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The OREGON STATESMAN. Salem. Oregon, Sunday Hornier. January 18, 1831
ocitv News and QiillslfaM
sOuve M. DoaK. Stvuty Editor &
Dancing Pa - ty
I Evening
One of the prettlesjt : parties ot
tha week wu the danclac party
end card evening at the homm ot
Mm. C. D. Qoery at which time
group of boys entertained in
compliment to a croup ot young
molds..' " r ' !'; , -I
The truest rooms were attrac
tlvelr arranged with ! pussywil
lows and tlrethorn. At a late
hoar sapper was serf ed with
Mrs. C. D. Query and Mrs. P. Cj
Davenport j assisting the young
hosts in serving. . i . i
Guests- for " the event were
Miss Ruth BIhl, Miss Ina Smith.
Miss Katnryn Kntcheons, Miss
Nettle . Hutcheons. Miss Julia
Heats were Lloyd Davenport.
Gordon Greenitreet, ! ! Charles
Ratfety, Henry Query and Floyd
Qw . . Y !
MacDowell Program
To be February 2
An Interesting program has
been planned by members ot the
Salem MacDowell club i for its
regular monthly meeting which
will come February 2, owing to
a necessary postponement from
January 28. This program will
be given In; Waller bail.
i As a feature artist on the pro
gram Mark Daniels, baritone,
will sing a gTOup of numbers.
Mr. Daniels la an outstanding
soloist of Portland, heard often
tn radio programs. Miss Gene
vieve Thayer and Ronald Craven
will give a scene fro m the play
"Romance" by Sheldon. Miss
Frances Virgin! Melton win
give a group ot piano numbers.
Silrerton Mrs. Elgin Me-
Cleary and Mrs. James Holllugs
worth entertained at bridge at the
home ot the former' Thursday
night. Five tables were in play
; during the evening with: Mr. and
Mrs. Hugh Range winning high
score; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barr.
second rlze, and Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Starr consolation.
Members of the Town and
Gown club will meet at 2:30
o'clock Thursday at Lausanne
hall for the regular meeting.
Mrs. Almira. Hale, Mrs.; George
Alden, Mrs. J. D. Foley, and Mrs.
F. G. Franklin will be hostesses.
Mrs. E. McClanahatt of Los
Angeles and Mrs. Francis Camp
. bell of San Francisco, are visit
ing their mother, Mrs James
Godfrey of Salem. Mrs. Campbell
Is accompanied by her daughter,
Mrs. Ray Lncas.
Mrs. OH. Kemple I
Entertains 1 :'
'" ' 'I i . " - i
Prtnale. A nleasant dsv vii
enjoyed by the members of the
Fringle-Pleasant Point social
clmb Thursday when Mrs. Wil
liam Propst entertained the club
member In the home of Mrs. C.
h. Kemple. A cafeteria dinner
wm served at noon and I sewing
and social conversation were the
diversion for the afternoon
Quests oresent wer Mian tv.
ther Scott, Miss Evelyn Coburn.
nr. ana , Mrs. Shirley Duncan,
Mrs. C. H. Kemple and Miss
Halite Kemple. Members present
were , Mrs. F. R. i Clarke. Miss
Margaret Jones, Mrs. C. "W.-Gra-benhorst,
Mrs. W. M. Coburn,
MraXL. W. Potter, Mrs. E. 8.
Coates, Mrs. Homer Harrison.
Mrs. John Yates, Mrs. Solon
Shlnkle. Mrs. Clifford Jones.
Mrs. V. E. Meeks, Mrs. E.
Clarke. Mrs. O. T. Sealer. Mrs.
George Adams. Mrs. J. M. Co-
Darn, and tbe hostess, Mrs. won.
Prepat. j!
. The club will meet again in Ha
fortnight on Januarr 29 at th
home ot Mrs. J. M. Coburn of
Today fs Menu
Menn for Pinner
TrU4 Oratart Tirtir &(
Cra4 PuUUm Bnttarna Crri
Kr4 2an Onwrv
j Haa4 Lattaen and Franrh Iriag
, i IHnanpvU Ualatia ItUdtn .
CsnUrS 8a Ben ColUn
Slumber Party
For Girl Scouts
I U 2079
A Jolly party was enjoyed by
the Meadowlark tmnn r
Scouts lead by Miss Genevieve
Morgan jrriday night at the home
of Mrs. If. R. White. A slumber
party was followed with a wafflo
breakfast and mueh fun. if
Members of the troop present
for the event -were Betty Parker,
Marguerite Smith, Irma Oehler.
Margeerite MeCarty. Barbara
McDonald, Frances Ellis. Mart
Frances Henderson. Kathleen
V l.jWu.i tiiiti. - T
"wuw, iuoreaoage, j Nan
ette Brown. Jean Bartlett. Helen
White. MtS Moritn. leader an
Margaret Hauser. tl
I a i!
SH vert on Mrs. Olffarrf Smith
entertained at five tables of
onage at. per none Friday alter
noon. Mrs. Elgin McCleary woo
high scare with Mrs. Theodore
Lorenzon winning the second
score prize. The consolation
prixe went to Mr. Harry Smith. ;j
Guests Included .Mrs ttarneai
Starr. Mrs. E. V. Johns of Salem)
jars. j. stranix, Mrs. j. Wllsonu
Mrs. ; Frank Hubbs. Mrs. C. Di
Hartman. Mrs. Rav McKee. Mral
RlioJIn. Cooley. Mrs. Theodore,
i,orenzon, Mrs. Hugh Kange, Mrsy
Earl Hartman. Mrs. Jean Oun-,
ntnelmm Mrs T T. atownrt XfH
D. C. McCleary, Mrs. A, W. Kleeby
Mrs. s. Lorenzon. Mrs. James,
Holllngsworth. Mr. P-earl Mcii
deary. Mrs. Elpln McCleary andl
Mrs. Harrey Smith. .' !j
( '
i4s coiner iiueuorn, . assibij
ant state song leader, MUs Clara
McNeil, business manager for the
Oregon Business Woman, and
Mrs. Madalene Callln. editor of
the Oregon Business Woman will
motor to Eugene today to attend
the district conventioa of Baal
ness and Professional Woman's
clnbs which Is in convention
? Fried Oysters, serving
1 rt Urc yUr i -t
npi flira, erckr ar rid wtil
craiaba j
2 rtx at 4 9ft TnL j
1 tabtctpMB rol4 wtr ' y L
1 MIM Mil -
Vi tnipMt cctorr aalt
iMtptvi paprika .
cup lard or (at .
tablespoon bnttr
Carefully look over oysters and
remove any shells. Beat eggs
with the water and add salt, cel
ery salt and paprika. Dip oysters
in crumbs, then In egg mixture
and again in crumbs. Pat crumbs
so they will stay in place during
cooking. Heat lard and butter.
Add oysters, a few at a time, and
brown quickly. i
j Tartar Sauce
1-3 r-np atiff majronaalM
3 tak-teapaona chapped paralay I
2 tablaapoan finalr chopped twaal
U teaspoon finely chopped on ion af
1 tablaspoena flnelr choppea areoa
I S toaipooa suit i
1$ teaspoon PP',a ., .
. mix ana cnui iiirouicui.
in small glass dish.
lMrMaDnIe CieUUin PudtllniC
t tutin Imm flavovod aelatia mUtnra
3 cop boilinf water
teaspooa salt '
1 tvp dired pineapple
1 cap choppea ratatna
V. m kUsrhed alaaoad .
four ma oouing wr
gelatin mixture and stir until dis
solved. Cool and allow to tnieaen
a little. Fold in rest of utgreai
ents. Mold and chill. Serve with
Mrs. Roy Rice
Is Hostess
Sigma Nu Chapter
Delphian to Meet
Members of the Sigma Nu
chanter of th Delohlan society
will meet at 2 o'clock Monday
afternoon In the auditorium
room of the cltv library.
" Mrs. Leonard Nelson will give
the book review. The topic to
be studied and reported upon is
"The Home We Inhertted'
Those giving topics will be Mrs
Hugh Latham. Mrs. Guy Faxson
Mrs. David Wright. Mrs. C. H
Glenn, and Mrs. R. D. Pans.
Brooks. Miss Lena Rlggi en
tertained Saturday for Kreta Fae
Ash ban gn, Delores Sargent. Dai-
sey aud Lilly Potts. Additional
guests were Mrs. Grant Blxler.
Mrs. C. A. Ashbaugh and Mrs.
James RiggU Two guests. Gene
vieve and Sonny Snyder, who
were unable to be present be
cause of illness, were sent a re
membrance. A special service will be ob
served by members of the En
clnltls club Tuesday evening. A
dinner meeting at 6:15 o'clock
at the Argola will precede a
"recognition and initiation"
service at the home of Mrs. Wil
liam , Hamilton on Falrmount
RobertsMrs. Roy. Rice' and
Mrs. Flora Holley entertained
the O. T. club members at Mrs.
Rices home with an atractlve
luncheon Thursday. Following
the luncheon hour a social after
noon was enjoyed. The tables
ware centered with a clever ar
rangement 'of rose cyclamen and
pussy willows. r
Several special numberr wera
given for entertainment In the
afternoon, among which was a
contest recognising the baby pic
tures of the club members.) Mrs.
George Higgins won first prise
Those present , were Mrs. Alice
Coolldge. Mrs. Esther Query,
Mrs. S. C. Davenport, Mrs. John
Orsborn, Mrs. N. C. Kugel. Mrs.
Bud 8tuteamau, Mrs. Forest Ed
wards. Mrs. ;W. C. Pettyjohn.
Mrs. H. B. Carpenter. Mrs. B. D
Fldler, Mrs. George Higgins, Mrs,
Gordon Bowman and the bostess-
ess. Mrs. Roy Rice and Mrs.
Flora Honey. ,
Talbot Mr. r and Mrs. C. F.
Johnston entertained In their
home Thursday night with at card
party. Six tables of 8o0, were
in play during the evening. High
score was won by Mrs. E. J. Free
man and E. J. Freeman. Conso
lation to Mrs. George Rolls and
J. D. Farr. Guests present were
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Emmons, i Mr.
and Mrs. Bob Austin, Mrs. i and
Mrs. Jake Qtlmour, Mr. and Mrs.
Delmer Davidson. Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Helper. Mr. and Mrs. E. J.
Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. George
Marlatt, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney
Howard. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Farr.
Mr. and Mrs. George Rails, Jr..
Misses Ed rise and Louise Math
ews, Lloyd Marlott and George
Ralle. Sr. Dainty refreshments
were served . at a late hoar by
the hostess.
'- Dr. and Mrs. H. K. Stockwell
entertained Saturday evening with
an attractive Informal dinner fol
lowed by a social evening at their
home on Washington street.
Guests were Dr. and Mrs. C. A.
Downs. Dr. and Mrs. Fredrick H
Thompson and Dr. and Mrs. Da
vid Bennett Hill.
Northern Guests
At B. C. Miles Home
Mr. and Mrs. W. iO. fitrench
and children, Roger, Donnie and
Mary Jean strenelt. of KetcMeam,
Alaska, wece the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. B. C. j Miles and , the
Rom Miles family for Friday and
Friday night. Prof, and Mrs. R.
If. Dan and daughter,' Dorothy, of
Corvallls were guest at the
Miles' home during this visit.
Mr. Strench la Immigration of
ficer of Alaska. Mrs. , Strench.
who Is 'a , cousin of President
Hoover. Is a jjiece ot B. C. Miles.
The Strsnchs are enroute to
Alaska - attar having spent the
past two and one halt months in
Santa Ana. California.: with Mr.
Strenchs family. I I '
Mrs. Merritt Davis
Compliments Bride
Mrs. Merritt Davis entertained
Thursday afternoon with a mis
cellaneous shower tn compliment
to her niece. Mrs. Chester Heck-
men. nee Ennace Molsen, a recent
brido. She was presented with
many beautiful and useful pres
ents. -. '-j i 1 ' ' i . !
The afternoon : was spent In
playing bridge, the high- score go
ing to Mrs. George H. Patterson.
Late In the afternoon dainty
refreshments were served.; The
table was beautifully . decorated
with a centerpiece of pink and
white aweet peas and pink can
dies. - t . J
Those enjoying the afternoon
were Mrs. Chester Heckman.
Mrs. Georce H. - Peterson. Mrs
Lloyd Baker, Mrs. Ida Elgin. Mrs.
Leo N. Chllds. Mrs. Mary saen.
Mrs. Wilfred C. Bartrus, Mrs. S.
Heckman. and the hostess, Mrs,
Merritt Davis, vi ;
Talbot Tha Talbot Woman's
club met with Mrs. Addis David
son Wednesday afternoon. Roll
call was answered with the name
ot a famous writer. During the
regular business meeting it was
decided to complete a quilt upon
which work i has been done aad
dlsDose of it for benefit of the
club. The afternoon was pleas
antly spent in sewing and visit
ing, uuesis oi : ine cine wrv
Mrs. 11. W. Cooley. Mrs. Bowman
Mrs. Lee Cooley and Mrs. Marvel
Cooley of Albany; Mrs. Emmons
and Mrs. Arthur Johnson. Mem
bers present were Mesdamet A.
L. Emmons. E. J. Freeman, a. c
Cole. G. M. Beernaf, George Potts,
Bob Austin. Sarah Taylor, D. A.
. Davidson and the hostess. Airs
Davidson. , Mrs. CUad Jonnsea
and Mrs. L. Johnson. Lunoh was
served late In the afternoon.
The Auxiliary to the Patriarchs
Militant win meet tor regular
meeting Thursday evenlnf at 8
o'clock in tha I. o. O. F. hall and
at this time officers tor the co ra
ng year will be Installed. Mrs.
Louis King will preside aad Rob
ert Henderson will be Aba In
statllnr officer
4 e e -
Silrerton Mr. and Mrs. Arth
ur Dabl were hosts to the im
manner choir Wednesday evening
at their Heme. Mrs. Jasper Dul
lem directs the choir- and - Mrs.
Dahl ia the pianist. Tha evening
was spent la practice and at Its
close Mrs. Dahl served refresh
ments. V. r . 4
! hill.
NoteJThis On Your Calendar;
Be aure and place an order
for office supplies today with.
"Atlas Book Store." They
have a complete and up-to-date
stock ot office stationery
and supplies and prices are
right. .
Atlas Book
465 State St Salem, Ore,
mi, r.
Jumper frocks have taken the
fashion world by storm, for
adult and youngsters alike; be
cause of their chic and their
practicability. -One may have
any; number of blouses In differ
ent colors and fabrics, giving the
effect of a new dress with each
change. Tbe model sketched
adds smartness with pointed front
and back yokes from which in
verted pleats fall in graceful
. manner. I ' :.- ? 1 -
Pattern 1079 Is serviceable
mae of pique, linene, shantung,
fcasha. Jersey, challls. wjol crepe,
etc. 1 The blouse Is delightful of
rrtftnn hroadcloth. dimity. - lawn
or crepe ds chine.- Color com
binations of brown and beige,
brown and turquoise, green and
egg-shell, navy blue and pink era
extremely youthful and smart.
, Mar be obtained onlr in sixes
. 8, 19 and 12. Size requires
2 19 yards of S9-lncb Tlress fa
bric and 1 1-4 yarda of J6-lnch
blouse fabric, r ; ,
r.i No dreaamakta atpertesea. t
aaeaMary t maka tat ainal mitb
or pattern. Tardaara or ;ary
eiia. and aiaiala. axart taatrae
tieaa are airea.
- Seas' fifteea aeate ra aelaa ra
falty wrsanea. ar ataaiaa fae sack
pattern. Writ plainly vaar anaia,
addreaa nn4 ityla aoabe Ee anra
ta tate- aiie wanted.
; Our aaw fall ana wtntav taakteo
fcaok eontaintoa naqnUlta atftfals
Ut adults and children aad as
llet atarteat af tranafer
nnttarsa aad itampad neeeltie. Is
7VlAl Prfe. fifteen neat a.
Baak wita. pattern ti nnnta. Ad
dreM aU null and orders to 8 tat re
man Pattern. Deirtfflai. tS
WM 11U atMet, Kaw.Iart XUtt-
Ensign Williams of the Salva
tion Army, reports, a great need
A group of friends of Mr. and
Mrs. Elbert Derry mot at the
Derry home Friday; evening for a
pollack dinner followed by aa
evening of games and music The
group made tentative plans .. to
continue these methods at regu
far times in the future. Covers
at the dinner party, were placed
for eight. .- j- ', ';. . '
for layettes and statee no less
thaa four baby outfits were seat
out from his office this last week.
"We try to lay aside all such
articles as they are donated so
that we may be prepared I for the
Deeds as they! arise" the1 Ensign
stated "but lately much more has
been going out than has come la
so that we, are completely out ot
layettes.". -I
-We will be buying material at
once so that our sewing organlxa
tloa The Ladle Home League'
ot the Salvation Army may con
tinue to makei such articles, but
often'there are baby clothes laying
around in people's attics unused
which could Just as well be doing
some poor mothers some good"
Williams says. The Army's phone
number is 1410. .
Genuine Bargains Brought People Here Last Week
r l r m 1 J L. .imSm f Jnvtna . 4VtM 1 firaf
i eopie irom near ana itr umc aim uuu$ut iu twaauu unm .1
three days of this sale. And they were genuine bargains for the people came back
and! brought! their friends with them. For this next week we promise more bargains
J it. SJ. !Y1 V. MA A Jt m c Iaiii, n d mnpoliQtiilioa loots r
And Here 1 Are
1 csz
One table . of double
blankets, part wpdl; abd
there are some Beacon
Auto Robes in ! the . lot.
Take them away at
More Bargains
Cotton Baits
Medium Size
5 for 1.
A group of dresses In
assorted styles and col
ors silks, wool and tra-
vel prints. ! Values to
' :J Coats "
One rack of Tailored and far
trimmed coats in bothi light
. and dark , i tjc flfl
colors .4JeUU
One rack of Silk Pressed good
assortment of styles and col
ors. Values tor fC n f
?15.00 ODeUU
i ' Sheets ', : ' V
nnA Int of twin bed size sheets.
all standard makes. 01 Tlfl
for This Week
Outing Flannel
36 inches wide in white or col-i
ors. Select yours to- T O .
morrow at per yard-X- AaJC
I Three-Quarter Hose j
Children's three-quarter hose.
Regular 50c value. 1 AU,
Now only, Fair. L. lUi
i Wash Frocks
Guaranteed fast color Good
styles and the sizes 14 to 52.
Value to 01 QQ
$2.25 .............. 01 01
: ; I Pillow Lases
Rsjgular size Cases and " Q
free from starch, eachl JLHC
9 Silk Umbrellas : i
All styles, all colors. 16 rib
Your choice s- 01 flO
only d&.eTO
tit's a household word
1 and needs no ! explana
J tion. Get yours tomor-
row at ! -I; ." '
' (Umlt)"
255 North Liberty Street
I . Open Saturday .
i i Erening Until 8:50 '
Tree ime
V " -' x::--.. j'
-' ; . '
e -
riot the feature of a seasoii
tlie future of aii indusir
INFORMED automotive ertsinecrs knew the whole future of the
motor car was affected when Studebaker successfully introduced
Free Wheeling with positive gear control on July 10, 1930.
These men recognized at once that Stud cbaVer had solved a problem
as old as motoring the problem of controlling momentum and putting
it to work, . .' . . ' -
They knew that Free Wheeling, as Studebaker offered It, went
straight to the root of applied dynamics giving the car that offered it
a superiority which no car without it could contest.
That Is why you are hearing so much more' about Free Wheeling
today than you did when Studebaker first introduced it If all cars
had it now, the public would save hundreds of millions of dollars in
gasoline and oil expense every year, j " -
Free Wheeling has brought Studebaker thoroughness and initiative
Into die limelight more conspicuously' than ever.
Today every Studebaker gives you Free Wheeling. All cars will be
aspiring to give it to you tomorrow.' It gives you 10,000 miles of
travel for 8,000 miles of engine effort greatly reduced operation
and maintenance cost new safety new ease of driving- -
Ic means much that these cars come to you with the greatest en
gineering advancement since the electric' starter. But it means even
more that they bear the name of Studebaker, distinguished in trans'
portatlon for more than half the lifetime of the American nation.
Studebaker can art
priced f. o. b. factory from 795 to $2600
:- v-",';!-.-'1.--- -'" - "
Builder of Champions
"nfTILL you promise not to old if I scamper around
'. ' and set the rugs crooked? Wilf yoa be nice to mt
and realize I'm full of pep and haven't, quite the under
standing you have? . . . All right then, watch the Want
Ads and you'll see me for sale. Tm a good looking wire
haired fox, thrilling with life and youth, and death to rats
and cats4--' ' '-;'; h-.---! r '
P. S. IVe got a pedigree and am worth a lot, but the fam
ily Is moving away so Tm going to be put up at quite a
bargain." K . I
Littlo "MJcIcev" won't last loner when the Ad comes out. i