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.vents of Interest in Socia
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Circles -:
a Oliyk M. Doak, Society Editor.
A LULL before a solemn
holiday is felt over Sa
lem this weekend. L.ven
though there -was much of
social activity connected
with the past World war yet
there is nothing to inspire
gay parties and much merri
ment in its annual observ
ance. Thirteen years ago today
society was bent on knitting
things for its men who were
either gone or getting ready
to go; it was organizing Red
Cross erouDS to make hospi
tal supplies; rummage sales
were sponsored for the bene
fit of various "war needs";
and many of the maids and
those a bit older were tuck
ing away the party dresses
and donning service uni
forms and finding them
selves a place in the great
scheme of war. Clothes were
mere essentials those days;
' entertaining was done for
those who were home on
leave or just leaving, and a
little bit later for those in
hospitals who were just get
ting able to be about in tne
world again.
So today there is a pause
for reminiscence among the
matrons and maids of socie
ty. And then the gay whirl
fipoat Thanksgiving events
wsl begin. . , ;' ' '.
' Brides are to come in for a
lion's share of the entertain
ing. Affairs are being plan
ned for Miss Catherine Hart
ley whose wedding date has
not yet been announced. Mrs.
Eex Adolph began this series
of parties with a bridge tea
Friday afternoon.
Miss Nancy Savage whose
wedding to Ellis Von Eschen
will be an event of November
24 is being extensively enter
tained. This week Mrs. J. F.
Billiter will entertain for
Miss Savage Monday night;
Mrs. Lars Bergsvik Wednes
day night ; and another large
party is being planned in her
honor Friday night.
Club women from all over
the third district represent
ing nine counties will meet
in Salem Friday and thus
there will be much activity
in club circles.
There will also be a large
tea given Wednesday of this
week at which time Episco
pal women from the nearby
towns are to be the guests of
Mrs. George A. White at her
home between the hours of 3
and 5:30 o'clock.
In addition to these larger
things there will be much
preparation throughout the
week on musical programs
which will be presented dur
ing the next two months.
The first week in December
holds dates for two lovely
concerts a Salem Chamber
Music concert and a Salem
MacDowell concert. The two
symphony groups, junior and
senior, are working hard
each week and much prog
ress is being made toward
the development of greater
music expression for Salem.
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American Lutheran
Guild to Meet
The Ladies Guild of the Amer
ican Lutheran church will meet
; at th church for a 2 o'clock
meeting Wednesday with Mrs. R.
C. Arpke presiding. Mrs. C. M.
Byrd will haro charge of the
mission study and there will be a
musical program. .
Hostesses for the afternoon
will be Mrs. Herman Tastro, Mrs.
Paul ZIrkel, and Mrs. Julia
Music, parties and clubs make the weeks roll round with the alac
rity of telephone poles flashing by windows of a fast moving train. Wo
present today a group of folk who have been helping time fly.
To Mrs. T. S: Roberts, tenter left, there is seldom a week tJuit does
not bring a musical event to the lovely residence studio in the Roberts
home. In addition fo that Mrs. Roberts is vice president of the Salem
Music teachers association, state president of the Oregon Dunning asso
ciation and otherwise definitely connected with the music of the city and
Mrs. Ralph Winn, wife of Dr. Ralph Winn of the department of psy
chology in Willamette university, is a charming new member of both nni
vcrsity and city social circles. Mrs. Winn spoke before the Salem Heights
Woman's club Friday afternoon on the subject of "Russia' native land
of Mrs. Winn,
To the upper left we introduce Mrs. Rex Adolph who entertained Fri
day with a delightful bridge tea in compliment to Miss Catherine Hart
ley, bride elect of Gordon Hartley.
Upper right is Mrs. J. H. Scott who has been hostess for a series of
charming affairs the past two weeks.
Mrs. C. W. Ellis is
Bridge Lunch eon
An attractive bridge luncheon
of the past week was that for
which Mrs. Charles W. Ellis was
hostess at her ho ae on 20th
street Friday.
A color scheme of yellow, la
Tender and bronze was carried
out effectively about the guest
rooms. The luncheon table was
centered with a graceful low bowl
of lavender and yellow button
chrysanthemums flanked by slen
der green tapers. In the living
rooms where bridge was In play
following the luncheon hour,
bronze and yellow chrysanthe
mums were used In large bowls.
Mrs. Paul Disney held high
score for the afternoon of cards.
The guest list included. Mrs. W.
Vern McKinney, Mrs; Clark Gard
ner, Mrs. Alf Johnson, Mrs. Rich
ard Middlebrooks, Mrs. A. L.
Bosch. Miss Marlon Lytle, all of
Hillsboro; Mrs. Henri 8tohIer of
Banks; Mrs. Pen C. Crum, Mrs.
Victor Kern, of Dallas; Mrs. Nor
man Hoff, and Mrs. Paul Disney
of Salem.
Young Married People
Plan Meeting
The first meeting of the year
for the Young Married People's
club of St. Paul's Episcopal
church will be observed Wednes
day night with a covered dish din
ner at 6:45 o'clock in the pirbh
A program followed by ca?ds
and dancing will be enjoyed after
the dinner hour. Mr. and Mrs. R.
J. Brady, Mr. and Mrs. R. H.
Robertson, and Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
Law are in charge of the evening.
This will mark the beginning of
the regular monthly winter meet
ings of the club.
Monday, November 10
Mrs. Charles Weller, entertains for South Division
of First Presbyterian church. 2 o'cloek.
Junior Symphony orchestra, 7:20 o'clock, T. M.
C. A. building.
Auxiliary to Marion Post No. 61, Veterans of
Foreign Wars; Woman's clubhouse; installation of of
ficers. Chapter A. B. of P. E. O. sisterhood, Miss May
Rauch, 1458 Center street.
Salem Music Teachers, association Miss Dorothy
Tuesday, November 11
Joint installation for Sons of Veterans and Auxil
iary, 8 o'clock. Woman's clubhouse.
Wednesday, November 12
Missionary society of First Presbyterian church,
prayer meeting room, 2:20 o'clock; Mrs. Gilbert Birt
chet to speak on South America.
Woman's Foreign Missionary society. First Meth
odist church, 2:20 o'clock in church parlors.
Tea for Episcopal women, Mrs. George A. White;
S45 Bellevue street; hours 3 to 5:20 o'clock.
Ladies. Guild of American Lutheran church, 2:00
o'clock, church. parlors.
Woman's Foreign Missionary society, Jason Lee
church. 2:2Q o'clock; Mrs. P. J. Voth, 1555 North Cap
itol street.
Friday, November 14
Third district convention. Women' federation ot
clubs, all day meeting opening at It o'clock. Woman's
v Daughters of Veterans, S o'clock. Woman's dub
ious. Preparing for Inspection, for November 21.
Third District
Meeting Here
ONE of ithe largest club af
fairs of the fall will be the
third district meeting to be
held at the Salem Woman's club
house Friday at which time rep
resentatives from nine counties
of the third district of the Ore
gon Federation of Women's
clubs will meet under the presi
dency of Mrs. William- Fordyce
Fargo for an all day meeting.
The program will be devoted to
the study of public welfare.
TJie session will open at 10
o'clock with registration at the
clubhouse. . A program ot music
and brief speeches will be given
during the morning session with
an address i ot welcome by Mrs.
David Wright, president of the
Salem Woman's club, and a re
sponse by Mrs. Sadie Orr-Dun-bar;
a talk; by Mrs. Ivan Martin
and the main address by Miss
Louise Cottrell of Portland.
At noon k no host luncheon Is
being given at the Elks temple
with Mrs. ; Harry Weldmer In
charge of arrangements.
Mrs. Sadie Orr-Dunbar will be
the special speaker for the after
noon session and there will be a
round table discussion led by
Mrs. Charles N. Bllyeu, state
president of the Federation. Mrs.
David Wright will preside over
the regular meeting of the Sa
lem Woman's club which will
meet for a brief business session
at.the regular time Friday after
noon. !
Beta Chi Alumnae
Meets i
Miss Loretta Fisher was host
ess to members ot the Beta Chi
alumnae at her home Monday
night at which time plans were
discussed for the coming year's
activities. Miss Frances Hodges fs
president of this group; Miss Lola
Millard, secretary treasurer; and
Miss Florence Power, reporter.
Those present for the meeting
were Frances Hodge, Lola Mill
ard, Josephine Baumgartner, Eva
Roberts, Mar J or ie Christensen.
June Gaines, Lei a Johnson, Flor
ence Power; and Loretta Fisher.
Zena Campflre Wahsinkeeyah
held an enjoyable party at the
home of the guardian. Mrs. Ralph
C. Shepardlof Zena, Friday even
ing. Mrs. Shepard and Mrs. V. A.
Stratton, assistant guardian, con
ducted discussions on, projects
which the Campfire girls' will take
up in the near future. Following
Campflre sdngs and a business
session the group had a jolly time
in games and contests.
Refreshments were served at a
late hour, j Special guests were
Marguerite! and Gertrude John
son, Mrs. Frank Smith, Hilda
Crawford, Vera Mewhinney.
Members were Mrs. Shepard,
guardian, Mrs. V. A. Stratton, as
sistant guardian. Ruth and J alia.
Shepard, Eiila Smith, Ilia Smith,
Olive Stratton, Doris Windsor,
Lois Wilson, June and Elaine
Worthington, Alice Crawford and
Mr. Ralph C. Shepard.
Among those to motor to
Portland for the Frits Kreisler
concert given in the auditorium
Friday night were Miss Elma
Weller, Mis Lena Bell Tartar,
Miss Alice j Brown, Miss Dorothy
Pearee. Miss Elizabeth Levy.
Miss Margaret Hog, MUs Beryl
Ottoway and Mrs. W. E. An4er-
Garden Club Program
To be Unusual
A PROGRAM which will attract
as much attention as per
haps any which has ever
been sponsored by the Salem Gar
den club will be that given Mon
day night at the Unitarian church
in the Emerson room.
At this time Mrs. W. n. Bur
ghardt will give a talk on 'Flow
er arrangement" for the house
and table. Mrs. Burghardt will
compare the various periods and
give examples of what sort of ar
rangement would be best suited
to particular houses and particu
lar rooms to develop the most
personality and colorful charm.
To give full benefit to the talk,
Mrs. William Walton, Mrs. L. H.
Tarpley, Mrs. Donald Young, Mrs.
Clifford Brown, Mrs. Paul Wal
lace, Miss Mable Robertson and
Mrs. Paul Wallace and others will
arrange demonstrations of effec
tive arrangements.
Silverton Mr. and Mrs. A. E.
Jans are spending the weekend
at Albany as house guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Callister.' Mr. Cal
ister was for years associated
with the Coolidge and McClalne
bank at Silverton, leaving about
10 years ago for San Francisco.
He returned to Albany some years
ago and has been associated In
banking there since.
Lecture Will Feature
Arts League
bazaar to bo held Friday. Din
ner will be served both at noon
and again in the evening and the
bazaar will be open during aft
ernoon and evening. Mrs. Oscar
ALEM Arts league has for one Olsen Is assisting Mrs. Halver-
of its main objects the pre
sentation of educational
tures and exhibitions which fol
low In the line of artistic devel
opment. In line with this policy
will be the presentation of Prof.
N. B. Zane of the school of archi
tecture and allied arts In the Uni
versity of Oregon, and an artist ot
distinction throughout the coun
try. Prof. Zane, It la announced.
will present a study of the dra
mas of the American Indians, es
pecially those of the northwest,
Friday night ' In Waller hall of
Willamette university beginning
at g o'clock.
An Intensive and sympathetic
study of the lives of the Indians
of British Columbia and Alaska
has been made by Prof. Zane and
his talk will be generously inter
spersed with illustrated slides
made from snapshots taken by
himself, as well as with material
personally collected br him.
The lecture promises to bo a
fascinating and instructive one.
It is open to the public.
Silverton. The Immanuel Aid
society of which Mrs. A. Halver-
son is president, is making plans
for its big autumn dinner and
son in completing plans.
Urge Tea Will
Honor Church
Episcopal circles will bo the
largo tea for which the Jun
ior Guild of St. Taul's Episcopal
church will bo hosteso at the
home of Us president, Mrs.
George A. White Wednesday af
ternoon between the hours of
three. and 6:20 o'cloek.
The guest list will' include the
women of St. Paul's Episcopal
charch and the women of the
Episcopal churches in nearby
Mrs. George White, Mrs. Henry
Co mover, Mrs. Don Roberts, Mrs
Louis Lachmound. Mrs. A. C. F.
Perry will be the receiving line
and wee Patty Neimyer will greet
the guests at the door. Mem
bers of the junior guild will assist
about the rooms.
Mrs. U. G. Shipley and Mrs.
Susan deLlsle will preside at the
tea tables for the first part of the
afternoon and Mrs. George Swift
and Mrs. Florence Erwln the lat
ter part of the afternoon. Mrs,
Wallace Carson, Mrs. J. H. Bra
dy, Mrs. J. E. Law, and Miss Hen
rietta White, Miss Marie Patton,
Miss Jeanne Patton, Miss Alice
Swift, Miss Eleanor Swift and
Miss Eleanor Perry will assist In
me serving.
Mrs. Clyde Sherman
Mrs. Clyde Sherman v hnat
ess - Thursday afternoon with
silver tea for the benefit of the
Royal i Neighbors. The guest
roomy were- lovely with late fall
flowers used m profusion. Mrs.
Norman Hofr favored with i
group of vocal numbers.
inoga nresent for thfa mftar
noon of needlework and conver
sation were Mrs. Norman Hoff,
Mrs. D. F. Furlough, Mrs.
J-Tank Williams, Mrs. M. M.
btewart, Mrs. Rudle, Mrs. Oliver
Huff, Mrs. Charles W. Ellis,
Mrs. Frank Cheney, Miss Ger
trude Cheney. Mrs. Jrank Hovt
and daughter Frances Aline,
Mrs. Clara Corbin, Miss Cora Mae
Fehler, Mrs. Elliott, . Mrs. Cora
Hunt, Mrs. Shepard, Mrs. George
Speed, Mrs. E. RNJles.
Mrs. Sarah Harter and Mrs.
W. G. Walker were assistant
hostesses at the tea hour.
Mrs. W. S. Mott entertained In
compliment to Mrs. Will R. King,
who has been a guest In Salem for
the past few weeks, Thursday
evening with dinner and this fol
lowed by cards. Guest in compli
ment to Mrs. King were Mrs.
Douglas MInto, Mrs. R. Wall, Mrs.
A. L. Brown, and Mrs. Ida Bab
cock. Mrs. King left Friday for
herhome In Los Angeles.
A. A. U.W. Hears
Reviews "
THE luncheon meeting for th
American Association of Uni
versity Women Saturday at
the Elks temple proved to be ex
ceptionally Interesting and unus
ually well attended.
During the business meeting re
port were made from the various
committee chairmen and a report
was made to the effect that new
ly organized branch of the A. A.
U.'W. had been recognized in Ba
ker, LaGrande and Pendleton.
A large number were admitted
to membership in the local organi
zation Saturday. Among these
were Miss Claudine Gertb Miss
Rena Mickey, Miss Grace Eliza
beth Smith, Mrs. Charles D. Hat
field, Mrs. Nell Doege, Mrs.
George Moorehead, Mrs. Ceorgd
A. Rhoten, Mrs. G. E. Shoemaker,
Miss May Rauscb, Miss Magda
Hoff, Miss Margaret Whyte Stev
enson, Mrs. W; R. Dallas, Mrs.
Phillip E. Barrett and Mrs. V. R.
Briggs. I
Mrs. Earl Cooley gavea group
of vocal solos and Miss llarriett
Long,' state librarian, spoke infor
mally and Interestingly on recent
A .group of books especially
mentioned by Miss Long is that
which deals with the Adams fam
ily. Several1 exceptionally worth
while books have been written con
cerning various' phases of the fam
ily imonr which la "Mr. and Mr.
John Qunlcy Adams," and "Let
ters or Henry Adams."
"Roadside Meetings"' by Gar
land was recommending as fur
nishing fresh and Interesting ma
terial as well as In "Days of Bi
cycles and Bustles" and Glbbs'.
"Since Then."
Mrs. Ellen Fisher nresided st
the luncheon meeting, which war
the rerular monthly meetlnr of
the organization, i
Marion Post Auxiliary
To Install Officers ,
Officers for the 'coming year
for the auxiliary to Marion Post
No. 661 of the Veterans of For
eign Wars will be Installed Mon
day evening' at the Woman's
Mrs. Carmen Thompson. tat
department resident of Portland,
will be the Installing officer and
Mrs. Rose Bally, state -department
secretary of Portland, will
also be In attendance.
Members of the Albany cost
will assist fn putting on the in
stallation work. Other visitors
are exnected tnd there will ha a
social hour to cbncfcAde the in
stallation service.
Old lade Mew
395 N. High
The Fr
Evening Frocks
for the Holidays r
i '
THERE'LL be many gay par
ties and dances from Christ
mas to New Year's, and even If
you think you have enough eve
ning; frocks, youTI want one of
these for an extra bit of ward
robe charm in the modern man
ner. These are lovely dresses 1
finely made, and copies from
Paris -originals. They are worth!
twice their price, and you'll find !
it worthwhile to get more than
one, at - 1
NET :,
eimch ShoiD
A. P. fin - U
Masonic Building
A. P. Speer
Monthly Accounts
US North High Street
soa. .
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