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Salem, Oregon, Saturday Bf orning, t March 28,- 1931
Final- State- Plea Started
uy r..owry; says much -
"Rubbish" in Cass
Postry - Quoted in : Defense
Pleas Lasting Through
j Early Part of day
. IIILLSBORO, Ore,,: March. 27.
(AP) -Delivery of I the state's
final answerto charges ad argu
ments - ot ' the - defense' in the
Bowles-Louek murder trial was
begum today by Prosecutor George
Mo wry. . ' V '
Mowry's talk to the- Jury fol
lowed those- given by William O.
Hare and Judge Wallace McCam-
mant who delivered final argu
ments in behalf of Neleon C.
Bowles, Portland millionaire, and
lrma u. ixucas, .xu- umuica
paramour,, accused of stabbing to
death Mrs Leone Bowles In Miss
Loucks Portland apartment last
November 12, Bowles and Miss
Loucks have . admitted they were
in the apartment at the time hut
said Mrs. Bowles .killed herself
because of her husband's unfaith
fulness. ' ,
A ot of things which he did not
understand were brought into the
case by ' arguments of defense,
counsel, Mowry ".told the " Jury,
and h said, be was determined to
"get the rubbish out the road be
fore X begin to talk about the
case." -
Recalls Failure ;
To Describe Wound "
The prosecutor said-he still was
unable to understand why Bowles
bad not told Dr. Paul B. Cooper
the nature of Mrs. Bowles Injury
when v he called the physician to
the apartment after the bread
knife had ' pierced his ' wife's
breast.. Such Information, Mowry
declared, would have enabled Dr.
Cooper to bring with him the prop
er medical ' ane- surgical equip
ment. , .
Mowry pointed out stales , in
the kitchen of tba - s; art.-nent,
which the defense deTcL-were
planted as evidence," had "nothing
to do with the esse and that the
state bad Introduced no evidence
about them. They were referred
to only In defense testimony, be
said. , ..
He charged the defense had
Introduced -trick" photographs
to show Mr. and Mrs. George f
Stevenson . could not see the
things they testified for the state
they had seen from their front
window. - - , - f
, The Stevensons, whose home Is
Just north - of the , apartment In,
which Mrs. Bowles died; testified
they saw two men 1 leave the
apartment with a woman's coat
and hat. This contradicted testi
mony given by Dr. . Cooper and
other relatives to removal of Mrs.
Bowles effects. Mowry spent con
siderable time discussing the pho
tograph and the location of the
Stevenson home. - f .
Argument to, End . r
lbout Noon Today -
The prosecutor is expected to
torn pie te his arguments ; by Eat
orday noon. Circuit Judge George
It. Bagley, presiding, announced
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PORTLAND, I Ore.; March 27.
(AP)-Billy Pine, 12-year-old
Portland schoolboy, shot acciden
tally by a playmate yesterday,
died here today. -
-Fine had gone to the home of
Dean Davenport, 12, during the
noon recess. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
A. Daver port were not at. home
and Dean - volunteered to show
Billy his father's old .45 calibre
army pistol.'- In handling the
weapon be 'discharged it and the
slag passed completely through
Fine's body into the wall behind
him. .
March 27. CAP) Irene' Ad
kins, 10, was reported missing
from her home here today. She
was said to have left town
; with an older girl and the two
were reported to have entered
an automobile driven by an
unidentified man on the Ashland-Klamath
Falls highway. "
PORTLAND, Ore.. March 2 T.
(AP) Clere. Montgomery, 22-year-old
Wallowa county .cattle
man, who rwas reported shot and
killed during an argument over
cattle early this week. Is alive
and well at Anatone. Wash., his
sister, Elaine Montgomery, Port-
. Miss ;' Montgomery's informa
tion came from Harley Tucker,
another rancher, who lnveatigat
edxthe report at her request.
WASHINGTON. March 27. .
1AP) The interstate commerce
commission today dismissed the
petition of the Portland. Oregon,
traffic aad transportation asso
ciation for lowering of combina
tion rait and water rates from
Born Here Five Years Before
- The First Statesman Appeared
Mrs. Malinda J. Wade, shown here with her grandson, .Murray Wade,
Jr., ts probably the oldest person now living who vras born in Mar
Ion county If not in Oregon,. She celebrated her 85th birthday last
St. Valentine's day having been born February 14, 1840. on a pio
neer farm near Salens Her parents, George and Millie Stephenson
Xeal. tame across the plains In the famed wagon train of 1844
. which Included sir Xcal brothers who settled in this county, as
well as the ancestors of such well known families as the Slintos,
Scott. Dolpha, McMahana, If oIhulSs and Gilberts. Malinda Keal
wu married In 1869 to W. Lincoln Wade, pioneer merchant, and
had resided in her present home
-last sixty 'years.' - :
Unusual Turn Taken In Leo
; Brothers Trial; Seven
Identify Fugitive
Chicago,- March 27. -(AP)Tbe
Leo Brothers murder trial took an
unexpected fantastic - turn t today
when a South Park police officer,
stationed near the place Lingle
was assassinated, testified that at
the time he was chasing the sup
nosed slayer of Lingle, be was fol
lowing a "vision.".
Anthony Ruthy; former traffic
officer now attached to the state's
attorney's office, told a hushed
courtroom that he had had "vis
ions" ever: since he suffered a
head injury in 1924 and that they
took the form i of "everybody '. In
general from the good Lord
down." ' 1 ' J
The "vision" he had on the day
Lingle was murdered, the officer
said, was of another - policeman
who seemed to bavo been killed.
A man crossed in front of his sta
tion at: Randolph and Michigan
streets and, ho ran after him when
he heard the shout "Catch that
man," but; all the time his "vis
ion was right in front- of him,
Ruthy said. 'u :-'A
' Defense attorneys had indicat
ed ; they Intended; to call Ruthy
later because of bis Identification
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"Unloaded" gun is Fatal
Klamath Girl b Missing: ,
. Cattleman Wasn't -Killed
Coastal Rate cat Denied
California points to northwestern
points -via r Portland. -'
The Portland organization In
an action against the Bay: Cities.
Transportation j company, a
steamship line and various rail
roads claimed that Joint rail-water
rates from, California points
to. inland points la Oregon, Wash
lag ton and Idaho,' were prejudi
cial to Portland shippers. Com
pared with combination rates on
goods shipped to Portland by
water, stored there and . re
shipped, i ' i ' i
27.- AP) Representatives
of Oregon ; dairy interests de
cided here : today to hold the
annual Oregon dairy, products
show in ! Portland June 8 to
13, Inclusive.
March 27 (AP) Dave Robert
son, a former Janitor in the local
American :Legion building, was
arrested in connection with an
attempted robbery of a grocery
and a hardware Btore here today.
ROSS opnsnsTio.
ONTARIO. Ore.. March; 2 7-
(AP) Prosperity will return
soon, particularly in the western
part of the country. Governor C.
Ben Ross of Idaho teld a gather
ing of ranchers here last night.
He advised the ranchers not to
get discouraged and .quit farm-
"We know that it requires one
acre ot farm land to support one
person," the governor continued
in his discussion of how to speed
the return of prosperity. "If we
want to assure ourselves of a
market Is the west for the prod
ucts of the west, we ranchers
must buy the manufactured prod
ucts of the west." '
on. North Liberty street for the
;. J .- - -t ' :-
Assumes Apathetic Attitude
When Questioned About
Gangster Activity
" ST. JOSEPH, Mo., March 27
(AP) Seven Chicago "Of fleers to
day grilled Fred Burke, regarded
as the country's most dangerous
criminal, only to learn he consid
ered Chicago a "nice town" and
had visited it frequently ; but ? re
fused to do so again except thrugh
The man charged with lining up
seven Chicago gangsters :- on : St.
Valentine's day, 1929, and mow
ing them down with a stream of
machine gun fire, assumed an at
titude of cool apathy. He admit
ted his Identity but refused to an
swer questions about a dozen slay-
in gs. .
Harry ' Ditchburne. assistant
state's attorney Investigating at St.
Valentine ' slaughter, abandoned
an announced intention lot fur
ther questioning the prisoner to-
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EUGENE, Ore.. March 27.
(AP) A man identified as Roy
Adam Wilson, probably of Cham
bersburg, Penn., was killed near
here today while stealing a ride
on top of a aoundbound Pacific
Greyhound stage. ?
The stage sped under an over
head crossing and Wilson's - head
was r crushed against the limbers
of the bridge. Investigator said
they believed Wilson wa ' ar
ranging baggage on top of . the
stage and failed te . see - the
. A card found - in his -clothing
gave his address aa 563 Pleasant,
Chambers burg, Penn., another
card was from the , University of
Oregon medical school clinic and
officials there gave the name of
Mrs. Ella Poe, Los Angeles as
an aunt of Wilson. r ",
The driver of the ' stage said
he heard ' a strange noise on top
and when he stopped to Investi
gate he found Wilson dead. 1
- . v r --. ' ' ;
Dramatic: Goal -
Wins For Lions
SEATTLE, March 27 -(AP) f
Scoring a dramatic goal three sec
onds before the end of the game,
Frank t Jerwa, ; speedy 1 1 center,
broke a tie to give the Vancouver
Lions a 2 to 1 victory ! over Se
attle here tonight and r sent the
Canadians Into a two to one lead
in the Pacific Coast Hockey league
championship series. . ,
Statesman ; ; -Display
" " i Tow are cordially invited
to view the window display
of The Statesman at the
H. ii. Stiff Furniture em
1 pany window . today. Old
files of the paper are shown, .
incladin So. X, VoL 1, the
first lssae printed at Oregon
; The display was placed
yesterday and , attracted a
group of people all the time
It wae displayed. The .dis
play wCl close tonight.
v. - ; f'':
Support: Pledged for State
Department Created,.
: 1 By Legislature
Prominent men From Many
Corners of State .Talk ; .
At Banquet Herel, ; V.
"What we did do. what we can
do. what we will do for Oregon
agriculture" .was the theme of the
banquet,' attended by more than
300 people from all parts ot the
state which was held at the Mar
ion hotel last night. '
Pledging support for the newly-
created department of agriculture,
various speakers told of past ac
complishments and future needs.
O. M. rplummer as ! toastmaster,
introduced Governor and' Mrs'.
Julius L. Meier -and representa
tives of the rarious interests of
the state.
List of Speakers "- , , ,
Is Lengthy One .
Speakers included H. E. cully,
chairman of the agricultural com
mittee of the Oregon state cham
ber ot commerce; Dr. W J. Kerr,
president of Oregon State college;
Charles C. Hulet, master of the
state grange; W. A. Schoenfeld,
western representative ot the fed
eral farm board; Irving Vinlng.
past president of the state cham
ber of commerce; Marshal - N.
Dana, associate editor of the Ore
gon Journal; Mrs, Sam Jackson
of the Oregon Journal; Glenn E.
Marsh of Hood River, represent
ing: the horticultural interests of
the state; Herman Oliver of John
Day, representing the livestock in
terests; A. E. Engrebretsen of As
toria, representing the dairymen;
Fred Cockell of Milwaukie,- rep
resenting the poultrymen; 'Burt
Brown Barker, vlce-preeideirt ot
the University of Oregon; Eugene
Courtney, chairman of the agri
cultural committee of the Oregon
Bankers -association, and A. M.
Wright, - Tlce-presldent of the
United States National j bank of
Portland. " - ' - L '
'y 'Mnsle'' war furnished!-' y-- the
Chemawa string trio, composed of
Professor Ruthyn Tnrney, Mrs.
Gertrude Turney and Alex ?jlel-
ovldofL i i
Chief Justice Bean of the sUte
supreme coiurt Friday signed a
certificate Of provable ! cause In
the ease of John Klngsley, who
was under sentence to be hanged
in the state .penitentiary here
next Friday for the murder of
Sam Prescott, Ashland police of
ficer. ' j " " i - ' : C;
This automatically stays Kings
ley's execution 'and makes it pos
sible for him to perfect bis appeal
to the supreme court. . -
Attorneys '!:. E. Kelley and T. J.
Enrigbt of Medf ord appeared be
fore Chief Justice Bean In behalf
of KingsleyjThe stay of jexecution
was opposed by George Cbddlng,
district v attorney of; Jackson
county. i
The usual number . of i Invita
tions had been issued and; all ar
rangements! had been completed
for the execution.
Klngsley i was alleged to hare
shot and killed Prescott, " when
the officer attempted to question
him regarding a stolen automo
bile, .1?
v - - .-tg;-
They ! Have Watched Salem Grow
r V v If s
These women hare, enjoyed seeing Salem grow. Oa March 3, 1939, they joined with JUrs. Abgail
. Hatch rarrar In Vibrating her SOth birthday aanlversary at John rarrar's home here. From, the
, leffx lira. W. S. KXt, II. Commercial fit. Mrs. 17U Babcock, X. Commercial Et. Sirs. Abail Hatch
Farrar, SS5 N. liberty St.; Sirs. Ruth IS. Sayre. Chemeketa SCt tr. XL N. Chapman, N. Church BUf
, Mrs. Mary Haas, JV. rront Et
80th Anniversary Edition 1
The Oregon Statesman presents this morning its
80th Anniversary Edition. There, are four sections;
i the regular news section and three tabloid sections
filled with. historical matter.. ..' . -
Our endeavor has been; to give a panoramic view;
!pf the" past 'eiglit decades aa covered byThe States-'
man in its regular fpublicatron "of .that period."; There
; are numerous historicaT articles , of .merit" from .per
: sons well informed on Hhe subjects they write abqut.'
There are illustrations "which go'farjbaclc; in Salem's.
" album. Then there are' "thumb-hail" pictures,' gleaned
from the back fies of this-newspaper.-These extracts.'
in . the -language of . the- day: they were first printed,
give a truer picture of the past than any which could
be written ' today. Some quaint, , some droll, .some
stirring, they breath the air of the news of yester-
year. .The chronology" too , will give' one an idea of
the subjects '.which The Statesman had for 'news ma-
' terial in the past 79 yeas. i . - -
' J ' Every1 effort has been: madeto preserve Wstori-'
cal accuracy,. "Perhaps some errors have come in, f pr .
-'which we crave indulgence.-. ; . - , . - 1 ' .
- - " The Statesman "acknowledges deep obligations to
all those who have assisted in the preparation of ar-
tides or supplying of material for this issue. With
out their help it would have been impossible for our
. staff in the time available to assemble all the matter
which is herein offered. .' - - -t
- The publishers wish, also to express sincere ap- -preciation
to the great multitude who in the present
and in. the years past, have by. their subscriptions,
their advertising or their job printing, supplied -the
plant with those "sinews of war" which a newspaper
requires for its survival.
Will Carry Full Support of
. Indian Congress Into
. Round Table J.!eet , 1
KARACHI, India, March 27
(AP) Vindicated in all his principles,-Mahatma
Gandhi is certain
to carry everything before him at
the present all-India National con
gress and go to the second" rdund
table conference in London with
the undivided strength" of the con
vention and' India's millions be
hind him. - I
The congress working commit
tee, which corresponds to the plat
form committee of an American
political--tou i witlon,' psasgdreso f
lutlons today ratifying , Gandhi's
truee with Viceroy Irwin and de
signating him as the chief nation
alist plenipotentiary ( at London. .
Support Will be ... ,
Near . Unanimous
That Gandhi will win almost
complete unanimity at the con
vention and emerge as a greater
figure than ever before was fur
ther assured by the dramatic elev
enth hour capitulation of Subhas
Bose, leader of the revolutionary
party, who instructed 'his follow
ers to support India's ascetic lead
er in the Interests of national un
ity. . -
. It was from this group, which
advocates violence in achieving
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Br ennan Placed
On Health Board
To Succeed Phy
Dr.. Joseph P. Brennan of Pen
dleton Friday -was appointed by
Governor Meier a member , of .the
state board f health to succeed
the late Dr.: W. T. Phy df-Hot
Lake. ." , M
Dr. Brennan Js a graduate .'of
the University of Wisconsin and
the Rush Medical school of Chi
cago.' He h&s : been practicing in
Pendleton for eight years.
' Dr.: Brennan lis active n - the
American Legion. and in IS SO
served as president of the East
ern. , Oregon' Medical association.
- . .y.-" ; - ; !'"-, . L ' "
Shell Shocked man Shoots
Without Cause; Victim
Asks Mercy for him
ELY, Ner.,- March 27 (AP)
George Pollock, World war vet
eran, died in a hospital at McGUl,
near here, tonight from gunshot
wounds after pleading for mercy
-for Henry Bennett; a buddy dur
ing me war, wno a iew nours
earUer was said to have fired the
fatal shot, ' -
-, Bennett Is in' the county Jail,
his mind apparently, blank, the
result of shell shock during the
war and sheriff's officers say he
frraable to think or talk coher
ently and does net know he has
killed his best friend.
The shooting is said to have
occurred when Pollock s and Har
rison Bambrick stopped at the
Bennett ranch, 20 miles north of
McGIll for a visit.
An boor. later the pair rose to
A moment later Bennett ap
peared with a rifle and, according
to Mrs. Bennett; said: "George,
you are going to dance to my tune
now." He fired as he-spoke, and
Pollock, shot through the abdo
men, grabbed his friend and with
the aid of Mrs, Bennett disarmed
him. .
Football Stuff .
Wins Grappling.
Match for Achiu
27 (AP) Walter Achlu, former
Dayton - (Ohio) university grid
star, - tonight proved his football
training's worth when he used a
flying tackle to send Wildcat Pete,
Oregon grappler, to the floor with
such force that he was knocked
unconscious. When Pete failed to
come back within the alloted time
for the third fall, Achiu was given
the match. : ; .
Pete had won the first -fall In
28:30 with a surfboard hold. He
was laid out after the second
fall had gone 10 minutes. Each
man weighed 155.
ii u i 1 1 in
To be ; -Ready in two Veeks
""'Barring Difficulties,
;Says Roadmaster. -
The nllllon dollar highway"
at Lake Xabish will be open for
traffic In another two weeks, bar
ring unforeseen difficulties. Road
master Fjrjuifc Johnson Teported
yesterday.St;';r-..'. f
A crew has been working on the
fill 1 the past -week, patching up
damage done last fall when the
ground started creeping under the
fill Just when the work was being
finished. There is another week's
werk on phis,- but there Is hope
now that j 'there will be no last
minute creeping: v .";
, It has been necessary to raise
the fill alt the way from a foot
to two and a bait feet in places
along i a 5 P 0-foot stretch. About
300 feet of the fill remained all
right. !:-
Await Cessation
Of i Heavy! Rains
" A crew is ready to start pour
ing tar on the bridge as soon as
It quits raining .and another crew
of ! four are waiting cessation of
rain to p4t about 100 gallons of
paint on 'the 85 spans, each 20
feet long.;
All this should be finished and
the highway ready for Use In an
other two 'weeks, Johnson says.
If '
(AP)-At!the request of the San
Francisco i police department the
federal government today took a
hand in the domestic clash of Rob
ert Farley? Francis and his "wife,
Mrs. Lola Francis, aboard1 the lin
er Department of JtfStlce
agents today began an Investiga
tion' Qf the wife's claims she had
been assaulted by her husband on
the. high seas. -':-;-": :
l Francis was arrested Thursday,
when, the Sierra docked here, on a
radio warrant from Honolulu
which; charged him with the ille
gal .removal of SI00O worth of
diamonds from Hawaii. He is be
ing held as a fugitive from Justice
in Hawaii. He was arrested at
sea and held in the ship's brig
after his lfe appealed to ship's
officers for protection and claim
ed he assaulted' her.
LOS ANGELES," March 27
(AP) -Daisy DeBoe today, after
four unsuccessful attempts, won a
right to at least temporary free
dom 6n $5,000 baiL
1 Presiding ' Justice . Nathaniel
Conroy, : district court of appeal,
gave the order for release of the
former settetary of Clara Bow on
ball, afteri the fifth petition of her
attorneys for rehearing ot habeas
corpusplea. '' V" ;-,i'.
I The rehearing was set for. next
Tuesday, i She is serving an eigh
teen months sentence at the coun
ty Jail on! charges of grand theft
made' against her by Cyara Bow
and upon: which she was convict
ed. ?
' ; SAX FRAXCKCO, March 27.
(AP)-i-Mever Grace of Chi
icago and Iiattlinjj Dozier, negro
welterweight of Wichita, Kan.,
fought 10 flashy rounds to a
draw here tonight.
: HOLLYWOOD, Cal., March 27
(AP) Speedy Dado, Los An
geles Filipino flyweight, hammer
ed out a victory by a wide marjrln
tonight over Chato Laredo, of Ju
arez, Mexco; who was unable to
take a single one of the 10 rounds.
i . ST. . LOUIS, March ST.:.
! ( AP) -i Pat O'Sbocker, red
headed Irishman from Salt Lake
City, tossed George Manlsb,
Brooklyn heavyweight grappler,
in 85 minutes 45 seconds here'
tonight with a crotch hold and
slam. The boat was a wild af
fair, Manlsh being pitched bead
first from; the tins twice.
BOSTON March 27. (AP)
Jim Londos, Greek wrestler, toss
ed umo uanoaiai, ot itaiy, in 9
minutes and tour seconds at the
Boston Garden tonight.
Jim McMullen of Illinois and
Dick Davidcourt of San Francisco
wrestled 10 minutes without a decision.
i it
Lalte Sports
H 1 - n i
Detail of Contract C
' Be Smoothed out
Chief of Water. 'Fin
Goes Into a Huddls
With Of f icials
The Oregon-Washing Water
Service company will accept the
city council's offer iof 11,100,088
for the plant here, provided a sat-.
lsfactory contract can be agreed
upon between the two parties. . E.
C. Elliott, president of the- com
pany, brought this word to Salem
San Francisco, bringing with htm
a tentative contract by which the
transfer worked out,
Elliott's acceptance of the prof
fer will be in the bands ot Mayor
Gregory and City Recorder Pool-
sen by 4 p.m. today, thus meeting .
the time limit set by the- city
council Monday night when It
passed a resolution authorizing
the offer.
Holds Conference
With Officials
Within an hour after his arrival
here Elliott was in conference
with Mayor Gregory, City Attor
ney Trindle and Aldermen Pur
vine, Kowltz and Patton, members
of the utility committee of the.
council, Attorneys Keyes and
Adams, the latter from San Fran
cisco, sat in to represent the water
company in a legal capacity.
, The conferees went over in de
tail the proposed contract between
the city, and the water company.
In essence the contract follows the
resolution of the city council. It
provides for city acquisition as of
February, 1, 1931, valuation, with
the present company continuing
operation, and accepting profits or
losses, from that period until the
property is actually turned over
to the city, j1' -Council
Required '
To Withdraw Appeal
The council Is bound under the
proposed contract to withdraw the
appeal of the May 1, 1930, char
ter amendment, from the supreme
cauj3. In consideration of this,
the water company agrees to be
gin, immediately the completion ot
the filter plant here. Accountants
hired by the company and by the
Htv. with thlrri.nart arhttrafor.
it needed, are to arrive at the ac
tual investment in the filter plant
and this is to be added to the
price of 11,100,000 agreed upon
by the city. j
. The contract provides that the
authority for the entire, deal is to
be gained through submitting the
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(AP) r To put the I. finishing
IVUVtla 1AU ta r m fff
half beartedly for the! last few
months, winter came back to the
Pacific coast today with hla kit
of snow and ice. j
He'll move on again; probably
by Sunday, United States weather
observers, who keep close track ot
his movements, predicted.,
The cold old , fellow scattered
snow over the pacific northwest,
sprinkled rains as far south as the
San Francisco bay area, and sent
the mercury scuttling down in
southern California.- He nipped
at fruit buds and blossoms
which thought winter had gone In
to his annual hibernation from
the apricot trees of Yakima valley
In Washington to the ; citrus
groves of Imperial valley ia ex
treme southern California,
A -cold wave coming - off the
continent Joined by a rainy dis
turbance blowing in ' from the
ocean conspired to invite winter
back for a few more days of work;
C. R. Reed, federal weatherman,
explained.-: , ;;.
, Some damage was reported
from" his unexpected return. In
most, sections orchardists and
ranchers welcomed the added pre
cipitation, although weather bu
reau records Showed it was gener
ally of no considerable quantity
Extra Copies' cf.- ':"
Anniversary Issue
Still Available ! I
of the SOth anniversary
number of 'The BUftes-
tnan will be available for a
Short time.' The Statesman
will address and mail these
trim is -nta m ronv to mr.v
x addrees in the United BtatM. '
If yon will telephone or
niail your order, the tsae
will be forwarded at oae to
the " proper . ajdrena. " -Yr
carrier boy will make the
Only a limited rinrr.-c r f
the copies are avaiULla eikl
a prompt order wi J l.e ner
rssary to lnaure d; liter;.
Im. I M 1 H i i ' I -