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    TE OREGON STATE3J1AN. Salg Oresoa, bunday Moruag,-AU4t
Gridffiroini Season Looms Near, First . Practice fim Jl wo
f :
-i - - .
Ault Also Serious Threat
To Hitting Prowess
'; Of Solon Squad
Having proven that they were
little too good for their play-
. mates In the Portland Valley
league, championship of which
they won with a considerable mar
gin of safety though the outcome
waa technically in tloubt up to the
final Sunday, the Salem Senator
will match runs, bits and errors
-with some stlffer competition to
day probably the strongest avail
able In semi-pro ranks 4n Oregon.
(The Portland All-Stars, "elected
i the best players from the Cltjr
Kd Intercity leagues omitting
those teams whlcl are still engag
ed in settling their own differ
ence, will oppose the Senators at
Olinger field this afternoon at 2.30
o'clock. .
Andy Peterson who lost only
one gme after taking up the
mound task for the Solons late in
L first half of the Portland
- Valley league season, will m"
his fast ball against the deceptive
rnt learner. To back
Ault up
i. ha weakens the
will bring "Red" Smith.
Peterson to Face
Murderers' Bow
And unless Peterson is In excep
tlonal form these hurlers are like
ly to hare some hits and run s to
uBDOrt them, for Perle Stump
and Garlick. leadinr bitters of
the City league, will face M-n'
Stump and Garlick will c&rort
In the outer gardens lon
Johnny White, according to latest
Information although Buono was
ariglnally announce .t JJ
outfielders. In the Infield 1 will be
Harrv Calkins. Sharkey Sherritt.
SanTy Geenan" and Joe Wilson.
Cecil Gabriel, former collegian,
will ee oeainu iw , , j
liJL c.tAM will have their
regular lineup with Don Messen
ger stopping Peterson's - pitches.
Rex Adolphf Xou and Zeke , Glrod
and Harold Olinger strung fro
the infield and Walt Erlckson.
. , j, a Trnt foreman in
mn itiruii snaaa
Wamr Gardner Is
the gardens,
slated to call
balls and strides.
Will Fly at
, . i .
The northwest horsesnoe tbur
.hih will be held in Sa
i-m fniiowinr the Oregon . state
tournament to be held in connec-
-in. .tat fair, will be
the first of its kind ever staged
id. PiMflc coast.
irV9 ten men finishing with the
. most games won the finalday of
the state tournament ner
t . .imiiar rrouo chosen from
TirViin ff-tnti state tourney at
Olympla, the northwest champion
ship to be decided on a team bas
- Is with each Oregon man playing
each. Washington team member. A
large silver trophy cup nas oeeu
.. . The Oregon tournament will be
the most extensive of its kind
ever held In this state, according
t Tnnr Rrvant. state associa
tion secretary. Players are sending
In their names from all parts of
the state, and there will be. -at
least three times as many' entries
. mm in im nut h declares.
Play will start Saturday. Sep
mhr is; and continue Monday,
Tnaadav. Wednesday and Thurs-
nr th f olio win r week with
prizes each day, and then the fin
t on rrldav with the high icor
tag 1 players of the preceding
days, qualifying. There will be sev
I en Mixes for the finals ranging
tron12S to 1S .
Gophers, moles and grey dig
vera in Marlon county are hear
tmw .irhi or relief and nlannlnc
wmrnm ta and from their pres-
at aKAde for the remainder of
the year 1$S1. The reason la that
the Marlon county court has shut
a own on additional bounty pay
ments this year and announced
that when the $250 balance of the
11 ISO amtrnnriatlon for this Tear
to nsed up, no more bounties will
m nald.
In former years the. fund has
mot' htn exhausted until mnch
later In the year and then, boun
ties were paid irom emergncy
funds. .In 1130 S4.869 was paid
ant . In 199 tS.33? was nald out.
Whether the rodents are more
aaraerous this year . and more
aanters are in the fields after
them or whether depressed times
makes bounties more attractive is
not definitely known bv County
' clerk Bover. He issued a formal
order yesterday telling - banters
about the court's edict. Affidavits
mnat fwk mad n-t tm? wtian
aralna ar lTMfntM fhat that rrA-
ents were not killed during' the
l.i.; - - avi.. - -
Balance 01 iuu year. -
Coach E. C. Hayes of Indiana is
the only new football mentor In
the Big Ten this falL
Carlos Proctor, former Florida
football-star, has planned a series
ox 10 bouts to open ms profession
. ai boxing career. ;
The new rolf ball hasn't hurt
Bobby Jones' game. He recently
carded four 4 6 'a In a week.
Willamette Needs New Men to Fill Gaps
T hv Graduation: Salem Hiffh Faces
The outlook for football at Sa
lem high la more or less uncer
tain now with the opening prac
tice looming up three weeks away,
according to Coach Hollls Hunt
it ni a larrelv a matter of
building all over again for the of
fense, as some new backs and
nAm win fcavn to be developed.
the coach pointed out. The middle
of the line will De wen proviuuu
ith veterans. J .
There will be no lack of 'good
material for the backfield ana
tnn hiit iama of the boys will
be Just ut of Junior high and ,a
little young as well as inexperien
ced, says Hunungion.
The backfield. situation depends
to a great extent on whether su-
ral, hard charging back and aeaa-
ly defensive man, is able to re
turn to school. He is a bit uncer
tain about It. Weisser will be back
and that takes one big load olf tne
coach's mind as not many full
backs in high school football are
likely to outplay him.
Backfield PUcea
Will Xeed FIHina:
DeMaris, who showed flashes of
greatness last year, will be out
again and Is likely to be -more
consistent. Other candidates are
for the most part sopnomores.
Nicholson and Perrlne were- prom
ising men in Junior high, to men
tion only two. A quarterback will
have to be developed 10 xaae r ore-
man's place.
: Captain Jim Reed, wno piayea
center last year, may possibly be
shifted to some otner posmon,
Drhini tackle, and Sanford or
Shepard may fit Into the ball pass
ing role. Shepart played two years
ago but was not here last season.
Schlebner and Otjen are exper
ienced tackles but Coomler will
be missed. Schlebner may be
MnvH tn ni1. where the absence
6f Glese and Adams Is a real prob
lem. Moody from ramsn is a
tarVlA nosslbilitV. CoffeV Is the
only regular guard returning but
there are some good prospects in
Woodry, Cross and Martin, as well
as Green who Is coming up from
rvoJardln was a rood en a
for Parrlsh and may come some
where near bagging a regular
berth. Some of the other canat
dates whose positions are not cer
Chicago .Welcomes Shotmakets
I l"i ' si ' v i nrtrai niTnMi a77 ! : : . :
rfk JJi9&vy mmr' iff
mammm -ss x . , mm s
T"VJLLY nine-tenths ef Ameri-
rea's ablest amateur golfers
week-end to start, Monday morn
ing, twe days ot qualifying play
in their annual championship, to
he contested en th Beverly Coun
try won course. After qualifying
scores have cut the field to thirty-
two. tfca nmil 1 a.ki1. .V .1
will take place for the next four
Mjra vmy anerouna 1931 tMC-
' - . . j . c m vuti.
George Volgt and T. Philip Per
kins . are the reneral rhni-a A
win, bat the hazards ef all-too-
that picking a winner in such com-
puu uouijna- more uan an
amusing whim. The field at Bev-
rrl will Ha Kva4sw k -
tne dark horses should a-listen.
With Portland
of tiackiield reconstruction
Sport vrtting la getting all
topsy-tarry. lime was when
last names of playera only were
nsed, with grudgingly insert
Initial if there were more than
athlete of the same last
hi team. Now the tew-'
dency la to wse first and mid--die
name, especially of players
featured In the story. We sus
pect It's a device to impress the
reader with the sport scribe's,
familiarity with - the players.
Guess well have to start dig
ging up the boys' middle names.
oskti fh !a t won the Ameri
can Legion Junior championship
of the world. Now mat team oeai
Seattle by two runs, and Seattle Portland bT-twO TOM. and
our own boys were Just as good.
anyway, as the Portland team.
c w fimra thA Marion Juniors
Ttiav hall anvwhere with
aaaa a w a mm j mm m w
luin af their tea and hold their
Little Aubrey wanted to ride
horseback. So the stable man
led out a sleepy looking mosst
and helped little Aubrey into
the saddle. Then, as he hand
ed the reins to Little Aubrey,
the stable man Just laughed
and laughed. He knew that
horse was Midnight.
tain Include Charles Reed who
mnid not nlav last year because
of an Injury to his head Just be
fore the season opened; Eari ana
Brownell from last year's re-
riirks who has the .ear
marks of a football player but
larka exnerience. C. Thomas and
BurrelL . '
rnr thA first time In eight
m Wisconsin and Illinois will
oppose each other in football this
What aa array ef golfing; talent
ana tors wui contain i
Chick Evans, Francis Ouixaet
and Jesse Guilford are among the
former amateur champs who will
compete. And inat nueriy cnarm
ing and remarkable veteran H.
Chandler Egax, who won the title
oack in iio. It doesn't seem as
If even the Sty will ever stymie
that Nestor ef the links!
And the wealth ef coming tal
ent Charley Seaver, Stanford
student; Johnny Goodman, who
survived his dark horse victory
ever the great Jones in 1929; Har
rison "Jimmy" Johnston, the win-
nr wo years ago,, wno lea me
1931 qualifiers at St. Paul; Frank
Dolp, Pacific Northwest champion;
Lawson Little, who upset Phil Fin
lay at Pebble Beach in 1929; Gene
Candidates for Willamette uni
versity's 13 1 gridiron entry in
the Northwest conference - race
have been summoned to appear
on the scene September 14, Coach
Spec Keene announced baiur-
day. That leaves only five days
of practice before the firat tough
contest, against v. a. u.. out us
the conference rule that practice
shall not start until the second
Mondav In September. .
Classes at Willamette win not
start nntlinhe following week, so
rnaeh Keene is not raillnc against
the lateness of opening practice
date. It has been earlier the last
two seasons, but experience has
been that few of the rridders are
readv to renort until a little clos
er tn school da vs. '
A fair first string lineup couia
be mustered from the holdovers
who are practically certain to
rnma back. bat Willamette s
chances will be slim If a consid-
rahla number of new men do
not show up for the squad, ana
that depends almost entirely on
what loba are forthcoming, as
most of the players are seir sup
nortlnr and for' some, summer
work has been scant.
Three Stars From
1 In. Am Mlaaina
Veterans returning wui inciuae
Haldane. regular ana binciair.
last vear reserve, for the ends;
Jnnea and Caroenter. veteran
tacklers; Fred Smith, regular,
and Drager. Tweed, GIroa and
wood worth. T' serves, for guards;
Hiniv and Baldwin, reserves, for
center. Linemen lost Include
Cardinal, end; Phllpott, guard.
and Ackerman, center; an inree
having been all-conference men at
on time or another.
Quarterbacks who hid plenty of
experience last yearare rea raui
and Julian Smith; Gribble and
Ferruson will be available for
rlrht half. Erlckson for left halt
which is the nrlnclnal ball carry
in? noaition. and Johnson, more or
less regular last yearlong with
Woolley, reserve, for runoaca.
T.anr all-conference fullback, will
be missed, and som other back-
field men are uncertain.
New men sure to turn out In
elude "Putts" 'Areas. all-Mlnnea-
nolim a-uard who Is already here;
Foreman, Kitchen and Rhoten
from last year's Salem high team,
and Hartler. basketball man who
win be ont for football for the
first time. '9-
1931. Das restores SyadUsta. lsC'
Crrat BriUU rUfcta
Marion last yeari Eddie Drlgcs
and at least a score esT ether sea
soned players. ,
Of the so-called Old Guard, Dr.
Oscar F. Willing looks te be the
Or-, veteran is a keern cempetiter,
on the verge for years ef annexing
amateur golfs highest American
honor. -
Maurice McCarthy a Ma.
York; Ross Somerviile, CanaXtan
champion; Francis Brown ef Hone
lulu; George Dunlap, Jr, intercol
legiate titlirt; John and Alaric de
(use a small Md,n Beauchaap, el
mpi a urai, orouiers ana on-so-British,
are among the most inter
esting; the stars: that will
twinkle blaze, sr be axtinruished
during next .week's deels. at
Beats Columbia 1 to O'in
Spectacular Duel .of
Pitching Phenoms
HOIISTOM. Tex.. Aug. fS
fAPl Al Lawler. slim, bespec-
tarlod Hsrht handed, -fanned 17
hatters here today blanking Col
umbia, S. C, 1 to 0 In 14 Innings
to win for South cnicago. iu-, tne
1931 Junior baseball champion
ship. '
Lawler'a brilliant performance
was almost matched by KIrby Hig-
be, square Jawed right nanaer
who toiled for the losers.
Higbe - fanned, ten and pitched
out of holes dug for him by the
errors of his mates. ' .
But in the ' fourteenth Wally
Holem, Chicago catcher, singled.
He stole second and went to tnira
when the catcher's throw was
wild. Lawler walked and Har-
rassimovicx, second, sacker beat
out a bounder over the piicner s
head scoring Holem.
worn the nolnt of Interest and
attendance the 1931 series waa
the most successful ot nistory.
Seven thousand fans aaw South
rhicirn tronnee Columbia Friday
while 2000 turned out today.
The score: K
South Chicago 1
Columbia ...."... .
Lawler and Holem; nigoe ana
W I. Pet.l r W X, Pet.
PWM. 89 S4 .724 St. L. 51 74 .408
Wtik. 73 51 .589 Boltaa 49 73 .402
H. T. 73 53 .5811 Detroit " .."
Claved. 61 60 .504Chief
iipi T-AftT Grove, leading
American league pitcher and co
vm.. nf ia eirmtt'a consecu-
ttve victory record, was knocked
... . mm A 1 Jit A 4laM m
OUt Of the BOX IOr tne iirai.
vi. ....nn tn the sixth Inning of
a game with the Yankees which
the Athletics won. 7 to 4. today.
Lou Gehrig's 3tn nome rua
with the bases loaded finished
mwa wtiA haa won 25 games
and lost only three. The four
runs still left tne xanaees wan
ing 4 to T. aa Welberg replaced
Grove, and no Tuns were i
In the last three Innings. HJJ'
New York .1.000 004 000-4 I 1
Philadelphia . .005 020 00x-7 8 0
Gomes, Anarews,
Dickey; Grovel Walberg and
iT . ,
White Sox Win
vrTTirlT- . Anr 19. (AP)
The White Sox hammered three
Detroit pitchers today. and took
the second game of their current
. a
series. i xo R H E
Chlcitgo ....220.000 330-10 IS
-. Frasler, and umoe; uruiw,
Herring, Sullivan and Hayworth.
Indians Still Win
CLEVELAND, Aug. 29.-r-(AP)
I I Tnillana won their 11th
victory In the last l games oy
downing the St. l-ouis "
here today. 5 to 3. WIMaJEIudlln,
Cleveland hurler. - kept the
Browns' nine nits wen scaere.
e TJ ... .120 000 000-3 9 4
Cleveland . .V.001 000 13x-5 I I
- Rlaeholder ana uensous".
Hudlln and Uyatt.
. Both Wins Close- .
BOSTON. Aug. It. (A?)
The Boston .Red Box took two
close decisions from the Wash
ington Senators toaay, vudibi
the second game to w
lag the opener t to 1. -
Waahlngtom ...100 000 OOOtl t 1
Boston vuv
- Marberry and Spencer; DuTham
and Ruel. , RHE
Boston 'v " wwM-m w
I - Fischer, Hadley and Spencer;
Russell and Berry. . -.
School Days
Are Coming
Better Get Your
Ready Now
New tires, pedals, chains, seats
and la tact everything for your
bicycle at th lowest prices la
history. Let us do your Job
School Special
New heavy motorbike model
bicycle, ' eOQ OC
special bow . . . . 9-a7eO
Trade ta Tew Old Wheel
The Cycle Una. 147 8. ComVl
Oana Homes With Sacks All
. Uccupiea to JC-ievaie oems
Again to Par With Beavers
W L Pet.
PorUd. SI 25 .534
W 1 Pet
Los A. 29 27 .518
Scsttl 3T 38 .491
Sacrma. 23 S3 .41
Miaaioas 31 84 J2
Saa P. SI 25 .554
Oakla. SI 28 .554
HoliyC 39 28 .537
PORTLAND, Ore., "Aug. 29.
(AP) Prince Henry- Oana, Ha
waiian outfielder for the Seals,
hit a home run In the third in
Ing with the bases loaded here
tonight, giving his team a 5-to-4
win over the Portland Beavers.
With Posedel In the box. Meal
ey doubled and rfood pat on sec
ond while Davis filed out. Sulik
and Frailer got walks. Then Oana
made ' his homer. '"'
' San Francisco got another off
KIHeen, relief pitcher, in the sev
enth when - Keasey's single
brought In Sulik. --. -
San Francisco ....... 5
Portland 4
Davis and Mealey; Posedel,
Kllleen and Fitspatrick.
Win Race and Game
f API Not content with winning
a foot race billed as one ot the
major features ot the evening's
entertainment, the Sacramento
Senators tonight annexed the
fifth game of he series with the
Hollvwood Stars. 3 to 2. to take
a lead by a like margin In the
Ten thousand fans watched
Frenchv Bordaxary. - Sac garden
speedster, defeat Jess Hill, fleet-
footed star nlaver.wn a special
75-yard -race. There were those
who made dark remarks about
Frenchv lumnlns the gun. but
there wasn't any gun so there
wasn't any argument. -
R- H E
Sacramento 3 (
Hollvwood . ..' 2 11
Hubbell and Wlrts; Yde and
Taylor Suds' Hero
SEATTLE, Aug. 29. (AP)
A long double by Harry Taylor.
Indians first baseman, drove. In
two rnns in the last of the ninth
and won tonight s game from tne
Los Angeles Angels, 8 to 7.
The Tribe took an early lead
with a three-run Tally In the
first Inning, during which another
double by Taylor scored one run.
The Indians drove out It hits
dnrlnar the rime.
. rt xl m
Los Angeles 7 9 4
Satt1k 8 15 2
Nelson and Campbell;: Keating
and Gaston.
(AP) Afternoon game:
Oakland V. H 13
Missions ............ 7 14 5
Ludolph and Read; H. PUlette,
Caster and Hoimann.
NlKht rame: RHE
Oakland 1 6 10 2
Mission a ....2 9 0
Craghead and Read; Biggs.
Leiber and RIccl.
Gus Payne Wins
doubles Title
At Traps Meet
VaNDALIA. Ohio, Aug. 29
(AP) Gua ' Payne, Oklahoma
CItT salesman, won the amateur
doubles clay, target championship
(3dyoai? SEqoqGoi? IPacGy
C. AUBREY' surra
Frank DoolittleV Master Service Station
of - North America, the closing
feature of the grana .American
handicap trapshoot tournament,
here today.
Payne succeeded - In shattering
185 targets out or a possible 200
to lead George Peter of Phoenix,
Arlx., and Sam Jenny, Highland.
ILL. wno ilea ior lecona uj
breaking 19 out of 20 while John
ny shatterea is.
EUGENE. Ore.. Aug. 29 (AP)
Mrs. Angus Godfrey, Eugene,
defeated Mrs. David Granam. aiso
of Eugene, two straight sets to
win thA women's singles title in
the Willamette valley tennis tour
nament on University or uregon
courts here today. Mrs. Graham
was seeded No. 1. The score was
0-3. 9-7.
Joe Kaliskv and Jack Ahearn.
both of Eugene, will-swap serves
tomorrow In the finals or the
men's sin ties. Ahearn defeated Al
Cofts. Tillamook, and Kallsky,
Gardlnler. Eugene, to get Into the
The men's Junior singles will be
decided between Sam BIckman.
Albany, and Pete Buck, - Eugene.
tomorrow. The former, is seeded
No. 1 and the latter No. 2.
Tn tha finals of -the men's dou
bles tomorrow. Ahearn and Kai
Isky will meetGardiner and Kao-
ler. Myrtle Point. The former pair
won from Coats and Slattery In
the semi-finals. The latter put out
McDonald and Rick.
XATIONaX league
W Ij Pet.
V L Pet.
St. lu 82 45 .646 Boston
N. Y. 70 5S .59(Pitt.bk.
Chiearo 71 59 .546!PhUda.
Brooks. 67 60 .5281 Cineia.
58 65 .4
59 68 .465
54 72 .439
44 83 .346
CHICAGO, Aug. 29 The Cubs
hammered out 16 hits off John
son and 6trellcke to defeat the
Cincinnati Reds 14 to 5 In the
series opener today.
Cincinnati 5. 9
Chicago .14 16
" Johnson.- Strellckl and Suke-
forth; Root and Hartnett,
ST. LOmS. Anr. 29 (AP)
Aided bv five errors. Heinle
Melne and the Pittsburgh Pirates
evened up the series at one game
each hv defeatinr the St. iau
cardinals. to 2 here today.
Pittsburgh 8 9 1
Rt. Louis . . . .". '. ... 2 9 5
Melne and Grace; Johnson,
Stout, Llndsey and Wilson.
Philadelphia at New York, dou
ble header postponed: rain.
Boston at Brooklyn, postponed
H6fl3vood Theater
Monday and Tuesday
August 31 and September 1st
The following: coupon when filled in and
brought to our MaAter Service Station North
Commercial and Center streets wiH be ex
changed for 2 adult tickets (coupon not good
for children's tickets.). -
Owner Name
Make of Car
I Tear of Car
I a vi
. '--L
Diving, Swim
Contests at
Pool Enjoyed
viatn fancr and funnr diving
nA awl mm insr were done by the
little and big boy and girl navi
gators of Olinger pool at me reg
ular 14th street playground Fri
day swimming meet . yesterday.
The new members of the Red
Cross Junior Hfesaving' corps.
who two weeks ago passea mtir
tests there, were put on duty to
guard the safety of the children. -
Th results or tne acquauc .
were as follows:
Australian crawl: Little boys
Julienne McCarthy, first; Gib El
liott, second; Quentln Ruecker,
third. Little girls Marian uuii
enberg, first; Jean Bartlette, sec
ond; Mlxlne Goodenough. third.
Older boys Don Chaper, first; :-
Joe Devers, second. Older gins-r-
Dorla Marston. first; Marie Hir
sekorn, second. '
Elementary back stroke: Little
boys Norman Allport. first; Gin
Elliott, second; Julienne. McCar
thy, third. Little girls Janet Col
lier, first; Marian Hultenberg.
second. Older boys Bill Sexton.
first; Don Chapel, second; Joe
Devers. third. Older girls Marie
Hirsekorn, first; Doris Marsten,
Stunt swim, on stomach, feet
first? Little boys Quentln
Ruecker. first; Gib Elliott, sec
ond; Marvin Larklns, tnira. ui
tle girls Janet Collier. ' first;
Theodora Bonffleur and Marian
Hultenberg. tied for second. Old
er boys Don. Chapel, first; Bill
Sexton, second; Joe Devers. third.
Funny dive: Little boys Mar
vin Larklns, first; Norman All
port, second; Gib Elliott, third.
Little girls Marian Hultenberg.
first; Janet Collier, secona. uiaer.
novs Joe Devers. first: Don.
Chapel, second; Alvln McCarthy,
third. Older girls Doris Marston,
first; Marie Hirsekorn. second.
Fancy dive: Little boys Nor
man Allport. first; Gib Elliott,
second; Marvin Larklns, third.
Little t girls Janet Comer ana
Marian Hultenberg, tjed for first.
Older boys Joe Devers, first;
Wilmer McDowell, second; Don
Chapel, third.
The lunior lifesavers who
passed their tests at Olinger pool
and have been serving as assist
ant guards are: Julienne McCar
thy, Joe Baker, Bill Sexton, Mar
garet Tlnnel, Laura Rettig, Wan
da Loveland,; Doris Marston,- -sa-
dine Conway and Jean Harriett.
Magic Work On
Greens Decides
Western Title
29. (AP) Mrs. Opal S. Hill of
Kansas City, a fighter with si
magic putter and a strangely un
orthodox swing, was crowned the
women's western golf champion
for the second time In three years
Although paired against one of
the greatest Iron stylists In thai
game. Mrs. Leon a Pressler of Sani
Gabriel, Cal.. in the 36-hole fi
nale. Mrs. Hill putted her way toj
a 3-to-J. triumph. She romped to)
a three-up lead at nine holesy
saw her lead vanish on the lTthi
hole, came back with a birdie to
lead at the halfway mark and
then stretched her lead to theV
finish. - -
iii .
i i
i j
i . -