there's so mucji; to sccjootK inside tlie pWie And out Wcve left
i -; jj- .'if: - 1 'j'' -- i ? j :'! - i fe t ; .
WasK inston tenind now, and I've just had a Chesterfield In the smoking
: ',i ; . "V" --. -51 .i.-m -- l - ;l
conrrwtment icy scrx them on every: ship, i i M
'Amons thc'ei'shtccn passensers there's a senator and a forcisti diplo-
mat and Tm surprised at the numher of women. The trip is two ,hun-
dred miles and the meter in the
of fJiaL- v t ,
Tor me, the Chesterfields w
ere the
for a smoke, and when the hostess
rette at that) everyone else Isceiwcd
did taste soodl
Chesterfields are served in the smoking
compartments of all these planes the
largest and most luxurious in the Cast.
With the fast growth of air travel, Ches
terfield makes many new friends each day,
here as in city streets and country homes '
-wherever good taste counts. :
farm he had Rented at North
HowelL ; ilp
Mr.:: and Mrs. Joseph Zellnekl
and small, daughter Gladys, were
weekesVi .visitors in Seattle,
guests of ! Mrs, ZelinsM's rela
tives. .-:-!! - -v i
! Mrs. Max Woods spent the past
week in Portland as guest of her
sister; Miss Tressa Zejlnski and
niece Miss! Virginia Wilson, Miss
Zellnskt and Miss Wilson' came
home with Mrs Woods for week
end visit. Hv ';: -- S'" - 1. '
c t-T 'Vacation; at Tachats :M'
Mr. and Mrs.. Ben Clemens and
son Author, spent week-end at
Jachats. -s v ; -
Mr. and MrsI Guy Spencer and
childreri Dorthy abd rFerrel of
Portland were Sunday: gueets at
Edward: Dunnigan home. !
, W. G, Davis and daughter Miss
Helen returned Sunday from Co
QUille, where a they have tbeen
visiting! son-in-law and daughter
of Mr. Davis, Mr. and Mrs.' Rich
ard 'Slater: - Miss Davis .bad her
tonsils removed: while iaway.
. ! MACLE AYr ; Sept. -15 Thb
first meeting of the Home Eco
nomic club will "be held at the
hall Thursday! afternoon. All
members are asked to pring quilt
pieces, quilt patterns aid needles.
Mrs. Wl H. Humphreyi and Mrs.
W. A. Jones will have! charge ot
the refreshments. j ft .;irl
Emphasizing SKacles jSf
1 oi .- ri. - -i
w a mr :
; 1.95 up
SmoJdag compartment Washington - Nem York plane. Ilosuu offer
ing Chesterfields. Photo by courtesy Eastern Air Transport, Inc.
cabin reads two miles a minute,
nicest touch of alL 1 was just dyin$
passed, them (and my favorite
ciga -
as tickled as I was And myrthcy
1 ' . ! 759 1VIP
Sh:.,:7 i;. -v. i
A miW cigarette-delightfiilly mild and
smooth with a tohaceo , fragrance all its
Whether you're air-minded or not, you'll
always find Chesterfield on the air-line
to taste -the quickest way to get there.
They Satisfy! t ' '
7 : .j.'-'.T ;7-t';l; ;7 V r '" -I;- ' 'i
HUBBARD, Sept 15 The hop
pickers in Glen Carother's hop
yard north of Hqbbard were hap-
plly surprised when Mr. Caroth
ers announced he would pay 90c
a hundred pounds Instead of 80c .
as was expected. .'
Mr. Carothers nas the. largest
yard in this vicinity and employs
about lOO pickers. . He expects
to finish! picking this hops the
last of this week which will make -three
weeks of steady picking.
The executlve board of the
federated churches of Hubbard
met at the' Congregational church .
Monday evening for a fall rally- -The
purpose of the meeting was
to discuss the objective of the
church its place in the commun- .
lty, and make plana Jta reach that ....
objective the ensuing year. .; La
ter In the evening refreshments ;
were ser?edandi a social time
was enjoyed.
Henry Croisant visited his wits
at the Salem general hospital '
Sunday1 Mrs. Croisant Is recov
ering nicely from; a major oper- ;
atlon which she underwent last rf
week:' -;' ' i! .
and Felt Mat
' . ?
1931.: Liggett
it Myeks Tobacco Co.