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    Tb CHEGOTJ STATESMAN Safest. Orrsron, Tuesday MontIg; Aumsl &V 1S3Q
O " ul. ... H 1 '.' '" , .,' O
Messy Wreck . Three automo 1
biles and :v 10 rations of cream
stalled tnt tie Cor a time Monday
- Employment Hewn - Supply
or lanorers dropped materially last
weeu, shows the report ' ot Sim
mornings at the ; intersection of 1 Phillips, director of the TJ. S. em-
Conrt and Liberty stree,. and a
boy who at first t hour at he had
a : broken teg. wont home unin
1ured;r but badlj wared.- :i,When
carat driven; -hy, U Hauler,- 440
' Cfcemelceta street, Howard Ciuflot
brooks and - Fraek- -Sewton -came
ployment bureau hero. Only 140
men and 21 women sought Jobs.
wnue : mm and two women
were placed. Four calls for female
help aad 114 for male help were
i recalled.; OOt the meay wJ 4 woods
laborers and S agricultural labor.
era were included in those who
Superintendents meet end
; Discuss; Problems of .
; t
together in the. eetter ef the ia-
terseciion a i gauon can oi crma isougni worav - vy5-r
In the Cloff enrolled aga'astr i -v-Vv
Robert Bailor leu. frightening I t AQ maites of: radios repaired;
htm badly untu ne oiscovcrea inn j majestic radio sales and service.
his leg was unhurt. The cars were 1 Tibbert and Todd. 46C State -St..
- only slightlyrdamaged. :i-
Free diamond ring and S other
rifts each: day this week at Tow
ers jewelry Anetion. ..,, ;
' ' - ... f ' '-
, Claims Filed Coaater claims
were filed by defendanta F. F. Os
borne and Mr. and Mrs. John W.
Ceelaa in ,sult ef Hawkins and
Roberta -against curenee A. aaa--1
jrledge- and - others.- The ease Is
" for foreclosure of a mortgage, and
. Geelaa. and Osborne" answer that
they" have- received r Judgments
- against " Eldrledge ?f or; $l;U.7i
and 13SS; -respectively, -They, ask
a ease of foreclosure, their Judg
menta he paid after Hawkins and
Roberts claims is satanea.-'
Kodaks, developing, preserlp
tiens. Woolpert Hunt, Conrt at
tiBertys-: zsf i; .
Brakes Poor Charged with
operating , his ear with - detecUre
hrakea, Arnet tu Smith,: of route
S.' waa arrested late Saturday night
after his car had struck and slight
ly injured Agnes Caenenberg, 170
North leth street at " 2Srd aad
State - streets. According to the
story Smith told police the woman
: crossed the street without looking
for traffic and he was unable to
areid hitting her. : -w -
Dollar dinner every night 8:4
te t at the Marion hoteL . . .v
HI fa California Salem friends
of lira. Erie Butler, who has been
spending the' snmraer visiting re la
tics In California, will bo sorry to
learn that she haa been caite OL
Word brought back by her son;
Myron, .who flew down tnera last
weeir-u that ahe Is mack improvea
but is still aader a doctor's care.
Myron .returned to Albany, where
he ts at the air port, Satarday.
Answers Complaint The Rich
field OH company, ot California,
aaaiast whom mvit for money was
filed by EB. King, yesterday
filed answer, denying nit allega
tions except ' that rental involved
had not been paid. The company
demands lodgment against the
plaintiff for costs.
Lees Back Mr. and Ma A.
A. Lee. 1S1E State street, return
ed Monday from Yellowstone, na
tional park after a two weeks va
cation trip. At Emmet t. Idaho,
ther were joined br Mrs. Lee's
sister. Miss Helen Atwood, and by
tUs Mildred Shnou, Salodf who
accompanied them to the. park,
Tef. 1118.-
Wheels Locked Hagh B.
Smith, 1445 Oak. says his wheels
locked on the highway, aad
George Douglas says Smith tailed
to giveroad, in their respective
reports to the sheriff of an acci
dent which occurred at' midnight
Saaday en the "highway near
Eoodbam, Ko one was hurt, but
o ears .were aamaged.n--
j Sat at the ' Green Lantern,
noma pastries, '-home., style, nice
cool place, 1321 Staled
t PerntfU-toned Building per
mits Issued from the eity build
ing inspectors office Monday to
talled $1S0. A. W. Smlther was
granted a permit to alter a dwell
ing at 880 North Cottage at an
estimated cost of 8115. while a
$S permit was given S. Sedor. who
will repair a house at 2295 North
Ith street.
Sale Authorised Order was
passed -in probate conrt yester
day granting petition of Beulah
F. Eorf to sell real property be
longing to the estate of Glenn
Powell Soft, of whom she is
guardian. The property consists
ef two tracts in the Waldo Hills
section. . . - ,
To Breltenbnsh--B. B. Herrick.
eouaty surveyor, and his sister,
.Mrs. Laura Schetl, Portland, will
leave bls morning for Breiten
bash Springs where they will
spend a two weeks vacation. Her
rick la reported to be well recov
ered from a recent Illness.
Another Cole The Robert
Cole who was arrested in Salem
last week end on a charge of
drunkenness, is not the Robert
Cole who lives on route 2 out
of Salem. - This man has been
embarrassed somewhat by the
similarity ot names. ;
I County schoolf-saperlntendents
from all narti ot.Oreten werel
here : Mond ay ; atteadlagr the aee
ond annual : conference -ef i the
ichool - superintendeata aaaocl-1
Connty anperlntendenta-'
the selection of teachers was dis
cussed; by Martha" B. Mulkey! of!
Coos . connty and Catherine v J.
Harris of Curry county. Revi
sion of the county; school super
visory 5 law was discussed by
Josiah Wills. Polk bounty; Edith
S. Ackert. Douglas county, and I
J. A. "Teager, Umatilla county.
Mrs,. Mary L.Fulkerson of Mar
ion county dlacaaaed. plana-, for
eounty -school supervision. Others
who. touched on the school nper-1
ttsory Jaw were Edna fjeer, uu
eounty. and ' James E. - Bnrgeaa,
assistant . state superintendent of
Seek Change la
8npervisoei Law , C 1'
. At Wednesday's closing-session
of the conference a number-of
resolutions will' be submitted
dealing with the varioua phases
of school work. It was indicated
Monday that the eounty school
superintendents . . would recom
mend material changes in the
connty school supervisory law.
- The address of welcome was I
given by C. A. Howard, stats
superintendent of pablle instrne-
Uon. Governor Norblad was
scheduled- to aire-an-.address at
the opening session, but : was
compelled to cancel the appointment-
becanse of a previous en
gagement at Medford. :
The association . dinner was
held In the Elks Temple Monday
night, ; :.
Association officers will be
elected Wednesday.
First phetos ef flghtiag fas India T the fighting aa'fae paste ahews.
breurht - here br Hearst-rear
Mewa. bia reaaaraahle picture
ef nouns m Bombay is one ex
several v obtained by . - sound
cameramen for- Hearst Metro
tone News and Fox Mozietene
News, who were im the thick ef
A Sepoy police constable, with
lathi drawn back, is taking; a
Nationalist flat? front a color-r
bearer ia the picketinr riots.
Note the coafaaiea aaoaf the
other riotera, 7
Wonderful But Sad' U
Description of Visit tb
France by War Motljers
Mr. aad Mrs. E. E. SherilL Sa
lem residents for the last three
years, will sail September If
Woman Hurt Mabel Kenvilla I f rorn Seattle for Shanghai, China,
was slightly Injured , Monday
when ahe stepped from a street
hue in the path of a car driven by
Mrs. W. R. Newmyer, 1141 South
Church street, at Commercial and
Marlon streets, according to a re
port filed with local police.
Seeks Dismissal Case - I niwer
of defendant has been filed in cir
cuit , court . in the ease of Salem
Seed and ' Orchard. 8up ply com-
where Mr. Sherlll has received an
appointment with the Burroughs
Adding machine company. Sher
lll retired as manager of the lo
cal Burroughs office Annst.l.
During Shertll's ? residence- in
Salem he has teen a steady
growth, of his company's business
in Marion, Linn and Polk coun
ties. He came here from the En-
gene office.
In China, American made com-
paay against MF. Babbit, Bab-1 merdal produrta ' nxe Ifiadlnav
Nnnee en Staff wMrs. M. S.
II of ley has been made supervising
nurse at. the Deaconess hospital,
. while MtsjDL" G. Shepard. former
hnpeVvisot ef aurses at Redmond.
Calif.,' hospital, and a well knowa
California nurse, has 'been added
to the staff at the Deaconess hoe
pitaL - -
Langfalin to 8 peak Dr. S. B.
Laughltn of Willamette univer
sity will deliver the principal ad
dress at the closing exercises of
the Monmouth normal school inm
mer session this evening, it la the
third consecutive time r he has
been chosen to give the key talk
at the occasion. .
Rctnrns tesn VsatloB-FW.
W. Fox. aural school nperyisor,
was back at hla 'desfctn tho coon
tr school aunerltendent'a office
yesterday after spending a' two
weeks: vacation i southern Ore-
con. , ' . i -, . si..,,.. -
Tennant at Falls CHy H. M.
Tennant. registrar at Willamette
anirerslty, has been In Falls City
the past three days attending
meetings at the Epworth League
institute held there annually. .
License Isssied Marriage li
cense waa iaued yesterday to L.
Jllbert. 20,' cook, and Grace
Bragg, 20.- waitress, ootn oi
Salem route five, box 2S.
Bird Released R. L. Bird, 72
Korth High atreet, arrested Sat
urday night on a drunk . charge,
was released from the city Jail on
sTuadayrr'V : - '
from Albany Em II williama
- end Myron:Bntler. local boys who
a re operatinf the airport at 1 Al
bany, were business risitore In
the city Monday; afternoon.
bit denies allegations and seeks
dismissal ef. the ease, , .
Invites goatss Miaa ' Dorothy
Pearee, Soatian haa Invited mem
ber! : af the clab to meet at her
home. 287 North Winter. Thars-
dar evening at :20 o'clock for
the regular weekly session of the
club. - :. - ;. .
Domglas eat Vacation Dr. Ver
non Av Douglas, county health
officer, is spending a week a va
cation on a camping trip in com
nany with la family. During his
absence Dr.: Edward vLee Russell
is acting as health, officer.
Mars Here Mayor, Mara at
Jefferson was la Salem on bust-
nes Monoay.' e -aeciaren ui
business way none too good bat
la 1017 America's youth made
a - pilgrimage acres the "big
pond" to France in aaswer to
their country's call, and many of
those youth did net return to
the mothers and wives who wait
ed and worked aad watched at
home. Tali year, list, tha gov
ernment seat a second pilgrimage
to France the mothers and wives
of those lads who never returned.
The first one of these pilgrims
to return to Salem after her trip
was Mrs. Mary Walling of 24 88
North Fourth atreet, who very
quietly slipped back Into the city
July 28.
Mrs. Willing left Salem Jane
II; with her were Mrs. Jennie
Landegraf, Mrs. Barbara Klrth
of Stayton, and Mrs. H. H. Ann en
of Mt. Angel. The party return
ed together aa far as Chicago
where Mrs. Landegraf stopped en
route for a aide trio into Wiscon
sin where she is now visiting her
Mrs. Landegraf was the only
one to suffer any difficulties dur
ing the trip so far as the Salem
delegation waa' concerned. She
became violently affected with, a
heart complication upon. sight of
the battlefields -aad the grave of
good aale. Sherill reports. He Is
looking forward to aa interesting her ion, and spent the last week
experience in going to thla new of her time in France in . a hoe-
a 10 nuns P
While by no means have plana
been abandoned for the projected
14-story building at Commercial
and State streets. Its sponsors feel
that existing business conditions
do not warrant pushing the struc
ture "to ImmeClatr completion. ;
"Wa wilL probably do nothing
Joined with other citizens laaop-ifjaai with thr proposal , unut next
lng for better times soon.
- Miss Cnnnetl in PortUad Miss
Kathryn GannelL of the Gunnell
and Robb studios, went to Port
land yesterday to spend a day . or
so with her mother, who is ill in
a hospital there.
dieted Instructor Miss Dor
othy P. Hntchason who waa grad
uated from Willamette university
in June, has been " elected In
structor of physical education at every room,
the high achol at Marriu, Oregon
Vlsitinc DeLongs Mr. 'and
Mrs. - Fred Ifhaa. formerly "of
Grand Forks, N. D but now of
SeatUe, ' Waah are visiting at
the home ot Mr. and Mrs. F. a
DeLong on ChemekeU street.
sprlngt George E. Waters one
of. the structurs's sponsors,' said
yesterday. .. ' ;"
. .The plans for-the new strue?
ture hare been fairly well com
pleted. They call for a thorough
ly modern, medical-dental build
ing with new features such as a
storage garage in the basement,
extra-slsed elevators for' stretch
er use and general' construction
which gives an outside view from
Hrx'ma- Week at Beeches M r.
and Mrs. Chester Fraser. left Sa-;
lem Mondayinight for a week a
vacation to be snent at Cutler i
City and Newport.
Drnnks Fined James F. Camp
bell and H.ApbJ aaaage-aft" tor $10,000: waa
Salem, were fined 10 each oa .... . eonrt yesterday
charges ot drunkenness filed " ;T-. ntavior hi Kva M.
' - ' T SMd,y BeckTey. a, administratrix of tha
v' Appraisers Kanaed E. W. Pat
- terson, James "McClelland and
Charles E. Strickim were yesier-
From Corvallia H. C. Seymour,
boys', aad girls', state club leader.
was. in the city . yesterday from
Corvaius. Mrs. . Seymour accom
panied him. ' z :
, Foredosnre Ordered Default
was, ordered yesterday tor plain-
Louise Beckley, daughter of Eva
M. Beckley, waa killed July ai
result of an aetomobile acci
dent, which theieomplalnt
charges was due to Kaylor'a neg
Ugenee. --' .: v i; m
- The Accident v occurred 'A tout
mllea aoath ot Salem, the girl dy-
pitaL Recent word, from Wis
consin aays that: she Is etui slow
ly improving. .
Memorial Service
Held Aboard Ship
The entire party left New Tork
city June 21. Bands were play
ing, according to Mrs. Walling,
and everything waa Quite exalting.
The party was accompanied by a
major ot the United States army.
and upon landing in France at
Cherbourg they were greeted by
many army officers and, Interest
ed French populace.
On the trip across a' special
memorial service waa held oa the
boar and the mothers -ana wives.
250 in number, were each pres
ented with, a bronzo .medallion
bearing the raised likeness of the
shin, the 8. 8. Roosevelt and
gold star. They were each then
resented with a certificate bear
ng the individual name of the
mother receiving the certificate,
together - with greetings from
President Hoover, Gen. Persuing
and ethers. '
Mrs. Walling was particularly,
Impressed with the captain s din
ner and its noise and fun. The
farewell dianer on tha return
was concluded with a ' masquer
ade, but Mrs. Walling assured me
with a twiakle la her eye that
she did not dance, "Just looked
on." ' vr-t-- . . -
Another thing that Mrs. Wal
ling liked la the ahlp program waa
the Sunday church-services, and
the mass that was held each
morning tor the Catholic mothers
and wives.." -S ' '-"'.-'
.- The S. S. Roosevelt .anchored
In Cherbourg at T o'clock June
20, and the mothers and wires
left by "miniature train, so
called by Mrs. Walling, for Paris
where they arrived at, 2 o'clock.
TMngiiteitahrfewv-'w:i:-'.j'--i ; ; ": :
Met First Time .. '
' Mrs. .Walling left : the group
Monday morning, June SO, to go
to Pan in the south of France
where her eon. Fay T. Walling, Is
buried. Her son married a
French girl, Theresa Allies, and
she had had his body removed
from Bordeaux, where he died, te
her home city. Mrs. Walling was
guest In the home ot her
daughter-in-law for the four days
that she spent at the grave of her
son, who died March 12, 1010,
after two years as a sergeant in
medical corps ot the army. He
was 10 years old when he ran
away from school to join the
Jane t Mrs. Waling returned
to Paris, accompanied by her
daughter-in-law. with whom she
could talk only through an Inter
preter, and joined- the others of
her' party. Until June 11, the
, ... , - -.
Harrv H. Havvorth Will!
; Speak Thursday at
C ,C. of C. Rooms
1 Teachers In Salem schools win
be given-an opportunity ta learn
from- an authority the alue. of
tlshal education In taet Ulas
trated lecture to be. given'Tn 4he
Salem chamber of -conTmerce aud
itorium en the evening ef August
1 by Harry -H. Haworth; super
visor of visual education of the
Pasadena nubile schools,-when ie
talks on the subject: ' rnrougn
Our Deserts In the Wake ' ot
Spring." : '
This lecture Is sponsored by
the Salem Arts league aad the
public is cordially Invited to at
tend. L. Earl Deane. manager of
the, Salem Deaconess hospital,. u
friend of 'Haworth; who Is an ex
perienced photographer, declares
that the. pictures that HaVortk
will show are of exceptional- In-fc
4erestiv He aays." that Hawerta
lag both" the artist's and the na
ture lover- point of view,: and
that those who have made recent
trips to the 'deserts wil be
charm with tne views.
Use in Schools
Will Be Discussed
Haworth will discuss not only
the artistic and- photographic
value ot the pictures but their
uses in the schools as an educa
tional factor. In his work as
supervisor of visual education,
Haworth aims to provide proper
visual aids tor every grade, "from
kindergarten through the junior
college.' In regard to the im
portance of this work, an article
in "The Visual Screen says:
"Having its beginnings three
years ago as a small collection of
heterogenous material, circulated
by the eity schools librarian, the
Visual Education department of
the Pasadena city schools has
grown until It Independently oc
cupies half of a two-story .build
ing, and Is looking- forward to
even greater expansion.
r- t .::
r .N ,0 rat s,-:-;
Miss Marion B. Caratairs, noted
British woman racer, aa she ap
peared -recently following, a trial
Spin la acr spwcuuomtj lijwuo ,
in which ahe baa ttatned a speed
ef - 80 -mHes aa hour.' ' Nete th4
fibre protection helmet and the
Lasuaity Pirm s
Answer It Filed
To Swope Claim
Misrepresentations as to his
weekly wage and also his mental
and physical conditions were
made by C. A Swope in his ap
plication to the United. States
Casualty company for insurance.
the company sets out la answer
to complaint filed agalast it by
C. A Nelson, guardian for C. A.
Swope, insane. ,
Nelson as guardian filed.' suit
to collect 1900, tares monthly
Indemnity payments on the In
surance. The company did not
pay these claims en account ot
the alleged false statements
the application made Swope, ac
cording- to the answer filed yes
terday. Tne company aays It of
fered return of premiums paid.
together with Interest, but the of
fer was not accepted.
Scbaeffer To Mr. and Mrs.
Carl S. Schaeffer. 2074 McCoy
street, a 7 pound boy. Mon
day morning at the Deaconess.
Big Time Enjoyed at Hth
Street Center by Girts
In Competition -. .
Tumbltnsr ruled the day - for .:
gfrls at. the 14 thr atreet play-- :
grounds Monday with much fun
and merriment, plus good sport. :
evident in , the . tumbling . contest ' .
held. Winners in r thf respective '
events and classes were : .
i -dase- B forward -jolV Alice
Ann - Wlrts; forward and back-'
wara roll. Helen Fredertckson; -human
ball. Irma llleV back flip.- -Helen
Fredertckson rand head 1 '
stand. Vera Undenaul Class A
forward roll, Mary Elisabeth
Kells; Mary Smith, a newcomer
to the playground' crowds, made -a
clean sweep of first plaees in
all the other tumbling events tor - '
ihe elder girls division. , -
a the biff ball aentest yester
day, afternoon, the TroJana,vcap-'
tamed by Mary Elizabeth Ketls, f "
won j or. the first .time over tne-...
Beavers. . lead by " Margaret Ann "-'
Kella. The final score was 2 1 to '
Playing for (he Trojans were:. '
Mary Elizabeth Kells, Grace John- .
son, Georgia Clark, Maxine Ross,
Rath Walker, Helenv Frederick
son, Lillian Meyee and Mildred
Heckinger. On the Beavers team
were: Margaret Ann Kells Jean .
Marshall. ' Ruth Annunsen, Betty
Annunsen. Betty Lord, Irma 11
lert, Mary Smith and Sybil John
son. Ail the playgrounds today will
be engaged la special events, the
girls to have their doll contest,
for which ribbons for first, sec- -ond
and third places wQl be given
at each of the three grounds. The
boys are making ready for the
airplane contest, to be held this
afternoon. For the doll contest,
scores of the girls are making
and designing their doll's clothes,
and the dollies will bo brought to
the grounds dressed and on ex
hibit today; . ' :
Relieves a Headache or Xevralgla
In SO minatea, checks n Cold the
first day, end checks Malaria ta
three days.
666 also in Tablets
The public service commission
will hold a bearing in Portland
September 4, to consider the ap
plications of the Oregon Electric
t.. i. 1 and tha Southern Pacific company
Jm -Tv Autltor permission to acquire and
possible: cathedrals, art muse
ums, Notre Dame, Napoleon's
tomb, the grave ot the Unknown
soldier, and even shopped, and
it was easy, becanse ihe clerks
spoke English as well as I did,
aald Mrs, Walling.
The- narty retamed te New
Tork en the & 8. Republic Mrs.
Walling waa not sea sick at any
time -and ahe says with a smile
that ahe "never missed a meat,
although sometimes she ate:. only
a wafer aad drank a cap of tea,
It was all very new and very
strange Mrs. Walling commented.
and it waa hard to express the
feeling that It caused. The trip
was wonderful and everything In
the world was done to make them
comfortable and happy, but there
was much sadness in it all. -
As to France, It was pretty and
Mrs. Walling -would have liked to
have a little longer to aee more
of It, but aald she with a depra
operate the Valley and Silets rail
road In Benton, Four, ana Marion
counties. Each railroad company
has filed a separate application.
The Oregon Electric also haa
requested permission to extend Its j
Willamette valley line from Oro
vUle, across the Willamette river
to Independence.
The public service commission
will hold tha hearing tor the Inter
state commission.
Died at the residence. 245 Di
vision street. August 2. Adam E-
Kerber. 22. Survived by mother.
Theresa Kerber; four sisters. Re-!
gina. Rosena, Eva aad Mane;
two brothers. Steven and Benja
min. . Requiem mass Tuesday
naihi, m ' jttUV- f,AIM fit
eating look. nhey are so far be-J cathoUe church. Rev.
w UV " -"? I Buck officiating. Interment St
and drive two wheeled r carta
drawn by donkeys. X would rath
er lire li OregiW, .r
LONDON. OnL. Aug. 2. fAFJ
One of the strongest fields In 1
the history of the game will take
part in the Canadian amateur golf
championship, starting with a 2t
hole qualifying .round over tha
London Hnnt club'a eourse Mon-
Barbara's cemetery. . Knights -of-
Columbug requested to attend .la
a body.
TCity View, Cemetery 1
IDlisl 1; TeL 12M
Conveniently Accessible
Perpetual earn provided tor
Prleaa Baaaonabla'
day named appraisers of the ee- utfs In the case brought by Haw i!r " e-bours after the eolii
r Visit In PortI-aad----MIss Gladys
Kearny Un WUlIam Rlckman.
afis Matilda, Kobow and D. EL
Hamelr were . PortOand visitors
Sunday.: .,; ; : -. . ;
' Coeceit Tonight - The regalar
Tuesday night band - concert j wtu
be played in Wlllson park tonight
beginning at I o'clock. -
. ' AccoTini" r: ABowe---Final -'account
: in the s estate - of James
Kromlmc baa been allowed.-" ? M.
B. - KromUna Is administrator. .
W: TaUoar: "T," Wright-
man. 'enutT-aner.iL-.s-.eB-u'?"
; from, du ties - W-'t
kins and KObens against Jienry ia The complaint says that the
j. Nieman et al. In,. ni.nntns- tn enter the
Patrolman tn Town WalUr G. Oregon normal school this fail, tfmy&Epzfa'ft
Pearmine, road patrolman of die- and that she would hays yarned lljY ib&J?XZr
mc. no. if u ui aeier iem-i h'i' - - -
tory. waa a business visitor at the of her teaching.
court bouse yesterday afternoon.
gou it uoccjst gmrwatfg
Damage Suit in
Death Case is :
-Indicated Here
TAlhnt irakcs Caa flehry Tal
bot of the Brospect iectJoawaa a
x:,That. a damage suit will be
filed agarnst K. B. '.Church and
Emma P. Bremer, aa result 'of an
accident iwhich caused the death
ef Phillip H. Carpenter la Inti
mated In papers tiled la .the ss-
v-inp visitor ia the city Hon-1 tate of Mr. Carpenter;
day '- 4Vtt"Ak5 -.H?''! -' By orttr of the probate -court.
tr"-l i'n'" .fU I Peart Msttttg rita been named
Attend Rennioa Jr. and Uff. administratrix of the 1 esUte,
w; T, Rigdon attendedrja reunion I wiUca eonsUU. of rthe unUqu!d-
of: tte -sonney ciair at.v"" .ted claim for - damages against
E. B. Church and Emma P. Brem-
' er oak account -ef their negligence.
in causing and resulting ta the
State Hospital
Head Improves j
After: Illness
t , . - 1
Dr. -R. E. Lee Stelner, superln J
tendent of the Oregon , state hoa1
pitai . here, mio.laa. teen CI lor i
the past months, haa. recovered '
anfflciently to visit the A owntown :
district. During most ef his C1-
nesa, Dr.: Stelner directed the af-i
fairs ot the state hospital from his
bed.v ,f-, Tr rV '- ?
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park Sunday
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was a 'SilrertW business , visitor
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Denartment -
, 231 N. tls?a
We feature this week
Nut Sundae
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Don't forwet to . try our
Triple Malted BliUc If it
comes front Snnefer, It's
the best drink in tourn.
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Saleua'a- eriglmal yellow .front
. aad candy special store ;
lSS N. Commercial Sc. TeL 107
aleaae of Schaefet-'a Remediea
Penslar Agency ...
82 se
frrfceO -tfsssrtsy
A Park Cemetery I
with ; perpetUEtl care
, Jut fea minutes from tee :
heart of toom '-)
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1 : B li 171 ft
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kzcz. Develop
;.Tte All cf IZ&Ztrn Yulzz DeTlcea Sea : J
Wk Sv
paid ;
but a
4 --,
(Second of a series of actual experiences Of local people with -the
One Dollar Accident Insurance Policies purchased from The
Oregon- Statesman.) . . "
Mr. A. M. Patrick of 1165 S. High SL, was quite
seriously injured Oct. 8th when his car collided with a ,
truck on the Pacific Highway just south of Salem. Mr.
Patrick was confined to his home for a period. of six
weeks, there was addition? J expense, Doctor bills, etc.
But very f ortunatelyie had invested One Dollar in
a Statesman Accident Insurance policy. At the end
of his period of disability he received check for.
(60.00 from the Insurance Co, . ' t't.y--'r- !
It helped. ; The claim was paid without
quibbling. Other claims totaling: over
$1700 have been paid.
If you have one of these policiej, don't let
it lapse!
If you haven't one. make application , to
day. Send for bur circular explaining: the.
policy. ' ' -
.: ' .: - ' ' v . -: '
Don't let one ..dollar stand between you
and this protection; Fill in the blank below.
Selena, Oregon. .t -
Gentlemen: : -:,'t- r-
- Tow are hereby aatberlaed to enter my subscription -te
The Oregon Statesman for one year from date. , It Is
understood that The Oregon Statesman- is to be deliv
ered te nay address regularly each day by your anther-"
' ised carrier and I shall pay him for the same at the reg
ular established rate ef SOe per month. ,
I am not mow a rabacrlber to The Oregon Statesman ( ).
. ' " -.-.',
, I asa now n snbecrfber to The Oregeai Statesman ( ).
, . . . . . ...... .... ........... . . Age. . . . . .
A'ddress.. i .
--: -a ,
City .....;.!..,.....,..,.. ate.......... -
'-w "v; T V
: Oecnpatioa VicaXl rbone,,,,,.. -
BB)ericiarys . . . , BelaOonship. ... . , .
1 am enclosing a payment of $t9 rollcy fee. I art
to receive f 10lOOM0- Travel Accident Insurance Policy
' Issued by the North- American Accident Iasurance Com-
peny et Chicago, Dilnois, . , i; -
v Jlail SsbscripUons in est be paid Lt Adrczce
death ot taa decedent.-.
L-: yesterday.
' : ML