The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 24, 1931, Page 18, Image 18

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    The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem, Oretron, Sunday Morning May 24, 1931
111 11 ' '
district offer -sincere eon rratnla
tlons to these communities In
their Tictory.
The Salem Heights Dulch wind
miU "Idea", consisting of dancing
and singing was under th direc
tion of Agnes V. Booth. Taking
part in the act were: RasaeJl
Beardsly, at the piano. Frederick
Thielson. traps. Paul Burger, Vir
gil Clemens, Glendon LaDnke,
harmonicas. - OrrUle Beardsley,
soloist. Dutch singers and dane
ers, Florence Ball, Irene Fischer,
Muriel Robinson. Orrille Beards-
Craig. -
Mrs. WUliam Trudgen was In
charge of costuming. Dr. Craig. E.
E. Pruiti, Tred Fischer and H M.
Nixon i charge of scenery.
Seattle Recall
Move in Court
-rejlttUC. May . IS (AP)
gal purchase - of - furniture for
Mayor Edwards office and con
tentions by his attorney that re
call charges agalnstcfclmare In
sufficient marked the opening Fri
day of - the- "eight taxpayers
suit to "block a recall election. ,
- Eridence of the alleged illegal
purchases of 110.948 of furni
ture, supported by series of Or
dinances. , was Introduced . at the
outset ' by counsel ' for the recall
movement, orer the protest of at
torneys for the. eight taxpayers.
V v V
While Salem Heights , only won
third place in the rare tor the
trophy cnp at the Elsiaore the
atre Friday night in th face of
the stiff competition of Silrerton
aal Woodbnrn. the people of this
Skirmishes orer tho arowed Ille
niT Bartlett ana J ace
. . ' . ..... i
"'''sj'" '
(' -
, ; r -. ; r On. ' :
- - s s K j - - i
...... , . r . . . . . r , ; .-A" v -'--, . f t ,
,. j j-. . s - ,f -. j f- -'-.-. ."-;,
rf 0 - , , . I. ! . !
f 1.1 I II
.. - , -!-t-e-- 4ssHs4 f- - :-- f
WeVi just nal f& we : -Anyway in
thi instance our sympathy is jnume. In that it makes our
heart bleed like a stabbed tumdr something, or; s
say it) first thrn 3rou knowl we'll be cryin" Kke weralwasrs
onions that we're gonna eat 'That is, we're gozina eatem providinjwe are areh?t gonna
ice like the Elsinore theatre, which we have a , habit of - dom sometimes,
cro someph
especially when we gitta pass that says on it free
By Jove, you're righti we haven't said yet what brought about so much sympathy to our i
omerwise placid natures. j " . ;" j ' r
VeM cae 0 fee BSg Wuncti (SEaouim" GUoi?ec
have suddently had an accute attact of the enlargement of the hart or something- we're
inclind to suspect it's something else that's affectin' um though. Y
j ' ; , - J i " ' ' ' . ' - '' ' . - ' -
About three weeks ago the manager of one a these big trust chains told a f rend of our'n
that his Big Boss was gonna put a MONKEY RANCH in our Pillsburys flour, SAILS--he
said they were gona send in a few barrells of Pillsburys flour and sell it so doggone
low that the People'ed think that we've been Robbin em all this time -and to show
our sympathy fer um (sympathy for the . chains we mean) we're advisin' bur customers
to go there and buy their flour and if there any one in this county thats unable to buy ;
a sack of it if they'l come to Busick's at the Market we'l give um the money to buy it.
You know of course that its just these tactics used by TRUSTS the world over to get
controle of everything for them selves O uch how they'l stick ye when and if they get
controle but we're still sellin food at prices so low that people come here from miles
around for their suplyies.
Of all ihe ad writers in this
town, I believe yon win the
brown derby fer maken mis
takes in pricen stnf. Take a
peek at thissen, if that isnt
about the most mistaken ad
anybody ever writ, then by gol
ly Id like to see it Well we
said fer goodness sakes can't a
feller make one oncen awhile
thout gittia Jumped on like
that Folks that argument come
from our sign card writer ever
time a price change he's gotta
make a new card. Dont pay no
tention to him tho he's just kid
din us. -
Pillsburys Flour
49 lb.
242 lb. sacks
No. 10 sks. 39c
Blue Daisy Flour
49 lbs. .
MiU Run
80. Ib. sacks.
BU-MAR Egz Maker
100 lb. sacks.
BU-SIAR Scratch Feed
1C0 lb.
.WTieat redeaned
1C0 lb. sack
White Spray Flour
49 Ib. sack
Schillings Coffee
1 lb. can
Del Monte Coffee
Busick's Freshly Roasted
Coffee, 3 Pounds..
Breakfast Cocoa
3 Pounds ...L.J
Ghirardelli's Ground
s Chocolate, per lb.
3 Pound
Cans .
Crystal White Soap
10 Bars for
P. & G. White Naptha
Soap, 10 Bars.-
White Wonder
10 Bars
Look; Daddy; did you.ever
see a neck as long as that
giraff has? Only once, Je
anne, and that was when
daddy had his tonsils put.
; Oven-Fresh
j Bread
1 lb. loaf ......... ...
Vi lb. loaf .. . . .....
Cookies from our own
Ovens, Per Dozen...
.... 5c
Heres one'tha , mistakes
inaue m our lasx aa we
said 21 lb. of sugar for 91c
when she shoulda said Zl
lb. for 99c like we always
do tho we sold 21 lb. for
91c cause it was our own
carelessness fer sayin 91c
tnsteada 99 which is the
right price.
Pure Honey :
5 Pound PaiL
Cane and Maple Syrup
5 Pounds ;
The JeU Well People be
sides makein a dany Gela
tin desert at a reasonable
price are offering our cus
tomers a nice glass Dish
with each six pks. of Jell
Well. Your choice of all
their popular flavors.
U Pkgs. l .Dish 47c
"You Know"
Two-BitsU buy a lota straw
berries , at the Market, Nice
Fresh ripe ones too, and by the!
way the Wheaties People are
givein a nice Berry dish with
each two pkgs. of Wheaties, the
Dish and
2 Packages
of Wheaties for.
Crisco '
6 lb. Pails.
Fresh Crisp Soda Crackers
Sunshine Brand sold at their real
Value every day at the Market
; . 2 lb. Pkg.
t Packages ... i: . ..57c
Full Cream Cheese
2 Pounds
Fresh Sweet Cream Butter or
Per Pound LIJ ZjC
Salad Dressing 't ; nr
Pint jara :lriizZ 3C
We must look awftd young or
T something, when toe walked
down the street a feUer sitten ,
in a doorway scad Jo usrSay
sonny ye wanna lern lo play a
French harp, I can teach ye
how in five minits? Is zatsowe
says: what makes ye think
we're just a kid? Cause ye cint
got no whiskers. No we said
thaU righiwennt cnd thelrea-
son for that is we just come
from the Barber Shop up d the
Market VThey . sure got1 good
Barbers up there we tele um
thats right too.
Pet Milk
tall cans-
fcl$ cubic in. Box . ,
No. 10 sack
; Cream Rolled Oats
"' . - . r - H
. 1'. 7 T -
f ' - .. I
IS v. OO vi; O
v 'During. This Week's Fcz&on Sde.Oxr . ,
:"fr$& f4X4 JtyckslCist You Only .
Sa charmlnsr and feminine 1 So generanyjaeconi
ing! So exquisite in color 1 fresb 'and new" in
rtextureZ Spring "and l;SUner-prints'V''; pastel '
crepes V ; i cool 'summer siiklnshort sleeve and .
sleeveless models. Smart "eolprV'contrast achieved
in jaunty scarves, 'graceful (jabots and dainty
lingerie touches. Highly . important fashions, at
-an 'amazingly -low. price! -Women's and MissesV
"sizesL , .Vl"'-- l; " V "'
r: Other Large Reductions '
. . - . . .. f - - -
All $9. 75 Dresses Reduced to $7.95
All $6.95 Dresses Reduced to $5.95
All $3.95 Dres Relluced to $2.95
5. 11
Qualities Like These
Cost $15.74 in 1921
- : s
Women are wearinsr them everywhere ... for business, for casual daytime and
street wear ' for snorts'. Soft Flannels warm enough for - chilly days , and cool
nights. In the always popular white and lovely pastels. Jaunty styles for
Women and Misses in sizes 14 to 40. .
Also all of our spring coats in white and other popular shades which regularly i
sold at $14.98 and f 9.98 now reduced to $7.95. 1
a - -
Piece Pajamas .
' Fine -Xon-Iteslntlag TUiyon
Smart . . new V
styles. '- SniUbl
for loan rlnr In V
yonr .. leUore
hours, as well hb
tor .sJeepln, Pop-,
ulsr two T piece
stjles ."la": potU'
paster "color ray-;
on. Ideal for ra
catloni . trips or
for trarellnr.
114 ;
New Non-Run
Rayon Lingerie .
Get a Supply In the Sale
Coir OI.OO
Panties, Vests, and Bloomers
of soft, non-run rayon. Beau
tiful 'pastel colors.
New Purses
Oar price In 'l 921 Was $3.85!
Now, Better Quality
Moire, tapestry,
fabrldoid leath
e r s! Inirerted
frame smart
Summer Hats of
Novelty Straws
Regular Price $2.95
Now, $17 95
You can f afford sereral new
sats at f our Summer Bala
price! Straws fa brimmed and
brlmless styles.
Other Reductions i
3 QC Hats Re- O AC
VO duced to LfUO
195 duced. to j 1.65
SIPElsgiA.IL '
A large assortment of children's dresses and
ensembles. Also a limited
voile dresses, gay smocks and print ensembles
including original values to
tween the hours of 9 and
morning at the amazing price of only
number of ladies'
$1.98 wffl sell be-
10 o'clok Blonday
I nr. it. ..' a '
the number to
S, a customer, j r
i-'t II I I T TV S J 1 I I - II X S yl I
The New l
Have you seen it? Paris
says it's good ! New York
likes it . . . so will you!
Fashioned of black all silk
-"JoUei" crepe in clever and
attractive styles . . . suiti
able for sports . . . lovely
with afternoon frocks and
charming for evening,
Women and Misses' sizes
and, the price is only . . .
.... , . y
W h.,.L si m
-m-jJ" S-. i ft- -I- .
r I , . '-A . . , - - ' '
' ' ' ' " " ' ' ' - - - . -
Great Values
For tomorrow I A larre
rroop of the cream of our
Hosiery stock will fo on
sale at only $1 pair. There
are serrke and chiffon
weights, foil fsahioned
note, and all of tho most
popular colors of the sea
son! Not aU sixes in erery
style and shade, but
there's a rery wide seleo
tion. Come carry and bay
a supply at this remark
able price.
Washable Frocks
Choice of the Stars
Styles for House,
Galrden and Street
New Tubf ast Colors
and! Patterns.
Adorable dresses for
Spring and Summer
weir. Fabrics are
guaranteed fast colors
in lovely prints, sheer
batistes, pretty lawns
anii voiles. You will
find all sizes for Miss
ano Matron. :
275 N. Liberty
Phone 8774
i -r -1 ' ! f-1 7. f i t 1 1 i i. 1 r r, i .