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    TKe OREGON STATESMAN. Salem. Oregon. Taesday Rio mi nr. September 1, 193f
pac:: ; i v.:
" I
Local News Briefs
little Girl I Iteoovers Patsy
'- Lindsay, foar 'ana one-half year
! old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.
E. Undaay. 1749 South Hirh
street, wno received contusions oa
i thehead as the result of a eolll
- siomletween two automobiles and
two bicycles at the intersection of
Mission and 13 th streets Sunday,
; has recovered from her injuries,
her mother reported last night
Accident reports filed at the JK
' - - lice station Indicate . that Mrs J
Lindsay was driving east on Mis
: slon street, while A. HJ Miller.
Portland, driving north on 13th
street, turned east en Mission. The
. Miller ear struck the Lindsay ma
chine, which in turn ran between
two bicycles ridden by Robert El
gin : and Charles Slewert. Miller
, I claims Mrs. Lindsay was driving
! 40 miles per hour and cut in front
of him, hooking his car and pull
ing it oyer on Us side. Toung EI-!-
gin was injured about the ankle,
wrist and hip.
The Salvation Army is fa ur
l: gent need of fruit jars. Tel.' 43?.
Dauer Visits
Bremv Dr; C. C.
school ' physician,
Dauer, county
who returned here Saturday with
his family from a motor trip to
California, reports that he visited
'with Dr. Walter Brown, formerly
head of the county child health
demonstration, I who is now pro-
fessor of hygiene at Stanford uni
versity. Dr. Brown left his Salem
post in 1927 tdl go to Palo Alto.
During their tw6 weeks' vacation,
' the Dauers inspected health "de
partment v centers around San
Francisco, and at Stockton, where
they experienced their only hot
weather. At Treka. Calif., they
uv Miss Agnec Campbell, former
- supervisor i of nurses for te Mar
ion county health department,
and on the return trip stopped at
Crater lake.
; -i' -" ' ' "
Griddera Examined Early
Seeking to! avoid the rush of the
early weeks of school health clin-t
incs, Dr. C. C. Dauer, county
school physician, has asked all
boys who expect to try out for the
i local high i school football squad
to have their physical examina
tion made before the opening of
school, September 21. , Examina
tions will be made by appointment
through either Fred Wolf, high
school principal, or, Hollls Hunt
ington, football coach. They are
.' scheduled for the hours between 9
and 10 a. m. today, 8 and a a. m.
and 4 and S p. m. Friday. The
check-ups 'will be completed the
following week with periods set
asi e on Tuesday and Friday. I
1930 Ford coupe, run 50 00
miles, finest condition, priced for
jquick salej 1435.00. . See Chas.
. VIck at Willys Motors or call 8594
satter C p. m.
e ... ' .
Sisters Injured Mother Mary
Domtnico and SistersEstelle and
Theodore, giving their addresses
as Portland.wbo were riding with
two other sisters in in automobile
near Hayesrllle ' -Sunday l after
noon, were injured when their
" machine taraed oter twice, after
a rearl tire had .blown out. The
injured were taken to Salem. Gen
eral hospital in the Golden am
bulance and later In the day -to
St.; Vincent's - hospital, Portland,
The womenlwere said to,be visit
ing from the east and to have
Kpent the day: in Salem.
. Myers' Head Cut -When the
automobile In which he was rid
iug early Sunday morning ran
into the rear of an oil truck which
had stopped at a railroad crossing
near, the Valley Packing plant,
, William Myers, Salem, received a
cut on the. head, according to a
report i filed with Sheriff Bower.
F. J. E. Menane, driver of the oil
truck, said he had stopped at the
crossing as required by law when
an automobile driven by Max. Bar
byte ran into hjs. machine from
the rear. - . . -
- If. ; '
Dance FrldayjHaiel Green, j
Visit Keck4-Ross Anderson,
graduate f Willamette universi
ty with the class of 1 9 2 6, wasi a
weekend guest of Wendell Keck.
- Anderson, -who ris - now in Port
- land where he is pastor of the
Lincoln M. E- church, was a stu
dent at Yale Divinity school last
- year. Keck -was a student at Tale
also last year. ; .;;-. i
Flan Xelaon Sesaiows Members
of the Y. M. C. A. educational
committee,1 headed by Col. Carle
Abrams. chairman, will meet at
the local building at 5 o'clock this
evening to make plans for the
coming of G. H. Nelson, executive
of the nationalj "Y" educational
' council, who will spend Thursday
- in Salem. : i
... ' . f .
Miss Johnson Returns Miss
Juanlta. Johnson, Woodburn .dis
trict staff nurse for the-" Marion
county health department, return
ed to work yesterday, aftgjc. spend
ing a two weeks vacation with her
parents' of : .Wpodburn at f the
beaches." . ; "v7;- .j-. ' ;. :. '':
: f One License Issued One mar
riage license was issueJ yesterday
in the county clerk's office. ' At
wood Foster. 23, Route four,- Sa
lem secured permission to wed
Dorothy- lunterkunst. 20, '1351
; Chemeketa street. Talem. Foster
is a ' minister and his wife-to-be
,gave her occupation as domestic. ;
Wttaat eperUoD r of ta. i
89 OreCon BII. ! Pbon $509 ,
'in SO minntes. -'-ecks Cold the
Relieves Headache or Neuralgia
first day, and checks Malaria -4n
three days. : , -1
6G6 Salve for Baby's Cold.
roln iT0 PortIaDd 550
UUfiWiTo Eugene 75c
- Depot, IUigh Hotel '
Independent Stage Co. .
Tel. 9121
'Ward's Successor Coming-
Rev. J. Rupert SImonds, success
or to Rev. Charles Ward as pastor
of the First Congregatlo nal
church, Is expected to arrive here
within the next day or two. Mrs.
Simons, will accompany him. The
parsonage, which has been entire
ly .redecorated and painted, will
be their home. Rev. SImonds has
Just completed a pastorate of nine
years is Falrbault. Minn. He will
preach in the local church for the
first time next Sunday morning,
i Dance Friday Haxel Green. ,
' Answer- Filed Answer was
filed by the defendants yesterday
in the case; of L. P. Aldrich, trus
tee of the estate of Josephine
Jerman. deceased, vs. A. M. Jer-,
man, -et al. A general acceptance
of the facts stated in the com
plaint is made. The suit is a
friendly one brought to secure
the appointment of the Ladd it
Bush Trust company, to succeed
Mr. Aldrich.
' Estate THvkted Final distri
bution of the estate of Henry J.
Rfnehart, deceased, was approved
yesterday. In probate court. T. A.
Rinehart ' : is administrator. . Re
ceipts from J the' estate total
total 34956. Propertj of the estate
Is $1500. t One-fourth shares of
the property go to Orrln A. Rine
hart, Husum. Wash.. Thomas A.
Rinehart, Salem; Stephen E. Rine
hart, Portland; EJlis D. Rinehart,
Watsonvllle, Calif.
C. F. Breithaupt is now locat
ed at 4S6 State street with Vib
bert and Todd. ; j
Currln Visits Hugh Currin of
Klamath Falls, a' graduate of
Willamette nniversity last : spring
was visiting in Salem yesterday
with friends. He has also been a
guest of Lslie Frewing of Riek
reall. Currin , took pre-medica
course while; in school here and
dating the coming winter expects
to attend the University of Ore
gon medical college in Portland.
." !.'' '
Rlackfoot Thrives Black foot,
in eastern! Idaho, has been less af
fected ; by depression than other
areas of the state. Miss Ruth
Clark reported Sunday upon her
return to Salem after a fortnight's
vacation. For more-than a week
she visited her parents in the
eastern Idaho city. She is assist
ant in the circulation department
of The Statesman.
; v
Plan Praised Tentative plans
for a general community organi
sation to coordinate relief efforts
to he conducted in Salem this win
ter, met with a general favorable
public response yesterday about
downtown: Salem.. A meeting of
community leaders to effectuate
such a plan is expected soon.
Ringo If ere A ' visitor yes
terday in Salem to attend to legal
business at the courthouse was E.
R. Ringo, formerly district at
torney for" Marlon, county. " Ringo
now Uvea in La Grande. . He was
busy yesterday trying to transfer
the case of Pearson ts. Pearson to
Union cobnt. ,
Mrs. : Reid Back Mrs. Cora
Reid, assistant county superinten
dent of schools, was back at her
desk yesterday after fortnight's
vacation.' Mach of the time was
spent "with her. daughter in Port
land. iShe exprefsed her pleas
ure yesterday at being back to the
familiar Job.
C. F. Breithaupt Is now locat
ed at 466 State street with Vib
bert and; Todd.1 i
.- J i ' j ' ; i
Long Answer; i Filed A 3 if
page answer was filed In circuit
court yesterday in the case of Lea,
Jermarv and E. D. Jerman vs.
Merce O.i "Nelson. The latter seU
up a counter claim in defense to
the litigation over property be
gtm by the plaintiffs. t
I ! Building'' Being ? Remodeled
The front of 'he building on State
street occupied by Kay's Suit and
press shop, is being remodeled at
ah estimated cost of $700, by Pe
ter D'Arcy, the owner, according
to a building permit Issued yester
day. " '! .. :
: Work Starts Today Graveling
starts today on the three and one
half mile stretch of market road
from Haxel Green to the pavement
oa the Silvertoa road. Roadmaster
Frank Johnson reported yester
day. . ''.-
Grace ? Taylor Leaves M las
Grace Taylor, staff nurse for the
Marion county health department,
left yesterday for a two weeks va
cation. She was to go to Vancou
ver, Wash., then to, the coast.
Usher Retnrna C. ' W. Usher
returned .Sunday from a week's
trip to San Francisco. He went
south by boat and returned by
train. ! ' ? i
.- -k .". ' ---' i - i
rrnwford to Portland H. P.
Crawford,: president of the Salem
chamber of commerce, went to
Portland yesterday afternoon c n
general business. 1 I
W .Jll
UrM4 run t """T'VVi
MtmUM bull. Mllll uns V
. tot r-Jfe t. Reliit. nwy fiow I
vr. tnaa uim !
Chinese Meaictne
1180 N. Con'merclal
es Office Unr
C I Tusdy and Satur
. I dai 2 t 5:30
Invalid Chairs to
Call 0610, t'sed Fnrnitorc
151 North High
Four Accidents Reported
Tour accidents were reported over
the weekend, as follows: The ma
chine' belonging tor Bert Cothrin,
Stayton, was struck by an 1 un
known auto, while it was parked
on State street Sunday "sometime
between 9 o'clock and midnight,
While his car was halted at a
through street; Ferry and Com
mercial, F. V. Edwards reports
that a machine driven by J. W.
Morrey struck it - Marshall - Pow
ell, Silverton, reports that his car
was 'Struck by one - driven ; by
Floyd DeHarport at 2 : 4 S a. m.
Sundar when1 the. latter 'driver
"cut In on ' turn and bumped
and marred the right rear fen
der; Powell says DeHarport cut
in on the wrong side of a curve.
When Thortoa Coffey, TP 5 Acad
emy street, ? Started I to the
.machine driven by J. R. Cunon,
Fisher- apartments,' at- the In
tersection of Oak and Commer
cial streets Saturday, Cunon put
out his' hand and eat in tron't of
Coffey before the latter could
aver a collision, he reports, i N
teant Thonght Smoke For
the n-th time, firemen were call
ed to the Panics Brothers pack
ing -plant Sunday evening to ex
tinguish the fire which waa. caus
ing "smoke" to pourf-'from under
the boardwalk near the millraee.
It was discovered .the ''smoke"
was only steam coming from, the
plant's exhaust pipe which la lo
cated by the walk. Queried as to
whether he was sure the "smoke"
was smoke, the man who turned
in the alarm maintained his cer
tainty, of the steam's being
smoke, A small chimney lit re
ported at 1S8- South Cottage
street yesterday morning was the
only other fire reported over the
weekend. It was soon extinguish
ed; with three gallons of chemi
cals. -!,' y.'' :.! ,; L
Idaho ns Eager to Swim Res
idents of Idaho took the greatest
Interest in the Red' Cross learn-to-swim
campaign of any north
western state,? Charles Gill. Willamette-
university football man
and Red Cross and Y. M. C. A.
Ufesavmg instructor, who return
ed to Salem last weekend, stated
yesterday. He spent the summer
months in Idaho teaching people
to swim and Instructing them in
lifesaving methods. He attributes
this unusual Interest in swimming
to the facti that Idaho has f the
largest I canal mileage In the
United States: and also has the
dangerous Snake river which are
threats-to the lives of nan-swim
Russ Smith, Center and Church,
tor tire bargains..,
Fined, Wrong Plates When
Kenneth Sundry, Zumbrota. Minn,
motorist, was arraigned In mu
nicipal court' yesterday . on a
charge v of having "witched his
Minnesota license plates to a car
acquired by ' trade at Portland.
Judge Poulsen fined him $10 and
ordered him to purchase Oregon
plates for ; the machine. Obert
Swee, companion of Sundry, who
Sunday night 1 was held for in
vestigation waa released from the
citv jail yesterday. .
-1 i. ; : : -
Earl's Father 111 Learning I
that his father 'was seriously ill
In San Franclaco, William G.
Earl, Salem barber, left here Sun
day on a hurry trip to the par
ent's bedside.: Mrs.' Earl, their
son, and Mr: and Mrs. Ross Hill
motored with him.' They are ex
pected to return hero Thursday.
Breltenbnsh Wreck Reported
Harold Goheen, 654 Belmont
street, reported to Salem police
yesterday that his car, on the
Breitenbush highway, was struck
by a Willamette Grocery company
machine. The other car was ; .on
the wrong side of the road and
going too fast, he says. ')
Fictitious Checks Cashed H.
A. Kroske. Portland, was arrest
ed yesterday- on a charge of cash
ing a fictitious check, and. Russ
Crossan; arrested Sunday on a
like charge, was released yester
day and cited to appear in court
September 4. "f ' a: . j
On Vacation Miss Laura Ro
kos, secretary In the W G. Krue
ger realty office, wilt be away this
next two. weeks, on her vacation.
Miss Agnes Huffman is substitut
ing for Miss Rokos. ,
Reckless Driver Fined Ar
rested Sundar. an a charge of
reckless driving, Alford Ambrose,
485 South Commercial street, was
fined five dollars yesterday.
Schaefer'g Corn
Remedy j
This is without doubt the
strongest guaranteed Corn Re
mover oa the market
o i- i .-f i - . -
We are so confident in the
worth and ef flea city of this,
corn remedy that we fare In-'
vltlag " every-body ; bothered
with corns .callouses, or bun
Ions to try this remedy at our
risk.'. Vl-V .
, This means absolutely what
it says; if not satisfied bring,
the empty bottle back and your
money will ; be1 cheerfully , -re
funded. : ' ;j , : . :
25c per Bottle
1 !t. ComT, r i Bial 8107
The Original Y9II0W Front
Candy Special Store of alem
Soup or Salad - Meat or Fish : Potatoes
Vegetables Bread and Butter of Rons '
ii pie or Pudding and Drtnk ;
Statehouse Attorneys Hold
No Doubt but Opinion
Is Stii! Awaited
Legislation enacted la 1331 re
quiring - cooniiee to pay $20
monthly for non-violent patients
In the-state hospitals Is constitu
tional without any "doubt, attor
neys at the statehouse said after
giving the act careful considera
tion. The opinion, however, was
not official, thev law still being
before the attorney general for
consideration. j ? .
: The question now has been
raised as to how the counties are
to pay for the support of these
non-violent Insane patients when
no provision was made In the- cur
rent budgets for this expenditure.
The state laws provide specifically
that , counties shall aot expend
funds other than those provided
In the budgets and approved by
the county courts. .As far as can
be determined none of the coun
ties made provision; In their ItSl
budgets to pay the state tor .. the
support of the Insane, i - - -. -
, As a result of the uncertain sit
uation the Marlon county court
Patient - Improve Miss La
Verne Proctor, who has been suf
fering from a serious sinus infec
tion for the past six weeks. Is re
ported to be Improving satisfac
torily. . ; i.
To Long Bench Planning to
enter the Long Beach junior col
lege for their freshman year.Rol
lin Rapine. Perry Andrews and
Bernard White will leave today
for that California city. ,
Go to Roundup Among Salem
citizens to attend the roundup at
Pendleton last weekend were Mer
rill Ohling and Dr. W. W. Baum.
The .two men motored up Friday
night and returned Sunday. .
Bliss Doak Back Miss Olive
Doak was back at her desk at The
Statesman after an illness of five
weeks. Part of the time of recup
eration was spent at the home of
her parents in McMlnnville. " r
i - - , ; . !(' :
Mother Passes Away Harry
M. Wolf, Insurance agent in the
Pettyjohn office, 175 Southi High
street, was called to Brownsville
Sunday- by the sudden death of
his mother. " ,
' Bates i ' -
At the residence, 360 South
14 th street, August 30, Elmer E.
Bates, aged 69. Survived by wi
dow, Lamyra; one son. Dr. C. E.
Bates; of Salem; one daughter.
Mrs. Naomi Cornell, of San Fran
Cisco; two brothers, W. W.,Wot
Omaha, Nebr.; and A, E., of Per
ry, Kans. Funeral services Tues
day. September i, at 1:J0 p. m,
from the chapel of W. T. Rigdon
and son, Rev. w. C. Kanter effl-
ciatlng. Private interment at the
City View cemetery.
In this1 city August 29, Orsa
C. Johnson; 41. Husband of Myr
tle; father of Dorothy. Shirley.
Lyle and Eloise, "all of Salem;
brother of Ina of Provo, Utah;
Albert Johnson of Ogden, UtaTi,
apd Eugene Johnson of Portland.
Friends are invited -to attend fun
eral services today. Tuesday,
September 1, at 2 p. m., from the
TerwilUger funeral parlors, 776
Chemeketa street. Rev. Bates of
Mill City, officiating. Concluding
services City View cemetery, nn
der auspices, of American Legion.
dough-Barnck Co.
A. M. Clough . .
Dr. L. E. Barrlck
V. T. Golden
Phone 5111
Church at Ferry St
JL romssju. pxxectoes
T70 Cbtmakn Trt. S2t ,
0r inki is JFotmmI 1
(Oar rrtea Arc liwutli
H U Ho4wn
: . .. . .
Established 1893 TeL SVSS
j- Conveniently Accessible
Perpetual care provided for
prices Reasonaou
elcret itltmoria?
A Park Cemetery
With Perpetual Care
Just ten minutes from the'
heart of town
Thrills of Real Flying;
U musemenf; Use Forecast
Patents covering features of
probably the most unusual amuse
ment machine ever seen around
Salem are sow being sought by
in jcyeriy Aircraft oornoration.
It's the next best thing to flying
your own airplane, maninnla tin r
this contraption which looks like
an airplane whose growth was
stunted and "Hies" oa Its mount
ing in a manner to give any man,
other than a stunt pilot, a great
thrilL . ,-
la addition to offering i oppor
tunities for unique amusement to
laymen,!, the machine serves as an
orlentator. for training. Airplane
pUota. It fills a real need in a pi
lot's instruction, accordinr to Lea
U. Eyerly, the designer and build
er, tor it gives the novice in flying
a safe opportunity to get the feet
of banking properly on turns,
maintaining airplane ... la even
flight, diving, looping, rolling and
flying Bl&Ide down. Students at
the Eyerly school now. make several-flights-
in the machine, get-
has instructed the district attor
ney to confer with Attorney Gen
eral van Winkle to - determine
whether the 1931 law Is constitu
tional, and if so, what funds shall
be used: In t reimbursing the state
for the care of theaon-violent in
sane patients, Multnomah eounty
already .has received an opinion
from its t legal denartment that
the 1931 act is eonstlutlonal.
Similar to One In j
Neighbor :states 1
Officials declared Saturday that
laws similar to the one now In
operation In Oregon had been In
effect In the states of Washington
and California for several years.
Both ef these acts were said to be
constitutional, and have operated
very satisfactorily. Returns from
the law In Washington were said
to have been larger than anticipa
ted at the time the act was first
considered by the legislature. A
somewhat similar situation has
developed in the state of Califor
Ben Wing, who Is in charge of
administering the law In Oregon,
has estimated that paymenta In
this stata will exceed 3200,000 an
nually. This money will be credited to
the general fund of the state and
will be used for the payment of
current expenses.
Ia addition to providing for the
support of the non-violent Insane,
the law also provides that estates
and relatives of patients in the
state tuberculosis hospitals shall
pay no to exceed $15 per week for
the support -of these charges.
Provision Is made In the law
that in caaea where relatives and
estates cannot pay the maximum
amount, lesser payments may be.
received and approved. There also
is a provision in the act author
izing the state to collect a maxi
mum of if 29 per month for the
support ftl persons confined in tne
state home for the feeble minded.
I I.
Gives All
ting at least an hour's! practice in
it. before handling the controls of
a real airplane.
This orlentator is a
radical de-
parture from the usual design. Its
controls, which have been made
simple ia action, are identical with
those of an airplane. It has the
"stick? and the conventional foot-
controlled rudder. This orlentator
is constructed with fuselage and
cockpit of fabric-covered steel
tubing, tn appearance like that of
an airplane. For- maneuvering. It
has two flippers which serve s
ailerons, and elevators and rud
der on the tail, v j"i3vT"rv"' i
The pilot of the machine not
only gets the feel of thir maneuv
ering but from the IS horsepower
motor driven propeller receives
the sensation of wind I blast. The
propeller blast also serves to give
me eontTQis their action and the
feel of the force upon!
which the
controia act. -v.j..- -;
The mounting ' of
which flies andi files
this 'plane
and never
rets anvwnerAi mm r.
steel uprights which support the
erosspleces to which the fuselage
Is welded. It revolves 3 10 degrees
on a round base on a steel frame
work on 'wheels to give the ma
chine its lateral axis, j
The erossplece fitted into the
uprights revolve 360 degrees to
give the 'plane! its vertical axis,
and the fuselage with jthe control
surfaces also;, revolves 360 de
grees around on a stationary part
containing the motor to give the
longitudinal axis. The motor Is
hung on a sliding base so that it
may be moved forward or back
ward to balance the weight of the
personin the cockpit. m
Pilots from! all over! the north
west have become interested tn
the machine, many of them hop
ping to the Salem airport to, try
it out for themselves. Inquiries as
to Its cost have come from as far
away as the airport at Vancouver,
As a result of the success of
this first machine, Eyerly la al
ready planning the construction
of a second Orlentator,! with de
fects In the present one remedied.
Its simplicity of design makes
it far more economical to build
than are other orlentators,. accord
ing to Eyerly. j ' - -ih : -j
Meal Planning
To Be Offered
The Portland General Electric
company is. announcing - "meal
p 1 a n'n i n g i demonstration" for
housewives whieh will be held in
me aispiay rooms oz. the company
today from two to four p. m.
Those In charge 'will be Mrs. Ida
H. Cornforth j of ' the home econ
omics department of (the Kellogg
company, and Mrs. Effie Wleser.
boms service director 1 for the
company. - i H T i
' pi' :. r , m
. - i f I 1 ' r - ' v ;' ;
When :wc drive
your car on our Cow
drey Dynamic Tester
you see the braking
abilitv on each wheel
measured scientific- f
tur iu snow uow
quick you can stop
I nr'-ni,. ' t. i
car at any given speed. The j
complete inspection of your en- j
tire braking system on this ma- j
chine takes but a few minutes. !
, ... V
1 :
Invite Va ! te Tour Nest Dlowout
Cctatcr? & Li&ci?tsr
Points (Jut Savinf ipossible
v :iu niyii ouiiuuf j i uuui;
I ' Systems Outlined !
" : . ' ' ' li'j'1 "
The 1911 lejlslatlre set provid
ing .for district ownership of text
books lapcliea only toeiementary"
schools, according t announce
ment made by. C.i'rMi Howard,
state superintendent of; public in
struction. High school istudents
trill continue to purchase their
own' books. . f i j
Mr. i Howard is ! urging the or
ganization of book exchanges and
the introduction of a 'rental sys
tenji as a means of redacing the
high school textbook i expense, v
f Many of your j students jwill
find It difficult to secure the ne
cessary textbooks i when i school
open thU fall." Howard said In a
letter to high: school principals. '
i f Any plan: y can j irork out
for lightening the burden in this
connection! will be appreciated by
the; parent and by oar: students.
I suggestthe: setttagljju of book
exchanges : - In : yourii t schools
through which studehjts) may buy
and sell used textbookej I
AIIKmonM fnta ! iM-l't !' "i s
Possible Are- Urged.jrf ! 1 i -: i
' tl am .confident stiatJ textbook
expense fee high school students
can; be reduced materially by a
rental! plan and I earnestly sug
gest that the organization of such
a system be inaugurated at the
earliest opportune tlpie. In the
beginning, such a systom ' need
not cover ;all the boo si in use in
thei hih schools. If itt were to in
clude only one . bookt J! for each
grade.; such as mathematics, civics
and American hlstorill j it would
save a cbnsiderabiej ! amount of
money to the parents ief your high
school students. "' f ill i";
"I am sure that thei high school
principals of Oregon, scan be de
pended upon to carefully study
every feature of the i administra
tion -of the schools lender their
charge! loOking not only to the
eliminatloitjof everyptem of un
necessary expenditure; pot public
tunda but to possible! , reductions
tn student expenditures ; as well.'
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French Foot or
when you can! avoid n-
fetien and Quickly hl your skin
with Dr. Hlaon's Nlxo4mT BasoA
&n ih. .nutn. Rnrllih Hoanltal for
mal. eieeovrd' 6y I-
oderm ot with amaalnR pd. o
eause desimed for this particular
akin disease. Klzederm is guaraa
teed. It most stop Itch mtid qwlekly
heal your skin or the small cost will
be ratwadoA. .. j i f
115 s.
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danger ia always present if
driring fwith faulty brakes. Think of the
possible consequences if you faced th
.:. Doesn't the
thought impress you witthe vital im
portance of driving in jtio w for a. thor
inspection ana necessary
to! give you the utmost braking
efficiency? ,.. m t j; ,r
5 ! ' . M L 1 .IU! I1 1:
If adjtistments dr re
lining pf your brake!
is necessary to insure
safe driving, our sci
entific service assures
positiye satisfactionl
All ouir brake work
is iullyMuaranteedl
You will find our prices are thj
lowest! obtainajbfe anywhere!
consistent with: the quality 9?
the work performed.
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jDescriptions or the book ex
change system in use at Wood
burn and the rental plan now op
erated; In the Newberg schools
have been sent to all high school
principals, j
mm is pl:;:
) Ians are being worked out by
Hal E- Hoss. secretary of state,
whereby motor vehicle . owners
will1 Receive their license plates
from the sheriffs of the various
counties instead of through . the
Salens automobile department.
Hoss said such a plan would
eliminate delays and the cost
would be no greater, than under
the- present system. Other labor
saving innovation also are being
con&lfered by the secretary of
state . .; ;
Material reductions In the op
erating personnel of the state
motor vehlele department will be
announced within the next two
weeks, Hoss said. There are now
approximately 100 persons em
ployed in the motor vehicle divi
sion. '. J. V :- "
Doable this number of Oersons
are! employed during the. peak of
the -motor vehicle license rush.
7:30 P. M. at
K N.
Auction Market
t610 NJ Summer St
Lpright Piano Mahogany
case. Walnut dining table.
6 Walnut dining chairs top
seats. Large Buffett. Orange
and Black! Breakfast Table
and! 4 fiddle back chairs to
match. Columbia Phono
graph and records. 11a by
Crib. ! Heavy steel bed. Coil
spring. a good nsed mat '
trte. a . bnrner ' electric
plate. Two 0x13 nsed rags
Several scatter rags. Li
brary table. ' Sewing ma
chine.1 Sanitary-couch and
pad day, lounge and
pad.! 4 nsed rockers. Ivory
vanity, dresser, and bench..
Book case and books. Large
fluff rag. i Hmall Ice box.
No. 8, i d-hole cook stove,
Coleman lantern and lamp. '
Heavy frame bicycle. S
burner oil jrtove. Set dishee,
wtenalla, Qollta, blankets,
pillows, etc. Linoleum rem
nants, i
Cash Paid for Used
Phone 5110
you arc
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