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    The OREGON STATESMAN. Salem, Oregon. Wednesday Mo'rnin?. February 4, 1931
i it
llaiiy at "Work Stay toa bas
contributed Its share to relief ; of
unemployed, Judging from report
of Mayor George Keech, who vfas
In Salem yesterday.' Keech says
,30 men hare been employed on
road "work -there since the fiirst
of the year, and; ; about that
many men will be at work during
February, icach man la given Six
days' wor, this helping mater
tally to relieve distress condition.
The cemetery niU i road, about
three-fourths of a mile long, has
been graded by the crew. . ;
Buick coach, 19 IT Model. A-l
condition. Tel. 3U0J. I
January Building . Permits
Announcement came from the
city engineer's office Tuesday, of
. the building permits issued in
the month of .January. 19$ 1.
Comparing with January, 19 1 0.
the figures jtre as follows: num
ber of permits 1130. 23; 1931.
28; new buildlngs-i-1930,' 323,
825; 1931, 129,710 j repairs and
reconstructions 1930, $(.907.
21; 1931, 317.4K.26. I
. Diphtheria Reported Dr. Ver
noa A. Douglas, county health of
ficer, was in Anmsvllle yesterday
to investigate a case lot diphtheria
.reported from there. I The patient,
an adult, has been 111 since. Fri
d ay, but fortunately there were
no contacts except the Immediate
family. He was. given antl-toxln
Monday.- There are two school
children In the family: 4 ;.;-. .
" " Dollar dinner every night 5:45
to 8 at the Marlon hotel. -, j
v Sale Conflrined-U)rd6rs con
firming sales of - real property
have been Issued in the following
cases: FV W. Whitney vs. Mabel
.Coldwell; Pred Meier vs. Albert
R. Meyers and others; sjjd 'An
tone Gehrmann'vs. E. A. DeVln
ney and others. ' The orders aire
signed by Circuit Judge Gale jS.
Hill. - . . : ;
, . Committee Named -L e w 1 s
.Melson, Bachel Yociim and Elva
McCnne have been named on the
nominating committee of'the Lat
in club" at the high schooL Mar
garet Doege, Marie Llppold and
. Kenneth Stuart have been named
.in general charge' .Jot the open
. bouse event which the group will
' bold shortly. . j . . ; ; jj
s 1 In. O. F. mill block or 16
in. dry slab. 1 large Id. $5.50,1 2
Ids., 310. TeL 1542. T. E. Wells.
- - ' J !
-From Portland-Mrs. John
Bagley Jr. of Portland was here
"yesterday for a short visit with
-her mother, Mrs. Cora E- Reidiot
.1 the' county school superinten
dent's office. Mrs. Bagley came
.-down with Mr. and Mrs. Harper
, and their daughter,, Miss Kal
drettu .. : ,-;,
Physical ' Directors Meet Bob
Boardman, physical director lot
the Salem Y. -M. Cj-A. and five
or six laymen from the local as
sociation will Journey to Port
land Saturday, to attend the phy
sical directors', convention for the
' northwest. . - "j ; - t '.'
Here tor Fnneral Coming to
Salem to attend the funeral i of
Mrs. Ernest Glover, their niece,
Mrs. J. S. Sammons.of Tacoma
and Mrs. Ed Bayse of Takllma on
the Redwood highway are guests
at the- home of their sister, Mrs.
Nona White. - -J, ";:. ,
, , Drives in Ditch "Drove off the
" roadway .into ditch . says John
Joerg of Woodburn in reporting
an accident which occurred Feb
. raary 1. Ethel Ousley and Martha
. Ousley, both of Sllrerton, sustain
ed cuts as result of the accident.
; Dr. B. F, Pound. Practice lim
ited to removal i of teeth, gas or
Local and dental x-ray. 303 First
..' National Bank. Phone 2040.
Case Transferred -Case of W.
rW. McKlnney vs. John A. Hen
derson and wife has! been trans
ferred to department two of the
circuit court. In order, signed by
Judge L. H. McMahan of. de
partment one. -.. j '., j I; ..
Would Beautify -The .Salem
- Garden club Is sponsoring; a
movement to beautify the court
: house lawns. Petitions . asking
that this step be taken were be
' lag circulated down town yesfcer-
7- ' jr .:':. : - "
LnTM For East-i-H, I. Ellis
t left last night by train f or Wash
t lagton, D. C. He Is traveling east
i through .Canada, going that route
. to join his brother who wllf con
tlnue the Journey to Washington
:- with him; 'j , i- '
. ' 1 I 1
From Port lano Jake Rlsaey
of Portland, where to Is .with the
Clyde Equipment company; was
, calling on friends at the county
court house yesterday while en
route to Eugene; .U - i ,
Free facials through, the cour
" tesy of Colonial ; Dames and Mil
ler's,' aU this week. Phone 2397
.: for appointment.!'; -
. Supervisor Calls Lewis J U d
son, supervisor i of road district
59. was a business caller at the
office dl the county roadmaster
- Tuesaay.".. .. i ij s
Two New Clubs Two new
ens clubs bare j been established
recently In the. state, one at jH
gard and one at Waldport. accord
ing to word to the Salem den.
. .. - - ! - ' r - 1 ' - J :
v. Points Gun, Chrge---S r h
- Pallesen, charged with pointing a
gan at another! person, will be
given a hearing- in Justice, court
this morning at 10 o'clock.
' - . i 4- - . '
a Teachers to Meet The Salem
Vprlmart teachers council will
" meet this afternoon at 4 o'clock
at Grant school for discussion of
problems of the, early grades,!
. Divorce Case Judge Cale 8.
Hill will bear the divorce suit of
-Schmidt vs. Schmidt, In bis de
partment of circuit court today.
- v .in . I I
Bauman To Mr. and Mrs.
George Bauman. 1495 B street, a
boy, ArnelilAlbert,' born Febru
ary lt at' the Henderson, mater
1 1 Bailey t at Lions Senator l J.
CX Bailey of Multnomah, will be
the speaker at the Lions club
meeting Thursday noon at the
Gray Bella. Lion Mark M;Callls
f er, - state corporation commis
sioner, will, introduce, the sen
ator.- Some new members will be
introduced at the session Thurs
day, among them to be- Percy
BlundelL manager of the Oregon
Packing company. A string trio
composed of Vina Emmett, Lena
Dotson and Chester McCUln : will
furnish the music , . :., .
4 FonrUt Debate "JU The fourth
dbtrict debate of the year for
Salem high school will be held
Thursday ni'ht. beginning at
7:30 o'elock. at the high school
auditorium here, with Woodburn
high the opponent. Ward Horn
and Eleanor .Barth will uphold
the negative side tor the Salem
high. The local debaters have
won three straight victories, ; and
are not anxions to have the
Woodburn alkers upset the rec
ord. ' . .
i ' -''' : 1 1 j ": w. , . '
! Stock Case Dismissed Case of
H. B. Craig vs. E. C. Moffitt and
the Sixty-Seven Petroleum corpor
ation was - dismissed J In circuit
court yesterday, following adjust
ment outside of . eourt. Craig
nought to restrain Moffitt from
disposing ot 50,000 i shares of
stock in the petroleum corpora
tion, which had lease! on a large
body ot supposed oil lands in the
Mt. Angel district. Craig claimed
he bad a halt Interest ta the 50,
000 shares of stock under dispute.
i - - i,
i To Submit Briefs In the case
of Hartman vs Lima Flouring
mills, which occupied Monday and 1
Tuesasy in Judge Mcllahan's de
partment, of circuit court, argu
ments were finished yesterday and
the Judge ordered briefs to be
submitted. The suit) Is one in
which Hartman seeks to- hold the
stockholders of the flouring mills,
defunct, to payment of monies al
leged dne. . j ;- "j . v : I. . '
1 Inventory Corrected A cor
rected inventory of the estate , of
Amelia E. Stockton has been
filed with the probata court, and
shows the value of the estate to
be 322.548.54. "Appraisers F are
David W. Eyre. Roy Henry . Mills
and F. T. Wrightman. The" old
appraisement showed i a value of
318,000. S. B. Elliott Is execu
tor. ; . ; i : . I .
j Order Vacated Order of the
probate Judge vacates a prevlus
order appointing Roy ; Burton,'
Cass Gibson - and William Caves
as appraisers of the estate of
John W. Harritt and enter ap
pointment of Burton, Caves and
Karl Wenger as appraisers. Pe
tition to that end was filed with
the court by Rachel C. Harritt.
i . . ... ' ' :'.,
' To. Direct Scout Troop T h e
Lions club will sponsor Boy
Scout troop C la Salem, ft was
decided at the regular meeting of
the board ot directors held Tues
day. The Lions committee direct
ly in charge of the sponsorship
includes: Charles Hudkins, Rev,
H. C. Stover and Leland Smith.
t Demurrers . Overruled Judge
Gale S. Hill yesterday overruled
motions for demurrers in the com
panion suits of Prudential Savings
and Loan association against
Ralph J. Stevens and others, and
against Blanche B. Huffman, and
others. - j
( Account. Approved-; Final ac
count and report of ! the United
States National Bank of Salem,
administrator with will annexed
of the estate of Alta M. Dean, has
been approved by the probate
Judge. - j : ..,
i Estate Closed Final account
of 'Julia Hanson,' administratrix
of the estate of John Hanson,' has
been approved by the probate
court and order, entered setting
aside to the widow I and minor
Children property Of ! the estate.
i Citizenship Class Wednesday
The regular date for the x. M.
C. A. citizenship class has been
changed to Wednesday, nights.
Tonight's class will meet, at the
regular hour.
f l GuardiaA Named The First
National bank of Salem has been
appointed , guardian " of Walter
Spruaace, insane, and C W.
Panlus, A. W. Smither and A. B.
Bates are appointed appraisers
of the estate, valued at $3,500.
1 Hamilton to Address Rotary
Ralph Hamilton,' member of the
Oregon legislature will address
members of the Rotary club today
noon at their . regular weekly
luncheon at the Marlon hotel.
f Hearlof; Set Hearing; on peti
tion of KliMLDetn Kieeman for
appointment of a guardian tor
Elizabeth Quincy,- alleged lncom
potent, has been set for Febru
ary 17.
Stipulate Property Alfred and
G oldie Downs, in answer to fore
closure complaint of J. C. Gibson,
ask the circuit court to sell first.
to satisfy the demands, certain de-
scrlbed property. j t ilT
'.. Homestead Set Aside Order
In probate eourt sets aside for the
widow, - Jane Moser, homestead
belonging to. the estate of J. H.
Moser. . -. , . r. "'L' ?,7' "ii
Learea for South Mrs. O.
Kirkpatrlck left last night tor Los
Angeles, . where she will .spend
several weeks. c". '
! Attachmeat Writ of attach
ment has been filed with the coun
ty clerk in case of I E. Langs vs.
H. D.,Long. .. i . ,
Card Tables
OH 21 OS. Ced FsruUaxe
.;- ,131 K, ELlsh
mm mi
Senator Refuses to Vote for
Amended Pert Bill With
; Names Attached ) i
Declining;' to depart from ; an
agreement he had ' made - with
house sponsors ot the Angell Port
ot Portland bill. Senator Gas C
Moser yesterday, refused to Join
with the other members of the
senate Multnomah . delegation in
reporting favorably on the bill
with an amendment that would
legislate. four men into office as
port commissioners. . T : '-
The four' whose names will be
written into-tbe bill by a major
ity of the senate delegation are
Harry L. Corbett, Rufus c. Hoi
man, Kenneth Dawson and'HUl
maa Luddemann. Moser will pre
sent a .minority report. "
Because of the absence of Sen
ator Woodward tomorrow, when
be will be in Portland to attend
the funeral of his brother, it was
agreed that the majority sad mi
nority reports, will net be read in
the senate until Thursday morn
ing..- f- '-: - i : v; - ri
As amended the bill will pro
vide that the four men shall flH
the vacancies to occur on the com
mission next June, and that there
after the commissioners shall be
elected by the people of the dis
trict. Corbett and Dawson . are
now members ot the commission.
In voting with the majority Sen
ator Woodward explained that he
was violating his conviction that
the commissioners should be ap
pointed by the governor subject to
confirmation by the governor.
Senator Moser explained that he
had agreed with the house mem
bers to stand strictly by the An
gell bill as it passed jthe house,
therefore he could not support the
measure with the names included.
Senator Crawford's bill, provid
ing that the-' governor appoint to
fill the vacancies occurring in
June and that thereafter the peo
ple electwill remain in the hands
of the delegation until after dis
posal ot the house MIL. j
The meeting of the senate dele
gation was heated at times.
"There is going to be a fight in
the senate," Moser said. "Things
have been said about me as attor
ney for the port commission and
I am going, to make the far fly."
Senator Crawford referred to
rumors that he was seeking the
post of attorney for the port and
declared that I couldn't get it
and wouldn't have it it X could."
US. 1930 HE
:' : -'-'ir'
Willamette university .y regis
trar's - office f announces that
grades will be I issued- sometime
next week. Late last . night,
there were "430 students regis
tered in -the liberal arts, law,
and music colleges, , ' Compared
with last semester's figure ; the
same day, this number is 5 i less.
Last semester's first registration
was done in three days; .where
as this semester' the work has
lasted a . week. )--'- .' . :i '.
Individual numbers i of stu
dents are as follows: Liberal
Arts college freshmen, men, 78,
women, 77; sophomores, men,
32, women. 65; juniors, men, 37.
women, 53; seniors, men. 30,
women, 54; graduates, men, 5,
women 9; specials, men, 6, wom
en, . 3 ; Law . college freshmen,
men, 5; .juniors,' men, 9; sen-,
lors, men, 8 ; no women. Results
from the music - school are j not
recorded. . -. ; it ' ;-
i The total number - of students
registered: last semester were
357.. ; ' I f- i . ; - -.
Bay Grant died at Sierra Madre,
Calif:, January 31, aged 48 years;
husband of Lyda. father ot Ruth;
son of ,W. L- Grant1 of . Salem;
brother of Mrs. Charles Pierce of
Salem. Funeral services Friday.
February 6. at 10 a. m., from the
chapel of W. T. Rigdon and son.
Interment City view cemetery.
' ' l . H Waechtler f -
- Mrs. Leon -Waechtler of Sub
limity died in this city February
3. aged 59 years; wife of Frank;
sister of Mrs. U. Vivian of Ra
xcine. Wis., Will Freaeh of Mil
waukee, Arthur and Herbert
French of Racine: mother of Ar
thur W. .Waechtler of Oakland,
Calif., Tresia ot Racine, Wis,
Margaret and Eugene of Sublim
ity and Mrs. TJ. J. Cvar of Lake-
view. ' Funeral services Wednes
day, February 4, at 2 p. m. from
the chapel of the Clough-Barrick
company. Interment Odd Fellows
cemetery. . . . . ? ' ... .
Qty View Cemetery
Established 1893 Tel. 1200
Conveniently Accessible
Perpetual care provided tor .
Prices 'Reasonable ;
JL TirmAx. nnticroaa
0e In llll rMHl
Trt m Imm
Utlxxtit iOttnorin)
A Park Cemetery
With perpetual care
. Jost ten minutes from the
heart of tows
" r" 1 - ' ' 1 :- ' "v- '
i ' m " i - i n I 1 I I Mill
For accompUsLlng the outstandlag; piece of research la the field ef
experimental biology ta the United State la 1930fc Dr. Ernst GeKhorn,
'professor f physiology at the TZniverslty of Oregen, was recently
awarded thw New York Aeademy of Sciences award. She award Is re-
garded as the foremost recognition fdr research far this field, and carried '
rlth it a cash prize ef $250. which
research y.
I W. DK Hi
Members of three of the five
teams that will start next Mon
day morning on the annual Y.
W. C. A. finance campaign were
announced Mrs. F.
A. Elliott, general chairman;
Mrs. Elliott also announced that
Mrs. B. C. Miles will be ; in
charge of the church coopera
tion committee.
This teams now ready and cap
tains under , whom they will
serve! follow:
Miss Helen Louise . Crosby,
captain; Magda Heff, Mrs. Olga
Hoffard, Mrs. - Maude- Pointer,
Mrs.JMyra Shank, Miss Merle E.
Dimmick. ; Miss Julia Webster,
Mrs. t Wianitred . Herrick, Miss
Yaura V. Hale, Miss Goldle
Wheeler and Miss Phebe Mc
Adama. . '
Mrs. Frank M. Erlckson, cap
tain; Mrs. John. McNary, Mrs.
Claude Glenn, Mrs. ' Herbert
Rahe. Mrs. Roy R. Hewitt. Mrs.
Harry Scott. Mrs. H. S.. Gila.
Mrs. W.- M. Hamilton, Miss Olive
Dahl j Mrs. C. , M.: Lee, Mrs. Lois
Latimer and Mrs VanWeeder.
Mrs. W. D. Clarke, captain;
Mrs. I William - Gahlsdorf, Mrs.
Mark McCalllster, Mrs. R - H.
Baldeek, Mrs. Harold Hughes,
Mrs.! W. I. Staley, Mrs. E. J,
Donnell, Mrs. C. 8. McKensle,
Euln McCuUy, Prlscllla Fry, Mrs.
Wayne Barham, Mrs. S. C
Coates, Mrs. W. W. Moore, Mrs.
S. A. GUlette and Mrs. JBT. A.
The Y. W. drive will continue
until . Saturday night; , February
14, and in it the women seek to
raise $7,000, the minimum bud
get necessary to conduct work
for theyear. - .
Neighbors Beat
Trucks to Blaze
At Hug's Home
Two trucks from the tire de
partment rushed to the George
Hug homo, 1805 Fir street, short
ly after 9 o'clock last night, only
to find- that neighbors had extin
guished the blaze, originating. In
the basement, shortly after it was
discovered. - . :
. Supt and Mrs. Hug were away
for the evening. The housemaid
had left the electric iron on the
ironing board In the , basement,
causing a smudge in the .base
ment. There was no damage
aside from that to the Ironing'
board and burning' out of a fuse.
J "' . . .. '
Mrs. StolikerJ
i Given Divorce i
Child's Custody
Absolute divorce from
MV Stoliker was awarded
dolyn M. Stoliker when the case
was heard - before Judge Gale 8.
Hill: yesterday. Mrs. Stoliker is
given care and control of their
minor' child, however he is given
right to visit the child at reason
able times and on reasonable oc-
Ot. Chin Last Chi
nes ftUdidae. ISO
K. OuusareUl St
alm. Office hoers
rmj San day S ;S0
t S:S0 pja. cartas
tke nantka ( Dm.
ana Jan.
Throat arid Lung
A Reliable Remedy for
Cooghs, Colds
Hoarseness, "
Bronchial Coughs ' .
Sore Throat
This syrnp is recommended
as a safe, trustworthy remedy
for coughs and colds in Chil
dren as well as adults. 4 T
In liberal sized 50c
Drug Store .
The original yellow' frost caa
- dy special store of Salem. "
1S3 N. Coml &C Phone 19?
v Peaslar Agency 2 'j.. t
.1 . mm 11 g
Dr. GeUhora plana to use for further
c ) 1;-. i f.
casions by giving: notice - of his
intention to do so, provided he
contributes to the- support and
maintenance of the child. They
were married at Toledo, Wash.,
August 21, 1929. ,
W. F. Carothers was j granted
divorce from Edith L Carothers;
to whom he was married at
Butte, Mont, -September 4, 1919J
plaintiff was awarded care and
custody of their' six - children;
ranging in age from 10 to three
years, r , . .
In both suits, cruel and Inhu
man treatment was charged;
Brigham Younr appeared be
fore Judge L. It. MeMahaa ot the
circuit court yesterday for! sen
tence on charge of an unnatural
Crime and was 'given a year in
the . state :. penitentiary, r Young
made application for parole, and
when Judge MeMahaa denied the
application Young gave notice In
open court of appeal to the state
supreme court. . ;! j
He waa trying -last night to
raise M00 hail. V , -
The ease of State vs. Lucil
Howard was continued until Fri
day at 3 o'elock, when sentence
will be-pronounced, i .j 1 f
Lucille Howard waa the state's
star witness "In the case j against
Brigham Young. ! j
:'.-''' .- -.A K,. :.-t,- Ji: , ':
Road in Silver I
Falls Area Has j
New Right-oi-way
- - . ! i -i
Kumeroas bad curves will be
eliminated and one 16 per cent
grade will be reduced to per
cent en the new Victor Point road
into the SUver Falls area. Joha
F. MeOee of the county road-en
gineering department said while
la town yesterday. -. I -
r Along a large share of the dis
tance the right of way is taking;
in -entirely new. land, he reports.
For. a distance ot about thrca and
a halt miles only 1300 feet of the
old road is being used, he says. ;
;- . 7 .
"'ssiw. -. i 7
---. ,.
files Fon j::b
H SJLFJ,1 51,204
Salem's arrest crop harvested
by the police department in .Jan
uary totaled 89. Over : 850 au
tomobiles were tagged tor over
time parking and fines netted
31,304.50. A detailed account
of police records follows:
. Complaints and reports oil the
police blotter numbered 134
while 160 accident' reports were
filed. There. were less accidents
than this number since each par
ty in a vehicle accident Is sup
posed to file a report.
, Three were arrested tor fel
ony while 17 drunks netted the
city. 3180 tor drunk and .disor
derly conduct charges.
.-, Four persons in possession ' of
alcoholic liquors paid 3255 into
the city coffers. Speeders, reck
less drivers, and . drivers falling
to stop at stop signs, boulevards
and at officers' signals numbered
13 with" fines? amounting to 40,
100. 35, respectively.
Tagged autos were numbered
at 85 6 with 36 arrests brinKlnx
fin 867. There were two Jail sen
tences, i i t . -'
: The total number of burglar
ies were 13 wbila reports ot lar
ceny numbered 34. .Oat ot seven
stolen autos, six were "recovered
by members of the department.
In the basement . of the city
hall, 682, men were furnished
with a bed for overnight lodging.
Other tines than the above
are as follows: failure to give
right of way, 312.50; transporta
tion or - alcoholic liquors, 3500:
defective brakes, 35; no license.
10; four in driver's seat, 35;
and breaking glass on public
highway, 525.
Women Appear to
Urge Bill Taking
Away Billboards
A group of women representing
various garden clubs and civic or
ganizations appeared before the
roads and : highways committee
Tuesday, and urged passage of
Senator Johnson's bill prohibiting
F, N. Woodrj
Auction Market ;
Wed. Nite, Feb. 4
7:30 P. M.;
Orpheas All Klectrlo Cabl
et, naa's bicyele Uka sew,'
4-bwraer , Perfectlosi . otl
raaaje larga adtchew eab4
laet, breakfast sable and 4
chairs, : drophead eewias;
wiachlae, i good coadition.
Bee Taewant electrie sweep
er aadattachmeata, , 1 oaJc
and leather Morris rocker,
9 oak rockers, bookcase,
wxltiaf; desk, combtaation,
1 Remington typewriter,
oak office desk and swivel
Chair, " Wedgewood gas
raasev Ivory eteel beds, coil
springs and cottow mat
trees. - large ivory dresser
and chiffonier, 1 small oak
library table, 1 large fir li
brary table, baby crib, -bed
sued mattress, 2-9x13
linolewm - and- felt
rwgs. diahee. wtesuUs,
taias aad Mwaaerowe arti
cles). .
, : Cash Paid for Used '
' . Fnraltare -pnosre
811 .
' -at - .
Giffori Pinchot, Jr., ' son of Penn
sylvania's new Governor, is shown
here with hia.Great Dane and par
rot. both ef which have moved Into
the executive mansion in Harris
burg and are the constant compan
ions ef the boy. -
advertising signs on and along the
publle highways. j ;
- It was brought out at the meet
ing that the Johnson bill is not
satisfactory to the members of the
committee and probably will hare
to be revamped. Senator Johnson
saio ne naa no oojection to re
vamping the bill In. event i the
amendments were submitted I be-
toje the end ot the present week.
Accessories to Make
Winter Driving More
Pert crJ Accestorics fcr All Cert - We Jlzsi 'En
Toer Gorcz FJci
ff. E. BDRKS
. r Not Brother
Ferry at High
j v
milder and better taste
mils Mw' ii miSi)
ffi.lli,l TO 1
i -
I (
rl mum I" -
The senate yesterday adopted a
memorial introduced by Senators
Hall and Dunfle requesting con
gress to prevent immigration Into .
this country of all foreign peoples
whose economic status is such as
to warrant their classification as
possible competitors with Ameri
can labor la American Industry.
Twenty-four senators voted for
the memorial. Senator Moser op
posed the memorial on the
grounds that It was meaningless.
and would have no Influence on
congress or the federal Immigra
tion department.
Senator Dunne's bill relating to
the service of complaints and de
fining the time within which they
shall be. served, was postponed
A hearing will be held follow
ing adjournment of the senate
this afternoon on the pollution
section of the proposed new state
game code. Reports indicated
that a large crowd would attend
the bearing.' The agricultural
committee, will conduct a public
hearing here tomorrow night on
the bill providing for the creation
ot a state agricultural depart
ment. Cases Set For
llarch Session
Two eases for the March term
of circuit eourt la Judge Gale s.
Hill's deparment were set yester
day. They were:
Smith vs. Mlshler, to be start
ed March 19 at 9:30 o'clock; and
McDonald vs. McDonald, March
30 at 9:30 o'clock. ' ,
Ccn Sepply Yea
the Sama
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