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Plays of Week Offer etyd
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Arthur Lake and Sue Carol inj coy moment from "She's
;BIy Weakness", feature picture at the Grand Wednesday
and Thursday. ,
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imr n i m- n r w 'in m i ww p n i i . m m i n iwiipwiii Wl '
Wheeler and Woolsey in a snappy pose from "Cracked
Nuts" which is the feature at Warner 'Brothers Elsinore
today. 1
James Gleason and filarie
Prevost in a scene from
1 "It's a Wise Child-, fea
ture at Warner's Capitol
today. .. -x
Marion Davies Stars in
Capitol Film i
lAwtlj Comedy MIt'a a Wis
Child"; Next -The .
Ladjr Refases
Doa't belleTe all you hear and
Terr little of what you aee.
Such Is the moral that nay be
gleaned from "It's a Wtee Child"
which ope-ned at the'Capitol to
day with Marion Davies in the
starring role.
; This hilarious production is a
. racy farce of small-town life
with gossiping tongues supplying
motivation for a novel and dur
ing plot. The Laurence E. John
son piay created a sensation on
Broadway. In its - transition to
the screen it becomes sn evn
more uproarious comedy of er
Unconventional and refresh.
Ing throughout Is "The Lady Re-
luses" ai tne capitol Wednesday
-. Betty Compson is featured
with Gilbery Emery. John Dar
row and Marraret Livinratnn
among the favorites in th sup
porting cast. George Archainbaud
directed the picture, which was
adapted by Wallace Smith ' from
the orldnal story bT Robert Mil
ton and Guy Bolton. The director
explain" Its particular eftectire-
"The picture Is tailor-made for
tne taming screen medium ef en
tertainment. This is why ft Is
sirmng and unusual.
f In the terms of his old football
career, John Wayne has been
stopped without rata at far
After making three pictures In
-the last year, the former U. 8. C.
gridiron man ha finished nn an
is preparing to start upon a free
lance career.- incidentally, First
jNauonai arreaay nas snown an In
tervst In him.
; Wayne played the hero of The
Big Trail" and clrwa ivn
made "Girls Demand Excitement"
and "Three Girls Lost". Neae of
these pictures clicked.
With a good deal of justice, he
argues that he cant be entirely
to blame for the public's stay
away attitude. t
wHonety i the best jolicy.
says Arthur Caeser, "proTidlng
the other fellow pays the pre
mium. .
Noted Comedians at the
Wheeler and Woolsey Today
In 'Craeked Xots";
Royalty Figures
Did yon know that Erich ron
Stroheim onee headed the ward-
g-?-rtyy at TTpfTw-siy
Unlike success, which is said to
owe its all to perspiration, motion
picture comedies invariably - de
pend on Inspiration to life them
out of mediocrity.
And it's the kind of Inspiration
that comes with the suddenness of
a good sneeze, according to Bert
Wheeler and Robert Woolsey, co
stars In "Cracked Nuts," opening
day at the Elsinore theatre.
These ' two comedians prefer
make up their own comedy as they
go along. ' r
Like football players, they go
Into a huddle, call their signals
aad spring their stunts on an un
suspecting director. The result of
this system Is a spontaneity that
no other method could achieve.
The comedians are confirmed
practical Jokers In private life.
Many of their side-line gags are
so genuinely funny that they are
Incorporated in their Bcreen work
whenever the occasion warrants.
"Cracked Nuts" Is said to be
a jovial story of the adventures
of two young Americans who Tie
for the crown of a mythical
kingdom. . Their chief drawback
to fame is an army of ambitious
executioners who would behead
both for a plugged American
dime. i
A love story Is Interwoven in
to the plot i by Dorothy Lee de
spite her irascible maiden aunt,
played by Edna May Oliver.
"Cracked ! Nnts" was directed
by Edward ' CHne from an orig
inal story by Douglas MacLean
and AI Boasberg.
Farnum Coming V
To. Elsinore in
Latest Picture
Da Barrv" imlnr Thnrsdar
to the Elsinore makes abld for
lame by marking tbe return to
the screen of one of the silver
sheet's most glamorous figures -William
Farnum-. Forced into re
tirement frre r years ago because
of injuries sustained while mak
ing a picture . in Glacier National
Park. Farnnm hit mm a haV tn
play, the part of the idolixlnt;
monarcn opposite uias Talmadge.
This is Mr. Farnum's first talk
ing role on the screen. Hl min?
years on the speaking stage as a
leaoing man makes him a splen
did ' exponent i ot the- new cinema
art i,-: ?'
' . it., . .
a eriuiant case appears in tne
picture with Miss Talmadge.
Sharing honors with Mr. Farnum,
la a principal role Is Conrad Na
rel. the soldier laver far hnu
affection Du Barry defies the em
pire, important roles are played
by Ullrich s Haunt. Hnhart
worth, Allison Skipworth. Edgar
Norton, Cissy Fitzgerald, Edwin
Maxwell, Tom Rlcketts, Henry
Kolker, E. j Alyn Warren, Oscar
Apfel, Tom Santschl and Maude
xruex. j
Miss Talma dee nlav mitim
of love and flame, an alluring
beauty whose charms make her
me sovereign ot millions.
There Is a new plan afoot to
mke a talkie Terslon of Charles
Dickens "Olirer Twist." Bryan
Foy. who made the first, full
length Vitapnott feature, is
seeaU&g arountr lor a suitable
boy to take the nart. n&vav Im
Warner Oland, Ernest Hilliard and June CoIIyer as they ap
pear in a scene in the picture "Drums of Jeopardy" which
will be featured at the Hollywood Friday and Saturday.
i 1 toil
Norma Talmadge as she appears in .a scene f rom "DuBarry,
Woman of Passion" at Warner Bros. Elsinore Thursday.
Loretta Young Wins Honor
Of Playing With Skinner
In "Kismet"; Rise is Rapid
When Loretta : Young was se
lected by the production officials
of First National studios to play
the role of Marsinah, she secured
one of the most coveted roles In
filmdom. For not only is It a rare
honor to play opposite Otis Skin
ner, but the part itself is of the
most difficult nature. It calls for
an actress with the grace to
match such lines as "the very
movement of her limbs maketb
melody." and much of the dia-J
logue Is spoken tnrougn a veil
that hides her facial beauty.
That Loretta Toung was chosen
from more than fifty of Holly
wood's best known Ingenues
speaks volumes for her artistry
and genius.
Little did Loretta realize when
she substituted for her sister,
Polly Ann Young, a few years
ago, that she would ever attain
such honor. She went to the
First National Studios in answer
to a call for her sister. Director
Merryn LeRoy Immediately rec
ognized her screen possibilities
and gave her the role originally
intended for Polly Ann. It jwas
only a minor one, but it was
all that was neeessary to con
vince studio officials that the
name of Loretta Young on a fiae
year contract would be a most
valuable document. -
It was not long after signing
the contract that Herbert Brenon
sent ont a hurried call for an
ingenue who could give a ma
ture, emotional performance op
posite the late Lon Chaney in
"Laugh,' Clown, Laugh. ' Loretta
got the part, In It she attracted
widespread attention and took
the first long step toward star
dom. ., ,, . . . . . ;
Returning to the First Na
tional lot, she firmly established
herself with her work in "Scarlet
Seas" with Richard Barthlemess;
"The Girl in The Glass Cage,"
"The Squall, "Loose Ankles."
"The Forward ; Pass" and "Fast
Life," In the Jatter two pictures
she was co-starred with Douglas
Fairbanks, Jr., and with him
formed the youngest love-team
on the screen. She will soon be
seen In "The Right of Way"
from Sir Gilbert Parker's famous
novel, and "Too .Young to Marry.-
-'-I. - j j
Miss Young Is of fair complex
ion, with brown hair and hazel
in height and weighs ninety-six
eyes. She is five feet three Inches
pounds. She was recently married
to Grant Withers whom she met
In the studio, after a romantic
elopement. Besides Polly Ann
Young, she has two more sisters,
Sally Blane and Georgiana Young.
v She enjoyed ' every minute of
her work In "Kismet." which
gave her a chance to display her
dancing ability she cultivated In
her early youth ander the tutel
age of Ernest Belcher and Ruth
St. Denis.
It is a tar cry from modern
Interpretations ot up-to-the-minute
misses of the role ot an Ori
ental girl, but Loretta Young
took the difficult assignment
with all the enthusiasm of her
youth, studied the part and -'ts
able. Foys Ideal east, he says. Is
Richard Bennett, ai Fagan; Noah
Beery, as. Bill Sykes, and Paulina
Frederick, as Nancy. Jettinf
them, of course. Is another thing.
Th Dickens story is public prop
erty. Last year, M.Q.M. talked of
f riming it, but the project fell
throng, Foy would produce
sidelights at night after studio
hours and made the trip from
Hollywood to Bagdad In one
jump. She's' a real trouper.
' Today Richard Barthel-
mesa In "The Lash." ,
Wednesday Sue Carol la
She's My Weakness. .
. Friday Richard Arlen la
."The Santa Fa TraiL"
Today Roth Chattertoa,
la "Tha Right to Love." .
.- Wednesday Robert Mont-
gomery in "War Nurse.
- Friday Warner Oland la
"The Drums of Jeopardy."
Today "W h e e I er and
Woolsey In ."Cracked Nuts."
Thursday Norma Tsl
madge In "DuBarry.-Woman
of Passion."
Today Marion Davies in
It's a Wise Child."
Wednesday Betty Comp
son in "The Lady Refuses."
"The Right to Loye"
The Hollywood
Three Generations of Rath
Chatterton; "War Nurse"
Coming Soon
with rabies and era anag on the
necklace that was once stolen
from the neck of the wife ot the
Emperor ot India. Tradition says
that a man has only to hang the
necklaee about 'a woman's throat
and ah eaa refuse him nothing,
but, if one of the drama is de
tached and lent to a man ha will
die within twenty-four hours!
The anlv Btnoii fa TTMtvwwuf
tO BtoO one OP tba llirr hrnttiera
Is. oddly enough. Little ; Robert
uoogan. -
Meeting the youngster on the
lot, Groucho Marx asked him If
ha had seen one of him nlenM
Mrs. Cooran answered that h
Well. aid Grnncbn. "TnnM
Ilka 'Animal Crackers'."
Yeah" said . Master Robert.
"with frosting on top. - i
Dick BarthelmeM fa Artistic
Romance Next "She's
My Weakness"
Richard Barthlemess has nev
er dona a mora realistic nor more
artistic piece of acting than he
does In "The Lash," a story of
activity in southern California,
at the time when that section
was mostly owned by Spanish
gentlemen and the Americans
were taking It over following the
time the state was taken into the
A love affair between Barthle
mess and Mary Astor is one of
the most effective and pretty
parts of the picture. Mary Is Quite
a Spanish beanty type In this pie i
tare . and : she and Barthlemess
make a very distinguished pair.
Wednesday at the Grand, Sue
Carol and Arthur Lake will
amuse audiences with a presen
tation of "Sha's My-Weakness."
A love affair gets all mixed up
with real estate and seeming
fraud with the result that there
are many complications which
eventually come oat wltjj the lov
ers looking for minister.
'Santa Fe Trail" concludes the
week's bill at tbe Grand. In this
picture Richard Arlen does some
excellent acting as does Eugene
Pallette. , Mltzie Green, Rosita
Morena and Junior Durkin to
gether with some excellent In-'
dian characters ' and a villain
make up the rest of a food cast.
The story concerns the trials
of sheep herders in a cattle conn
try. When Richard Arlen falls in
lova with Rosita Morena his
trials increase. The evolntloa of
the plot is of tense Interest.
The Hollywood opens the
week's bill with a problem play
"The Right to Love" In which
Ruth Chatterton plays a brilliant
role first as a daughter in dis
grace, -then as a wife and moth
er, and then as the daughter of
the mother in all she repre
sents three generations.
The story is that of a young
girl thwarted in love who later
marries a stodgy old. man and
fears her daughter only to have
he daughter turn against her. A
human plot and good acting
make this play one to remember.
"War Nurse." a Metro-ooid-
wyn-Mayer picture win open at
the Hollywood ' theatre . Wednes
day. It does for the women of
the war what The Big Parade"
did for the men. " .
It portrays the bravery and
hardships and tbe romances of
war nurses in a deft, strong and
accurate manner. Tbe leading
roles are taken by Robert Mont
gomery, Robert Ames, June Wal
ker and Anita Page.
"The Drums of Jeopardy,"
which will appear at the Holly
wood Friday, has in its cast June
Collyer, Lloyd Hughes, Hale
Hamilton and supporting east Of
The story Is of the type cal
culated to thrill and terrorize.
The "drums" ot the title are set
Continuous Performance Today 2 to 11 P. M.
"'The Screen's Wonder-Woman, in
an Amazing Story
"The Right to Love' The.
First Picture Ever Filmed
with the MARVELOUS
From Susan Glaspell's
Novel, "Brook Evans"
Also Comedy, News
and Cartoon
71? -ii
U Coming tj""
I. TRAIL age y
' V' . . time, rj i j
Wa pnep B ros. Salem T heat res
vWho Doesn't Think Electric Refrig
erators Can .Replace the Handsome
Iceman , . -
He Wanted a Good Night'e Sleep So
He Got Married!
one grand laugh
from beginning to end
ci n ii ii m o
" 1 1 i j i
' t
1 , III
a - , 1 . r -
" i x . '
- r .' "-.
" J f
. " " j
If vi . A v -, . jr. .. ' v. ,!t t.
Screen's Merriest Fun
Makers Bounce Back
With Grand New Laughs
In a Joyous Carnival of
Happy Hokum Comedy . . .
Stars of "Cuckoos"
"Half Shot at Sunrise''
"Hook, Une and Sinker" . . , .
Rollins Laughs Down to Rio ....
Bert and Bob . . Buy a Revo
lution . . .Go GaGa Dodging
Gringos . . Gals and Generals
Defending Their Cuckoo .
Kingdom Against Plots and
. 1
lis W
IV- .tt Lit 1 'Jff tl
3MA7 n rj
., - I
, and 'CIMARRON Immcrtals
' Edna May Oliver
r Stanley Fields
T 4 -
JM-JPProached.bnt is ne ra-