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    i , i - : . - - , . . I ... . . tj . , I .'!:
;:c 7072' (10 ; yT -
i' Net paid, dally, Sunday 0783 V v.: cloudy j,"tr Hre, .0.
EIRHTY-FIRST YEAR , ' I Salem, Oregon, Friday Blorning, May 8, 1931 ) 1 'If ! I' NoL-. j
Last Word in Communica
tion Is 'Description Given
1 1 By Those who Know. :
Open House Hours Will be
9 A. M. to 9 P. M.; new
: ! Quarters Complete '
Thft last word la telephone
eonioment." 1 thd f erdlct ot
those experts -who hare rlslted the
local Blant of the Pacific Tele-
nhftn comnanr. which will be
open to the inspection of Tisttors
tod sr. . i -
S. V. Collins, manager of the
Salem office, has issued an invita
tion to telephone patrons to Tisit
the building at any time from 9
a. m. to 9 p. m. today when the
new office will haye its first open
H house. The enUref staff will be
on hand to welcome Tisitors ana
i aid in showing them atout tne
building. . .
I As one enters the business of-
' fice the first impression is one oi
space and dignity. Noconnters
rraet the eye but rather especially
designed desks and comfortable
chairs. I All the furniture is or
walnut and every piece Is Oregon-
. made. 1 . .. ,
Terminal Rooms
Aide Attractive t
i (Two terminal rooms, beautiful?
It eaulpped, house the compllcat
i rt eaninmenf of the plant. In one I
terminal room is located the toll I
I equipment, and here one sees the
lntrlcate machinery which makes
r it possible for the human voice to
i be -carried across the continent.
! A.11 the north circuit lines are
: now underground, camea oj io
."million-dollar cable," a 268 pair
unit. On this cable amplifiers are
piacea bi
"P.11 MJi mS hni
tylin hearing a voice many bun-
drfeds ot miles away. . ,
fThe southern circuits are still
carried I by overhead wires and
here amplifiers are located at 175-
mile Intervals. It is planned that
within five years these southern
circuits will be handled by means
of I an underground ;eable- Blmnar 1
; to I the one now used in the north
section. ' J - I
In the second terminat rooiu i
local lines are terminated. One
?.VLvJEl " IV. Th. ffi un-
uuy - i
derground and comes to this room
I. v -r u directed to its
rr:" " " -tV. rminal
S rack. ' .
Tine power iwm, " I
h a m TIAflriT I
f noo worth of equipment is i
, nouaea, win pb uwu . ..o.. - ,
oni thpv will learn how mis row- i
er,- which is purchased from tie
iirai mmninr. is converted Into
. the energy which makes possible
jSalem's excellent teiepnone
Safeguards to
cvcIa ITnnsnal
h Kirv effort to safeguard this
sprvice Is made. Such mechani
cal devices as ringing machines
are duplicated so that if one goes
i iof f " another Immediately begins
woi'k. Extra, power is -stored in
Tn hatterles which are checked
..rr dar. Sufficient power is
stored here not only to operate
the telephone service but to iur
nlsU electric lights for the build-
: inrl for ! a neriod of ,24
should the city power unit be out
of commission. - . ' J
I Every precaution has been tak-
en to keep the telephones in order
.ntnimttn devices register
any! trouble, whether it be in tne
.iin nr individual tele-
1 i
i Tiwrch r bow d Kii is cm-
nloved as operators' In the ' local
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i MEDFORD, Ore., May 7.
AP)-r-Alv!n Melvin, Injured fa
tally while high jumping at Tuba
county Junior college t recently,
was! buried here today. ' '
i- Melvin was a leader In football
and basketball while he attended
high school here. His former
teammates, now, students at the
University of Oregon, were pall
bearers. '.
Melvin had Intended entering
the University of Oregon . this
: tau. " :f
PORTLAND. Ore.. May 7
iapi Glenn Slgnett. IT. Ben
son high school student, waa ln
; Jured fatally in a traffic accident
; here tonight. He died shortly aft-.
erward In a hospital. i
Fred Filing. 43, alleged! driver
of the automobile that struck the
youth, was arrested on a charge
of reckless driving. Ball was set
at iiooo.. '. ; ;
r THE DALLES, Ore., May 7.
(AP) More than 600 Wasco
county pioneers gathered, from all
T)art of the Pacific northwest for
their tenth annual reunion here
; today.
Mrs. Lucy Peters. Portland, was! Frank E. Watkina. agent for the
alerted president of the assocla-
Present "The Patsy" Toni
K f
1 !
Ca4t of Associated Student body play, 'The Patsy" which fa to be staged tonight at Salem high d"ff"
.1 JItI- .kw. Uu Rntw.r RmJtli takes the title role and opposite her plays Melvin
siini. mi, tm m r
clar Mel vTravi.: Je DarbV;
in n h to m
! -
Hard Stuff for St. Paul and
Aral Bressler Roads
Will be Mixed
The Marlon' county paving
plants at St. Paul and SHverton
... Ka )n ...rgtinn Jnlr 1 to
.. var stuff for the Sa- paui and Aral . Corner-
Bressel corner market roads,
R0aima6ter Frank, Johnson an-
nounced yesterday. Five or six
mJea of parinjr will be done on
each road.
Otto Hoven, who will operate 1
p"aant. will start ovVr:
hauling of that plant next week.
He wilLhe engaged in thU Job
but a we-ftk or 10 days now when
ne wlu taken off the paving
IaBt to handle the roCk crusher
Marlon , for a month's run.
Then he wlll go hack to finish
OT6riaullng th6 st. Paul paring
. . nrsrlir,nr. ta rftttlnsr Into
thr Julr j I
.. h I
Conrt Thursday
Hoven was here yesterday to I
on the court In regard to
matters relative to the two jobs.
M'. ATtu. c
cnarge oi ine puus i
ert0 ThU plant vaa m0ved to
T. Vii v.
ew. " AV
Cleave will put in considerable i
... . f 1 . i
time reounaing. 11113 piani, !
. ...j. fnr oDMatlon .
between 10.-
jonnson says tnai oe
flftft oflo ward
Altogether will be placed on the
l ...j. grmmii St. Paul this rear. I
Ed Rigaon 0f Rigdon brothers
jwno operate a rock plant at
low, was iniown yesxeruay io
ure witn tne court on Eupyijms i
an or part or inis grarei.
House of Lords
Rejects Kernel
Of Land Measure
House of Lords
f .11 nf the main provisions of the
government's agricultural land
utilization bill by rejecting part
one of the measure. The vote was
82 to 31. n
observers believe this aetion
imay precipitate a crisis tor mo
I Kin which - oDDonents have ds-
Icribed as a measure of unadul-
i leraiea mciansiu. j
I passed all readings in the house
'ia known to set great store dj it
Al MeMn Funeral Held
Portland Student Killed
Wasco's Pioneers Gather
' ' Accidental Shot is Fatal
tion for the coming year.
An old fashioned ball tonight
nduded the day's festivities.
concluded the day's festivities.
ROSKBURG, Ore., Iay 7
AP) Mrs. George Burchard,
of Looking Glasa, was shot ac
'Cldentally In both lega today
and waa brought to a hospital
here for treatment.
loaxled shot gun In the kitchen
and the run waa knocked over
and discharged while Mrs. Bur
chard was washing dishes.
The gun had been . ready for
use against hawks which had
been aiiung cmcaens.
; nru-kn atr. smnrr
PORTLAND. Ore.. May 7 bane late today granted 72 rall
(AP) F otrtien- 'years, - six roads a temporary order restrain
months and five days after It ing lor 0 days the application of
was maUed! In San Franelsco a
r,ot Mri arrived here today. The
- - .
writer and the addressee are
both dead. I
- 1 ,
. The postcard, stamped -San
FrancWo. November tr 191?
LCisco, iNovemoer f , - --
was written; by Frana m. Muiicoy
to his brother, Fred W. Mulkey.
twice elected to the United States
senate from Oregon.
Tha card iwhlch bore only the
one postmark, was received by
Aiuixey interests nerw.
" " - - , . n-jm
-liw rw : 1 tt' y Mae' Hartang Fern Harris. Robert Smith, RatH
Obstinate House is
Bound to Burn Down,
Third Time's Charm
7. (AP) A roof fire start
ed In the Fred Cat on resi
dence here yesterday morn
ing but was quickly extin-'
guished by the fire depart
ment. At noon another small
fire was ' discovered In the .
house. It was put out with
out the aid of the fire de
partment. While the family was at
sapper s third firo broke
oat and"ven the fire de
partment couldn't stop. it.
The house burned to the
ground. The loss was estP
mated at f 7000.
wttrtia-rtv. Mar T (Special)
Thomu Hecker. 8. was found I
dead about 3 o'clock this after-
noon In his bed at the home of
nis 8on, Earl Hetker wlta wnom
Ue lived. The bedy was discovered
6? r-t
wno went iu mo . i
bUT g0me eggs. Finding no one at
r"LrrD"Vir, tS hnU to
no.U1,,. l"c'
th. Antered tie house they
. n I
m piled smoke, ana tracing ,iw
1. rvA nari in iU bed
found Mr. necaer a tu m
M Hecker, who had been com-
PWDln ot tls'
bed after working around the
. j i nrannnn. He
nRd taken an electric bulb into
the bed to help kep him warm,
tne sm0ke orlginatiag irom mis.
Earl jjecker was In Aurora ana
other members of the family were
ot tvio. .hnol nroErram.
Surviving him, besides Earl,
are two sons, Adam In Illinois
and LeRoy in Minnesota, and
three daughters in . the east. Mr.
Hecker came here five years ago
. . 7 .t.-
(AP) Eight persons were in-
lured and the safety or nun -
I dreds rof others menaced j when
broken plate glass ana v -- v--i.
MinAtA sidewalk were
I i I
burled 60 feet by a gas expioa.uu
.ih tAr the entire front from
ja downtown store building at 8
n YY1 tndST. ' s
' wam than 10.000 persons lftav-
lng offices and stores for r
homes were in. xae uuui-w
. - m. a a W t - mm 1 fisl f rr
r In the basement of i
I iam tva ras company
neighbornooa wuen 'V V
store where two gas
employes had gone to stop as'
leak. Exact cause oi me niaai
was not determined.
nimim to the nuuaing
estimated by fire department of
ficials at about lioe.uuw-
Railroads Win
Order Against
Reduced Rates
ThrM federal ludges sitting n
1UE lUf v
reduced grain rates mmuow
for June 1 by the Interstate Com-
1. 1 .
merce commission. ,
s w a
Circuit Judge wwiiam
Sparks, presiding, and uistnct
Judge. Charles E. Woodward and
- . "T
1 waiter u juanuiuj uruu.w-
only live minutes aiier aswuiu
to two nays of argument on be-
half of "the western and eastern
carriers, the Interstate Commerce
1 commission, the trainc regnwi-
J ing bodies of 14 states and other
1 rVvlllna Crem 1Uh I
- I
Rtmarotmno. Hnrpnnnahle
KeparailOnS UnredMJIWlUie
Burden on Germany is
Bergmann's Claim
r ir: r,L.rm'
States and the smoot-Hawley tar
mbS of commerce ban-
IrH rMMatlon in
iff led to
tlonal chamber
quel iui " iu. T
..-.A. M .1 Jt
combating tne ouueunn. -
aA knllDML
u u . i
i,r in the dav had contended re-1
r,.. 7' ...
those payments were linked with I
allied debt setuement who
country, and the whole matter
was a disturbing factor In Inter
national economics that had to be
Counselling natience, George
Thennls former Belgian premier
reminded theenamBer--ai ;
auditorium dinner
tnal ,t dId not aeai with pollUcal
goiBtioB May
Tonch l8sae
- is iu oo w"ju ' .,
g0Tern the nations by expressing
nat Anfl WW PTnrtWH UK
r-i" .- .nnV the advice
uur m4""3
While It remained a possibility
' .v,w wnnM endorse a res-
J--7"".BVtnward a atndr of
olution looking toward a atuay or
MIAMI, Fla., May 7. (AP)
Members of the KIwanis Interna-
.1 -i .i ABafi thoir rirteentn an-,
- ------
tionai wusww
trophies to winners of attendance
and efficiency contests.
Western Canada was awarded
the gold division prise with New
Florida white.
The Jersev City. N. J., club
won the gold division prize for
efficiency with Astoria, Oregon.
i . -
NEW YORK, May 7.-AP)-
In what Wall Street Interpreted as
an effort to stimulate the bond
I .
market as part of a program to
ald DttsIlie8a recovery, th leaerai
I k m
1 reserve bank ot New xora reauo-
L lt redigCOant rate from 2 to
I.,, . 1
1 per cent today.
Late Sports
(AP) Joe Malcewicx, Utica,
X. Y.. took two oat . of three
falls from Ted Thye, Portland,
In a wrestling exhibition here
tonight. The deciding fall came
In the fifth round.
Thye . vigorously protested .
the ruling of Referee Draper
that his shoulders had been pla
ned to the mat by an annlock
and a body press. ,
CALGARY. May 7 (AP) ' -
. I " . i
sian whi. to 1 w
by a Wow delivered to the Jaw by
1 amam nsnn wii nin nm s is a.ux
me open v"-- r.!
m ior -
K m a t a m J ana s A as mibv
rail W Vwo- in
I heavyweight ehamplon. In
rv ; "i"" t,,hlMn tonleht.
1 w. ..0 ; -
; STOCKTON, ; CaL, May 7
(AP) Andy Dlvodl; New York
welterweight, won by a, techni
cal knockout in the sixth round
over Bobby " Vincent," Tulsa,
eurr w
Machine Guns and Tear gas
v Usett to Dislodge Pair
In Rooming House J
Crowley and burlinger Both
; Admit Slayings, Claim
. ' Of Gotham Police
. NEW YORK, May 7 AP)
Nearly, 10.000 spectators today
watched officers battle for an
hour with machine guns and tear
gas bombs and ; eventually, cap
ture Francis "two-gun' Crowley,
vonthfnl desnerado. and Rudolph
Durlinger, Teputed e o n f e s
BlaTe- , I
. Lt.i. Tr1
jfi we?e trapped by po-
uce on we lopnuur ui
tinnsA. I rnor In ar commands to
surrender. Crowley, whose room,
contained a small arsenal, kept a
big detachment of police at oay.
He finally surrendered fith his
companions after he was- wouna
ed in both legs ana w
m m mm I
hewed through tne rpoi oi we
Both Confess to
Blaylngs, Declared j.
after arrests,
police eaid Crowley and Durlln-1
ger had confessed toi two slay-1
i. the woundlna- of a de-
tective. j
o" . .i
Durlinger, they . talc, aamuiea
the slavlne of Virglnta Brannen.
! ia, w. -laimed to have confess-
5 ttSTfttS .ho"eting ora-
trolman Frederick Hlrsch Tues-
day night. Police had trailed Dur-
S5L. t i.. aitmrtmst for sns-
it.' va .tkartmeat for oilM-
jt M t -t1 'tll.t
w r
. i ii i ' i
was Identified a.
Crowley's companion in a motor
narfr that onaned fire on I
mraiS: - f
The other n victin wa
?wrir.' V I
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PORTLAND, Ore., i May 7. I
state board of aero-
.,.t-- na ...mmrwl the ti-
today announced the ap
wvv " ' r- w
pointment of Lieutenant Arthur
B. MacKenzIe as state; aeronautics
Inspector. He will take over his
new duties -June . !
MacKenxie orgamsea tne
Kentle-Goff Aviation company
"ie" . A TA.n formed
the MacKenxie-Morrow Aviation
company with Jack L. Morrow,
ti.. Mmn9v wa sold 18 months
V a A vnA.Ion Aircraft enN
poration and MacKenlzie went to
Los Angeles as presiaen.
MacKenzIe was a ! member of
the state board of aeronautics for
eight years. HI duties will In
clude inspection of planes, air
ports and aviation schools and ex
amination of pilots.: j
T.lo,itnnt B. B. I Smith WSS
chosen chairman of tie board to
: . . . . a
t succeea Arcme . noia, m's".
1 T?nkin Portland,
Kanain, rorttana.
r '
- iiv ' jf C
is i nwarzea oy
'J Woman Witness
WASHINGTON. Mar 7. (Ap covered consciousness jince tne 0nt f 0V Vxtending a help- SHverton police officer. T
Def led by a woman witness, the accident. It Is expected he will fd "nin 11 The sheriff and his operatives
senate campaign fanda eommittee
... iT.itaji aKmntiv-todaT in lt
iir tnto the disposition of
mond, Va. treasurer! thecoma-
Methodist Churchman's! anU-
Sraltn organization, left the stand
after declining to answer more
I tnan a score of questions In the
.g ot a warning of possible pros-
Later Chairman Nye of the com
mittee said "Certainly we wm
have to cite her to thejtenate for
contempt," T
Admits Burning
Family; Murder
Charge is Filed
of repeated denials of guilt,
James V. Foster, - 49 year old
Greeley salesman, today dictated 19 2 i we really legauzea f"""
and signed a' confession that hel0n a naUonal scale," said water,
set fire to his home last Tuesday I it wU as though everyone haa
. . . . ... . . li I . a nutviA vrn snoot-:
morning, causing. tne oem i
wife and their three children,
Shortly - after the confession
four senarate charres of first de-
four separate CMrges 01 ursi u
vi-. .... .. fnund
tj . " . r "
... rnonsihle for
aa . suua uutzi as ju4 v
a the deathVbV fire.
a the d eaths by nm.
- - - " .
PORTLAND, Ore.. -May 7.
(AP) Thomas W. Monroe, f.
Spanish-American, war Veteran of
Fneene died today at the United
wSSS Veterans! LopUal here. He
had been in about six weeks.v
British Shi hM st
Found Alive After
Meager Details Contained
; From Greand;rWatlcin$ Sledge Party
' -! c Given Credit; Wegener Sought
I) nAnrfjnMI vnuno Britisht
Voiro hm lnt nn the . Greenland; Ice-biri. was found today
... - . - . - ,
and is on his way oacK 10 tne
border; V !
The news
that the" scientist If or fwhom several parties
T ' " i-nd. peeii searching for more than
Detachment Sent Alter Five
Killed in Outbreaks
Of Recent Months
r.VAHTS. Kv.. May 7 (AP)-
Waving American flags and cheer-
lng loudly, several nunarea reei-
. m
dents of the strue-iorn
..! mlnlnr mm in U 111 IT KieclcU I
. - . . i
detrained here this
harinr orders to "Pi
blaring orders to i "protect those
who behave themselves and take
wno behave themselves
charge of those who do not
The mardsmen. despatched by
M - .u..
Governor Fiem v. sampson, u
a series of outprea auring
nMt few months ; had brought
mi larre
nrorertv damage, came from Har-
EfirTttST mobilized" this
Commander Talks
wits r.l. Chiefs'
witK mlm Chief I l
"V,",- , an M. Carroll. In eom-
v - - . - . I
w j nasansiiArmRn na niu
rpent a pa"rt of the.morning con-
ferring in Manan wiin a
rials mln operators ana
of flcersln an effort te find a per-
TL. . v.. " VTtaH in hnndreda of
luai, ui . -
nloveri miners In the conn
try." He said he wouia report
I direct to Governor Sampson on
th results of his conferences.
riinnsi narroi saia. we r
here solely for the protection ef
the community with an Impartial
and unbiased attitude to preserve
peace and safety.
Union leaders are to mw
aain tomorrow to discuss the sit-
nation. . .
Arrangements were maae t
norurhn nrtnroximatelv 325 1
vi iasm . w wr - .
guardsmen in tne locai now. .
the cars on which they came ana
wherever room could be louna, i
but It was expectea tne, wu
iac-ipucn camp on
town tomorrow.
'The minea Ue two and three
miies away from Evarts and no
immediate pians were uiu o
th soldiers to replace the mine
I rnird. The latter remained on
I duty.
Mav 7 (Special)
five year old son of Mr.
i w. tl. el fjaiivao. w
struck down by a wooaruca v
9 o'clock this morning ana b-
ionslv injured. The truck driver
r v. nndlanr of Salem.
T o . a-. w . ,
The child was surrering irom
he was sUU dazed, not
1!Te, .
J Tnt. w and M arandfather had
hn waltlB forth mall carried
machlno did not pass over
body. Crabtree earrled the boj rto ' -
the home of his aunt. Mrs. Henas.
nearby and Dr. Beauchamp was ;
called at once.
' 1
Business for
Go After
, Business will Improve In the fu
ture Just as lt has always done
in th naat- Herman Nater. pre-
jg- STSffSSSiS:
1 local Ad emu ners
Improveiients will come to tne
firm which knows its business and
I improves its business BX,
"in the easy years of 121"
lengagea w di-.i ..-
hag.' I realise th ock Pres-
I gion Is not tne onu
tion bnt it is a major one." -
uo w , sInjig . needed
I idals. a sense or responsi
hiiitT to the buyer ana a- sense
1 kaln TTt flflA DTI 1 V WUCU
Ot fllUUe LTaaao
lt Is earned; - t t
I A number Of prpor luoni
more money -
iater saxa.
a marked "it Vott
their advertising and their proI:
: Nater .aid fe
existed In the depressed year o
in Wireless Received
May, " 7i (AP) - Augustine
scientist who was believed to
i . i ii . n i J
Dase camp near me ureauauu
two weejts, naa oeen iouna, was
received I here from Angmagsallk,
ureeniana, oy ine iTaaisa minis
try of narine. V
The message saia uoriauia was
!Sttafefar eittVJ; SVhiS
he wM a. member, with H. G. .Vat
klns.l leader of the expedition.
herel tht jCourtauld had' been
i Thjs fact) led to ine assumpuon
leadership three
- : t . . .
weeks ago to
look f orf him.
Th ebvernment newspaper So- -
clad Demokra ten. In a dispatch for I
.Tf - r ,11 I
DUblltatlOn tomorrow, .win bJ
fh roitrtanld was found by the
iI1jr.j1deinartT only a few 1
hnin - s after the arrival or uaywtn
" 7 i " " . . I
rqe plane,
VU .Corttiane
Rtrh far AVreener
Anrenoecg. wuo
i.jmi rfm inrmirsinc.
"-Jr r
, " both
come fooa ana
ithH rtcned ana tne rescuers.
A ttesiage received rrom Anren-
berg M lAed the
flier ntqnded to c ontlnue on 100
kilometers further acros th
cap in an effort to ascerUin
eap W
whether Prof
Albert Wegener.!
j ,
iiormin KripniiRT. is Bair
Prbfessor Wegener, with a par-
ij is v,r ' . I
ureeniawi. a seartu mu t
beKUd last month
jU A '. - Kao1 of
WhE1 lai! !
. I i . A 1
control f;n approT
-tractlonl of a new nreprooi i
vault jrednested by the Brerj
0f state, win not oe oeierBm
mntn ! state Treasurer Holman I
t .t . . . I
ha had an opportune
ect ,tna pians and aetermine
tne i necessity ? for sucn an r
provement. . ; .
Tnei wax kkwih u..
prlated $25,000 for tne construe-
df the rault and the plans
and specfications have been pre-
pared.t I 1 -
r.ovenior - Meier announced
T,,nr.i,J that he was opposed to
the construction ot the vault at
ihi, fimp. Kecretary qi
Hfta I countered with the an-
nouncem ;nt that the vault was
necessary; for; the proper prona
tion of slate records.
Mr. iHpiman, as muu mcui.o.
. .i. J vi..,i .i-ni4hw tIU have
the deciding vote in the contro
versy.! . - 4V .....
At the present ume. m
has M vault sufficiently large to
accojnmoaate me sum (wuu.
islGiven Award
Airliner Txt
Jn rrdri The National In-
the? gold fMda of tn
... . ...
;XT U.rtnTnt of labor and
l' tS -
p. if toe al ethics of Harvard
tawf pJjoc1 IWC8 01 "arT
HM a v w -r
-. 1
Those Who
9 1 -i
It Says, NaterDry Agents who
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19211 when courageous,. rwi
ful business imen met a declining
market bt forceful sales prpmot
ed through advertising.
!He s;aid that many mercnauvs
now Wjeing sale, because of
depleted blocks and urged that
more sjales.eould he
correction of tUcondlUon.
broughV on. he averred, by lack
of coulsge. fmome-buying as a
means of 5 increasing doUar turn-
overhvisjurged by Nater a. one
method, ol i business upturn. -
Thb bulsnes. of the ""
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in lil S sunnlanted He dUd
wijlnctnrlniM bu.Sess
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S etholTnroaRds
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the home,
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Will eventually prevail
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Crowded i School Carrier is
I Wrecked, Score Injured;
Freight Moving Slowly is
Witnesses' Report f
All of 35 in Conveyance are
Hurt, Some Slightly; the
Driver, Badly
Says Train not Seen
MERCED. Cat., Mar 1 (AP)
- Four elementary school pupils
were killed and more thn a store
. 1 .J M
injuiea uere iwiaj ucn a. uu-
led school bus , was struck by a
freight train locomotive4 The ira-
pscs iwyyira me dub uu hi u-
i . i -. . t- tuv. I- i
the children in the wreckage.
The dead :
Robert Fuller, 10.
Dolores EDsen. 8.
1 Billy Epsen, 8, twin brother
of Dolores,
t Janette Ahr. 8.
At least six other children and
the bus driver, J. D. Kregger were
In a critical condition
Two hospitals were taxed beyond
canacitr as a result of the acci
dent and several ot the seriously
injured children were being car
ed for At their homes.
Bus Slowed and
The chiMren, all pup
Is of the
John C. IFremont school, were
being taken home in the Afternoon
when the accident occurired. In
vestigations by the sheriffs office
disclosed witnesses sawrthe but
slo somewhat and then proceed
across the grade crossing directly
In front of the slowly; moving
freight train. The crossing waa
in the intersection of the Santa
Fe tracks.
The sheriff's office learned
there were 35 children id the bus,
Ulmost .11 of them beinS Injured.
aiiuvoL a v a kMvm -
but some only slightly.
- honr8 foilowinz the accl-
dent tne.two hospitals jwere be-
ieged by anxious parents and
iiKUUO wa rw v' V1" l
Kregger said he did not see tno
traln Conduct0r j. A. -Holmes
cf the freight train said) the bus
did not stop at the racit. o
i drove ahead into tne tram wu
the engli,eer blowing the whistle,
the wUrwae signal at the
cros8lnjf WOrktng.;
Train Going at
Elnt Mne wooed
I . Thk train was a Santa Fe
I freIght, bound from Fresno ta
h rerhwii. near woue. r-n-
rineer Georee Parks said the train
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"Nothing new" was bomment
of Sheriff O. D. Bower iipon re
turn last night from SHverton
where he and District Attorney
John Carson' spent the afternoon
and early evening in futther ef
forts to solve the mystery sur
rounding the murder last 8atur-
morning ot James Iverson.
declare that no , stone shallj f
?- m rch for the
or artles. and all
I whA hits tn Slimiest Krwuuu
case are
their Ideas'
Lester and 8. a.. lVingBsss,
have been held since mom
for Investigation in! conaee
with the murder, were re
leased yesterday. S. E. IrVingham
admitted that be had been ar
rested recently for. operat lag a
still and had served a short term
In the Union county jau.
Caused Big p ire
Now Suspended
cXtrAmo. wV" WocoVk.
"Vprohlbltion director, ia-
Sfinitely suspended two Sealtlo
JJJ,,,. ant. here late to-
g00 ,Q ,etting a stilljMMiae
Jg wBwe.tP,,rc coanty
"rV0rkT Bar started a 25
Jf GSr0yed home,
irhreV families
0fc2Kor wSlk 'promM to
seek compensation from congress
for the families of Gottlieb
Stock. William Neimann and B.
T. Bucknell. After hearing their, ' nresented by A. U
. - . Ik Tt-
Tacoma attorney. Wood-
.v mm hi was convinced th
r-irraderlck-lf. Taylor and
Basil V. Cunningham, did not In-
tend to destroy- more than the
ihaek but -aisoiayea leariut
- . .
Judgment and were careless be-
yon a an reason.