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    : - A- I A'Ay.- J:;'..- '. ; :-'v..-; A , I--' .-... :;' . -'..t : , .'. J . " :- -". "- - -, : - - - l-J r.'l L-r ,J ; T - ? . r- " ? U" ' - " A. . . : . h : " - " ' 'v'-":- - - - 1 .. " '
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f I gtadlj wrrtred. ' " I f WiU ... M ! temp. ytrdy 43; min. 23.
EIGHTIETH YEAR - H - y ' - ; j rr. Salem, Oregon, Friday Morafag, Jaacary 9, 1931 : -..i: --r: . .,,,,;,):;;: ,y . t. - ,, , ' f"
"' " " - I ; : ' : : .' 1 I
Birth- Control, Divorce get
Sweeping Condemnation
In Long Statement !
Sterilization and Abortion
Termed "Murderous";
Family "Sacred,f
ROME, Jan. 8. (AP) The
fall power and aothoritr of the
Roman Catholic church were in
Yoked by Pope Piaa XI today to
uphold the aanctltr of Christian
'marriage and to stamp oat the
practices of birth control, "com'
panionate marriage and dl-
rorce. : . i . .
In the most' iweeplng ezpoai
tlon of the chnrcn's news on
matrimony In many yean .he
condemned the me- of contracep
tion, . abortion, sterilization or
any other means to preTent the
fruitftxlness of wedlock.
His pronouncement came in
the form of a lone encyclical,
the first of its kind in SO years
of ecclesiastical history. In it
he enjoined his bishops to pro
pagate the church s Tlew . that
marriage . is indissoluble except
by death, and that the family,
within the meaning of this sac
rament, "is more sacred than
the state". f !
Birth control la a deed
"shameful and intrinsically Tle
ions" and a "horrible crime"
the pontiff enjoined the faithful.
"Any use whatsoerer of mat
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(AP) Pacific slope spenders
were If. J per cent more liberal
in December than in NoTembcr.
The grand total of checks
cashed in banks of 2? represen
tatlre cities in 7 far western
states was $3,417,543,000 In De
cember, and 1 4 1.7 2 9,4 40,000 for
the entire year 1930.
The December debits total was
more than $400,000,000 aboTe
the November : f Ijrrire for the
same 27 cities. This was re
Tealed today by the Federal Re
serve bank of San Francisco. Its
monthly report for bank debits
showed declines for only 3 trade
centers out of the 27 in. the area
from Salt Lake City west' to the
Pacific coast. 1
' Of the 10 largest cities on the
coast, Portland was the only one
to dip: under the November
mark,-the December figure be
ing I1I0.2C7.000 against No
vember $172,134, 009. San
Francisco jumped from $1,098,
177.009 to $1,212,779,000. More
than a quarter of the Increase
recorded by - the entire Pacific
slope region. , ;
$37 00 Spent on
Road Work Here
In Past Month
.' ";!. V ,
Road claims presented to the
county ! court . for the month of
December numbered fell and
represent the greatest December
expenditure ever made by the
court, lor a total of about $37,
S00. As a rule, the road bills
for December fall ' lower than
for the other months of the
year, but weather conditions
were so excellent last month
thajt there was"j little necessity
to call tn road crews. "
The $37,500 was awelled to
some extent by purchase: last
month of two power road grad
ers. 4 ' r
The previous highest Decem
ber on record was in 1927, when
$23,793.87 was spent on roads.
Better Children to Pave
Way tor
President Hoover believes that
ten years hence a new generation
of Americans will begin to arise,
endowed with the mental, moral
and ; physical health necessary to
cope with the complexities of life
among the marvels of science.
In an Interview, the president
told writer; for Cosmopolitan
" magaxine:
"Only children of a new gener
ation a new America can stand
gainst this future world.. ...
"One of the biggest of all prob
lems Is to drive in this idea of
the necessity of properly born,
trained, educated and. healthy
moral children to the voters and
officials of America. This child
health conference wM a start
.-: - .v . .
Stanford Men
Say She's Queen
"4 :
Photo above shows Miss Jean
Jamison, "the most beaatiol
and , the most intelligent Co-cd
la the United States"; accovd.
ins; totiie men students eiiBOO Television set Owners
Stanford university, who f i ... ... mM
proadly add. "is a stndent at
this university." The men stu
denta add that Miss Jean Jam
ison is - leading dramatic
tar, that she sang the lead in
the junior perm, that she was
star in the "football gaie
tiesr and that she Is mem
ber of the Kappa Kappa Gam
ma sorority.
Heflin Bothered
By Colleagues'
Lengthy Talks
Senator Heflin of ' Alabama
took the senate to task today for
wasting: time.
He i suggested night sessions
so Its: constitutional lawyers
could discuss technicalities "to
their heart's content." And ridi
culed the - - long debates - over
musty i legal points."
. "Just look how the public fol
lows every word with bated
breath' he said. 'Tm surprised
the galleries i are not filled. Just
think- what the public is missing.
We ought to! put a radio la this
chamber." !
"I lore these constitutional ar
guments," Heflin said, ' "but this
thing, is getting on my nerves."
uipzon tor it is
Own Native City
GLASGOW, Scotland; Jan. 8.
(AP) Sir; Thomas Lipton to
day gave the city of Glasgow
$50,000 for distribution among
the poor mothers and children in
his native city.
He made the gift, he said, in
memory ; of his mother, . "the
guiding star of my life," and in
appreciation of the "many kind
nesses," be had. received from
the city,
He gave the check to the Lord
Provost Kelly at a luncheon.
r America
but onjy that. We must : keep
it alive and burning. . . ,
"We j must follow this national
conference with a series of state
conferences, then group and fin
ally individual town and eity con
ferences, and the 'charter for
children, must be drawn into the
activities of government and so
cial institutions. ;
Think what this new genera
tion, built upon that constitution,
will mean to tho single problem
of the young criminal. The pres
ent rate of criminal Increase is
disheartening beyond measure. . .
"This new generation of chil
dren, healthy, trained and men
tally Inspired wuld ro ; a long
way toward solvit g all this. Most
of our native criminal class are
products of city slums." ?
lit' - . ; 1 "
Urgent Messages Pour in to
Hurry Congress i Admin
. Istration. Opposed
LaGuardia Wants $30,000,-
000 Given to Bed Cross
To Feed Hungry men
For the third successive day,
the house remained deadlocked to
day over the senate's $15,000,000
food loan amendment to the
drought reMef appropriation bill
with little hope for an early break
in sight. ; - t -
Anxiety over the outcome be
came evident in both republican
and democratic ranks as telegrams
poured In to senators and repre
sentatives telling of the plight of
the hungry and destitute in the
drought areas.
; Administration followers, nev
ertheless. held their position
against appropriating funds for
food under the seed, feed and fer
tilizer loan act. The democratic
forces, joined by Representative
LaGuardia, republican, New Tors,
demanded a Tote on the senate
LaGuardia has successfully re
sisted efforts to send the measure
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CHICAGO. Jan. 3. (AP) -
Basing his estimates on communi
cations by letter and telegrapn,
K. A. Hathaway, technician at
WMAX and W9XAP. said today
that 2000 persons heard and saw
what was believed to have been
the nremler synchronized sight
sound broadcast of a dramatic
production tent outlast nlfbt over
W8XAP. , !
The olav. "The Maker of
Dreams," was broadcast on a
short wave length. ' 2160 kilo
cycles. Hathaway said It would
have been possible to have picsea
un the nros-ram a thousand miles
away, provided thevrecelving set
was of the same maauiaciure as
the broadcasting set. j
600 Owners of Sets t
In Chlcaxo at Present
The production was sent out
over a Western Television corpor
ation set and according to Hatha
way, it is not believed with few
exceptions, any of the company's
sets have been placed outside Chi
cago territory. There are 500 re
ceiving sets inland around Chi
cago, and from their owners,
Hathaway said, it was learned that
reception had been good.'
The technician said that at the
same time last . night that "Tne
Maker of Dreams" was being sent
out here, another television sta
tion, presumably in the east was
broadcasting In the same channel,
he explained that the peculiarity
of television at Its present aevei
onment that reouires a receiving
set of the same manufacture as the
broadcasting set kept the images
from the other broadcast from
being superimposed.
PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 8.
(AP) Portland's i Buckaroos
swept through 'the Vancouver Li
ons to a 5 to 1 victory in ft Pa
cific Coast Hockey league game
here tonight The victory advanc
ed" : Portland to a tie for second
place with Seattle.' Vancouver
still leads the league by two
points. ' :' - ,.
Day in Washington
i ' (By the Associated Press)
House passed Stobbe bill
to modify Jones "five and
-ten" law. ' ' r
! Representative LaGuard
ia proposed f30,000,000 ap
propriations for Red Cross
to feed : unemployed and
drought stricken as house
delayed action on drought
bllL ; m 1 j :
: Representative Fish Intro
duced resolution to have
farm board turn Its wheat
over to Red Cross for relief.
. Law enforcement commis
sioner declined to delay pre
sentation of its prohibition
report to President Hoover.
: Senate debated whether to
reconsider confirmation off
three federal power commis
sions, r : i '' , f -i
Senator McXary, assistant
republican leader, planned
to ask night sessions to ex
pedite legislation.
I '1 , .,..! r 1 i t ... - .i I ' '
One-llcn Caucus to
Be Flighty Vital;
Whip Vote it Held
(AP) The third house par
ty Is going to caucus. - ;
j It may be a little bit lone.
Iy, but for spectators It will
havo 216 Interested repub
licans, and 210 particularly
watchful democrats.
' The major parties are co
Ins to have their meetings
near tins . end : of February.
But tho lone farmer-labor
Paul KvaW of Minnesota-
Is going to bar the Ides of
March. Ho has posted - no
tice of a caucus of his party
on March 2. . - - .; ( .
i Under tho usual proced
nro of caucuses, the party
win nominate speaker,
leader and whip. And it
looks like a walkaway for
young Mr. Kvale. i
Arrest of Brothers not yet
Full Answer; Attorney
As yet Evasive
CHICAGO. Jan. 81 (AP)
The LInglo murder was pinned
on Leo V. Brothers, a St. Louis
gunman today, the law's answer
to the seven months old ouesO
tlon: "Who killed Jake Lingle?"
Prosecutors : held Brothers
without charges, their evidence a
Tonight investigators poked
about in still perplexing dark
ness for the answer to a more
significant question! "Why was
be killed?"
To the public, at least, the
source of tho underworld order
for the execution of the Tribune
crime reporter was as much a
mystery as ever, and the investi
gators who staked their reputa
tions on their arrest of Brothers
as the .assassin i kept .their coun
sel.' - : - i i "-
Mne witnesses, they: said, have
definitely pointed to Brothers fas
the man who crept ttp to Lingle
in a towntown boulevard tunnel
last June 9 and shot him in the
head. Who were the witnesses T
Foster Under Indictment
For Owning Weapon ; ,
"We can't give you that yet,"
replied John Ai Swanson, state's
attorney. The investigators . were
reminded that witnesses bad
identified other "killers" Ted
Gelsklng of the lad I ana Traum
gang, afterwards exonerated of
implication and sent to Jail in
Indiana and 1 Frankie Foster.
identified by policeman as the
fugitive he saw running from
the scene of Lingle's death. Fos
ter Is under indictment for the
murder, accused of once owning
the weapon found by Lingle's
body. . -
"II Brothers Is not the killer"
said Pat Roche, chief investiga
tor, "then Lingle is still alive."
Roche- and his-staff engineered
the coup that brought Brothers'
Burns, Ore. Man
Dies in Flight
Near Honolulu
HONOLULU, i Jan. 8 (AP
Samuel F. Garner, a naval air pl
ot. first clan, whose home was
at 'Barns, Orel drowned today
when hit - plane crashed Into a
derrick at Pearl Harbor and sank
in many feet of water. Forest
Boscem, macninists mate, was
slightly injured. i
The : plane, engaged la target
practice, was taking off from the
water when It struck the derrick.
Gamer, pinned in the cockpit, was
removed by divers half an hour
ater. n
Tears Come When
Employes Leave
ALBANY, Ore., Jan. 8 (AP)
Linn county courthouse em
ployes wept as they left their work
tonight. A salesman was demon
strating a tear bomb to the sher
iff. The bomb worked.
$14,000 Je ivels Frofd Lita
NEW YORK,; Jan, 8 (AP)
Tho only description police had
tonight of tho four men who rob
bed Lita ": Grey Chaplin "' and
Georges Carpentler early, today
s : Carpentlers: - They were
drugstore eowboys; 'A- i
Tho ; four . young gunmen es
caped with ; 114,000 worth of
ewels belonging to the actress.
divorced wife of, Charles Chaplin,
the cinema star. Carpentler, one
time light heavyweight champion
of the world and . now, like Mrs.
cnapun, a person :f th foot
lights, was more fortunate. He
had only f 5 0 with hint. Mrs.
Chaplin also lost 81 In cash; ;
Rip In Wing to be Fixed by
Undaunted ( Girls; who
Set new Record v ;
Aim now to Break Question
Mark's 150 Hours of
Steadyj Flying j
A rain-soaked J monoplane,' car
rying Bobbie Trout and Edna May
Cooper, girl endurance fliers, who
simply refused'! to be beaten,
rounded out its 100th hour la the
air tonight at o'clock.
Resigned to flying through the
storm after clouds enveloped
them tn the Imperial valley where
they sought clear skies last night.
the girls bronght the Lady Rolph
back today to its circle over the
municipal airport here.
None of the bright little mes
sages the girls dropped during tho
early part of tho flight came down
today. Their absence was Inter
preted by the ground crew as evi
dence the girls were flying on jrlt
and determination.
"We want to beat the Question
Mark,' one of the two notes that
fell . said. The . ether was . in a
grimmer vein. "Fend up a bottle
of wing dope and a small brush.
Tho latter, managers pointed
out. Indicated 'the girls had dis
covered a rip in the fuselage of
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(AP) A superior court Jury
convicted Emory' Ells, 25-year-
old dishwasher i of - first degree
murder tonight for his part In
the Vhired execution" of his. di
vorced wife, Mrs. Merle .Ells.
The Jury recommended life Im
prisonment. Mrs. Ells. 22 years, oia. was
shot to death, November 2 as she
lay In bed beside her 18 months
old son. Cries of the cnna awaz-
ened neighbors. j
Later Eiis una Benjamin
Franklin Brown r were arrested.
The two confessed, police said
that they plotted the slaying.
Ells was charged with hiring
Brown for 82.20 in dimes to go
to the home of his wife and kill
her in order that he might ob
tain custody of their child. The
child's custody had been award
ed to Mrs. Ella when an lntor
locutpry5 divorce; decree - was
granted her 4 month before.
Hubby Wants
CowsK Gives
Wife the Kids
COLUSA. Califi Jan. 8 (AP)
Mary Gravanceiin a complaint
filed here today i cnargea ner
common law husband. ; after a
disagreement with her, offered to
divide up their community prop
erty as follows: i
To Mary aravance tne seven
children, ranging from fire to 18
years. - - ; . .: 1 - .; ;
To Manuel Mattit. the nusoana
180 registered dairy eows.
Miss Grarance'av complaint said
she and Mattla, now ft wealthy Co
lusa dairyman, agreed in lsos to
assume the relations of man and
wife. That was In : Marine coun
ty and Mattis was a poor man.
Her complaint said ' Mattis
abused her, drank too much, and
last Monday attacked her; after
threatening to kill her. t
"You take the; kids.? his wife
quoted him as ! saying, "and 111
take the cows.. I
Miss Graraneef asked custody
of the ehildreni and one-half of
the community property.
sr uei
The shock of the holdup, which
came as the climax - of a brief.
m m . m M , a f '
uanapmg, text ars, unapiin uia
traught" and hysterical i tonight'
" Carpentler-was i seated In Mrs.
Chaplin's robin igg blue motor
ear parked, in the dark alley at
tho rear of a Bronx theatre where
Mrs. Chaplin has oeen appearing
in vaudeville. ! f ; j
Abut midnight, Mrs. Chaplin
emerged from the .stage exit and
seated herself in the tonneau bo
side the former pugilist - At. that
moment four men appeared. They
took places in the car, .cowing
the- occupants . with guns, and
compelled the chauffeur,' Albert
Frank, to drive several blocks.
W ' .. W v
State Budget ialls
Bulk of $66,000,000
Be Provided by Fees Licenses, Millage i
1 ax, and Otherj bources
Of the estimated total exDenditures of the state of Ore
gon for the years 1931 and
106,000,000, the state legislature which convenes here next
week will be asked to appropriate only $8,616,936, accord
ing to the biennial budget completed here Friday by Sam
A Kozer, state budget commissioner. The legislative ap
propriations for the years 1929 and 1930 aggregated $8,
022,369.22.; . - ;? 1
The difference between the: amount of estimated total
expenditures for, the years 1931 and 1932 and the amount
to; be appropriated by the legislature is represented in re
ceipts of self sustaining departments, boards and commis
sions, fees, licenses, continuing appropriations and millage
Under existing laws the esti
mated revenues during 1931 and
19 3 2 'from annual tax levies are
projected at 88,535.721.83. while
the estimated revenues other than
the annual tax levies applicable to
the payment of general govern
mental expenses are estimated at
87i704,298, making the total esti
mated revenues during the two
years' period approximately 818,-
240.017. This leaves an excess or
estimated obligations or require
ments of the years 1931 and 1932
over the estimated revenues for
that period of 34,082,048.27.
Deficit of 8 Millions on
December 81, 1031
The net deficit on December 31,
1930, including the deficiency ap
propriations of the state emer
gency board for the years 1929
and 1930, was estimated at $3,-
Outside of tho usual and or
dinary ! requirements for salaries
and general operating and mainte
nance expenses, there is an item
ofi $235,000 for the-construction
. . . 1 1 j
oi ia new wmg ana garage u min
ing at 1 the : eastern Oregon state
hospital. There also is a biennial
item of 8120,000 for the construc
tion fo the state office ; building.
Other items of capital outlay in
dude $98,000 for construction of
a hospital and physician's resi
dence at the state tuberculosis
hospital In Salem and $37,800 for
the construction of a pavilion, am
m m 1 A.
ng room extension ana equipment
at the eastern Oregon tuberculo
sis! hospital at The Dalles.
Among other important outlay
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109 Petitions to
Place Road Near
Turner on - Map
The longest petition presented
to. I the county court in recent
months I was filed yesterday by
101 residents of the Turner dis
trict, who want the Battle Creek
road, beginning at Turner and
extending to market road No.
25.1 designated as a market road
and Improved to a standard
width of 50 feet.
Twenty-three of the petition
ers! are property owners along
the road. and In their petition
they state they agree Individual
ly to waive all damage claims
In instances where the widening
of the road and Improvement of
curves shall taxe more tanu.
They also agree that tho fences
will be set back. F. A. Mitchell
heads the list of property own
ers along the two mile route.
Film Company is
Nuisance, Holds
Hollywood i Man
HOLLYWOOD. Cal., Jan. 8.
(AP) Laurence D. Hawthorne
thought the war was over, but he
finds himself living right next
uoor to ta oaius-uoai. v . j.
1 Hawthorne filed suit In federal
court today against the Fox Film
corporation,- a new firm, seeking
to have thivwar business' abated
as ia nuisance. He said bo lives
near tho FOx studio hero and with
all j the lights and detonations of
cannon, which shake the earth for
blocks around, he' is able to get
no sleep at night. He wants peace,
ho said. : - -
parley Seed Cause
For t Earache Until
Trouble is Found
ALBANY. Ore- Jan.
AP) Oren SadtelL Albany
youth, learned today what
caused his persistent ear
ache. " " ;-). -- --, -
Last fall a grain of beard
ed barley blew Into Oren'
ear. Today ft physician, ex
amining him to determine
the: cause of his earache,
found I only the sheaf of .the
grain had been removed and
the seed had sproated, the
roots were pressing against
Oren'a ear dram.
The seed was removed.
Needed, Says Kozer, can
1932 acm-etratinj? in excess of
Commander Regrets Trag
! !edy at Start of: Epoch-
Making Flight ;
NATAL. Bratll. Jan. 8.
(AP,) Everything was In readi
ness tonight for the take-off
early tomorrow of the ten Ital
ian seaplanes of General Itslo
Balbo's squadron f or Bahla. : It
Is planned to remain three days
at. Bahla before flying in Rio de
Janeiro. : . f -: -!'-'
A One of the planes, the wing
of- which had been damaged
when the 'current I pressed it
against the -river bank, was re
paired today. -; " i ..- vx M ': A -
The ten planes which reached
hero Tuesday of the fourteen
that left Bolama, Portuguese
Guinea two being i wrecked at
tho start and two others forced
down at sea will fly along the
coast to Bahla. Regular mall
planes 4 make! the trip tn about
six hours and the Italian snips.
being much faster, are expected
toi cover the distance In consid
erably less time. 5 : i i
1 General Balbo last . night ex
pressed satisfaction at the suc
cess of the flight, wane regret
ting the accidents f which cost
two ships and the lives of five
men.! The : crews and planes
forced down at sea were rescued.
The people of Natal hare en
tertained the filers lavishly
since their arrival, and the avia
tors expressed pleasure at their
reception ; in Bratll. i Elaborate
preparations hare been made by
the Italian colony at Rio de Ja
neiro to receive them, and also
at Sao Paulo, which they will
r U, - j! i
SEATTLE. Jan. 8. s' ( AP)
While patrolmen were searching
a dark alley for suspicious char
acters hero early today,' thieves
took I a loaded shotgun from the
'police car and then stole an auto
mobile belong to Ted Coin, Ta-
coma, parked only a few zeet
kway. . . :. . 1 . .
'EUGENE. Ore.. Jah. 8. (AP)
Announcement has been made
here that Miss Cornelia Ingram,
formerlr of New York City, has
been added to the University of
Oregon school or arcniteciure
faculty. ? She will teach Interior
design. Miss Ingram! Is a gradu
ate of Parson's .School of Ap
plied and Fine Arts in New York
City. She also studied ia Paris.
, Jan. - 8. (AP) Henry May- ,
: berry, negro, was convicted of
assault with a dangerous wea
poa by . a Jury here today,
llayberry was- fiaed 250. . j
4 Work helps jobless
8.4- P) Lindgren and Swin
nerton, contractors, Tuesday be
gan construction of a gas system
here. Work Incident to - con
struction of the plant will great
ly irelieve the unemployment sit
uation here, r - , 4:
ASTORIA,-.Ore., Jan. 8.
(AP) A coroner'a Jury today
found that ' moa Dixon, killed
In , an. auto, accident on the Astoria-Seaside
highway last Sat
urday, came 'o his death
through an accident. Conflict
ing, stories, of the accident made
It impossible fer the Jury to fix
blame tor the death. District
Attorney Lelnenweber took ' a j
Brown Will Decide on
One of two for hit r
Senate Mate
Widow of Dead Doctor
I Favored by 2 of 3
Recommendations of " the
Marion county delegation for
the prospective appointment
to fill vacancies in the sen
ate and house from Marion
county have virtually been
determined upon. For the
senate j Chris I Kowitz and
Deari Ri.j R. Hewitt of Wil
lamette school of law are fa
vored with the final choice
to be made bv Senator Sam
Brown, i f '
For the house I the choice
was two for Mrs.! Dr. Carlton
Smith, widow! of the late
house; memberi and one for
Pency Copper ;; one for Dave
Pugh. i
Thtse conclusions were ar
rived at In a meeting of the del
egation held Wednesday night
attended by Senator .Sam Brown,
Gouley, Mott,
Senator Brown
and McAllister,
went; to Portland today to carry
the recommendations of the del
egation to Governor-elect Julius
L. Meier. I i .
The delegation endorsed
Bennett-Bailey bill, with
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CORVALLIS. Ore.. Jan. 8.
(AP) William Henderson, for
mer Com His barber, was con
victed in circuit court' here today
of manslaughter I in connection
with the fatal shooting of K. B.
Mills here November 29. 1930.
The. Jury deliberated seveiv
hours. t 1
Sentence will bo passed ot 10
o'clock Friday morning, convic
tion of manslaughter carries a
penalty of from one to 15 years
in the penitentiary.!
Henderson shot Mills as he
was about to enter his automo
bile parked in front of a down
town theater. He allegedly ad
mitted the shooting but claimed
he shot because he thought Mills
was reaching for a gun. Police
believed the shooting the out
growth ot a bootleggers' war.
Art Teacher Is Picked
Negro is Found puilty
Gas Plant at 'Grove
Late Dances
transcript of the case and plans
an Investigation. I
S. (AP) A rommtftM- of
lOO called ' on Mayor A. P
Mclntotth and the city' couwrtl
this week and demanded the
city keep better order Inown
during Saturday night dances.
The committee alleged drunk
enness was common.
(AP) A committee
pointed at a recent Judicial
assembly meeting- met bcre to
day to consider a tentative
draft of a proposed bill to
govern disbarment procedure.
The bill would provide dis
barment proceedings could be
. Instituted only by the state's
attorney general, district at
torneys, the state bar associa
tion, or by county bar associa
tion. ;
PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 8.
(AP) Luka Shako, believed by
immigration authorities to be a
member of the Soviet secret po
lice, was released from Jail un
der 83000 bond today. Sbaito
was arrested last week and was
Jailed to await deportation pro
ceedings on grounds he ws a
member of an organization advo
cating overthrow ofl the United
States government, ; ' -