The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 19, 1931, Page 12, Image 12

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I A g d Twelve
Teachers P. Eij P. Club is
; Entertained With Pro-
Qrani -
; SALEM HEIGHTS. March 18.
At tne March meeting Tuesday
i evening ol the teaeher s P.. E. P.
cluKmanr gueiu were com pi l-
mented at the Salem Heights
acaooIJA very interesting and in
.atructlre program- was arranged
. by: Emma Deets, Hulda - Mootry
and Hanale nostraekv committee
; la charge. -
The Salem Helgnts school or
chestra opened the. program wth
ereral nnmbers, which waa fol
,' lowed by an origfnat Amos'n
Andy akit under the direction of
Agnea Booth. '-Those taking part
were- Cleaye " BarUett. John Stu4
art Craig; Muriel. Robinson and
Palmer Lee, -pupils of Mrs.
Booth. Hulda Mootry and Orrllle
Beardsley each favored . the
gnests with a yocaj solo which
waa greatly appreciated. This was
.followed by a rery Interesting
and amusing reading - entitled,
The Ball Game- by Mrs. Ell
Forgard. f . ' '
The Salem Heights teachers.
Erma Deets, Hulda Mootry, Ag
nes Booth and Ceclle Wiegand,
. principal, then presented a hu
morous skit which was roundly
applauded. W. . A. Delsell then
. entertained the club with a rery
interesting history chat;
A project on world peace which
has been worked out by the sey
entu and eighth grades under the
'. direction of Ceclle Wiegand was
presented by a group from eaeh
of these erade3. A readlne of an
The cdvice of your
physician isiKeep out
cf doors, in the open
cir, breathe deeply;
take plenty cf exercise
In the mellow sun
shine, and have a
periodic checkup on
the health of your
Dance Orchcs
fro, rvrry Tues
day, Thursday
ana Saturday
evening over
N B. C. ntt
tvovfcs. .
. ; :
. :: :.-. -
Your Throat ProtoctioniQnainst Irritation
BIHl.Tln AnwfcwTetKfCt, Mfrm. ! ; I
original poem was then' given by
Mildred Oakes, Reporta of re
search work i waa presented by
Eileen Van Eaton and Jack Bo
hannon. Susie Jones and Hasel
Bedient closed the evening pro
gram by singing an original song,
After the ' program Than at
tractive posters . were : exhibited
which' had been doney pupils of
ail the . grades. Refreshments
were then served and 'the teach
ers state that this has been one
o the most successful meetings
or tne year, j ,
Easter Pageant '
To be Given at
- 3 i J
:. SiTvertori Church
"' -, ,.. '"' ' ' , '4-'" '"
SILVER! ON, March 18
"Strictly Priyate,, or- the Lady
Who Hoarded ; Easter". ; Is the
came of. the ipeageant which the
Methodist church has selected to
give for Easter. Mrs, George Is-
realson is In charge of the direct
ing. Mrs. I. E. Sylvester is the
soloist. The Jl 'characters taking
part are Mrs4 H. J. Winter, Kath-
ryn Morrison,! r Orma Day, ' Faye
Reed. Maiine 'Morgan. Robert
Arthurm, Etta Cattron, . Mable
Cattron, George Reed, - Connie
Reed, and Edith Arthur.-
A tableau 1 will be given also
with Mae Coffey as reader. Eight
characters will be In this. The
Methodist' choir and orchestra
are planning special musle for
Easter morning. ' '
GERVAIS, March 18 The an-
naal business , meeting of the
Presbyterian i church was - held
Wednesday- evening when all de
partments submitted reports,
which were summed up by the
pastor as. the best church year in
many years past. Rer. H. L.
Grafious was asked to continue as
pastor, this making his sixth con
secutive year in. the Geryaia
church. - i !
" ' )
I ;:-:vi-;v;a;v.v.:.vJ:( ::-:xx-::- f
I X - v.- J,
I " , " : i
o -' -.-. : : W
- - A. .
. . ; '
' ':
Brush Creeic
Booster Club
Brush Creek boosters are yery
proud of the 21 benches ' which
Dr. A. W. Simmons presented to
them this past week. The bench
es are from the Central Howell
church which was built" on the
Simmons property there with the
understanding that when Jt h e
congregation disbanded It was to
revert , to the Shannon 'farm,
which Dr. . Simmons owns. The
benches were used Thursday and
Friday night of last week for the
play which the Booster club- gave.
The play cast met at the home
of John C. Goplerud, director and
president, of the Booster dub.
Monday night at which time It
was decided to give the play, two
more times.'. The nights chosen
will be March is th and 27th. One
of the nights will be at Evans
Valley and- the other at the
Brsh . Creek - schooihouse. The
cast will hold rehearsals again
next week, ' starting Tuesday
WOODBURN. March 18 Miss
Margaret Hall, who has - been
teaching school In : Pasco, Wash.,
visited at the home of; her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. r J. Hall,
over the week end. "Mlas Hall also
visited with her brother Nell and
his family, who wega visiting In
Woodburn over the week end. Mr.
and Mrs. Neil HaU are from Se
attle . - - . . 7 .- .
DES MOINES, March 18 (AP)
The Iowa senate has passed a
bill Imposing a tax of five' cents
on each pound of oleomargarine
sold in the state. The house must
act on minor amendments by the
senate. ; ?
; ' ; ' ' . 1 ' ' ' .
LUCtCIES d ro o I vqvo
tdnd to your throat
Evoryono knows that sunshlno
mellows that's why tho "TOASTING"
process includes the uso of tho Ultra Violet
Rays. LUCKY STRISCE mado of tho finest
tobaccos the Cream of tho Crop THEN
"ITS TOASTED an extray secret heatlno
process. Harsh Irritants present In all raw
tobaccos cro ; expelled by "TOASTING
Those Irritants cro sold to others. They aro)
not present- In your LUCKY STRIKE. No
wonder LUCKIES cro always kind to your
OREGON STATESMAN, Salecu Oregon. Tharsday MoTrniniyMarcn 19, 1S3I.
li,f CEKEW
SILVERTON, March 18 Plans
were . made for fixing up of the
SUverton cemetery at a meeting
called Monday night at the Ooo
lldge and McClaine bank. ! The
meeting was composed of repre
sentatives from various local or
ganizations and ' committees of
the vsilverton ' Women's club,
which started the' movement for
cleaning ud. -the cemetery, and
from the SUverton chamber of
commerce - George Hubbs i was
elected chairman for -the evening
and Mrs. James. A. Manning' was
chosen secretary. , . -
The purpose of thtf meeting
waa to discuss ways and means of
raising . fun da and carry in r on
the work so that the cemetery
will be' in good shape for Mem
orial day.- The Pythian Knirhta
nave planned a dance for. Friday
night, the funds of, which will be
used ror the cemetery work. Oth
er events are being - listed with
Mrs. Manning. Mrs. Manning is
earing zor me aater so that no
two affairs .will be given In the
same oignc. ..f- r
Planned by
Turner Church
BURNER. March 18 The vt.
E. Sunday . school will give a
short' Easter nrnrnm ' snnn
morning, prior ' to the preaching
service k ii o'cioca. Tne pageant
"In the Garden', will h nrent.
ed In the evenlnr. Mr. vta.
Kinney is chairman of the torn-
mmw on ararngements. Friends
are cordllllT Invited to thm bavu
Tlces. " -
against cqunh
g -
- " Members "of the new reorgan
ised ejiworth' league held their
first .meeting at f :30 Sunday
evening, with Russell ; Decyer as
leader. Kenneth Bear Is the pres
ident, i-Z ' - V-i-"V-
- Foflowlng the : young peoples
service, -the men's brotherhood of
the church conducted the regular
church evening . service. .'The
brotherhood is invited to the
Methodist church at Btayton
Tuesday evening and will be the
guests at a :30" o'clock dinner,
after which they will - assist : the
pastor. Rer. Wright In organiza
tion of a men's brotherhood in
his church. ; '
, SILVERTON. March 18 A
caravan of Los Angeles folks
have been spending a couple of
days in looking over the country
surrounding ' Bllverton. , They ex
pressed .: themselves . ! as v nighly.
pleased with, this: communty and
promised to return. There : were
four families lo the caravan.
They were all traveling together.
New Pastel
. ..
f.'Rose I
Maybe this Isn't blanket season . . . perhaps
we're all j wrono; in of feting this special sale of
pastel Wool blankets, but vre believe folks will
use blankets' all spring and summer, too, espe
cially when they; see these new versions in paa-"
tei coiorea Dianicets.
j Because the method is new and moclern the, materials
are improved the yarn is soft and will not snarl ... the
-BLUE NOSE" Rug Hooker goes like magic . L and there's
a simple detailed lesson chart attached to each tinted rug
pattern that even a child could follow! Miller's invite you
to stop in and take advantage of the free instructions now:
offered-in the
; . .
A spring wash frock event that offers sensational values!
$1.95 was the price jnotio long ago for qijialitifts such as
these. Just compare the smart styling, the perfect work
manship and unusually, fine fabrics . . . identical in detail
to the dress you formerly purchased at twice this'price.
' ,
DALLAS, March1 18 The new
milk ordinance : for Dallas . was
read! for the first time at the
meeting Monday night. This or
dinance is patterned after the one
recently adopted ' in Salem. - The
ordinance will be voted on at the
nextcouncil meeting. : , , ,
' ' Aa ordinance was read concern
ing stop streets In Dallas. It was
proposed to make all of Washing
ton street 'a through street and
alsolLyle street from the mill to
Washington street and Main from
Washington to Academy street.
This will also be roted on at the
nextj- meeting. . T :
; The plans, submitted '. by the
engineer for the sewer on: upper
Bexch street were shown and an
proved. '- -;v . . '. -A" .
; Those present at the meeting .
Plain Shades
- ; r
...Sea Green
J ...Delft Blue
needle art dept.SECOND FLOOR.
r ' .:'-
were Mayor FInseth, City Attor
ney Hayter, Chief of Police Neu
feldt, City Engineer Illmes, and
Councilmen Sundberg.' Wick, Sa
rery, Starbuck, Petzer, Morrison,
Peterson; Allgood and Dalton.
ivon 1 CHURCH
The Women's Missionary society
will have an all day meeting with
pot luck ' dinner at the O. G.
Looney home Thursday, March
19 to sew carpet rags for the
church aisle. - A. cordial invitation
has been, extended to all the
women of the community to be
present. . ; ... .
A wood' "cutting bee for-the
church la , planned - for the same
day. G. G. Looney will donate the
timcer. Men please take notice;
you are asked to come.
A" Sale of Fine All Wool
hitler a just couldn't resist the temptation when
they had opportunity to purchase a fine lot of
wide satin bound 70 by 80 wool comfortables to
sell at. $4.69 instead of $7.50. MAIN FLOOR.
HUBBARD, 'March 18 Two
hundred persons attended' the an
nual St.; Patrick's concert and
dance held by the Hubbard com
munity band at the city hall Sat
urday night..
The ' concert In charge 'of i Dr.
AF. de. Lesplnasse. director of
the band, .was . featured by best
loved Irish melodies and also by
two vocal solos, 'To a Hill Top"
and "Little Bit of Heaven" by
Mrs. Merle Stewart with Mbs
Anita Sevens at the plana.
: ' Chairman of committees for the
concert ' were Mrs. George
Crimps, ticket sale; Mlas- Orva
Barrett, "-"candy . booth; ' Mrs.
George Knight, lunch counter:
Edward Erickson, floor manager;
and Harvey Moshberger. door
manager., ) .
70x80 .
Large Sii
Frorlcs . . .
... 4 I
V Cl T7161 'c
i ll 1 A t:
JJ , iA;::;V