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tTnscUled with occaslon
al rains. Normal tempera
ture. Ulad west, and
. j ...
' i
; 1:
'XsvtaVtr, S
Net Paid,- 8788
Member o( A. B. C.
Salexn, Oregon, Friday Morning, December 19, 1930
No. 220
A,, JS
i i t l
- : o l.:rr ' :n " - A i ... : : ' 77 -77 :' - . " o77rnBr BH no
8780 CUT 10
' FOB) IS 01
SB---a-S-' "
Two-Mill Levy for Firemen
Trembles Under. Attack
To cut It Down
tlayor Uvesley Casts Vote
To Break Ties; Dancy
Battles for Fund.HIf
That ; much debated budget
child, the Marion county health
unit, was - siren Its candy and
dropped Into the city budget bas
ket In a hurry last night , when
the council approved the increase
of the 1131 appropriation from
$8000 to $8000 by an 11-to-S rote.
A biff fir was on In the city.
Alderman Purrlne cautiously rais
ed the health nnlt matter at the
close of the budget consideration.
Quickly Alderman .; Kuhn second
ed Purvine's motion to raise the
city's share 42000.
Without discussion, the coun
cil romped through its approving
Tote while curious aldermen peer
ed through the city hall's win
dows to see the Archerd blaze.
The council was not so charit
able or so hasty in Its treatment
of other ailing members of Its
budget family.
Ruthless Councilmen Nearly
Scalp Flrenuut Levy .
The fireman's child, a special
two-mill lory authorised years ago
by rote of the people; trembled tn
the wind as the wrath" of the Al
derman Kowlts clique at too high
fire costs In Salem was manifest.
When the roll was called lhe two
mill lery - stayed In .the budget
, through the kindness of Mayor T.
A. Llvesley, who came to the' res
cue of the item after the ruthless
councilmen had hnng it on the
precipice of a 7-to-7 tie rote.
It remained, likewise, for May
or Llresley to keep the $3000 item
"for relief work In the budget.
I Ruthless councilmen, bent on bud-
get redaction, sharpened' their
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Mrs. Rice Makes
; Fight to Break
v Her Dad'-Will
ff '
' THE DALLE3, Ore., Dec. 18.
- (AP) Mrs. Lilly Seufert
Rice, of Portland, filed ' a peti
' tion in probate court here today
. asking- the will of her father, the
late J.; A. Seufert. fish packer,
be declared null and void. -Mrs.
Rice alleged her father
: was mentally Incompetent when
be made bis last will and testa
meat and that her brothers; Ar
thur. William J., and Edward
Seufert, used coerclan in obtain
ing execution of the will.
V Under the will. Mrs. Rice was
' to receire $80,000. Is bonds and
the executors tha remainder of
the. $1,250,000 estate.
Big Merger of :-
Truck Lines is
t . Being Talked
. . SEATTLE, Dee. IS (AP)
Merger of sereral Pacific Coast
Motor Track manufacturing com--panles
Is being negotiated, local
officials of . the Fageol Motor
Truck company said, and prob
ably I will be completed , within
two weeks. ' Firms reported ln
rolred are the Kenworth Motor
Truck company, of Seattle; . the
Moreland Motor Truck company
of Burbanr. Calif.; the Klelber
Truck company and the' Fageol
. Motor Truck company of -Oak-land.
Day in Yashington
(By the Associated Press). '
Senate and house confer
ees agree on 9-45,000,000
drought relief blU.
House rejected the senate
$60,000,000 drought relief
bill and pprored 830,000,
OOO. Senate agreed to giro
President Boorer power to
ase proposed $110,000,000
public works appropriation
Bin to giro farm board
additional $150,000,000 was
passed bjr house and ap
prored by senate appropria
tions committee.
." Secretaries Stlmsoa and
Doak opposed tho Reed bill
to stop immigration for two
years. :
Samuel R. JIcB lelrle, f arm
board member, summoned to
testify before Nye committee
on Nebraska senatorial cam
paign. '
Italy's Ills Due to
Crash o f U.S. Stocks
Biting Irony in. U DuceV Speech to His Senate;
Depression in America Held Knockout "
. j Blow to Iuiropean Countries
i ROME, Dec 1SV-(AP) The American stock market
crash and "money! crisis? of the fall of 1929 are principal
ly to blame for, Italy's financial . ills, Premier Mussolini told
the senate this afternoon. -;-. V' r:,iu: i ;?
In a speech marked . by bitinsr irony, - frankness and
characteristic Vigor, the duce declared Italy was Rearing
port, was perhaps in view of port when the American crisis
broke pat unexpectedly and exploded like a bomb". His
placing the blame on ; the American situation was . part of
the duce's defense for his drastic cut of 12 per cent in the
salaries of all state employes.
Widow Woman and 8 Chil
dren Struggle for Life in
This Very City .
ed ;
Woman's Press Club 2.50
Mrs. ; Arthur -E.
Horstaottle . S-OO
Tbos. Kay Woolen- -f
MU1 Co. .-. ' - KjOO
Myers S.OQ,
Street 'Kettles Dec
lSthv ' . 23J
The American War Moth
ers through their president
Mrs. A. A. Lee, donated 15
splendid girts.
One of the most worthy and
needy families ever . to come to
the attention of the local Salra
Uon Army workers was reported
to Ensign WUlams yesterday. A
Salem fireman - who observed a
child crying in the street stopped
to inquire and - the child - in
nocently i admitted that It . vis
hungry and that the family had
been on short rations for two
days. . -
Ensign WiUIams and Charles
Tlbbet of the Salvation Army re
sponded to the call and in the
driving rain last evening took a
generous : supply of provisions in
their car as they went out to In
vestigate being prepared to
meet the: need ? immediately
should the ease prove a worthy
One. .: '!!': . :
! "We witness so mueh distress
and hear : constantly such stories
of struggle and privation" Wil
liams said, "that we become to
a degree ; inured to tales of woe
but tears 'came to our eyes as we
saw the conditions in this Uttle
home where the widow woman
and her : eight : children - were
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Bad Weather is
Retarding: Hop
Of 14 Airplanes
(AP) - Unfavorable weather
tonight continued to hold Italy's
trans-Atlantic air squadron
apart, six of the fourteen planes
which, left OrbeteUo, Italy, yes
terday remaining at Iviza, one of
the Balearic Islands, f t : , t
The six planes were expected
to Join the other eight, whleh
come ' down at ' Cartagena, : to
morrow, and it. was believed the
whole squadron would resume
the flight to Brazil probably Saturday.-.
"r-M" : .
;- : 5
Negro, 30, Confesses He
Beat Teacher to Death
MARTVILLE, Mo., Dec 18.
(AP) County Attorney Paul R.
Jones . , announced . tonight that
Raymond Gunn, 30 year old ne
gro, had confessed he beat to
death Velma Colter. 19, teacher
at the Garrett rural school
Tuesday night.: '- -'r--
Miss. Colter, for whom funeral
services were ; held today,'1 was
found dead Tuesday night by T.
II. Thompson, . at whose home
she lived. Thompson - went to
school, at whleh the girl was the
only teacher, when she did not
return home at the usual time.
Clothing had been stripped from
her body. -
' "For us poor prorlncials of
old Europe," he said, "the explo
sion was a great surprise. ; We
remained shaken and confound
ed like the world at announce
ment of the death of Napoleon.
We had been siren . to under
stand the United States was a
country of prosperity, indefinite
and absolute without eclipse,
without decadence; all were
rich.- ; V
Duce Waxes Ironical
Alleged IT. S. lxtraragance
"Ererybody played the mar
ket. . As the shares went up er
erybody baring bought - at 20
sold at 100 and vlth it bought
an automobile, radio or tele
phone or made a trip to Europe,
paying . on the - installment plan
and perhaps bought . a - country
house In the neighborhood.
- "All that was marvelous. Then
we had a series of black, black
est days. Shares lost 20, 30, SO
per cent 'of their ralue. r That
crisis Isn't yet cleaned up. :
"It "Is with profound sadness
that I realise this and you will
understand why.
"The: fact is, from that day
we were thrown back into a
high sea; from then on area tor
us aarlgatlon has been extreme
ly difficult."
Italy's Financial Throes .
Held Caused by TJ. 8.
The financial situation in the
United States . so affected Italy,
Mussolini asserted, that a ' sur
plus of 05,000,000 lire had
turned into a deficit of approxi
mately 900.000.000 lire.
"Such a deficit Is not grare,
like a lost battle, like the ces
sion of territory or t national
catastrophe." he said. "It Is a
thing . extremely serious, how
ever, which imposes on the gor
ernment the duty of converging
all its attention upon a recor
ery, and imposes on citizens, in
cluding the senators, - the duty
not to . put - forward continually
demands , for new expenses for
which we must find revenue-
which signifies taxes."
Passpor o" no
Passport, He'll
Have Fine Trip!
NEW YORK, Dec. IS (AP)---A
man of quick decision Is Rich
ard P. Murray, president of the
Murray Xntelope company of Chi
cago. ' -;' .
Murray boarded the Hamburg
American liner New: York to . bid
bon voyage to R. D. Cornell, also
of Chicago., who said: "Why not
come along, Dick?" Karray. re
plying, said "I believe Twill,? and
sailed without passport or bag
gage.. Informed he- probably would
not be permitted to land without
the passport, he said' he would
make the round trip, as he had
wanted an ocean voyage for a lone
time. . - .... ---,
. The. California highway com
mission', formally - recommended
today a $$3,322,500 budget for
all state road purposes and from
all funds for the ensuing two fis
cal years. . 1 ? ' ;
Investigators found that .after
dismissing; school the ' girl had
swept the " floors' and 1 prepared
the furnace for the night. She
evidently was attacked as she
went for coal. A coal scuttle
was-fonnd beside her body.
-. According; . to the , confession
announced . by the prosecutor,
Gann killed Mlsa Colter, who
was teaching her first yec-, aft
er a terrifle struggle. J Jones
said the girl fought him and bit
his thumb, then Gunn rushed at
her with a-club, the prosecutor
declared, and beat her, about the
head. Marks of the girl's teeth
were said still to be risible on
the prisoner's hand, c . ' -
Disabled Pleasure Boat, on
Way to sea Takes 5
. Women to Death
Fishing Party Tries to Help
: But Frantic Woman 3
Capsizes Boat :
(AP) Fire women and a man
were beUeved to bave drowned
early tonight when their pleasure
launch capsized at the entrance
of Tomales bay, Marin county.
.The boat overturned while
Grant Gray, 21, and his brother
Ornburn, 25, Dillon Beach, were
trying- to get a line aboard. The
Gray launch was also overturned
as one of the women tried to
climb aboard.
The Grays reported they were
fishing when occupants of a 14
foot launch began shooting; for
help. 4 The launch's motor had
gone dead and It was being car
ried rapidly towards the Pacific
ocean on a strong tide.
Overturns Rescue Boat
As She Climbs Into it
. The Grays made three attempts
to throw a line aboard the launch
before it was grasped by one of
the women. In her excitement she
j tfmped overboard and was pulled
to the: Gray boat. Her efforts to
climb Into the Uttle rescue craft.
capsized It. .
A moment later a huge wave
overturned the disabled launch.
The Grays reported the last they
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Parole Rather
Than Sentence
Held Effective
PORTLAND. Ore- Dec. 18.-
(AP) The annual state ; meet
ing of district attorneys opened
here today. .
John Baker, Hood River coun
ty district attorney. In the prin
cipal talk of the day said he ho
llered In many eases parols of
first offenders would do more
-good than a sentence - to the re
formatory . or to JalL He said
he had tried the plan and found
it successful.
C. C. Proebstel, district attor
ney of Umatilla county, said the
"average district atorney : and
the average sheriff is more com
petent to sentence a man than
the average circuit Judge".' He
criticized the present parole sys
tem, declaring that a man who
has friends too often gets a pa
role or pardon while the friend
less ; man must . serve his sen
tence. , . - . ' . -
Mrs. Doyle Sure :
Arthur's Spirit
Is Near Earth
land, Dec 18. (AP) Her pro
found conviction the spirit of Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle is deliberate
ly Ungerlng near earth in order
to help those still living was ex
pressed by Lay Doyie today.
.This conviction, she said, was
based on messages she herself had
received from her dead husband.
Saying; she had heard that in an
article reporting; conversations
through i Mrs. Eileen Garrett, a
medlam, the . term "earthbound"
was- used in connection with Sir
Arthur, Lady Doyle declared Sir
Arthur was "certainly not earth-
Goose Hangs Low ,
i In Germany Now
BERLIN. Dec IS. - (AP)
Installment buying has made pos
sible a goose on nearly every Ger
man table this Christmas, despite
hard ' times. Many dealers" hare
accepted payments equal to about
25 cents a week since early Octo
ber. A Christmas goose means the
same thing in Germany as turkey
means in America. . ,
Forked Stick is
Road to Heroism
ST. RAPHAEL,' Franee," Dec
IS (AP) In 54 B. C, Cessar's
engineers gsre up hope of find
ing water here Now Father Lam
bert of Nice has shown the way
with a forked stick and is the
hero of the countryside Wells
were dug and - water ' found in
three places In carrying" out his
90 Per Cent of
Normal Mailings
; : Farrars Report
' Salem" people' are purchasing
only about SO per cent of the
Christmas giru to send away that
were bought In - the past " two
years, according : to mailing of
parcels now being handled at the
local postorxicc: ' - ---- -
"It isn't good news, but it Is a
fact that the Christmas mailing is
about eight or 10 per cent below
last year.'" Postmaster John H.
Farrar said yesterday. That is
his observation on the mall that
waa handled up to Thursday af
ternoon. ' Mr. Farrar looks for the great
est, tush of Christmas mail at
the' office today, Saturday and
Monday. While there hare been
pretty good crowds at the post
office every day this week, the
business has not been up to that
of a year ago.
Lava Stream, 200 Feet
Wide, 70 High, Engulfs
Citizens of Village
BATAVTA. Java. Dec. 18
(API Fifteen persons died to
day In the sudden and violent
eruption of a volcano at'Merapi,
Central Java, which had been ac
tive for two weeks.
Many ' surrounding villages
were evacuated as a heavy stream
of lava slowly filled the neigh
boring valleys.
The eruption was accompanied
br loud rumblings which are in
creasing' bnt it was beUeved the
rain of asnes had suDsiaea.
- The victims were engulfed by a
lava stream 200 yards wide and
76 feet high whleh surprised them
as they were , working near a
Tillage fiTe mUes from the crater.
The fiery wall, containing" mil
lions of tons of red hot liquid, ad
vanced so rapidly they were nn-
able to escape alter they saw It.
Volcano Horrible Sight '
Covered by Hugh Cloud
Tonight the volcano was a ter
rifying sight, It was covered by
a huge - black cloud which, was
stabbed from time to time by viv
id flashes of lightning. -
' Merapi, a Javan volcano, in the
Kedu district, was In violent erup
tion ones before. Sept 14-17,
1S4S. . '
Eruptions are nothing new to
Java, for the island contains
within a small area as many as 49
great volcanic mountains, some
of them dormant and extinct. The
most famous Is Papandayang,
whleh erupted with a great sud
denness and violence In 1772. .
Anne Goes up to
High Court for
Redress on Play
Abie's Irish Rose is going to
hare ' a hearing before - the - su
preme court but its run probab
ly won't last as long as it did on
Broadway. - - .
Anne Nichols, author of the
play, is preparing to. ask the eourt
to review federal court decision
that Universal Pictures corpora
tion, Carl Laemmle and a few
others did not infringe her copy
right. .- - v ......
She charged their "Cohens and
Kellys" was a complete "steal.
piracy and infringement' of her
play and sought damages and ac
counting, but the lower court
found the picture as based on two
other ; plays : and ordered her to
pay $10,000 counsel fees. i.
Portland Banks
To Give Bonuses
(AP) Officials of tire Portland
banks announced - today . they
would distribute cash bonuses to
all their employes this week and
next' The United States National
and the Bank of California said
their bonuses would equal half a
month's , pay for : each employe.
The others did not announce the
amount they wonld give. -
Bill Calls-for B
New Road Work
Federal aid on highways in In
dian reservations .would' be au
thorized by a blU introduced to
day -by Representative Sinclair,
republican, .North Dakota. The
measure would empower the sec
retary of agriculture to cooperate
with the secretary of the' interior
on the construction of roads, as
sisting . with-: funds - allotted for
road building. , . . -
ram erupts in
Schools Observing - Season
In Cheery but Unosten
tatious Spirit .
Grades Have Programs;
Leslie Junior High has
Fine Decorations v
With Christmas vacations start
ing in the local , schools at - the
close of classes Tuesday after
noon.' practically every buuding is
making final preparations for
some kind of holiday program.
The vacation will extend until
Monday morning. January 5.
In all the schools, "white
Christmas" is being observed by
the students, who have concen
trated their attention on gather
ing food, clothing, vegetables.
fruit and toys lor the needy ana
unfortunate children of the city.
In only a few of the schools
will general assemblies be held.
At the senior high school, a home-
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The strong hand of the Spanish
government tonight was grad
ually restoring; order throughout
the country, torn by civil strife
after Monday's abortive revolt
In Madrid itself, it had suc
ceeded completely and the city
was going about its affairs as if
there had been no such incident
as I the brief rising at Cuatro
Vientos airfield when rebel lead
ers proclaimed the end of the
monarchy and the establishment
of a republic
- This was also largely true . in
the . big provincial centers where
those general strikes which were
proclaimed yesterday and Tues
day had either ended or were pe
tering -out.-'-.
There was no report of fight
ing anywhere in Spain during the
day. . -----
With the return to normal life
the country began counting' cas
ualties of the disturbances of the
last three days and found that
38 persons had died and 42 had
been wounded, authorities ; em
phasised that all the deaths and
woundlngs took place in indus
trial disputes and none In mili
tary operations.
Poincare Out of
Danger; Deputies
" Are Very Happy
PARIS, Dec IS (AP) Pa-
rlslan headlines which yesterday
Informed the. city that Raymond
Poincare was so seriously ill that
he might die tonight announced
that the wartime president was
out of danger. V
Even the chamber of deputies
resolution expressed satisfaction
at the former president's recov
ery. -
The paUents doctor, however.
said. that the period of convales
cence might be long and that it
was doubtful that M. Poincare
ever would be able to resume the
activities which have filled his
life thus far. .
Federal Reserve Banks i
Repoit Abundant Cash
- WASHINGTON, Dee .18.
(AP) Member banks of the
Federal - Reserve system entered
the Christmas season of increased
demand for currency with . a
smaller volume of " indebtedness
to the reserve banks than at any
time since IS 17. -
The federal reserve - board
made, this announcement - today
in its monthlyrevlew and said
the system was in an exception
ally strong position to meet the
demand. , .
It reported a decrease in de
mand tor reserve : bank . credit
had reflected a slack demand for
currency due in part to "the de
crease in payroll disbursements
by factories and to the continued
decline In commodity prices."
The board reported that chan
One Queen Who
- Rests Easier
Quieter days as the week closes
in Spain, brings ..relief to
Queen Victoria, wife of Alfon
so, and first coeKln of King-
George of England.
Miner Killer
Of Partner, is
Given 1-10 Years
OROVILLE. Cat, Dec 18
(AP' Joe Stanley pleaded guil
ty to a charge of manslaughter
here today and was sentenced to
serve from one to ten . years In
San Quentin prison. He pleaded
guilty to shooting and killing Bob
Ika; his partner during a quarrel
last Friday in their mountain cab
in m the wild Bald Creek canyon
Stanley and Ika were both re
sidents of Medford. Ore.
The shooting climaxed a.quar
rel over whose turn it was to do
the cooking, officers said. Stanley
thought it was Ika's turn but the
partner refused and the disagree
ment flared Into a fatal fight.
Poisoned Grain ..
Solves Problem
Of Dead Geese
' - MERCED, Cel., Dec 18.
(AP) The mystery of the mur
dered geese was solved today. .
Hundreds of dead geese have
been-found around Lake Yosem-
lte, near, here, and investigation
of. their stomachs revealed today
they had been poisoned.
The poison, it was determined.
was set out by farmers, and oth
ers to- exterminate rodents. The
geese ate the grain and died. '
Dec 18. (AP) Two men were
killed . and - a third waa injured
as an airplane crashed into a
field , beside the . Connecticut
river near here this afternoon.
The. dead were: Carlton Wright,
Saxons River; Arnold Knowlton,
Saxons River. . .
ges in monetary gold have not
been large during the period
from July to November cither
this year or on the average, for
the preceding seven years.
- 'When the two sources of reserve-bank
funds are combined
it appears that this year the in
crease during the autumn' was
$88,000,000 as compared with
$232,000,000 on the 7-year ave
rage," the report said. "This
diminution in . the .growth is ac
counted for In part by the de
crease In : the seasonal demand
for currency, which was only
half as large this year as oil the
average for the preceding years
and in smaller part by a decrease
of about $80,000,000 in the
growth of member bank reserve
balances. ' .
v. :
; -v r j
l- V' - - -v " - '
1 -X . " - s - - if t
4h ' - ' ' '
I v ' - '
I ' ' i
C; -t
J 1 , -- ' - A 4.
$80,000 Loss Results
In Downtown Fire
Derby Building, Cor
ner State and Front
I Streets, Goes
FIRE again struck Salent
a hard blow last night
causing a loss estimated at
from $80,000 to $100,000.
The stock and equipment of
the Charles R. Archerd im
plement company was Te
stroyed with the exception
of a few implements. The
building, located at State
and Front streets, was com
pletely gutted.
The freely expressed be
lief was that the fire was of
incendiary origin, as the
night of December 5 another
fire was discovered at about
the same place and extin
guished without much loss.
The series of fires has
served to alarm people, and
the Archerd fire was taken
by the crowd of several hun
dred who viewed it as final
proof that some fire-bug or
pyromaniac is at work in the
locality setting fires.
The fire wss discovered at 8
10 p. m. in the mill portion of
the structure. The Interior was
ablase by the time the fire de
partment got ..streams of water
on the front, and had broken
through the rear before hose was
strung from that side.
Fire Wall Probably
Saves Nearby Building;
Both ' pumpers . from the cen
tral station were used, the north.
taUon crew and equipment
coming in for relief at central
station. The blase broke through
the roof and then advanced
steadily along the npper struc
ture of the brick. The building
of the Capital City transfer ad
jacent was threatened for a
time, but a strong fire wall pre
vented the blase from breaking
through and while the roof did
catch fire, this wss extinguished
by the firemen.
The stock of the Archerd Im
plement company consisted ef
farm Implements and Supplies, a
large stock of machinery repairs,
and on. the second floor and in
the mill portion large quantities
of .grain, clover seed and feed.
Mr. Archerd estimated bis stock
at from $$0,000 to $40,000, It Is
a total loss save for the few
pieces which volunteers removed
from the building. Archerd said
he was quite well covered by in
surance. ' (Turn to page 2, col. 4)
Oregon Briefs, e
(By the Associated Press)
ASTORIA The first Col am
bin river imelt of the seitKen
were brought to local markets
today from Clatskaaie.
, e
ALBANY Sheriff Newton said
today Rov Moreland. Hirnlrf ifnr.
Ian, Bob Maxwell and Bob Mar
tin Jiaa confessed to robberies in
Linn and. Benton counties.
BAKER Announcement ws
made Wednesday George V.".
Miller had resigned as rha!
man of the Baker county repub
lican central committee and as
committeeman from precinct
No. 2. . A meeting will be hlJ
next week to name a successor.
EUGENE James K. Pollr. 0.
Lane county resident, was burned
to death early Wednesday when
his house caught tire. Neighbors
who' hurried to the place were un
able to enter the blazing struc
BAKER An item for gir'l
for a county nurse was incla : 1
in the Baker county ha $
here Thursday. The total
amount to be raised for t "
budget by taxation Is f riT.
431.07, or $jt39l less ll.zi'
last year.
ASTORIA The countr eonrt
announced today Clatsop 'a
warrant Indebtedness now is 17: -883.
the lowest elnra Anril. 131.
The indebtedness a year ta v 1
BMP'- -