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    The OREGON STATESMAN" Salem. Oregon. Snnday iffornlng, September 14, 133fJ
Gardfeils amd RoHiIlP Chicago. Team Sin PeDMi&mt Dash
Valley League
Phillies Win 7-5, SL Louis
Wins Easily, Brooklyn
Has Tight Contest
(AP) The tallnd Phillies to
day knocked the lighting cnicago
Cubs out of first place in the tor
rid National league pennant race
by defeating them, 7 to 5, in the
firat game of a scheduled doable
The second game was called off
In the third inning on acconnt of
rain and will be played on Mon
day as a part of a doable head
er. Neither side had scored.
Chicago S 10
Philadelphia 7 12
Malone and Hartnett: Elliott
and Davis.
Robins Nose Out
BROOKLYN. Sept 13. (AP)
The Robins passed the Chicago
Cabs In the National league pen
nant race by taking their second
game from the Cincinnati Reds
today, 4 to 3. Home runs dv Her
man and Hendrick In the first or
two Innings gave Brooklyn enough
lead to hold off a two run Cin
cinnati rally -in the ninth.
Cincinnati 3 10 0
Brooklyn 4 12 0
Frey, Benton and Sukeforth;
Phelps, Clark and Lopez.
Cards win Handily
BOSTON, Sept. 13. (AP)
St. Louis Cardinals Jumped into
first place in the National league
today by an 8 to 2 victory oyer
The Braves while the Cubs were
losing to Philadelphia. It was the
Cardinals' 20th victory out of the
last 23 games.
St. Louis 8 12 2
Boston ....2 8 0
Haines, Manusco and Smith;
Cunningham and Spohrer.
OAKLAND. Sept. 13. (AP)
The Portland Ducks defeated the
Oaks 7 to 1 behind air tight
pitching by McDonald, Rookie
pitcher, here tonight.
Portland bunched three hits fn
the second to store one run and
repeated in the fifth to score an
other tally. In the seventh on a
walk; three hits and one error
they scored three more to put the
game on ice. The Oaks lone tally
was scored in the sixth when Mel
lana. lead off Man for the In
ning, was hit by a pitched ball
and scored on Fenton' single to
left. Daglia was lifted for a pinch
hitter In the seventh. The Ducks
garnered two more runs off
Hurst to finish the game.
Portland 7-11 0
Oakland 1 4 3
McDonald and Palmlsano; Dag
lia, Hurst and Read, Lombard!.
Suds Shot Out
(AP) Roy Chesterfield held the
Seattle Indians to two hits, com
ing In succession Jn the fifth In
ning and blanked them 3 to 0 to
night. Dutch. Reuther hurled for
the tribe and had hits bunched
oft him -in the second and fourth
for the three runs. The Sacs lead
the series four to two.
Seattle 0 2 1
Sacramento 3 10
Reuther and Borreani;
terfield and Wlrta.
L03 ANGELES, Sept. 13.
(AP) R H E
Hollywood 3 14 S
Los Angeles 8 8 0
Wetiel. Rhodes, Hollerson and
Bassler; Ballou and Hannah.
Missions Still On
(AP) Continuing to apply to
whitewash brush .on their home
town rivals, San Francisco's Mis
sions defeated the Seals, 8-3, to
day to chalk up their sixth suc
cessive win of the week. The
Seals were enjoying a small lead
when It happened in the eighth.
McDougal walked the first three
Missions to face him and the next
four got hits. Turpin replaced
McDougal but the Missions had
the game sewed up with their six
run rally:' Cole allowed the Seals
nine hits but they were somewhat
San Francisco 1-I......3 9
Missions 8 9
McDougal, Turpin and Gason;
Cole and BrenseL
Rainfall Light
But More Than
Year ago, Word
Although rainfall during the
past, second week in September
amounted to only 1.1 of an inch
precipitation for the week was,
by comparison, much greater, this
year than last. -
Records of Mrs. J. W. Ritchie.
1720 South Winter street. -offi
cial government raintester, "Show
that on September 2; 13 2, six
one-nundredtns or an inch of
rain fell. , From that date until
. September 21, there was no .pre
cipitation recorded. '
Daily rainfall for the past week
nag been res -follows:. "Sunday,
September . 7. a.Ol: : Monday.
0.49; Tuesday, 0.D1; Wednesday,
0.08; Thursday, v .5I; v Friday,
May not Shine in Wbrld Series 1 T Q W N I ES NUKE
rWlrA " I I . BROAD (MS
Some of the stars of the Chicago Cobs, who Saturday dropped from first place fn the National league
after holding a healthy lead only s few days ago. They are still, however, within half a game of
top place. j ! '
City League Will get Going
Tuesday; Nine Circuits
Planned This Season
Tuesday instead of Monday
will be bowling night for the
City league this year, it was de
cided at a meeting late last week
at which the league schedule was
arranged and franchises award
ed. '
Elks, McKay Chevrolet. Bake-
rite bakery. Evergreen Golf Gar
dens and Reo Flying Clouds will
be enrowed in the "major" league
and one franchise remains open.
The City league will get-in mo
tion this week to launch the fall
season and other leagues will line
up for the start after September
16. The winter Garden will be
the center of all these activities.
Leagues expected to qrganize
are The Statesman league, Bus
iness league, Fraternal league,
Commercial league, Owl league,
Ladies league. Automotive lea
gue and one aditional afternoon
circuit as yet unnamed.
Room For More "
Players Reported
Several of these leagues have
places for additional teams and
some of the teams are short of
players at present, so any bowl
ers or prospective bowlers inter
ested are advised to register-at
the. Winter Garden so that they
may be registered for placement.
Present ability is not essential.
as some of the leagues will be in
the novice, class and some will
work on1 a handicap basis, giving
the beginners an eqaal chance
with the veterans.
FLUSHING, N. Y., Sept. 13.
(AP) Tommy Armour, stylist
Scotch golf professional, today
won the professional golf associa
tion championship from Gene
Sarazen one up and in winning
showed again he is a grait put
ter in a pinch.
For years tbs fcot haj been
dubbed a poor putter ar.d a great
Iron pleayer. Th's afternoon, with
the match all square on the 3Sth
green be holed 14 foot putt for
and four and when Sarazen miss
ed his bid from a few inches co
der 14 feet Armour vat the P.
G. A. champion for the first time.
Sarazen has held the title twice,
In 1922 and 1923.
Today's match was a great ex
hibition of thrilling qolf. Leo Die
gel, who has held . the champion
ship for the last two years but
was beaten in the second round.
called It "the, greatest golf match
ever saw." Since Leo was the
referee be saw more of .it than
any the 2,500 persons in the
gallery. -
1Q I
. flaehidlag Sept. n Gas)
W. Prt. - w. I. Pet.
Holly.- -43 SO .683 ge' SS 4 453
Lot A. 85 IT .5641 MUtioa S8 S5 .444
Sb r. 33 SO .SlSIPortl'a 36 S5 .436
OskL 81 S3 .492SMttl 84.86 .414
, W. U Pel. W. tu Pet.
PtiUa. S3 47 .6t Detroit 70 73 .498
Wats. SS 51 .634 St. Ii. SS 84 .413
K. T. 7 68 .5561 Caieag 55 SS .890
vlCTU. 70 63 .SZI!Bo(tB 46 95 .328
; iW. J Prt, W. &. Pei.
. Ifc ..SI SO 579 PUUK 73 67 .518
rokL 83 SO .571 Eottea 66 77 .463
Cftiemga 81 60 .574CiiKim SS SS .399
H. Y. 77 S3 .55OIPhiUd. 48 S3 .840
f j-iunaeipftta v fuan S.
At K.w Tork FMtttottf postpoieJ.
At Brookty 4, Claetsastt 9.
At BoiUa X, St. Lnil 8. :
tout uiom
Al Clwilu 3, PVila4tki t.
At Caicsra 4, WathinrtM. 8. i:
At Detroit 11-S. KV Yrk 10-4.
; At 8. Vmi9 8-, BnIm 4-3. ,
Northwest Gridirons to
Teem With Warriors as
Practice Season Opens
The deer slayers will all be
missing from their usual haunts
Monday, heading for or already
arrived at the place where that
boasted blacktail or mule deer is
staked out." Here's : luck - to
him. We might remark also
that we know of a worthy citi
zen who does not happen to ! be
a mighty hunter nut is quite
fond of venison. In case any of
you hate more than you know
what to do with, name on appli
No use, but we feel like giv
ing advice and this; is it:
Buck deer have horns, does
and human beings do not, !
This year you can kill ope
mule deer or two blacktails, or
one of each but not two mules.
The new Willamette' nnlver
Ity freshmien are all Is town
and as our daily quota of ad
vice is not yet exhausted
we'll aim this bit at thena: ; )
In high school, you were out
standing young men and women;
the fact that you are entering
college testifies as much. Try
to realize that your new class
mates were also outstanding in
high school, and don't expect! to
lord it in college with the same
ease. Nobody cares now what
you were last year. Pleasure Is
to be found in the ranks as well
as at the head of the column.
You're welcome, i Don't
mention it.
Really, we feel quite uppity
this morning because we : re
ceived a letter from New York
Saturday addressed "Dear Col
umnist." Wasn't that nice?
We're going to send for the
book. . f
Old Tom Lipton sees the
America's cap slipping- away
for the fifth time. Too bad.
He's up against a tough game
Building a speedy yacht Is one
thing and building it so it will
sail across the Atlantic before
the race and still meet -home
competition here is f yet - an
other. Lncky for Sir Thomas
he can still grin about it. ! '
The Cards and the Robins -are
out In' the lead almost neck land
neck. We wish the press wires
would ran on Snnday so ! we
wouldn't lose track of this race.
Frisco, yon better do
catching today.
Hope history doesn't repeat.
Two years ago Just about! this
time the Senators went to Eu
gene for a deciding game In; the
title series against Bend. Some
of the present Senators remem
ber, but we ll let bygones be by
gones, j j jj
Night Parachute
Jumps Slated as
Fair Week Event
; s ; vr n
Spectacular illuminated night
parachute Jumps will be a night
ly ream re at Salem i municipal
airport during state fair week,
according to Lee Eyerly. fl the
Eyerly Aircraft Corporation,
These Jumps will be made each
night at nine o'clock! as ; si Ipart
or nignt nying programs at the
lighted field.';.."'.
Mr. Eyerly states that no i Ey-
eny planes win fly s front 1 the
Eleven hundred pounds of seed
were required to plant SO i acres
of alfalfa on k, North Carolina
farm,. s- h, i
SEATTLE, Sept. 13. (AP)
The six football squads in the
northern division of the Pacific
Coast conference Oregon, Wash
ington, Idaho, Montana. Washing
ton State and Oregon State.
will swing Into action Monday aft
ernoon with rival coaches predict
ing the tightest race in history.
Approximately 300 gridiron
players are expected to don mole
skins in the northwest in prep
aration for the king sport of the
fall season.
Every team In the northern
division of the conference Is fig
ured to be stronger than last year,
especially Washington and Oregon
where new coaches have been in
augurated. Jimmy Phelan, former Purdue
university grid mentor, who won
the "Big Ten" championship last
year, has replaced Enoch W. Bag-
shaw at Washington, and Dr.
Clarence Spears, formerly of the
University of Minnesota, has suc
ceeded Captain John J. McEwan
at Oregon.
Babe Hollingberry at Washing.
ton State, Paul Schissler at Ore
gon State, Leo Calland at Idaho
and Frank Milburn at Montana,
will again handle the coaching
duties at the other four schools.
With the passing of Bagshaw,
who resigned at the end of last
season, after a long controversy
with the students, Washington
saw the greatest. change of all the
coast schools. Phelan brought
four new assistants with him from
the middle west, had the old sand
field in the Washington stadium
covered with turf, ordered bril
liant satin pants tor his gridders
and injected the famous Notre
Dame shift into the Husky style
of play.
All the schools Iostrstar play
ers through graduation but new
notentlal "greats" advanced to the
varsity ranks from the 1929 fresh
man sauads.
- - ...
Some of the old stars who win
nerform again this year, however.
Include Merle Hufford. all-Pacific
enajit halfback, at Washington:
John Kitzmlller, th.e "Frying
Dutchman," at Oregon, and Elmer
Schwartz, all coast fullback, at
Washington State.
13fAP) Johnny Doer, brawny
vonnr southnaw from Sant
Monica. Cal.. . won the national
tennis championship today at the
ace of 21.
In a hair-raising final match
contested amid scenes of highest
tension before a capacity crowd
of 13.000 this new -California
comet" achieved a stirring vic
tory over is year old Frank
Shields of . New York, 10-8, 1-6,
6-4. 15-14. to ascend the throne,
The sun-bronred giant from
out of the west had. beaten the
famous veterans, Frank Hunter,
and Big Bill Tilden in his two
nrerious matches, and this after
noon he gained his reward by
battering the stalwart Shields in
to submission with the same
thunderous service and terrific
volleys that had brought about
their downfall.
Through the thrilling moments
of a great 30 game fourth set
which goes down Into, history as
the longest ever contested In the
final round of this classic tourn
ament, Doeg . and Shield fought
it out with the issue in aouot
until the final stroke.
Four times in that memorable
set Shields .held set point but
was unable to nut over the tell
ing 'stroke. In th end it was
Doeg who " gained - the lead
'through a break througk 'tis
eastern rival's strong service and
after being tnrned back twice at
match point punched over, an
unanswerable overhead place'
ment to winf set, - match, and
championship. . .. '. . --".?.
,A surrey to determine the state
consumption of dairy products Is
to be made la Alabama. .
Stake in
Consider Selves as State
Champs Also if They
Defeat Senators
The Salem Senators and Billy
Reinhart's Eugene Townies will
come together in the second game
of their series to decide the val
ley league championship Sunday
at the Lane county fairgrounds
This series, while billed as the
Willamette valley "league title ser
ies, is in reality , more than that
Prior to this series the Salem
club had practically eliminated
all other contenders for the state
independent title and the winner
of the present series will walk
away with state honors, almost
The only possible claim that
can be set up is by Coqullle,
champions of southwestern Ore
gon, and the fact that their sea
son record-is not as strong as the
valley clubs somewhat dampens
their claim to the state title. The
Salem club met them in a two
game series over Labor day and
each club won a game. For that
reason,. Coqullle feels that it is
still in the race.
In addition the Coquille men
have since conquered the Bend
Athletics on the Bend diamond,
eliminating the Central-Southern
part of the state. Bend was the
winner of the second half of that
league and Med ford, the first half
winner, refused to play off with
them and iaaea out or tne pic
ture. Have Good Claim
To State Title
In the event the Townies" are
able to take Sunday's encounter
they will have a better claim to
the state title than any other
club as they will have taken a
two game series from the Sen
ators, which is more than Coquille
or the Portland contender and
champion could do. But in case
there Is still any doubt in the
minds of the Coquille club a ser
ies might be arranged or at least
one game could be played to ac
tually decide the matter. If the
Senators win Sunday's encoun
ter it will be necessary to play a
third game and this would prob
ably do away with any further
games on account of the proxim
ity jor tne football season.
In the event of a Salem win
this week and the necessity of a
intra game, a place for the con
test will be decided .by the num
ber .01 the fans attending the
game played in each town. If the
crowd Sunday is sarger than, that
at Salem last Sunday, the Lane
fairgrounds will be the scene of
tne third and decidine same, nro-
viding it is necessary.
CHICAGO, Sept. 13. -fAP)
Washington made it two straight
over the White Sox today, rap-
Ping caraway and Walsh for 12
hits and a six to four decision.
Hadley had a bad sixth and was
replaced by Burke who held the
Sox scoreless.
B. H. E
Washington 6 12 O
Chicago 4 7 1
Hadley, Burke and Snencer;
Caraway, Walsh, Henry. Faber
and Tate.
Athletics Win
CLEVELAND. Sept. 13 (AP)
Philadelphia defeated the In
dians in the first game of their
series here today, 9 to 2.
Philadelphia 9 15 0
Cleveland 2 8 2
Earnshaw, Grove and Coch
rane; Hudlin, Harden, Jablono-
wski and Myatt. '
Tigers Grab Two .
DETROIT, Sept. 13. (AP)
The Tigers slugged out two vic
tories over the New York Yan
keea in today's doubleheader.
winning the six .inning second
gameJ to 4 after scoring fire
runs tn the ninth inning to win
the first 11 to 10. The second
game was halted by darkness
with none out in the home half
of the sixth.
R. H. E.
New York 10 14 0
Detroit 11 11 3
Wells, Holloway and Dickey;
TJhle. Sullivan, Cantrell. Hogsett.
Sberid and Desautels, Hayworth.
R. H. E
New York 4 4 3
Detroit 9. 11 0
Pipgras and Dickey; Bridges
and Desautels.
And Also Brown
ST. LOUIS, Sept. 13 (AP)
The St. Louis Browns, took both
ends of a doubleheader with the
Boston Red Sox here today, 5 to
4 and S to 2.
R. H. . E
Boston 4 10 3
St. Louis ..5 10 C
Russell, Smith' and Connolly;
Stiles and Ferrell.
. ' H. H. E,
Boston ; . ......,.. 2 8 -1
St! Louis ...5 8 : Q
-Durham and Heving! Collins
and Manion.
Oats, wheat, barley and rye are
recommended as winter pastures
to supplement livestock feed cut
short by drouth. ' ;
' Kentucky gardeners are mak
ing -extensive 'experiments, with
celery growing. . v
inn mikes
Hi 6
Bearcat Chance to Repeat
Grows as Veterans Report;
Passer, Punter yet Sought
Prospects for a repetition of last year's Northwest con
ference success on the part of Willamette university's foot
ball machine, improved slightly Saturday when, a few more
of the gridders who took
Tirhifmnn !nf. Triankssrivino-
field, some of them brinrinsr
team mates were packing schoolO
books and would show up pres
ently. The squad will be prac
tically In its final shape Monday.
Indications now are mat most
positions will be filled by exper
ienced men as first stringers, but
that reserves, as last year, will
be larcrely inexperienced. More
serious Is the lack of a seasoned
nasser and punter. Engebretsen
and cranor wia do soreiu
missed, and a pass receiver or
French's calibre also would not
be greeted coolly. v
The line will be slightly better
off than the backfield, from
present indications. Ackerman
is back for his fourth year at
center with Houck as an exper
ienced understudy and Bowne
representing the incoming class.
Philpott, all-conference guard.
reported late in the week.
Whether Gottfried is coming
back for the other guard posi
tion is not yet known. Charles
Gill is in town and -will be out
Reserves Lacking
For Line Positions
Keith Jones, who won all-con
ference honors as a tackle,
turned out Saturday, his Injured
foot wholly recovered .but re
porting some poundage loss dur
ing the time It laid him up. Car
penter, his running mate, Is re be on the. road leading
to Salem. Bashor, a reserve
who was listed as not coming
back, was watching practice Sat
urday and looking like the urge
to don a suit would overcome
Haldane, regular end. is out
and Cardinal was said slated to
report Monday. Tested reserves
are totally lacking in this de
Coming to the backfield,- ex
perienced men on hand are
Lang. Gretsch and Deetz, last
year's coterie of fullbacks; Don
Fabre, speedy halfback who broke
his leg in the Albany college game
but appears to be entirely sound
now: Eugene Ferguson, also a
halfback who showed much
speed a year ago; and Charlie
DePoe, the only visible quarter
back although Andy Peterson is
reported to be preparing to turn
out. If Andy does report, he
will Just about settle the coach's
worries about a passer.
More Salem High
Grads Turning ont
That disposes of the tested
material. An additional group
of Salem high grads is now on
band, including Wallace Hug,
NEW YORK, Sept. 13. (AP)
Turning back the pages of
history, George D. Widener's
Jamestown today proved himself
a champion worthy of his great
sire St. James by winning the
41st running of the futurity and
J 9 9,6 00 to clinch the 1330 wo
year old title before a crowd of
30,000 that Jammed its way Into
picturesque Belmont park.
Packing the same crushing
weight of 130 pounds carried by
St. James in bis 1923 futurity
triumph, Jamestown dashed
down the seven furlongs of the
Widener course in 1:20 3-5. Re
sponding to the urging of Linus
(Pony) McAtee in the final
strides he gained a nose victory
over Equipoise, his arch rival,
which carried the silks of Harry
Payne Whitney, who was seeking
his second consecutive futurity
victory Whichone won for Whit
ney last year.
Thirteen other colts and fil
lies started in the blue ribbon
classic ..tor juveniles, but from
the final sixteenth pole on to
the finish It was strictly a
Jamestown-Equipoise dnel with
the result in doubt until McAtee
had let loose .with hl final lash
of the whip, and Jamestown
plunged over the lie, the win
ner by narrowest of margins.
Three lengths back in third
place trailed A. C Bostwick's
mate, ridden by lverne Fator,
who claimed a foul against the
winner but was turned down by
tho stewards.
Gigantic Blast
To be set oft
At Gravel pit
Motorists today in tb vfeinft
of the Oeder gravel pit oa theJ
WnV Oil . "W
""w raua roaa may see
alht, and emay get a bit
frightened if they pass by at the
right minute. For a big blast
ing Job designed to loosen thous
ands, of tons of rockr will be set
off there. -. z
Preparations for the gigantie
blast, which will-be made from
a tunnel 40 feet underground,
have been nnde ay for days,
and today's the day. Truckloads
of powder, probably tho most
ever used ;In one ; place ! the
county, have been placed for the
blast. . Jake RJsely is in-charge
of tho rock, crusher.-. ; ,
Mississippi will have -100 com
munity .fairs, 25 connty, fairs, six
district fairs and one state expo
sition this year.
futurity mssic
Game at Eugene
tne cnampionsmp away irom
day appeared on Sweetland
word that still others of their
and a punter who should make
his mark in collegiate ranks.
The squad has now swelled to
number . 38 . players, roup wing
is a list of.the freshman contin
gent to date:
Bill Bowne. saiem; mmerson
Baldwin. Woodburn: Fred
Blatcfeford. Salem; John Chip-
ley. Grants Pass; Marvin Craw
ford, Athena; Dave Drager, Sa
lem: Willis Hershey, saiem;
Frank Haley. Taeoma: Wallace
Hug. Salem;. George Kohler, Sa
lem; Wengel Keizer, Washougal;
Robert Maine: Joe Biancnara;
George Orkney, Raymond,
Wash.: Julian Smith. Chemawa;
Douglas Sinclair, Oakland,
Calif.; Edgard Tweed, Silrerton;
Miles Woodworth, Portland;
Karl Weisser. Salem; Curtis
Woolley, Salem.
Salem Golf Course 2 miles south
on River Drive. 18 how watered fair
ways, large greens. Fees 75c, Sundays
and holidays, $1.00.
REETEE GOLF, driving practice,
20 balls for 10c. For men and wom
en. Winter Garden. 333 N. High.
F. N. Woodry
13 Tears Salem's Leading 'Auctioneer
and Furniture Dealer
Residence and Store
1610 North Summer St.
Telephone 611
W. E. Burns Dan Burns. & High
St at Ferry. Tel. 422 or 2300.
Turkish baths and massage. S. H.
R. D. Barton National Batteries
Starter and generator work. 202
South High.
Bicycles and repairing: 387 Court.
The best in bicycles and repairing.
H. W. Scott, 147 S. Com'). Tel. 8.
Telephone 110. R. E. Northness.
FURNACES and chimney cleaned
and repaired by expert furnace man.
I use steel brushes and a vacuum
cleaner. 5 yra. experience. Call
Dr. O. L. SCOTT. YSC. Chlronractor.
25C N. High. TeL 87. Res. 2104TJ.
practors. 20-Ray and N. C M. New
Bank Bldg.
MAGNECTJC treatments for neuri
tis, gas, flu, etc Will call at the home
by request. TeL 2079-W. 330 N. High.
CHOOSE chlropfatio as a career
NOW. See Dr. W. J. Dobbin, offi
cial representative of the Pacific
Chiropractic College, at his office on
nnff.tate. Tel 451 Tor appointment.
Center St Valeteria. TeL 2227.
Stand. Cleaners A Dyers. Call 1433.
Monroe Suits $22.50. All wool band
tailored. Cj. W. Johnson It Co.
Front St. Tel. No. 2.
FLOORS of all kinds sanded and
finished. Olson Floor Co.. 170 Front.
Olsen'a. Court A High St. Tejr,
CUT Flowers, wedding bouquets
funeral wreaths, decorations. C. P.
grelthaupt. florist. S12 Stats Street.
TeL 80. .
WE make up your flowers. Lutx.
Florist, Uth a Market Tel. 124.
FEATHERWEIGHT arch supports
built from your impression. Earl W.
Pierce Orthopedic- specialist. 778
Kerry gt.
Saiem Scavenger. TeL 1(7 er 2230.
Ie Garbs re Co.' TeL 15(1.
raEPLEWORK. lUrsaret's Stop,
is .eluslTe Butteville. Arent r '
tie Maaonlq Bldg. r TeL OSS.
tot8 ifggggl; m1?
Auepoong). Z
2 8. HlgH
JT"-Laundry Pure Material
wnn Beits
PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 13.
(AP ) The Chemawa I n d 1 a a
warriors bit the dust here today
in a 13 Ao 7 defeat at the bands
of Washington high school.
The Indians scored first, liter
ally walking In with a touchdown
in the second period. Willard Jar
vis, Washington captain, had call
ed time out and he and his team
mates aparently took it for grant
ed the time out would be allow
ed. They stood Idly by in mid
field and watched Ray Meachant
walk 0 yards to a touchdown.
The Indians converted. The Col
onels argued and threatened but
the score stood.
The minute men came back'
fighting and, starting on their 59
yard line, reached the 11 yard
line on a long pass. A series of
plunges put the ball on the ono
yard line, first down. Earle Pag
ni, fullback, went through. Jar
vis failed to convert. Washington
scored again in the third period.
In the final period the war
riors advanced rapidly to the 13
yard line by the aerial route.
They prepared for another pan
but the final gun sounded before
they could start the play.
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