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    islative Memb a
The Call
Board! J
hattes Bid Goiirteous MMcome to
Activities of Biennium. are
r Outlined In Report to
: i
Shipments of books from i the
Oreron atate library Increased
approximately tt per cent dur
ing tne pan Diennium, wdm
compared with the previous jtw
rears, according to a report pre-
librarian, for consideration ol
the legislators i and Governor
. Meier. 1
A total of 341.395 volumes
vera sMpped to rarieus parts of
the state rn 5,6e3 shipments.
The report shows that there
irere 7 aetrve traveling aw
M dnrinr 'the nast biennium
There hare been provided I for
these libraries a total or 7Z.zt
olumes. Approximately 1 8 18,330
books were lent to IndHdaals
and public libraries.
The' report of the librarian
shows a wide variance in the
kinds of books requested. Dooka
on criminology are popular im
many of the younger readers.;
"There are In Oregon at the
present time." read Miss L-ongs
report, a total r of 108 free li
braries, of whlchi 74 are tax -sup
ported. Many, o inese uorapes
are struggling on an Inadequate
financial program, the solution
of which will come through the
adoption of the county as a unit
for library service,
legislators AidI
By Reference Work
"One of the Important func
tions of the state library Is l to
assemble from documents, pam
phlets. books, and in fact from
all sources, material on public
questions of Interest to Oregon
lans. This material showing the
experience of other states i or
counties Is of Importance ; to
members of the legislature who
freely call upon us for Informa
tion as to the problems arising
In tho legislative halls.
"In addition to the loan let
books to schools, the state 'li
brary has prepared and printed
this biennium a i new edition ! of
the j list of books for Wgh
schools, and has published sup
plements to the list of books tor
elementary schools. In 1929 the
state library acted as purchasing
agent for more than 319.000
worth of school orders, and 1 in
1930 more than 321,000. This
results in the .saving of many
dollars to the school districts -of
the state.
"As required by law the state
library has served as the deposi
, tory and exchange for state doc
j uments. We have received 30",
: 725 documents and sent out 18.
i 653 documents, leaving total
of 12.040 to add to the stockuof
125.134 .on hand two years ago.
Cities are Also -
Scored by Library
"Onr service Is sot confined
to communities without local li
braries. The state library ahlp
; meats are related to all library
activities. Figures show that j in
the year 1929 22.343 books were
lent to public libraries of the
state to ena&Ve them to give: a
more complete service to the pa
trons of their library. The li
brarians say it gives them a feel-
' lng of unlimited resources.
"The .board of library trus-
tees, after thorough discussion
-of the needs of the state library,
and with full recognition of the
great need for economy, during
the" current biennium, approved
the budget request submitted by
the .budget - director. . This
amount of money is necessary if
we are to carry on. I:
1 "A state supported library
becomes an essential In periods
. of depression when Individuals
and families are less able to
purchase needed books and mag
azines. This report shows that
the people of Oregon are dally
expressing their dependence up
on the state library. They feel
that It Is a most Important part
pr tne state government."
Alfred Meyer and Miss Jean
Meyer, both of Portland, who
came up for the inaugural -'ball
were Monday -night guests of
Mrs. Mary Lister. '
Let Someone Else
Worry; You Live .
To Be a Hundred
I expect to live a ben
dred years," declares Will
Rogers, the Internationally
known wtf, humorist and
philosopher.. "The secret of
longevity la happiness and
I'm the happiest man to the
world, at least the happiest
In the democratic party.
"I have any health, a fam
ily of the right slxe, a good
home ami enough money to
keep the much publicized
wolf from the door. Bealdes
this, 1 'don't worry. Worry
kills more people than boot
legers. . Reminds me of a
story I heard recently, j
"A, motion picture em
ployee, who waa much giv
en to fretting over trivial
matters as well as bigger
ones, meeting- a friend, an
nounced that he was through
worrying. Nothing could
made him stew, no matter
whf it was. ,
Mlow comer asked the
friendj you used to worry
?TWell, I've hired a pro
f r$ owU worrier) he does
all my worrying.
'Something new, lsut
ttt How much do you have
to pay hhnT i
Wen,' that's the first
thins he's got te worry
about !
I 1 " M 1
' ' ' ' . -A ; a
Rarhara Rianwvk and James
each other and it is to wonder what is being said. Show
ing today in "Illicit" at the Elslnore. i
Amos and And Come to
The Grand
Check and Double Check Un
til Wednesday. "Common
Clay" Next
Very little need be said to rec
ommend Amoa and Andy. They
have said enough to make them
known round the world so why
add a word to such perfect ex
pression They will appear in
Check and Double Check" at
the Grand beginning today and
will be seen until Wednesday.
These genial boys are as amusing
and full of laughs in the play as
they have been over the radio
and It Is fun to "see" them in
person. It la amusing to deter
mine if one's imagination has
pictured them correctly or If it
has been wrong. Most people
seem to find the two Just as they
anticipated they would look and
act. i
The silly old cars, the ridlcu-
ous situations with their "wlm-
mln" folk,: and the boasting of
Andy rings true in each scene.
Following them ' Wednesday
will be the splendid play "Com
mon Clay," one of the ten best
plays of the past year in which
stars Constance Bennett and Lew
Ayers with Tully Marshall. Mat
ty Kemp, and Beryl Mercer
ranking very close as support.
The plot has to do with a love
affair of a poor girl for a rich
son of a father who is determin
ed that his son shall not marry
below" the level of his pocket-
book. A baby features In the
case, as does a court of law and a
startling revelation which brings
the girl and ' boy back together
again In a much finer and hap
pier relationship. It Is a play full
of dramatic Incident and- splen
did acting, '
The Friday and Saturday, bill
Is "Renegade" with Warner
Baxter, Noah Beery, George Coo
per and Myrna Loy taking the
leading roles. It is a play which
one , remembers long after i hav
ing seen it. Noah Beery as .the
beastly monled czar of an island
province, marries a girl of Ger
man nobility : being able to do
this because he will pay sr debt
of honor that will save a loved
one of the girl, who Is Myrna
Loy. War Is declared and the
Island?' province where they live
is- drawn into action. The whole
plot Is interesting and the acting
is-above the average.
The annnal meeting and elec
tion of officers of the Willamette
Valley Cherry Growers associa
tion is scheduled tor Saturday,
January 24 at the Salem, chamber
oT commerce rooms, according to
the announcements -being sent
out by O. W. Cromley, president,
and A. E. Bouffleur, secretary of
the organization.
The yearly financial report of
the organization and a report of
the tariff situation will be made
at this meeting.
8o far there has . been no
change In the present tariff but
the tariff revision committee Is
working on the problem and a re
port is expected in a few days.
Representative W. C. Hawley and
Senator Charles McNary appeared
before the tariff committee meet
ing in Washington, : D. C, and
pleaded the cause of the Willam
ette valley ..cherry growers who
are asking that! the present tars
Iff be kept, y
; l
i 1 .
- . t
- t -
Rennie take at rood look at
Constance Bennett and Lew
Ayres in "Common Clay"
which will show at the
Grand Wednesday and
Barthelmess ; Is Star at
j The Capitol
"The Lash" Thrilling Drama
Of Early Western I4fe
ii Cast All-Star ' . ,: !
"The Flash" is the title of the
play now being featured at the
Capitol with Richard Barthel
mess, taking the lead as a dash
ing young Spaniard of the early
days;! of southern California.
Wrongs supposedly perpetrated
uponj his countrymen by citizens
of the United States following
the ceding of that part of Cali
fornia to the United States by the
Spanish government, from the
' He beelns a series of reran era
attacks upon those whom he feels
nas wronged tnose of whom he
is fond. The result I much ex
citement ' according to report.
Playing with Barthefmess are
James Rennie, Mary Astor, Mar
Ian Nixon, Fred Kohler, Barbara
Bedford. Robert Edesnn. Arthur
Stone, Mathilda Comont, and Er-
viue A'aeroon. !
t .
During 1929 22,588.572 tons
of waterboniA cnmrnpren valnei
at ll.102.98S. 560, passed through
the port of New Orleans.
l : .
Monntsville. Ga., a village of
less than 1,000 Inhabitants, has
a blind night watchman.
Things never seen in
Clara Bow wearing a
George Bancroft in a
closed car.
Charles Rogers without
a jroat and rest. '
Jack Oakie with coat
and Test, F
William Powell wearing
colored shirt.
Gary Cooper without a
deep coat of tan.
Xancy Carroll walking
. Richard Arlea . walking
rapidly. .
3Iaarice Chevalier la
riding boots.
. Mary Brian fa Hi-humor.
Leoa Errol la serious
mood. ' : j -
Kay Frances la a house
Skeeta Gallagher with
out a new story.;
Eugene Pallet te singing
Charlie Buggies playing
Garry Cooper and William Boyd take a jrood look at each
other In "The Spoilers" now showing at the Hollywood.
Betty Compson looks unconcerned as ehe "listens in".
The Spoilers" now at
With Gary CJooperi Next Is
William Powell, "Within
: ' The Law" '
Tail: ' lank Oar Cooner will
start! the weea on rignt tor nw
lTwood audiences with his por
traval of "Glenlster' In Rex
Beach's "The Spoilers." Kay
Johnson plays an excellent Helen
Chester and Betty Compson makes
a rhfliTT Maiotto far different
from the Cherry Maiotto portray
al fv ktmtii Hrant recently, ik
wtll b interesting for the audl-
AncA to romnare the two interpre
tations and determine ior useit
which la the better. If any.
There, fa much of interest In
'Tha Snoilera." The hook's Plot
is held to with admirable truth,
and the protography Is such as
nnt tn ha fnrrotten. No recent
picture has excelled 'The Spoil
ers" In the detail worked into the
photographlcal background;-
Wednesday's bill is very differ
ent. It is tne suave Mr. w utiam
Powell in "Shadow of the Law."
PnwAii li a Tounsr enalneer who
gets drawn into a fight and unin
tentionally kills a man ne is con
victed and serves a prison sen
tence and then escapes. He goes
to work and accumulates enough
money to fight his case as to nia
Innocence of the crime. There is
a love story involved, and a tragic
gesture on the part of Powell to
keep from being returned to pri
son. A happy ending brings ithis
picture out of the wet, and the
acting of William Powell Is so
excellent that one does not mind
the tears. . -
I The last picture of the week for
the Hollywood Is "The Sap from
Syracuse" with Jack Oakie as the
sap. It Is made for laughing and
It does not fall.
The plot is built on a series of
misunderstandings and Oakie is
the Innocent victim for the bene
fit of the audience.
Hollywood Latest reports are
that serge M. Einstein, the -Russian
director, will make a pic
ture showing the hisory of Mexi
co from the days of the Aztecs
until th present. According to
letters reaching here from Mexi
co City, the famous Soviet direc
tor of "Potemkin" already has
filmed a bull-fight, which .will be
a part of his new film. He is said
to be planning to use great mobs
of Indians and Mexicans, similar
to the technique of his Russian
films. ; The Ate ruins in the
southern republic will form a
background to part of the story.
Backing for the venture is said
to be of local origin, , and the
sound and musical effects will be
added here in Hollywood.
Elsenstelh left -; the United
States I upon. the. termination of
his six-months permit, but after
a stay in Mexico will be allowed to
return for another six months be
fore leaving for Russia. ; '
During his Hollywood visit the
director was under . contract to
Paramount at reported salary of
f 3,000; a week. He was mention
ed as director .of "An American
Tragedy." but nothing came of it.
: His new picture will have no
dialogue. '
Helen Twelvetrees has left for
New York without saying why or
whsn, sgurpriain area Pathe,
which had made several publicity
N. ...
appointments for her. As she Is
on vacation, she probably thought
she didn't need to check out. .
Paramounfs billing arrangement
with Fox provides that Victor Mc
Laglen's name hast to appear over
that of Mariene Dietrich in adver
tising the German i star's second
picture, "Dishonored." . . vWIll
Rogers' five body-guards In a
scene of "A Connecticut Yankee
at jlng Arthur's Court" will be
Jim Mustek, Ernie Pinckert, Don
Mosels, Tay Brown and Ward
Bona, all of the University of
Southern California football team.
i . Out of the 125 dancing girls
once under contract to Fox, only
10 have remained at the studio
They are not under contract but
get a stipulated sum -each week
tor y or King as extras.
Dorothy MacKalU is home with
flu, forcing the "Party Husband"
company to shoot scenes in which
she does not appear. . . "Oscar,"
Paramount studio bootblack and
actor, will take an act out on the
Publlx Circuit. ... A Hollywood
druggist says he has never seen
so many pennies as since the holi
days. The babies' banks must be
catching it," he observes. . , . Kay
Francis and Kenneth McKenna
seem: to be that way About each
other. . . . Joe Donahue arrived in
Hollywood from New Tork on
Monday and was cast and 'work
ing In "Party Husband" by noon.
. . , the Dwight Fryea have a new
baby son.
Viola Brothers Shore, , the nov
elist, defines Hollywood as "those
who are ' trying to get into pic
tures; those who are in pictures,
and11iars.T. i -
Well enough, but don't the last
two classes overlap f
s i BaHaif I sal eiwsw a AAtnavil
ar sjuwobSMSMeti ea ej v-a vwwvm
talent will be offered la "Women
of all Nations," which Raoul
Walsh starts on the 15th. r
In addition to Edmund Lowe
and Victor McLagleu, the film
will ! have El BrendeL ' whose
name means dollars at the box
office in any picture.
Greta Nlssen Is the only woman
player, signed, which means, that
pens wll lbe scratching for some
days yet.
Bela LugOfll, who did "Dracula,
for Universal, will play the heavy
of the film:
There is some talk of going to
Honolulu for several of the ex
terior scenes. ' i
That Esther Ralston started
her' career aa a stunt airl at Uni
versal? 7
When London's favorite toast
Talfulah Bankhead, returns to
her native land to make a picture,
paramount is going to do right
by her in the way of a supporting
cast. '
Olive Brook will go east to
play; opposite the stage star in
'TT Taaf " .. :j
r niB mm mm
This new star,, .so warm
and vibrant L so bril
llaiitly ditTerent... T
This new picture so
bold, so trathful...a mil
lion wives, husbands and
lov ers will see themselves
in this story. !
: ' JOAN I :.
cortez II sr
: gtijjngwater' S
Here! you are -Amos and AUdy'to greet you again In
"Check and Double Check" at the Grand, today. ?
"IHIcir Comes to the
I Elalnore
Problem Drama Also Contains
Much to Thrill and
) Amuse Audience
; The play tor the first three
days of this week at the Elslnore
Is "Illicit" and In It Barbara
Stanwyck and James Rennie take
roles which lead to , thought and
a real problem dramathe prob
lem of whether or not a womanJ
can bold her man outside of the
marriage tows. -. -i
A four cornered situation de-
Telops j and' the solution is not
made when the play concludes.
Ton have, to draw your own con
clusions If you want any philos
ophy. - jAs most people prefer to
watch, be amused and go home
and sleep the play will oil er
much j entertainment and for
those who wish to think well
there will be plenty to stir
i :
North Pacific Association
Scheduled to Meet In
Salem on Monday
The advisability of establish
ing - a central ' prune packing
plant in Portland will be the
chief topic of discussion at the
meeting of . the North i Pacific
Prune Growers association
which will be held at the Balem
chamber of commerce rooms on
, The board of the association.
commonly known as the Prune
Growers' exchange, will meet In
the morning and In the after
noon the directors of the individ
ual units will meet. These units7
are located at Salem, Dallas,
Sprlngbrook, Yamhill, Scotts
Mills, Creswell and Eugene.: :
Advocates of the central pack
lng plant maintain that a more
uniform! and' better Quality of
pack can thug be obtained. The
difficulty of standardizing Ore
gon prune packs when the pack
lng is done at the Individual
plants has made marketing diffi
cult. -.
Victor Rees of Sprlngbrook Is
president of the Northwest
Prune Growers association and
C. A. C, Hansen of Portland Is
The story and dialogue are br
Donald Ogdea Stewart, one of
this department's favorite purvey
ors of smart comedy. Direction
is to be by George Cukor and Cy
ril Gardner.
New York will see Miss Bank-
head, about January II. ;
i I
, J
jSf2 T'r '
"Harold Lloyd must have Iron
muscles," writes la W, P. Buck
ley. "During one show when he
was hanging onto the edge of the
sky-scraper 'feet first a theatre
marquee below displayed the sign
'itonaid coiman in 'Raffles.' In
a later scene, showing him still
The Lash
"'4 - ":j : - -: j TODAY!
"7 A " WARNER BROS. ; j!
. GapitoL!
Cont.ato llPJL J ' :- - '
.Adults' i .. '.::z- -
40c ,K
slash and sear at your heart it is a story
your body , and soul will respond to
n rr-rTi zn n ao
la the Character You Will Remember Forever
; mm
fs 5J3-S C!R ZJh4S29 &2S
rrt tiTi tZttfrV&rr1CPrX
Continnous Performance Today 2 to 11 p. in.
. V.T- - lis (
Uri , - S
1 1 ::.., i -a
rrox DGAcrrs
Abo Cartoon Comedy.
News and t&CdxiT com
edy, Tht Bed Ileaded
Uvsdt" ' . j
e '-
Today Gary Cooper
"Tne spoilers."
Wednesday William Tow-
ell In 'Shadow of the Law."
Today Amos 'n'
Wednesday ' Constance '
Bennett In Tnmmnn ria "
jrTaaay warner uaxier
"Renegades." ' J
,J Today Richard I Barthel-
meas la "The Lash,
e - -
Today Barbara 8tanwyck
In "Illicit." , !
e : j. 1 ' , e
hanging there,' the marquee read
Eyes of the World."
An average of 21 new books
aa hour arrived at the Library
of Congress during the last! fls-
cal year. i M
wd reach from the screen to
"Better Stick vnth me,
Bi2 Lien, She t
Just a Female
Claim-Buster I"
Untamed ! Undaunted! A
man's woman in ! no
mans) land I Beautiful
Betty Compson fights
for this he-man hero of
a iu nuiiu'iaiuuua Btuiy t
yj Alaskan gold-rush days
days of daredeyll cour
age and flaming love I
Outdoors I Outstripping
everything for dramatic
thrills 1 i
L'noo ucti ofJ
f A I