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77 r?
j -r ' t
Red and Black Wins 30 to
27 When Siegmund and
Foreman hit Hoop
Although Salem high has had
an easy time of It in the last few
tames played. It took an over
time period to beat Tillamook So
to 27 la a came played here Sat
urday ttight. .
The usual playing time ended
27 to 27 and In the three minute
overtime period. Siegmund con
verted a free throw and Foreman
made a cripple to win Tor Salem.
.Far. from , displaying good
hooting, Salem high looked poor
la ithat department, and In the
heat. oX-the game, fumble were
not uncommon. Siegmund had
the tip-off glring the ball to the
red and black most of the time
from the tenter circle, but no
tip-off playa were worked. San
ford accounted for most of the:
points In the first quarter when
Salem looked Its best. At the end
of the first period the score stood
10 to t in favor of Salem.
Sal cm Has Slump
In Scoring Shot '
Although Kitchen did not start;
the game, he went in during the
second quarter. . Bone had a
slump and Siegmund appeared
nervous and fumbled a number
of Kitchen's passes. .None of the
players were hitting the basket
consistently, while the Cheese
makers dropped in long shots
and shots .from the corners at
regular Intervals. The score at
half time was 18 to 13 in favor;
of Salem.
The Cheese makers came back
the second half with fight and
determination which was match-'
ed by the red and black, but the;
boys from the coast were able to
hit the ! basket better. Close
checking marked the second half
and the ball traveled fast. A
flock of fouls were made toward
the close of the game, but few:
of the attempts were converted.
Nonchalant Mahan
Consistent Shot
By the middle of the fourth
quarter, Tillamook tied the;
score, led by Mahan who scored
15 points during the game. As
the score reached a tie at 28 all.:
the crowd became excited and it,
was difficult to discern the sound
of the referee's whistle. Sieg
mund put Salem ahead by one
point when he made a foul try
good. Sanford and a Tillamook
man both missed chances to
score on a double foul. Schop
pert then converted a f jml try for
Tillamook bringing the! score to
a 27 to 27 tie. Sanford who is
usually strong on foul shooting,
missed two attempts as the game
At the start of the overtime
period Mahan fouled Siegmund
and had to leave the game as it:
-was his fourth personal. Sieg
mund converted the try, making
the score 28 to 27 in favor of the
red and black. On another double
foul, both Kitchen and liunn fail
ed to convert attempts. Imme
diately following that both sides
blew cripples. Huntington's men
then took things easy for a while
and were In no hurry to go In
and lose the ball. The break came
soon however and Kitchen man-:
aged to (Intercept a Tillamook
pass and ' snap the ball down to
Foreman! who made a goaf with:
all five Tillamook men caught
up the floor.
Sanford was high scorer for
Salem with seven points and Ma-!
han with 15 was'hish scorer of
the game. The Tillamook players
handled the ball well and played
consistent ball. ,
Salem Tillamook
Bone, 4 ... F ,,15, Mahan
Foreman, J F 2, Smith
Siegmund. 5 G 2, Schelling
Sanford, t7(-.G. Iiiron
Sachtler, 2 ,.0....6, Schoppert
Kitchen, f ....S.;........Z, Magleii
Referee, Sparks.
The Salem high B team hit it
stride In the second half of Its
game Saturday night and defeat
ed the School for the Deaf team
28 to 6.
The score at half time was t
to 5 in favor of Salem. In the
second half Pickens and Burrcll
found the basket and rained In
a delnge of shots which swelled
the score. Pickens and Burrell
each scored 12, points. The Deaf
boys worked well at times bat
were off on their shooting and
the guards were unable to stop
the fast otfena, of the Salem B
Salem School for Deaf
Engel......,... S Crawford
Ptcktntll.....F.,,.,., cafflg
Burrell 12.,.,. C Hultt
Olese ........ o...... a Wood
proee 4 ,o l Adams
McCarthy 8 ..... M. Hultt
...............8..... Babcock
neieree. uasnor.
i ' a
"Tj i .
LibuftLh, iJD,-
" . . " 1 1 ;' , " 1 . m in i
"Handsome Ed" Dudley, of Wil
mington, DeL, former professional,
at the Hollywood Country Club,
wen the $3,500 first prixe in the
Los Angeles 210,000 open cham-
Eionship when he completed the 72
olea ol play with the low scare
of 285 strokes. Eddie Loos and
Al Espmosa,of Chicago, carded
287 each, to nose out Frank Walsh,
of Chicago, and Tommy Armour,
of Detroit, who registered 288.
No more yawning for the al
ley men. The first half of the
season is come and gone.
Leagues are reorganizing, and
slates are being washed in prep
aration for a corner-turning In
bowling, as well as In business.
Want to Play?
Openings for new players
may be available In Business
and Statesman leagues. If they
reorganize as is reported.
"Sammy" Is pulling along first
rate In bis matcn with J. : W.
Blaney. More persons than he
knows are following him with
interest. - j
Commercial league pinmen
plan to bury old records from
sow on and with two new teams
replacing Oakland-Pontiac and
General Petroleum to make their
league one ot the best.
Business league
i W. L.
Senator Food Shop. 33 15
Cunocar Service. . . 27 18
Chevrolet Shopmen. 23 25
Raymond Machine
Shop 22 26
Salem Ret. Bakers. 18 27
Salem San. Milk "o.. 16 26
Averages, ; first 10: Yarnell
177, Nathraan 176.5, Elsen
brandt 175.28, Miller 167.17,
Schmidt 164.21, Vail 163.19.
Woodfield 163.16.
163.11, Ostrln 1C1
161.1. '; 1
Cline. Jr.
16, Taylor
City League
W. Tj. Pet.
BakeRite Bakery ..38 16 .704
Capital Bedding Co..32 19 .627
McKay Chevrolet ..29 25 .537
Wlilam. Val. Trans..22 29 .431
Elks Club ........23 31 .426
Winter Garden 15 39 .278
Averages: Hall 191.25, Mohr
191.3. Steinbook 187.5, M: Hem
enway 18S.25, Karr 185.34.
Page 183.36. If. Earr 183.36.
M on son 182.48, II. Brown 181,7,
Poulin 181.17.
Statesman. Lragu
W. L.
Emmons Clothiers. .36 9
Carson Pharmacy.. 16 17
Day & Niles . .-.,.20 22
Capital Dairies .... 17 22
Sunfrese 14 22
H. L. Stiff .......15 24
Averages: H. Brown 188.9,
Lucas 183.6, Yarnell 180.3.
Shields 170.3, Riffe 170.1, Vail
16919. Sharkey ICS. 5, Miller
165.23, Schmidt- 165.5, Purrine
Jefferson . Five
Defeats Gates
! In Close Game
JEFFERSON. Jan. 17 The
Jefferson basketball team of the
sanuam valEey league went to
Gates Wednesday night and1 de
feated the Gates quintet by a
score of 31 to 28.
Harold Goin and, Gerald Phelps
were high point men for the Jef
ferson team. The Jefferson team
goes to Aumsvllle, January 21.
This is the last game of the first
half of the league series.
PORTLAND. Ore,. Jan. 17.
(PJ A. E. Strong, In charge of
operations i for the Natural Gas
corporation of Oregon, announ
ces today operation of the new
urn uranae plant.
. V I
IT :.. ' : : t :. '
Portland Y St. Martins,
B'ftai B'rith are on
Week's Schedule ,
The Willamette Bearcats will
meet three teams this week ac
cording to announcement made
br Coach "Spec" Keene. .
Wednesday night Coach Keene
will take his squad to Portland
to nlay the Portland VT" team.
Friday nlrht St. Martins will
play here and Saturday .night
the B'nal B'rith team of Port
land wilU play here. While the
rame ;at Portland will not be
aralnst such a strong team. It
will gtje opportunity to see what
tne second ana uura teams can
do. ii
The' vanity Is getting in bet
ter shape Judging from tne
showings made la practice the
last few days. The first team
has doubled the score on - the
second ! string In . most of the
practice scrimmages . recently, la
contrast to the times previous
when the second team occasion'
ally outscored the regulars.
Adams has been In good condi
tion most of the season and has
led in individual scoring.
Reserve material Is both more
plentiful and stronger than it
was a; year ago. In the game
against Linfield. "Spec" used 14
men. f The third team Is now
showing strength and beat the
team one afternoon last
Walt Erickson, football
ace and baseball, star, has now
turned l out for basketball and Is
proving to be a valuable man
Erickson played for the Wlllam'
ette freshmen for a while last
season! and was a big help to the
babes, i
Paul! Wilson. Harmon and
Begg are the other men on the
third team and all speed
and good ball handling ability.
Hartley will turn out next se
mester. Hartley played on the
undefeated freshman team two
years sgo and Is a good guard
and excellent lone shot artist.
He Is! working out with -the
squad jliow occasionally and will
be in good shape to play.
, iT . :.
Woodward is
ion's New
Trap Scorer
VANDALIA. Ohio. Jan. 17.
(AP)-rE. F. Woodward of Hous
tQH, Texas, heads the list of the
nationfk trapshooters with an av
erage 0f .9905 for the year 1930,
and the longest run of targets on
record 606, without a miss.
The A. T. A. awards high aver
ages in five divisions in order to
arrive at some basis for handicap
ping the shooters.
E. li Ford of Ogden, Utah, was
supreme In the 3000 to 4000 class.
His average was .9781. He shot
at 330 targets and broke 3220.-
Toei high 1930 handicap aver
age went to Charles :M. Moore.
Klamatih Falls, Ore., who had a
mark of .9437 on 800 targets.
At the head of the 1500 dlri
sion, and over, in the handicap
averages is Frank M.Troeh, Port
land. Ore. His mark was .9212 on
25 targets. i
Another Klamath Falls, Ore..
man took honors In the handicap
averages. He is E. Nltscholm, who
led the- 1000 to 1500 class with
.8165 on 1150 clays.
Woodburn is
Winner Over
Silver Foxes
SILYeRTON, Jan. 17. The
woodbjurn high school basketball
team defeated Silverton high here
tonight 16 to 11, thus tying up
these two teams and the Chem
awa Indians for county leadership
toward qualification for the state
tournament. ,
The; game started to be slow
and one-sided, with4 Woodburn
leading 12 to 2 at halt time. In
the last two periods It became fast
and rough, and Silverton scored
nine points to Woodburn's four.
Woodburn was held scoreless in
the third period.
In aj preliminary game. Silver
ton's B team defeated the Wood
burn B quintet 15 to 7. Cohln
was high point man for Silverton
with seven points and Nelson for
Woodburn with 6.
Summary of "A" game:
Silvrtoa Wood bunt
. ... LF. .6 II. Presthua
F 6 Schooler
. . . . C . . . A. Presthus
.....O.... Gustatson
. . . .O. . . . , .4 Oberst
Referee, Mason.
Crowd at Hoop
Game is Shown
Tumbling Work
ii. . -
A combination tumbling act by
Fred Smith and George Fowler
and am exhibition ot parallel bar
work by the Salem high gym
leaders! class, were presented be
tween halves of the Salem-Tillamook
tame Saturday night. f
j-JoejlVogt, Enoch Meyers. Earl
Reinwald. Caldwell and Barnot
were tie performers on the bam.
Some 1 excellent stunts were
shown; and teoir .n ih.
audJenrje. rted wlth and George
ower preaeatej some sdranctd
tumbling featuring many, kind
of comhtnallen assist flips. Thslr
work was well timed and execut
ed In la finished manner, draw
inr much aonlan frtm . ti
Son of Great
Knows His
Not His
17 (AP) Like father, in this
case, not like son.
Among the reserve officers on
sctlve duty at Mitchell Field,
flying out once or twice a week
In an army falcon to "defend"
New Tork, is a young man whose
father, such authorities as John
J. McGaw and Connie Maek
agree, was the greatest baseball
pitcher of all time. . ; j
He la Christy Mathewson, Jr..
second lieutenant in the 99th
squadron, ninth observation
group, U. 8. A., and as soon as
there Is a vacancy and ; a com
mission for him in the j regular
army, he wont be a reserve of
ficer any more. ! i
Meantime, so that he may earn
a living in case he has to wait
quite a while for that ; commis
The day of religious tolerance
Is here. For that matter. It's noth
ing new in sports. Most places in
this world, an athlete is an ath
lete, no matter what his religion.
We know of a section of the United-
States a populous and wet
section where boys of a certain
faith can't get onto high school
What reminded os of religion
in relation to ftports wasn't the
approach of the Sabbath, but
the fact that this week, the Wil
lamette basketball team plays a
Protestant team on Wednesday
night, a Catholic team Friday
night and a Jewish team Satur
day night.
We'd like to see all three of
those games and try to figure out
if the religious faith or religious
background of the various teams
makes any difference In their
playing. Not details like pivoting
and shooting, but teamwork, con
fidence and "the old fight."
Already we're pretty. well con
vinced that boys of the Catholic
faith somehow carry religion over
Into their playing. Or perhaps it's
only class consciousness class
loyalty with the church taking
the role of "class" In this case. To
boil it down to something definite.
what we mean is that the athlet
ic, team of any Catholic ihstitu
tlon will fight from start to fin
ish no matter how things are go
ing. And that's not our observa
tion from up a tree either. We're
played on Catholic school teams
and also against them.
Maybe that's wrong. Maybe
the Catholics fight so hard be
cause their teams are mostly
Irish. : Take Notre Dame "The
Flghtlns; Irish," with Irishmen
like Carkleo and 8a void 1 right
la the thick of It, i
We haven't! fad much oppor
tunity to observe Jewish athletes,
except in the ring. We had a no
tion, based on nothing at all, that
Jewish boys weren't natural ath
letes. Some of them have Just
about killed off that Idea yet
look at' the tough-time the New
York baseball teams have had get
ting Jewish players who would
make good and drag; in the Jewish
fans, j
Our suspicion is that a class
consciousness : oper ates In the
Jew's case also; but not having
observed sufficiently, w e'r e
making no guesses. Only, it's
an Interesting question, i
Hqop Teams of
W. Salem Lose
Two to Liberty
WEST SALEM. Jan. 17.
The boys' I basketball team play
ed the Liberty public school
team at Liberty Wednesday. The
local team was defeated by a
small margin.
The ! WSst Salem girls' team
also met defeat at the hands of
the Liberty basketball girls
Thursday. Both Wednesdays
and Thursday's contests were
practice games.
" At Pittsburgh: University of
i-uisDurgn 17, west Virginia
university 1 15.
At Springfield. Ohio: Wltten
berg 42, Ohio Northern 25.
At Chicago: Minnesota SI. Chl-
cago gz.
At Champaign: Indiana IS.
nilnolg 24.
At Manhattan: Kansas 27.
Kansas Aggies 29.-
At Norman. Okla.:. Nebraska
30, UKianom io, .
At Athens: Denlsoa 35. Ohio
university 27. 4 .
At Fayetteviue. Ark.: Texas a
and Mi 37. Arkansas university
At Ithaca, N. T.: Columbia 35.
Cornell 33. "
At Cleveland : Loyola ot Chi
cago 3 1. 'Western Reserve 29.
At Ashland. Ohio: Case 31,
Ashland St. ; t
At- Hamilton. N. Y.t Michigan
State S9, Colgate SO.
At Pittsburgh: Carnegie Tech
32, Washington and Jefferson 24.
At Grinnell. Iowa: Creigh ton
30. Grinnell 2C. i
At Columbia. Mo.i Iowa Slate
18. Missouri 20.
At : Dallas: Texa university
S irf I
Tail Spins, if
Sinkers Inside
sion, young Mathewson acquired
at nearby Roosevelt field, yes
terday a transport pilot's license,
after one of the most skillful
student flights- the department
ot commerce examiner has ; wit
nessed in some time. !
"I'm not much ot an athlete,
I guess young- Christy said to
day. "I play a Uttle golf and a
little basketball.; They have; a
baseball team here at .the post,
and I suppose next spring they'll
ask me to help out. But I'm
afraid I won't be of much use to
them." . : , ..".'-. if- : ... j- ,
Young Mathewson is a gradu
ate 1 of -Bueknell j college,1 where
hie father earned his first fame
as - a pitcher. . Upon completing
college and over his ' mother's
strenuous objections, friends i of
his father say he took up fly
ing.; Von Elm
Jani 17 (AP) George Von
Elm. former amateur golf cham
pion of the United States, and
John Golden, Connecticut profes
sional today tied for the 110,000
first prize in the $25,000 Agua
Caliente open, with 72 holes of
293. Von Elm finished with a
brilliant 71, a stroke under par.
while Golden wound up the tour
nament proper' with an 18 hole
score of 74
The two leaders will - play 1 8
holes tomorrow to decide who
shall be the Agua Caliente cham
pion for a year and wear a daz
zling diamond studded medal If
occasion offers. It was announ
ced also the play-off tomorrow
would decide the division of the
money $10,000 to the winner
and $3500 to the runner up. The
two players will divide 50 per
cent of the "gate" tomorrow.
However, Golden and Von
Elm. if they choose, may make a
gentlemen's agreement to divide
$13,500 Into $6750, and as dash
Ing: George 'Is a self styled bus
iness man golfer, and Golden has
been playing for pay a long time.
something of the kind may be
worked out.
Normal Five
Wins Two on
Jaunt South
MONMOUTH, Jan. ' 17 The
Oregon Normal school basket ball
quintet of first team members:
Edwards, Holt, Marr, Watkins
and Ayers, accompanied by Coach
Larry Wolfe has returned, weary
but wearing laurels, from a brief
California circuit.
Friday night they played Fres-
no; Teachers' college getting the
priority of a 28-27 score. Satur
dsy night they played the same
group, losing, 25-26. Sunday
they journey back to San Fran
Cisco where they took a sight see
ing trip, visiting Golden Gate
park; Flelsheckel Zoo: metropol
!tan art museum: and drove
through a scenic coast region.
Monday night they played San
Francisco State Teachers' college,
garnering a victory of 26-19
Next day they -started for Mon
mouth. Conflict was strenuous
for them on the floor, with no
substitute relief; but they express
satisfaction over the results of
their encounters and feel that the
experience was beneficial. No
games have been announced here
for this weekend.
There waa a pick-up la de
mand for farm laborers the past
week, which he takes as a good
sign. Sim Phillips of the free
federal employment agency re
ported yesterday. Nine . farm
hands found Jobs, which Is about
four times as many as bare
been placed in the weeks past.
A few more woodcutters are also
going to work.
The past week 81 men regis
tered for work and 25 were re
ported placed, or only two " less
than there were calls for help.
Twelve of those going to work
through the agency were com
mon laborers ; nine farm hands
and three woods laborers.
Four women found Jobs, with
2 registered. There were only
six' Jobs available for women. All
those reported placed were hotel
housekeepers. ,
Page to Assist
I Chicago Mentor
IL O. "Paf Page, who resigned
last Wednesday as head- football
coach at Indiana university, may
return to his Alma Mater, the
University of Chicago, as assist
ant to Amos Alonzo Stag. Page,
who ranks s one of Chicago's
greatest athletes, 'conferred with
vice president Frederick r Wood
ward today and is expected' to bs
signed. .' j-:'
Ore.. Jan. 17.-rAP)
Benson Polytechnics Portland.
nosed out the University of Ore
gon freshmen. 34 to 32, In a spec
tacular basketball game here to
For Biff S
Score 23 Points in Seven
; Minutes but Cougars'
Lead too Great
EUGENE, Ore., Jan. 18 (AP)
-The Unlterslty of Oregon lost
its fourth consecutive northwest
division Pacific Coast conference
basketball game here tonight,
bowing to the Washington State
Cougars, 41 to 33.
, Washington State piled up an
early lead and needed it, because
Oregon . scored. 23 . points Lin : the
last seven minutes of play, while
the Cougars, were held to a single
free" throw. - ' '. ' j,
' The game . opened on ; even
terms and the score was tied three
times. . Then the Cougarr found,
the. basket and at half time were
leading. 19 to 8. ..
In. the ' second period the Cou
gars continued their march unll
they were leading 39 to 15. .Then
the- Ducks came to life and start
ed their iscoring- spree." ..
. Art McLarney, Washington
State's! all coast guard, was the
star for the visitors. Gordon, tall
.Cougar center, : scored four field
goals and five free t brows.
The lineups and summary:
Washington State (41) FG FT PF
Cross, f; . 1 0 0
Holsten, F ...... . . .13 3
Gordon, C 4 '5 1
Willis. O; .4 2 1
Pesco. G j 1 0 3
McKarney, F ........ 3 3 2
Graham. G 0 0 1
Totals 14 13 11
Oregon (33)
Dolp, F U -Stevens.
F . . ,
Eberhart; C . .
Horner, G . . ,
Levoff, O
Kennan, G . ,
Roberts, (c . .
Rotenberg, F
Totals . . . .
......0 3 1
...... .1
I 1
Referee: Piluso; umpire, Cole
man, i
Second Team
i - '.
For Gervais
Shows Form
GERVAIS. Jan. 17 The Ger
vais boys and girls basketball
teams won over Scotts Mills ag
gregations here Friay night.
The entire second string of
Gervais men played until the be
ginning of the fourth period when
the first String was sent In. The
visitors were never within threat
ening distance.
The second team shows great
prospects for reserve strength in
this season and for next year. So
far this sason Gervais has played
six games having: lost one to a
Salem church .team and having
scored 17 points to their oppon
ents 97 1 points, i Next Monday
Gervais plays Newberg at New
berg and on Tuesday the state
training school at 'home and on
the following Friday St. Paul at
Gervais Scts Mill
Bowley 3t . . 1 . F. 2 Myers
L. DeJardln 2. .F. . . . . . Hoaklns
E. Naftiger ......C 4. ; Williams
Lelack2 4 G... 2 McKellop
Manning 1 0 ... G ..... . 2 Geren
T. DeJardln 2. .S. . . .
S.. DeJardln . .S... . .
Referee. Manplng.
e. t
Roadmaster Frank Johnson
and Commissioner Jim Smith
spent part of Saturday Investi
gating three county road matters.-
. ; t' "
.They were at a short road la
half mile north of Woodburn -on
which there' has been request for
graver on an end stretch on
which no gravel has yet been
placed although the grade ..waa
made about two years ago. They
found that it an expen
sive Job n.o put gravel in' at this
time, and believe the matter can
be held open, until in the spring
inasmuch as there are no resi
dents along the route right now
and. a proposed bouse Is not like
ly to go up at present.
They also looked over site for
a -road which is sought north of
Donald. ! This looked favorable,
the roadmaster reported upon
return here.
The two men have, not made
up their minds on request for a
stub road from the Butteville
county road, this proposition be
ing looked over also.
Grigsby Servicer
'Will be Monday
At Albany, Word
Last rites tor James Andrew
Grigsby, 3 82, who died at
Brownsville Thursday night, will
be held MondayJ January 19, at
1 p. m. from the Fisher and Bra
den mortuary at Albany. Inter
ment will be la the Odd Fellows
cemetery 'at Independence, where
two sons .and a daughter, are
burled. 1 ... ' -,- .
Mr. Grigsby. 'pioneer i resl-
vived"byhls widow, Mary Jane
urigsby Df Brownsville; daugh
ter, Ada Docksteader of Oak
land, CaIIf Martha Prlchard of
Brownsville, and Savannah Dake
mmwi views
ot Turner: two grandsons, two
granddaughters and two great
Coast League H h ( H-h h Wv'
Accepts New
Draft Terms
IXm ANGELES. Jan. 17
tAT If rrr A. Williams, d res
ident of the Pacine coast league,
said late today the coast league
by a majority vote, had decided
to accept the universal draft as
recommended by the major lea
gues. . . . 'i. i
The coast league directors at
a meeting here-last Friday voted
to! accept the draft With reserva
tions and telegraphed the Amer
ican association and: internation
al! league officials to find It; they
would stand ' with them.' ' -
- This action was followed by an
announcement from E.- 8. ' Bar
nard. president of the American
league, there was : no - likelihood
of,- the , major- leagues making
concessions.. The American' assor
elation ivotcd. to,' accept the draft
without reservations. The Coast
-league followed i with, similar ac
tton today. Williams did not dis
close which clubs still favored
holding out against the majors. '
ti4 -vi-r Trd
Winner Over
Wildcat Five
WcMiNNVILLE, Ore., Jani 17-
(AP) College of puget Sound
defeated Linfield college, 37 to 33,
in a Northwest conference basket-1
ball game here tonight. i
Victory came In the last min
ute of play. Linfield had held the
lead until that time. The score at
the half was 15 to 13, iff favor ot
Linfield. i i - i - i -
Kenrick, Puget Sound forward,
was high' scorer of the game with
20 points. ' V f
i . :
PINEHURST, N. C, Jan. 17
AP) Tom Rudel of Chicago,
former Princeton golfer, f and
Howard O. Phillips, New Tfork,
willl meet Monday In the finals of
the annual mid-January - Plne
hurst tournament. ( .
Salem Uoit Couro 3 miles south
oa RJver DrJve. IS hole i watered" fair
ways, large Fees) 75c, Sundays
and; holidays. $1.00. i i
F. N. yoodry
Tears Salem's 'Leading Atictloneer
1 and Furniture Daler r
) Residence and Store 1
It 10 North Summer Bt. i
Turkish batra and maschse. S. H.
lyxmn. Telephone ZT14. rinnK,
R. Dl i Barton National . Batteries
Starter and (onerator work. Texaco
twt"n, pornt :ourr arm tinrrn.
LLOTD n. ' RAMGDEV Columbia
Bicycles and repalrlns. 387 Court.
The best In bicycles and renalrlnf
It. TV. Hooft. 147 R. C.m"l. Tel. Si
Tlerri"n IIS. R. W. Kotnew.
Dr. Gilbert. Ore. Bids. Tel. S4SZ.
Dr. O. L. SCOTT. PSC Chlronraetor.
tit N. High. TeL 17. Rea. liii-J.,
DRS. SCO FIELD. Palmer Chtro-
practors. X-Ray and K. C. IL New
For anannv nartyl coatumes call Sa
lem r-o tti N. Sth. Tel; 1947J.
Center EC Valetsrla. TeL 2227.;
Ptn1- rrienrtetn nvera, filt H31
tln. S17 Court Pt. Tet No. t.'
FI-OORS of sll kinds sanded and
nnlet. Olwn Honr Co., 170 Front.
Fetnaettla, Cyclamen. J fema, com
binations, tloml pleoea. c Tel. Ills.
n. A. Bennet Nursery Co., Hit lair
srounds Rd. M t
Olaea'a. Court A HIrh Tey. I0L
ALL kinds ef floral work. Luts
Flortst. Hth A Market. Tel. lit.
CUT Flowers, wedding booqvete
funeral wreath a, Uecoratlona. C F.
BreiLhaupV floruit, ill State Street.
TeL Sltt. -
Salem Bonrenirar. Tel. 117 er tltf.
NEEDLEWOrtIC Ifamrat'a ghee.
411 Court. -ii -
. XVm. miven, Mgr. ' ' "
i TCxeltialv HuttevlU Ae-onl
J1I Bids. V Tel. til.
IIS W. Hlah " TeL 111
Puget Sound
TUB! WW1 trrn I t rrvnn v
Idaho Vandals
Threaten! in
' Second Halt
Halted I
Defeating the University of Idaho
34 to 23 here tonlghf, the Unl-.
verslty of Washington basketball
team kept, Its slate clean to
continue at the top of the north
western division of the raclfle
coast conference j raee.. It was
Washington's fourth consecutive
victory and its second over the
Vandals, r ... . ' ' I "- . '.
1 Idaho led only once fn . the
game, when Kenneth Pikes,, cen
ter, scored the-first point on a.
free-throw after Hbe was fouled
by John Culler. ?
KlinA Swvcard.
forward, sent
ih Huskies ahead a few sec
onds later when ihe counted- a
fM roai' and the nurole and
gold elan steadily widened the
margin after that. I
The half ended with
lncton leadlnc 21 to 10.
iaano raaae lamii intercBiiog
tnr the Huskies in the first five
. ii .
minutes of the second half, pil
ing up eight points to oring ine
score to 21-18 before Washing
ton could tally. Pee Wicks,! dim
inutive forward, led the; attack
for the Vandals, gathering seven
of the eight points in the short
time.- - ' I I:
Washington stepped out again
when Swygard netted two field
goals in quick succession and
Idaho never threatened again.
: Coach Hee Edmundson used
htg second stringers against the
Vandals In the last three mm
Jan. 17 (AP) Showing! a sur
prising reversal of form, Stanford
university won Us first Pacific
Coast .conference basketball game
tonight by trouncing" Sjouthern.
California 28 to 21, in a rough
contest. i
"We Wash Everything In i Lux
T-rrton SS i 1?4 nron.l-w-v
Itattreasea from factory to liome.
Ask about our wool mattress nn
ovatera and fumlaa'tora. Capital 'City
Be1.1ln Cn. Tel. 1f. HMO North -Qn-
GEO. C. WILL Planoa. Phono
graphs, aewlna machtnea, sheet musio
and piano studies. Reralrlnaj phon
srsphs and sewing machine 412
Ftit utreet, Pnlem. I . I .
Everything - In office ntppHea Com
mercial Book Store. KJ N Com'L
Tel. 4 ! "
Paper liang-tns and i palntlnaj. Keu
man's Paint Store. 1$2 N. Com'L -
decoratlna;., paper bsnglnc. tlntlnc .
etf. ReHnhle worlrmsn. I
1 PLUMBING and i Kneral I repafr
work. Graber Bros ICS Kn. Lltwi-fv.
Tel. KO. I
Blesher Plumbing Supply CoJ 171 8.
mm-rpfn1 Tel. 3700. - 1
FOR STATIONERY, earda Inamnh-
leta, programs, books or any kind of
printing-, call at The Stmenmani Prlnt
fna DeoartmenL SIS R. CnmmerrbL
very type radio. 1295 N. llh. TeL
FOR avery curnoaa. for ever mine
aii aiandard aisea or Rnaio Tube,
Court Pt. Tel HtH I
STOVES and stove ranatrlne-j Stovea
for aala. rebuilt and repaired. All
kinds ef woven wire fence, fancy and
plain, hep baskets and hooks; loxan
hooka Balem Fence and Stove Works,
n it xrrHim t.ii .
and women. 474 Court Ht. i
Let Ua BAIT Vail iai.1tnv
CaU ls. j
CAPITAL. Clfw Tmnff rvta
tat Sc TeL S2S. DUtrlbutlna. ttmm
Wardtnai and atoraa-a oue auMclaltw.
Get our rat ml . I
FOR local er distant transfer star
s call JUL Larmer Traaster Ce.
Tntrws to PorOsrtd ilellr. '
Real Estnto
' Directory
DECKS A tnrvnntrwe .
Ill N. lli.h . T TeL 141
If v.nrtn
Ml N. IligQ St. i TeL 2241
J. LiK'pnt.N
111 BUt . v ,
170 H iiUte St. TeL Sl
114 8. Liberty St. - I TeL 111
STKyililFUKT a SON i
104-1 First Nat, lis. Bids., TeL ITS
j. r. uLiuca i
121 N. Commercial .) - TeL 1311
32, Southern Methodist SI. .
r. L. WOOD i
Telephone IS . 11 a. Illrb
441 Bute SL Ta 114