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    The OREGON STATESMAN, Salen. Oregon, Satnrday JIornir.. I'.iich IS. 1331
ews an
Olive M.. fioAK. Society Editor
Bridg e Benefit
Tentative Date
April 16 .
' It was decided at the Woman's
ilia meeting Friday afternoon
that the bride benefitto -be giv
en by the elub; f or the Y. W. C.
A., would be given April 1, this
date set subject t. change.- Mrs.
C. K. Spanldlng ts chairman or
the committee.'1 - ' - .
An excellent ' report of the
Thursdar meeting in HUlsboro ot
Vhm third district convention of
the Oregon federation of women's
clubs, was given Friday after
noon by Mrs. W. F Fargo, pres
ident of the district. The Salem
club extended an - invitation to
the federation to meet In Salem
Announcement was ; made of
:the semi-annual meeting, of " the
onnntv f Ariaratinn of ClUbS - iu
Ktavtonl Anril 23.
Mrs. E. C. Cross gave the Ore
gon Products talk whlcn was on
the Valley Packing company. The
grandfather Of E. C. cross owneu
ha firat meat market in Salem.
Supplementing an v interesting
talk by Mrs. Ralph Winn In which
h eomnared the social life of
Rusia before and after the war.
Mrs. C. C. Oeer played a group 01
Rnslan piano numbers, j
- A delightful tea hour followed
the program.- Mrs. David Wright
and Mrs. It. J. Hendricks Presided
.t tb nrettilr appointed tea
' table. - ' .V; :
Portland Symphony to
ittjpply Artist
When the Salem Junior Sym
phony orchestra' presents Its first
. ... ... if. e.iam anrilpnra it
will have the honor or presenting
as assisting artlEt. Terens Steln-
er, nrst cemst won me -mtvii-land
Symphony orchestra. -Both
the Junior and Portland
Symphony , orchestras J hay . of-
f ered any assistance : that they
may giro the Salem Junior pr
ehestra In order to assist it in ac
complishing the high standard of
work which It is dereloping. -Prof.
William1 Wallace Graham
Has announced excellent progress
with . the program and adrance
ment of the orchestra. With the
assistance of Mr. Steiner, who
has been heard in Salem, and
who Is an artist of repute in mu
sical circles all over the country,
, it seems that an unusually com-
mendable program will be offer-
fa me musical puouc lor tnc iirai
Junior Symphony concert.
Mrs. Mary V. Charlton will
anon ihia wVmii) in Portland
.In a few days Mr. : and Mrs.
Charlton will , move to-Portland
to make their home. Mr. Charl
ton nas. neen appointed unuea
States probation
if - - . .
Saturday, March ,S8 '
Rehearsal for Grand Counell fire between J and. S ;
o'clock," In Y. M. C. A. and also celebrate 'nineteenth
birthday anniversary. "1 '1 7V J -J T
- Grand Council Fire of Camp Fire, 1 I o clock, T. M. t -
C. A.; public Invited., f
Marion Veterans Plan
Spring Meet 1 V
.-. . ,1 . -: ' -'
' The Marlon Coisnty Tetaxans
association which Is made up ,ot
a large number of j patriotic asso
ciations Of the county win meet
Ifor the spring meeting at, Wood-
oarn ayiu . -i 1 -; -f '. -,.- -v-
Thotssoclatlon has three. meet
ings a year. : The late summer
meeting was August, 2 la Silver
ton: Salem had" the winter meet-
ling December 3; and the spring
meeting wm Be i i n , w oueu(a
April 2.. -;M" "
-The bus taking those from Sa
lem who care to attend the meet
ing will leare the stage terminal
at 9 o'clock Thursday morning.
- ----
"Sew and So" Glub ,
Meets in Zena !
Zena The "Sew and So-clnb
was enterUined at the home of
Mrs. W. N. Crawford of Zena
Thursday afternoon. Japonica,
spirea and daffodils were used ef
fectirely about the gnest rooms.
Sewing and , conversation occu
pied the afternoon. Mrs. Alice
Simpson and Mrs. : Alrin Madsen
assisted the hostess serve a e
o'clock 1uncb. . j li ;
- Special guests mere Mrs. Alice
Simpson. Lincoln; Mrs. S, A.
Judson. Salem; . Mrs. Cella Wal
ling, Lincoln; and Mrs. James A.
French, Zena. Members included
Mrs. George Boyd, Mrs. Alvln
Madsen. Mrs. , Clarence Merrlek,
Mrs. Iran Merrick and the host
ess, Mrs. 'Crawford. Children of
the members present were Ches
ter' Merrick, Robert and Rich
ard Madsen. -Delores, Merrick: Al
vln. Madsen, Jr., Audrey Merrick,
and Alice and Wilma Crawford.
Royal Neighbors .
Attend District Rally
1 .: "
federal court : In t, Portland.
. Oregon . TSrape.1 camp, : Royal
Neighbors of America, -attended
the district rally held at Silver
ton Tuesday evening. An enjoy
able time was had. Music, read
ings and stunts made up the pro-,
gram and a lunch was served. -
Those attending were Gertrude
Walker, Elizabeth Cheney, Sarah
Harter, Carrie ' j Bunn. Minnie
Tinnel, Bertha lioTeland, Mary
Ackerman. Larerne Fiala. Anna
Lewis, Ruth Sherman. Hazel El-
officer of the llott. May Howard. Clara Corbin,
Mildred Nash,
Francis Hoyt, j
Doris Corbin,
Sarah .Peterson
Flossie Wright j
Edna Shepard.i
Irene Speed, Gertrnde Cheney,
Laura Cheney, Rose Abbott. Mrs.
Rnef. and Dorothy Winegar of
Saver.- , r f
Mrs. G. Moorehead to
Be Hostess
Is Hostess . J
i Aa interesting" meeting of the
Aid society of "the -Woman's Re4
lief corn was that for which Mrs,
Sarah Baker was hostess Thurs
day at her home on Lincoln
street. 'Spring flowers made, at
tractive - decorations " for .the
guest rooms. Business and aewr
ing and a no-host . luncheon . at
noon completed a busy day. Mrsl
Rose Voris, Mrs. Julia, Blodgett,
and Mrs. Sarah Peterson assisted
the hostess, at the luncheon hour.
'- Guests present were Mrs. Sarah
Peterson. Mrs. Mary Watson,
Mrs. Rose Hagedorn, Mrs.- Delia
Clearwater, Mrs. Helen . South
wick. Mrs. Beaufink. Mrs. Jennie
Martin, Mrs. Hattie Cameron,
Mrs. Vogue. Mrs.l Lizzie Smith,
Mrs. Maggie Cade,. Mrs. Jennie
Jones, Mrs.; Alley, Mrs. Louisa
V rt-n titrm Sink Drlr IfH
Julia 'Blodgett, Mrs. Mann. Mrs?f
Bertha Loreland, Mrs. Simmons,
Mrs. Sarah Peterson, Mrs. .Mettle
Schramm, Mrs. MaryvWirtx, Mrs.
Rose Vorla, Mrs.. Clara Adama,
Miss Ada Simpson. -' Mrs. Sarah
Nelson was a special gueet. ' I:
- .-'k
Basketball People ' s
Are'Cbmplirnented J
Monmouth -Mr. and " Mrs. J H.
K. Sickafoose were hosts .at a
four course . luncheon Wednesday
complimenting the Monmouth
high school basketball . quintet:
Orvllle Hockema, Harold Good,
Harold Santee, Earl Johnson and
Verl White. Additional guests
were A. B. Patchln, coach; F. M.
Roth, principal of the high school,
Miss Edith Clark and S.:E. Fors.
The occasion also featured Miss
Clark's birthday anniversary. ;
Spring, flowers .. centered the
luncheon table,- and were reflect
ed in the place cards. A Jolly
time was enjoyed with toasts by
various guests. Mrs. Sickafoose
was -assisted In Berring by Mrs.
J. C Wilson. . ' . ,
; ! '
Mrs. P. G. MacDonald
Contract Club Hostess
- - : : !
Mrs. Palmer MacDonald enter
tained members of . her . bridge
club Friday . afternoon with j a
smart luncheon f olowed with an
afternoon of contract bridge.
Spring flowers centered "the
luncheon table and were effec
tively used about X the n guest
rooms. ' , t i:
Mrs. Wayne Loder and Mrs.. O.
F. Johnson were additional
guests, i Club members - present
were- Mrs. J. II. Callaghan. Mrs.
Roy Simmons, - Mrs. - William
Scandling, Mrs. Jack Elliott, Mrs.
Jam-es Young. Mrs. Conrad Paul-
ns, and Mrs. MacDonald
Mrs. George Moorehead will be iKaDDa Delta SororitV?
1 V . . II.. 1 .
i n
to members of the
Ta'Menettes club! at her home on
Hood street Frldaiy night.
Mrs. Grover Btrtchett will be
the speaker of ; the -evening and
will discuss experiences which
she has had in her church work
BogaU will be especially discuss- "ne pa"T ana tea inursaay
Ankeny Bottom The - Ankeny
Woman's club met at the coun
try home of Mrs. G. H. Marlatt
Thursday afternoon. Huge bowls
of spring flowers were placed at
tractively about , the large living
rooms. !- 11 .;"
.Roll call was responded to
with bible quotations. Mr. L-B.
Smith read a. very Interesting
poem; life of Abraham was Riv
en by Mrs. JO. Farr, Mrs. G.H.
M.vl.t . . - . . .
kwiV: rVI .--rr:rr V " Ieast n year. An
r;,,;, : , "k ;k--I. v" I Bnjoyabl social time followed the
lowing club members: Mrs. E. L.k,,i. tI ,.w ti
Finlay. Mrs.: A. HL-. ThomDson. I riV l itf
Mrs. J. O. Farr, Mrs. E. LHamn- .t.,k w , ,
I .u.Krriio. Mrs. refreshments,
ran. r. wounsion. I ! .cm vA.
r., cMiinn. jiri. Wllllflm t .oil i !
- vii aj - xif ilia
One of the happy events of
spring Tacation for a group
Kappa Delta sorority girls of Uni
versity of Oregon who are spend
lng the Taxation In Salem was the
The guest list Included Miss
Myrtle seaverspn of Montana,
i Miss Verio Ramm of Bend, Miss
I Louis Riggs, -Miss Katherine
; Earle, Miss Edna Prescott, and
Miss Kathryn Rowe. M
, Grand Island The regular
meeting of . the . Mothers' Circle
I was held at the 'home of Mrs.
Anna Umbanhour Wednesday af
ternoon. Mrs. Graco'Wiley - pre
sident, had charge of the business
session; 'After a prolonged idis-
answered J roll
an. interesting
household suggestion. . There
were two visitors ? present also,
Miss Claire Wagner and Mrs. Pau
line Fowler. Both Miss Wagner
and Mrs. Fowler taught In the
island school a few years agO.J r
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert W. Dan
parenu at The Dalles.
Wlederk hr atit i9nrlt rv:
ss. till I . mwu-
J I M 1 1 I no Mr- Sidney. Howard and
1 j All daughter Maraaret. Mra. 1 . J
Davidson ands the hostess Mrs
G. H. Marlatt,?
'- ' - 1 7 ' '" - .
Genrals Mrs. Robert Haroer
Th eharminr Vontrant of lirht 1 was bostess to the Hermosa club
ton and dark bottom, no imnnr. I tor a social afternoon at her home 1 1p1 f rnn..' ... -
lani in me new spring moae, is I ,",,, " tu"ie ana aai-iiew flays Of their vacation from
strikingly presented - in today's I "dlls were ueed as decorations collere at the homA nt Un nn.
' model. The lit ht voka -drarM I about the rooms and Eaater hnn.llAlm .). .-
becomingly, and points in slen- nes nd eggs formed a center I Shoemaker. They hare soent part
urr iisuiub 10 m ueveriy siyiea i z. v "ueainoi taoie. 1 01 me week visiting Mr. Daniels'
&iii wita i imcrvtu (uuci i yineut were Mrs. J. W.
graceful flare. Note the tiny, I vUtsrorth, Mrs. Sumner Stevens.
back-neck tucks that make . the I Mrs. G. J. Molsan, Mrs. S. D. Man-
yoke fit so perfectly. .ininsT, Mrs. M.-D. Hennlng. Mrs.
Pattern 2078 , suggests many Sam H. Brown. Mrs. a. T. Wtdi.
delightful color schemes in crepe I worth, Mrs. Ji V. Kepplner, Mrs
or satin a light blue top with P. W. Seely and the hostess. Mrs.
light . blue eggshell top and! . . '
crown Doitom -wnue ana buck - Shaw The " members f the
iwu maun w , sreen iiesn 1 worn an a .tnmmnii t. -I., k
and rust, etc. z The sleeves 1 are Shaw, met at. th hnm-. nf u,. i t
trimmed - with, buttons covered I Joe Shrm
i ' - . A
! thews, Mrs.- Amilla Smith. Mrs. I 1
Ed Amort. Mrs. Joe Perrr. Mr.
Elton Brownell. Mrs. John Bot- ll- i
..ui, nit. ijoub Amori, , mrs,
I Lloyd Keen, Mrs. Ed Goffin, Mrs
I w jniam .Berg and : the hostess,
Mrs. Joe Sherman. - The net
meeting will be at the home of
Jttiss Amanda Mathews. -
west Salem. Mrs. E r. Mil
ler entertained Wednesday at a
laacneon ana social afternoon j .
which hnnnrod bi own Kir. n I t
and . that of '.Miss Lottie Mc -V. ' x . S
Adams. 'Those enjoying the oc-JV i- 4 v.tV
caslon were" Mrs. J. M. Fisber. j ,nien-Tell Aliyoko Miya
airs. .u gene hreos ol KHigvood S "j'v1 ppares io mate ner aerial
Heights, Mrs. Waldo Baker. Mrs. out with a daring leap from
wtw uio tuiueiu at t,aioa, japan.
She ii tlx- first -woman parachute
with the darker fabric
.. May be obtained" only in sizes
1C, 18. 20. 34, 36, 3i. 40 and
42. Size 1 requires 3 "Tards
printed and-lU yards contrast
ing fabric, 39 inches wide.
K ireimk!nj xprteae ta
accessary t mik this Dtxitl vita
r psttvra.- Vsrdac for rtrry
-'. and siaipl. azsel iastra
tioot r civca.
Sand fifteen ceats to o!aa 'r
fally rspp4. r stamps tor saeb
palters. Writ plaisty voor bsibo.
addrasa sad style samba. Ea aara
ta stata siza vsatad. .
Our (all soil vlstcr fsshfoit
book contain inr exonisits modal
for adalts sod children sad so
axceilrst asaortmaot of traatfer
pstteras sad it m pad sovelties. ts
ow rrxir. Pries fifteen ecata.
Book wr.ti psttera. 25 eests. . Ad
dress sil mail sod orders to States
s Patters Dcnaris-nt. SS
W t?ui street, bew Xoxk City.
Quartet Receives
High Praise
In South -
The Keah - Kah - Nie quartet,
which will present the last of the
series of three concerts' In Salem :
Tuesday at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Hal Pat ton. Is receiving real
ovations In California, where they
have been tourin for several
weeks past. - -y-
The quartet gare a concert' In
San Francisco and the San Fran
cisco Examiner for March 28 had
this to say about the program: m
The Quartet, which is headed
by Susie Fennell Pipes and in
cludes Alexander Murray, Hubert
Sorenson and Michel, Penha, gave
a concert at the home of Miss
RemlUard. They played two Quar
tets, the Haydn in' O from Opus
76 and Smetana's "Ass Meinem
Leben"and, between . the . two
were sandwiched Arensky's beau
tiful variations on the Tschaikow
sky carol "Christ When a Child
"This is a auartet with high
possibilities of achievement. Susie
Pipes is mercurial and has an in
gradaUng suavity of tone;- the
second' violin, Alexander .Murray,
has " technique , and . masculinity;
the viola player, Hubert Sorenson,
disengages a lovely-tone and -has
a real flair for the genius of his
Instrument; Michel Penha.' as ev
eryone knows, is a master of the
cello. ;. : . .-t . l:;' -f
They play with distinction; they
put theii heart Into the work,
They will go far. Here, at last,
thank God, is a quartet unspoiled
by - commercialism. ' They are a
yonng organisation;' but they are
rich in 'legitimate 'hopes. San
Francisco, will welcome their re-
Chamber musie ' Is of ancient'
origin. It originally had appllcav
tion to any small group of Instru
ments, strings or - other- instm-
ments, heard in homes and play
ing delicate, individually beauti
ful, music From this Idea of
chamber musie the present con
caption of strings, .mostly quartets-
or trios,' has grown. -' r. :
Among the .most famous . mu
sical organisations -in ' the world
was the Flonzaley quartet, which
has only- recently disbanded. A
group- of Hungarian quarets which
are well known, in . the : United
States are Roths, the Lener quar
tet. Which is most often heard in
quartet recordings,- and the Buda
pest quartet. -' , & i r
Pro-Arts and the London String
quartets have both been heard in
Portland. The New York quartet
is another well known group, as
is the Gordan quartet of New
York. ':
Quaret music has proved to be!
especially fine for radio recording..
One of the most beautiful record-,
lngs either. for the radio or pho
nograph records has proved to be
the "Double Concerto," written by
Brahms. This has grown to be a.
special favorite of radio audiecces.
The program which will be
played by the Neah-Kah-Nie quar
tet Tuesday night promises to be
as delightfully pleasing as the two
which have been given. r
A number of special guests will
be present : for this program,
among them it is anticipated will
be Governor and Mrs. Julius
Meier. The hosts for the evening
are announced- as Mr-and Mrs.
Hal Patton. - assisted by Mr. and
Mrs. O. F.Johnson, Mr. and Mrs.:
C. P. Bishop,- Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam H. Burghardt; Miss Elizabeth
Lord, Miss Edith Schryrer and
Miss Alice Brown. - . v
a ' a '
Mrs. W. H. Byrd who 1s con-!
valescing from a serious -. opera
tion undergone In a Portland
hospital recently is now at the
home of Dr. Jtoy Byrd and ex
pects to be at home in Salem the
first of this next wek..
Mrs. Chester ' Baker:; and 4 her
son. Richard Baker, wno-is at
tending -the University of Wash
ington, are in ' Salem spending
the spring "vacation . with Mr.
" 'j SMaaMsaaaSBSSSSBS ' -
Coard of Cuntror -Members
; , Fail to RecaH Matter :
r- Decided Last Year
: Whethef the state board of
control can legally override a so
called option entered Into .with
the General 1 Petroleum corpora
tion of California, In connection
with the purchase of gasoline for
the state during. If JO, is, the
question that will be referred to
Attorney VsnWihkJtj for an op
tion.,: v,,,.;- . "
The option came up for discus
sion' at a meeflng of the board
here Friday - Xor; the purpose qf
considering proposals, for gasoline-
and other motor vehicle fuels
used by the state during: the cur
rent year. .The i Associated Oil
company submitted the low bid
of 10.9 eents per gallon for: gaso
line delivered fn bulk In Port
land. Deliveries in other sections
of the state- were based on the
Portland quotation, plus the
freight differential.- - , f i - :
" Other .proposals .were received
from the General Petroleum cor
poration, TUchf leld : Oil company.
Union Oil company, standard Oil
company. Shell Oil company and
the Texas Oil corporation.
Governor Donbte ,
Option's Legality - V . ,
Governor!' Meier questioned the
legality of the option with the
General - Petroleum corporation,
which provides that at the' expir
ation ot Its 1930 contract with
the state if would hate the priv
ilege of ' eontinaing - its sales- ot
gasoline to the state on the basis
of the low. bid for the year, 1931.
"It looks to A ine ; as though
there is nigger inr the wood
pile." said Governor Meier in dis
cussing: the option. 'V ;.v r
' State Treasurer Kay declared
that it looked to him as though
something: had been put over on
the board ot control at the -time
the 1930 gasoline contract was
awarded.- ;-- , . i '
Kay suggested that the option
be .referred to -the attorney gen
eral to determine whether It Is
binding. This was agreeable to
Governor Meier and Secretary ot
State Hoss. - -
Governor Meier ' declared that
the option was discriminatory In
that it gave the General Petrole
um, corporation 'a distinct: . ad
vantage - over - the competing oil
distributors. . . t- . j
Part Of Contract , I .
Made la 18SO . ..
Carle Abraas, secretary of. the
state board of control,; said the
option was a part of the contract
entered Into with - the t: General
Petroleum corporation in Febru
ary, 1930, covering the purchases
of . gasoline for a period of one
year. : : - I-: ",..,-'"-: tr. , ' '
. Hoji declared that he. had no
recollection of the , option, and
never until a few days ago.
- Awarding ; of the contract for
furnishing gasoline to the state ot
Oregon during the current year
was deferred until; the- attorney
general ha$ ruled on the option
with the General Petroleum cor
poration. - -' t.': 1 -
In case this option Is held to be
valid, the board ot control may
be compelled to continue its pur
chases from the General corpora
tion. This 'would depend, how
ever, upon whether the General
Petroleum ; ' corporation -' would
quote gasoline price as low. or
lower than 10.9 cents per gallon.
Women's Rights
u Suffer Defeat
QUEBEC .March f; 27- ( AP ) r
The women's equal rights i cause
here suffered its second - defeat
(srier One of Oldest Who
Have lived in This County
Sin Birth; No7 Aged 81
; RICKEY, March 17. Eighty
one years ago March 19, Just a
little over year- before the
lirth of The Oregon Statesman,
Benjamin B. Gesner, the oldest
member of the Rickey commun
ity was born on! the old dona
tion claim of ' his parents,' part
ot which, he now owns and on
which he has Ured the greater
part of Ms life. I y --v -
Not only is Mr. ' Gesner the
oldest- member of .the' Rickey
community. but as far ar'can be
learned is the second oldest' man
in Marlon county-that has made
Mario ncounty his " home ' all of
his' 'life. -. ' ?
": His mother." Mary Ala way,, was
born In Kentucky and his father,
Ruben A. Gesner, : was born In
New York. They crossed - the
plains from ' Missouri in 1845.
In this tra-in of immigrants were
Jacob and Jane Caplinger' who
also settled In this community.,
Mr. Gesner was the fifth child
in a family of 11 and is now the
oldest child of - the family alive.
The others are Dr. Vanison Ges
ner, Portland; f Sallie Gerowe,
Portland; Amny Davidson, Sa
lem. Two other' members of the
family, . ! Amelia f Munkers, and
Alonxo Gesner, spent the .greater
part of their lives in the vicinity
of Salem, f
1 : Mr. Gesner started to school
when he was seven years old. He
In two days by the Quebec legis
lature. "'!' I ' '
- : A bill to pertnit women - to
practice 'law in ihe province was
defeated by two; rotes. The leg
islature Wednesday by a vote of
47 to 11 rejected a bill to give
women the right; to rote.
attended a school in the vicinity
of Marlon - square, the . name ot
which he does not remember. At
that time this section of Salem
was covered . with timber, .lie
also attended schacl in the Baker
district, the Itaeleay iitrict the
Rickey district - and t t the Wil
lamette university tsl' ng that
burned . down, j-esrs. r -o. His
father was the first alerk Of the
Rickey school. i . '
"He ,was ' "married to Fannie
Buster, daughter - of Jane and.
Samuel Buster, 4i 1875. Mrs.
Gesner and two children ' have
been- dead a number ot years but
the rest of Jhe family with the
exception, of Frank -Gesner .who
lives-at" Rose Lodge, are resi
dents of Marlon county. They
are Mrs. J. Bodlnhelmer, Shaw;
Mrs Norris Hunt. Smaw; Adolph
Gesner, Shaw; U. Gesner,
Rickey;- Virgil -Cleaner. Rickey;
Bessie UpdegrafC ..Clifford Ges
ner and Ralph Gesner all ot Sa
lem. , . . . : '.-
Mr. Gesner is a great reader
and is actively Interested In all
affairs of the , community and .
especially education. - Though
having no children In school he
worked for- a new schoolhouse .
and for high school transporta
tion. . ' ' ' '" . ; . ' b- ,
' Mr. Gesner does not remember
how many years during his life
time he -i has been a reader of
The - Statesman. He said SO or"
4 0 years and perhaps longer. He ,
was a reader of The . Statesman
when It was a weekly.
Mr. Gesner has In his posses
sion a broadaxe which his father
brought serosa the plains and
which was used to hew the logs
for barn , built in 1953. which
still stands on the place. , j
A Special Purchase and ' :,
1 3
Bridge and Table Models
Hollow !
Heavjj Metal
Variety of
Designs in
The branch office of the pub
lic -utilities commissioner in the
Multnomah r county . courthouse
will be discontinued permanently
after April 18. according to an
order issued here Friday by C M.
Thomas, public utilities commls-1
sioner."- -- ---.'.:
The original order closing tne
branch office was issued March' 9,"
with the result that protests were
filed by a number, of Portland
citizens. .The protests were con
sidered at a subsequent hearing.
In lien of continuing the branch
office - the- Multnomah county
commissioners will be requested
to ntovide temporary quarters tor
holding such hearings as may be
asslsgned to Portland by the pub-.
lie utilities commissioner. '
The commissioner granted - sin
application of the;Tldeport Log
ging company,4, for' permission ; to
construct a . temporary crossing at
grade over the tracks of Its log
ging railroad near Nehaiem.
A special purchase and sale of matched lamps, begin today at Miller's I Bridge
and table style. - ' '
Gold finished metal base and cross arm with hollow standard." Laced, edge
parchment shade in simulated alligator skirt design with scenic patterns in
variety, j -:-:':--:",f,-V ' "': : 1 "! . - f ' "-. x-- : ;
Table lamp in candelabrum style with large parchment shade to match the
bridge lamp. ,' i .
AH. are equipped 'with silk cord, socket plv
BUY SET OP THREE. AND SAVE $1.55. ( ' Second Floor
Radio Lamps, metal fiffures
Crockery. Candy-Jars V -"."j i ......
New Roseville Vases (finest:, pottery) j:.... ... ...
Batik Table Scajrfs (novelty velvets)
Tapestry Table Runners and Wall Panels
I New Silhouette Placques i. 1 J
1 Scrap Baskets and Hassocks, each.......:..i..:........j
I Fancy Davenport" and Boudoir Pillows .......... j
; $1.95 and $2.95
...............'...$30, $4.95
.... ..... .$1.75,: $3.50
..75c to $1.50
......... ...$1.00 to $1.50
.. $1.00
..L......;..$1.19 to $5.25
- " ' V: " j tauayer ot Japan.
Mrs, Smith Put ;
lOn Chain Store
Interim Study
: - RepresentatlTes John Manning
of- Multnomah county, Perry ; De-
lap of Klamath county and ltta
Smith of Marion county have been
appointed by Frank Lonergan,
speaker of the house of represen-,
tatlres, as house' members of the '
so-called Interim 'committee, to
conduct a study of the chain store
system. The report of the com
mittee wIlNbe filed at the lfZ3
lestslatiTei session." , ; K-
Marshall Dana, Portland news
paperman, and John Y. Richard
son-certified pablie - accountant.
tlgate the assessing of public utili-'
Sale of . .
The Jook of being custom
corseted will be yours if
-you take advantage of this
sale of reducing tep-ins
today at. $4.95. i These are
silk covered with adjust
able lacing notch at side
and top. All sizes. . .
j. Fine Quality
; t-
- i
Here is the new crepe hose
-that has been so widely ad- j
vertised and used through-.)
dut the East It is the GEN !
UINE crepe construction!
and. not only wears ' ex-?
Jtremely well but Is the very ;
xenith of hosiery fashions.
The new. shades, of course.
; Walter Booth
- Miller's are Salem's exclu
, sive agents for "WALTER
BOOTH footwear for men.
This week we show many
new Spring styles in men's
black and brown oxfords.
; Walter Booth shoes rre
noted for their ' sdund.all
leather; ' construction. The
. best for, the money.
f 4
vMiler- MercaMife Go
l'i 'MR
' -i
- .- .-'- m." Jftm T, -
l.. li.ti . i i .