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arner Bros. EJsinore
Dramatic GtrlMa
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Here is a group from the feature picture at the Hollywood
today, The Royal Family" In which Ina Claire, Fredrie
March, Mary Brian, Henrietta Crosmann are featured.
Ruth Chatterton who co-stars with Paul Lukas in "Unfaithful" coming to Warner Bros.
Elsinore theatre next Thursday.
' A scene from "Fighting Caravans, opening today at Warner Bros. Capitol theatre with
Gary Cooper, lolly aiar&nall, Ernest Torrence and Lily Damita as featured players.
"Fighting Caravans is
Epic at Capitol
awiim i ii mi mi ii iagaasac.ii ii mini in
Big n Star CMt in Zn
Grey 8tory; Seaccb for
Gold is Motif :
On of tbe largect casts ever
assigned to a moving picture pro
duction. Including fortj-flve well
known stage and screen players,
is seen in "Fighting Caravans.
Para mount's epic of the Old Weak
based on Zano Grey s noveL
-Fighting Caravans- which
breaks today at Warner Bos.'
CapltoL has Gary Cooper and
Lily Damita In the romantic leads
as the yonng scout and French
girl pioneer of the' 1883 trek
across the continent to the land
of gold Ernest Torrence and
tuiit Marsaau. popular enaracier
actors of the screen, continue the
characterisations they created in
The' .Covered. Wagon. Fred
Kohler, as the 1 man who tries to
prevent the success of the Journ
ey, plays the menace part, with
Frank Harney as his henchman.
"Fighting Caravans" has been
filmed oa the same gigantic scale
which made 'The Covered Wag
on a never-to-be-forgoUen screen
presentation. The lives,' equip
'ment. the characters, even the
dangers and privations ql those
forward-pushing dsys hare been
reconstructed, and brought to
life on the screen.
Otto Brower and Darld Bur
ton, co-directors of the picture,
: conducted this large cast Into
the highest range 3 of the Sierras.
back of Sonora. California, for
the filming el the master outdoor
' scenes. Here the prlncipsls, as
well as tbe supporting players.
Buffered, during the filming.
many of the hardships which the
early pioneers experienced.
The story of "Fighting Cara
vans' centers around the trek of
hundreds or gold-seeking East
erners into the wild lands of the
west about i860. During the
danger-ridden march Westward.
Gary Cooper, a scout for the par
ty, falls in lore with a courage
ous gin ol the caravan, and the
march Is punctuated by the cli
mactic lore action. -
by Marty Swartx." district man
ager, and will appear every week.
The second of the series will bo
seea Thursday.
Mr, Hubbard, his nhotosranh-
er, W. Earle Frank, and the film
ing expedition spent two years on
the veldts of Northwestern Rho
desia and Portugese East Africa.
isaing pictures of the wild ani
mal life In that little explored
section of. the mysterious dark
continent. They obtained manv
sensational sequences of bin-
nine, huntlnr. fichtlnn- and be-
lnc halted. !
The difficulties that beset the
cameraman in Africa ara tnn-r
and diverse,- says Mr. Hubbard.
"ii is impossible to get good pic
tures around the middle of the
day. The gtaro of the scorching
sun Is too bright. The best hours
lor laaiajr nlcturea arte Wmb
nine and eleven ' o'clock in the
morning and between three and
tour-thirty in the afternoon.
then the air is only too ant to be
wnen developed proves to be dull
and flat.
"At noon there la entirelv ton
much light for good photograph
ic resuiis,.DU tbe camera hunter
oi nig game must t'shoot" while
he has a chance, when tha rain a
Is there to bo photographed, and
nsK the flint being rendered val
neless by too much Ilrht. It i
often necessary to watt for wmIi
at a time to get any kind of a
shot at some of the bigger game.
'The light Is not the only nrob-
lem that confronts the camera
man in Africa. His fUms and de
veloping preparations must be
kept In airtight metal containers
Or the antS Will PAt t thm mrA
destroy them. The intense heat
'Dishonored"' Comes to
Elsinore Today ;
Rlarleae Dietrich Star; Roih
Chattertom Comings ia '
"Unfaithful' .
Exotic, glamorous, mysterious,
talented and surpassingly beauti
fulthese are only a few of the
adjectives which have greeted
the new overnight sensation of
the American screen. Marlene
Dietrich. She has ; created a stir
among the public, i editors, artists
and critics such as no other act
ress has done within the past five
years. She is already almost as
well known and as much admired
as filmdom's great star, Rudolph
Valentino, and, to date, she has
been seen in only throe pictures
in the united States. "Morocco.'
"The Blue Angel" and "Dishon
ored. the feature today at War
ner Bros.' Elsinore. Tet she is
a stranger in Hollywood. J
.Miss Dietrich remains a stran
ger In Hollywood because, she
uuis to unaerstana Hoiiywooa,
as she frankly admits herself.
"Many of the women of Holly
wood are aware of the fact that
they are well-gowned." sbe ex
plains. "The town is distinctly
'clothes-conscious As for lewels.
I have neter seen so many In
my me. nan me people I meet,
away from the studios, seem to
makes It necessary to WAlnn tbe
film soon after exposaror time
and work go for nothing. But in
piie or an our troubles, we sue-
eeeaea m getting many unusual,
clear and hirhly interestinr
of, the natives and of the wild
oeasts of the veldt
Africa Film
Thriller to
Appear Soon
To thtflar photographer's mind
ft would appear that Africa, with
its bright sunlight, its cloudless
skies, would be a photographer's
paradise. That Is far from the
case; however, according to Wyn
ant D. Hubbard wh6so "Adven
tures in Africa." are being: releas
ed by the Vitaphono-Distributlng
corporation in a series of twelve
2 -reel shorts. These have been
booked la Warner Bros. Elsinore.
j Today, Monday, Tuesday -
A Sophisticated Comedy That Win Delight Yon! j
' sis- ;tto
if yi Mu
.T2&H!fe VieV'VVi '
I iirtexs , mini i . 'nJf ' .
Board "
Today Marlene Dietrich in
Thursday Ruth Chatterton
in UnfalthfnL
Today Gary Cooper ia
s "PightlngCaravan."
e e
Today Mary Brian in The'
1 Royal family, of Broad-
: way. ' - - : -
Wednesday Marlon Davles
' in The Bachelor." : .
Friday The White . Rene-
- gade" with an all-star cast.
Today El.Brendel in 'Just
Imagine." :
Wednesday Irene Delroy in .
"Divorce Amoner Friends."
Friday -.Edmund Low in
: "Men on CalL"
e e
three young moderns who claim
him as a parent. Ilhe has lived a
bachelor's life so long that he
does inot ,ln: any way understand
"young nto4erns." The results of
the presence of these three young
people played by Marion Davles,
Nena Quartaro and " Guinn Wil
liams: in the home of the rich
bachelor almost ruins his happi
ness forever;. ,
"The White Renegade" " will
conclude the bill at the Holly
wood; This ; play has to do with
the srlyj days of '49. Love and
intrigue .are mixed with early
settlement. (Not the , least Inter
esting . part; of the play Is the
scenes inj! which the. story Is laid.
The st,ory concludes Jn .under
ground and Jack Irwin, the ; di
rector, chose the famous and
comparatively recently discovered
Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico,
as the locale tor his dramstic
Climax. After many weeks of ne
gotiations the government grant
ed Mr. Irwin permission to shoot
The White Renegade" In the
deep caves under the deserts of
New Mexico.
Seymour Stewart of this com
munity has gone to the coast for
several days. Stewart is a senior
of the Turner high school and Is
attending their picnic at tho
beach: : ' 'f .
"The Royal Family' at
Hollywood Today -
Off-Stage Story of Theatre
Folk; . The . Bachelor"
; Comes Wednesday- .
Maureen O'SuUivan and John Garrick in a scene from "Just
Imagine", a Fox product now showing at tho Grand.
be on display. It is not their
fault. Rather It Is the fault of
the attitude held toward Holly
wood. I have the feeling that the
people of Hollywood themselves,
within themselves, resent the
glass-house atmosphere of the
place. Goldfish must despise their
Marlene Dietrich's attitude to
ward Hollywood Is far from be
ing her attitude toward its work.
She has a tremendous interest in
all phases of motion picture mak
ing, an interest which takes her
beyond the artistic side and into
the great complication of techni
cal detail. She has more than a
layman's knowledge of the cam
era, of studio lighting, of set de
sign and story construction. She
la one of those' extraordinary
women who hare almost a mas
culine bent for acquiring faets
about all phases of mechanics
that enter Into work In whih she
is concerned.
During the making of "Dis
honored." Josef von Sternberg,
Its director, called from the set
for a few moments, directed Miss
Dietrich to supervise rehearsal of
the scene that was being prepar
ed. When Von Sternberg return
ed, cameras, players, lights were
all ready for tho action to be
photographed, and recorded. .
"Just Imagine" Laugh
Show at Grand
EI Brendel, - Swedish Star ia
Lead With Irish Foil
. '' and 8ong Hits
The .Grand tneatre will start
the week out with a Fox produc
tion "Just Imagine," with tbe
Swedish comedian. El Brendel, in
the lead, and the Irish favorite,
Maureen O'SuUivan, playing op
posite him. Good combination, is
it not? - i
In "Just Imagine," Buddy De
Bylva, Lew Brown and Ray Hen
derson, the world's champion
song writers, are making a strong
bid to repeat their success of
1929 when their first musical
picture, "Sunny Side Up" proved
the most popular produced dur
ing tbe year.
"Just Imagine" is this year's
offering from the young men
who. in addition to "Suruay Side
Up" also have had nine emash
Broadway musical hits and scores
of the most popular aongs.
Wednesday "Divorce Among
Friends" will be the feature at
the Grand. Lew. Cody and Irene
ueiroy pisy opposite each other
In this rather sophisticated story.
It is also a farce and one does
The Royal Tamily," now
showing at the Hollywood, as a
name for 'a ' show does not tell
one very much but a bit of ad
vance Information tells ns that it
is the story of the intimate life
of a stage family. One is tapted
to believe i that perhaps some
well known stage people hare
been used to build tbe story-
It Is not a "back stage" story.
It is "off-stage", rather than
"back-stage," for nine-tenths of
the action takes place in tbe pa
latial family residence of "the
royal family." It Is ' a cross-section
view of the intimacies of a
great family of the American the
atretheir lives, their loves, their
temperaments, their traditions.
Only the shadow of the theatre
is present on the screen. The
main theme Is tho presentation
of this famous family's life "off
stage.". ' --..-
It was directed by George Cu
kor and Cyril Gardner. "Mr. 'Cu
kor Is a recent graduate of the
stage directorial . field, and Mr.
Gardner is a reteran of tbe film
"The Bachelor" is the Wednes
day offering at the Hollywood.
In this Marion Davles plays a
comedy role which brings laugh
after laugh. And the work of C.
Aubrey Smith is something you
will not forgeCHe-is a bachelor
in this picture, but there are
not take It seriously as things go
from bad to worse for the young
husband knd wife In Quarrel up
on quarrel. Natalie Moorhead
plays tho sleek vamp to an ag
gravating perfection In this play.
"Men on Call" Is a dramatiza
tion of the lives of those who
guard onr storm-tossed coasts,
with Edmund Lowe adding the
portrayal of a fearless, hard-loving
coast guardsman to the im
pressivo list of service heroes he
has characterized before the cam
era. Locations chosen for the film
ing included coast guard atations
in San Francisco, Cypress Point
and at Monterey Bay. Many coast
guardsmen acted very effectively
in the production, particularly in
the spectacular shipwreck se
quences. John Blystone directed.
(j pF-Brcffdujaii'
jy "a comeay, mews and Cartoon
PUr7nn j . . :;,:
m. Salem's only home-owned
f J down-tow Theatre :
15 ; imPss- EL BRENDEL
Iff iyt. -3 LOVE AND
ill " "JPlI 'Hi?' l..i. OSaUiT.,Johi. G.rrtck LAUGHTER
Vtf LTraT SJ ViL Mariorle T'Mtt Frank Albertson . rur inni
R WffiiYl tet IN 1980
flAl llM Showing . - ; - :
l Ii I t In &dem THE LONGEST AND 7
r y f. ii ,. - --.. ....
T7RSTTT f Continnous Z to 11 P. If. i
. JX: KjJ LW Z-A ii Adults 40e Kids 10c
- i - i
t I I I I ' J till II I III
: f
Play Golf
Triumphs again! So thrilling! So
beautiful the woman who be-;
came , an overnight sensation in
"Alorocco" back again in her su
preme talking screen success.
The dashing, debonaire hero of
"The Cockeyed World' scores
again as the romantic young offi
cer in this smashing drama!
or of Morocco and scores of out
standing Paramount hits turns
"Dishonored" into, the greatest
achievement of his career!
Pi M. '
r v
SPECTACLE! More than an
epie picture ! Its huinan
drama, its soul stirring love
story reaches - into your
heart! You'll throb and tin
gle with its adventure and
romance! Written by the
greatest of Western story
tellers ...
I i
uu u
0) M V
iL Z w , j
G Qaramount Qicture
as the fighting frontier buster! LILY DAMITA. tin
tamed; undaunted, the guide to love! ERNEST TOR
RENCE and TULLY MARSHALL playing the roles
they immortalized In "The 0vered Wagon;" FRED
KOHLER and EUGENE PALLETTE . ; . masters of
comidy characterizations ."!'.
I '$ - - V ' '
a) r-