The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 24, 1931, Page 14, Image 14

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Building Permil Total Low
Although Nine Issued
in Past Week -
Building permit issued last
week by the city building
totaled but 11.454. the - lowest
tnt.i In month.' Od.1t one- new
structure, a $235 g&rae, was
listed under new construction, AH
other was for minor repair or re-
roof ins work.
Permits were Issued to the fol-i
lowing: - : :; . - ; i
w A Ranresslr. : alter dwel
ling, 1584 Chemeketa street, cost
S100; builder, uare ueiano.
A. W- Maw, reroof dwelling
2185 North 4th street, cost $140
. - nAnrnton and Sherwln.
- Mrs. V. Ancery; reroof, 1955
North Capitol street, cost sio&
by Carlton Pioneer Roofing Co.
fmr n Wal. reroof. 1 910 S
13th street, $135, by Carlton
Pioneer Co. " ,
P. JHibler, reroof, US North
Church street, cost $13. by can
tnn Ptnnur f!rt.
Western Loan Association, re
pair dwelling, 1355 Cross street,
cost $150.
Pani w Miller, reoair dwell
ing. 1590 North 5th street, cost
$100; builder, Ernest cox.
Hal D. Patton Est., boiler
room, 340 State street, cost $350,
builder, J. A. Bernard.
Hazel Todhunter,: erect garage,
(80 North Summer, cost $235,
builder, J. V. Thompson; j .. .
Youth Dies After
Trip From South
, TURNER, May 23.The funer
al of "Vincent Rico was held at
the Methodist, church Friday
morning at 10 o'clock with Key.
W. S. Burgoyne officiating. The
young man came from California
a week ago to Tisit his parents.
Mr. and Mrs,..B. Rice, after havicg
suffered from pneumonia. ,Tne
trip was too much and he suffer
ed a relapse and died Tuesday eve
ning. ' . - . .
Tallman Piano
Store Improved
The Tallman Piano company
store on South 12th street is un
dergoing repairs, a new front bar
ing been completed during the
past few days.
152 N. Com'l. ; : Tel. 4484
Paints Tj Varnisli
Special on Outsidfe Paint
1 Week Only Any Color
$2.19 per Gallon
Th Best Paint Money Can Buy
$2.69 Per GaL I
Sale on Wallpaper
"fill BET.'Tt
LusTkEiAC 4 HoukEnamsl U
as magical as the magician's
wand. It will transform old,
cast-off furniture. It will make
mm-vu tuiuiiiuw Afc WiiA fir II
ful,iy moderns. , '
- . ' .
Lustrelac goes on easily. It dries
quickly. Its gay colors are in
step with the times-almond
iv . .
.Transfer !&
Storage: j
Plioac 3113a . ; '. .
We Also Handle FueLOil aiiil Coal '
? ; :
Architect, New York
Editor's note: U "Portfolio
of 101 Small Homes" by R. C.
Hunter, architect, is offered
to readers for $2.50. Send
check or money order.
A house with a rectangular plan
is invariably the most economical
to build and maintain. A plan ap
proaching a square in shape gives
the maximum contained space for
a given perimeter. It can be read
ily understood that a bouse with
a minimum exterior wall space re
quires less heat in winter and re
duces painting and maintenance
costs. The initial installation of
plumbing and heating lines costs
less for the square plan.
The chief difficulty with this
1 K . I' Mmi f I I I TP i - JiiwM'M
ereeo. Indian Durtle. mMm
glow, Peking blue and others.
now to paint with Lustrelac,
how to harmonize color group
ings, bow to rejuvenate old fur
niture is all ver ncmn.nJ
colorfully described, and illus
trated in "Color Harmony in
the Home, Booklet 4r Write
for it. Just send your name and
address to the National Lead
-- iuvum
Company of California, 2240-
24m Street, San Francisco.Thea
come to ns for your paints.
fT) TT
j tlr yVy
E201JR S1A)&3E1
. , . t;
Hi S(&L&
type of house Is to design a sat
isfactory exterior, one. that; will
not give a "boxy" appearance. In
the example shown here this ob
jection has been overcome by the
manner In which the roof is treat
ed. The low, sweeping roof lines
and wide overhanging cornice give
the house an appearance of addi
tional length and f orshorten the
depth. The simple flat entrance
doorway In contrast with the pro
jecting bay window lends interest
to the front facade. The house is
simple and Inexpensive to con
struct. The sidewalls are covered
with the wide siding painted light
cream color and the roof Is of
shingles stained In variegated j
Secretary of State not to
Take any Action Until
Court Decides Blame
Howard Smalley, manager of a
local gasoline distributing; .plant,
who was injured In an automo
bile accident at the corner of
Hood and Winter streets Friday
night was resting easily at Salem
general hospital and was on the
road to recovery, according to re
ports from that institution.
Smalley was . taken to the hos
pital following the accident In
which his light ear collided with
that 'driven by William A. Ham
mond, Tecently appointed head of
the state bureau for the examin
ing of applicants for drivers' li
censes. Because of assertions by
witnesses to the effect that Ham
mond was driving at a speed
which was an excess of 50 miles
an hour, he was arrested for reck
Ever -
Now is the time to erect a silo so that your ensilage
may be taken care of.
Our silos cannot get out of .shape or warp.
No staves to replace, no hoops to tighten, always
rigid. ..Will not blow oyer. ' Not an experiment. ,. -
CojpoIlQQcl TToi?c3c
West Salem Telephone 6627 : f
"Dependably Serving the Lumber Consumer" ,
Oregon Pulp and
Paper Company
Biatfuf acturers of :
Support Oregon Products
Specify "Salem Made? Paper for Yeui
Office Stationery
. sr
.... t
sjaades of brown. The blinds and
shutters are painted green.
A maid's room and bath are lo
cated on the third floor, and a full
height cellar extends under the
entire house. ------
The "house measures SB feet
across the front, which, includes
the porch, and would fit comfort
ably on a plot having a frontage
of 60 feet. It contains 22,500 cu
bic feet ana would cost approxi
mately f MOO to build. ,
Complete working plans and
specifications of this house may
be obtained for a nominal sum
from the building editor.' Refer
to house A-275.
less driving by the city police.
On promising to appear In mu
nicipal court 'Saturday morning,
Mr. Hammond was released. Sat
urday the case was continued un
til ; Wednesday morning at 10
o'clock. -
Hal B. Boss, secretary of state
for Oregon, stated Saturday that
any action taken by the state on
the matter would 'follow and be
governed by t the decision of the
municipal court in regard to the
reckless driving charge.
Smalley was thrown through
the wind shield of his ear after
it was thrown over 40 feet, ac
cording to reports. His life was
saved after his external jugular
vein was severed by the Quick ac
tion 1 of Hammond and George
Moorhead, 8C5 Hood street, a
witness to the accident, when
they applied pressure to. the eln.
Hollywood Floor Co.
Expert floor work guaranteed.
Let us re finish your writing
- Salem
Tel. 8404 . 1189 Jefferson
Exhibit . Closed Saturday
Outdoes ; Marks';. Made
Previous Years
Outdoing high marks of pre
vious years, doors were closed
late yesterday afternoon on the
annual art exhibit sponsored by
pupils and teacher . of Salem
school ; under ' direction, of ; Mrs.
Ida M. Andrews, supervisor. The
exhibition, placed in the assem
bly at the high school, did, not
attract as many Saturday visit
ors as usual, although . a large
crowd witnessed the program -and
"living' pictures displayed Fri
day night. - ' -
Each school had some out
standing piece of work on dis
play, and even the grade chil
dren's work j reflected a .nicety
that speaks well for the instruc
tion given and -the prospects for
finer work as they older grow.
HtghUad Pupils'
Showing Excellent :
An. electric products map,
made and displayed by pupils of
grade school, attracted consider
able attention. Highland pupils
probably had as large variety of
work, including woven rugs and
illustrated and framed , pieces
made in connection with a poetry
project, as any school. The sen
ior high school . exhibited the
most finished work, of , course. A
series of miniature stages, peo
pled, , contributed by the high
school art classes, attracted com
ment. . .
Several schools had made
large panels in connection with
projects, or simply as a piece of
art work, these including Leslie
and Alaska. Parrish exhibited
some cleverly made and colored
wastepaper baskets, and among
the other novelties was soap
carvings displayed by Englewood
school. .
SEATTLE A total of 341
mills: reporting to the I -West
Coast . Lumbermen's Association
for the week, ending May 16 op
erated at 45.57 per cent of ca
pacity as compared to 45.75 per
cent of capacity for the preced
ing week and 18.21 per cent of
capacity during the same week
last year.j For the first 19 weeks
of 1831 these mills have operat
ed at 40.93 per cent of capacity,
as compared to 45.24 per cent
for the same period in 1930.
Current new business reported
by 221 identical mills was C.8C
per cent under producyon, and
shipments were 10.15 over. New
We . specialise in all kinds ot
built-ins and door work.
Quick service. :
Res. TeL OS 18 1715 Baker fit.
Some One Said
It's easier to MAKE money than to SAVE it.
Since October, 1929, many people have en
dorsed that statement; . .,
N Several hundred SALEM investors were not'
effected by recent SECURITY DEPRECIA
TIONS because they were investing thru
HavIdns & Roberts, Inc.
, In conservative FARM or CITY MORT
BONDS and had a ready market in case of
need. j , ,
205 Oregon BIdg. '
610 N.Capitol Telephones 9191 or 9192
rail trade business received dur
ing the week was about Si 0,0 00
f set less . than, ' the : volume re
ported for the previous week;
decreases of about 10,500,000
feet in the export trade and 360,
000 feet In the local trade were
reported; while the domestic car
go trade gained about 10,200,000
feet, making the total new bus
iness approximately - 1,500,000
feet less than the previous week
and 2,000,000 feet less than dur
ing the second week previous.
; During the past 24 weeks ord
ers for 221 mills -have-averaged
10.03 per cent over production.
Inventories are now lower than
at this time last year, the Asso
ciation "stated, and unfilled ord
ers are holding at about the
equivalent r of four weeks' pro
duction at current levels; -
Wells Bring New
Car Over Country
HUBBARD. May 23 Mr. and
Mrs. Hugh Wells returned Thurs
day from a five weeks' trip to
Minnesota starting for the return
trip Saturday afternoon. .. They
returned in a new car purchased
in Michigan. They, experienced
changeable weather that of ex
treme heat and then extreme
cold. The coldest weather was
Hound in the mountains in Colo
rado. .
Building Rate
Low in Oregon
ThillAinr activltv-In southern
Oregon is as glow as In Salem ac
cording to W. J.i Liljeqvist, of
TTannnn and T.lllpoviat. who has
Just returned from a short busi
ness trip to Klamath rails.
1 "In fact building is low all over
the country and Salem is no ex
ception," he stated.
I If: cfc Jpocrxct
1 J" LJ lzc Doolr!
? .1, Mutual Savings Plans
OURS is a Silent, neet the needs of aH members of the family,
speedy se r V 1 C e J Babs penn, aiKi the Investor's thousands
and Fair-charges js of doUars b5h receive ' -
our partner. We do i T ? 1 "
our work thoroughly i j "
and well arid thus I guarantee ZSry On Every
have gained a e rep i j TV' Dollar Saved
that builds business j ( r V WithUil'
for us. j . SJy . ,!.'
C-VtHTfT! l CjflV j Cm l tomorrow end Uf$ Ulk k 0rtT ,
Pl-l !M TUT T HJA 1L
t ,1 NX A S S O C I ATI O N
A Good Worker
! -'. - ' " . '
A ; SK any . carpenter who's
f an old hand in the game
and he'll say that a good job
is an even balance between
"knowing how and' having
the right kind of material to
work with, ...
ur materials are guaranteed
quality and value."
1 Powder &
Extension Work
Oi U. of O. to
Continue, Word
.j .... it
i i
1 I
, The University of Oregon ex
tension division is planning to go
aheag witty f classes in the Salem
All Kinds of
Also Millwoocl,
(SoDDc & r.3ii(3xSEa3lin Go.
?49 S. 12th . Telephone 7443
Electrical Contracting
Use Utmost Care in Determining
Who Services Your Radio
It Is Our Specialty and We
Guarantee Oar, Work-
Btalik Electric Go.-
337 Court
fvV 344 State St.
0Mt I ti 1(0 Mt O (6 ltit U I Mi
i : w w
is it smart
to save 75c
at the Spigot
and waste
dollar after;
dollar at
the Bung?
,H TEFORE TOU hu m Ymy,m
j paint or let any contract,
poms long enough to get ac
tual figures on the year in and
year out economy of NEW
ERA Hnill Pll'nf mm
paredfto "ordinary house paint.
Of coirse, you tnmj save 50c to 73c
per fdlUn oa ordinary paint. But
TOU CC short CAvcrin nt:.
Ott use S05S more nllnnc.
get shorter life, la fire
. im mint V. nCV. : :
with Acme QuaUty rf
NEW ERA. In other words, by pay. V
w wuu more per gauoQ for
jtfrV'li'T Pwnt. yom$mv9 by
fM hj9 Jn Ask us for
the aciualrrs of what this NEW
ERA economy will mean ft jmr
bouse. Do this before you spend a
nickel for house eaint of m tlr.A
. . -I1' ,i ',1.. I' ... ..... .
20 K. Commercial
--- 4 S ill" i
center sext fall and winter, as in
the past six or eight years, W. G
Beatty, who has directed the work
here, saf3 yesterday while In the
city frm Eugene.
Extension classes were well at
tended last fall and winter, and
tho first time in the history of
the work enrollment In the .win
ter term surpassed that of . the
earlier term. :
Prompt Delivery
Telephone 4054
' Tel. 4000