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The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem, Oregon, Sunday Morning, September 14, 1930
News from Mid - Valley - District Communities for Statesman Readers
Independence j
Mrs. M. J. Butler and son Mar-
low, Mrs. Alice Payne and young
daughter, left for Waldport last
- Thursday. They will occupy the
Bauer cottage and remain until
Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Grant of
Salem hare been spending some
time here, making repairs to
property they own here. ' Mr. and
Mrs. Homer Dixon will make
their home in the Grant resi
dence on the corner of E and 6th
Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Prather of
Beuna Vista district hare rented
their farm, and have moved' to
Newport, where they expect to
build a number of mull cottages
to rent.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Butts have
seld their interest in the Adam3
floral shop' hi Salem and are
planning to open a shop on High
street' In Salem in a few days
Mrs. Butts will run the shop in
Salem and Mr. Butts will still
oversee their large green house
which is on the highway between
. Independence and. Monmouth.
- Eugene MacCarthy. son of Mr.
and Mrs. D. P. MacCarthy, went
to Portland to enter Hills Mili
tary academy for his second
. yar's course.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Meyess
hare moved to Salem, where they
'till make their home, while Mr.
Meyers is principal of the Lib
erty school. They hare spent
the- summer months in Inde
pendence. Mr. Meyers assisting
in tne nsner meat market.
Lee O'Kelley acted as conduc
tor on the Valsets line Vnis week
while Mr. Lyday was ia Port
Jan d.
W. J. Mulkey, Jr., of the state
traffic department, is now seen
oa our streets again, after being
transferred to west side Pacific
highway out of Monmouth.
Central Howell
T. fly.
Henry Bye, father of R. O.
Bye of this community, arrived
here Saturday from Alberta,
Canada, wher his home is and
plans to spend at least part of
the winter with his son and fam-
-LA lUIIJBJ;-L Ji .. IJ f ii
3 -
A view of the seaport city of Santo Dominfo, n the Dominican Republic, which Is now in the terror
img snp oi tne anermam or a muncane which claimed the Uvea of 4000 of Its lnhabitaata.
Death oi lad in
Shooting Affray
Deemed Accident
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Roth and
children spent a few days at the
teach last week. They risited
Ketarts and Neskowin.
Edgar Tweed enrolled as a
freshman at Willamette unirer
sity this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bye drove
to Neskowin Saturday where
they joined Mr. and Mrs. A. A.
Hall, who were spending the last
of their vacation there. They
came home Monday.
CAP) A Terdict of accidental
death was returned today by i
coroner's Jury following an In
vestlgation of the shvotlng of
Bruno de KTaria, 14. last Wednes
day by his school "pal," Roy
Kent. IS.
Praise God!" exclaimed W. L.
Hunn. stepfather of Roy. as the
verdict was read. The lad's moth
er seized -him ia fcer arms, tears
pouring aown her cheeks.
Allegations by s uhuritleg that
Roy was Jealous of Bruno be
cause his chum was on the school
safety committee and he was not,
were denied by the lad. Roy said
ne and Bruno were playing with
a revolver and it suddenly er
ploded, the bullet striking Bruno.
Roy's mother said he told her he
and Bruno bought the revolver
by mall.
RICKREALL, Sept. 13 J. O.
Price. Frank Parmer, John Crip-
pen and Ora Lants left Saturday
wr southern Oregon to hunt deer.
Miss Doris Phenicie, local high
school teacher was married last
week to Eugene Silky. She will
teach this winter at RIckreall
while her husband will be prin
cipal of the Perrydale high
drool. ;
William Mlddleton finished
picking in his hop yard Thurs
day. George Carrol will have part
of next week before finishlne the
Nelson yar The rain has prob
ably prolonged the picking for a
lew days.
Mr. and Mrs. William Palmer
moved to the Kester home last
week. Mr. and Mrs. Kester
moved to southern Oregon where
lie will work for the winter.
Labish Center
Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Degrass and
son Bob and Mr. and fm KfrV
Kurth - left 'Friday morning fori
trip into soutnern Oregon.
They will visit Crater lake as
well as the Oregon Caves In Jo
aephine county, and will return by
way of the McKenzie pass.
Walt Cannon who until re
cently has been employed at the
Bayes Labtsh farms Is now in
.Washington stationed with the
coast guard near the Canadian
border. MrsCannon has remain
ed here.
Harold Springer of Hubbard
' was a visitor at the home of his
aunt and nncle. Mr. andMrs. W.
T.- Klampe, Thursday. ,
Wales Selectsi
- Resorts Where
Nobody Notices
This fashionable beach resort
s the favorite of the Prince of
Wales because here nobody pays
endue attention to him.
He makes frequent short vis
it, usually arriving In his "own
plane Just in time for a late .tea,
Hs is out on the golf course for
a practice round before dinner.
The prince's last Tlsit contin
ued fire days. He spent the time
staying golf, walking In the
woods and motoring with friends.
President Gets
Arab Steed but
PARIS (AP) President Doti
aaergoe's Arabian steed has ar
rlTed from Algeria but ho does
mot ride.
The horse was presented to him
when he visited Algeria's cen
tenary exposition and probably
win be presented In torn to a fa
vored military leader. -
Marshal Joffre's horse, which
the marshal has not been able to
ride for two years. Is among the
star boarders In the state stable
. where the president's horse has
seen placed. .
Cargo Shortage
Rumors fly as
Runner Reloads
(AP) Rumors ot a shortage of
cargo and equipment on the rum
runner Ray Roberts were cur
rent in federal circles today as
the craft prepared to reload its
cargo and sail for the high seas.
The ship carried 1.050 cases
of liquor when It was seised
The cargo was warhoused by
government officials aad or
dered returned when the release
of the Ray Roberts was ordered
this week because of improper
Attorneys for the liquor-laden
ship refused to discuss the ru
mors. "We will make no comment
until such cargo and equipment
are turned back to us," they
Revolt in Cuba
Said Impending
Guard Railroads
With reports becoming more fre
quent that a revolution is im
pending, the Cuban government
has placed guards over ail rail
roads, highways and government
buildings throughout the islands.
Other , military forces have
been placed at strategic points to
watch for the fir3t symptoms of
an uprising. No stores of am
munition have been allowed to
accumulate at any point and the
ownership of all firearms orer
.38 calibre has been carefully
uovernmeni spokesmen say
tney believe that with these pre
cautions an armed outbreak of
any significance is impossible.
Long Period Program of
Building for State Now
Proposed to Legislature
MARION. Sept. 13 Mr. and
Mrs. Ovid Pickard and daughter
Marjorie drove to Portland Mon
day with Archie Rankin for
day's visit with Mr. Plckard's
relatives .
Mrs. J. R. Willis who has been
vial ting with relatives at Fernley,
iwv., the past week returned
home Tuesday. Mr. Willis's moth
er who accompanied Mrs. Willis
on the trip remained at Fernley
ror a longer visit with her son
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Daue
made a business trip to Shedd
Mrs. L. ,E. Peterson of. Turner
visited with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Koe.Slyter Tuesday.
- Hermes and Jean Boyce
aaugnters of Mr. and Mrs. Guy
Boyce of Salem are visiting at the
nome oi Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Bar
Elma and. Francis. Barber were
neme Tuesday and Weriniuiiv
wr a two day visit at the home
or tneir parents. Mr. and Mrs m
A. Barber. They returned to Sa
lens Wednesday evening where
they are employed la the Reld
Murdock cannery.
Ben Russell of Portland. Rat
jsuner uusseu or Lowell and
Chester Russell of Balnm
visitors the first of the week at
me nome of Mr. 81d Russell who
w" qoiia Mdly injured last
l r. Kusseu'a condition is
reporiea as being some Improved
woman March of Portland,
who fox a number of years made
Marlon his home prior to eoin
r ' - . WVU If 1 11
Firemen of the sanad wazon
naa ro nse six gallons of chem
icals in putting out a tar not flra
m me vicinity of 12th and Mill
streets yesterday evening.
V r
Ifinfc Thehna Wsotea. ii-TaaM
ex a Z-vear-eld bi. wv.
shoe and
"Ur wonndeA
eontatalnc-liquor hot-walchlater
proved to be. empty of any nch
Adoption of a state building
program which will cover a par-
iod of from 10 to 20 years, will
besdvocateT at the next session
of the Oregon .legislature In Jan
uary, according to announcement
made here. It was argued that
such a proposal would result ia
the construction of more sub
stantial buildings, and in the
end, would prove more econom
ical to tie taxpayers of the state.
Sam A. Kozer, state budget
director, in a recent report filed
with Governor Norblad, pointed
out that the present buildings at
Oregon's state institutions were
fast becoming Inadequate to han
dle the Increasing population.
and that some action would be
necessary to accommodate the
state wards. Special mention
was made in Kozer's reDort of
conditions at the state institu
tions for the Insane, the state
tuberculosis hospitals and the
girls' industrial school located
five miles east of Salem.
Officials argued that the cost
of constructing one or more
buildings at each of the Institu
tions in one year would prove
too burdensome to the taxpayers,
and that a more . feasible plan
would be that of adopting some
plan whereby the construction
operations could be extended
over a period of years. By adopt-,
ing such a proposal, new build
ings could .be erected first at
those Institutions which are in
adequate at the present time.
The western Oregon state hoa-1
pitai m Salem is taxed to its ca
pacity, and only recently it was
necessary to shift a large num
ber of patients to the eastern
Oregon institution at Pendleton.
The latter Institution also is
crowded, but its accommodations
are not as limited as those of
the Salem plant. Similar crowd
ed conditions were reported at
tne western Oregon state tuber
culosis hospital, where there is
waiting list of aooroximatelv
25 patients.
The state industrial school tnr
girls now has a oooulation of
approximately 78. which is the
capacity of the institution. A
new building was requested at
the girls' scbapl two years ago,
but it was rejected at that time
because of the unsatisfactory
condition of the state'a finances.
Officials said that another build
ing with accommodations for so
or SO girls was needed at the
Conditions at the Oregon state
penitentiary will be relieved ma
terially, when the new cell block
which Is npw under construction
Is completed. This cell block will
have accommodations for- approx
imately SOD prisoners. The, popu
lation of the prison Is now a trif
le mores, than 900, of which- 78
men are housed at the penitenti
ary annex and 85 in the prison
garage. All of the men housed in
the garage and at the annex are
trusties, aad are employed ia the
fields outside of the institution
The population at the state
training; school for boys has de
creased materially during- the
past two years due to the liberal
parole system. This Jastitatloa is
conducted on the cottage plan,
which, has proved quite success
ful. '
It was said that a new building
Is badly needed at the stata
school for the blind. The admin
istration building is of wooden
construction, and a fire-trap.
Most of the girls at the institu
tion are housed in this-structure.
A brick dormitory for the bova
was erected at this institution a
few years ago.
friends In town several days this
orman was on his way to
rasuoiu waere ne has accept
ed a position as a teamster.
I Liberty
LIBERTY. Sent. 11 mjoo ro-
ollne Hrubertx left Friday morn-
Mis tor new rork City where she
. f iaatrocltor of biology and
physiology in the Columbia uni
versity. Mr. and lira. T.an4.
left Saturday for Yakima, Wash
ington where they win be the
guests of Mr. Walker". si8ter,
Mrs, Ted Elttngham. Mrs. W. H.
walker, their mother who has
been visiting Mrs. Ellin eh m
several weeks will return to her
Walker Mf Mr'
Mrs. Anna Robblns has as her
Kuests for the week-end her sis
ter-in-law, Mrs. Helen Luster and
two boys. Tommy and Jimmy of
Portland. Mrs. Luster came to get
her twin -daughters who have
been visiting their aunt for the
past week.
.Waldo Hills
WALDO HILLS; Sept. 13 Al
bert Nerison, who lives in Evans
Valley, near Silferton, was a
guest at the home of his aunt,
Mrs. K. O. Rue, Thursday. He
came to spend the day with his
young son who is visiting for a
couple of weeks at the Rue home.
Waldo Rue, who is employed at
the J. Aim store in Silverton,
went home with Mr. Nerison to
spend the night,
The rain Wednesday drove the
hop pickers home and stopped
the road work. -r However, all
work was resumed Thursday. The
rain has . made the road work
much more difficult and slower.
A. A. Geer was discharged
from the care of his doctor on
Tuesday. Mr. Geer was injured
early In August while at work
on the road For two weeks he
was con lined to bis bed .with
oaa knee, hurt when a boulder
rouea against him. pinning him
to another rock. Then for iom
time he was oa crutches. It Is
to oe noped -this is the last ot
nij misiortunes for awhile.
Mt Angel
invivai. aepc u Mm t.
istcKman is snendlnr aevArai
aays ia rortiand.
A. L. Geddes of Mill City was
- umM Tiuior ia lam com
mnntty Wednesday.,
UOunty School SunerintAnAAnt
Mary Fnlkerson. visited th
scnooi Tnursday.
N. Fryslie had bia fac unn.
ly bruised Tuesday br balnr
iurown to we pavement by a
uuw mai ne was leading.
miss Wilms SchermafaAr w
the guest ot EffU and rrinM
Flood Friday.
M. M. Mafeee la work In tnr
few days at the Red and White
grocery store hi Salem.
Elisabeth and Dorothv Fiti-
patrick and Leona, Kenneth and
Donnle La Branche. are anions?
those who will attend the at.
Mary's academy In Salem this
Miss Mae Etta Gerner of h.
lem, Wilms Schermacher of
Marion, and Mrs. George Edwards
of this place, visited the school
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Schmidt and
son George, returned Saturday
from a motor trip to California.
On their trip, they visited at Rio
Vista, and at San Francisco with
Mrs. Schmidt's, Mrs. Paul Weiss
Mat Howard left Saturday for
his home at Hayes, Kansas after
a few days visit at Mount Angel
John Kimlinger returned to
his home in Brawley. Cel., after
a short visit here with his par
ents, Mr.' and Mrs. Nick Kim
Rev. Fr. Berchtotd, O. S. B. Is
enjoying a two weeks vacation at
Spokane. During his absence.
parish duties are being adminis
tered by Rev. Fr. Raphael,
O. S. B.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Meier and
family of Salem, were Sunday
guests at the Kraemer home.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ebner of
Portland, spent the week end vis
iting with tbe Ebner families
Mrs. Ficker and daughter Hel
en motored to Lac. Washington
Sunday with Raymond Ficker.
who will attead St. Martin's col
lege the coming: school year.
Miss Ida Sprauer, who is a stu
dent nurse at the St. Joseph's
hospital in Vancouver, and Miss
Marie Sprsuer of Portland were
Sunday visitors at the home of
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe
v o
AMITY. Sept. IS Mrs. J. O.
Russell of Salem is the weekend
guests at the H. W. Tarbett home.
Rey Johnson who has made his
hem at Seattle spent Friday in
Sherley, Umphlette left Friday
morning for California on an ex
tended visit.
George Simmerville, coach at
Amity high school, arrived
Thursday from Eugene, where he
has been working and attending
school during the summer
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Miller spent
Tuesday visitignln Portland.
BROOKS, Sept 13 Mrs. B.
J. Morltz. who suffered a severe
stroke of paralysis a week ago Is
still In a very serious condition.
Mrs. Merits is at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. H. H: Bosch in
The Brooks Ladies Aid society
will hold its regular meeting at
the home of Mrs. Wayne Gibson
on Thursday afternoon, Sept.
Honoring their daughter. Miss
Esther Truschel on her birthday,
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Truschel
entertained with a dinner on
Tuesday evening. Covers were
placed for the following guests:
Miss Ellen Hackit, Lyle Glover,
Robert Hackit, Miss Esther Trus
chel, and the hosts. Mr. and Mrs.
Rudolph Truschel.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Ramp re
turned' homfe Wednesday from
jsreitenbusn Springs where thev
have spent the past month.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Sears. Mr.
and Mrs. Virgil Loom 3. and Mrs.
John Anders of Silver Creek
Falls were dinner, guests ot Mrs.
Mary Martin on Thursday. Mr.
Loomis is a son of Mrs. Martin.
JUiss Ellen Hackit and her ne
phew Robert Glover and brother.
Robert Hackit were recent guests
at the Finamore home in Mt An
gel. On their return home thev
stopped at North Howell and vi-
ited at the Bump home.
We guarantee our carrier
service. If your copy of the
for Albany where aha will attend Statesman fails to arrivs bv :3
college this term. I m- Phone 500 and a copy will
Mr. ana Mrs. Julius Johnson! l yon.
are nappy over the arrival of a
oa by son.
Mary Biggs spent Thursday at
. . . i ... 1
racminnvme. '
Cleone Caves left Fridav for
rumana wnere she has been em
pioyed and will attend hirh
A. R. Glandon was taken anite
ill Wednesday, and had to leave
nis work at the warehouse.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Stunfal are
tne parents of an eight pound
gin, born Friday, September It.
Mrs. Clea Elgin and her moth
er, Mrs. Graham 1ft Saturday
Free Inspection
f mil jsu fires
Ne) Ofcllgatlsm
One Tree Sitter
Acquires job as
Night Watchman
iTes Bluing may be a "Just for
fun" gam for some boys, but
not for Melvin Mut. 15. It !
regular joe with pay.
Be scaled an oak on a vacant
lot here and thoueht mavba h
might stay up to set a record or
But while he sat. thinan han-
pened. The lot was sold and the
new owner started to build a
house near the tree. Tha contrac
tor needed a night watcTunan to
keep an eye on materials.
- 80 Meirla cot the Job on his
own recommendation that he was
"a steady younV man "In a nn.t-
tioa to keep an eye oa things all
tha time."
mti I -.dT ft, the
Publisher's son"
Killed by Auto
LYNCHBTTTtfJ V fint is
(AP) Aldan J. Bleth. ia -Ym.
dent "at- the University of North
Carolina, and son ot CoL a B.
Blethen publisher ot the Seattle
Times, -was fatally injured this
afternoon when ha fti frim
skidding- motorcycle under a past
ing automobile aear here, . -
misfit Worth
tbe Uttle MUeage
Valnfe left in Those
. Smooth TFires!
JTT0"1 UY "other fc w
Mit hardJy a doUar,s rth of mileage per
pundure or two, wipes out even that -gavinot to meri
tion the annoyance and delays. .
iThfa 1 fafl H is far cheaperAND HEAPS SAFER I to nrf
on the new Heavy Duty P3
tts wsmderfnl wrth
be) would be drlTlng
a Dnrant medel new. 1
High qnhtT at tow
eewt makss tbe) aaew
Dnrant tbe world's
best motor ear buy!
New Ileavy Daly
Extra asss-sai AS-Wsathsr
it tMckest rabbar. Extra ptim
fhesk-abeorUnf SUPE2TW1
Cord-fleeiyear peei- Stamaini
yeal be proad of these,
tires! Yet priced as lew as er
ttasry 4-pIy tires east last year!
Cet oar Special Trade-in Offer!
Also a oontpleto lino
ot eomtnerclal eare
O trucks by Dnrast
HDi?Qve Hna ITcdasr
Frank Dooljltle Master Service Station
Telephone 65 v NorHi Commercial ftt Ccater TeIephons3
,-435 N. Commercial
Telephone 9T