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    The OREGON STATESMAN, Salens, Oregon, Friday Morniagj BIay 1, 1931
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Silverton Committee Plans
- Broadcast; Other Con
; . certs Arranged
SILVERTON, April 30 - The
SilTcrton music - week- committee
that It-, ha .secured
. particularly interesting feature
lor Saturday night. May 9. Alfred
. arreed to "hook up''
his new broadcast car. with... Its
three dynamic speakers, ".for a
visible studio" night Two of the
large windows In the Stiff JFurnl-
turr store will be stripped and re
.rnnrhl Into a rexalar broadcast-
Inr studio. From here an hour's
' program of local talent will be
tii Mmhlneii sacred and Mothr
er's-Dsy program which .will be
o.mitiv nfrht ' MiT 10.' IS
' also searing completion and the
young people's night for May 7 Is
outlined. Both.gtTo promise of
tilnrrr rood. , ..r --
The( f irsjt. public program of the
week will bo Monday night. May
Aty, -ton a rnatiime nrberana has
been arranged. This will .open
at the Eugene Field auditorium at
8 o'clock and Is free of charge.
None of the numbers are long and
her wilt be no encores. All of
those appearing' on4 the program
h9. hMn asked to wear a "dress-
up" costume. Mrs. GertrudeCam-
erott, chairman ot me jocai-iuic
Week at silverton Is acting '. as
chairman Monday night; r - .V
Hal Campbell's orchestra will
nnan h eveninc's program Mrs.
r.Hnrrn Hnbbs. nresient . of the
Women's dub who is- sponsoring
the. nrocram. and Earl Adams,
nrHMont of the. chamber of com
marc will welcome the people.
rtrhr itnmhera on the program
include Tocal solos by Zelda Par
rish, Mrs. W. T.' Tate. Max Scrl
ber, Mrs. W. F. Krenx,' Mrs. Al-
vln Legard, Burton Murpny, Mar
tin DoerflerMrs. Jasper Dullum;
Harmonica solo, Rudd Bentson;
harmonica rlnet Cathaleene Cud-
. dy and Edith Knight; Hawaiian
and Spanish numbers by Harbo
Thompson and his boys; harp solo,
Mm vrnon Dt: reading by Mrs.
Warren Crabtree assisted by Miss
Lou Anne Chase ana jars. . uae
Wells; violin, golo, by Beryl OUa
way; bag pipe number by W. R
Tomlson. f
Th nrorram which ' was to
hare been given at Trinity church
Sunday afternoon na been post
poned nntll Sunday. May 10, when
It will be given at 1:90 at Trin
ity church.
' ' .'7 i " .
12 to Graduate
From Scio High
Is Announcement
SCIO, April 30 - Twelve mem
bers of the Scio high school senior
class are scheduled for completion
of the course - at the commence
ment exercises to be held In this
city May 28, according to official
announcement this week. Wm. C
Jones, professor of economics at
"Willamette university: will d-
dress the class on the subject,'!
Plannlnr for a Decade." -
Following Is the graduating list
On 1 '
Beginning Friday, May 22nd, Union
Pacific offers low round trip fares daily
until October1-15th. I Find Return limit '
October 31st. ': " "'-"! : ""
east.:. see the world outside..; the .big cities...
famous historic places." Broaden your perspective,
gain new inspiration. Arrange ' your reservations
now on.. ' .;
He Portland. Rose
A Triumph in Train Comfort "
fciaugurafing Its first summer season, the beautiful Portland
Rose continues a record for unrivolled service... for the very
utmost. In travel comforts. . I i : ; ,
leaves the Rose Cry 0:30 each evening, Oub observation
car, sun parlor, fountain :service. radio,) periodicals. Maid,
vatet, barber, bath. De luxe diner ."..those famous meals.
Modern chair car. NO EXTRA FARE, j 1
Thru' Fullmans Portland to SoJt lake Cly. Denver, Omaha,
Kansas Cry, Chicago. Connection ot Omaha for St louis.
1 Another dairy train aast
Continental Limited Z 9:40 A, M.
ObMrveHee Car, Standard end TevrM Sleepen. Diner, Ceecnes
General Passenger DepU
637 Pittock
as furnished by F. A." Gallegiy;
principal of the alga scnooi: caroi
Crenshaw; Merle DeWall, Helen
Elgin, Libby Faltus. Cecil Grimes,
Lamia Kruml. Vincent McDonald,
Clark Mumper, Rose Novak, Alma
PhiUppi, Gloria Wesley, Beulah
Withers. . "... . .
Th baccalanreatA sermon will
Ha Te.liTered . on Sunday evening.
-May 24. but. the speaker and the
place of meeting hare not been
fully decided, It was stated. One
of the local churches perhaps wui
be nsed for the service, it is saia.
Commencement exercises will be
held either at the ' high school
auitorium or at the local theatre,
it was announced.
niorla Wetielr will be the Tale?
dlctorian of the graduating class.
The scholarship olierea u ine
graduate with the bignest raung
also will go to Miss Wesely in the
event she desires to use it. How
ever, It is understood she doea not
now plan to; continue her eauca
a.mi ro ilnnr rnllere lines
UWU.t V'- O - w -
in ntr noon a commercial
course instead. In. that event, xne
scholarship will go to tne next
ranking member , of tne ciasa, u
The exercises on May 28 will
close the present school year, ac
cording to present plana.
nnrB:th4 ifhool . Tear
drawing to a close the local high
school has had the largest enroi-
mimt In It histOFT. at OB 9 time
slightly exceeding a membership
nr iftD. Th hlrh standard of the
course, the efficiency of the laeui-t-r
nnormtloa of transportation
buses, the centralised - eonvenl-
nrM ofthA Scio situation and
nther nertlnent conditions are ad
ranced as contributing features in
the increasing enrollment both In
the grades and In the high school.
Azed: Woman
Fractures Leg
omNABT. Aorll 28 M.
nirvntt a 77 vcar old resident of
Quinaby suffered a fractured leg,
snm'iT. when a cow tne was ieaa-
lng became xrigntened ana ran,
causinr Mrs. Rlckett to become
entanded In the rope, i A doctor
and ambulance was called from
Salem and Mrs. Rickett was tak
rn to a Salem hospital '
; Mrs. PL E. Latourelte 01 Ksia
rati anent several davs last week
at the home of her son-in-law and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Harold. SundaT. Mr. ana jars.
Harold took Mrs. Latourette and
Miss Nina Latourette to Oregon
Citv and then motored on to
Portland to visit friends.
(Sac Pi?3ee Mecfiiiiiced
HDay and
High CbemefceU SU.
Block, Portland, Ore.
fouto to Grond Canyon. Ziofi, Bryco Conyon. YoHowstone. Grand
Nationot Porta j Boowtiful, Utustrotod booHeti
Commander Biggs to At
tend Gathering at wood-,
burn Wednesday
wnnnRHRN. Anrll SO-A ipe
clal Mother'a day program, which
Is being sponsored ana presemea
by the .Woodburn women s auxil
iary of the American Legion, will
be given In the Woodburn ar
mory the evening or ty i, w
ataptinr at 8: IS o'clock.
The program will be especially In
honor of all the Gold Star moth
ers" In the Woodburn district; No
admission will be charged ionne
affair, but a silver offering wiu
be .taken.. . h :' ' !
John Ttlrr: Oreeon atatte com
mander of the American Legion,
will be the main speaker of the
nMtar and it is certain that he
will have an Interesting and "vit
al message. - - ?
Th Monitor male chorus of 18
men will hare a ' nromlnent part
on the program, and - will sing
several numbers. The choruay is
directed by Doctor Schierbaum of
Mount Angel. Clog dancea will be
given by Ursula Moehberger, Lois
Proctor, Rita Becxer, Komt mi"
lak, Betty Jane Proctor,. Thelma
Ananby and Kathleen Shorey, alt
Woodburn high school students.
They will be under, the tutelage
of Miss Alma Taylor. td www
hum bleb school - orchestra. ; will
give , several selections. . ; The or
chestra Is under the Daton 01 woe-
tor A F. de Lesplnasse. Miss
Maxiae Tour, a student at Mount
Angel academy, wiU give a aance.
Miss "Bunny" Keunsung- oi &aini
Paul will do a . poppy dance.
n interesting part of the pro
gram -will be the performance of
the Campflre Girls' ceremonial
rites, r The Hubbard Campflre
Girls, clad In their official robes,
will Tut on the work. The Aurora
Choral society, has signified In
tentions of having a duo sing
several numbers. Rev. Katherlne
Powell of Woodburn will give the
Flower girls for the entertain
ment are: little ' Aileen i Bentley,"
Patty Sims and .Geraldine Smith.
Members of the Woodburn ' Girl
Scouts organization win help
usher. .;;.,! -
The program is being present
ed by the Americanization com
XfSIlpp Inc.
Dial Ph. f 192
Tha Stately " -CAPITOL
Wedtiwatan. O.C
Salt Lake City .f 48.30
670 .
Omaha .
Kansas City
St. Louis . '
CMcajro . ,
Detroit . .
Kw Orlaans
OleralanA . :
Toronto . '
AtianU . .
KewTork .
BAtoa .
CofTMeeadiaclr nxmi- ;
trip farta to other Mints att i
Saily. May Z3 to 6tohr IS.
Jtctara limit October IS.
r 6toooTora. . . .
kUm Low eao-way Itm ial
CwcImi, Chair Cart. TooHstv
Sloaearo. (Daily to Jane-So.) '
;'f 9
foton. Rocky Mountain
free. '
BswrTt 11 ii ii. 'Br'1 fc" X" ' 9 -I
mittee of the local American Le
gion auxiliary chapter. Those In
charge of -affair are Mrs. " Rez
W. Bentley, Mrs. SUnley Adams
and Mrs Rav T. Glhbena. Ladies
assisting the main committee and
I also ' responsible, . for decoration
are Mrs. H. 8. LeFebvre, Mr.
Pauline ,BaIn, and Mrs. Nellie
Tate, of Woodburn, and Mrs.
Elizabeth Miller of Monitor.
"Mystery of Third. Gable" a real
mystery play put on by the high
chool ntndenta here Tuesday was
the' best entertainment Perrydale
people have had for long per
iod. ; : . . " : '
A large crowd was "out to" sup
port the high school, a number
Tha .east, vii chosen ana
coached by WandaEUiott and the
characteristics accorded each, one
are a follows: Harry Nedrow as
a hard boiled rum-runner had
tbiara hla wav until he matched
wit with Kenneth Keyt a a de
tMt(T Uiv Van Staavens. as a
very dignified old housekeep war
very welL Thorval MUler, the old
ludre who sought rest ' and - a
anlet - vacation ' at ' the lonely
dwelling to get away from a very
active term as a Judge dealing
with bootleggers, found anything
but rest awaiting . him. Kimor
Glvnn takes the part of his
charmlnr wife and-she did this
part splendidly.:
Their daughter- played , by Mai
a . Carrol, soaeht romance and
excitement, she found both dur
ing the course or events..
Their son as taken by And?
Van Otten was very rood: he was
full of wit, and a great comfort
to his family with his nonchalant
way until he also began to - see
Aladine CamPbeH did good
acting as a timid nervous young
Arllne White had a difficult
part as the private secretary of
the ludre. She had many compli
cated situations to explain. Ed
ward Mollenaar as policeman
handled his prisoners in an ex
tvArtenpAd wav.
Music was furnished by Robert
Mitchell's orchestra with Cleo
Odom of Amity as soloist.
ve whippe
'- t s . 4
... ? -r- viqr tm-.-n
. ... . w
FoR NINETEEN years, our Research Department baa
kept intimate touch with every new development of Science
- that could be applied to the manufacture of dgarette.
During "this period there has been no developmera of tested
value or Importance to the smoker which we have not
Incorporated into the making of Chesterfield cigarettes.
nrro. Anrn xo The Mar day
program, which will take place on
the Scio school grounds Friday
of this " week, will include three-
legged races, xaney rope-jumping.
50-yard dash ior boys ana gins,
baseball throw for hoys and girls,
high' Jumps.! broad jumps, both
standing and running-., i 1 1
Entrants will be divided as 101-
lows: Group one, ages tt and
10; group two; age 11, 12 and
IS; group tnree, age 11, is ana
Soellinr eon test- will be eon-
ducted In the 4th to 8th grades,
inclusive. -Each scuooi is ex
pected to have an entrant In each
arade. !arh aehool also 1 sched
uled to contribute to the afternoon
program..-. : ..!:' -. !,:,' !;
. T.ila Lee Thayer was eiectea
Mit Oireen hv the nrlmarr napUs.
with Opal Wood ring and Eleanor
r1nn .1 Tnillll . . ! I
R. H. McDonald of the Riyer-.
view school and E. p. caiaweu or
the Selo grade school are In
charre of the athletic - program.
Mlsa MesBelt orrrranaiin uuiie
uhnAl an d ' Mlsa , Noriniii Of SciO
rrades are on the program com
mittee. . Miss: Klindt of Scio has
Will Buy
. Acl on Page 6
... . v.. -
:. . .V,......Wk
. .-Ma. .
yoifll find me
Knee-deep in a swirling salmon stream or even deepefjln some office
problem you relish "the taste of a good dgarette. And the better and milder
the' tobaccos, &e better the laste and the rnilder the smoke--thar,s bound to
follow. What you taste in Chesterfield'is the flavor and aroma of the tobaccos
themselves. Chesterfield's blend and- cross-blend gives
delicacy you'll find in no other cigarette.
iIJgSett& Myers Tobacco Co. - T fZ' "TT- ' :
?, Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co,
the crowning ef the eueen. while
F. A-. GaUegly, priadpal at the
hlrh' school, is In aharrs of the
spelling contest,
The auueue events trin surt
at f a.m. sharp. It 1 reaveated
that - all entrants be present
promptly en time, " -
Girls League
In Pajama Party
TERVAIS- April 80 Mlaa Va-
ble Harden gay a pajama party
at the home ot Mrs, V. O. Booster
Friday night to members of the
Girls r League.' .. The school j bus
drove ta the home of the rlrls
and; brought them in,, and also
took ' them " to their nomes Alter
the .party. The most Interesting
futnra of tbe eivenlar. was a eon-
test la which the girls were di
vided into two sides under: the
names of Mr. Brehaut- and Mr.
Tnmbleson: the two men I teach
ers, ; for a. track meet.. The side
Burett Brot Jeweler Established Uore Than Thirty Yemrt
or 1.50 a
sitting in oi
.. .
- '.Li. ' i'' SATISFY!
GERTAIS. April SO The Ben
in olaaa nlav. Tbe Hidden
Guest? will be given at the city
ball Friday night. May s. Arinur
Graiicms taxes - the leaning part
and Is sunnorted by Etheloy Su-
see, Lester DeJardln, Marguerite
Hart, twnauneey Mcuougan, em
ma Jensen, Elizabeth Messer, Ev-anelle-
Esson, Peter Lelack, Ken
neth. Manning and Albert PrantL
Most of the east are old time play
ers and are very popular with au
diences which attend school plays
at Gerval. There are 12 In the
dais this i year. Commencement
called; the Mr. Brehauta won by
a very dose margin. .
"Once Aboard the
Lugger and the
I Girl ;:'is; -.;ne-'-
The same sentiment which moved the poet
And the pirate moyes all of us- and i this
rins: on her finger is a notice to all the
world that she has promised to "name the
The Diamond Weighs '
';' I. ' One-fifth Karat r
'(20 points) '
At our rat for fine diamonds (we sell them at
four dollars a noint no to one-half carat) this
ring cost you Seventy-Nine Fifty. , -
! It m the biggest money' t worth in town mnd w
gutrmntee tl. Tmke tt
Fey th belance
waere s
'it . I If
you a fragrance and
A 'X- '' 4
-ST :
;-.f5S&-, .
exercises are ts be held May 29.
The. school annual is completed
and will be delivered soon after
the first of May. It Is a fine piece
of work for
small school.
Ann ! Schaef ers,
high school, took
vounr people to
Miss ' Marie
teacher in the
several . of the
Portland Sunday to see Bert Ly-
tel In, "The Spider." Those who
made up the party were the Miss
es Lois, Margaret and i Inn a De
Jardln, Betty Cutsforth and Miss
Schaefers and Leeter and Stanley
DeJardln. .1 j
j Twin girls were born to Mr.
and Mrs. Earll Horning of Fry
Station near Salem on Friday
April i 24. Theyj weighed exactly
U pounds each. Mrs. Horning
before her marriage was ' Miss
Frances Fersch weller, i daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fersch well
er of Gerval. ' j
The St. Rita' Altar society will
give' a card party and old time
dance at the parish hall Tuesday
nignt. May 6
AgoVy Ut $ You Are PtriJ
for m doilsr bttl
Une tsfty Wk.
on rise
4 '
.( 1
. .
.... "
....... -,.;!- : -