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! J
The first American- college
tory authentic In all its details.
"Confessions of a Co-Ed," has
been brought to the screen by
Paramoant and will open a two
day showing at, the Elsinore the
atre. lUrtlnr Friday
. 'Contusions of a Co-Ed",
based on the . Intimate facts In
tho day-to-day diary ot an anony
mous co-ed, whose own highly
dramatic, and intensely emotion
al experience reflect the
thoughts and actions ot all mod
ern college youths, deals with one
Of tho most vital and Interesting
' phases of present-day life. In It
are pictured the Joys, tho rival'
ries. the Jealousies and lore at
fairs ot young men and beautiful
girls, many of them away from
borne, "oa their own" for the
first time in their lives.
Acted by two interesting young
college men, Phillips Holmes and
Norman Foster, and a young
stage star who has risen rapidly
to movie prominence, Sylvia Sid
ney, in the featured roles, 'Con
fesslons of a Co-Ed" is college
life as It 1s lived. Sylria Sidney,
a freshman. Is rushed by a prom
Inent sorority and by -two hand
some men. Holmes and Foster,
during, her ; first college days.
Swept off her feet by Holmes
wooing, she fails to notice the
jealousy of Claudia Deli, a soror
ity sister. She repulses the ad-
ranees of Foster.
Posing as Sylvia's friend.
Claudia seeks to separate Holmesl
and Sylria, and at me same
time arouse Sylrla's Interest in
Foster. After a mad escapade
with Claudia, Holmes is ex
pelled, and disappears. Sylria, be
lieving he has deserted her,
yields to Claudia's urging and
marries Foster. But Holmes re
turns, and an exciting climax
The drama of this lore affair is
carried on in a highly charged at
mosphere of Intense emotion,
against a colorful background, of
gay fraternity life, campus flirta
tions, bouse parties.
A vivid romance of bold ad
venture la the bad lands Is told in
"Rogue of tho Rio Grande." the
exciting, talkie featuring Myrna
Loy, Raymond Hatton and Jose
Bohr being presented Friday and
Saturday at the Hollywood the
atre. It is a warm-blooded ac
count of bandits and beauties, ex
cellently presented, and mixing ro
bust humor, lilting melodies and
tingling drama.
Jose Bahr, who has appeared
in a number. of Spanish Torsions
of feature length productions, en
acts the title role In "Roeue of
the Rio Grande. Opposite him is
the charming . Myrna Loy, who
sings a few songs effectively, and
demonstrates the dancing ability
which gare her her start in pic-
tures and has made her; one of
the most popular young players
In Hollywood.
The story concerns the adven-
tures ot El Malo, the bandit, who
has forced the crooked mayor of
the town to ' open bis safe and
turn orer a urn of money to
him. A reward is offered for El
' Malo's capture yet the bold ban
dit flaunts danger by appearing
r the cantina, unknown to the
sheriff. When his identity is fin
ally disclosed, he makes his get-.
r awav with Carmita, the cafe en
tertainer with whom be is in lore.
"Rogue of the Rio Grande" is
a Cliff Broughton production, re
leased by Sono Art-World Wide.
The talkie is based on am original
. story by Olirer Drake. The di
rection is credited to Spencer
Cordon Bennet.
Poems Reach
Pome People
if IE
. S1L.VERTOX, Aug. 29 A
slender book of poems written by
1 Lloyd Haberly, formerly of Sil
$ rerton but now of Long Crendon,
! England, has been received here.
The book is published by the
American branch ot the Oxford
' CniTersity Press of England. The
. Tolume entitled "Poems" is ded
icated to the memory of Robert
Bridges, once poet laureate of
England. " '
Haberly was born in the Waldo
hills and , went to school here,
later attending Reed unirersity,
Portland, where in 1121 he was
awarded a ' Rhodes - scholarship.
He attended Trinity college, Ox
ford, where be played Lacrosse
In 1123-34. He took a degree in
law and since his graduation has
made his home in England. At
' Long Crendon he writes, illus
trates, prints and binds books.
His publishing house has gained
him some reknown.
The poet has a brother, Karl
. Haberly. now living In Waldo
hills. His father, Lou Haberly, re
cently mored to Portland to make
his home. Another brother," Bur
nett, is a student a Pacific unl
versly. Instructor at Normal
Will Leave for East
MONMOUTH, Aug. 2 -1 Merle'
E. Bonney, an instructor in the
department ot education at the
Oregon Normal school fir the past
. sereral years, will leare next
week, accompanied by Mrs. Bon
neey, for .New York where he will
work toward his doctor's degree
at Columbia unirersity. He is a
graduate ot Willamette unirer
sity; and secured his Master's de
gree at, Stanford.
- A popular i gure on the Nor
mal school campus. Bonney'a de
parture is regretted, but he plans
to take but one year's leare of
absenee, and will return to the
Normal, here, in 1122.
- i ''
Helen Chandler and Ramon
Ing Sunday at the Hollywood tneatre. J . - . " ,
Black and Blue Sans Dance
Numbers Appearing in
Play; Tracy Star
Lorera of the softsboe dance.
the waits clog and the blackface
minstrel turn will see two of their
old faroritea in the Fox presen
tation of "Quick Millions" coming
Sunday. Monday and Tuesday to
the Grand theatre in which Black
and Blue, in real lite Robert
Burns and John Swor, take prom
inent roles. ; . ,
But since "Quick Millions" is a
story ot big cities, of suddenly ac
quired wealth, and big business
power, both Burns and Swor for
sake their: old routines; Burns,
howerer, taking a comedy role,
while Swor appears In a straight
- Spencer Tracy is starred in this
production which was directed by
Rowland Brown, author of "Door
way to Hell." .
Featuring three stars of excep
tional ability and boasting a story
of unusual merit, "Transgres
sion." Radio Pictures' wldejy
heralded dramatic hit reaches
the screen of the Elsinore
theatre Wednesday and Thursday.
Beautiful Kay Francis, whose
rise to screen stardom has been
deserTed and rapid, Ricardo Cor
tez, suare i Tillaln of the talkies
and Paul Caranagh, notable stage
star, play the principal roles.
. The story, from Kate Jordan's
novel. "The Next Corner", deals
with the mental torment of a
young women reared In the peace
and quiet of an English country-
aide who goes to Paris and strug
gles against conscience and im
pulse when an ardent lorer at
tempts to sweep her oft her feet.
Herbert i Brenon, director of
such screen classics as "Bean
Geste", "Sorrel and Son", "The
Case of Sergeant Grischa" and
Beau Ideal", has handled the
production with- notable success,
according to adraace Information.
Brenon considers it one of his
major triumphs.
An unusually competent sup
porting cast includes such faror-
ites as Nance O'Neill, Ruth West
on. John St. Polls and Adrienne
Outdoor romances., in great
number, hare been shown on the
screen at. the Grand Theatre, but
'A Holy Terror opening Friday
s a rerlation, a real treat in this
class of film entertainment.
That popular idol of the young
er generation, George O'Brien,
portrays the leading role and
Sally Eilers, Tibrant and beauti
ful, enacts the featured feminine
role. i 4
The story concerns the thrilling
adrentures of a young man about
town, who finds his assumed
father shot to death and decides
to track down the murderer.
O'Brien ! performs all sorts of
hazardous i feats in an airplane
and on horseback, makes a thrill
ing escape from a band of men-
T El SICIlf!
I with V
Firs V
Showlna; ;
fin' !
Korarro as aeen In "Daybreak, opea-
Kay Francis as she appears In
"Transgreattien at thejjtlsinore
theatre, Wednesday and Thursday
f this week.
dacious catlemen and crasbea into
a lady's bathroom with his air
plane. In the end, he finds his
man. only to 'discover he has been
trailing his own father and that
the man who was killed In a fair
fight, kidnapped the hero when
he was a child.
O'Brien, it is declared, excels
all his previous efforts in this pic
ture, even the roles he so success
fully played in "Lone Star Rang
er" and "Last of The Duanes."
The cast supporting the prin
cipals includes such faroritea as
Rita La Roy. Humphrey Bogart,
James Kirkwood, Stanley Fields.
Robert Warwick and Richard
Tucker. "
The picture was directed by
Irring Cummings and the story is
based on Max , Brand's outdoor
thriller, "TrailinV ':
Lutherans Will go
To Euerene ToJav
For State Ralljrl
SILVERTON. Aug. 2t Many
Lutherans from this vicinity will
go to Eugene Sunday to attend
the state-wide rally of the Luther
an Sunset home. Two ministers
from here, the Rev. J. M. Jenson.
pastor of the Immanuel Lutheran
church, and the Rev. H. L. Foss,
pastor ot the Trinity - Lutheran
congregation, are to deliver the
principal sermons on the morn
ing program. Rev. H. Rogen ot
Monitor will glre the address of
welcome. t .
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer O'Kane ot
Monterey Park. Cal., were Sll-
rerton visitors Wednesday, renew
ing old , acquaintances. The
O'Kanes, who formerly lived here,
were returning from a week'a vis
it in Canada en route home.
Mrs. Murdock, 70,
Has Eye Operation;
Oldtimers in Picnic
MONMOUTH, Aug. 25 Mrs.
J. L. Murdock underwent - a cri
tical eye operation Thursday at a
Salem hospital, and Is reported to
be resting comfortably. Mrs.
Murdock is about 70 years 'ot age,
and has been suffering Intensely
from eye affections and impair
ed vision for some time.
. A group ot old time friends en
Joyed a picnic together Wednes
day evening at Helmick state
park, with a bonfire that 'lasted
until late in the evening to enliren
reminiscence. Those enjoying the
affair were Misses Florence and
Jo Heffly, Mabel Johnson, and
Helen De Armond, and Mrs. Carl
Irerson, Mrs. Velma Pierson. Mrs.
Cora Riddell. Mrs. T. M. Roth and
Mrs. Velma Smith. j
, k ti it A
J. - iAtJ'"
f v
' . SaDy Eilers
Marguerite Churchill
tf H
lVr"'V-- r
1 v
Manelce Cberalier In "The
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at
The Gall
Today Spencer Tracy In
"Quick Millions".
Wednesday Mary Aster
and Robert. Ames In "Behind
Office Doprs."
Friday Sally Eilers and
George O'Brien in. "A Holy
Today Maurice Cheralier
in "The Smiling Lieutepant."
Wednesday Kay Francis
and Ricardo Cortes in "Trana-
Friday Sylria Sidney and
Phillips Holmes in "Confes-
sions of a Co-Ed."
Today Ramon Novarro la
"Daybreak". ?
Wednesday Lupe . Veles
and Lewis Ayres la "East is
Friday Myraa Loy and
Raymond Hatton la "Rogue
"of the Rio Grande."
Churches to Hold
Union Services as
Usual; Start Today
MONMOUTH. Aug. 21. Fol
lowing a traditional custom,
members of the various church
congregations in Monmouth will
hold union serrices in the sereral
places ot worship tor the four
Sundays ot school vacation. Be
ginning August SO a service will
be held in the Evangelical church
with Rev. Virtor P. Morris ot the
Christian church delirering the
September ( the Baptist church
will be the meeting place, with
Rev. A. L. Lonsberry of the Ev
angelical church in the pulpit.
September IS Rev. F. C. Stan
nard ot the Baptist church will
preach at the Christian church.
The final Sunday service has not
been scheduled to date.
Louis Probst made his second
roundup of thieves In his potato
field Tuesday night, about one
mile south of town when R. E.
Mllllgan and H. L. Marshall were
brought to town and arraigned
before the justice of the peace,
and admitted their guilt.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wander and
daughter, Marjorle, arrived home
Thursday from Los Angeles,
where they attended the national
convention of the rural mall car
riers. Mr. Wunder carries mall
over route one out of Indepen
dence, and has been in this ser
vice for about 15 years.
Cob tin aou Perf ornuuic
TaI A m tsb ma
Today, Monday and Tuesday
The Screen Most
Popular Lover
Also Comedy, News and Cartoon
P. t?" 'J I i
iir Vi
Smiling Lieutenant" which show
the Elsinore theatre.
At last the private secretary
gets a break!
This much-abused, hard-work
ed queen of the otice can't say
now that she is completely orer
looked in the scheme of life, for
Radio Pictures' "Behind Office
Doors" opening Wednesday at the
Grand Theatre, is a romantic film
woven out of her every-day ex
Without excessire gloss, Mary
Astor portrays vividly the role ot
a private secretary who falls hope
lessly In love with her boss onlr
te discover that he regards her
merely as an office worker. J
The ' atory is laid in a typical
American ofice where numerous
typewriters clatter la a noisy in
dustry -that- is familiar to more
than half of the country's popula
Uon. There girls who have fam
ilies to support live and work
girls drowning out personal trag
edies, secret love affairs and Joys
in a constant, -unceasing flow- of
Into this familiar, human back
ground, Director Melville Brown
haa Interlaced a beautiful ro
mance which will awaken an in
terest in the heart of every work
ing gill who sometime or other
has fallen captive to . the good
looks and kindness ot her boss
The result is an Intimate drama
of a private secretary, seen
through the eyes of those actively
engaged in the work.
The film features an unusually
strong cast in addition to Miss
Astor, including Robert Ames.
Ricardo Cortex. Catherine Dale
Owen and Edna Murphy.
Family's New
Washer Ends
WACONDA. Aug. 29. But for
a certain idiosyncracy. Warts
would have doubtless, been alive
today. He developed; a fondness
ror wasning macnines'in nis tnird
year of life and now -Donald Nu
lomi little green frog, a most
nnusual pet is no more. He was
such a friendly .little fellow and
obliging he ! hopped about so
cunningly when poked with
Immediately after the new ma
chine was installed Warts took up
his abode inside.
During the winter he lived In
some secluded spot, perhaps un
der the porch. Anyway, he always
sought the coolness of the sink
in warm weather.
The lid was always left open a
little for his convenience. Mr. Nu
som was explaining and demon
strating the merits ot an electric
washer to a. friend one evening;
the curernt was turned on. The
frog was killed.
25C Talkie. CaV
Home of WC Talkie
i 1
A - V.i :,
it ma
I 7L-: . t .. v .
Robert Ames and 3Iary Astor In a' scene from "Behind Office
Doers' which opens Wednesday at the Grand.
Maurice Chevalier as
v "Smiling
The screen's most unique stell
ar personality, loved the world
over for himself, his songs, his
vivacity comes te the Elsinore
theatre today, Monday and Tues
day next inr his new starring pic
ture, "The Smiling Lieutenant.'
directed by Ernest Lubitsch. mak
er of "The Love Parade" and
-The Patriot." He is Maurice
Chevalier, the smiling French
entertainer whose love-making
and love-singing have made .him
the Idol ot two continents.
"The Smiling Lieutenant" is a
rollicking romance, with all the
lore and song appeal of his first
moving picture, "Innocents of
pans"; with ail the luxury of set
ting and story of "The Love Pa
rade"; with the star of "The Big
Pond." Claudette Colbert, in one
of the leading feminine roles;
with another bright screen light.
Announcement Is made by the
Hollywood Theatre that Univer-
sal's all-talking screen version of
the successful stage play, '"East
is West." featuring LLupe Veles,
Lewis Ayres and Edward O. Rob
inson, has been obtained Wed
nesday as the opening atraction
at the Hollywood Theatre.
Originally' produced .In New
Tork with Fay Bainter in the
leading role, "East 1 West" prov
ed one ot the most popular plays
of recent years, enjoying a , run
of three years on Broadway.
The atory deals with the love
affair of Ming Toy and Billy Ben
son, son of a wealthy San Fran
ciscan, who rescues the little
Chinese girl from a "love boat"
in China.
Miss Velez. -whoje career as 'a
film celebrity ' started with ber
Portrayal of the mountain girl In
Douglas Fairbanks' "The Gaucho"
ia said to hare been most admlr.
ably cast as Ming Toy and in this
role she makes her debut as a
screen singer with her rendition
ot the famous "Chinese Lullaby."
Lewis Ayres. who leaped to
fame overnight as Paul Baumer in
All -Quiet on the Western Front."
plays his first romantic role as
Billy Benson. - f
y 1
The Coolest Theatre in
The Prince of Personality .
singing, winking bis way in
a plain Princess . . . then
blossom into a warm-blooded
under the care ot his own
Ernst Lubitsch
again trlumpe 'with this clever and
beautinlly made production of love
and romance.
It Will Gladden Your Heart !
. Naggus at the Races
and Sport Slants W. B. News
Returns to Elsinore
gorgeous Miriam Hopkins, in an
equally leading role, and .with
Charlie Rugbies, lovable comedian
in an Important supporting part.
The story deals with the de
licious romance ot a young lieu
tenant ot the guards, whose smile
gets him Involred with two wo
men, one, a ' cabaret performer
whom he loves and wants to
marry; the other an old-fashioned
princess who loves him and
whom he is forced to marry How
this marriage turns his life topsy
turvy, and how the unwanted wife
turns the table on her rival. Is
the amusing topic of the romance.
Helpful Hints
Healthful Living:
, 105 State
J. H.
Fotr v
Coats V
:-:- MIL
. .
and out of T
seeing her
beanry .
Ramon Novarro in Amusing
Comedy; Role Differs
From Wonted Type
The manager ot the Hollywood
theatre announces the first run
Sunday of Ramon Novarro's latest
production, "Daybreak."
In his latest Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
starring Tehicle, Dr. Ar
thur Scbnltxler's amusing- and so
phisticated "Daybreak." Ramoa
Novarro makes an abrupt switch
from the Spanish characterisa
tions he has done in his last two
productions, "In Gay Madrid" and
"Call of the Flesh."
Instead of broad-brimmed tats.
and long black capes with scarlet
borders, Novarro appears la' the
tight-fitting gold-laced uniform of
an officer of the Austrian Royal
Guard, before the war. And his
hair is elosely clipped to conform
to Teutonic military regulations.
- Willi Kasda, demonair younsf
lieutenant. Is the same sort of gar
love adventurer that Schnitzler
presented in the person of Max. .
the hero of his first play, "The
Affairs of Anatol." ,
To Kasda an interlude with
Laura is Just another love- affair,
but a twist given the story bv
Sehnitxler carries the Sale to the
very gates of tragedy.
The eminent French artist and
director. Jacques Feyder, was as
signed the work of preserving in
tact the, unique continental at
mosphere of this production.
Metro-Goldwvn-Mayer surround
ed the star with an exceptionally
capable " cast, including Helen
Chandler, the brilliant: hcrninn rr
"Outward Bound"; Jean Hersholt,
AUDrey Smith. William Bake
well, Karen Morley, Kent Doug
lass, Glenn Tryon and Clyde Cook.
Capital invested in prim If i r
in the United States totals $60-
eo.oot, or 50 per cent more thaa
that invested in manufacturing.
SAW ft
KA fin
A far coat to be worn on a day
like Friday or Saturday -would be
decidedly out of place as well as
very uncomfortable.
Still there are many more foolish
..'things done . every day. Things
which mean much to one's health
and even sometimes which might
lead to their serious illness.
Take every precaution possible
aboat your health and when you
cannot figure ont your trouble
consult your physician. Play safe. -WewlU
be glad to fill his pre
scription promptly and accurate
ly. . , -
Our Prescription Service' is the Hrt
Service We Render
Phone 3118
; ! ( -..,
nv Hi . -ST